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#why am i like this
sookar · 26 minutes ago
i draw myself wearing jeans and yet i havent worn jeans in... years. almost a decade i think.
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leias-left-hair-bun · 27 minutes ago
Another fun thing- in the Navy, you can be the captain (commanding officer) of a ship but not hold the rank of captain. (So a commander, which is the rank below captain, can be the captain of a ship, lol.) You can also hold the rank of captain without ever commanding a ship, and there can be multiple people with the rank of captain on a single ship. (Supply officers and intelligence officers for example won't be captains of ships but they can reach the rank of captain since it's just a rank!)
w h a t  oh my gosh. oh my gosh wait okay - okay so you can captain a ship if you rank below a captain, but you can rank as a captain without captaining a ship...that makes sense but it sounds so complicated and my mind is boggling XD and now i’m picturing just. a million captains running around one single ship and the new guy desperately trying to figure out which one is the captain captain and - anyways that does make sense that non-combat captains would be on a ship alongside the captain captain but how do you distinguish between captains?? i guess it’s just by their brain is having a hard time accepting this; i so badly want the captain captain to have a separate title XD
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andallthatmishigas · an hour ago
So @whatsabriard and I chatted about this idea a little while ago, and since we now have confirmation that we get a Downton movie at Christmas, I wanted to celebrate with some (not really explicit) terrific fun.  
Set pre-series.  Cora gets some ideas from a book. 
And yes, I’m aware that this has somehow become my brand.
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cowardsaregolden · an hour ago
I'm going to make a grilled cheese
Like for a monday tonight's been pretty fab
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shotsofbongwater · 2 hours ago
time to get depressed because i cant seem to start any of these assignments ive had 3 months to do. now i have 6 due by noon on wednesday
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feelschicken · 2 hours ago
me @ 6:30pm: damn I’m tired. I’m going home early tonight to sleep
me @ 11:30pm: okay let’s plan a layout for the bedroom with paper cutouts to scale
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dummyspice · 2 hours ago
Is it too late to have ice cream?
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green-tides · 2 hours ago
honestly I feel like being a person is so overwhelming sometimes and that’s why I isolate and withdraw and then I feel like I’m missing out and then I get overwhelmed again and then
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n-is-4-nefarious · 3 hours ago
Played a little Rac 2 on my ps2, just got passed the one fight where you had to use the turrets and I was gonna keep playing but my ps2 is showing its age and wasn't reading my controller after awhile {I check the controller to be on the safe side and it ain't an issue with it, might just need to clean that area on the ps2 but idk} next time I play the games I'll probably run it on my ps3 instead honestly even so I still wanna beat that play though
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