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#whump promp
Do y’all have any whump ideas involving the whumper forcing the caretaker to hurt the whumpee, via forced drug use, threats, etc? I feel like that would be fun to run with if I had the creativity to figure out the right situation for it :/

-Whumper will hurt Whumpee even more, if Caretaker doesn’t do it. 10 lashes vs 20 if the whumper does it.

-Maybe they refuse, whumpee is hurt brutally to show them what they could have avoided.

-Whumpee begging Caretaker to hurt them, because they know it wont be so bad with them.

-Whumper having to show Caretaker how to crack the whip, use a tazer, carve with a knife.

-Whumpee trying to tell them its okay, they’ve had worse. Only makes Caretaker feel worse cause their friend feels guilty they are being forced to hurt them.

-Threatening Caretaker’s loved one/family. Hurt whumpee or I’ll kill them ultimatum.

-Maybe they can’t explain to whumpee and can only hurt them. Leading to inevitable confusion and betrayal thoughts.

-Maybe that can explain and whumpee understands, at first. Things start to get testy during torture.

-Hallucinations: Caretaker is made to think whumpee is really the whumper, takes great pleasure in finally getting revenge, only to find out they were a pawn in whumper’s game the whole time.

-Mind control/brainwashing

-The “I know you’re in there” the whumpee tries desperately as their friend twists the knife inside them.

-The final flicker of realization, coming a little too late.

-Caretaker patching up the wounds they caused after the fact.

-Whumpee is still trying to tough it out, thanking them, only making Caretaker feel worse.

-Or, whumpee snaps, “you’ve done enough” “just go away” anything that makes Caretaker realize they’ve ruined what they had.

- Caretaker being forced to keep whumpee alive so whumper can hurt them more.

- Maybe they know if they let whumpee die, they’ll be next. Keeping them alive, despite the victim begging to let them die, is the only chance they have to postpone/escape a similar fate.

Hope some of that is helpful!

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