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GRRM has explicitly pathologized motherhood with Cersei, Cat, and Dany, his primary maternal POV characters. Dany’s sense of justice and her magical identity are both centered around motherhood - mhysa and mother of dragons represent both her desire for equality and her conquering ambitions. Her “ruthless” moments, which are crucifying the 163 Meereneese Noblemen and allowing the wineseller’s daughters to be tortured in front of him, are borne of her desire to protect her children the freedmen. Then of course all the destruction she may or may not wreak in TWOW/early ADOS will be framed as “the mother of dragons” sowing destruction in her wake. Catelyn goes mad with grief, quite literally so, and is reborn as Lady Stoneheart, slaughtering innocents for no other reason than they may have been tangentially associated with the Freys/Boltons/Lannisters. And she goes mad with grief because her oldest child is murdered in front of her. Meanwhile Cersei does horrible things in general but half the horrible things she does are in the name of protecting her children and her love for them is unhealthy and narcissistic. 

You don’t see fathers being pathologized like this in ASOIAF. No “Lord Stoneheart”, no “Father of Monsters” (oooh), no “dad goes mad in part because he’s doing a bad job of protecting his children”. We have great representations of fatherhood in Ned Stark and poor representations of fatherhood in Jaime Lannister but even Jaime isn’t being set up as “going mad because he never got to know or love his kids properly”. 

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