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#whos that pokemon
As an avid fan of both MH (I also only started at World, ngl), and Steven Universe, seeing you draw all these gems as monsters got me super excited. Heck, I based the corrupted form of my own Gem OC off of everyone’s favorite flying spiky bastard dragon, so seeing your AU has sparked joy! I know you don’t take commissions, but if you ever do... let me know. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you’re awesome. Have a good day! ^^

thank youuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaa!!!!! don’t worry, I’ve only played World too lmao. commissions are just closed right now cause of school and some projects and my never-ending list of fan art to draw but one day…. I’d love to see your oc tho!!!

and I have another post waiting in my drafts that I’ve been slowly chipping away at, I just need to finish Bismuth and Amethyst first. :3c

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(occasional-wott-bros) Pixel sniffs at you for a moment before nodding to himself. “Do you live around here? Seems lonely to be here on your own.”

Swann : oh no, i’m not lonely! If anything, being alone is all I could ever want - setting aside the occasional company that presents itself to me,

{{ They nod their head to the vulpix, opening the door a crack before pushing it open with their paw }}

Swann : … I’m perfectly happy alo-


{{ Swann is caught off-guard by a stranger in the cottage!!!!!! What do they do? }}

@chaoticsmol / @occasional-wott-bros

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