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shywhumpauthor · 7 hours ago
Currently thinking about whumpers who aren’t entirely cruel
(This kinda takes an interrogation setting but a few can be applied elsewhere)
They stop the torture when they notice Whumpee’s about to pass out/ bleeding too much, goes unconscious
They provide Whumpee with necessities such as decent meals and water, telling themself it’s just so Whumpee can keep up their strength during the sessions
After the torture they make sure to clean and bandage the wounds
Maybe they even give Whumpee a blanket if it gets too cold
They stop their comrades/henchmen/whatever from abusing Whumpee further
They make sure that the restraints aren’t too tight
They realize that it’s Whumpee’s job to stay quiet and not give information, and not just defiance, so they act accordingly to that
Sometimes they take Whumpee outside for a breath of fresh air, a short walk through the courtyard/garden
Rewards system for whenever Whumpee cooperates (ex: they give Whumper information, they get a pillow, a book, something to make them more comfortable)
Positive reinforcement instead of pain
They don’t want to break Whumpee, but they need the information
Awkward, reluctant comfort when Whumpee finally gives in, and has a complete breakdown afterwards
Whumper slowly becoming a caretaker after they’ve got all the information, giving Whumpee the proper medical attention
Whumper’s superiors told them to dispose of Whumpee, that they were no longer useful. Of course by now, Whumper had grown attached, so that’s not gonna happen
Whumpee eventually learning that Whumper isn’t going to hurt them anymore, and maybe even beginning to trust them a little
Whumpee realizing that Whumper isn’t all that bad, that now the interrogation is over, Whumper takes care of their wounds, gets them a bit of warm food and cool water, a proper mattress to sleep on, lots of blankets and pillows-
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whumpyourenemy · 7 months ago
Hidden Injury dialogue that makes my heart just stop beating
'Whose blood is that?'
'Do you know how pale you look right now?'
'You're burning up'
'You're sick'
'You can barely keep your eyes open.. When was the last time you slept?'
'Take off your shirt. Don't give me that look'
'What was that? You winced.'
'You've got to do better than that if you want to fool me'
'Walk then. Come on, walk towards me. I bet you can't even take a step'
'You're hurt'
'I know you're hurt. And I'm tired of waiting for you to bring it up'
'You can trust me' (Whumpee denies it) *Caretaker gives them a pat and leaves. The first aid kit sits in their place
'I knew it, you're sick.' 'Go away'
'I'm fine'
'Don't give me that bullshit'
'We need to get you to a medic NOW'
'I just need to rest'
Caretaker desperately shaking whumpee awake, calling their name over and over
'How could you let it get this bad?'
'I'm no use to you, injured' 'You're even less use if you're dead'
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whumpfairy · 4 months ago
let’s talk abt the diversity of bridal carrying bc it’s a timeless fav of mine
—when whumpee is sick (especially if they have a fever) so caretaker wraps them in a blanket and carries them to bed. bonus points for feverish mumbling and reassuring forehead kisses
—during a rescue, when whumpee is too weak to run
—after whumpee has been through some kind of traumatic event. they could be injured or just terrified, and they want nothing more than to curl up in the safety of caretaker’s arms and hide away from the pain
—when whumpee is unconscious or asleep and caretaker’s heart breaks a little at how peaceful they look
—after a nightmare. maybe caretaker is carrying whumpee to their own bed or the couch, murmuring soothingly as whumpee trembles
—touch starved whumpees completely melting into caretaker
—whumpee collapsing into caretaker’s arms <33333
—just the way caretaker carries them. the tenderness and worry, even in a moment of desperation. the way they cling to whumpee like they’re scared to let go, never dropping them or letting any more harm come to them, clutching them tighter and glaring at anyone who so much as looks at whumpee the wrong way. or just holding them to their chest and pressing gentle kisses to the top of their head, whispering into their hair, promising they’re going to be okay
—how whumpee reacts to being carried. the way they curl tightly to caretaker’s chest and cling to their shirt, or wrap their arms weakly around their neck. going limp in caretaker’s arms and trusting them to keep them safe, maybe even falling asleep. or just pressing their face into caretaker’s shoulder and crying, finally letting themselves break
in conclusion bridal carrying superior
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emeraldwhump · 6 months ago
I love the sort of posts that usually suggest an alternative whump trope /method because they always begin like :
"nothing against physical torture" (my personal fave) or like "Stabbing is fine but..", "Yeah we all love to chain people to the wall, but have you considered..."
And I just can't with that, it always cracks me up
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whump-n-comfort · a month ago
a character is asleep, being watched over after a stressful event, and someone comments “they look so small” with a sad look in their eyes
Tumblr media
the asleep character has a habit of trying to make themselves the strong one of the group that can handle anything
Tumblr media
the character is short/tiny and the other person’s words holds even more weight because how can someone small look even smaller?
Tumblr media
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whumpwillow · 7 months ago
the ‘awkward villain roommate’ trope
okay let me explain. the villain has been mostly redeemed. or is at the very least, trying. they’ve given up their evil lifestyle, gone to live with the hero team, started to see the error of their ways and reflect on their past mistakes, but...it’s still awkward for them to be around everyone.
These are people they’ve hurt before. These are people the villain knows don’t trust them. Villain is pretty sure the team doesn’t even want them there.
Villain tip-toes around the house, trying to be as quiet as possible. Don’t scare anyone. Don’t be a nuisance.
The team watches their every move, waiting for the moment they’ll snap. As if they could revert back to their old ways, as if they could possibly harm the people who took them in at their lowest point when they could have killed them.
They walk into a room and the conversation comes to a dead halt. Laughter dies down. The light fades from their eyes.
Villain takes their meals and eats privately in their room from then on, not wanting to disturb the pleasant atmosphere the team has with each other. Not wanting to stand under the withering glares and wary eyes of suspicion and fear.
Villain wants to be a part of their world. Wants to be accepted. To not be seen as a ticking time bomb.
They’re trying. They just don’t know when it will ever be enough.
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whump-it-like-its-hot · 23 days ago
Okay but
Whumpee getting shoved back against a wall so hard it knocks the air out of them <333333
Whumpee getting shoved against a wall and smacking their head hard and everything goes black for a moment, and then when they come to moments later they’re on the ground, everything is weird and blurry and loud and they’re left clutching their head and curling up and whimpering from the pain and everything else and they don’t even know what’s going at that moment but their hand feels weird and sticky and warm, and they feel sick but they also feel tired, so so tired and they want Caretaker, where the hell is Caretaker, they need help please and hmmgmmfggfmgnfm <3333333333333333333333333333
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a-crumb-of-whump · a month ago
Let's talk about Caretakers that have trauma of their own 💞
Maybe Caretaker was whumped long ago, but has blocked it so far out of their memory that it hits that much harder when they think about it.
Whumpee is the only person who knows about Caretaker's trauma, and on days where those horrible memories become more vivid, Whumpee does some caretaking of their own.
Alternatively, Whumpee is the only person who doesn't know because Caretaker doesn't want them to look at them differently.
Caretaker's whumper is twice Whumpee's size, yet Whumpee tried to fight them the first time they ran into them in town.
It rarely happens anymore, but sometimes Caretaker will wake up thinking they're back with their Whumper. It terrifies them more than anything, the thought of being back there, and in-bed days usually follow with lots of comfort and cuddles.
Caretaker understands Whumpee's struggles all too well, because they've been through similar things. They understand that it takes years to heal, they understand how to comfort Whumpee when things aren't good - they understand.
Caretaker and Whumpee are both victims of Whumper, which was how they met to begin with. Their relationship grew during their days of captivity, and they refused to part even after they were rescued. They became each other's source of comfort.
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whumpasaurus101 · 2 months ago
Whumpee being so tired that they fall asleep against Whumper, making Whumper smile and run their hand through Whumpee's hair and Whumpee just not being able to pull away because sleep is the only thing on their mind right now.
(bonus points if its a defiant whumpee)
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delicatewhumps · 23 days ago
blood in whump>>>
blood seeping through bandages
blood trickling out of someone’s mouth
coughing up blood after chest trauma
bloody nosesssss
split lips after being punched
a pool of blood slowly spreading under someone’s body
blood glistening on the blade of a knife
blood from a forehead cut
blood slipping through someone’s fingers as they desperately try to put pressure on a wound
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plasmodiumpyrexia · 4 months ago
Just... faint and feverish whumpees who need to be guided back to bed
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shywhumpauthor · a month ago
Whumpee tortured for information, beaten inches from death. Only once the gun is turned on an innocent person do they spill everything they know. (Bonus points if the innocent person is Whumpee’s loved one)
Once their torturers are sure Whumpee is telling the truth, they’re patched up and released from captivity.
When Whumpee gets back to their organization, they’re not sure what to expect. Maybe a celebration, a “hey we’re glad you’re not dead and we totally understand that you didn’t have a choice”, something.
They did not expect to be treated like an enemy. They did not expect to be shoved into a small, bare holding cell, roughly searched for trackers or mics.
Their team treats them like a traitor, which Whumpee assumes is what they are now. They are left alone for days on end, not given any food, barely enough water.
When Leader finally comes to visit, Whumpee is thin, pale and sweaty. Maybe one of their wounds got infected, or dehydration is just getting to them.
They look at leader with sad, desperate eyes, silently begging for help.
Leader just glares down at them, and kicks them hard in the ribs.
(Extra bonus points if Whumpee’s “loved one” from earlier was someone on the team, OR MAYBE EVEN LEADER THEMSELF, and it completely breaks Whumpee)
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thecitythatdoesntsleep · 5 months ago
Backhanded praise and psychologically damaged Whumpees really just hit different.
Praising them on how well they take a blow.
Praising them on how pretty they look when they bleed or are bruised and welted.
Telling them they've taken their punishment well or giving them a pat on the head after a harsh beating.
Maybe some Caretaking-Whumper thrown in so that while they patch up their handiwork on them, they're telling them how well they handled it and how much it breaks Whumper's heart to punish them.
Really makes it hard for the Whumpee to decipher what their humiliation and pain are worth to them. If they are praised for that pain and their tolerance for torture; it makes them crave it even if they don't understand why.
Maybe when the praise stops, they know a bad whumping is coming their way. Or they start to get desperate so they intentionally act up to anger Whumper. If it gets there quicker and they get that praise back, it's worth it.
And when the pain and torment are over and Whumper is back to tell them they took it really well, whispering about how blood loss suits them and makes their skin dewy and soft; they already know.
They have Whumpee exactly where they want them, begging to be whumped so they can hear praise again.
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whumpfairy · 4 months ago
fever whump is extremely superior i think we can all agree. like think abt it. you have forehead and feverishly fluttering eyelid kisses, checking a fever by stroking their forehead with the back of a hand. you have bridal carrying (bonus points if they’re wrapped in a blanket). you have nightmare potential, caretaker stroking their damp hair and shushing them gently and telling them they’re okay, they can go back to sleep. you even have potential for feverish love confessions. like HOW can you turn fever whump down
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honeybunny-og · 22 days ago
"Wh-why are you doing this to me?"
"Oh, no, Whumpee... See, I'm not doing anything to you. All of this is because of you. I'm simply showing you the consequences of your actions."
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promptspa · 23 days ago
Random Prompt #88
TW: emotional/psychological whump, extremely possessive behaviour
"You sent an entire team after me!" Villain shouted, whirling back around to glare at their former partner once more. "And you're asking why I'm mad? You nearly killed Hero to get to me!"
"Sweetheart, please, I'll really make sure they're dead if it means you stay here. With me." Supervillain grinned, not a trace of guilt or regret tracing the sharp features of their face as they stepped closer to place their hands softly on the smaller criminal's arms. Their manic smile only dimmed a little as Villain tried to pull away but their grip increased ten-fold.
"I'll kill every last hero in this city for you, for us. If that's what gets you to stay with me, then I'll do it." Supervillain's statement had Villain frozen, their arms somehow stiffening further in their bruising grip. They didn't want that, and the master criminal knew. It was either any hero who took a step towards their object of desire, or said person. Supervillain wasn't going to give them up unless they were dead, and maybe not even stop there.
As the silence continued, a chuckle bubbled from Supervillain's throat and they moved forward, littering Villain's face with soft kisses and moving their hands to cup their waist gently instead. Villain flinched at the switch of attention. They used to crave the soft affections, but that had been before they ran away. Before they found someone better who wasn't an infamous criminal who's much too possessive and controlling. They missed Hero already.
"You're crazy," Villain sneered, turning their head as the other leaned in to peck their lips. Supervillain merely gave an amused coo at the defiance.
"Only for you, sweetie."
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whumpwillow · 3 months ago
Trope: Plagued by Nightmares
A character has consistent nightmares, hinting at deeper issues.
whumpee has trauma from what they went through, consistently having nightmares about the event
whumpee has night terrors and thrashes around in their sleep
whumpee screams at night when they wake from their nightmares, causing them to be ashamed of sleeping around or within earshot of others because they don't want to disturb them
whumpee being kicked out of their apartment building for causing too much of a disturbance with their loud awakenings from the nightmares
whumpee refusing to sleep because they don't want to have nightmares
whumpee staying awake until they collapse so they will just black out and not dream
whumpee drinking themselves into a stupor so they'll black out and not dream
whumpee stumbling through the day, unable to think about anything
whumpee with dark bags under their heavy-lidded eyes
whumpee who avoids others because their patience is wearing thin with how little sleep they're getting
whumpee who's relationships with others fizzle out because whumpee is isolating themselves / pushing others away / lashing out from lack of sleep
whumpee being found sleeping in the oddest places, even in the middle of the day
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a-whumped-tea · a month ago
Caretaker takes in Whumpee, a pet rescued from an illegal fighting ring. They're actually a bit scared of the buff, scarred, and generally intimidating Whumpee. Their fears are in vain, however, as Whumpee would rather die than hurt another person ever again, especially the person who saved them.
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a-crumb-of-whump · a month ago
"Why, hello there!" Whumper purred, grinning wickedly as the colour in Caretaker's face began to drain at the mere sight of them. They noticed them wrap a protective arm around the smaller figure beside them and stepped forward, reaching out to tilt their chin up. "Long time, no see, huh? Who's this?"
"Don't touch them," Caretaker cut in, pulling Whumpee further behind them and stepping forward to put a wedge between the two. "Please. Just go."
"Oh, but I've missed you!" Whumper pouted rather ingenuinely. "You were always so good for me, Caretaker. Don't you miss it? Don't you miss me?"
Caretaker's jaw clenched. "Never in a million years. Leave me alone."
"Have you told the little one behind you about me yet?" Whumper continued, tilting their head to smile at Whumpee. "-about who you used to belong to?"
With glossy eyes, Caretaker took a few steps back and grabbed Whumpee's hand, pulling them away without another word. Behind them, they heard Whumper's distant voice call out, "once a pet, always a pet!"
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who-needs-a-life-anyways · 10 months ago
god-tier whump tropes to write cause I don’t see ‘em enough
Failed escape attempts. The possibilities are endless. Drugging, manhandling, gagging, you name it
Whumpee turning the tables and snapping back at whumper, whether physically or verbally. Results may vary ;)
Whumpee thinking caretaker is whumper, possibly begging them for mercy or screaming threats at them
Caretaker hiding injuries/lack of sleep/sickness from Whumpee so they don’t worry
Caretaker losing it a little and doing anything, and I mean anything to get Whumpee back
Whumper doing the same once Caretaker succeeds
Whumpee accidentally revealing some terrible thing Whumper did to them, Caretaker is then horrified but tries to hide it (specific but I’m a slut for it)
Snarky whumpers. Just. 🤌
Snarky whumpees. I think u get the gist
Grouchy, reluctant caretakers that become soft when they realize what happened to Whumpee
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