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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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“My child is fine”. Dearest, your child keeps cackling every time she remembers this:

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i hate it when people make little jokes about a piece of media because. i have learned how to decipher every joke. if you give me a tiny clue i can spoil and entire season of a show. that’s why i curse myself with the tma vague tag every week

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i want to sleep but my back is killing meeeee :(

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Hi… Tumblr…. I uh… I got a quick question…

What in the fuck is happening to you?

Why is it that when I enlarge a picture or change apps you feel the need to spaz the fuck out, fling me to the “top” (it’s not the chronological top, just the ‘I can’t scroll up without refreshing’ top) of the page, throwing whatever post I was trying to look at out the window, giving me the middle finger and then sometimes acting “completely normal” and not doing all that dumb shit.

What drugs, pray tell, are you on? You need an intervention! This needs to stop…

How do I tell Tumblr that they need to fix their shit?

And the worst part is, I don’t ever remember having to download any updates… So Idk what’s happening.


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@molinashimbos the minute she sees something Cursed: hmm imène would hâte this let me show her


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okay so today is not better than yesterday im still unwell

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Wrote this in my notes while I was at work and honestly I feel like understand and yet I don’t

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I just got here to write cute fics with flowers as a theme and the NERVE for the first flower I look at having mostly sad and angsty meanings I was planning on being NICE for once good lord

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i think it’s funny how i can write multiple thousand word fics yet struggle to string words together for a stupid cover letter

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chicken with helmet

I am confused and intrigued by this ad…

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lol the post malone pokemon song FUCKS

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So my brain decided it needed to give me All the Ideas while I was driving to work today including the prologue for the 3rd Bound in Oblivion fic and anyway guess who’s gonna be frantically jotting down notes in between skin therapies??

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