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#whump prompt
whumpay2021 · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
hello. Apparently this photo didn’t make it into the original post, but the text did. Go figure!
Day Twenty-One: Not Alone / Emptiness
Day Twenty-Two: Mind Control / “I can’t believe you’d do this.”
Day Twenty-Three: “You’re just like them.” / “Don’t be like me.”
Day Twenty-Four: Protected By An Enemy / Hurt By A Friend
Day Twenty-Five: Goodbye / Amnesia
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andyy-the-gae · an hour ago
prompt: ✈: reaching out for someone [bonus points if they mumble! their! name!]
requested by: @msmischief101
warnings: kinda violent, blood, open ending
His gut churned in response to another punch that landed on his stomach. Stiles groaned, curling into himself as best he could while pinned to the wall. The arm holding him up disappeared and he promptly collapsed in a heap on his side, wrapping an arm around his throbbing stomach. He coughed harshly, the man looming over him bringing a foot up to lightly kick his shoulder, pushing him onto his back.
"Stop," Theo's rough, hoarse voice filled the still air. The man slowly turned his head to face the Chimera, face obstructed by a menacing white mask.
The man didn't speak, instead, he crouched down, grabbed a fistful of Stiles' shirt, and wrapped his fingers around Stiles' neck.
"Stop- hey, stop-!"
Stiles writhed under the man, hands scratching, tugging, and hitting weakly at his gloved hand as the color of his face shifted from pale to red. Choked off, pained sounds slipped past his lips.
In mere seconds, he was already lightheaded and his vision was tunneling.
"Stop! Stop- take me, take me," Theo blurted out, staring in wide-eyed horror as Stiles' kicks faltered and his hands went from hitting the man's hand to barely grasping onto it.
The man looked over at Theo, porcelain mask hiding any expression that could give away his thoughts. With a final glance at Stiles, the man released his grasp on his neck, shoving Stiles further against the ground for good measure. Stiles broke out in a violent coughing fit, eyes watering with the intensity of it. He felt as if he were going to be sick.
Through the slight blur in his vision, he saw the man grab Theo by the arm and begin dragging him away towards a tall, rusty metal door. Theo, already weak and exhausted from the injuries the man had previously inflicted upon him, put up no fight.
Stiles felt like he was getting choked all over again, and he hadn't even recovered yet. And no matter how much he tried to move, to get up, to follow the man, his body refused to cooperate, and all he could do was hold out a trembling hand towards the two.
"Theo-" he wheezed out, voice raspy. He coughed again, before his eyes spilled shut.
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skriveting · 5 hours ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #9
"If you were a car, you'd be a BMW." "Why?" "Cuz I want you to Be My Wife !" "...are you trying to propose to me?" "... Please say yes."
"Oh no. That can't be right."
"You're not allowed to do that!" "Says who?!" "Your mom." "I can't believe you called my mom."
"You're gonna have to stop narrating everything you're doing, you're gonna give us away." "Sorry."
"I've never wanted anything so much in my entire life."
"He's my worst enemy. My nemesis." "Didn't you meet him like five minutes ago?" "Yes."
"This is it. This is my sign!" "... That's a cereal box."
"I've done my fair share of stupid things in my day, but this is just ridiculous."
"I hate you. But I hate them more. So I guess my hatred for you can wait."
"What? I told you it was going to be dinner with my parents." "Yes but you didn't tell me your parents were like that!"
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Prompt #37
“Hey! Hey! You’re all in danger!”
“What makes you say that?”
“Because, because I just escaped and they’ll come after me and whoever is around. You have to hide, get out of here, leave!”
“Stop. You’re scaring all these people.”
“You have to listen—“
“They aren’t going to listen to someone like who. Why? Because you’re property. You better run along home before your master misses you.”
“I’m not going back there.”
“Yes you are. Take them to Whumper. They’ll find they are missing a guest.”
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pancakesandpain · 8 hours ago
“I think, every once in a while, you gotta just lay on the floor. It can be really good for you.”
B had their mouth open to ask, but now slowly closed it, their surprised, worried expression turning to a scowl as they gazed down at A.
“Everyone should try it, at least once a week. Could be revolutionary.” A chatted on, a cheer to their voice that sounded too strained to not be hiding pain.
“Did you fall?” B finally said, crossing their arms over their chest.
“Would you believe I did a quick gravity check?” A grinned back. Or tried to. It looked more like a grimace to B.
“I told you to not move.”
“I’m not moving now, am I?”
B pressed their lips to a thin line to stop them from outright groaning.
“You're right. Maybe I should leave you there. The floor will do wonders for your broken leg and two stab wounds, I’m sure. Tell me if you want me to throw you a blanket.” B started to turn, as if they really were going to leave A sprawled on the floor.
“No, B-” A cut off with a whimper and B was sure they could see worry flash in their eyes. Fear.
Instantly B felt bad about the joke. It had been a bad joke, thrown out of anyonce and buried terror of almost losing A. But still, B should have known better.
They gave a sigh and walked over to A, leaning down to gently pull them up.
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the-three-whumpeteers · 9 hours ago
No one really wanting to help the drugged villain whumpee?
“We would help but Yknow, you’re a jerk”
Even if someone wants to help they can’t do it because people around them would notice and criticize them, and nobody is willing to sacrifice their reputation for someone like the whumpee.
Everyone convinces themselves that leaving the whumpee in that state is a good thing, they can’t destroy anything and they’re barely aware of what’s going on anyway.
They don’t just ignore them, they make the problem worse- after all when the whumpee is so vulnerable they’re very likely to spill secrets more.
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whumpadventureprompts · 9 hours ago
Three wound-discovery dialogue prompts
"Why did you think you had to hide this? Don't you trust me?"
"Whumpee, there were alternatives and if I'd known you were hurt we'd have been more careful!"
"I suppose you think you were being noble? You weren't. You were being stupid and irresponsible."
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thathcwriter · 9 hours ago
The phrase “No, it’s okay, just keep your eyes on me” is so underrated it hurts.
Like is it a medical procedure?
Is Whumpee actively being hurt, and Caretaker isn’t allowed to touch them?
Is Whumpee hallucinating? Using Caretaker to ground them?
Is Whumpee coming out of a nightmare?
Is Whumpee dying?
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Whump Scenario #15
Whumpee was put into a situation where they have to stay with a strange group of people. They haven’t been physically harmed by anyone; but they still don’t feel safe around them. Something seems off. They eventually become so apprehensive of everything that they jump at the slightest sounds and cry when they’re alone. The people around them take notice, realizing that they haven’t been as subtle as they thought. 
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equestrianwritingsstuff · 10 hours ago
Villain Whump #2
Villain twidled their thumbs while they laid on the grass, gazing up every now and then at the advancing Supervillain. They made no effort to run, it was pointless.
"How do you do?" Villain asked nonchalantly, but in reality they were terrified. Especially since Supervillain carried a gun.
"Better than you will be," Supervillain snarled and raised the gun. "Up on your feet, criminal."
"Aren't we both criminals?" Villain rolled onto their side and picked a strand of grass from the ground.
"No," Supervillain scoffed. "You are. I am evil."
"Hmm," Villain tore their grass into pieces. "So am I then." Their heart was pounding so loud that they were half surprised that Supervillain didn't hear.
"No," Supervillain clenched their teeth. "You aren't. Now call for your little Hero before I shoot you."
"Why," Villain flopped back down to the ground, their palms beginning to sweat. "Why are trying to kill me again? Did I miss something?"
The gun in Supervillain's hands shook and they growled, "You are taking away my fame."
"Me?" Villain rolled onto their side again, genuinely shocked. For a moment they thought Supervillain was kidding. That they just had no idea why they wanted to kill Villain and just felt an urge to. But the look on Supervillain's face dismissed that hope.
"Yes you," Supervillain choked out. Villain jerked their head back, making the skin and fat around their jaw bunch up. They looked up at Supervillain and found them on the edge of tears.
"Hey," Villain tried to say in a calm voice. "Hey, whatever I did, I didn't intend to hurt you." They attmepted to stand up, but that only made Supervillain point the gun right at Villain's head.
"Then why did you do it?" Supervillain loosened their grip on the gun slightly. Villain felt a sting of hope. Maybe this wouldn't end with them dead with a hole in their head.
"I don't understand."
"That's right you don't." Supervillain's grip tightened.
"Oh please," Villain groaned. This wasn't going well. The pit in their stomach was growing into a huge boulder.
"Shut up!" Supervillain screamed. "Just shut up!"
And they fired the gun.
Villain didn't see the Hero hiding on the nearby swings, but they were there, waiting to save them.
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itsawhumpderfullife · 10 hours ago
Whump Prompt #227
“Wow, you’re awfully calm for someone who’s bound tight and defenseless. I expected more... energy would come from you.”
“Why should I panic?”
“...Odd question. You- You’re strapped to an operating table and you’re asking why you should-” Inhale Exhale “How are they getting to me so easily-” Throat Clearing. “You’re defenseless and going to be at my mercy for whatever pain I’m going to inflict on you-”
“Okay, go ahead. I’m ready.”
“What the f- Okay...” Small Chuckle “Oh, it’s because of that bitch, Whumpee. You offered yourself in their place-”
“Don’t you dare call them a bitch.”
“Oh... Finally struck a nerve, have we? Don’t like when I disparage that piece of trash? Well, enjoy being able to talk back, because when I’m done with you, you won’t be able to say a word in their defense.”
“They’re unharmed, that’s all that matters.”
“Don’t bet on that. Who knows what the others are doing? In any case, it’s not my business.”
“You- motherfuck- AHHH!”
“And here we go, let’s see which will come first; ¥our voice giving out or you falling unconscious from the pain. I hope it’s the former. I love to hear brokenness in action.”
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Dialogue Prompt #39
“You’re too weak. You’ll hurt yourself.”
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fandom-hoarder · 10 hours ago
Listening to the podfic that could’ve been today because I’m in a dark mood. This is the first podfic I recorded; my voice work really changed over just a handful of months lol. Maybe someday Lennelle will give the ok to post it lol.
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bltzgore · 11 hours ago
Illegal labs building hybrid characters suffering from painful side effects because they're not supposed to biologically exist.  
A few potential side effects of being the monsters they are:
Intense bouts of pain
Erratic states of violence or fear or confusion
Mentally deteriorating over time
Character needs a specific treatment regularly in order to keep these from getting too bad
Regenerative ability may stop, not just whatever special healing they have but normal human healing as well
Bonus points if the lab was going to put them down because the quality of life was going to drop. So they escaped, but they have no idea what they're in for, and that terrifies them.
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the-three-whumpeteers · 12 hours ago
The whumpee doesn't understand/know that what the whumper did, what happened to tjem was wrong. The Caretaker(s) are trying to help them understand that, but whumpee usually brushes it off.
The whumpee doesn’t even understand why they’re not with the whumper anymore, they were fine but then suddendly people came in telling them how horrible their situation was.
Everyone surrounding the whumpee tries to show them that what happened has negatively impacted them but the whumpee doesn’t even want to listen to them.
The whumpee will constantly spin the negative things than happen into something good- they were just punished for being clumsy, not tortured.
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imbxdateverything · 12 hours ago
Whether it's something simple like calling the whumpee "it" or something major like treating the whumpee like a pet.
more specifically:
the whumper humiliating the whumpee by making them crawl around like an animal
putting a collar around whumpee's neck and tugging/tightening it when whumpee disobeys
putting on a muzzle on whumpee's face to "keep them from biting"
the whumper strolling in front of his lackeys with the whumpee on a leash, further bringing humiliation
'gifting' pet toys to the whumpee when they are good and obedient
whumper putting the whumpee in a cage either for discipline or exhibition
whumper putting a bowl of water in front of a dehydrated whumpee and they have no choice than lowering their head and drinking from it
whumper petting the whumpee
whumper giving treats to whumpee when they are good
whumper showing off their pet to their friends or future buyers
whumper chaining whumpee outside when whumpee is being bad
whumper forbidding whumpee from speaking bc "animals don't talk" and punishing them when the do open their mouth
whumper training the whumpee
please add more if you want :))
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skriveting · 16 hours ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #8
"What are you gonna do, sing about it?" "I might!!"
"I can't keep going. Not like this."
"What's that?" "What's what??" "That thing!!"
"Hey, so, uhm-" "What is it this time?"
"You make me wish I was better, I want to be better. But I don't know how."
"You're the worst person I've ever met." "Aw, thank you. That means a lot."
"Did you know that during Prohibition, moonshiners would wear shoes with wooden blocks carved to look like cow hooves under them to leave hoofprints instead of footprints, helping them evade police?" "No, I didn't, but more importantly, how did you know that?"
"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide ..." "...*begrudgingly* No escape from reality."
"Calm down, I don't see what the big deal is." "You stabbed me!!"
"What's you excuse this time?" "I'm a little bit stupid :)"
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itdoesntcountifyoure250 · 22 hours ago
I'm screaming into the whump void that I want tumblr friends who are into whump so we can talk about it!!!!!!!!!!
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Prompt #5
A puts tape on the floor, dividing the room in half. “This side is mine, and that side is yours.” They tell B, who nods in agreement.
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