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xx-thedarklord-xx · 2 hours ago
Today had a customer on the phone tell me, “You hung up on me, great customer service by the way.”
Yeah I did hang up on you. You screamed at me over things I can’t control and made me cry. I’ll hang up again, don’t test me
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wirefiish · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the townies keep stealing his coffee . . .
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nachosforfree · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tradegy strikes the nachosforfree blog as emmit becomes sleep deprived and slowly makes worse and worse content
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Reasons I like Transformers Siege (WFC) #131:
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Don't you do this. Don't you play these games with me.
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crimson-snitch · 5 hours ago
why do all of my fics end up with james or lily drunkenly confessing to each other through a game of truth and dare
ideas for an alternative ending pls and tnx
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dreamyygeorgenap · 20 minutes ago
around 9:43:20 in puffys stream
quackity: my sleeping schedule is more normal than ever
dream: yeah ur right it’s probably more normal than ours
Sorry but the only time I hear people refer to themselves as “us” or “we” out of nowhere like this is when they are a couple
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I just realized that priest kink is just a religious version of daddy kink and now I need to go sit down and rethink my life choices for the rest of the day.
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cas-isnthere · 14 hours ago
bokuto x akaashi's sister!reader
warnings/genre: fluff (small angst?), none.
summary: bokuto planned to be chaotic with you while akaashi wasn't at home. but you were too tired to deal anything.
a/n: hello! sorry if i haven't uploaded school is almost here :[. but here's some bokuto ! i'm working on a series with tsukishima so it'll take a while. stay safe everyone and happy reading !! <33
"please don't do anything rash or chaotic." akaashi pleaded. specifically bokuto. the cute owl was chaotic. everytime akaashi went out, bokuto would always make a mess and be chaotic. he can somehow can convince you to join his chaotic plans.
after akaashi pleaded, bokuto replied with a shout; "no promises 'kashi!" akaashi looked at bokuto. "bokuto. please leave y/n out of it, she's done a lot of things today. please don't involve her with your plans bokuto. i'm off."
bokuto was gulping with his friend's response. he closed the door. he looked at you with pleading eyes. "y/n.. can you-?" you cut him off with a small sigh. then retreated to his bedroom. going upstairs. almost tripping during the process. you walked at the bed, with a loud groan. then flopping yourself on the bed.
today was tiring and eventful in a way. tests, projects, homework, chores, meeting with your friends later, and bokuto. your boyfriend is very chaotic. and sometimes it gets out of hand. you aren't a chaotic person, but he's your boyfriend so of course. how could you say no to a cutie like him?
but today, was a day you didn't know you'd say no to his chaotic plans. poor boy was looking forward today. being with you. and doing his favorite activities with you. he didn't gave up though. he gone upstairs, finding you. on the bed. without him. he frowned.
he whined. "y/nnnnn!! let's go and invite our friends and trash the houseee!!" he only heard, silence. nothing. he sighed. he came to your tiny form. he sniffed. he was both sad and at awe. you looked so cute. too bad you weren't with him. he decided to position himself beside your figure.
he whispered to your ear. "y/n. are you okay?" he was worried if he was being too pushy with you. or even tired of him?! you grunted. " baby.." "yes my tiny owl?" small silence was there. "i'm tired, why not watch a movie together?" another silence.
you both were there. laying together. he wrapped his arms around you. nuzzled his face on your neck. you laid there, confused. "you ok kou?" he pouted. then pecked on your cheek. "are you tired of me y/n..?" he asked with a frown. sounding quite serious.
you were confused. "kou. i would never. where did you get this idea?!" you asked, with a concerned and confused expression. you turned to him. there he was. with a frown. there was no response from him. you hugged him in his chest. he was so much taller than you.
"y/n.." he finally spoke. "kou?" "do you really mean it?" small pause emerged. "..of course baby." he happily looked at me with a smile. he hugged you. squishing you in the process of doing so.
"i love you y/n!!" i laughed. "i love you more more kou." both of you cuddled then fell asleep.
1 hour later . .
akaashi was home. both of you were sleeping. he was surprised he didn't spot any mess. he set the groceries on the table and gone upstairs to check on you both.
there you both were. sleeping together. he smiled at the wonderful sight.
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macabro · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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genshin-obsessed · 13 hours ago
Yeah I got Ayaka lol, double Ayaka despite saying “Ayaka is nice and I would like to have her but I’ll settle with just Ningguang” I guess if you shoot low you go flying straight into the sun
i was like "she cute and all buuut ima skip her for tohma"
i guess she got offended i wanted him over her????
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letsboldlygomotherfuckers · 55 minutes ago
told my straight housemate a gay guy complimented my outfit earlier and she said ‘wait did you ask if he was gay??’ and my brain did a full system reboot before I remembered straight people don’t have gaydars of any kind
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gale-gentlepenguin · an hour ago
Maybe I'm missing something but isn't it kinda weird how Shadowmoth picks and chooses when to use amoks? The miraculous is no longer damaged shouldn't he use it any time he can?
Animation budget
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angelicyoongie · an hour ago
i don’t think y’all understand how i’m fighting for my life to finish this update ,,, it’s never been so hard to write a chapter before
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cherriki · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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seffersonjtarship · 22 minutes ago
appearances and tumblr posts may deceive because i may act like i'm za freakyy gal gn all i like but i've been looking at the outline of the non explicit sex scene for fourteen minutes now but i haven't even let them take their clothes off yet.
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