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#why am i like this

My midterm is fully a week and a half late, and my TA reached out to me because she was concerned and I told her it would be done *latest* Wednesday morning (to both motivate myself, and so I can tell my therapist that I finished it). And as it is now 3am this fine Wednesday morning and I am still nowhere near done, I would like to curse past me for having any faith in my ability to finish this in a (not even) timely manner, and also thank(?) current me for both downing a second double shot energy AND ordering McNuggets because now I have to stay awake.

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Me, 1 week ago: okay I have 6 days to do this school project… I’ll start tommorow…

Me, 3 days ago: I have other commitments to be attending to, I’ll start tommorow

Me, yesterday: *realises my project is due tomorrow* shi-

(I don’t know how I manage to get full projects done in 1/6 of the time we have to complete them and still get a good grade… Like how?)

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why is it that i start writing something and i have all these plans and i get so excited

but then when i’m half finished i lose all motivation and it just sits in my folder staring back at me

i would have triple the posts on my blog if i finished everything i have drafts of

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I’ve seen so many pictures of Axl wearing American flag outfits today that I saw an actual flag and my first thought was “oh that looks like something Axl wore” not “oh look a flag”.

I legit forgot about the flag and I’M AMERICAN.

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Let’s be honest, there are so many ways that class 3-E overlooked in killing Koro-sensei

For example, here’s one way, as portrayed by my sona.

*claps hands* Quiet on the set, it 3, 2, 1…

Hestia walked into the classroom. She looked around, everyone perking up. Everyone was already in ther seats and the teacher was already at the head of the classroom. She smiled sheepishly. “Ah, it appears I am late.”

“Young lady, I hope you don’t make a habit of this,” Koro-sensei huffed from his spot by the blackboard.

“Sorry. I lost track of time,” She smiled. “Being new, I wanted to make a good impression on you, so I was starting on a new sweater to give you as a gift, but I didn’t know how big to make the neckline. So I ran here as fast as I could when I noticed I was late. ”

“Glad to have you here,” Nagisa said, holding out his hand. Hestia shook it quickly.

“Exactly,” Koro-sensei nodded. “But I appreciate the thought.”

“Is it okay if I measure your neck? Just to get the neckline just right?” Hestia held up a roll of measuring tape often used in sewing.

“Sure,” he nodded.

Hestia smiled and walked over, clearly at least a little intimidated. However, most everyone noticed a strong scent of lavender radiating from her. “Can you please lean down? I can’t quite reach your neck. You’re too tall.”

“Yes,” Koro-sensei responded, crouching down. Hestia unraveled some of the tape and wrapped it around his neck.

The alien teacher promptly exploded.

“Well that was easy,” she huffed.

After a few seconds, someone yelled. “What the heck was that?”

Hestia turned around, unrolling the tape and showing the other side to everyone, which was painted pink. “I crushed up the bbs and made them into paint, then covered the tape with it. Karma had the right idea when he got here, just the wrong excecution,” She shrugged. “There are a lot of other ways you could have taken him out. Like turn some of the stuff into a gas and pump it into the classroom. Give him a necklace made of the bbs. Replace floor tiles with the stuff. Make him walk into a trap. He’s got a nose on him, so the perfume was to hide the scent of the paint.”

Karma laughed shortly. “Good job, newbie.”

Hestia smiled. “My friends like to call me Birdie.”

Someone piped up. “Why’s that?”

Hestia responded appropriately by pulling of her coat, revealing a backless dress and turning around, showing off a tattoo of large white wings. “See? Bird.”

*clips that movie thing* Aaaaand cut!
Anyway, yes, the classroom did a lot of dumb stuff.
Koro is really sentimental about gifts, so just taking advantage of that would be perfect.
For example, making him some of his favorite junk food but with some of the anti-Koro stuff in the middle.
Give him a hat covered in paint-ified bbs
Legit find a way to get him to swallow a bb
Seriously, it’s not that hard
Why do you make it out to be so hard, Karma, it’s easy
Maybe the author had to milk some story out of it instead of going the easy way

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