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OP literally loves the "had to do it to em" meme but go off


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Your openness to vulnerability: Despite all of the hardships you’ve endured, I know you’re stronger than you think. It really shows, especially with how much you’ve opened your beautiful heart and soul to me. About everything. Not many men, let alone people, have as much courage as you in showing this human side. I can assure you, it’s much better than holding things in. I’ve learned so much from you on this alone. You are and never were a burden. In fact, I deeply admire you for it, and it only made me love you more. ❤️

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While I’m on the subject of things that don’t make sense in TFP but that DON’T bother me, or that I find hilarious:

1) The fact that Starscream, an F-17 jet, is the same size as the carformers. That’s something TFA did right: the Autobots should be at least half the size of the Decepticons, at least the flying ones. (This would also highlight the fact that they’re basically a bunch a civilians fighting against heavily armed, trained warriors a lot better too)
        -On the same note, the fact that Arcee and Airachnid are the same size. On what world is a motorcycle the same size as a helicopter.

2) Optimus and Ultra Magnus have entire BEDROOMS inside them somewhere

3) And don’t let me get started on what Ratchet probably has. It’s already 100% canon that he has sirens, but what about all the other stuff? Does he know what it’s for, or that he even has it in the first place?
       -Again on this note: Orion Pax, the archivist, had airhorns (probably)

4) The fact that Bulkhead can play music in root mode isn’t that strange, but his having to manually flick a hidden switch on his chest to do so IS

5) The Wreckers’ aforementioned daughter pocket (not my term lol) which is something I’ve already commented on extensively in a different post

6) Out of all the Decepticons, Soundwave is the one most stuffed with bombs, yet he never uses them? Actually, why is Starscream the only one to use missiles, when they’re shown to cause more impact than blasters? Dreadwing loves explosives, so whyyyyyyyyy

7) Predaking sounding like an angry goose (which is pretty terrifying actually, nvm)

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7 & 17? :)

Thank you for asking me these questions, love your acc 💙🥰

7. How old were you when you started seeing yourself as a fan of your club? I was 11 🥺 such a baby. I had no idea I was about to ruin my life supporting a football club

17. You are having a dinner party. Which football figures are invited? That moment you have so many football crushes 🤦🏻‍♀️. Okay, so I’ll try to choose one per club, otherwise I’m screwed. Roman Bürki, Eric Dier, Alex Meret, Marco Asensio

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There was a lot of different research that went into this project overall, even if it was all very different content that seemed pretty simple or plain. There were three main stages that the project went through after the initial brainstorm of questions, which meant that a lot of time was lost from previous ideas that were no longer being explored. There were a lot of developments from experimenting with the first idea, to trying the path for another one and getting nowhere, to finding a third topic and actually having a couple of experiments to show for it.

Throughout the idea chop and change and the panic from not being able to create anything that was worth presentation (in my opinion) I didn’t feel as though I managed my time well, but in the end I did have a presentation and a small body of work, it was just a little rushed. 

I would have liked to have printed the poetry cards on better paper stock and made more to hand out, and even though it was ok that I was struggling to stick to an idea and produce work, I still wish I had refined the research and design process into a more structured and comprehensive project. I’ve definitely learnt more about how creative freedom actually gives me too much to think about and that I should come up with a process or organised brief of my own that keeps me structured when it comes to opportunities like this. I also learnt a lot about having a little more faith in my abilities, especially when it came to the good responses I got about the jars when I didn’t think they were worth much. 

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