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#whump prompts
person-1n-progress · 2 days ago
Various Dialogue Prompts
1. “I hope you know just how much I care about you.”
2. “You’re calm, that’s why I come here.”
3. “It’s okay, I’m here.”
4. “I thought bad things only happened to people who deserved it…”
5. “Welcome to the real world.”
6. “I’ll still be here.”
7. “Don’t worry about me.”
8. “I can take care of myself.”
9. “Who are they going to believe?”
10. “It’s my word against yours.”
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jordanstrophe · a day ago
Whumpee has an ‘I can do it’ attitude where they hate the help and constant coddling. Caretaker stands over them with their arms crossed watching whumpee sob on the floor while trying to prove they can put on at least one shoe by themselves. 
Whumpee eventually caves in and raises the shoe to caretaker with their head down in embarrassment. Caretaker puts a gentle hand on their head before slipping the shoe on and lifting them to their feet. Whumpee stays curled up in their arms for a moment with their face buried in their shoulder until the tears pass. 
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painsandconfusion · 19 hours ago
Whump Prompts: Whumpers “Caretaking”
Oh I’m SUCH a sucker for Whumper administering comfort or healing. Whumpee needs it so badly even when every fibre of their being is screaming for them to run. It’s not like they can, anyway...
(If you use these as pompts please tag me cuz I wanna see! 🥰)
Whumper holding a curled-up whumpee to their chest, rubbing smooth, warm circles against their back.
“Shhh....It’s alright. You did so good. Rest now.”
Whumper tenderly cleaning and wrapping wounds. Pausing when Whumpee winces away.
Alternately, Whumpee knows they need to be bandaged, so they hold still, but Whumper is having a grand time watching Whumpee wince and jerk away. They dig their fingers into the wounds to see it again.
“Stop crying. You’re done for today. I said stop crying.”
Carrying a dazed Whumpee to bed when they can’t stand on their own.
“You look so tired, darling. You can rest now. Go ahead and sleep. I’ll hold you and keep you safe.”
Whumper pressing gentle kisses along the ring of bruises circling Whumpee’s throat. Maybe biting gently when Whumpee tried to squirm away.
Whumper tipping a glass of water up to Whumpee’s lips. “You lost a lot of blood. You need to stay hydrated.”
Whumper casually moves behind Whumpee mid-conversation, massaging their shoulders when they look tense.
“Aww, who did this to you? You’re black and blue, sweetheart. How awful.”
Whumper makes Whumpee a nice cup of tea to calm down. Whumpee drinks it under their gaze, even as it burns their lips.
“Try not to stress about it. There’s nothing you can do to stop me anyway, so why worry?”
Whumper gently combing Whumpee’s hair. Keeping it trimmed just how they like it.
Whumper’s fingers gently massaging Whumpee’s scalp, kneading warm, sweet shampoo into their hair to ease away mats of dried blood.
“You look so tense. Take a deep breath. Here, give me your hands. Breathe with me. In...And out....In....And out....”
Whumper singing softly to Whumpee as they pass out from the pain fall asleep.
“ sh’re done. I’m not going to hurt you anymore.”
Whumper brushing away Whumpee’s tears with a gentle finger. Or kissing them away. Or licking them off their face..
“Okay, all done. Now what do you say?” “Th-than...thank you, S-sir.” “Mmm, you’re very welcome.”
(tags: @prisonerwhump @whumpawink @mabledonut @paleassprince @distinctlywhumpthing @wormwriting @tropes-for-my-md-daydreams)
Idk who wants to be on what tag lists anymore, just let me know and I’ll actually write it down this time. So sorry. You’re lovely.
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wattzgoingdark · 2 days ago
Shapeshifter Whumper who turns into Caretaker and pretends they’re there to help before breaking Whumpee even more. They do this again and again and again. Eventually, when the real Caretaker shows up to save Whumpee, Whumpee is absolutely terrified of them.
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the-three-whumpeteers · 3 days ago
The whumpee had grown up with the whumper, so they don’t know anything about the outside world- as fair as they knew they were just a source of energy for whatever the whumper was going(magical or otherwise).
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wisteria-whump · a day ago
whump idea
whumper who somehow (preferably permanently) attaches metal plating to the bottom of whumpee’s feet (emphasis on feet, i think it’d be more whumpy if it was their feet and not just special socks or shoes) and whumper makes sure that all of the flooring in whumpee’s cell as well as anywhere in whumper’s lair/house is hardwood, concrete, etc, so that if whumpee tries to escape whumper is able to hear the sound of the metal on the hard floors. this would also make it basically impossible for whumpee to escape if whumper is actively looking for them because they can’t try to sneak past whumper because of the sound of the metal plates. ALSO, this would make the hard floors INCREDIBLY slippery for whumpee, i think. so even once they’re rescued, assuming there’s no easy way to remove the plates without an inconvenient amount of residual pain, whumpee would be prone to slipping any time they walk on tile, concrete, hardwood, etc etc. so maybe caretaker would carpet their entire house so whumpee doesn’t slip and hurt themselves. this has the added horror of carpeted bathrooms lmao
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whumpers-inc · 2 days ago
Whumptober2021- Bleeding
Bleeding is always pretty but where’s the best place for it to come from?
Slow crimson oozing from a broken nose framed by a black eye and split lip,the metallic taste of blood tingling on their tongue? How about slowly dripping down their leg as they limp painfully to safety? Or soaking through the bandage layers as they try desperately to stem the flow with a bloody hand pressed against their stomach?
In the end though, let's face it, everything looks better with a bloodstain...
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wildfaewhump · 6 months ago
listen up I need to talk about characters in pain alone. a fighter who won their most recent match but who goes home alone to a crappy little apartment where they're lucky if they manage to make some ramen before they pass out on the couch, only to wake stiff with bruises in a few hours. a vigilante who loses to the villain and gets left on a rooftop to pick themself up and try to stagger home without getting found, arrested, or passing out in their costume. the new member on a team who gets the dirtiest, hardest jobs as an initiation and who can't admit to anyone that they're breaking under the pressure because all their teammates will hear is weakness.
I need characters pasting bandages on injuries with trembling fingers as their vision blurs. I need characters desperately trying to haul themselves up just one more stair so they can stagger to their front door. I need characters who make it through that door only to collapse right behind it, watching the light in their bathroom blur and fade before they can get to their first aid kit. I need characters passing out in alleyways only to wake up hours later and know they still have to try to make it home on their own because they think they have no one to call.
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whumpster-dumpster · 2 months ago
Five Word Whump Prompts
(If these prompts inspire you to create your own content, please tag @whumpster-dumpster, link to this original post, or put it under the tag “whumpster prompts”)
“Is that fear I see?”
“I wish I had died.”
“Wait, I didn’t mean it!”
“You need to stay still.”
“Are you sure it’s safe?”
“I think I’m gonna puke.”
“We can share my coat.”
“That looks like a sprain.”
“You scared me to death!”
“I don’t plan on surviving.”
“Please, let me help you.”
“Your life isn’t worth much.”
“I’m warning you. Back off.”
“Stop it, you’re scaring me!”
“[Name], can you hear me?”
“There was so much blood.”
“I’m not leaving you behind.”
“Hey, no -- open your eyes!”
“‘Fine’? I heard you scream!”
“Hey, have you been crying?”
“Whoa...the room is spinning...”
“Are you getting spoiled, mutt?”
“Nobody’s coming to save you.”
“You try anything, they’re dead.”
“Hey, wait, you’re still bleeding!”
“That cough sounds pretty bad.”
“Bless you again! Need tissues?”
“See where bravery’s gotten you?”
“Stop, you’re gonna hurt yourself!”
“Ugh, my head...What happened?”
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the-baby-storyteller · 21 days ago
I love self sacrificial whump.
I love when a character allows themself to be hurt when it’s preventable, not because of anything but that they’d rather them than anyone else.
I love when they take the load of multiple people on their back because it’s better one be hurt than loads. Even if that one ends up shattered.
I love the look of horror on friends’ faces when they realize what had been done. What had been done for them. And all the character can do is smile sadly.
I love when a character knows what they’re getting into. They know how much they’ll hurt. They know they’ll be begging and crying and pleading for it to stop. They know there’ll be parts of them that regret the decision. That wish they had left the others in the dust to suffer instead. They know they’ll likely never be the same again.
But they’ll do it anyway. For them.
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Whump Dialogue Prompts
look guys I'm alive! look guys I'm doing a series!
“Beg. Beg on your knees.”
“You think they care?”
“So, what did we learn yesterday?”
“Let's see what's more important to you. Your dignity, or their safety?”
“That blood looks really good on you.”
“Open your eyes. Look at me. I want you to look at me.”
“Awfully confident, aren't you?”
“I'll take care of you.”
“Oh dear, look at you. So beautiful. I made you the way you are.”
“Quiet. One more sound and you'll regret it.”
“I said: don't stop.”
“Want me to help you?”
“We'll see how much you can take.”
“Smile. Let me see that smile of yours.”
“Don't struggle. You'll only make it worse for yourself.”
“You'll learn to hold your tongue in my presence.”
“Oh, I won't kill you, love. I'll drive you mad to the point where you'll beg for death yourself.”
“Aw, look at you. It'd be a shame if something was to happen to that pretty face.”
“What are you so afraid of?”
“Don't you enjoy this as much as I do?”
“Don't you love me, darling?”
“You know you deserve it.”
“It's your own fault.”
“They're not coming to get you.”
“Fool. You really thought you could trust them? I thought you were smarter than that.”
“Let's play a game.”
“Get up.”
“Don't make me say it twice.”
“You know what your problem is? You fight too fair.”
“Rest now. We have a busy day tomorrow.”
“You made me do this.”
“You know I hate punishing you.”
“You're mine.”
“I have a surprise for you.”
“You messed up again.”
“I love it when you cry.”
“Scream. Louder. Show me in how much pain you are!”
“I said: don't stop.”
“You'll pay for it.”
“One of them walks away, one of them dies. Choose now, or they both die.”
“I'll be your worst nightmare from now on.”
“Eat. We don't want you to starve.”
“I like it when you beg.”
“Show me how desperate you are.”
“You're a disaster.”
“You're safe with me.”
“I want to see the fear in your eyes.”
“Keep your eyes open.”
“I'm sorry.”
“Don't touch me!”
“I'm a mess.”
“Please help me...”
“I can't sleep– I've tried everything.”
“It's- it's fine.”
“Don't worry about me.”
“I'll just slow you down.”
“I don't believe you.”
“I think- I think I'm bleeding-”
“I need you.”
“It doesn't hurt anymore.”
“Please don't hurt them.”
“I'll do anything!”
“Please don't leave me...”
“I never cry.”
“I'll save them.”
“I'm fine, I'm just tired.”
“I trusted you...”
“I'll do it, please just let them go!”
“I can't take it anymore.”
“I let you down.”
“Forgive me.”
“It's all my fault.”
“I deserved it.”
“You don't even see me.”
“You forgot.”
“Lie to me. Make it beautiful. Make me feel good. Please.”
“Be gentle.”
“I don't need help.”
“I'm not gonna make it.”
“Don't worry about me.”
“I need to stop them!”
“I don't need to be able to stand, I just need to be able to shoot.”
“Please, understand me.”
“Something's not right.”
“I'm- I'm dizzy-”
“It doesn't matter.”
“Is it over?”
“Am I safe?”
“It hurts to breathe.”
“It's not okay.”
“I don't have time to rest!”
“Leave me alone, please, I don't need your help!”
“I need time.”
“It's not that bad.”
“I'll do better, I promise.”
“I'll clean it up.”
“Please don't hurt me.”
“You'll be okay. I promise.”
“That's a lot of blood.”
“It's okay. I've got you.”
“Please don't push me away.”
“Let me help you.”
“Does it hurt?”
“How bad is it?”
“Take me! Hurt me! But let them go!”
“You're safe.”
“We need to get you to the hospital.”
“You could've died!”
“Drink this. Don't argue with me.”
“Please, I know it's hard but you need to eat.”
“Does it hurt when I do this?”
“What happened to you?!”
“Stay calm, I'll get help.”
“Please stay awake.”
“Just a little longer, for me...”
“This will help, I promise.”
“I'll protect you.”
“They'll never hurt you again.”
“I'm here, you're safe.”
“Can you breathe?”
“Try and get some sleep.”
“I'm right here.”
“I'd never leave you.”
“I care. Listen to me, I care.”
“I'm gonna get you out of here.”
“Everything's gonna be alright.”
“I need you to trust me.”
“Look at me, hold still, please.”
“I know, I know. Please.”
“Stay strong for me.”
“Breathe with me, come on: in and out, in and out.”
“Don't do that, you'll hurt yourself even more.”
“Please let me help you.”
“It's just me.”
“They're gone.”
“Another nightmare?”
“Are you sure you can walk?”
“Do you need help with that?”
“I don't care, you need to rest!”
“Stop being so stubborn, I'm here to help you, not make you feel worse!”
“Can you make it?”
“Squeeze my hand if it's too bad.”
“Please don't close your eyes on me.”
“Hold my hand.”
“Why did you lie to me?”
“Are you sure you weren't hallucinating?”
“Why did you hide that from me?”
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youneedsomeprompts · 17 days ago
close friends to lovers?? pls
Tumblr media
15 close friends-to-lovers prompts
Feel free to use and reblog!
#1 - using "I love you" long before it gets a romantic meaning (being shocked when they realise one day that they actually express their secret new feelings aloud already)
#2 - being bluntly open with each other, only holding back the one information that might change/destroy their whole friendship
#3 - knowing the other better than their family/partner does (being the one that is always sought for advice)
#4 - secretly being thrilled when someone mistakes them for a couple (when in the past it had always seemed like an annoying cliché)
#5 - avoiding the topic of romance because the other always knows when they're lying so to prevent confrontation (and being caught having a crush on the other) they prefer not to talk about it
#6 - already being a part of the family because they've been hanging around at the parents' house a lot of the time (now it's becoming home more completely)
#7 - being awfully nervous when they're having a sleepover because they just where their thoughts will be wandering when they're sharing a bed
#8 - picking up the other from a party because they're incredibly drunk, and getting a drunken love confession as they tuck them in on their couch
#9 - having jokingly used absurd terms of endearment in the past and now slowly feeling the urge to find the most beautiful ones for the other
#10 - accidentally falling asleep in a shirt they borrowed from the other and now their fantasy is running wilder than they'd thought possible before
#11 - somehow making the other smile with compliments is more important now than teasing the other and provoking to be teased back as it has always been
#12 - developing a pathological urge to protect the other ("if you say one bad word about my friend beware" while priorly they had encouraged their friend to laugh it off instead, "come on, buddy, they can't get to you")
#13 - not believing the other would want them in 'that' way because they know all the bad things about them, they just know everything ("and who would really love me like that when they knew all this embarrassing stuff about me?")
#14 - being hurt when the other treats them with too much casualty but after all, they can't really blame them because it's just friendship, right? but friends can be serious about feelings and devotion too, can't they?
#15 - seeking more and more physical contact and touch with the other, like brushing hands or linking arms while walking or cuddling up on the sofa or hugging the other from behind or laying an arm around the other's shoulders when joining them in a conversation with other friends
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person-1n-progress · 19 days ago
Prompts To Hurt Your Characters
1. “You are the reason I’m still here.”
2. “I’m bleeding.”
3. “It won’t stop.”
4. “You don’t understand.”
5. “We are not the same.”
6. “Something has to be done about this.”
7. “I’m tired of cleaning up your messes.”
8. “You are just boring.”
9. “It was all a big joke.”
10. “I will always be better than you.”
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wattzgoingdark · a day ago
Winged Whumpee who’s lived with their wings chained to their body by Whumper for the majority of their life. When they eventually get out and are taken in by Caretaker, their chains are cut and their wings are freed but they still don’t know how to fly. They don’t have the muscles built up that are necessary for flight, nor do they know how to position their wings to do so. Caretaker is there to help them, researching flying, exercising with them, and, when Whumpee is eventually able to get themself off the ground, Caretaker is there to catch them when they fall.
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the-three-whumpeteers · 22 hours ago
The whumpee had stayed with the caretaker for so long that they’re shocked with how the works- it’s all so loud and busy and sometimes they get overwhelmed, but they promised the caretaker that they could go alone. It’s just hard not to run back to the comfort. They’re still paranoid of the whumper lurking around the corner, but they want to prove that they can be on their own.
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allthewhumpygoodness · 2 months ago
Tips writing delirium/feverish confusion:
(This is my very first post on actual writing advice so lets see how it' goes)
If mild: -Everything is heightened and just a little too much. Sounds are too loud, physical sensation is too intense, emotions are stronger than they would be normally -So feel free to have them be angry or frightened or tearful in a way that seems OOC, and feel free at this stage to have them acknowledge that and be embarrassed or confused by it -Pain and discomfort take precedence over trying to understand the details of what someone is saying to them -Bad dreams. Or just bizarre, unsettling dreams that leave them shaking and sweating -Feeling overwhelmed even at very simple things, enlarging things that shouldn't be a big deal -Minor forgetfulness, they ask caretaker a question and five minutes later have to ask again because they can't remember, forgetting what day/month it is -Just a little more lonely and clingy -Racing thoughts, restlessness, unable to concentrate on one thing at a time -Lowered inhibitions -Alternatively, they might be more suspicious or anxious than normal, even around those they know they can trust -Have them trail off sometimes or lose track of what they were talking about, prompting the caretaker to need to get their attention again -They might say things they don't mean to because they're not as focused on outcomes and only really aware of the present -Everything just looks and feels a little off, even if they're aware of where they are and who they're with it might feel weirdly ~wrong~ in a way they can't describe -Gets distressed easily
If it's severe: - From the whumpee's pov: -(whumpee's pov and caretaker's might be VASTLY different here) -Absolutely nothing makes sense, other characters can say perfectly normal things and the whumpee either doesn't get it at all, or misinterprets it, or doesn't recognize who's talking etc. - Interpretation of the world around them reduced to senses, sometimes garbled ones - I.e. they feel cold, their head hurts, there's a voice but they don't know who it belongs to, they feel dizzy, but they have little to no understanding of what's physically going on around them -Partial sentences and lots of ellipses to give the ~vibe~ of someone whose thoughts are not complete and who is experiencing lapses in time or memory -Throw all continuity out the window. Their friend is there one sentence and then the next it's a different person altogether, they're saying they feel hot but the narration says they're shivering, consistency doesn't matter one bit here -Blend what are very clearly dreams with things that are less clear, describe a scenario that the reader can tell isn't actually happening and then add in things that are super normal and could very well be happening but the whumpee can't tell the difference -From the caretaker's POV: -Either this state is very visible to the caretaker or it isn't at all, (which is why switching POVs can be fun) -If it's visible, whumpee will likely be talking nonsense or almost nonsense, mention how hard it is to maintain a conversation with them, or how patient the caretaker has to be when answering the same questions again and again -If invisible, they might just appear groggy and half asleep, it's hard to wake them up and they never really seem fully conscious -They might vastly misunderstand something the caretaker says and be more confused or frightened because of it, which in turn confuses the caretaker because they don't understand what the problem is -Probably slipping in and out of consciousness
***I am not a medical professional, this is for writing use ONLY, based on techniques I've seen work well, my own techniques, as well as other research
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Whump Tropes: Against the Wall.
Whumper slowly moving up to Whumpee, eyes burning, as Whumper scrambles backward. The moment of panic when their back hits a wall.
Whumper gripping Whumpee by the collar and slamming them against the wall.
Whumpee pinned, front pressed against the wall, one arm twisted behind their back, the other splayed against the wall for balance.
Whumpee with both hands flat on the wall, using it for support as a whip cracks down on their bare skin, leaving welts and cuts.
Whumpee stumbling forward, one hand on the wall to keep them from falling as theirs legs shake and buckle.
Drywall cracking against their back as Whumper shoves them against the wall.
Whumpee, exhausted and bleeding, sitting against the wall. That moment when they squeeze their eyes shut and let their head fall back against it while they clutch their wound.
Whumpee’s skull cracking against a brick wall. Bonus points if they feel a warm trickle of blood down their neck a few moments later.
Whumpee clumsily sprinting down a pitch black hallway, constantly running into walls. Breaths echoing as they desperately search for an exit before Whumper notices they’re gone.
Whumpee literally glued to the wall (by hair, one hand, their back, etc) and left there knowing the only way to get down is to rip their on skin off / hair out. How long do they wait before biting the bullet so they can sleep? So they can eat?
Whumpee’s legs buckling under them. Trying to get as small as they can by sliding down the wall as Whumper advances. Trying to melt into it an disappear as their breaths become more and more frantic.
Whumpee chained to the wall with manacles set in the stone. Not budging an inch.
Claustrophobic Whumpee desperately pressing themselves into the walls as the room seems to get smaller and smaller, suffocating and crushing them.
Whumpee completely trapped, the wall on one side, Whumper’s body pressed close against theirs on the other. No space to breathe. Every inch of skin smothered.
Whumpee pinned to the wall by a hand on their throat.
Whumpee rhythmically hitting their forehead against the wall, desperately trying to manage their pain.
When a Whumpee is hit HARD. They stumble back, legs barely able to keep up, until they crack against the wall and crumple to the ground.
Whumpee sitting with their ear pressed to the wall, trying to hear what Whumper is doing in the other room. Knowing what will happen if they get caught.
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bebx · 10 months ago
*me writing fic*
me to me: don’t use the word eyes, you just used it in the previous sentence. use something else
my inner me to me: no, don’t call eyes orbs, it’s cringey
my deeper inner me to me: call them face balls
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whumpwillow · a month ago
you know what’s a highly specific trope I really like?
known whumpees
I can’t figure out a better term for them because they don’t have to be famous, but the thing is that everyone knows exactly what happened to them.
Imagine: a whumpee being tortured in full view of the public. They can hear every scream, every lash, every choked sob and painful cry. Or perhaps a whumpee that held captive but later, after their torment is over and they’ve started trying to get their life back together, Whumper leaks footage of their torture online. Every single agonizing day available to view for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. All of Whumpees most private, desperate moments on full display. The people can all see what happened.
Of course, most people would be horrified by it. But that’s the thing, it’s memorable and it’s terrible. They know Whumpee’s face. The Whumpee can’t go anywhere now without people looking at them with stares of pity, that recognition and initial of “oh, it’s that guy,” and the constant constant whispering of whoever he walks by.
It’s not malicious, but it’s grating and it’s humiliating and it’s everywhere.
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