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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#whump prompts
starrysky-whumpfics · an hour ago
Whump Idea
Instead of figuring out my final speech topic for tomorrow, I’ve so far managed to do the Cupid Shuffle with my roommates and then come up with this prompt
How far would you go for fame and fortune…?
Whumpee is a famous actor/actress, known for their wealth and success. A few years ago they had nothing, and now the world was their stage.
“I can give you everything…fame…fortune…your name in shining lights. Just say that you’re mine it’s all yours. No one will even know…” Whumper had promised them, and they delivered. Whumpee got what they wanted, and all it cost was signing their life over to Whumper.
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i-write-whump · 5 hours ago
Whump dialogue prompts:
“Alright, you need to sit down before you make that leg any worse than it already is. Come on, it’s going to take long enough to heal as it is, even if you don't push it.”
“You know, if you keep hiding it every time you get hurt, eventually it’s going to go badly. Most of the injuries you’ve hidden haven't turned out to be serious, but someday one will be, and I don't want to lose you to something that could have been treated.”
“Woah, ________, should you really be out of bed yet? You’re still white as a sheet, and I could see you shaking from the other side of the room.”
“Let’s get some of this mud off you, I need to see just how bad your wounds are, and if we don't clean them, you’ll definitely get an infection... Though it might already be too late to prevent that.”
“How bad is it? Don't try to say you’re not in pain, we both know that’s a lie, just tell me the truth.”
“Why are you so wet, it’s freezing out! Come on, let’s get you inside and dry, before you get hypothermia.”
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egg-writes-whump · 17 hours ago
"Oh god… no no no no no.. please..”
Caretaker murmured. They could hear their team members half-whispering half-muttering their own desperate pleas as well. Caretaker swallowed, fighting back tears. The light in Whumpee’s eyes appeared to have long since died out.
“Hey.” Caretaker said, slightly louder.
“Hey. Please, look at me. At least. Please.”
Their voice cracked slightly on the last word. They heard a sob come from Team Member A, who had a hand clasped over their mouth. Caretaker suppressed one of their own, shakily snapping they fingers in front of Whumpee’s face to try and get them to at least acknowledge them. It was no use.
Caretaker sobbed.
“Answer me.”
No response.
Caretaker’s head snapped to the corner, where Whumper’s cold, emotionless expression grew into a small smirk. Caretaker shakily stood up, wiping their tears on a jacket sleeve and glaring at Whumper.
“Get them to the car. I’ll follow in a moment.”
Caretaker told the others. They continued to glare at the smirking person in the corner of the room as they heard the others leave the room, taking their broken friend with them.
“You.” Caretaker snarled.
“You broke my friend. You broke them. And let me give you a warning;” They pulled their gun out her pocket. Whumper’s eyes widened, their smirk faltering.
“There is hell to pay for that.”
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itsawhumpderfullife · 17 hours ago
Whump Prompt #223
“Whoa! Careful there! What’s-”
“No! I’m gonna- Blaaa-”
“Oh, oh Whumpee A. I’m so sorry... I’ll clean that up later... Let’s get you in bed with something to catch your vomit.”
“Whumpee B, please-”
“Shh... It’s alright, here you go in your nice, soft bed. Now try to rest while I go get you a-”
“No! No! Please don’t- Please!”
“Wh- Okay, A, I’ll stay. I’m staying...”
“Shhh, let my warmth help you drift to sleep. You don’t need to worry....I’m right there with you.....”
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teheranb · 18 hours ago
A scenario when celebrity got sick when they were working somewhere not they lived. (Like singer during a cross-county tour or actor during filming)
•All they could do was laying on that king size bed in their fancy hotel suite, as they didn’t want to go to the hospital and draw any attention, they didn’t want the news about they were sick on newspaper and website, THEY WERE TOO PROUD.
•They wouldn’t ask their manager or coworker to look after them either, because...everyone was busy and taking care of them was actually out of everyone else’s job description.
•But they were getting worse and there was no medicine, so they had to call the receptionist to order a bottle of champagne, but all they wanted was the ice bucket, they were Again, too proud to ask for bringing them real medicine.
•They tried their best to behave when the waiter came and brought them the champagne, THEY EVEN SIGNED, they only allowed themselves to collapse back to the sheets until waiter left. Struggling to put the washcloth into the ice bucket and shivering when placed it on their own forehead. They did not know what else they could do, just hoping the fever would not get any worse and they could become back to the person the world knew about them, by tomorrow.
BUT WHO KNOWS What Happened next?
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the-three-whumpeteers · 19 hours ago
The whumpee pretends that their injuries don’t hurt, they pretend that the things that happened to them doesn’t give them nightmares- all because they don’t want their friends to worry about them. Their friends are so determined to make the whumpee happy that they don’t notice this either.
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platonic-prompts · a day ago
Whump Prompt
There was so much blood. It coated their hands and their arms and they could taste it in their mouth.
And no matter how much they washed and scrubbed it never went away.
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platonic-prompts · a day ago
Whump Prompt
A has been feeling like crap since they woke up, and as much as they try to tell the others, the others aren't taking any excuses and make A continue to do work, even as their eyes begin to lose focus and they start forgetting what they were supposed to be doing.
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uwustation · a day ago
as a kid, whumpee was a bully to whumper. now, the roles have reversed.
"you made me this way," whumper says. "all those days of making my life hell...i can't wait to pay you back."
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itsawhumpderfullife · a day ago
Whump Prompt #222
Whumpee stepped quietly into the room as Caretaker’s eyes fluttered open.
“Wh-Whumpee? What-“
Placing a finger to Caretaker’s lips, Whumpee slyly shushed Caretaker. A smirk that was so like Whumper it churned Caretaker’s stomach.
“Quiet, my pieces aren’t supposed to talk.”
Caretaker’s eyes widened as the words they had heard so long ago from Whumper’s lips left Whumpee’s.
“Oh god, Whumpee. Why- AAGGH!!“
A bolt of lightning shot down Caretaker’s spine, making them groan as their body convulsed involuntarily.
“I said my pieces aren’t supposed to talk. I wouldn’t want to damage such priceless goods would I?”
Shivering, the logical part of Caretaker’s brain shut down as adrenaline took over.
If they complied, no pain. If they complied, Whumpee might listen. So despite everything that screamed at them otherwise, they complied.
Whether for Whumpee, themself, or both of their sakes, Caretaker didn’t know. But nevertheless, they complied.
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professional-idiocy · a day ago
Villain is captured by the hero team and is allowed to wander around with a tracker/power suppressor on them at all times. They watch from a far as the hero team is having a good time chatting and eating together. Before silently making their way back their cell room.
If you want some comfort. Hero could notice this and come spend time with villain or if you want to be evil like me hero could come and mock them
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The whumpee has lost any positive view of anything they used to have, they don’t trust the caretaker either because nobody has really been kind instead of manipulative or outright cruel- they had seen the world and knew how to deal with it all.
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Some things from my list of random whump ideas/inspiration: (not all of these are original ideas but if you think I can at all remember which are which you’d be very wrong so I’m sorry if I’ve accidentally stolen your idea)
Stuck in an ER waiting room
Sweaty hair
“Prep the [...]”
Just the preamble to the end of their life
Wood clamp holding hands to a table
“Karma might get you but my hands are faster.”
Getting trapped in barbed wire
Now, now. Stop squirming. That will only make this worse for you.
“Get back here!”
“Who did this to you?”
Being used for entertainment
Touch-tank like at an aquarium
Changing into a hospital gown
Last days
“Will you sing to me?”
The snap of medical gloves
Quietly singing I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Tangled in their sheets and thinking they’re tied up again
“Just hold me through this part.”
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lave-whump · 2 days ago
Whumpee falling asleep in Caretaker’s arm, comforted by their heatbeat.
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itsawhumpderfullife · 2 days ago
Whump Prompt #221
“Please.... they can’t know we’re together. Do this for me?”
“But, Caretaker A! I- don’t know if I can-”
“Please, you can act all like your mockingly close and touchy and I can act disgusted or something, but. please, I don’t want either of us to get hurt...”
“Oh, o..kay... Caretaker A. I don’t want to hurt you...but they’ll hurt you if.... Okay. If... you ever feel like I’m about to do too much, just say... ‘no no’ real fast and I’ll try to let up.”
“Of course. ‘No no.’ I would hate for us to get captured. Tie me up real quick and talk to me about that puppy that always gets me bawling, I want to look proper captured an upset.”
“For us, A... I will. I love you.”
“I love you too.” Kiss.
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Cozy Caretaker Things
- Giving a cold whumpee a hot drink. The whumpee takes the cup into their hands and cradles it because the warmth feels so good.
- When they find the whumpee has fallen asleep, and they lovingly put a blanket over them
- Tracing the back of whumpee’s neck lightly with their fingertips so they’ll fall asleep
- Gently brushing the whumpee’s hair when they aren’t able to do it themselves
- Giving a whumpee with a chest injury a pillow to hug when they sneeze or cough
- Supporting the whumpee’s shoulders to help them take a sip of something
- Protecting the Ocampa
- Turning into a rock after they die 
-Said rock corpse vibrating because their wife is nearby  oh oops, wrong Caretaker lmao
- Bridal-carrying the whumpee to safety
- Carefully brushing the hair out of the whumpee’s bruised face
-Holding the whumpee’s hand to get them through something painful
- When the caretaker is talking in a low, comforting voice, and the whumpee can’t understand a word they’re saying because of a head injury or whatever, but they still feel safe and fall asleep
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clockworkwhump · 2 days ago
“Stay still.” Whumper huffs, fitting the muzzle carefully over Whumpee’s mouth.
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