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#whose behavior we can all agree on

(cw rape mention)

something i’ve been thinking about lately is how a lot of analysis of representation in fiction boils down to determine a “objective” viewpoint - this is objectively misogynistic, this is objectively homophobic. and it’s not untrue but a lot of these objective things intersect with traumatic experience. and the feelings brought to that are often anything but objective. and so you have stuff like criticism of julia’s season 2 storyline that goes like “she should have killed reynard. her showing him grace, in a way that is obviously less about him than a a deeply felt inner need to turn from violence and destruction/manipulation by a figure she has a lot of complicated quasi-religious emotions about, emotions enmeshed directly with her rape, is something NO woman/survivor would do!” and the criticism itself is not invalid -  the opposite! it’s not how i feel personally about that scene, but the whole point of this post is that there are a lot of valid ways to feel about the same material. but you’ve now set up a dichotomy where there is one kind of victim, one kind of victim that is correct, and that’s the one who wants to kill her rapist. and that does sit wrong with me, because it falls into this narrow view of female empowerment that is endemic to media analysis these days, that says the only appropriate way to be a survivor is by “overcoming” trauma through brute force - either emotionally or through cleansing violence. and god, does that leave out most trauma survivors that have ever lived!! 

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