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#why did this get so many notes I’m dead
bashircore · 11 days ago
maturing is realizing that emojis and emoticons can coexist….. an emoji cannot express the feeling of :) and an emoticon cannot express the feeling of 😳. #peaceandlove
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rulaineyu · 6 months ago
Genshin Boys When They Miss You
Fandom: Genshin Impact
Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Zhongli, Childe, Xiao x GN!Reader
Genre: Bulleted headcanons, fluff
Warnings: None
Diluc is usually quiet, but when he misses you he will be even quieter. He will also be more impatient, snapping at every inconvenience. 
He eventually realizes he’s being unfair to the people around him after Kaeya points it out. He apologizes and gives them all a free drink on the house (not to Kaeya tho)
Tries to distract himself with work, but during slow moments at the bar he wonders how you are doing
Writes down everything that he wants to tell you in a notebook so he doesn’t forget anything 
You’re going to hear some real good tea when you get back 
When you return, he tries to play down how much he missed you, but eventually he breaks and engulfs you in a warm hug. You’ll have to physically push him off so you don’t suffocate.
The next night Kaeya tells you all about how Diluc behaved, and how everyone knew it was because he missed you. Kaeya was promptly kicked out of the bar afterwards.
“Don’t listen to Kaeya. I was...alright. But don’t take another quest outside of Mondstadt anytime soon, got it?”
On your first anniversary, Kaeya got you two matching lockets. He wears his around his neck every day, and it has a photo of you in it. 
He likes to play with it in his hands, fiddling with it as he thinks about you
When he really misses you, he will open the locket and just sit there, admiring your face in the picture. Jean has walked in on him like this many times, startling Kaeya and making him very embarrassed.
Doesn’t let it affect his work. He misses you, yes, but he knows you’re out doing what you love and he should not hold you back just because he misses you
Sometimes, while he’s filling out paperwork, he’ll catch himself humming a song you like to sing 
When you return, he isn’t very physically clingy like some of the others would be, but would be reluctant to leave your side. 
As you talk about your adventure, he would sit there with a smile on his face, your voice sounding like music to his ears. 
“Hm? Oh, don’t mind me. Tell me, what did you do after taking down that abyss mage?” 
Keeps a photo of you two in his pocket and takes it everywhere with him 
Talks to it sometimes. None of the Fatui members dare to even ask him about it, let alone make fun of him. It didn’t matter if someone was dying—everyone knew that when Childe was talking to your photo, he was not to be disturbed. 
Why does he act like you’re dead lmao
Like Diluc, gets grumpy when he misses you, but instead of snapping at everyone, he smiles more. Somehow, his constant strained smile is more unsettling than if he was glaring at everyone. 
Usually he would humour everyone, but not now, not when he misses you. His patience is thin and if you mess with him, he will beat you to pulp, no questions asked.
Would not let you go after you returned. Always wanting cuddles and your attention, and gets incredibly pouty when you have to leave his arms, even if it’s to use the bathroom.
Constant cuddles for hours. 
“How can you blame me? Having to go a week without my baby...that’s just cruel. I’m just making up for lost time.”
He doesn’t miss you very much...or at least that’s what he thinks. He’s lived for thousands of years—what’s a few days without you? 
That’s just what he tells himself. In reality, it feels very odd to not have you around him. 
It’s strange. You two haven’t been together for very long, especially considering how long he has been alive, yet you’ve become such a significant part of his everyday life.  
Hu Tao makes fun of him for how dejected he is when he misses you. (“ Grandpa lonely?”) He’s patient with her and puts up with her teasing because she’s not wrong
When you return, you catch him staring at you with a soft, loving expression that makes your face feel hot and flustered. When you question him, he denies it, claiming he’s looking at you the way he usually does.
Has you relax and fetches everything for you, saying you must be exhausted from your travels. He doesn’t explicitly say he missed you, but he betrays it on his face and in his actions.
“Do you need anything, my love? Something to eat? A bath? Or”
Tries to distract himself by eliminating demonic spirits, but it’s difficult to concentrate when you’re constantly on his mind.
Sees you in everything. The silk flowers decorating the inn grounds. The trickling streams. The stars in the night sky. 
Verr Goldet takes note of his behaviour, connecting the dots to realize he was acting differently because he misses you. If you’re completing a quest in Liyue, she’ll suggest that, if he was so worried, he should check up on you. If you’re outside of Liyue she’ll give him a plate of almond tofu and tell him to suck it up.
He’d try to resist checking on you, not wanting to be clingy and knowing you’re probably doing just fine. But he gets restless, and before he knows it, he’s already on his way to you.
Scares the crap out of you by jumping into your inn room from the window. You ask him what he’s doing here, but the first thing he does is wrap his arms around you, basking in your warmth. 
“I dislike being far away from you. Is that so bad?”
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opalesense · 6 months ago
How would the genshin Bois, zhongli, childe, diluc and kaeya react to a fem traveller stuck in a wall after a harsh battle, they'll help her get out right?...right?
a sight to behold
Tumblr media
zhongli, childe, diluc, kaeya & f!reader (NSFW-ish)
1.9k words • ~13 min. read
warnings: just a lot of teasing & dirty thoughts
notes: i was practically rubbing my hands together with evil intentions when i saw this request but i’ll spare the graphic details for another time, otherwise this will be extremely long!! also i wrote them separately here BUT i wouldn’t be opposed if someone requested them to be grouped together instead... anyway, i hope you enjoy this!! >:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE WIDELY FEARED PRIMO GEOVISHAP was certainly a sight to behold from above. You quickly understood why so many people often avoided interacting with this beast – it was intimidating even while it slept soundly, its loud snores echoing throughout the cavern despite being so far down. As you stood on the platform above its sleeping form, you studied its details, noticing the element it possessed and strategizing your combat plan quickly, thankful that you could manipulate an element that targetted its weakness. Once you made up your mind, you let out a huff as you took a leap of faith down, letting your glider save you at the last second before you could actually make contact with the ground.
 Your companion followed behind swiftly, the two of you moving gently around the walls of the cavern, careful not to wake the beast from its slumber. In a low whisper, you began to describe your strategy to your partner, but alas, the beast suddenly awoke and interrupted your planning with a ear splitting roar.
 Without a second thought, the two of you dashed to the creature, loosely following the details of the plan you had based on what you were able to say before you got interrupted. The battle was fine at first, but you soon realized how out of sync the two of you became as the fight progressed. Your elemental reactions were getting poorly timed, and it was difficult to keep an eye on each other’s movements with the beast constantly thrashing about and blocking communication.
 In normal circumstances, the two of you excelled in combat together without needing any other support. Maybe it was bad luck, or maybe you bit off more than you could chew this time, but you noticed you were getting knocked around easier than usual. Things were obviously not going your way and you had to think of a solution fast.
 But before you knew it, your distraction with your own thoughts got the best of you. One single swipe of the geovishap’s tail sent you flying across the cavern towards the opposite wall then tumbling on the ragged, rocky edges of floor, certainly leaving cuts and bruises for later. To make matters worse, one more aggressive roar from the beast shook the walls of cavern enough to send chunks of rock tumbling down towards your injured body. Unable to form coherent thoughts, you knew you didn’t have the strength to escape the avalanche. Instead, all you could do was lay there, helpless and bracing for impact, praying to the Archons that you can be saved.
Tumblr media
 Zhongli made quick work of the beast, using his shield to deliver an extremely effective counter attack and finishing it once and for all. The creature wailed in pain in its dying moments before disintegrating into dust. He expected to see your face on the other side but alas, you were nowhere to be seen.
 “[Y/N]?” his face tensed as he tried to think of where you could have disappeared to. As his eyes darted around the cavern, he immediately noticed a tiny speck of color amongst the rocks on the wall that resembled your clothing. He quickly sprinted towards you, lifting some of the boulders off of you effortlessly using his geo manipulation.
 He began to subconsciously slow down once he saw the way you were displayed in front of him. Your legs were propped up slightly from the rocks underneath you that caved in from the impact. The way your hips curved up caused your skirt to fold back onto you, leaving you completely exposed under his gaze.
 Ungodly thoughts began to race across Zhongli’s mind. He couldn’t help but slowly undress you in his mind, thinking about all the things he could do to you in this moment of vulnerability.
You poor thing... If only we were not in such a potential dire circumstance of life or death, what would stop me from keeping these rocks on top of you, grabbing those hips, and pressing myself against you? It would be the perfect opportunity to keep you still while I have my way with you... Perhaps I should check to see if you’re okay first, and maybe I can trap you with these rocks myself instead. Certainly I could even lift you in a better position for a better fit...
“Stay with me, [Y/N],” Zhongli snapped out of his fantasy and continued to lift the boulders off of you, wondering if he should really go through with his urges. “You will be okay...”
Tumblr media
 Childe had noticed you fly across the cavern in the corner of his eye, and watching you land on the floor at such a fierce impact only fueled him to keep fighting. In a fit of a rage and frustration, he summoned his dual blades and quickly turned the tides of the battle towards his favor. He didn’t even need to watch the beast die to know it was dead within seconds, and after his final blow he quickly dashed towards where you landed only to find out you had been crushed by more rocks.
 He let out another yell of frustration, grabbing the boulders one by one and pushing them off of you. “[Y/N]? Can you hear me?”
 “I’m fine, just get these off of me!” you managed to call out from underneath the pile. Relieved that you were alive and well, he managed to push most of the boulders off but hesitated once he got a good look at the way you were laid out in front of him.
 With your legs dangling off the edge of the pile, your ass was comedically exposed towards him, the rest of your upper half still trapped within the remains of the avalanche. Funnily enough, the hem of your skirt had even got trapped above your hips that you were completely exposed, causing Childe to grin evilly.
 “Well, well, well,” he slowly walked over to you and placed a gloved hand on your bare cheek, still slightly out of breath from the heavy lifting. He gave a gentle squeeze, eliciting a gasp from you. “Is this my reward for helping you? If so, I’ll gladly take it now...”
 “Did you forget that I’m stuck? What if I’m badly injured?!”
 “In that case, I’m sure I can make all the pain go away and replace it with pleasure instead,” he gave one final squeeze and chuckled before walking away to grab another boulder. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding... But once you’re out, don’t expect all this help to come for free, you know.”
Tumblr media
 Diluc watched you tumble across the floor with panicked eyes, immediately worrying about your safety but not letting that distract him from the task at hand. In the heat of the moment under the influence of rage and anxiety, he summoned his pyro manipulation to set his claymore ablaze and deliver multiple final blows to the creature, smashing its figure into bits. The beast cried in its final moments and when he was sure it was dead, he dropped his sword as he sprinted towards you.
 Pure panic settled in once he saw you had been crushed underneath the pile of rocks. He pushed himself to run faster, feeling tears form in the corners of his eyes but ignoring it. He didn’t want to lose you – not this easily.
 “[Y/N]!” he called out once he reached the site, “Can you hear me?”
 “I’m here, Diluc. I’m fine,” you reassured him. He deeply sighed in relief as he began to push the boulders off of you. Thank Barbatos you were alive and well! He shook the thought of you being fatally injured away from the forefront of his mind to focus on getting you out of this mess, using his strength to his advantage. But after a few rocks were pushed off of you, his eyes widened at the sight of you, a sight he will never forget.
 While your legs and upper body were still trapped underneath the pile, the first thing Diluc revealed was your ass, exposed by your skirt that was coincidentally trapped above your hips. Your thighs were pinned together, rubbing gently as you squirmed in the rubbish, trying to wiggle your way out. Or at least, he wanted to believe you were wiggling for the sole purpose of getting out, and not to tease him.
 With a nervous gulp, he averted his eyes away from you and resumed his work on the boulders. His mind couldn’t help but drift away into sinful corners, though. He envisioned the way he could firmly grab your thighs, pull down your underwear and...
 “Don’t scare me like that again,” he took a more lighthearted tone to cover up his urges, “I thought you were surely dead.”
Tumblr media
 After briefly witnessing you get thrown across the cavern, Kaeya managed to finally stab the beast in such a precise weakness point, making it wail in pain until it slowly withered away in its dying moments. He took no time at all to rush over to you, sprinting faster once he saw that you had been crushed by an avalanche.
 “[Y/N], talk to me,” he subtly asked for reassurance that you were still alive as he began to analyze the situation and pinpoint exactly where you were in all this rubbish.
 “I’m okay,” you weakly muttered with a grin, glad that he had come to your rescue, “Just a little bruised, that’s all.”
 Following the trail of your voice, he put his mind to work. He started to strategically push certain rocks so that others would naturally fall off of you without him needing to lift too much. After awhile, he began to spot one of your arms, then your other arm, and with each rock tumbling down he soon revealed the full picture.
 Or at least, a fraction of the full picture.
 He was relieved to see that you had wrapped your arms around your head for protection before the crash, avoiding what would have been an extremely dangerous injury. With your entire body from the chest down still trapped, you felt the need to stretch out your arms in the newly freed space and take a deep breath, glad to finally have some fresh air. “Good morning,” you joked on your bed of rocks.
 Even though he certainly felt some relief, he couldn’t fight the urge to tease you as he cooed over the sight of you so helpless underneath him. With an evil smirk, he pulled out one of the rocks that was supporting your neck, leaving your head hanging off the edge and eliciting a gasp from you. Before you could protest, he propped himself up against the wall with one arm, his body hovering over you and his crotch just inches away from your face.
 “Look at that pretty mouth of yours... You tempt me even in the most dire situations, sweetheart,” he let his free hand run slender fingers across your scalp, slowly massaging you. “Now that I think about it, I do deserve a prize for saving you, don’t I?”
 “Quit running your mouth and just help me get out of here,” you scolded him jokingly. He laughed and shook his head dismissively as he walked away to get back to work, fighting that strong urge to use your throat in such a vulnerable state.
 “If you say so, sweetheart. Maybe some other time.”
Tumblr media
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primofate · 2 months ago
Genshin Shortfic: Death and Regrets Pt.2
Notes: Hi I’m back with more angst XD Please don’t kill me I just... I don’t know. Also, I made this a little meaner than the first two I wrote for. So... enjoy?
Warnings: crying, lots of ouch, even I feel ouch and I’m usually heartless guys, it just hurts, swearing and profanity. DEATH. GRAPHIC WOUNDS AND INJURIES. May not follow the lore. NO FLUFF/COMFORT.
Characters: Scaramouche, Kaeya x fem! reader
EXTRA NOTE: I STRUGGLED to write these. You know what’s so precious about our Genshin boys? It’s that for some of them it’s SO HARD to picture or write them as angry or plain nasty because they are just literal ANGELS 
Other Versions: (Kazuha and Childe) (Thoma, Xiao, Diluc and Zhongli)  (Itto, Gorou, Albedo)
“Stop nagging me, do you know who you’re talking to?” Scaramouche was nasty when he was angry. There was no denying that. But today he had a murderous look in his eyes. 
“I’m just worried that you’re pushing too hard, I--”
“” and then it happened. His lips moved. It didn’t even quite register in your mind what he had said until it echoed in your head. Over and over and over again.
“You’re replaceable!” like a sound bouncing off bathroom walls.
The argument that was once on your lips died. You could only stare at him and you see a flicker of something in his deep orbs. Then his face drops. Scaramouche was not one to apologize. He was not one to admit to making mistakes, but the blank stare you gave him told him that he had fucked up big time. 
But he didn’t call for you when you left through the tent flap. You’d be back and he’d patch it up with you the same way that the two of you always did. With little subtle touches that he could offer as an apology. With him, although his words were always sharp, his actions could not betray him. He’d always show you apology through shy hugs and kisses.
“Tsk,” he clicked his tongue and went on his way to clear up some work given to him by the Tsaritsa. By the end of the day he’s left wondering why you weren’t back yet. He hadn’t moved the makeshift tent that he’d set up as camp. 
“Sir,” one of his men stands outside the tent, Scaramouche answers. “What?” there was a moment of silence, and the man comes in with a stretcher behind him. A body covered. Scaramouche wasn’t fazed. He’d seen many a dead body before. The Tsaritsa always wanted troublesome people assassinated and he was the right person to do the job. He thought it was one of those.
So when his men puts the stretcher down on the ground and pulls the cover away from your cold body Scaramouche is struck in the gut. “What--What the fuck is this?” His face contorts to the earlier anger he had this morning. “S-Sir... We found her at the bottom of the mountains it seems that she slipped and--t-the mountains around here are really high and--” 
His men didn’t need to be told twice, they scramble out just as he falls on his knees next to you. “What the hell?” his eyes scan the scratches all over your body, the bruise on your face, the battered legs. There was no steady rise and fall of your chest. “WHAT THE HELL?!” he grips your tattered shirt. He doesn’t even notice the tears spilling down his cheeks. 
“Don’t mess with me,” he roughly pulls you by his grip on your shirt, but your head lolls back lifelessly.  There’s a burn in his chest. He feels as if he’s going insane.
“Who the fuck said you could do this to me?!” 
Me, it’s me. I said it. I did this.
He wants to scratch his face.
Scratch his eyes out.
Scratch his neck till it tears open.
But instead his mouth spills screams of fury. He stands only to trash everything around him. He swipes everything off of the table. He flings the chair across the tent. He upturns a table. 
“I’ll fucking say it out loud if you want me to damn it,” he whispers, “I’m sorry, I’M SORRY!” he pulls at his hair as he crumples next to you again. 
He had never felt such raw anger and he didn’t expect to feel it because of himself.
“It’s not a big deal, dear,” Kaeya reassures you. But sometimes his reassurances are just not enough. Sometimes you feel as if he doesn’t take your insecurities seriously. 
“Saying it’s not a big deal doesn’t really solve it, Kaeya,” you say with a sigh, just slightly disappointed that he didn’t want to discuss it and just wanted to pass it off with that small remark.
He was silent for a moment, before it was his turn to sigh. He picked up both his hands in a shrug, “...You’re right Y/N, there are a lot of beautiful girls out there and I wouldn’t have to deal with their insecurity as much as I do with yours. Is that what you wanted to hear?” 
He knew it was the wrong thing to say the moment it left his mouth, but in fear of saying something worse he closes it, and watches the expression on your face fall. It scares him more that you didn’t reply to his sentence and just silently walk away towards the door, it shutting with a soft thud.
He sighs and smacks a hand on his face as the door closes. He thought the best thing to give each other was time alone right now. To cool down and talk about it later.
Later never came.
Night fell and though he was 100% prepared to apologize and take you in his arms that night, tell you what he really thought of you. That you were beautiful and he sometimes felt undeserving of that. That, yes, there are other beautiful girls, but you were the only one he wanted. His sweet Y/N who always took care of him.
His sweet Y/ and clothes charred and blackened from the fire bombs of treasure hoarders. He stood at the empty treasure hoarder camp after hours of looking for you. 
He stood for a while looking down at your body. 
That’s... not Y/N. 
He tried to convince himself that the body was too burnt to be identified but mercy had actually left your face mostly clear of injuries. 
It was you.
Still he’s frozen. Like his own cryo vision had backfired on him and started to encase his whole body. “Beautiful,” he whispered while kneeling down next to you. “I’ll tell you no matter how many times you want me to say it, you’re beautiful,” he lays a hand on your cheek and moves closer to look at your face. 
He can’t even feel a thing. He’s gone numb. 
“I don’t want all those other girls, they can’t see through me. They don’t see past my good looks,” he chuckles as if he’s actually talking to you, his thumb stroking your cheek. “I bet they won’t be able to put up with me the way you do, Y/N. They can’t smile the way that you do, or laugh the way that you do,” 
In an act of desperation he pulls his eyepatch off. He has to see you with his own two eyes. “N-No one... will ever see me like this except you, Y/N.” Finally tears drip down his cheeks. “Can we start over? Can we just...” his hands claw at the ground, soil gathered in his fists. “Can someone just turn back time? It was a mistake, I didn’t--” 
He recalls your crestfallen face. The way you silently walk out of the house, defeated by his words, and he finally loses it with wails.
“I don’t want those to be my last words to you!!!”
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httpjeon · 5 months ago
heajix ― jungkook (m.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jungkook/reader | alien!au | angst, fluff, smut
Tumblr media
wordcount: 13.1k
contents: violence, blood, stabbing, minor character death, murder, mentions of mass genocide, knotting, breeding kink/impreg kink, light size kink, dirty talk, blowjob, fingering, cunnilingus, begging, multiple orgasms, light cumflation, cum eating, cum sharing
― synopsis: you find yourself on palacios, home to the sehebon. unfortunately, it’s not by choice and you quickly realize how deadly the planet is.
note: heajix is pronounced hay-jicks
Tumblr media
© httpjeon 2019. do not repost or modify.
Tumblr media
blog masterlist ― made of stardust masterlist
Tumblr media
You'd been traveling, backpacking to be precise, through Fanet IV System — the newest system to be open for interplanetary travel. While you were traveling and exploring the newly available system and planets you began experiencing extreme technical difficulties. You wound up having to make an emergency landing on the planet of perpetual night called Palacios, home of the Heajix — an obscure, secretive race small in population.
Unfortunately, the least developed planet hadn't taken too kindly to their status of open-for-visits and had seemingly gone into a global lockdown of some sort since it began.
The second you stepped off your craft, you began to cough. The pollution in the air and smog that you could see had you scrambling for the mask you'd been given ahead of your visit.
You were in the heart of the capital city, Yathe, and it was nothing like you'd expected. Instead of a bustling metropolis like on all the other planets — it was nothing but abandoned buildings and graffiti covered walls. There seemed to be limited electricity supplied as street lamps flickered on and off, though most didn't work. The ones that were flickering helped you navigate your way around regardless.
The place was basically lawless, from what you knew, and the citizens did what they wanted to for the most part.
Pulling your backpack over your shoulders, you began to make your way through a nearby residential area. The houses, if you could call them that, were dilapidated and run-down; some had broken windows and others were completely destroyed. The Heajix's native tongue was plastered all over the ruined buildings and, while you weren't fluent, were talking shit about the other planets.
Using the flashlight on your phone, and aided by the illumination of the moon, you managed to find yourself in front of a house. It was small and wooden, no doubt old. When you walked inside, you realized it was just a simple one-room house with an attached bathroom as the only other room.
It was a gamble to assume it was unoccupied but, you really didn't have any other choices since you really couldn't spend the night out on the street. Your communications were down and there was no cell service.
You sighed and stepped inside, wincing at the visible dust floating around the room — thankful for your mask. When you turned to lock the door, you were dismayed to find there was only a broken locking mechanism. Groaning, you banged your head against the door.
"Why does my life suck? This planet might actually kill me!" You grumbled to yourself.
You dropped your backpack on the floor, unraveling the sleeping bag that was attached at the bottom and dropping it in a suitable sleeping place. There was a window right beside the front door, large enough for you to clearly see outside and allowing the moonlight to drift in.
You placed your bag in the corner near your sleeping bag and sat down. It was soft and cushioned, helping you to not feel the hard, rough floor beneath. There was a pillow sewn into the sleeping bag which you laid your head on.
The trip had been long and grueling, taking a week to complete so sleep quickly caught up to you. As your eyes fluttered closed, just before darkness completely overtook you, you swear you saw someone moving in the window.
Tumblr media
Waking up to no sunlight was definitely jarring and you quickly realized that your circadian rhythm was going to flip out. Regardless, you looked at the time and it was just past 9 in the morning so you stood up and stretched, intending to take a shower. Grabbing your backpack, you dragged it over to the bathroom. Toting the thing made you realize how heavy it was — you'd packed so much into it for the trip. It hit the floor with a clunk and you were briefly concerned it would break the wood floor beneath.
There was a shower — a rusted spigot and a broken hot water nozzle. You groaned, realizing how shitty your morning was about to be. You reached in, turning the nozzle. The pipes clanged loudly and made a high pitched wailing noise before spurting out water. Your jaw dropped open and you let out a cry of despair at the yellowed water.
After finishing your horrifying shower, 20 minutes of holding in shrieks from the cold polluted water, you sat on the floor in the main area by the window. You did notice that the moon was a lot brighter than it had been and provided more visibility. Pulling out your file from your backpack, you hunched over the floor to take note of the crummy conditions the planet lived in along with their lack of fresh, clean water.
It was a hobby of sorts, traveling through newly opened solar systems and journaling your stay on the planets.
Checking your phone, you noticed it was nearing noon and your stomach began to growl. You slipped your shoes on and put the mask back on your face before stepping out; hiding your belongings in the bathroom to make it seem like the house was empty should anyone come by.
When you stepped outside, you felt a shiver travel up your spine at the ominous atmosphere. It was completely silent, not a single soul in sight and it set you on edge. Pulling the hood of your hoodie up, you kept your head down as you began to walk towards the area where your ship had been parked. 
Truth be told, it was quite common on planets of weaker economies for the Capital Planet to provide the citizen with rations. 
There were other planets you'd seen them on, and as you walked through the smoggy city you were pleased to find a run-down building marked with a giant red symbol of Vulia — capital of Fanet IV. 
The glass doors were smashed open and you easily stepped inside. It was dark and dusty with minimal light helping to guide you. Finally giving in, you turned your cell phone's flashlight on and began to look around.
The place was massive and you were shocked to see that the shelves were still lined with food. It wasn't abundant but it was clear not many people had been picking from the rations.
You grabbed some things from the shelf, realizing you should have brought your backpack. Most of the food was marked in foreign text but you didn’t care. You just needed food or else you wouldn’t survive long enough, on the planet, to even figure out how to get home. 
You put some in your pockets and carried others in your hands as you swiftly left the building. Looking around, you felt like someone was watching you but the streets were pedestrian-free. In fact it was eerily empty — it was reminiscent of a ghost town. Strange considering it was the capital city of the planet. 
Not wanting to risk getting into trouble, you hurried on your way the your ‘home’. Regretfully, as you shut the door, you remembered the door didn’t properly lock. You weren’t particularly handy enough to really fix it by yourself, unfortunately.
You saved as much food as you could in order to avoid having to go back out and quickly found yourself bored. Looking at the clock, you realized it was only about 2pm. There was no way you could go outside to find something to do. Aside from the fact you knew close to nothing about the planet, you also didn't feel safe out and about.
So you sat there, watching the hours tick by. Your phone battery was depleting and there was no way to charge it — the planet wasn’t quite equipped with outlets and electricity. Once it was dead you were going to be so fucked — no flashlight and no way to tell the time.
It was still early when you decided to roll out your sleeping bag and lay down. You spent a while simply staring at the walls and ceiling daydreaming. 
As you lay there in your own world, out of the corner of your eye, something shifted in the darkness of your window.
You sat up quickly, turning your head to look but found nothing to see.
"Now I'm starting to hallucinate," You grumbled, laying back down and turning your back to the window.
You sighed when you woke back up, glancing at your phone indicated it'd only been a couple hours. Blinking the sleep out of your eyes, your gaze shifted to the window once again.
Your breath caught in your chest when you could make out the shape of a person standing there — silhouetted against the moon's light.
You couldn't see their face but you knew they could see you, you could feel their gaze burning into you, as they brought their hand to the glass and tapped three times. You didn't breathe, eyes wide with fear you watched as their head tilted to the side. They lifted their hand up again, no doubt intending to knock again when they froze.
You swear you could hear muffled voices but it was so faint it was nearly impossible to be sure that's what you heard. The person's head snapped to the side, body going stiff.
Much to your horror, a second figure made an appearance from a few feet behind them.
All was still for a second before the first figure bolted and took off running. The second person stood there for a second and you were scared they were going to harass you as well. However, the person turned and walked in the opposite direction the other one ran.
With your sleeping bag pulled up to your eyes, you knew you weren't going to be falling asleep again.
When the morning came, you began trying to fix the lock — the night before having made you terrified for your safety. It was a simple type of latch and it took you hours to figure out a way to get it to work — with the help of a bobby pin and a spare pen you had in your bag.
It wasn't the best but it gave you a sense of peace of mind. 
You hoped you'd be able to sleep.
Staring at the window, you sighed — maybe you could find something to cover it up when you grew the courage to go out again. You really needed to, having run out of rations and on your last bottle of water that you had collected.
Your phone was almost completely dead after you had been using it to light your work on the lock. The bar was red indicating a sad 18% power left.
The time was a bit past 5PM and you decided to go while it was still technically daytime. Once outside, you wanted to cry with how much you hated it.
Curse you and you terrible luck. 
You could only hope that the signals for help you'd sent out would miraculously find their way to someone who could help you. There was also the possibility of you finding someone in Yathe who could help you — whenever you gained the courage to venture around and find help for yourself.
Until then, you'd just suffer by yourself.
You did the rounds again, this time you stuffed much more into your backpack — which you’d remembered to take. Every little creak and gust of wind caused you to jump, the image of that person standing at your window was still haunting you. 
You were going to be severely out of luck soon; with no phone, no way to contact Earth or a nearby planet to get to for safety, along with the apparent stalkers hiding in the dark. With worries weighing heavily on your mind, you found yourself drifting into your thoughts. Anxiety riddled your being and you cursed yourself for not having been prepared for an event like the one you were in.
The only thing that pulled you from your thoughts were the heavy footsteps not far behind you. The hair on the back of your neck stood on end and your hands began to tremble. Taking a glance over your shoulder, you saw a broad-shouldered individual meandering around behind you. With their hood pulled over their head, you couldn't see their face but you were sure it was a man.
When he noticed you looking, he picked up his pace intending to catch up to you. You held a whimper of fear in, speeding up your own pace.
His footsteps sped up again and you felt tears of fear pricking at your eyes — your house was right up ahead. You could get inside and lock him out.
Just before you reached your house, the footsteps stopped altogether. When you glanced over your shoulder, you saw the man talking to another person.
He had a friend.
You were in such deep shit.
Practically bolting to your house, you locked the door shut and placed your backpack in front of it — it was heavy and it wouldn't do much. Nonetheless, it helped you feel safe. You slid to the floor underneath the window, out of view.
Despite your fear, your stomach began to grumble with hunger. You chanced a peek out of the window and found there was not another soul in sight.
Your hands were shaking so bad it made it difficult to bring your drink safely to your lips. It took you an hour, according to your phone, to eat some of your food as you had kept drifting off into space.
A loud bang made your eyes shoot open, having fallen asleep against the wall with your knees to your chest. Drowsy, you looked around for the source of what woke you up.
Another bang and you saw your poorly locked door move with the weight of someone slamming against it. You scrambled backwards away from the door, eyes wide as tears pricked at them in fear.
There was nothing you could do as the lock gave and the door flew open. A man stood there, shoulders heaving as he glared at you. You could see only his eyes as his face was masked with scarf.
"Please..." You whispered, backing yourself into a corner.
"I knew you were a human," He growled, voice gruff and raw. "You know you're not welcome here."
"I-I..." Your mind blanked with any defense you could have made.
Just as he took another step forward, a second larger figured barreled through the open doorway. He was covered by an oversized black hoodie and black face mask. The heavy black boots on his feet added more to his height. You saw your life flash before your eyes and you just knew you were doomed.
"You—" The new man moved forward in the blink of an eye and had the other man jacked up against the wall by the front of his shirt.
"What did I tell you?" The second man asked, voice muffled by the full-face white mask he wore.
"Look—" The first man began but stopped when the second tightened his grip. "Fuck fine, I'll go."
The second man said nothing, simply letting the other go for him to run out the door. He sighed, shoulders relaxing as he turned to you.
You were frozen where you sat, his dark eyes, through the dark shadow his long bangs casted, doing nothing to quell your fear.
"What's your name?" He suddenly asked.
"_-_____," You muttered, not taking your eyes off him as he began to walk around your house. His boots thunked against the wood floors as he investigated whatever he saw.
"Well ______," He turned to you and sighed. "My name's Jungkook."
He crouched in front of you, the chain hanging on his jeans jingling when it met the floor, pulling the bands around his ears off and removed his mask.
It felt like the air was promptly knocked out of you. Even in the dark you could make out beautiful features on his face; wide, sparkling doe eyes with long curly bangs that hung in them. He had pretty, delicate lips with a small freckle beneath and a sharp jawline.
He was young and really good looking.
"N-Nice to meet you, Jungkook..." You stuttered.
He cocked his head to the side, fully sitting on the floor in front of you with his legs spread and arms resting on his knees. His dark eyes analyzed you, scanning over your features and body.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, his voice portraying no identifiable emotion.
"I-I just found this e-empty house and—"
"No, I mean why are you here...on Palacios," He nibbled on his bottom lip as he stared at you.
"I um...I was traveling and had to make an emergency landing on the nearest planet," You explained.
"Why are you still here?" Jungkook's eyebrows were furrowed.
" communications are down and Palacios doesn't have cell reception," You explained. "I attempted to send out an emergency beacon when I landed but there's no telling if it went through. And I've been too scared to try and make the trek back to see."
"It's probably been looted and dismantled by now for spare parts," He said, making you groan in despair.
"Are there any like...Embassy officials I can talk to? Government officials that can help me?" With every question, you felt your heart beginning to race with anxiety once more.
Jungkook's shoulders shrugged as he shook his head. "Do you not know anything about this place?"
"Only what's been released through the media," You replied honestly. "That you guys went into a lockdown or something."
"We don' outsiders here," He whispered before looking away. "There's no one who can help you. We're governless and we have no officials."
"Well how do you have laws a-and—"
"Does it look like we have laws, _____?" He snapped, making you flinch. "Look around. This isn't Earth. We don't have the luxury of being law-abiding citizens. We do what we have to to survive."
"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean—"
"Let's go," He cut you off again, standing up.
"Where?" You whispered, staring up at him.
"I said let's go," He growled, reaching down and grabbing your elbow. You whined when he aggressively jerked you to your feet, ignoring the painful grip he had on you.
"Wait! My things!" You complained, trying to break out of his harsh grip.
Jungkook growled, snatching up your backpack and tossing it over his shoulder.
"My sleeping bag..."
"You don't need it," He grumbled, yanking you out of the broken doorway.
As you walked, you noticed he tugged his mask back on — hiding his face. To your surprise, he pulled you only a few houses down from the one you had been in. He pulled out a key ring from the belt loops on his jeans and slid a key in the lock.
The house was still fairy dilapidated but it had clearly been renovated and fixed up to suit his needs. He hastily slammed the door behind him and locked the three locks that were there — a knob lock, deadbolt, and a simple latch lock like the one in the place you’d been hiding in.
The house was a bit bigger than the one you'd been in — it had an actual bedroom. All except a single window towards the back of the house and a window you could see in the bedroom were boarded up. Jungkook dropped your belongings on the floor with a thud and dropped to sit on the tattered couch in the living area.
"Um..." You stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, watching as he removed his mask again and tossed it away. His eyes cut to you and he raised a brow in question. "Why am I here?"
"What do you mean?" He asked, closing his eyes as he laid his head on the back of the couch.
"I your house, I in your house?"
He chuckled at your question and you bit your lip at the sight of his crooked smirk. "Well, you were nearly killed over there. Did you want to spend your night there?"
"Well, no, but..."
"Look," He sat up and sighed. "There was no way you could survive on your own in this place. Actual Heajix can barely survive. So, I'm doing you a favor and helping you out, okay? The least you could say is thank you."
"I...thank you." It came out more as a question and Jungkook scoffed.
"You can sleep here," He mumbled, getting to his feet and stalking past you to his room. As he passed you, a sweet smell, delicate scent wafted off of him and you couldn’t help but inhale. It was nice.
You felt around your pockets and realized you had left your phone behind. You whined as you sat down on the couch, not willing to ask Jungkook to go and retrieve it for you. Jungkook's door clicked shut and you were left alone and in silence. It was dark, the moonlight from the back window barely reaching where you were sitting.
You curled up, shivering at the cool draft and your lack of a blanket. Closing your eyes, you hoped for sleep to overtake you.
Soft footsteps moved around you and your eyes fluttered open. Jungkook stood in the kitchenette, shuffling with something on a plate. Sitting up, you winced at how sore your muscles were from curled up on the small space all night. Your neck felt stiff and hurt when you moved it a certain way. 
"Um what time is it?" You asked, voice groggy from sleep.
"I don't know," He replied, not looking at you.
"What do you mean you don't know?" You asked.
He turned around, carrying a plate over to the coffee table and placing it down. He was wearing a loose white sweater and sweatpants, long curly hair messy and hanging in his eyes. "I mean...we don't exactly have a concept of time anymore. There aren't really functioning clocks so we all on our own schedules."
"I see..." You watched him pick at some food on the plate and pop it in his mouth. It looked like some kind of diced meat. "What is this?"
"Food," He replied shortly, not offering any other information even as you glared at him. "Eat before you die of starvation."
You sighed but couldn't deny the hunger pains in your stomach. Albeit suspiciously, you took a piece of meat and popped it in your mouth. You hummed, finding nothing strange tasting about it — it tasted similar to ham.
The two of you finished it together and he leaned back on the couch with a groan, patting his stomach. You sat in silence, listening to the wind blowing outside.
"It's probably going to storm soon," He muttered suddenly, eyes drifting towards the window.
You hummed in response, picking at a thread around a hole in your jeans. You weren’t sure how to reply to him, truthfully his tough attitude and mannerisms intimidated you. The last thing you wanted to do was make him mad enough to kick you out and it seemed like he had a bit of a short fuse. 
"Do you want a shower?" He suddenly asked, making you jump.
"Um...yeah I guess," You dreaded taking another shower in the filthy water but it’d give you a chance to be away from him and relax a bit.
Jungkook led you to the bathroom and you were surprised by how well maintained it was. He grabbed a towel from a shelf on the wall and tossed it to you. Then without uttering another word, he shut the door and left you alone.
You were pleased to see a hot water handle and eagerly turned it. Then, much to your surprise, the water came out perfectly clean and clear. Without wasting a second, you eagerly stripped and stepped under the warm shower.
It felt like you were in there for ages, having to use some soap Jungkook had to clean yourself. You hoped he didn't mind, though it smelled very good.
When you stepped out, you felt fresher and you were surprised to see new clothes on the countertop.
He had come in while you were shower.
Your face burned hot, hoping he hadn't looked. Throwing on the clothes, you hummed at how clean and nice you felt for the first time since being on the planet. When you walked out of the bathroom, Jungkook was sitting on the couch with his eyes closed and arms over his chest like he was napping.
"H-How did you have clean water?" You asked, taking a seat beside him.
You heard him inhale and felt his body tense. For a second you thought he was going to yell at you, but instead he opened his eyes to look at you. "I hooked all my piping to a private water reservoir that continuously purifies the water."
"That's...impressive," You whispered. "How'd you learn to do that?"
He shrugged. "Took a lot of testing, trial and error with the purification. But my parents were mechanical engineers in Zlathe."
"Zlathe?" You asked.
"It was another city a long time ago," He replied, running a hand through his hair revealing his forehead.
"...Was? What do you mean?" You sat up straighter and he sighed.
"Before everything fell, Zlathe was a neighboring city even bigger than Yathe," He explained.
"I don't understand," You muttered. "What do you mean everything fell?"
"You really are ignorant," He chuckled, though it held no mirth. You couldn’t find it in you to be offended because it was true; but no one outside knew anything about the planet.
"Well it's not my fault your planet is a secret," You mumbled, crossing your arms over your chest.
"We were less developed than everyone...the other planets," His voice held nothing but spite as he spat out the words. "Palacios is the smallest and collectively they all decided, even as we rejected the idea, to create landfills here to dispose of their waste so their own planets didn't become a mess."
"So...that's what caused the pollution?" You asked.
He nodded. "The more toxic the air became, the more sick people became. Those who were able to leave did and those who couldn't were trapped. All of our government leaders left us without a word. Everything went to complete chaos."
"That's horrible! They just abandoned their citizens?" You gasped, eyes wide with shock.
"One by one the cities became desolate. Yathe is, from what we know, the only standing safe city. When the population became crammed into this last safezone those fucking Vorderans swept in and raided every nook and cranny they could. We went from 500,000 people to a mere maybe...20,000?"
"Vorderans?" You hummed. "The people of Vulia? Capital Planet for Fanet IV? Why did they do that?"
Jungkook scoffed. "Why would I tell you? So you can report it back to the Humans and they can take what's left of an already dying people? We're a doomed species — pushed to the brink of extinction over greed and classicism. Why do you think we kill any outside official that comes here, huh?"
"W-We just...everyone just said Heajix were very...private," You muttered, a little startled by his aggressive attitude.
"Yeah they would," He spat. "They don't want to have to explain the complete genocide and decimation of a planet they spearheaded."
"Did you say kill?" You suddenly whispered, brain catching up to what he’d previous confessed.
"Of course, any foreign person who comes to us...after we warned the Embassy to leave us alone...they sign their own death warrant," He said, absolutely no remorse in his voice.
"Is that why that guy broke in?" You asked, which he nodded at.
"Yeah, you were targeted by him even though it wasn't even discussed," When he heard you hum in confusion. "We may not have people in high positions telling us what to do but we do maintain some order. Any foreign person who comes here is watched and if they're deemed a threat we take them out. So far...every person has proved themselves to be so. But you...we hadn't caught you doing anything other than trying to survive and hide so we voted to leave you alone."
"So why did that guy—"
"He went off the deep end I guess, didn't trust you and wanted to take you out on his own terms to be safe. He'll be punished and dealt with appropriately," He said, pulling his sleeves of his sweatshirt up to show a wide expanse of tattoos written in a foreign text. "All criminals after punishment are made to have a tattoo on their skin detailing the nature and severity of the crime. It's kind of like a way to shame us for behaving that way. It’s a little piece of our culture we’ve maintained even after the fall."
You leaned closer, looking over the intricate text that was displayed. He had a handful from what you could tell.
"I take it you're not going to tell me what your crimes are?" You asked, unsurprised when he yanked his sleeve down harshly.
"What the hell happened to your arm?" He suddenly asked, changing the subject, eyes pinned to your arm.
When you looked down to follow his gaze, you were shocked to see a nasty purpling bruise around your elbow.
"I have no idea," You muttered. However, he grabbed your wrist and you gasped, attempting to yank yourself away. "That hurts, you know! Jeez, why are you so rough?"
"Rough?" He scoffed. "I'm barely even touching you!"
"Well, you've got a twisted concept of gentle," You muttered, rubbing your now sore wrist. "Oh."
"What?" He grumbled, pouting at having been chewed out by you.
"It's where you grabbed me yesterday," You muttered. "Jeez I knew you were rough but..."
"I wasn't that rough..." At the tone of his voice, you looked up and saw him frowning. He lightly ran his fingers over the bruise. "I didn't meant to hurt you."
"I..." You were shocked by how upset he seemed over it, showing actual concern. "It's'll heal. J-Just be more careful next time, okay?"
"I didn't realize how easy you are to hurt," He muttered, still staring at your bruise. "You're a delicate race, huh? I'll be more careful, I promise."
You smiled at him and nodded. His lips twitched upward in his own smile and the two of you fell into a comfortable silence.
Tumblr media
The following day, Jungkook stood before you with a backpack on his shoulders. His mask was in place and he looked at you where you sat on his couch.
"When I leave, lock the door behind me," He ordered you, watching as you quickly nodded your head. "And don't open up until you're sure it's me, got it?"
"Got it," You replied, feeling anxious over the situation.
His boots stomped against the floor as he walked to the door, casting one strong glance at you over his shoulder before walking out and slamming it shut. You quickly raced over and slid the latch lock in place and twisted the deadbolt while he locked the knob. Left alone in the silence, you felt extremely uncomfortable.
You looked around, eyes falling on the door to Jungkook's bedroom. Debating for a moment, you decided he'd probably be gone long enough for you to have a peek.
Pushing the door open, you were pleased at how nice it smelled — Jungkook's clean scent permeating from every inch.
As you stepped inside, you noticed a pile of old, worn books in one corner. He had a table beside his bed with a picture frame on it. Taking a seat on his mattress, you grabbed the frame and examined it. There was a picture of Jungkook, albeit a bit younger, standing with a man and woman on either side of him and behind him a taller man who looked similar to Jungkook.
You opened the drawer of his table, having to pull hard as it seemed to be off the track. It was empty inside aside from a paper you couldn't read and a bottle of lotion. Humming, you simply pushed the drawer back closed and looked around the room some more.
Deciding there was nothing else worth looking at, you stepped out of his room and shut the door. Boredom struck immediately and you dropped down onto the couch and curled up.
The least you could do is take a nap.
Your rest didn't last long because you were startled awake by violent knocks on the door. From outside, you could hear Jungkook calling your name. Jumping to your feet, you scrambled to unlock the door and let him in. He sounded so panicked that your hands were shaking by the time you slid the latch lock open.
Jungkook burst in the second the door was open and promptly fell to the ground with a groan. You shut the door and shakily locked it again before turning to him.
"J-Jungkook? What happened?" You crouched down and helped him pull his backpack off.
He winced, making a hissing noise the second he was made to move. You gasped, noticing the way that he was holding his side — red seeping through his fingers.
"Oh my god, what happened?!" You cried, hands hovering above him not knowing what to do.
"J-Just a stupid accident," He groaned, the back of his head hitting the floor harshly when he tossed it back. The impact didn’t seem to bother him. "Was chasin' some animal and I fell. Caught myself on some scrap metal on the way down."
"Holy crap, how bad is it?" You urged him to move his hand so you could see his wound.
The metal had torn a hole in his shirt and you could see a deep gash across his ribs. There was blood gushing from it and you were worried about the possibility of infection.
"It needs to be cleaned and probably stitched, Jungkook," You muttered, watching him put his hand back over it to slow the bleeding.
"I don't have t-to clean it or stitch it," His eyebrows were drawn together and his jaw was clenched in pain.
"I have a first aid kit in my backpack," You stood up quickly, ignoring his protests, dashing over to where your backpack was leaning against the wall.
Zipping it open, you began to fish through your belongings searching for the little white box. You pulled out a towel, deciding it might be good to help clean him up some. You made a soft sound when you finally spotted the kit, pulling it out and holding it up in triumph.
Sitting beside Jungkook again, you helped him remove his shirt. There were a few tattoos and scars scattered along his chest and abdomen but you didn't have time to ogle at his naked body. You pressed the spare towel against his wound and apologized as he hissed in pain. His hand was covered red in blood — some of it having dripped down his wrist to his elbow. You noticed that his mask was gone as well.
"Okay, I'm going to put some antiseptic on it alright?" You asked, pulling the towel off slightly. "It's going to burn like...really bad but—"
"Just do it," He groaned. "Nothing can top this pain right now."
You sighed and ripped open an alcohol wipe. The second it touched the wound, Jungkook's entire body jerked and he let out a sharp word in his mother tongue that you assumed was a cuss. In another situation, you would have laughed at the reaction. Next, you cleaned it with some hydrogen peroxide, making sure to flush the wound as best you could.
"Wh-Where did you learn to do this?" He asked, voice tight with pain.
"Well...I have just basic knowledge from things I've seen on like TV and..stuff like that. So I don't actually know if I'm doing it right or not," You whispered. "But the point is it's getting cleaned, right?"
"Shit, I guess you're right," He mumbled, eyes focused on the ceiling above him.
"I-It's still bleeding, it really will need's so deep," You whispered, watching as blood continued to seep through.
"Can you do it?" He asked.
"I don't know...the only thing we can do is try, right?" You were lucky you had a full first aid kit, complete with a sterile needle and thread.
It was quite dark and you had to lean close to see the edges of the wound. You took it slow, apologizing to Jungkook whenever the needle pierced the torn skin. Little by little, the wound was closed until you managed to tie a tight knot to ensure the stitches wouldn't open back up.
Sitting back, you let out a sigh of relief. "I have some pain medicine," You said, taking out a few tablets of Ibuprofen from the first aid kit.
"Thanks," He popped them in his mouth, wincing as he had to swallow them dry.
Then was a big sigh, his body finally relaxed against the floor. He blinked slowly, as if he was struggling to stay awake. You assumed his adrenaline rush crashed and he was growing tired — no doubt exhausted from the adrenaline crash.
"This is insane," He mumbled suddenly, voice sounding slurred.
"What is?" You questioned.
"Before I would just think of getting myself home safe and that'd be the end of it," His lashes fluttered as he fought the sleep that threatened to overtake him. "But this time...all I could think was that I had to get back to you so you would be safe. Unbelievable."
You couldn't help but smile, though he missed it as his eyes finally closed. In a matter of moments, his breathing evened out and you knew he fell asleep.
Right on the floor.
Chuckling, you shook your head and wandered to his bedroom to pull the blanket off his bed — just a thin throw blanket and one of his pillows. You returned to him and carefully, doing your best not to wake him, placed the pillow beneath his head and the blanket over his body.
Your own exhaustion seemed to catch up to you and you curled up on the couch, your own eyes shutting as you stared at Jungkook's sleeping form.
When you woke up, it was on your own. You saw Jungkook was still asleep and sighed. Quickly pulling yourself up, you wandered over to him. Sitting down, you peeled the blanket off of him. You moved his arm off his chest so you could look at his wound but you let out a harsh gasp at what you saw. Jungkook's eyes immediately popped open and sharply turned to look at you.
"What is it?" He asked, body relaxing when he realized it was just you.
"Y-Your wound..." You leaned down to get a closer look, looking at your uneven stitching over the red skin.
"What about it?" He hummed, looking down to take a look at himself.
"It's healed up..." Beneath the stitches, the skin was still reddened but there was no sign of the open wound that was once there. Just a puffy looking scar was left in its wake.
"Oh good," He sat up and stretched his arms — his joints popping at the action, making him groan. "Hand me my backpack, yeah?"
"What do you mean good?! Yesterday you were bleeding out on the floor a-and now you're acting like it's just okay?!" You cried, throwing your hands up in frustration.
He stared at you for a moment, looking confused before sighing. He rolled over and grabbed his backpack, pulling it into his lap and digging through.
"Eat something and then we'll talk, okay?" He pulled out a bar of something and when you opened it, it resembled a granola bar but was much softer.
When you took a bite, you were surprised that it tasted like meat. But it wasn't bad. Jungkook pulled out his own and quietly began eating. It was silent between the two of you, as you simply ate. Before long, you were finished and Jungkook simply threw the wrappers into his backpack.
"Now will you tell me?" You muttered, raising a brow when he sighed.
He stood up and moved over to the couch, leaving you kneeling beside his makeshift bed. He sat down and looked at you expectantly, making you rise to your feet and stumble over to sit beside him.
"I guess there's no reason to hide it," You scanned over him as he spoke, taking the opportunity to look over his body again. He was fit, no doubt, with faint abs and lovely, veiny forearms.
"So you have super healing abilities?" You asked quietly.
"We...our species produces a chemical naturally that can heal virtually anything," He explained. "It's in any fluid we excrete; even sweat. And it's in our blood, obviously."
"That's amazing..." You whispered, eyes drifting back to his wound. "Why did you let me take care of it if you knew it was going to heal up?"
"I...Because the other planets use us for it," He muttered, fists clenching. "Do you remember what I told you? About the Vorderans?" You nodded and he continued, "They...collected us for the chemical. They produce the highest quality super medicine in the solar system. And it's because they slaughtered thousands of us to get it."
" didn't trust me to tell me?" You asked, though there was no tone to indicate you were trying to guilt him.
"No," He sighed. "But since you did take care of me...I figured I could at least give it a try, right?"
"Thank you, Jungkook," You smiled. "I'm really happy you're okay, you know. I was really worried. Without you, I'd be doomed here."
"That's very true," He smirked, relaxing into the couch. "You're absolutely helpless!"
"Hey!" You pouted. "You could teach me, you know?"
"Teach you how to survive out there?" He asked, nodding his head towards the door. You nodded and he shook his head. "You're too much of a target. I wouldn't be able to handle looking after you and trying to scavenge."
"I guess that's true," You muttered. "I just don't want to be a burden. You went out of your way to help me and I've done nothing in return for the fact you keep helping me."
He wore a frown as he looked at you. "You're not a burden. In fact, I actually appreciate having you around."
"You do?" You asked, your heart stuttering in your chest as he looked at you with sparkling eyes.
"Yeah," He smiled. "I hadn't realized how lonely I was. But with you here now, I feel a lot...happier. Lighter. It feels nice to not be alone."
"I...I'm happy I can make you feel that way, Jungkook," You whispered, meeting his eyes.
The two of you sat like that in silence. You felt a soft brush of Jungkook's fingers on your hand and he easily laced his fingers through yours.
You felt content; happy even.
Tumblr media
You were curled up on the couch, unable to sleep through the howling sound of the wind outside. Rain was pouring down and the thunder was so loud your ears were ringing. Clouds blocked out the moon, blanketing you in complete and total darkness.
It was cold, Jungkook still hadn't given you a blanket and you were beginning to think he forgot. The storm had brought the temperature down drastically, leaving your teeth chattering in effect.
The storm was unlike anything you'd experienced on Earth. It was actually a bit scary.
You sat up, finally unable to take it anymore. There was no reason for you to suffer like you were.
You tiptoed over to Jungkook's bedroom and suddenly hesitated. You didn't want to wake him up for a silly blanket, you'd feel bad. Your shoulders sagged and you turned back to sit back down on the couch.
Somehow, you managed to doze off, curled up in a ball in an attempt to keep warm.
You were awoken very soon after by the weight of something warm being laid upon you. Eyes fluttering open, you met Jungkook's eyes. His brows were furrowed and when he saw you were awake, knelt down beside the couch.
"You're freezing, why didn't you ask me for a blanket?" He whispered, mindlessly tucking the blanket around you.
"I-I didn't want to wake you," You mumbled, voice wobbly from shivering.
"Don't worry about that," He grumbled. "I'd rather you wake me up than fucking freeze to death during a storm."
"I'm sorry," You whispered, eyes fluttering again as you finally warmed up. It felt so cozy beneath the blanket and it smelled just like Jungkook. "Thank you, Jungkook."
"Don't worry about it," He whispered, brushing some stray hair off your face as your eyes closed once again.
"It's my duty to take care of you now," He uttered once he was sure you were asleep.
Tumblr media
The first time you noticed something was wrong was when you began to get dizzy randomly — usually accompanying a roaring headache. You ignored it, however, choosing to nap off the headache and continue your days on like usual.
Jungkook began going out for scavenging more and more — bringing home killed rodents and other animals. Sometimes he would come home with some rations or a snack from when the world was a functioning metropolis.
"Are you feeling okay?" He asked one morning while the two of you ate some breakfast you prepared.
"Huh?" You looked up from your plate at him.
He was gazing at you, brows furrowed as usual but his head was cocked to the side. "You just look really dazed. And you're barely touching your food."
"Ah, I just..." You cleared your throat. "I lost my appetite, I guess."
"Well, I'm going to go out again today," He said, eating the last of what was on his plate. "I'll be back tonight as usual, alright?"
"Yeah, be careful okay?" You whispered, watching as he hesitated staring at you.
He lifted his hand and placed it softly on your head, smiling.
"I'll see you soon."
Left alone, you ate as much of the food as you could before you had to toss it. You found yourself laying on the couch once again, feeling sluggish and lazy. Deciding a nice nap was in order, you let your eyes flutter shut.
When you woke back up, it felt like you were hit by a bus. You groaned, your head pounding making you whine. Sitting up proved to be a bad move as you felt your stomach turn. Immediately you let yourself flop back down.
Of course you'd get sick on a dystopian planet with no access to medicine.
The hours ticked by and there was no sign of Jungkook. You'd gotten accustomed to his schedule and the general time frame you both ran in so you knew he was well overdue for his return.
You became antsy, pacing around and taking naps when you could. The cold you'd acquired seemed to only get worse as you were plagued with an unfortunate fever. Hiding under your blanket didn't help and being out from the blanket didn't help either. You whined, knowing you didn't have any medicine to help break your fever.
Feeling crappy and concerned about Jungkook made tears sting your eyes; you were always a cry baby when sick.
The door opening finally is what woke you up. Jungkook grumbled, slamming the door.
"Why the hell wasn't the door properly locked?" He snapped, dropping his bag on the floor with a bang.
"Hey...that's loud," You whined, flinching at the way your head began to pound.
"Answer me—hey...what's the matter?" He asked, losing his anger for concern.
"I'm sick," You complained, watching as he kneeled down.
"Sick?" He mumbled, looking over your face — noticing your glassy eyes.
"I have a fever," You explained with a sigh.
He hummed, bringing his hand up to press his palm against your forehead. He hissed, pulling back and sighing.
"I was so scared you weren't coming back, you were gone so long," You whispered, shakily sitting up.
Jungkook's hands hovered in the air, ready to help or catch you if you fell. "I'm sorry, I went a little further than I usually do. But I was only gone overnight. It wasn't that long."
"It felt like days," You whined, tears stinging your eyes.
"I'm sorry," He whispered, cupping your cheek and brushing some hair away from your eye. "I didn't mean to upset you so much."
"It's okay, I'm just...a crybaby," You muttered, cheeks flushing at the fond smile that crossed Jungkook's face — a cute bunny-like smile.
"I...can help you feel better, if you'd let me," He asked, moving to sit beside you on the couch. "My species can cure illnesses, remember?"
"How will you do that?" You asked, voice a little slurred.
"Well..." In the moon's illumination, you could see his ears burning red. "I...I can kiss you?"
Your mind blanked at those words, blinking several times to take in what he said. You recalled what he said about his saliva, or any fluid, possessing the chemical to cure illnesses. Still, despite the fact it was for medicinal purposes, your stomach fluttered with butterflies and your heart stuttered in your chest the idea of kissing him.
"I-I don't mind..." You uttered, subconsciously licking your lips.
He cupped your cheek, leaning down and ever so softly brushed his lips against yours. When you sighed happily at the contact, he surged forward and pulled you into a much deeper kiss. Your lips moved in unison and you couldn't help but reach up to wrap your arms around his neck.
Shuddering, you held in a whimper when his tongue met your lips. You eagerly opened your mouth, shuddering as the taste of him lingered upon your tongue. Your fingers clutched at his hair as you continued to deepen the kiss.
After several long, lovely seconds of the kiss — he finally pulled away. There was a small strand of saliva still connecting the two of you. He brushed his thumb across your lips, breaking the strand.
The two of you sighed, falling silent but he kept his hand on your cheek.
"You should rest now, you'll feel better soon," He whispered, standing up and stepping away.
You missed his touch immediately, and watched him until he disappeared behind his bedroom door.
You curled up under the blanket, fingers pressed to your lips as the feeling of him kissing you lingered. The way your heart began to race made you sigh heavily; what an effect he had on you.
The next day, you were feeling much better and were back to eating properly. You could tell Jungkook was happy; he was positively beaming and smiling at you every chance he got.
It was cute.
The two of you were playing a card game; using some cards you'd had in your bag for when you were bored on the trip through Fanet IV. You were teaching him Earth games and how to play.
You were just about to beat him for the 5th time at Go Fish when there was a heavy knock on the door. Both of you jumped and Jungkook was on his feet in a second.
His whole body was tense and his fists were clenched so tightly that his knuckles were white. He carefully moved in front of you, shielding your body from the door subconsciously.
"Wh-What is it?" You asked, keeping your voice low.
"No one should come here," He whispered back. "Go hide in the bedroom, alright?"
"But Jungkook—"
"Just do it!" He snapped, giving a gentle push to your back to urge you into the open doorway.
You spared him a longing glance before he pulled the door shut with a soft click.
You took a seat on his bed, listening through the thin walls as Jungkook's heavy footsteps moved towards the door. There was a loud click as he unlocked the deadbolt.
There was a quick beat of silence before a slam so loud that you had to cover your mouth to keep from shrieking.
"Fuck! What the fuck are you doing here?!" You heard Jungkook shout.
"Followed you home," Came a gruff, almost bored-sounding reply. "You weren't very smart. Didn't even notice you were being tailed."
"Fuck," You heard Jungkook swear.
"Now, I hope you make this easy for me and just come along nicely," The stranger asked. “Maybe if you tell me where more are hiding, I'll go easy on you.”
Jungkook didn't offer a reply but you could hear heavy boots approaching the bedroom door. You kept your hands over your mouth to keep from making a peep as you slid off the bed and huddled yourself into a dark corner.
The stranger suddenly shrieked and there was a heavy thud of someone falling to the floor. Jungkook let out a string of curses before there was a crash, grunting and scuffling filling your ears.
What was going on?
From where you hid, you could see a little box beneath Jungkook's bed. As quietly as you could, you pulled it out and opened it up.
It was an array of several different knives. Eyes flicking over to the door, you hatched an idea to hopefully help.
If Jungkook didn't win, the man was going to take him away. The mere thought of that happening sent a spark of terror through you.
Picking up the biggest knife that was in the box, you tiptoed over to the door. You could still hear the two of them fighting, the sound covering up the soft click of the door opening. Peeking through the crack, you were shocked to see the table smashed completely. The man was pinning Jungkook down by his throat. Jungkook was struggling, obviously unable to get air. The stranger laughed mockingly down at him.
Your hands and knees were trembling as you quickly crept out.
"You barely even put up a fight," The stranger spat at Jungkook. "You Heajix never were able to take us on though, isn't that right? That's why we were able to kill so many of you! Such incredible strength yet still unable to protect yourselves. Pathetic.” 
You couldn't even register his words as you finally stood behind him. Jungkook's eyes were fluttering and he was dangerously close to passing out.
Steeling yourself, you raised the knife overhead and brought it down as hard as you could. The man shrieked so loud that your ears were ringing. The knife was stuck in his back, buried more than halfway through. Part of you felt proud for putting the power behind the attack.
Jungkook let out a desperate gasp, finally getting the oxygen he desperately needed. While you were distracted looking at Jungkook, the strange man spun around and grabbed you by your throat.
"I knew there was someone else here," The man snarled, squeezing your neck as hard as he could.
You couldn't even make a sound of pain as your feet were lifted off the ground. Your vision was swimming but you could make you Jungkook getting to his feet. The man, you noticed, had strange glowing eyes — as if a light were coming from behind them and illuminating the whites.
In the blink of an eye, Jungkook ripped the knife from your assailants back — making him drop you in shock. You hit the ground hard, knocking what little air you had left in you right out.
Jungkook was on the man before he could even blink, stabbing him several times until he was on his knees. Jungkook paused, chest and shoulders heaving as he glared down at the man.
Then, you watched with wide eyes as Jungkook lifted his leg and kicked the man so hard his body physically flew back. The man was limp, blood dripping from his mouth and nose — eyes open and unseeing.
"Holy shit..." You whispered from where you were still laying on the floor.
"Are you alright?" Jungkook asked, helping you sit up with a gentleness that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. His hands were coated in the intruders blood but you didn't mind.
Throwing your arms around his shoulders, you knocked him down on his butt. You hugged him tight, sighing when you felt him wrap his own arms around you.
"I-I didn't know what to do," You whispered. "He was saying he was going to take you away. I saw you were about to pass out and I knew he would take you. I'm sorry I got involved."
"Hey, it's okay," Jungkook pulled back and smiled. "You saved me! Maybe you aren't as helpless as I thought."
You smiled, shaking your head. Then, without thinking, you leaned forward and pressed your lips against his. He froze for a fraction of a second but quickly cupped the back of your head and returned the kiss.
When you parted, you asked, "So what do we do with him?"
"The Vorderans are going to come looking for him when they notice he's not reported back to them," Jungkook mumbled, looking over his shoulder at the body. "I'll take him out somewhere and dump him off where they won't be able to link it to me."
"You're going to leave right after that?" You asked, your shoulders slumping.
"I shouldn't be gone long, _____," He smiled, brushing his thumb over your pouted lips.
"But what if there are more of them? What if they take you away and I don't even know!"
As if sensing the panic in your voice, he cupped your cheeks and brought your gaze to him.
"That won't happen," He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead — sending your heart into painful palpitations. "It'll be easier to hide out there and easier to lose them if they do find me. I promise, I'll come back and everything will be okay."
"I'm just...scared, Jungkook," You admitted, feeling your eyes burn.
"I know," He sighed, pressing another kiss to your forehead. Your cheeks immediately felt like they were on fire. "But I would never leave you like that."
You clung onto him as long as he allowed you before he decided it was best to get going. He told you to hide in his room until he got back and to just rest.
"Don't open the door," He warned, though he already knew he didn't have to worry about that.
Left alone, you didn't know what to do with yourself. You'd watched Jungkook lift the body like it was nothing — which only reminded you of what the Vorderan has said; Heajix just had incredible physical strength.
You had a much better concept of time since you weren't sick and you were sure 2 days had passed since you'd last seen Jungkook. You could barely sleep, anxiety plaguing every second that he was gone.
You'd taken to sleeping in his bed, taking comfort in his scent surrounding you. Thankfully, Jungkook had managed to stock up on food so you were able to properly eat in his absence. Though it was more a mechanical task to pass the time than it was for actually sustaining you.
It hadn't occurred to you how much he had changed until you were laying in his bed one night. You thought back to the rough, cold exterior he had when you first met him. And now you were blessed with his smile and comforting caresses.
He made your heart ache in the best way and you wanted to hold him and have him kiss you over and over again. He was so sweet and did his best to take care of you.
You'd really been lucky that he was around when he was that night.
The fact he hadn't returned didn't help quell the fears of more Vorderans being around just waiting for someone to come around. For a Heajix to take away.
You didn't think you would hate an alien planet over the sake of another alien race but you knew the Heajix had been treated unfairly. It was cruel and the fact it was just allowed to happen and no one cared really made you angry.
If you ever got back to Earth you were going to do something to help.
You were lost thinking about the things you could do to help when the front door clicked open.
A spark of fear went down your spine as you sat straight up in the bed. Through the door and walls, you could hear heavy footsteps moving around.
They moved to the door and paused. You held your breath, pulling the covers up to your chin as you watched the door creak open.
A black head of fluffy hair popped in and smiled when he saw you sitting there.
"I was wondering where you—!" He was cut off by you flying off the bed and throwing yourself into his arms.
"You're home!" You gasped, burying your face in his neck. You didn't bother fighting the tears that tumbled down your cheeks.
"Yeah..." You could hear the smile in his voice as he wrapped his arms around you, fisting the back of your shirt tightly as if you would slip away. "I'm home."
"I was so worried and..." Your cheeks burned before you muttered, "I missed you."
Reaching up, he cupped both your cheeks in his hands, making you look up at him. You leaned into the feeling of his touch on your skin as he wiped your tears away ever so carefully. He leaned down, pressing his lips against yours.
"I missed you too," He smiled, pecking your lips again. "But I'm back just like I promised I would be. I told you I'd never leave you, right?"
"You're right," You whispered, moving forward to kiss him again. He eagerly reciprocated and you whined into his lips.
He gripped your hips, rough and harsh. You winced, pulling your lips away slightly only for him to chase them — muttering a soft apology before relaxing his grip.
Neither of you wasted time moving to the bed. With your back pressed against the mattress and his wide shoulders above you, you couldn’t help the shiver running down your spine.
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him down for another kiss.
“I’ve wanted you for so long,” He breathed against your lips.
“Please,” You whispered, reaching down to tug at the hem of his dirty shirt.
“So pretty when you beg,” He growled, sitting up on his knees to pull the shirt off.
Immediately, your hands were roaming across his chest — grazing over scars and tattoos.
He groaned when your fingers brushed over his pebbled nipples. Leaning down, he nipped against the sensitive skin of your neck. As you sighed in pleasure, he began to push your own shirt up until he was able to toss it away.
Sitting up, he let out a curse at the sight of your bare breasts. One large hand cupped one, thumb rolling the nipple harshly until you whimpered. His lips moved down your neck to take the other nipple into his hot mouth, tongue flicking the bud. Your hands wound into his hand, back arching to get more of the delicious feeling.
“Jungkook, please…” You whined, arching your hips upwards. “I-I want you so much.”
“Yeah?” He groaned against your breast, moving to take your other perked nipple into his mouth. “Who would have figured I’d already have you begging?”
“I missed you so much, Jungkook,” You whined, sniffling softly as the emotions came rushing back. “I need you to touch me, please.”
“I’m sorry, baby,” He whispered, leaning back up to peck your lips.
In one swift move, your pants were tugged down your legs until you were left in just your panties. He hummed cupping your heat through the fabric, easily finding your clit and pressing against it. You sighed, head rolling back as you ground your hips down into his touch. Unable to take it, you reached down and tugged your panties off. He allowed you, watching as you kicked them away and spread your legs for him.
“Fuck,” He groaned, dropping onto his stomach between your legs. “So pretty and wet.”
Your legs trembled as he slid two fingers between your folds, spreading them to expose your leaking entrance. He groaned, low in his chest before quickly diving in to catch some of your arousal on his tongue. You sighed, eyes fluttering close as he swirled his tongue over your clit.
“Ah, Jungkook!” You cried, gripping his hair.
“Fuck,” He growled, pulling back slightly. “Does that feel good, baby?”
“G-Gentle,” You whined, gripping his hair tighter. “It’s sensitive.”
He didn’t respond, simply chuckled before diving back in. He took your clit into his mouth and sucked until your back arched. Soon, he introduced his fingers — easily sliding two in. There was a slight burn but it lasted only a second.
“You can take 3, right?” He chuckled, rolling his tongue over your clit. “You’re gonna need that many to even think of trying to take my knot.”
“Kn-Knot?” You gasped, unable to wrap your head fully around his words as he pumped the two digits in and out.
Your hips bucked when he hit your g-spot. Your eyes rolled as he continued to abuse the spot while playing with your clit in any way he could.
“I’m gonna cum soon, Kook,” You whined, unaware the pet name had slipped through your lips.
He growled, viciously pounding his fingers upwards and suckling your clit into his mouth. Your mouth opened in a silent scream, a tight coil of pleasure winding in your stomach. Opening your eyes, you looked down to see his bangs matted to his forehead with sweat. His eyes were closed and his brows were furrowed in concentration. He looked like he was in utopia himself.
What broke the cord, however, was when he eased the third finger into you. You gasped, back arching as you cried out his name — cumming around the digits. He didn’t stop, fucking your spasming hole and sucking on your twitching clit throughout your entire high until you were whining and pushing him away.
He separated his mouth from you with a lewd pop and slid his fingers out. You felt empty, clenching around nothing as he popped his cum soaked fingers in his mouth. His eyes rolled back at your taste and he chased what was left on his lips until there was nothing left of your cum.
He stood at the foot of the bed, unbuttoning his jeans and letting them slide to the floor until he could step out of them. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and you nearly drooled at the sight of his hard cock— weeping at the flushed, red tip with a soft swell at the base of his cock.
You scooted forward on your knees, wrapping your hand around his shaft and leaning forward to slide your tongue of the slit. He sighed, head falling back on his shoulders as you took the thick head on your mouth and sucked. The taste of his precum was delectable — salty-sweet with a bitter tang.
“You’ll make me cum too fast with your pretty lips on me like that, baby,” He whispered, gripping your hair to pull you away.
You whined at the loss but let him urge you onto your back. Your feet hanging off the end of the bed and Jungkook standing at the end with a fist wrapped around his cock made you lick your lips. He looked so powerful standing over you like he was.
“Scoot back,” He ordered, crawling onto the bed after you.
With your head in the pillows, you spread your legs for him. Knees on either side of his waist, you both looked down to watch as he slid the head of his cock between your wet folds — coating himself in your juices. A split second of hesitation as he positioned his tip at your entrance felt like an eternity.
“Are you sure you want to…?” He asked softly, mindlessly slapped your clit with the head of himself. 
“Please,” You gasped, wrapping your hand in his hair to tug him down.
Your mouths simultaneously fell open as he pressed inside, the fat head spreading your walls open. The sound was wet as he sunk inside, dirty and obscene. Your eyes rolled back as he finally bottomed out — the base of him almost as thick as his head.
He dropped down onto his elbows beside your head, pulling you in for another kiss as he began to thrust in and out of your clenching walls.
Every time he sunk inside, he grazed your g-spot making you moan.
“So fucking tight,” He growled. “I don’t know if you’ll be able to take my knot, babygirl.”
“Fuck!” He snarled, cock twitching at the sound of the nickname, slamming his cock into you harshly, making you whined. “Keep calling me that.”
“Kook!” You cried, scrambling to claw at his muscled back.
“I’m gonna knock you up, beautiful,” He breathed, chuckling when he felt you clench around him. “Oh? You like the sound of that? Tell me.”
“Pl-Please kn-knock me up, Kook,” You begged, voice breathy as you fought back sobs of pleasure.
“Yeah, sound so pretty begging for my cum,” He chuckled, reached down to find your swollen clit. “How about you cum for me first?”
Your mouth fell open as everything became even more intense. He didn’t stop the rapid circles on your clit until you were crying out his name and arching. You gushed around him, walls spasming uncontrollably as he fucked you through the high.
As you came down, everything became more intense and sensitive. Every time he sunk inside, the base of his cock would catch at your entrance and stretch you just a tad more. You clung to him, eyes closed as he fucked his knot into your sensitive walls.
“I’m gonna cum,” He warned, suddenly pausing balls deep — his knot popped into your walls, swollen big enough that he couldn't pull back out.
You could feel his cock as it pulsed inside of you — a hot rush of cum immediately following. His head fell into the crook of your neck as he moaned and trembled above you. The knot at the base of his cock throbbed — urging more and more cum out of his cock.
He chuckled darkly, looking down at your swelling tummy — having been stuffed full of his cum that couldn’t escape around his knot.
Your cunt clenched around him and you whined. You felt so full but it felt so good.
Jungkook's nimble fingers found your clit and began to circle the hardened bud in brutal circles. With a dark smirk on his lips, he met your gaze where your eyes were wide and your mouth was open in a silent moan.
"That's it...give it to me, baby," He ordered, grinding his hips against you — his knot and cock stirring your sensitive walls up. “Cum on my knot for me, like a good girl.” 
Your head fell back against the pillow as your back arched. The both of you moaned in unison at your orgasm, the tight squeeze and gush from your orgasm set him off again. Tightening his grip on your hips made you whine but the pain blended into the pleasure as Jungkook's knot throbbed as more cum poured into your already well-filled cunt. Slowly, his body relaxed and he heaved a sigh before beginning to change your positions.
His knot tugged at your walls, making you both hiss. You laid side by side, your head resting on his arm.
As you both caught your breath, you felt his knot slowly shrink until he was able to pull out completely. You whimpered at the gush of cum that followed — oozing out of your stretched entrance and staining the bed beneath you.
He groaned, dropping back onto his stomach between your legs. Feeling embarrassed, you moved to close your legs but his strong hands caught you and forced them back open. You covered your face with your hands and whined as he suddenly slid his tongue across your cum-soaked folds.
Absolutely obscene sounds of him moaning and licking you clean filled the space. Your hips jerked in oversensitivity whenever he brushed over your clit.
Sliding his tongue into your entrance, he caught and swallowed down everything he could reach. Him eating his own cum out of you had your walls clenching again and he chuckled before pulling away.
Pulling your hands away from your heated cheeks, he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. You whined, circling your arms around his neck as he fed his cum into your mouth for you to swallow.
You moaned at the taste of him, swallowing everything he gave you — continuing to kiss long after you swallowed it. The remnants of his cum lingered on your tongue and on his lips.
Pulling back, he leaned his forehead against yours and moved to lay on his side beside you once again. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he pulled your body close to his.
The two of you dissolved into a comfortable silence; his fingers tracing random shapes along your skin and you taking in his sweet scent and enjoying the warmth of his arms around you.
Tumblr media
You were sitting with Jungkook on the floor in front of the couch. Since the table was broken, the two of you were using the couch as a makeshift table. He had an array of papers and old book across the surface and had been spending the last two days teaching you to read the Heajix written alphabet. It was difficult and you frequently confused letters but Jungkook was patient — and gave you kisses whenever you got something right which was great incentive.
Unfortunately, the relaxing atmosphere was broken by a series of knocks on the front door. Jungkook was on his feet immediately, knife drawn and at the ready.
You stayed back, watching as he approached the door and slowly unlocked it. You watched as he took a deep breath and threw the door open.
"What—" Jungkook was at a loss. There was a man standing at the door with his hands up to show he was unarmed.
"My name is Hakyeon," He said, motioning to his badge. "I work for the Interplanetary Embassy on Earth. We received an Emergency beacon and we've been told the human was here."
"Holy shit! It actually got through?!" You cried, jumping to your feet and running over to the open door. "Why did it take you so damn long?"
Hakyeon looked confused, shaking his head. "We received it only 2 days ago...I was the nearest representative and was tasked with finding you."
"Weird..." You mumbled, shrugging your shoulders. "I guess I can go home now, right?"
"If that's what you wish still, yes," He replied, eyeing Jungkook by your side.
"Um," You cleared your throat. "Your ship will be nearby right?"
"Yes, I'll...wait for you there," Hakyeon said, taking the hint.
The door shut and Jungkook was silent.
"I guess you're leaving, right?" He asked, keeping his eyes down. "There's no logical reason for me to ask you to stay's dangerous and you should be somewhere safe."
"But Jungkook..." You reached forward to touch him but he backed away.
"If I'm honest, ______," He wandered away, leaving you to watch him. His voice was shaky, wobbling with the onslaught of tears. "I really don't want you to go and I know that's selfish! But I really don't think I can be alone again. Especially after finding someone I can actually love."
"Jungkook!" You snapped, making him look at you. You sighed speedily walking up to him and pressing your lips to his before he could back away. "I love you too."
"Come with me," You whispered, clutching the front of his shirt in your hands. "Come back to Earth with me. We'll find someone there who will help. The Embassy would be more than willing to assist in the cleanup and protection of Palacios and Heajix. You can speak for everyone here who is struggling to survive and those you haven't."
"You want me to come with you?" He breathed, covering your hands with his. Tears still fell from his eyes but in a matter of seconds, he was smiling and pulling you against him in a hug so tight it knocked the air out of you.
"Of course I do, stupid!" You laughed, hugging him back as tight as you could. "Why would I leave you when you refused to leave me, huh?"
"...I love you," He whispered, giving you another kiss.
"Let's get our things together," You said before the two of you separated.
Jungkook packed his bag with anything important, sentimental or not. You noticed he packed his picture away with a sad smile.
Once the two of you were ready, you took his hand and walked out the door. He paused and looked behind him, at the house he'd been living in for the longest time. The boarded up windows and the water reservoir he'd spent ages perfecting.
You squeezed his hand, drawing his attention back to you. He smiled, taking the first step away.
You felt yourself relax against the seat once the two of you were on the craft. Jungkook was gripping your hand tight — it was hurting a bit but you didn't say anything. His gaze was locked on the window, watching as his home planet disappeared from view.
The surface was covered in a green, gaseous layer of pollution and smog that he seemed almost surprised to see. The pollution of the planet was most evident one outside of the planet's atmosphere.
"I'm happy you're here, Jungkook," You whispered, leaning your head on his shoulder.
"I am too," He replied, resting his head against yours as he watched the stars and planets pass by until Palacios was out of view.
Tumblr media
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dulcesiabits · 7 months ago
memento mori.
summary: a re:zero au for genshin impact.
notes: story spoilers, very complicated relationships and some unhealthy mindsets, reader death, lots of violence, just lots of death and mentions of death in general, angst, shoutout to the wonderful @wangshengs for brainrotting with me over this idea muah muah!! <3
Background: You’re suddenly isekai-ed to Teyvat one day in the place of the traveler. Every time you die, the timeline restarts to a set moment before you died. You’re stuck in an eternal timeloop, and when you clear certain plot points, your “respawn” point moves further up the timeline. You’re a threat to the natural “law” of Teyvat, so monsters are naturally more aggressive to you. Both the Abyss Order and Dainsleif view you as a strange anomaly that needs to be “fixed”. After all, Teyvat won’t allow you to stay dead, and time itself shifts to keep you alive. All the gods and adeptus are well aware of what’s happening; they’re the only ones who know when the timeline restarts.
Dropped in the middle of nowhere, with no clue as to what happened or what to do, your first death is quick and painful when you’re shot full of arrows by a hilichurl archer after you stumble too close to their camp. It is witnessed by one person: Venti, who arrives far too late. You’re bleeding out by the time he finds you, and he knows he cannot save you.
He holds your body in his arms, brushing back your hair. “I’m sorry I was too late,” he says, nothing but a stranger in your first death. “I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.” His eyes are a thousand miles away; is he really talking to you? You’re too far gone to care.
“This is the only thing I can do for you,” Venti says. He opens his mouth, and sings. His song wraps you in its embrace, easing your pain and calming your fear. Your eyes close... only to reopen with a start, your hands trembling as you search your body for arrow wounds that should be there; you can feel the pain, haunting every step, but there is no blood, no bruises, nothing to show that you had just died. In fact, you woke up where you had first been dropped in Teyvat.
This time, you avoid the hilichurl camp where you had just died, and when you stumble across Venti, his eyes widen. “You should be dead,” he says. 
Something is horribly wrong, and the both of you know it. Still, he does his best to reassure you.
“Maybe the archons love you,” he suggests cheerily, “to give you another chance at life.”
If this is love, then the blessing of the gods is a cruel thing.
At first, Venti is your sole companion in Mondstadt; he’s the only one who knows how the timeline restarts when you die, and the only one you can lean on. He holds you closely to him when your body shakes with sobs after a particularly cruel death, humming to sooth you. Venti does his best to protect you when he can, and introduces you to Diluc, who gives you a job working as a servant in his estate. 
Venti is your first friend, and gifts you with countless ordinary moments that make you forget your worries: when he clings to you as you drag him home after a long night at the bar as he sings drunken ballads, when he takes you to Starsnatch cliff, your hand gripped tightly in his, to pick celicas to tuck behind your ear, when you sneak onto the top of his own statue in Mondstadt, where the two of you share drinks and Venti grips your waist securely, so you’ll never fall.
Still, he cannot protect you from everything. The number of times the timeline restarts when Venti is away from you makes his chest ache; he runs to you the moment the time rewinds, knowing something horrible has happened. It frustrates him all the more so when he loses his gnosis; he can barely do anything to help you now. 
(The sight of your fading warmth and the light draining from your eyes reminds Venti all too much of another friend he was unable to save. This is his penance. You have to live. You have to live. You have to live. Otherwise, he will have failed another person he loved.)
Whenever you “meet” Kaeya during those first few resets, he views you with a mix of distrust and false geniality. Why is it that this is the first time you’re visiting Mondstadt, and yet, you know more about the knights than you should? There’s something about you that’s not quite right, an instinctive feeling that you’re hiding something important. And, well, Kaeya doesn’t hesitate to put a sword through your heart when you accidentally stumble upon one of his hard-kept secrets, a deal with an informant that he can’t afford to let grow sour.
You learn, then. You learn to dance with Kaeya, an endless waltz of lies and half-truths, the phantom pain of a sword stab flaring up to remind you of the dangers Kaeya holds. Still, when he stumbles upon your secret, his first reaction is not disbelief, but a cold, calculating thought: how can he best use you now? Your ability is priceless, and you’re a stranger; the fate of his friends and his home outweighs your life. After a point, he starts to remember the time loops; he never tells you how, why or even when he began to do so (maybe it has something to do with his connection to Khaenri’ah). One day, he just began mentioning the timeloops, so casually you almost forgot to be surprised.
(And if his hands shakes when he watches you die for the first time, a death he orchestrated, if he has to wash his hands in cold water over and over, and still the blood won’t come out-- well. That’s just another skeleton in his closet.)
At some point, trying to ferret all of your secrets has caused him to grow closer to you, closer than is safe. When did he start to memorize the sound of your footsteps outside his door, moments before you burst in? When did he start to look forward to teasing you, watching you roll your eyes and hide a smile? When did affection and fondness bloom at the simple sight of you?
(When did he stop relying on your ability? When did he start avoiding its use? Did he really think that he would be worthy of your love if he apologized, pretended like he didn’t cause you to die for his own selfish reasons? Did he really believe that someone like him deserved someone like you, when there was always a chance that, in a desperate situation, he would put a blade through your heart again?)
Kaeya is a terrible person, he knows this. He doesn’t deserve anything from you. Still, when you lean your head on his shoulder, tired from a long day, he cannot push you away. 
“Don’t fall asleep on me, now,” he chides as he wraps one arm around you.
“I wouldn’t dare,” you mumble, but your eyes are drifting closed.
“You’re not safe with me around. I’m not going to keep you safe the way Venti or Diluc would.”
“I know that.” A pause. A breath. He realizes that you’ve fallen asleep. 
“You have horrible taste in men,” Kaeya murmurs, as he kisses your forehead. “You need to be more careful around me.”
(He cannot have more than this. He cannot let himself think he can ever be forgiven.)
The first time Albedo sets eyes on you, the world stops. A painful longing fills his chest, and he has to look away because the sight of you is too much. What a strange person you are, to evoke the echoes of such powerful emotions in him. He’s never even met you before, he’s sure of it. Still, the brief encounter burns itself into his mind. There’s something different about you, that much is clear. 
(Albedo almost remembers something that never happened-- cradling you in his arms, Dainsleif standing over you with your blood staining his blade, calmly explaining you were a threat, tears freezing on his lashes as he cups your face, heedless of the man before him, a searing pain as Dainsleif sinks his sword into Albedo’s chest-- then it’s gone).
Disappointment flashes in Albedo’s eyes when he realizes you’re just an ordinary human; countless experiments later, and there’s nothing to prove your body is different from anyone else’s. Maybe he needs to believe there’s something special about you, that he’s not alone in the world. Still, his instinct can’t be wrong; why did you make such an expression when he proposed that the two of you were different from others? 
Albedo is kind to you, in a way that he is to no one else. The mere mention of your name causes his head to perk up, a little trick that Kaeya often plays on him to get him to take a break from his work. He allows you free reign in your lab, answers all of your questions, no matter how trivial, and often sketches you in the corner of his notes when he isn’t paying attention. Somehow, his interest in you has begun to be more than just scientific in nature; you’ve made a place in his heart, and he has no desire to chase you out.
But you’re hiding something, something that you’ve shared with Venti and Kaeya. Albedo waits for you to confide in him as well (there may have been a little jealousy at play here, not that he can admit it). Is this secret what causes dark circles to form under your eyes? Is this secret what makes you fidgety and nervous for no apparent reason? Is this secret why, whenever you pass by a sword, you will flinch and rub at your neck unconsciously? 
(Is this secret why Albedo will be filled with grief when he sees you, and echoes of strange memories he shouldn’t have, memories of your death, haunt him?)
When you stumble into his lab one day, he finally comes face to face with the horrible truth.
“What’s wrong?” he asks, pulling you into his arms. You’re so cold, and he starts rubbing your arms as you shiver.
“I’m tired,” you lie, your gaze darting away.
Albedo asks no questions, only focuses on warming you up. 
“Do you think... alchemy can bring someone back from the dead?” you ask.
His first thought is that you want to bring someone back to life. His second is that this has something to do with whatever secret you’re keeping.
“Alchemy can do many things,” Albedo says carefully, watching your expression. “But bringing someone back from the dead is almost possible.”
You look resigned at his words, and a terrible realization grows. What if those strange feelings, those strange memories, are real? What if he has failed to protect you? What if you have been dying over, and over?
(Albedo doesn’t want to lose you. Even if he has to burn Mondstadt to the ground to keep you warm in its flames, and be the monster Dainsleif fears.)
Diluc is your benefactor, and the only one unaware of the timeloops. There’s a certain relief in that; with him, you can pretend to be an ordinary person. He gives you a job and a place to stay when you first arrived in Mondstadt (mostly due to Venti’s badgering), and his home becomes a safe haven when you’re discouraged from your countless deaths trying to stop Dvalin.
Of course, Diluc’s decision to house you isn’t entirely due to his kindness. He has a duty to protect Mondstadt, and he needs to know if you’re a threat or not. You’re an outsider; who knows what dangers you bring? He knows there’s a secret you’re hiding, something that causes Venti to visits you at late hours, and that makes Kaeya whisper cryptic warnings. If it’s a secret that threatens Mondstadt, then he will have no choice but to kill you.
Even as you grow closer to Diluc, there’s always a sense of distance between the two of you. You, with your endless secrets and strained smile, and him, who has long since drawn a line between him and everyone else he knows. Still, he starts to become fond of your greetings in the morning, and the thoughtful way you bring him snacks and water when you know he’s tired. It’s hard to even think of you as a threat when you don’t know how to wield a weapon, or even have a vision. You’re so sweet, he finds himself quietly ordering an fluffy blanket for your room, and asking the chefs to make extra servings of your favorite food.
(You remind Diluc of himself, sometimes. Someone lonely. Someone who’s breaking under a burden they can barely bear. He knows the look in your eyes.)
Diluc’s doors are always open to you. It’s all too easy to simply run away to his house, to stay there for days that bleed into weeks, to try to forget your troubles. He’s more than happy to let you stay as long as you want, to provide you with what you need. He doesn’t even ask what you’re running from; he knows better than most how painful such questions are. It’s not healthy for you, you know it isn’t, but it’s hard not to be terrified when death lurks around every corner and Diluc keeps you safe from it all.
One night, Diluc finds you crying on the stairwell. He hesitates to intrude, but he can’t stand the thought that you will simply cry yourself to sleep, with no one to comfort you.
He approaches you, and you stand, hastily, wiping at your eyes.
“Greetings, Master Diluc,” you say brightly, but your voice is far too high.
Diluc is not good with words. He clears his throat, and opens his arms instead. “I don’t know what you’re going through, but just know I’ll be here for you if you need it.”
Your face crumples, and you sink into his arms. It feels awkward to hold you; how long has it been since he’s hugged another person? Where does he put his arms? Diluc does know this, at least: he wants to pull you close to him, and protect you from whatever it is that causes you such fear.
(When you wake up one morning, and tell Diluc that you’ve decided not to stay with him any longer, that you can’t keep using him to run away from your pain, he pretends he doesn’t know that Venti is the one who snuck into your room at night to hold your hand and convince you to leave your birdcage. Maybe one day, you will trust him enough to take his hand and tell him your secrets.)
Tsaritsa has always wished to bring down Celestia, and you’re the answer to all her prayers. When she finally pieces together that you’re the one who causes the world to reset, she sends one missive to Childe, the harbinger closest to you: be ready to kill this person at my word. Who is he to refuse? He feels an inkling of pity and confusion at first; you’re so weak, you’re hardly a threat. You have no vision, no skill in battle, and you trust him all too easily when he approaches you. Why would the Tsaritsa want your death? But he does not hesitate to kill you.
It’s a pity, really. Childe was starting to grow fond of you, and he’s certain that if you had met under other circumstances, you could have been good friends. But orders are orders, so no hard feelings, right? Your deaths by his hands are always quick and methodical, with minimal blood loss and little pain. It’s a horrible sort of kindness, but he doesn’t want you to suffer needlessly.
The cruel irony is that you gain your vision after Childe kills you for the first time. You wake up with an aching neck and a scream on your lips, the bitter taste of betrayal choking you. It takes you a while to notice the cryo vision tucked into your hands. It’s not an apology from Tsaritsa, but a promise: she will use you as many times as she needs to. A vision in exchange for your broken heart; what a tasteless joke. 
At first, the time Childe spends with you is done out of a sense of obligation. It’s easier to stab a knife in your back if you think he’s a friend, you know? His thoughts wander to you so often only because you’re his target- that’s what Childe tells himself when he realizes the memory of your smile warms him when he’s alone at night, when he looks forward to sharing dinner with you and teasingly feeding you bites of his food. He can’t love you, he can’t-- because he has a blade pressed to your neck, because he will kill every good part of himself if he has to watch you die by his hands.
It makes your stomach turn when you realize Childe has fallen in love with you. You might have been able to return his feelings, once. But you will always be a means to the end, and he will never love you enough to betray Tsaritsa’s orders. You would have preferred it if he hated you, looked at you with distant politeness, instead of the way his gaze softens and a smile he reserves only for you tugging at his mouth.
Childe starts to have nightmares. They grow stronger with each timeloop that passes by with you dead by his hands. Flashes of scenes from a previous life become a prolonged theatre of agony, one he’s unable to escape from. You die by his hands, over and over and over. When he wakes in the morning, he’s relieved to see there’s no blood staining his clothes, but still, the smell of iron lingers uncomfortably.
(Childe seeks you out, once, after a particularly bad dream. He needs to make sure you’re still there, that you haven’t died. He almost collapses with relief when he sees you drinking tea with Zhongli. But-- why won’t you look at him? Why does Zhongli subtly shift to block you from his view?)
Something changes. You flinch at his touch. You no longer meet his eyes when you talk. You refuse to seek out his company any longer. Childe is bewildered; had he done something to upset you? Every attempt at reconciliation is met with cold rejection. Your companions despise him. If there’s anything he can do to fix things, won’t you let him? It’s okay if you don’t love him, if his feelings disgust you, as long as you allow him to see you, even if it’s just from afar.
(But what if the nightmares were right? What if he had hurt you irrevocably? It would be easier if he didn’t love you, if he didn’t dread every order from Tsaritsa demanding your death. If only he could take your hand and run from it all. If only he was the one making you smile, not Diluc or Albedo.)
Zhongli knows who you are the moment he sees you: the little human Venti and Childe have grown so fond of, and the one disturbing the natural order of Teyvat. He has no plans to become involved with you. Unless you become a threat to Liyue, then your decisions have no bearings on him. He’s well acquainted with time, so the timeloops hardly register as an annoyance to him.
Zhongli watches you struggle, again and again, to solve the mystery of Rex Lapis’s death. Your perseverance is admirable, even when you’re forced to restart, even when your friends forget you and they lose all the memories you’ve made, even when you are betrayed by people you thought you could trust. Before Zhongli knows it, he starts to recognize your lonely figure as you run across the streets of Liyue harbor, determined to make it through alive this time. 
 When Zhongli officially meets you for the first time, his heart stirs, and he thinks he understands why Venti was so moved by you. You are a solidarity glaze lily growing on a cliffside, someone struggling to survive even in the face of heartbreaking pain. He sees trace of a familiar burden in your eyes, and understands how tired you are. If he cannot help you as Rex Lapis, perhaps he can help you as Zhongli.
But there is little Zhongli can do for you. Rex Lapis is supposed to be dead, and later, when his gnosis is gone, his power is diminished. The one thing he can do is teach you how to wield a polearm, and how to use your vision to its full potential. If he cannot always protect you, he hopes you can at least protect yourself. His hands linger on your arms as he guides them into the proper positions, and when he pulls you flush against his chest in the heat of battle, he wonders what you would do if he simply held you there, like he longs to. 
(You make him understand why humans fall to temptation, and why they break contracts).
Zhongli becomes another person you turn to after traumatic deaths. He sits you in his lap, rubbing soothing circles on your back. He makes you herbal tea to calm you and sooth your pain. He shelters you in his arms, resting his head on top of yours. Zhongli never says a word to you unless you wish for him to, reassuring you that you’re safe now. He’s an attentive listener, respectful and quiet as you sob into his shoulder.  
Once, you were supposed to come over for dinner. But you were unusually late, and his apprehension grew with each passing minute. When he steps into the cold night to search for you, he is just in time to see Childe slash your throat.
“Ah, sorry you had to see that, Mr. Zhongli,” Childe says pleasantly, blood glinting on his blade.
Zhongli was a war god, once, and the memory of violence burns his palms as his polearm urges him to summon it and stab the man before him. Childe is only following orders; he understands more than anyone what it means to be bound by contracts. But that is no cure to the pain that rages through his heart as he runs to you, knowing all the while it’s too late. 
In a few seconds, the timeloop will restart. When it does, he will run to your side, and reassure himself you are real and alive and whole as he holds you close.
(You remind him of Guizhong, sometimes. You have the same charming smile and the same cleverness, the same sort of gentleness that the world loves to break. There is a certain relief in knowing you can come back-- because he will never have to fail you in the same way he did Guizhong. He will have as many chances as it takes to save you).
It’s painfully easy for Xiao to fall for you. A kind human, who seeks him out for no reason other than that you enjoy his company, who always remembers to bring some almond tofu when you visit him, means that he’s drawn to you like a moth to the light. 
Xiao is your dedicated protector. He stays by your side at all hours of the day to keep you safe from harm, to the point you wonder if he ever gets any sleep. He views anyone who approaches you with a suspicious glare, and his weapon is never far from his hands. He cannot stand being away from you for too long; if there isn’t someone else who can take his place as your protector, then he refuses to leave. If something were to happen while he was gone, he would never forgive himself.
When Zhongli first teaches you how to use your polearm and your vision, Xiao is your sparring partner. He’s harsh and he never holds back, but when he sees you’re tired, he cuts your session short and orders you to rest and brings you some water. Xiao is also the one to gift you your first weapon; an old, elegant polearm that used to belong to him. It’s an adeptal weapon, so it will be almost impossible to break. If he spent a sleepless night polishing it to a shine and blessing it with protection charms, there’s no need for you to know.
The things that Xiao loves best about you are small moments you no longer remember. When you brushed all the knots and tangles out of his hair, carefully as to avoid hurting him, your brushstrokes almost soothed him to sleep. When you gifted him a jade bracelet that was a pair to your own, he always checks to make sure it’s secured on his wrist. When you kissed his forehead for no other reason than pure affection for him, Xiao will occasionally touch that spot to remember the warmth of your lips.
Someone like him, however, does not know how to love gently. Destruction follows him like a plague, and when he stands in a field of corpses, the remains of monsters that tried to kill you, he feels nothing but a victorious relief that he has managed to protect you.
“You’re safe now,” Xiao says. He moves to pull you close, before he remembers he’s covered in blood. He can’t dirty you.
You look at him, something pained in your eyes that he doesn’t understand. Why do you hold back tears as you bandage his wounds and rub ointment on his bruises? You’re safe, and that’s all that matters.
But you? You never wanted this. You never wanted to become another shackle that chains him to his duty and his past. How can you remind him to love himself, if he will forsake everything for you?
(Xiao has to protect you. He has to. When you die, he dies too. He’s not worth anything if he cannot keep you safe. But he wonders if he has forgotten to protect your heart in his quest to keep you safe.)
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xutokawa · 8 months ago
s/o finding scratch marks on their back
pairings: atsumu x reader, oikawa x reader
genre(s): angst, fluff in beginning, cheating s/o
warnings: langauge, cheating, allusions to smut, mentions of alcohol
wc: 1.6k
» masterlist
a/n: i feel like writing some angst and nothing says angst like an s/o finding out their partner is cheating :’) send requests for other haikyuu characters if you want some more! i already have a couple drafted up hehe
osamu and iwazumi ver.
kuroo and sakusa ver.
suna and bokuto ver.
akaashi and hinata ver.
Tumblr media
Curling yourself into a ball, you tightly clenched at the blanket, trying to imagine Atsumu’s warmth surrounding you. You dearly missed your husband, touch-starved from not seeing him for two days. A smile spread across your face knowing that he would be in your arms again in a couple hours.
You knew dating a pro-volleyball player would mean nights alone in your shared apartment. It was hard at first, but you slowly got used to it, knowing he would walk through the front door and come back home to you.
Later that day, you were quietly humming to yourself while cooking dinner for Atsumu and yourself when you heard the doorknob jiggling followed by the sound of keys. Excitement and anticipation coursed through your body as you quickly went to greet your husband at the door. As soon as the door opened to reveal the blond setter, you rushed into his arms.
“Y/n,” Atsumu breathed into your hair, holding you tight, “I missed you so much.”
Snuggling into his chest, you replied, “I missed you too.”
Pulling away, you looked up at him, “Dinner’s almost ready. Go wash up first.” 
Atsumu placed a quick kiss on your forehead, muttering a quick I love you before picking up his bags and heading towards your bedroom.
Hearing the shower turn on, you returned to cooking. Hands dry from washing the dishes, you decided to go grab some lotion, heading into the bathroom. You stopped dead in your tracks, however, when you glanced at Atsumu. 
Back turned towards you, the setter was unaware of your presence in the bathroom. Red, angry marks lined his broad shoulders as hickeys were dotted across his neck. You hadn’t even realized you were crying until your vision started blurring. Quickly slipping out of the bathroom, you went into your shared bedroom, packing a small bag with your belongings. Silent sobs racked your body as you imagined Atsumu’s breath on another’s neck, whispering sweet nothings into their ears as he gave himself away to them. 
You couldn’t believe it. Your husband, your Atsumu. More than anything, you wanted to know why? What did you not give? Was your marriage worth nothing to him? Texting your best friend, you told them you’d be staying at their house for the night, not offering further explanation. 
Did he mean it when he proclaimed his love earlier? You couldn’t help but wonder how many times he’s done this. How many times has he betrayed your trust, indulged in another person as you patiently waited for his return. Scoffing in anger, you hastily pulled your ring off your left hand, placing it on his bedside table along with a note. Anger surged through your body as you stared at the diamond gleaming at you, memories of the day Atsumu got down on one knee as he asked to spend the rest of his life with you flooding back. That day, you left, never turning back, putting the past five years with Atsumu behind you.
The apartment was noticeably colder when Atsumu finally stepped out of the shower. Quickly changing, he walked out to the kitchen, craving your embrace. He couldn’t wait to sit down and just talk, maybe cuddle and watch a movie until the both of you fell asleep in each other’s arms. The setter missed you dearly during his time away, and he wanted to make up for lost time. However, you were nowhere to be found. He searched through the entire apartment only to be met with silence. 
Maybe she went out to buy something, Atsumu thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted, however, when he noticed a note on his nightstand. 
‘I’ll be gone for a couple of days. I’ll eventually come back for the rest of my stuff, but I just can’t bear to see you right now. I hope it was worth it. Glad to know our marriage was worth dog shit to you. Don’t come looking for me, the last thing I want to see is you right now.’
The note in the setter’s hands began to shake as he glanced at your wedding ring on the table. He thought he heard the door open in the shower earlier, but didn’t think much of it. It was only when his shampoo ran down his back that he realized he had marks on his back. Atsumu knew he messed up as soon as the deed was over. Your comforting smile continuously flashed through his mind as he pulled his shirt back over his head. He felt sick to his stomach opening his phone to find a text from you telling him to take care of himself when another person’s scent lingered on him. 
He couldn’t lose you. He needed to find you, tell you it was all a drunken mistake. It was the alcohol, not him. The thought of you despising him made the setter choke out a sob, rushing out the door in hopes to catch up to you. It didn’t mean anything to him. It was getting too lonely without you, and he indulged in alcohol in hopes to fill the void. His eyes searched frantically, legs and lungs burning from running down countless flights of steps, hoping to catch a glance of you and bring you back him.
But it was too late. It was over. Atsumu already ruined everything.
Tumblr media
Frustration boiled through Oikawa as he rubbed his hands over his face. He didn’t mean to lash out at you, after all, you were just being a caring partner. Concerns for the setter’s health turned into a full-blown argument resulting with you in tears and Oikawa at a local bar, drowning his misery in liquor. His state of mind grew foggier with each shot he downed. So when the scent of perfume engulfed his senses as seductive whispers filled his ears, he gave in.
You were waken up by the sound of a clatter coming from the kitchen followed by a loud ‘fuck!’ 
Groggily, you glanced at the alarm clock on your nightstand.
Heading towards the source of noise, you found your boyfriend curled in a ball on the ground. The stench of alcohol overwhelmed your nostrils as you attempted to get your boyfriend to stand. 
You couldn’t help but smile at the ‘I’m so sorry, y/n’s and the ‘Please forgive me’s coming out of your boyfriend’s mouth, assuming he was referring to your earlier argument. Sighing, you laid him down on your mattress, walking towards his closet to grab his pajamas. With great struggle, you successfully peeled the shirt from Oikawa’s back before he flopped back down on the mattress. Preparing to shove his night shirt over his head, your movements froze as you took in the claw marks running down his back. Blood running cold, you glanced at the setter’s face, seemingly peaceful as he slept. 
Anger coursed through your veins at the thought of him running into another person’s arms when your relationship got a little tough.
You scoffed as you threw his shirt on the ground. Blinded by rage, your mind didn’t register your hand coming in contact with his cheek.
A loud smack sounded through the empty night as Oikawa’s eyes shot open.
“You piece of shit,” you venomously spit out.
Confusion visible clouded Oikawa’s eyes as he began adjusting to his surroundings, obviously sobering up.
“Y-y/n, what was that for?” Oikawa began sitting up, eyebrows furrowed together.
“So what, we have one argument and you decide to go fuck some random person?” You raised your voice at the man sitting in front of you.
“What are you talking about? I didn’t-”
“Cut the crap, Oikawa,” ignoring the pain flashing through Oikawa’s eyes at the use of his last name, “The hickey on your neck and scratch marks are more than enough proof that you cheated on me.” 
Panic flashed in Oikawa’s eyes as he realized what was happening, the gravity of the situation registering in his mind. He cheated on you.
“I-” Oikawa stuttered, words getting stuck in his throat at the thought of losing you. He couldn’t even make excuses, knowing he had been caught red-handed in his infidelity. 
“I’m staying in a hotel for the rest of the night. I’m coming back tomorrow afternoon, and your shit better be out of here by then,” your eyes hardened as you turned around, beginning to pack a small bag with essential belongings. Panic rose in Oikawa as he scrambled to stop you.
“Wait, y/n, let’s talk this out,” Oikawa pleaded, tears welling in his eyes, “We can fix this, right? You can’t leave me, I love you!”
The setter’s heart shattered as you flinched away from his touch, as if it physically hurt you to be near him.
“If you truly loved me, you wouldn’t have cheated on me,” you managed to choke out, zipping up your bag. 
“I do love you, y/n! Please, believe me,” Oikawa desperately pleaded, sobs racking his body, “I didn’t mean to! It didn’t mean anything, y/n, I can fix this, I promise!”
“You seem to have a habit of breaking your promises, Oikawa,” your voice audibly weaker. You needed to get away from him, away from the source of your heartbreak. 
“Y/n, wait! Please-” Oikawa’s voice was cut off by the slam of the front door. 
It wasn’t until 47 missed calls, 118 messages, and 32 voicemails later, that Oikawa realized you were never coming back to him. You had walked out of his life forever, and it was all his fault.
comment or send me a message to be added to my general taglist!
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loopy-froots · a month ago
Music Appreciation
Brahms Heelshire x fem!Reader
Author: @loopy-froots
Word Count: 1772
Request by @leahromanof : How does this sound? Brahms doesn’t want the female reader to leave the mansion and the reader doesn't want to either cause she wants to be with Brahms and both of them are very much in love with each other so the reader basically decides to make the mansion her home just as much as it is Brahms’. And Brahms is so happy about it! So the reader decorates her room to make it exactly the way she desires to fell more at home. So she puts up posters of Elvis Presley and many other singers such as Shawn Mendes, John Lennon, Lady Gaga but it’s all mostly Elvis cause to her, Elvis Presley is the LOVE OF HER LIFE. She truly admires him with all her heart. And one day the reader looks at a poster of Elvis on her wall and says “I’ll never love anyone the way I love you Elvis” and Brahms heard this and he goes crazy mad and then he comes into the room and (the rest is sexual)* pls include details. And once he’s done with the reader she gives him a little pinch which obviously hurts him a tad and she explains everything about what she said cause Brahms doesn’t know who Elvis is and that he’s been dead for 44 years!
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, slasher x reader, swearing, smut, etc.
Author’s Note: I changed the request slightly to have the reader’s posters as whatever singer they wish, so that more people can relate to it! I hope you enjoy this, though!! :^]
Tumblr media
*2nd Person POV*
“Y/n…” Brahms whispers to you while you both are tangled together in affection.
“Yes?” You question curiously.
“You know I want you to stay here… with me…” He informs you what you already know. He hasn’t been subtle in the slightest about his wishes with you, practically needing you to stay with him 24/7.
“I know, Brahmsy. And I will,” You promise him with a sweet kiss on his forehead.
“Then why don’t you unpack your things? Like… really unpack your things…? For good…” He suggests.
“Oh, right! I suppose that would be a good idea, huh? I guess I just never wanted to invade your space here, so I hesitated…” You explain sheepishly, and Brahms understands.
“No need to worry, dear. My home is your home,” He lovingly agrees with you. And with that, the two of you get up to start. Unpacking all your clothes by placing them into a dresser and displaying all your novelty items on the shelves, Brahms then stops. You glance over at him and notice he’s holding one of your band posters with an odd expression.
“Who is this? One of your family members?” He asks innocently, causing you to giggle a little.
“Hehe, nope! That’s (insert your preferred musical artist), my favorite singer! I love them so much!” You explain, but Brahms gains a sudden sulking look in his eyes.
“Brahmsy? You okay?” You ask, concerned.
“Hm.” He coldly grunts in response. “And who’s this?”
“Oh them? They’re (insert another favorite band), one of my most listened to musical groups! I also love them a lot!” You immediately forget your concern for your lover as your interest in music takes control. You have always been musically driven, whether it be listening while you work or even singing to yourself from time to time.
“What’s so special about these… people… if you’ve never even met them!” Brahms snaps with a glare. This takes you by surprise, and even hurts your feelings quite a bit. All you wanted to do was just share your love of music with someone you cared about. What was so annoying about that?
“I-I… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to upset you… I just…” You try to explain yourself, but he cuts you off again.
“You love them, do you?! How come you say it to them so easily, and I’m left with nothing!” His envious outburst then begins to make you giggle a little. You couldn’t believe he was so serious about this! Did he really think you were in love with these people? All you mean was that you love the music they played.
“What’s so fucking funny?” He demands sternly, but you still don’t let up.
“Nothing! I just… you’re so cute when you’re jealous…” You smile at him, hoping he gets the message. However, he appears to have not.
“If you’re throwing around your affection so easily, I’m getting some, too!” Brahms practically runs over to you and lifts you over his shoulder. Yelping and protesting, you try to get him to set you down. However, he was certainly on a mission. He walks you all the way to his bedroom and throws you down on his mattress.
“Brahms, c’mon! Let me explain!” You desperately try to get him to wait just a second, but he doesn’t. Ripping off your shirt and pulling down your pants and underwear in one swift motion, you gasp at the sudden cold air flowing over your naked skin.
“Come over here and prove that you love me.” He growls, making your spine shiver.
“I… what?” You honestly get confused, but when he begins to unbutton his trousers, you get the idea. Was he really gonna make you do this? Right now? Over some silly posters?
“Now, Y/n!” Brahms scolds, and you immediately crawl to him. Looking up at him with wide eyes, you mentally pray that he shows you some mercy. You lick a long stripe up his shaft, taking in his savory flavor.
“There you go,” He groans out with pleasure while taking two fist fills of your hair. As much as he wanted you to do the work, he still needed to be in control of the situation.
Finally taking his head into your trembling mouth, you swirl your tongue in circles in an attempt to make him feel good. It was obviously working when he bucks his hips into you. Taking as much of him as you could, you slightly gag from the sheer amount that was in your mouth.
“Fuck… keep going…” Brahms pleads, and you try your best to oblige. Fitting another few millimeters of him inside, you clench your throat in discomfort. Brahms swears he could’ve cum right then, but he tried his best to hold back.
“G-good,” He slowly pulls himself out of your mouth and your spit drips onto your chin. Desperate for air, you begin panting until Brahms leans down and kisses you. He bites your lip aggressively, so you gasp. This gives him the opportunity to slip his tongue deep inside, exploring each and every corner.
“Mm!” You moan into him, and he smirks against your lips. Cheeky bastard…
“Are you ready, Y/n? Ready to apologize properly?” Brahms asks lustfully.
“Uh huh…” You agree equally as passionately. With that, he roughly pushes his entire length into your already wet pussy.
“Oh… my god…” Brahms holds onto your ankles for dear life as your cavern grips onto him ever so tightly. He fills you so much to the brim that it makes you slightly ache. You can only imagine the soreness you’ll feel in the morning…
He doesn’t give you any time to adjust to his size, but instead begins pumping himself in and out of your hole with a brutal pace. The rope in your stomach begins to tighten as you feel yourself reaching your orgasm already.
“You close, baby?” Brahms coos, and you frantically nod your head in agreement.
“Y-yes! So goddamn close! Please don’t stop!” You plead, and Brahms decides to let you release yourself on him.
“Cum… now!” He demands, and you do seconds later. The tsunami of ecstasy washes over your entire body, quaking your limbs.
“Oh, Brahms!” You finally whine with bliss dripping from your vocal chords.
“We’re not finished yet, dear… oh no, not nearly finished…” He then flips you over onto your stomach. He grabs your buttocks and forcefully lifts it up to meet his hips.
“B-but…” You try to get him to wait, but he’s definitely set on going again.
“I can’t cum again… it’s already too much… but he hasn’t yet… so I guess it’s okay…” You think to yourself.
“Ready, love?” His tone switches to something softer.
“Yes,” You agree and close your eyes as he pushes himself into you again. This new angle reaches a different type of pleasure, making your head spin. The overstimulation sends waves of delight throughout your entire being.
“God, Y/n! Right there! You feel so damn good!” Brahms practically screams your name like an anthem. You feel his pace beginning to get erratic, signaling his own end coming close.
“C-cum for me, baby! Please! I n-need you!” You beg him as you give the bedsheets a white-knuckled tug. You were so close to your own orgasm again, but you do your best to hold on as long as you can.
“F-fuck!” Brahms suddenly stops and empties himself into your quivering center. A panic normally would’ve flushed through your head, as you realize the consequences of the result, but in your high you completely disregard everything. Brahms then pulls out and slumps onto the bed next to you. You sheepishly turn to him and give him the softest eyes.
“Feeling better, love?” You implore.
“I guess…” He huffs brattily, making you giggle.
“You do realize that those people in my posters aren’t like… anyone to worry about, right?” You try to reassure him, but he simply quirks his brow.
“They’re not? But you said…” He tries to think it out.
“I said I love them because I meant it in a way that doesn’t imply a romantic emotion… like I love what they do… like I love their music because I enjoy listening to it… not necessarily because I love them as people… does that make any sense?” You desperately try to explain finally, and an expression of realization, relief, then embarrassment hits Brahms.
“I-I… I’m so sorry, I thought you meant…” He covers his face with his large hands, but you smile and pull them away.
“No, no! It’s okay! This was actually… nice…” You confess while stroking the tops of his hands. This makes Brahms blush a deep shade of red.
“Yeah… that was…” He agrees shyly.
“Then… we should do it more often…?” You suggest, and he enthusiastically nods his head.
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izukulus · 6 months ago
Ahh! Can I request Levi thinking reading is dead, angst with happy ending?! 🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: levi ackerman / gn!reader
word count: 1.2k
content: major s3 spoilers, mentions of death, mentions of levi’s past, angst to fluff, levi n reader are married, takes place right after the battle of shiganshina, they/them pronouns for hange.
notes: this took me OUT but it was super fun to write. oh to give levi the hug he deserves.
Tumblr media
levi stands in the cobbled streets of shiganshina, well and truly alone.
the remnants of battle surround him - armin is fast asleep and being watched like a hawk by the rest of the scouts. every so often, eren puts two fingers on his neck like a nervous tic, just to check he's still here, and every time he feels that dull thudding of the blond's pulse under the pads of his fingers, there's a glint of relief in his eyes.
levi watches it with something like envy. the air and sky are grey, swollen with the rain that plummets in cold, wispy sheets and pools in mossy gutters, playing the chipped rooftop slates like broken instruments. to his left, he will see erwin, or what is left of him, and hange still crouched over him, their head bowed, solemn in a what that doesn't suit them. to his right is the bloodbath the beast titan made of their recruits, young blood soaking the earth and the red-haired kid sitting in the midst of it all with his head in his hands.
in his pocket rolls a ring, the silver band he'd taken off beforehand. if he was going to go through with erwin's wish, he wouldn't sully your name whilst doing so with the filth of it. not that it matters now, anyway. you're most likely dead.
what are the odds, he asks himself bleakly. how many soldiers had died on this mission? why was he such a fool to think you'd be spared? he rolls the ring between his fingers and hopes the tears cutting shining trenches through the blood on his face can be mistaken for rain as he stands, hunched and drawn, alone in the street.
he's a fool. a blind fool.
and yet - he'd always known this would be the outcome, hadn't he? from the time he woke up halfway through you trying to maneuver him from the chair he'd fallen asleep at to his bed, the candle on the desk low and guttering so he could only feel the way you froze when his eyes snapped open. he'd been furious at first, but once he realised what you were trying to do - of course, he still didn't let you do it. "i'm not a damn baby," he snapped, pushing out of your hold with a merciful amount of dignity. "i can get myself to bed."
"evidently not," you'd replied, and it was dark but he fancied he could hear the laughter in your eyes. "g'night, captain."
levi loves you because he is a fool, and you aren't. he can still see the stars in your eyes as you stood on the top of that snowy ridge, the scouts fast asleep by then. he'd gotten the rings from a market-seller in wall sina a while back and had been hanging on to them for months. he'd presented them with an air of embarrassment - he'd seen the absolute rocks the women in sina sported on their ring fingers, the glittering jewels and fifteen-karat circlets glinting gold in the sunlight - but your eyes went reverent at the plain silver, and when you kissed him, longer than he usually liked, he could see the stars above glimmering in your eyes brighter than any precious gem.
the rain washes the blood away, dripping down his neck in lukewarm rivulets, staining the cobblestone washed red. his grief will have to wait. they'll have to -
hange's shout cuts through the echoing cacophony of rainfall; in a second his muscles are wound, hands jerking instinctively to the blades at his waist even as he's spinning around to where they're standing now on the roof, craning their neck at something in the distance.
he scrambles up to the roof to join them. "what is it?"
"i think -" they squint, then curse under their breath. "damn eye. isn't that -"
levi freezes.
he's never considered himself a lucky person. he's a child of the underground - starvation is a part of him no matter how plentiful he eats now, the feeling of never having quite enough is something that sticks. he is born in air thick with poverty and disease, and he sees the ramifications of it the morning he stares into his mother's eyes and they don't stare back at him, only through him, unblinking and pale. he starves, and he is rescued. he is taught to wield and stab, how to use his small stature for survival, and he is left again. he is captured by the scouts, and his friends are killed. his squad is murdered by a demonic she-titan and he's too late to stop it. his commander (friend? partner?) is gone.
but levi thinks - maybe, all of it, is what brings him to here and now, soaked to the bone and freezing cold and covered in blood on a rooftop in the smoking ruins of shiganshina, watching through the grey blurry haze as a shape that looks impossibly like you zips towards him through the buildings.
he's away before his brain has caught up with him, heart drumming desperately in his ears. levi is not a religious man, but he's praying to any god or wall that will listen like he hasn't prayed in years, please please please just let me have this. his odm gear takes him forward, fast but not enough, not when every muscle in his body is screaming to be closer -
and then you crash into his field of vision, bodies colliding hard in mid-air; steel wires snap and you tumble the storey-high fall to the smashed street, landing painfully on top of him. he can hear your wheezings breaths, broken with sobs, and see the blood and dirt and tear tracks on your face when you reel back, eyes wide and mouth parted, hands shaking when they cup his face and pull him toward you minutely.
if he could see himself, he'd see the wide eyes and the film of tears in them and the minute quiver of his lip when you pull back enough for him to see you. he sees every filthy inch of you and his strength abruptly fails him; he slumps forward with a shaking exhalation, burying himself into the singed fabric of your cloak as you wind your arms about him and pull him closer than he's ever usually let you.
it's raw and painful; his torn ligaments scream for relief and cobblestone presses angry grooves into his skin, and your tears fall hot and thick and fast on his face - but all he can hear is the tapping of your pulse against his ear where he rests. his hands reach, seeking you, one on your arm and one about your neck to bring you closer, digging hard into the foam of your hairline. you press close, breaths intermingling, and it's dirty and painful and levi wouldn't trade it for the world.
"you're alive," he croaks. rainwater fills his mouth when he speaks. you shudder as you nod, hands swiping at the skin of his cheeks - brushing away blood, he thinks, or tears. "i thought -"
"i know," you say, equally as hoarse. he finds some small, selfish comfort in the fact that you're just as torn apart and filthy as he is. "did you lose your ring?"
he sniffs and reaches into his pocket, pulling the band out into the pallid, muted light. it glints with rainfall as you reach down to push it back on to his finger.
"don't ever -" you squeeze his hand tight, voice breaking. "don't ever take it off again, levi."
he swallows and squeezes back; for all the damp, cold misery that surrounds him, you're warm and bright. "i won't."
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mushroomplantasia · 2 months ago
Can I have a Ranpo, Chuyaa and Dazai with reader scenario about how they go from enemies to best friends to lovers ? Extra fluffy and sweet. You can use gender neutral pronouns too if you want to no qualms.
Chuuya, Dazai and Ranpo going from enemies to lovers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n - your wish is my command. Thank you for requesting I had to so much fun with this!!! Dis took sm time sorry 😭😭 also this was not proofread so I’m sorry if there are any errors!!
Fandom - Bungou Stray Dogs
Warning - none
Pairing - Chuuya x Reader, Dazai x Reader, Ranpo x Reader (separate)
Tumblr media
Oh how Chuuya hated you. You’re probably Dazai’s friend and coincidentally share some of his traits (cough-being annoying-cough) Whenever you’d bump into him you’d make stupid remarks about his hat or how he looks like he’s cosplaying constantly. It really did get on his nerve. He couldn’t feel with the constant belittling.
Once his bike broke down and it was absolutely pouring. He called the roadside service but they said they were having a busy night and it would take them a while to get to him. You by chance were just driving by when you notice pink bike and immediately pulled over to use a remark you’d been waiting to try. As you pulled over, you couldn’t help but notice that he looked upset. You replaced your childlike grin with a sympathetic smile.
“Get in Chuuya, I’ll give you a lift” those simple words somehow started a really precious friendship.
It was an unspoken friendship. The both of you wouldn’t interact more than you did before, only when the mafia and the agency butt heads. Instead of quips or insults it was just mutual appreciation. That didn’t mean you didn’t tease him though, it was just a lot more tamer and he’d laugh it off.
Chuuya didn’t realise he liked you at first. Sometimes he’d talk about you or blush when your name was brought up in a conversation or be a mess whenever he saw you. It wasn’t till Akutagawa stated that he may like you that he even considered that possibility. And oh boy did he hate emo boy for saying that to him cause now he couldn’t keep his cool. (I know many people head canon Chuuya being womaniser but I don't think he's ever been in love or any sort of long term relationship.)
He almost thought it would be best to never speak to you again. It’s absurd…you’re from the Agency and he’s from the mafia and it’s forbidden. He couldn’t cross this line if he wanted to. He didn't accept any ADA related missions for 3 months hoping his feelings would be forgotten but it only made it worse.
He bumped into you at the grocery store and boy did he run out there fast. In fact, he stopped shopping there all together, in fear of seeing you again. One day in a drunken state he complained to Kouyou about you and how you make him feel.
"They did one nice thing for me and now I'm madly in love with'd never work" He hiccuped, sipping another sip from his drink.
Like the wise older sister and mentor Kouyou is, she shared some of her best wisdom with her younger counterpart. "Maybe you should talk to L/N and hang out with them before you decide you're in love with them" So he did...or at least he tried.
He pulled a few strings and found out you liked hanging out at the docks when you're off work.
"Hey..." He said, adjusting his hat, he sounded way more tamer than he intended it to sound.
"Chuuya" you acknowledge, "I thought you were dead"
"HUH? why would you think that?" He asked sitting next to you, throwing his legs off the ledge.
"I haven't seen you in like 4 months and victorian boy won't tell me what happened to you" you admit, skipping rocks on the ocean, fixating your eyes at the ripple they cause. He smiles to himself, Akutagawa was a good friend for not revealing why he wasn't present at the mission.
"Akutagawa" he corrects, "Akutagawa, noted" you repeat. The both of you sit in silence for a couple more moments. It would look awkward to the naked eye but it felt almost natural to Chuuya.
"Are you going to tell me why I haven't seen you in foreeeeverrr?" You drag out the words to sound less serious, probably to ease the fact you were worried. You were indeed Dazai’s friend.
"Did you get lost cause you're so small?" you retort, handing chuuya some rocks to throw as well. He ignores your remark.
"Do you like coming here Y/N?" He asks, imitating your actions. You nod, "It's very feels like our place"
"Our place?"
"Our place cause you're here too!" You exclaim, standing up once you're out of rocks. You extend a hand out to the mafioso. Chuuya stared at your hand for a second. He was gonna do something now that would either make you hate him or maybe like him.
He pulled your hand, making both; you and him to fall into the water beneath your feet. You let out a startled yelp and make your way to the surface.
"Were you trying to kill me!?" you laughed, holding on to Chuuya in order to stay afloat. The simple contact makes the red head turn pink.
"I didn't show up to the missions cause I like you Y/N.." He admits, trying to hide his flushed face with his hat
You look at him in disbelief, causing the executive question his decision of revealing his feelings for you.
"You don't have to..uh respond-" He affirms, being coated in a blanket of embarrassment. You cut him short by smashing your lips against his, throwing your arms around his neck. Chuuya greedily deepens the kiss, you had no idea how bad he wanted this.
You're the first to pull away, leaning your forehead against his. "I think..I think I like you too" you smile.
I don’t think Dazai ever truly hate you, unless of course, you’re siding with someone he does hate, like Mori. He doesn’t see you as a proper enemy like he does Mori but you are on opposing teams. I think it would truly grind his gears if you never replied to his childlike behaviour and limit your attention to him.
The both of you often visited this small restaurant on the side of a road that not many people knew about. He’d always see you there and decided to break the ice. It was hard getting to be friends with you, the both of you were so different, but for some reason he liked that. It took some time but then it become an unspoken rule to eat dinner together every Thursday. Another unspoken rule was to never bring up work, work is where things went wrong.
While technically not “best friends”, slowly the both of you started seeing each other outside of restaurant, like going out drinking or rescuing Dazai from another suicide attempt. Dazai knew it was common for him to fall for his best friend. Anyone who saw through the facade. You didn’t need to do much to get him to like you, it was mostly just seeing through the curtains and being honest with him. You told him things he needed to hear and he’d appreciate that relentlessly.
He definitely liked you first. He can’t remember exactly when he did but he did remember it was while the both of you were having dinner. He’s in control of his emotions and he always had a mask on. You didn’t see through it. It became a bug in his brain.
“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” The chant was always in his head. Hed see when he closed his eyes, he sees you when he goes to bed, the first thing he thinks about in the morning is you. It’s always you.
To any other person he’s confess, being absolutely certain they’d reciprocate his feelings but with you he felt a wave of uncertainty. While he saw you as an angel how saved him, you still see him as threat.
And as for one can resist the bandage mans charms. He shows you a part of him he never showed anyone else, knowing he trusts you enough to show you this just makes you like him even more.
I feel like since you’re drinking buddies, the confession would be a drunken one.
“Y/n! Y/n!” Dazai hiccups, you lift your head lightly from the table and hum in response.
“Maybe it’s the alcohol but I think I like you” he states, drinking more of his whisky.
“Huh” you reply, “the more you know I guess”
“The more you know? Aren’t you going to say anything else” He asks, genuinely surprised to why you haven’t said anything more.
“I don’t want to this wasted Osamu, but I think I like you too” You admit, head still slumped on to the table. You made it sound so casual, internally Dazai was freaking out. His heart was doing a flip, his breath hitched, a weight lifted from his shoulders. You liked him. You gave him a sideways grin and attempted to lift yourself off the table.
“But shhhh!! Forget that ever happened” you laughed, struggling to keep your body straight. He frowned slightly. You continued, “I want to do this properly, so forget this happened” you try to say without you words slurring which only makes the man in front of you laugh.
“Let’s get you home” He chuckles, helping you up. He couldn’t stop thinking about you the whole way home.
The both of you were rivals and worked in the agency which only made the tension worse. Again, I don’t think Ranpo truly hates anyone but he may dislike them strongly, especially people that don’t accept that he’s in fact; the greatest detective alive. You were one of them.
It was always “Get off your ass Ranpo!” or “Stop using Atsushi to get yourself more snacks” You were Kunikida to his Dazai. Ranpo is a lot of things but he’s not stupid, he knew your efforts to nag him was because you found him pretty intriguing but he wasn’t fond of you..cause you were mean.
He even tried complaining to Fukuzawa, who looked at him as his son, but he always gave the standard response, “L/N is a valuable asset to the Agency and is a very hard worker, don’t engage in conflict with them”
You would often try to encourage him to pick up cases, to most of which he almost always refused. He argued that Fukuzawa only keeps you around to tame him, and indeed he was right.
One day, after hours, he takes a trip to his his favourite cafe downtown, the cafe that holds his precious vanilla cherry cake.
“Ah hello Ranpo! Sorry we don’t have your cake today…it’s all sold out” He felt his heartbreak into a million pieces, he felt immobile. He came all this way..just for his cake to be gone?
“Who took the last piece?” He whines, the shopkeeper points at you, sitting in the corner but the back windows of the cafe. Ranpo was not a man who got angry quickly, but now he was turning red.
“OI! You took the last piece of my cake!” He points his finger at you, who munched away happily.
“Well I got it first, so it’s my cake” You retort, a mouthful of the green-eyed mans favourite dessert. To say that was upset was an understatement. The world has just ended for him. He stood their in silence, envy radiating from his body.
“Unless of course…”, you trailed on, focusing your eyes on your fork.
His ears immediately perked up, ‘Hmm I see an offer coming up.’, He thinks
“Unless I promise to do more work?” He pouts, with his easy deduction skills, it’s was self explanatory what your offer was going to be.
“Wait that’s far better” you honestly say, continuing, “I was going to say unless we share.. it’s a pretty big slice”
‘Oh’, He didn’t think of that..sharing a cake? That’s absurd, why would he ever do something as insane as that? Sweets are something to be enjoyed alone, that’s always the way he’s done it.
“If you think too hard you’re gonna miss out on the offer” You stick your tongue out. Hesitantly he sits down on the chair next to you and lifts the fork to dig in.
He’d never admit it but he was grateful you shared your cake with him. He knows all though he argued it was his cake, you rightfully got it. It was super nice of you to share your food, he thought it was noble cause he’d never do the same.
“I say to call it a truce!” You declare, mouthful of cake.
“Wha” He replies make, imitating your action.
“Let’s become friends Ranpo.” You say clearly after chewing down on the cake.
“Friends? No way” he huffed, crossing his arms before his chest like a child. You stifled a laugh and continued to munch down on the cake.
And a truce is what the both of you called. You continued to scold Ranpo when he was slacking off, much like an over excited middle schooler who got assigned hall monitor. Ranpo also continued complaining about you.
It wasn’t all that bad, you did share some pleasant moments together when he actually listened to you, sometimes if he was in a exceptionally good mood he’d even share some of his many snacks with you.
You were the first to fall for him, it occurred to you one day when you were eating icecream on your couch that it occurred to you that it felt like something- no someone was missing. Your brain grinder those gears until it finally realised who exactly the person was; the one who’d finish the puzzle. Your annoying coworker Ranpo.
I think he knows you like him before you even realise you like him; with the subtle movements when moving his snacks off his desk, or the way your voice is softer now when you yell at him (well not all that soft..but definitely softer than before)
The confession isn’t as romantic as you’d want it to be. One day the both of you were staying back at the agency to sort out the paper work. Ranpo as usual wasn’t doing much, but he noticed you weren’t saying much at all.
“y/n you’re quiet today” he stated, munching on some pocky he forced Atsushi to get. You nod and sigh, continuing to organise the paperwork according to Kunikida’s very very precise instructions.
“Do you want some pocky?” He offered, he couldn’t help but feel you’re mad at him..was it cause he wasn’t doing his job?
“No thanks I’m good” you stated, not even bothering to look up from your assignments.
“Are you mad? Cause I’ll help if you want..” Ranpo nervous fidgeted with his pocky. He wasn’t very fond of the tension between the both of you.
“Yeah I kinda am mad” you replied, now looking straight at Ranpo’s closed eyes. “I thought maybe I’d been clear before—”
“I’ll help, what did Kunikida say we needed to do?” He interrupted, assuming it’d be regarding the work assigned.
“No, I’m not talking about work. I’ve been dropping hints all month Ranpo! All month!” You voiced. Interestingly, you were very calm and composed, not raising your voice by the slightest.
“You call yourself the greatest detective in the world but you literally cannot figure out that I—”
“That you like me?” He finishes, smugly sitting on his desk.
“Oh.. so you knew.” You replied back, feeling slightly foolish because of what you said earlier.
“Yeah I knew cause I’m simply the greatest detective alive” He said with a shit eating grin on his face. “And to be completely frank with you..I may find you remotely interesting.”
“You like me!” You laugh, standing up to look at him closely.
“NO I DO NOT! I just said you’re interesting.” He huffed.
“HAHAHA, you like me so bad!” You boom with laughter, clenching your stomach.
After a couple minutes of bickering and fighting about who likes who, Ranpo finally gives in and admits that he really does, in fact like you.
Bonus +
“Mission accomplished!” Dazai smirks, high-fiving Atsushi.
“I still think there was a better way to get him to admit his feelings for them” Atsushi sighs, finding himself again caught in a web of his mentors matchmaking plans.
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Shinigami Eyes (II)
Pairing: Corpse Husband / Reader
Summary: After you distastefully kill Corpse in a game of Among Us, he wants you to make it up to him and invites you to come over for the week.
Notes: Thank you so much for the love on the previous chapter, I’ve never gotten this many notes before. I hope you enjoy, and maybe leave an ask if you want to? I can’t promise I have time to do them, but I’ll pick out a couple.
Also, I might rewrite this. I kinda rushed it because I wanted to finish it by tonight, but there will be a final and third chapter to this afterwards. Please do let me know what you think.
Tag list CLOSED!
Tumblr media
Shinigami Eyes - Pt. II
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
You were teamed up with Sean.
Your fist violently slammed down on the desk. “Goddammit! I don’t want to be impostor anymore! This game has no compassion for my poor nerves.” It was the third time in a row now, and you were really craving to do normal tasks now without all the scheming. “Fuck it, I don’t care if they kill me. I’m just gonna do my thing without thinking about it.”
You decide to follow Toast for a bit to watch him do some task. You kill him in Laboratory. You vent back to Launchpad and take your time walking towards MedBay while the kill button restores. You meet up with Corpse, and follow him while pretending to do wires in the Y-hallway. You watched the green bar go up, and continued. Sabotaging and then fixing lights, you made sure your place with Corpse was settled. Then the body of Lily was reported.
As you expected, Corpse easily vouched for you as he’d seen you do a task. The round was skipped, though Rae was sussed for ‘chasing’ Sean, by his own words.
“Corpse, you’ve grown weak,” you muttered to chat.
You were in Greenhouse, and decided it would be best to kill him there and sabotage Reactor. “Sorry baby, but I can’t keep following you around.” You quickly set off Reactor and murdered him in front of the plants. “Your blood shall keep the plants hydrated.” You did an evil laugh. “Pretty sure that’s not how it works, though.”
You vented down to MedBay and as you walked out you met up with Rae. She’d be the vouch who would confirm you weren’t anywhere near Greenhouse. “I’ll just have to fix my own sabotage so they’ll never suspect me.” You helped her with the handprint, and noted Sykkuno and Felix being there. Sean sabotaged lights, you killed Sykkuno, and ran out to follow Lily into Laboratory. Felix reported the body.
“Holy shit,” Rae gasped. So far, five people had died. You only needed to kill one more person. “It was Felix!”
“Wait, what?” the man in question asked. “I was fixing Reactor!”
She mentioned that only you, Sykkuno, Felix and herself had been there and that you’d helped her do handprint. “Sykkuno must have fixed it, and then you killed him!”
Sean asked if you’d seen anything.
“No, the lights were out. I followed Rae into Laboratory after the scan.” Your voice didn’t tremble or raise, a tactic you’d taken up from the best lair in the group. Well, the one who was now dead. Oops. “I haven’t seen Felix this entire game, though.”
He was evidently at a loss for words, so the group was quick to vote for him.
Pewds was ejected.
You thanked Sean for a good game who was laughing his ass off. “I can’t believe you did Corpse like that! Poor guy!”
“I deadass thought you were innocent,” Corpse replied, “I’m hurt.”
“Why do you still sound dark and menacing when you say something like that?!”
You agreed with Sean heartily, “He’s just salty I’ve bested him at his own game.”
“Hey now, no need to actually insult me.”
The group laughed. You decided to call it for the night, right before Corpse did the same.”
He was calling you again. “What is it this time, you salty?”
“Salty? Nah, never,” he said, but you weren’t convinced.
“Then why you calling?”
“What, I can’t call my friends after playing a nice round of Among Us?”
“Not when you lost the game and you call the person who you lost to. Kinda sus, dude.”
“Alright, maybe a little salty.” You smirked.
“Aw, you need me to make it up to you?”
He laughed. “What did you have in mind?”
A bunch of thoughts, most not rated PG-13, crossed your mind. You were suddenly starting to feel uncomfortable. This was probably just something innocent, which got twisted in your fucked-up mind. You shrugged, “Uh… I don’t know.”
“I got an idea.”
“What is it?”
“Come over this week. You said you needed a break, right?”
“That sounds more like you’re doing me a favour instead of me making it up to you.”
“I don’t have any friends. You’d be making it up to me by being the first physical person here in years. I usually don’t invite people over.”
“Wow, I’m flattered. So, you don’t consider me to be your friend after all?”
“You know that’s not what I meant,” he chuckled.
“Sure, sure. Tell me that again when my presence suddenly brightens your life making you not want to get rid of me, ever.”
“I’ll keep it in mind.”
You walk through the gates following a hoard of people, all the while still feeling drowsy from not getting any sleep during your flight. At least you didn’t have any turbulence and landed safely. Glancing around here and there with no result, you figured Corpse would be waiting outside, until you spotted a figure clad in black a little ends away by the escalator. You were glad you were still awake enough to have found him, because he appeared to silently linger halfway behind a fern.
At least, you hoped it was him. The only indications were his clothes, mask and dark hair. You saw him run a hand through it, and identified the chipped black nail polish and familiar rings. Oh yea, that was him alright.
He seemed to be paying more attention to the floor until he saw two feet appear in his line of sight. “Hey,” you awkwardly greeted. A bit taken a back, he replied, “Oh, wow. Hey.” A mask was covering the bottom of his face, but as far as you could see his eyes were a very dark shade.
“Wow?” you repeated. He chuckled, scratching the back of his head. “Yea, sorry. It’s a compliment.” You held your elbow out in a safe-distance gestured hello, but he shrugged you off. “You’re gonna be staying with me anyways.” Suddenly in a daze, you felt him wrap his arms around your waist and instantly hugged him back. His baggy sweater felt warm and soft to the touch, and strands of hair tickled your face. You very much tried to repress your smile and blush, but how could you? Hugging someone wasn’t supposed to feel this good. When he pulled back he reached down to take your suitcase from you. “I don’t own a car, is it okay if we take a cab?”
“Y-Yeah, of course,” you stuttered, “But it’s on me. Same with food and stuff.” “Don’t worry about it,” he chuckled. “No, you’re letting me stay with you and a hotel would’ve been a lot more expensive than this. It’s my treat.” “Yeah, we’ll see.” He gave you a look and even with the mask you could tell he was smirking underneath it.
It’s about half an hour drive to his apartment complex, and it’s rather nice. “All that YouTube money paying off, huh?” you asked in amusement. “You’d know,” he replied. You insisted on carrying your suitcase up the stairs yourself, which he silently shook his head at, until after a few flights he noticed you struggling and settled on carrying the thing in between the two of you. “How many clothes did you bring?” “Oh, it’s mostly filled with bricks I might need to throw at your head.” He laughed at that.
His apartment was simple, but cosy. “Home sweet home,” he said, almost sarcastically. You furrowed your brow at him. “I’m sure you could’ve had it a lot worse.” He reluctantly agreed.
He helped you set down your luggage in what appeared to be his bedroom, where the curtains were still closed and the black bedsheets fresh. He had a few pieces of fanart up on his wall, and some on his closet. You turned to him and gave him a look. “You’re not sleeping on the couch.”
He quickly shook his head, “You’re not sleeping there. If you won’t let me sleep on the couch I’ll sleep on the floor.”
“If you’re sleeping on the floor, I’m sleeping on the floor.”
“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” he murmured. “What?” “Nothing.”
He suggested playing video games as you were both too tired to do anything else. You’d landed quite late yet were still confused about what time it actually was. Flying is weird. You hopped onto his couch and grabbed a controller.
He sat down next to you, but suddenly seemed tenser than before.
“You okay? You can just go to sleep if you want to.”
He shook his head, “Nah, I don’t sleep a lot. It’s fine.”
You didn’t stop looking at him, though. He was still wearing that mask. “You don’t have to take it off, if you don’t want to. I understand if it makes you uncomfortable.”
“It’s not that, I just…” He took a deep breath. You hadn’t expected him to take it off then and there. You stared at him, your mouth slightly agape, controller barely held by your numb hands.
It was as if he was expecting you to make a face or something, but you didn’t give him anything, except for a blatant “Nope” and an “Are we gonna play now or what?”
“You don’t have anything else to say?”
You shrugged, and looked him up and down again. “You’re kind of what I imagined you to be.”
“What’s that?”
Neither of you could stop smiling for the rest of the night.
You eventually forced him to sleep in his own bed, even going as far as to shove him into the room and keep your weight against the door so he couldn’t get out, so he eventually relented. “Inviting you here was a mistake.” “How come? All I’ve done so far is look after you!” “You’re a nightmare.”
You mostly stayed in for the week, which you didn’t mind at all. Being in such a closed-off environment with someone you got along with was nice. He attempted to get you to lift the weights in his room and succeeded for around fifteen minutes until you nearly dropped a dumbbell on your foot. You ordered take-out from his favourite restaurant, watched horror movies until you adapted to his sleeping schedule because you were too scared to close your eyes now, and even streamed a bit together with your friends.
“Wait, is Corpse with you?” Rae had asked.
“No, I’m at Corpse’s. He’s sitting across from me so I can’t see his screen but we’re gonna have to share the Discord unless you want to hear an echo.”
“Ah, man! You got to see his face, too?” Sykkuno whined.
“Stop simping, Sykkuno. You get enough attention from him already.”
“Don’t worry, I still love you,” Corpse said.
It was probably a good thing that you got teamed up again, because you could indeed start to see his hands shaking right as the word ‘impostor’ appeared on the screen. You reached over and stroked it with your thumb. He smiled gratefully back at you.
“Just please,” he pleaded later that day, “Sleep in the bed. If only for one night.”
“No. I’ve heard about and now seen your sleeping habits. If you take the couch you’re never going to get any sleep.” You made a real effort to show him how comfortable you were – even though your back had started to hurt already after the first night – by crawling underneath your blanket and rubbing your head into the soft pillow. He snorted.
Next thing, you feel yourself being lifted by an arm underneath your knees and one around your back. “Corpse! Put me the fuck down!” you shrieked. You knew he lifted weights, but how the hell did he still have the energy as an insomniac? He ungracefully dropped you onto the matrass and turned the lights off. “Good night.”
You quickly got hold of the back of his hoodie before he could leave and pulled. He fell down next to you with a low huff. “Fine, I’ll sleep in the bed. But only if you sleep here too.”
“I snore.”
“Don’t care.”
For some reason, there wasn’t any tension or awkwardness. You were comfortable, and the soft rhythm of his breathing seemed to soothe you. He called out your name, to see if you were still awake.
“…Thanks for coming over.”
“Any time.”
This was how you would spend the rest of the nights, and whenever either of you woke up suddenly curled up around the other, you didn’t mention it or move away from it. It was the first time in years Corpse got a few nights of complete rest.
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cherrygoldenharry · 6 months ago
look after you (1)
TFATWS Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Summary: Sam asks you to join him and Bucky on a mission in Madripoor. When you get injured, Bucky feels the need to remind you more than once that he’s supposed to look after you now that Steve’s gone.
Warnings: tfatws spoilers, language, violence, blood, grief, angst, major pining
Word Count: 6k+ 
Author’s Note: Here she is!! I’m really excited to see what you guys think! This is my first Bucky fic in AGES! I decided to make this into a mini series since this fic is so long haha. Please let me know what you think. Comments, reblogs, and asks are highly encouraged and appreciated! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
You hadn’t seen Sam or Bucky in several weeks. You were still adjusting to life post-blip. It had been a long five years for you and just seconds for them. You were no longer the bright-eyed and bushy tailed recruit. You’d grown into your position amongst the established and experienced Avengers. Now, it meant nothing. 
Tony’s gone. Steve’s dead, Natasha too. The Avengers had officially disbanded. You felt lost and confused, still blinded by your grief over losing them. You had nowhere to go, so you just floated from place to place as needed. 
You were laying low and a shell of the person you once were. You had no one to look towards anymore. Bucky went his separate ways and got some sort of footing in New York City with the pardon he was given by the government since his return to the states. You checked in every now and then with him, but you didn’t want to slow down his progress so you distanced yourself from him. 
You know he feels some sort of responsibility towards you. Steve did too, and you suppose now that he’s gone, Bucky feels the need to take his place. It doesn’t matter that you’re no longer the naive 23 year old he met in Berlin all those years ago. It doesn’t matter that there was something lingering between the two of you before he turned to ash. You’re a grown woman now and war and politics has hardened your soul. 
He needs to move on from you. The version he has of you in his head is gone, dead. He wants a fresh start, and you can’t give it to him. 
Sam checks in with you once in a while. He asks you how you’re doing and you respond the same each time. “Same shit, different day,” you laughed lightly. 
He knows better than to ask you to join him on his missions with the military. You’re not in the right headspace to return to the field, least of all if it meant that you were representing the US government wherever the fight was. 
Now that John Walker has the shield and has been branded the new Captain America, it gives you all the more reason to stay away. If he had so much as just breathed in your direction, you’d kill him and rip the shield from his grasp and return it to Sam. 
You ignored all emails and phone calls that had to do with John Walker. He wanted your blessing on live television, as if that meant anything. Yes, you were close with Steve, but you’re not an original Avenger. You just caught his eye during training one day and he took you under his wing. John Walker just wanted to create a bridge between the two of you since Sam and Bucky were obviously out of the question. 
You were the first person Sam called when he told you he was giving up the shield. You didn’t ask why. You knew he had his reasons and you respected him to accept that whatever the reasons were, they were good enough. 
So, when Sam called in the middle of the night, you picked up the phone without a second thought. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you sit up and fumble for the light on the nightstand beside you. 
“Sam? You do realize it’s three in the morning, right?” you asked, yawning into your phone. 
Sam curses in your ear and apologizes quietly. “Sorry. You would think with all this traveling, I’d remember time zones are a thing,” he laughed softly. 
“What is it, Sam?” 
“We’re in a bit of a tight spot. We could use your help.”
Your brows pinch together. “Who’s we, Sam?”
“Me and Barnes.”
Your heart jumps inside your throat. How the hell did Sam manage to rope Bucky into whatever he’s doing? The last you heard, Bucky wasn’t allowed to go on government missions until his therapist thought he made enough progress to do so. You know he’s nowhere near the progress he wants to be, so how is he with Sam? 
“Jesus, Sam. You know he’s not in the right headspace to go on missions!” There’s a heavy pause between the two of you before you relent. “Where am I meeting you?”
“Latvia. I’ll fill you in when you get here.”
You hang up quickly and hurry out of bed. After so many years of getting up at odd hours for emergency missions and the like, you’re not surprised that Sam asked you to meet him in the middle of the night. You grab your duffle bag and stuff all your belongings back inside. You travel lightly, and now it definitely seemed to work out in your favor. 
You’ve spent the last couple of weeks in a small town just outside of Helena, Montana. It’s nice and quiet and you’ve really taken the time to reflect on your life since things started going back to normal post-blip. The locals are nice and hospitable, and no one asks you about Steve, Tony, or what you thought of John Walker. You hope it had something to do with the fact that they didn’t know who you were. You certainly hoped that was the case. You’ve kept your head down and tried your best to blend in. 
You go hiking quite frequently and take drives through the mountains. It’s nice and relaxing, a far cry from what you’re used to. You’ll definitely miss it, and you have second thoughts about meeting up with Sam, but you push them away. Steve abandoned you both, and you wouldn’t do that to him. 
It takes you several hours to get to the closest international airport and by the time you arrive, the sun begins to rise in the distance. You hurry through the airport security and send Sam a quick update that you’re about to board your flight before you settle in your seat and fall back asleep.
You sleep through the entire flight. You blame it on your ability to sleep anywhere due to the number of missions you have under your belt. You’re wide awake when the plane lands and you’re quick to pull out your phone and send a message to Sam that you’ve made it safe and sound to Latvia. 
Your legs are stiff and sore when you stand up for the first time when it’s time to leave. You pull your duffle bag from the overhead compartment and slowly make your way to the front. It takes you nearly an hour to get through customs and now you’re just anxiously waiting to see Sam. 
When you see him waiting for you at the baggage claim area, you grin as your eyes meet. You hurry over to him and drop your duffle bag to the floor as he pulls you in for a hug. It’s warm and tight and it’s exactly what you need. Sam pulls away first and reaches for your bag, throwing an arm over your shoulder as you walk out of the airport to his car. 
You stop walking when you notice two figures near a very fancy yellow car as you and Sam near them. Sam keeps walking and you take slow, tentative steps. You know one of the figures has to be Bucky, but Sam never mentioned a third person. 
“Sam, I thought you said that it was just you and Bucky,” you said cautiously. 
Sam stops in his tracks and lets out a nervous chuckle and scratches the back of his head. It makes your heart race and you swallow the lump in your throat as they begin to come into focus as they near the two of you. “Y/n, before you get angry, I just need you to know that this wasn’t my idea. Believe me when I tell you that he is the last person we would ask for help,” Sam replied as his eyes went from you to the two people approaching.
“Who is he?” you asked through gritted teeth. 
“Ah! Y/n, good to know that your flight went rather smoothly. It is good to see you again.”
No. There’s no way. You must be dreaming. Hemlut Zemo is not standing right in front of you. He is in prison. He is behind bars for the crimes he committed. The two men that you're closest to wouldn’t jailbreak someone as atrocious as Zemo. There has to be an explanation. It doesn’t make sense. 
“What the fuck is Zemo doing out of prison?!” you hissed, looking between Bucky and Sam, demanding an explanation. 
“Y/n, honey, I can explain, just please get in the car,” Bucky pleaded, reaching out to touch your hand. 
You glare at him and take a step back. “Are you out of your mind, Bucky? You break him out of jail because you need him, is that it? Do you remember what he did to you, because I certainly do!”
Bucky frowns and lets out a deep and heavy sigh. He looks over at Sam. “Did you fill her in at all?”
“No!” you shouted. “I can speak for myself, James! Someone better start talking and tell me what the hell is going on!”
“We don’t really have time for this right now,” Zemo interrupts, “we really must be going. I’m sure Sam and James can fill you in in the car.”
You glare at the Sokovian terrorist and snap at him. “Shut your mouth, Zemo.”
He raises his hands up in surrender and takes a step back. Bucky towers over you and this time you let him take your hand. He squeezes it gently and pulls you into his chest, hugging you tightly. You’re tense and fuming as he holds you. 
His mouth finds the shell of your ear and despite the wave of anger flowing through your body, it sends a shiver down your spine. Bucky whispers, “I hate to say it, but Zemo’s right. We have to go. I’ll explain on the way, I promise.”
You huff childishly and turn your head away from him as he kisses your temple. “Fine. If he steps out of line, I’ll kill him.”
Bucky laughs and takes your hand and walks you to the car. “Get in line, honey. Sam and I have first dibs.”
You resist the urge to smile and Bucky opens the door for you as Sam tosses your bag in the trunk and climbs into the front seat. Bucky slides in beside you and he tells you everything.
He tells you about their first encounter with the Flag Smashers. He tells you about how the leader and a few of her followers have taken a newer version of the serum that runs through his veins. He tells you that she plans on giving the serum to more people to build an army and that you have to stop her. 
It makes your heart stop. You hadn’t really been keeping tabs on the Flag Smashers. Now, looking back, you probably should have. There’s still a lot of unknown variables to account for and it looks like the boys are taking it one step at a time, and apparently it starts with a trip to Madripoor. Zemo chimes in every now and then as he drives and it makes your blood boil that you’re forced to listen to what he has to say. You hate that he has the upper hand and is keeping valuable information hostage. You want to strangle him. 
After a while, Zemo pulls into a private airport. Bucky helps you out of the car and grabs your bag from the trunk as the four of you walk towards the jet just off the runway. You had no idea just how rich Zemo was. Now that he’s out of prison, for now at least, his arrogance returned back in full force in addition to his pompous attitude. 
You board the plane in silence, ignoring every word coming out of the Baron’s mouth. You settle in the back of the plane and ignore Bucky’s stares as you look out the window. You’re too angry to engage in conversation. You don’t care that Zemo insults Steve’s legacy. He’s gone, dead, what do you care? Yes, you wanted Steve to be happy, but he abandoned you. He abandoned Sam and Bucky. 
Zemo rambles on and on. “People like Steve become symbols, icons. Then we start to forget about their flaws. From there, cities fly, innocent people die. Movements are formed, wars are fought,” he turns to address Bucky directly. “You remember that, right? As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon. Do we want to live in a world full of people like the Red Skull?”
Silence fills the space and for a moment, you feel a reprieve. That was until Zemo mentioned the Winter Soldier. 
 “We can’t go into Madripoor as ourselves. James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone.”
You immediately stand up and protest, storming to the front of the plane. “No. Absolutely not. I won’t let you use Bucky, not again. There has to be another way.”
Zemo clicks his tongue at you and shakes his head. A smug graces his features and you lung at him, wrapping your hands around his throat. “I’ll fucking kill you!”
Bucky leaps to his feet and tears you off of Zemo, dragging you to the back of the plane behind the curtains to give the two of you an illusion of privacy. Your shoulders shake with rage and Bucky’s hands caress your face. 
“You can’t be him. He’s not you anymore. You don’t have to do this, Bucky. Please,” you begged, clinging to his hands. “I can’t let Zemo control you again.”
Bucky’s touched with how protective you are over him. He pulls you closer and hugs you tightly against him. Your fingers grip the back of his shirt and he presses a gentle kiss to the top of your head. 
“Honey,” he whispered. “I have to. I have to do this so we can stop the Flag Smashers from getting the serum. It’s for the mission.”
You huffed against his chest. Now you’re really regretting your decision to help Sam. You would’ve said no if you had known that it meant watching Bucky turn into the Winter Soldier again, even if it wasn’t real. 
You don’t know what to say. He won’t change his mind. Bucky’s just as stubborn as you are and he’ll do anything for the success of the mission, just like Steve did. 
You pull away and return back to your seat, crossing your arms over your chest as you stare into the back of Zemo’s plush leather seat. Bucky trails behind you and squeezes your shoulder. You shrug off his touch as he takes the empty seat next to yours. 
“And, I’m afraid that where we’re going doesn’t take too kindly to women who are…. how do I put this…. strong willed,” Zemo said. 
“What is that supposed to mean?” Bucky barked, jumping to your defense just moments after you did the same for him.
“Selby will see Y/n as competition. We can’t have that happen. She’ll have to stay behind.”
“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m just going to just sit here and do nothing,” you snapped. “I’m coming with. I don’t care if I have to pretend to be meek.”
Zemo turns to look at you. He’s challenging you. You both know it. He’s pushing your buttons and it’s working. He smirks and leans against the armchair. His eyebrows raise and he asks, “Even if it means pretending to be a prostitute?”
Your gaze doesn’t falter and you ignore both Sam’s and Bucky’s protests. It falls on deaf ears. You don’t care, as long as you’re with Sam and Bucky and they’re safe. “Yes,” you answered without a second thought. You’ve done worse things than pretend to be a sex worker. It would be a piece of cake. 
Zemo grins, letting out a soft laugh. “It looks like you’ll be joining us after all then, Y/n.”
You scoff at him and look out the window. Bucky drags you from your seat once more and pulls you behind the curtain. You look away from him and he reaches to squeeze your hand. 
“You don’t have to do this. You have nothing to prove,” he whispered, brushing the top of your palm with his warm and calloused fingers. 
“You don’t either,” you mumbled back. 
He smiles softly at your retort and pulls you into his arms. He holds you gently and cards his fingers through your hair. You hum quietly as he holds you. 
“Touché, honey.”
There’s a beat of silence between the two of you before you lean back to meet his gaze. His blue eyes pierce through yours and it makes your heart race. You pull away and rub your palms against your thighs. 
You disappear behind the curtain once more, leaving Bucky behind. 
When you arrive in Madripoor, you’re dressed in an outfit that leaves little to the imagination. The dress has a plunging neckline that settles just below your naval. Your chest is barely covered and your boobs threaten to slip over the fabric. You’re dressed for the part, that’s for sure. 
Zemo is the first one to look at you when you return from behind the curtain. He whistles at you and it makes your skin crawl. 
Bucky shoves Zemo harshly and grips his chest tightly, snarling in his face. “Watch your mouth,” Bucky hissed, shoving him into one of the chairs. 
He turns to look at you and you reach to squeeze his hand. You pull him away from Zemo and whisper softly, “It’s alright, Buck. Take a deep breath.”
He grits his teeth and shakes his head, and does what you ask. “I’ll kill him. If he does that again, I’ll kill him.”
You laugh softly and press a gentle kiss to his cheek. “I don’t doubt you will, Buck.”
The two of you trail behind Sam and Zemo as you leave the plane. A sleek black car is waiting just off the runway and you follow behind to the vehicle. When you settle into your spot in between Buck and Sam in the back, Zemo turns to look at the three of you. 
“It’s imperative that we don’t break character, no matter what. If you do, we’re good as dead, understand?” 
You scoff and roll your eyes as he looks towards you. “Crystal,” you snapped, crossing your arms over your chest. 
He turns to face the front of the vehicle and silence fills the car. 
Suddenly, a number of motorcycles surround the car as you drive into Low Town. you make sure to keep your eyes forward and Bucky reaches for the hand on your knee. He squeezes it tightly and you do the same. 
Reality is now just setting in for you. This is the first mission that you’ve been on since Steve went back to the 40s, and since Tony died. It had been three long months since Tony saved the world and brought everyone back that was taken five years earlier. You know that three months isn’t long, but it still makes you nervous. You haven’t been training to keep things from going rusty. You had no desire to. 
Bucky leans into you, his mouth near the shell of your ear. “You okay?” 
You nodded, swallowing the lump in your throat. “Yeah, just a bit nervous. I’m a little out of practice. This is my first mission since Steve left,” you mumbled back, squeezing his hand again to keep you grounded. He does the same in return. 
“It’s alright. I have your back. I’ll protect you, promise.”
A small smile finds its way onto your face and you shake your head at him. “You know better than anyone else than to promise something like that before a mission, Buck. It’s bad luck,” you teased. 
He laughs too and the car stops in what you guess is the downtown area of Low Town. You take a deep breath and Bucky does the same. You squeeze his hand one last time before his hand falls from your grasp. He opens the door and climbs out. You follow close behind and find your spot next to Sam. He gingerly wraps his arm around your waist as you walk into the Princess Bar. 
Electronic music blasts through the speakers and the bass vibrates through your chest. You press against Sam as you push through people to get to the bar. The smell of drugs and alcohol is suffocating as you walk and ignore the stares sent your way. They’re not staring at you, but Bucky, who walks just a step behind you like a looming shadow. 
“Ready to comply, Winter Soldier?” Zemo asked Bucky in Russian. 
It makes your blood boil and Sam squeezes your waist tightly, a reminder that you must not break character. You hate it. You hate that Bucky has to pretend to be the person he’s worked so hard to distance himself from. Bucky is not him. The Winter Soldier doesn’t exist anymore. That part of him is gone, dead. You only hope that Bucky reminds himself that the Winter Soldier isn’t him anymore as he pretends just feet behind you.
You stand in front of the bar counter as the bartender approaches. You keep your mouth shut as Zemo exchanges words with the man, briefly bringing Sam, the Smiling Tiger, into the conversation. Your eyes find Bucky’s and your heart jumps inside your throat. His eyes are cold and void of any emotion. He’s stoic and brooding. He’s fallen into character perfectly and it scares you to think that all the progress he’s made over the years has been destroyed in this moment. For his sake, you hope not.
You tear your eyes away from Bucky at the feeling of Sam’s hand on the curve of your ass. You watch him carefully as he takes a shot. The bartender moves on and you let out a careful breath. 
A man grasps at Zemo’s shoulder and sneers at him. He looks over at Bucky as Zemo asks to see Selby before he walks away. Another man approaches Zemo from behind and he speaks in Russian once more. “Winter Soldier, attack.” 
You hold your breath in anticipation as the unsuspecting man rests his hand on Zemo’s shoulder. You want to reach out and touch Bucky, tell him that he doesn’t have to, that the two of you still have time to make a run for it, but you don’t. You can’t. Zemo would probably try and kill you if you interfere and it’s the last thing you need. 
Bucky stalks over to him with two long strides, and rips the man’s hand from Zemo’s shoulder. He twists his wrist back and throws him to the ground. Another man swings at Bucky and he stops it with ease. He punches his back and kicks him against another crowny. As another man attempts to punch and kick at Bucky. He uses his metal arm and momentum to take each of them out.
“It doesn’t take much for him to fall back into form,” Zemo smirked, leaning over to look at you and Sam. 
“Shut your mouth,” you hissed between your teeth as you watched Bucky. 
Bucky grabs one of the men by the throat and slams him into the counter. Guns cock all around you as you look around the room. Your heart is inside your throat and there’s ringing in your ears. You reach to grab Bucky’s arm, but Sam beats you to it.
“Stay in character or the whole bar turns on us,” Zemo whispered. “Well done, soldier.”
Sam lets go of his arm and takes a step back, pulling you with him. He squeezes your hip tightly as you watch Bucky’s grip fall from the man’s throat.
“Selby will see you now,” the bartender said.
Zemo moves to follow him and you resist the urge to reach out and touch Bucky. Sam pulls you along and you walk in silence down a number of hallways. The music fades into the background and you’re squeezing Sam’s hand like your life depends on it. 
A number of men on Selby’s security detail whistle as you walk by. You bite your tongue and resist the urge to snap their necks. The four of you wait at the door at the end of the hall for several seconds before it opens. You walk inside and Zemo takes you from Sam’s side. Your jaw ticks as he guides you to the empty sofa. His hand settles on your thigh and you tense under his touch.
Zemo and Selby negotiate for information. All you need to know is who created the serum and where they are. That’s it. Zemo needs to stick to the plan. 
Zemo stands up from his spot next to you. “Tell us what you know about the super soldier serum, and I give you him…. along with the code words to control him,” Zemo stands behind Bucky, his hand resting on his shoulder. He’s silent and obedient, the perfect encapsulation of who he had been for the last 80 years. 
There wasn’t a discussion over what the offer would be when you were on the plane from Latvia. You just assumed Zemo would figure a way out of it, he was clever enough to do it before. You hadn’t thought that he would actually use the Winter Soldier to his benefit outside of protection. How naive of you. 
Bucky’s eyes are dark and he stares straight ahead as Zemo caresses his chin. He doesn’t flinch or react. He’s playing the Winter Soldier perfectly and you hate every second. You bite the inside of your cheek so hard that you start to taste blood. 
“He will do anything you want.”
Selby grins, leaning back in her spot on the couch opposite of you. She tells him what you need to know. She nears Sam and then the worst happens, his phone begins to ring. 
She tells him to answer it and your fingers squeeze into the leather couch. Your heart races and for the first time since you walked into the bar, Bucky’s eyes find yours. You know he can see your panic. 
Things are fine momentarily. Sam’s trying his best to stay in character and you know it’s not working as well as he’d like. You hold your breath and your panic settles in at the mention of Sam’s name coming from Sarah. 
“Kill them—” 
Your eyes widen in horror as a bullet pierces through the glass window in front of you and lodges into Selby’s throat, killing her instantly. The act is over. 
You leap to your feet and pull the tactical knife that you hid in your dress out from underneath you. You slice the knife across your attacker’s arm. Bucky kicks him into the wall and grabs you by the arm. 
You run as fast as you can out the bar and through the streets of Madripoor. You dodge bullets and fight off others that attack you with knives. 
You do well, all things considered with what you’re dressed in. You dig your heel into the boot of your attacker, throwing them off balance. You kick their leg out from underneath them and Sam knocks them unconscious. 
Bucky, of course, is doing just fine on his own. You run over to help. You disarm the man closer to you and use the butt of the gun to knock him out. 
You barely have time to register the man creeping up behind Bucky. His arm is outstretched with a gun in his hand. Bucky has no clue. 
“Bucky!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, running as fast as you can towards him. 
He turns to look at you as you use your whole body to shove him aside as the gun goes off. 
Time stands still. 
You fall to the ground in a daze as the bullet rips through your shoulder. Your eyes stare up into the night sky as it takes you a moment to realize that you’d just been shot. 
You try to sit up and get back on your feet. You don’t have time to worry about your wound. You need to get the hell out of Low Town. 
Bucky nearly drags you off the ground and you run. You run as fast as you can despite the bullet in your shoulder. 
“We need to get out of here!” Bucky shouted, inspecting your wound. 
A shadowy figure approaches and Bucky blocks you from view. The hood drops and you peer over Bucky’s shoulder. You don’t have time to be surprised that Sharon is the one standing in front of you. 
“Sharon? What are you doing here?” Sam asked. 
“We don’t have time for that!” Bucky snapped. “Sharon, please. You gotta help us. Y/n’s been shot.”
She nods and motions for you to follow her. She stops in front of a beautiful blue car and Bucky guides you into the car, pressing his metal hand against your shoulder to stop the bleeding. You ignore Sam and Bucky’s bickering as they yell at you for getting shot. You don’t have the energy to respond. 
Sharon races across town and pulls up to a very fancy building. Sharon jumps out and opens the door for Bucky. His arm holds your torso and your uninjured arm is thrown over his shoulder as you walk inside. You gather into the elevator as it takes you to the top floor. 
Your entire body goes numb and Bucky guides you to the kitchen counter. Sharon briefly disappears before returning with a heavy duty first aid kit. 
“Do you have tequila?” you asked her as Bucky rummaged through the bag for the correct supplies. Sharon laughs softly before grabbing a bottle of tequila from her liquor cabinet. You take a generous sip and the liquid burns your throat. 
Bucky inspects the bullet wound carefully. Thankfully it was a through and through. He doesn’t have to fish the bullet out. He works quickly and you grit your teeth as he stitches the wound close on both sides of your shoulder. 
The pain lessened to a dull throb now that he’s finished. He cleans the excess blood off your skin before gently placing your arm in a sling. 
“Why did you do that, Y/n?” Bucky chastised you, shaking his head in disappointment. “I could’ve taken care of him.”
You scoff and roll your eyes at him. “I don’t even get a thank you for saving your ass? You were vulnerable, I did the right thing.”
He sighs and you look away. Your eyes find Sharon’s. “Can I borrow some clothes?”
She nods and disappears down the hall to her bedroom. Silence fills the room and Sam takes his turn to reprimand you. You ignore him entirely and take another large swig of tequila. 
Sharon returns moments later with a pair of clean clothes. You thank her quietly and she points you in the direction of one of the guest bedrooms. You hop off the counter and ignore Bucky’s protests and calls of your name. 
You huffed in frustration as you limped towards one of Sharon’s guest bedrooms. You had enough of Sam and Bucky yelling at you for your recklessness, especially Bucky. You’re exhausted and all you want to do is sleep. 
You did what you thought was right. You did what Steve would’ve done. You had Bucky’s back. Isn’t that what mattered? Sure, you got shot in the shoulder, but it isn’t something you haven’t done before. You have the scars to prove it. 
“Stop running away from me! We’re not done talking about this!” Bucky yelled after you, hot on your heels into the bedroom. “What were you thinking?”
You’re sick of Bucky questioning you. You’re not a child and you’re not the bright eyed recruit he thinks you still are. You did what was right in the heat of the moment. You don’t regret it. You’d do it all over again if it meant that he was safe. 
“Stop treating me like a child, James! I’m not Steve’s recruit anymore! I’m a grown woman,” you shouted back at him. Your shoulders shake and you glare at him. “I know you still think I’m that naive 25 year old, but that’s not me anymore. The last five years may have been five seconds to you, but they weren’t to me. Accept the fact that I did what I thought was right.”
“It was reckless!”
“Steve would’ve done it!” you bit back. 
“This isn’t about Steve!” he argued. 
You laugh bitterly and shake your head. He doesn’t see it. He doesn’t see what you see. You know he sees you as his responsibility now that Steve’s gone. He feels an obligation to look after you because Steve did. You have a part of Steve with you. Bucky’s clinging to any last remains of Steve, and that includes you. 
“Isn’t it though? You feel like you have a responsibility to protect me, to look after me. Why? It’s because Steve did and now that he’s gone, you feel like you have to replace him!”
The silence that fills the room suffocates you. Your heart races with anger. You want Bucky to leave you alone. You didn’t ask for this. Sam needed your help, and when you provided it, you got yelled at for it. Now you just want to go home. 
You turn your back to Bucky and pull the pants that Sharon gave you up your legs before discarding the dress in the corner of the room. You don’t care if Bucky sees all the scars that litter your backside. Maybe then he would understand that you’ve always done what’s best for the mission, even if that meant getting hurt. You throw the sweatshirt over your head and turn to look at Bucky again. 
“Do you have anything else to say to me? Are you going to try and deny it?”
Bucky sighs, running a hand through his hair. “You’re one of the only people I have left that have a connection to Steve.”
Another bitter laugh escapes your mouth. He doesn’t understand. “He abandoned me, James! He abandoned us. Steve’s gone. You can’t hold on to him anymore. You don’t have to do anything Steve did. You have nothing to prove to me, I promise. I don’t need you to replace Steve. I need you, Buck. You’re the one that’s here with me, not Steve.”
Tears threaten to spill over your cheeks and you look away from him. The silence is deafening and Bucky moves to take you in his arms. He holds you against his chest and cards his fingers through your hair. You cry against his chest and cling to his henley. He gently guides you to the bed and sits down with you in his lap.
“I’m sorry, honey,” he whispered, rubbing your back. “You’re right. It just scared me. I don’t think I can handle losing you too. I’m sorry.”
You pull away to look at him with your tear stained cheeks and he carefully wipes away your tears with the pad of his thumb. You blink away the remaining tears and lean into his touch. “It’s okay, Buck. You can’t get rid of me that easily.” 
You rest your forehead against his and breathe him in. His metal hand rubs circles against your back and it sends shivers down your spine. He holds you carefully and no words are exchanged. Your eyes flicker to his lips and your heart thunders against your chest. 
There’s a soft knock at the door and you pull your body off of Bucky’s. You sit beside him as Sam pokes his head inside the room. “Is everything okay?” he asked, looking between the two of you. 
You look over at Bucky and then back to Sam. You smile and nod slowly. “Everything’s perfect, Sam.”
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inniterhq · 7 months ago
𝑯𝑬 𝑳𝑶𝑺𝑻 𝒀𝑶𝑼 | 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐜!𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Request: techno x teen reader to reader techno is a father/older brother figure to the reader and the reader lives with him so there was a battle and the reader dies and techno at first doesn’t fully comprehend that reader isn’t here anymore. but when he comes back home and sees one of the readers items (maybe a sword) he out of habit takes the sword and calls out to the reader to get it and when it’s no answer it really hits him readers dead they’re not here anymore
Summary: Sometimes, it takes a little while to realize what’s no more. Genre: angst Warnings: violence, blood, reader death Pronouns: they/them Note: look idk what battle this is, just pretend okay? use your imagination. also i didn’t use a sword, i hope you can forgive that. this is also my entry for @gogywasfound 's writing event!! anyway, thanks for requesting!! i hope you like it :]
Tumblr media
The cold wind whistled as you stared at the blanket of white that seemed to stretch for miles. You had seen the very landscape many times before now since you had begun to live with Techno a few months ago.
He’d been filling in the role of father, brother, and all other family members you seemed to be missing.
“Are you even listening to yourself?”
Techno moved from where he stood in the kitchen, fingers working on tugging the red cape around himself once more. “Y/N, you can barely handle fighting me, and I usually go easy on you. There is no way you’d survive in battle, I’m not letting you come with me.”
“I’ve been training for this Techno!”
He turned away, choosing to ignore you as he pulled on his armor. Walking over to him, you tugged on his sleeve, taking a deep breath.
“I just want to help. I want to prove that I’m not useless. I don’t wanna just sit here all day.”
You searched his face as his eyes closed, and when he looked down at you, you expected a lecture. Instead, you got a grunt.
“Fine, if you wanna throw your life away that bad, then you can come.”
Still, in disbelief that he had even agreed, you stared at him and Techno flicked your forehead. He pulled you over to an armor stand, handing you the chest plate first.
“Put this on, remember what you learned, and listen to me. Understand?”
“Yeah, I got it.”
It took you longer to put on the armor than you had wanted, and frankly, it was embarrassing. Either Techno didn’t notice, or he neglected to comment. As you followed him out, getting atop your own horse, you were shaking.
It’s just the cold.
You knew that was a lie, but what’s the point in admitting to being afraid? You were going into battle for the first time, there was no room for fear.
Techno rode in front of you, head held high as always, stoic and steeled. You wished you could be that way, but the rising anxiety carved its way into your face. Eyebrows furrowed and chewing on your lip, you gripped the reins and watched as your knuckles turned white.
Was this even a good idea?
It was far too late to back out now, you could hear TNT exploding in the distance, smoke, and ash in the air.
“Stay close to me,” Techno mumbled, picking up speed as he ran into the thick of battle.
You followed him in blindly, gasping when an arrow nearly missed you.
This could be the end for you.
Shaking your head, you followed Techno’s lead, slashing at the people slightly below you. In the midst of battle, you were knocked off your horse. As your back hit the ground, all the air in your lungs was knocked out of you. Dust swirled around you, scratching your throat and forcing a cough.
Eyes closed, you felt the sun on your face before everything went a bit darker. You opened your eyes in time to catch the glint of a sword as it drove into your stomach. Your breath was caught in your throat as pain swelled through you. You could feel your own blood spill out, the distinctive scent of iron, as your attacker walked away.
At least you proved yourself.
Techno had watched you fall, he had tried to get to you, but couldn’t. But the time he had made it to you, he knew you were long gone. He stared down at your body, everything around him disappearing. He heard your breathing rattle and he knew there was no saving you. The voices urged him to keep fighting.
And so he did.
It was late into the evening when he had made his way home, clothes stained with red-ish brown spots of blood, either his own or from the enemies. He led Carl into the stable and huffed as he walked inside the cabin, the warmth from the fire ghosting over his cold hands.
Techno felt his throat run dry all of a sudden and shuffled into the kitchen. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of blue amongst the warm tones of his home. Shifting his attention, he recognized it immediately. It was your favorite book, your name carved into the front of the leather cover and important pages marked with leaves. You carried that thing everywhere, the spine cracked and nearly falling apart. He never understood the story, but you rambled about it enough for Techno to know it was a tale of hope.
“Y/N, come get your book, it’s on the kitchen table.”
The silence was deafening. The weight of realization crashed down on him, sending him stumbling back, the cup in his hand slipping out of his grasp.
You were gone. Dead.
You were dead.
For a second, he thought it could be a joke, you were just hiding from him. Scouring the entirety of his cabin, even looking in places you couldn’t possibly fit, Techno was desperate to find even the smallest of signs that he hadn’t lost you.
But he came up empty-handed. Empty-handed like the way he walked back, forgetting about the way your body laid on the dirt, covered in soot and blood.
You were still back there.
Techno leaned against the counter, jaw clenched as he slammed his fist down. He was supposed to protect you.
Slowly, he made his way over to the book on the table, flipping to the last page, eyes skimming over the words as his vision became blurry. The voices screamed at him, it was his fault. He should’ve never let you come.
How could he have forgotten you, your body, behind? He saw you there, he saw you dead. Yet, he kept fighting.
And as the main character in your favorite book found the person they could trust, he realized why you had loved it so much.
In him, you had finally found someone who took care of you, someone you could trust.
He let you down.
He lost you.
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why do you ship chell and glados if glados is basically her mom
Okay this is actually a pretty common misconception in the fandom that unfortunately a lot of people have taken as canon, but I’m feeling nice so I’ll answer your question.
Basically, anon is referencing a theory from around 2012 that Caroline is Chell’s mom. The evidence for the theory is as follows:
- The turret opera calls Chell “bambina”, which means “little girl” in Italian
- Chell’s name can be found on a Bring Your Daughter To Work Day science project
- GLaDOS references the possibility of Chell being adopted multiple times
- GLaDOS is significantly nicer to Chell after discovering she’s Caroline 
And, anon, you’re right, it does sound like a pretty good argument at first glance. The problem is that a lot of these points don’t actually hold up to scrutiny.
For example, although “bambina” literally translates to “little girl,” it’s often used in the same way “baby girl” is used in English - it can mean child, but contextually it’s usually a flirtatious term. (Source: Cambridge Dictionary)
Tumblr media
For Chell’s science project, it doesn’t work as evidence for the theory because GLaDOS killed the scientists around 1998-ish, when Caroline had presumably been uploaded several years earlier and Cave was already dead. Also, Chell’s in her 20′s, and since we know from Lab Rat/Portal 2 that people don’t age in stasis, and that Doug put Chell at the top of the test subject list only weeks after the takeover, Chell was 28 at the time of the takeover. The science project is really only an Easter egg and doesn’t actually fit into the canon timeline let alone prove anything about Caroline and Cave. 
GLaDOS talking about Chell being adopted is a pretty strong point, I’ll admit, but also it’s important to remember that maybe half of what GLaDOS says is true. And even if we take what she says at face value, she also says there’s a man and a woman in stasis with Chell’s last name, which could not have been Cave and Caroline because they were already dead at that point. And the official book Final Hours Of Portal 2 confirms Cave and Caroline were not married and could not have shared the same name anyway. It was also the 50′s, an an unmarried couple of two likely famous people having a child would’ve been scandalous, and yet we see no hint of something like this affecting their company. 
Also, although GLaDOS is nicer to Chell after the Caroline reveal, that’s not necessarily indicative of a mother-daughter relationship, and neither is any of their interactions. It’s just. GLaDOS being friendlier. 
Finally, when this theory was made (and let’s be honest - it still is happening) Chell was constantly whitewashed to hell and back. 
Chell is Japanese-Brazilian, and Cave and Caroline are white, so it would be a near impossibility for her to be their biological child (and insisting otherwise is kinda. just. whitewashing). And although people will cry “adoption!”, based on what I’ve previously proven, that’s pretty much impossible. This theory that somehow she’s Cave and Caroline’s daughter erases an important part of her identity. [Disclaimer, I am white, but this is what I’ve heard from around the fandom]
With all that said, the idea that she’s the daughter of Cave and Caroline really doesn’t hold weight when you really analyze the canon. It’s surface level analysis that doesn’t hold up. And honestly? The idea kinda cheapens the story. It’s much more powerful that GLaDOS learns to care about Chell and becomes kinder than just. Oh, she remembered she’s related to Chell. 
But to actually answer your ask. 
Why do I ship them?
Well, they aren’t mother and daughter, I think that’s pretty obvious now. But if you actually look at a lot of subtext in Portal 2, without the lens of the mother theory, it’s actually pretty romantic! 
I know that sounds ridiculous, but bear with me!
Now - it’s totally okay if you don’t ship them. I get it. Their interactions in Portal 1 and the first half of Portal 2 are toxic if not outright well. Y’know. Murderous. I completely understand why that turns people off from shipping them, and ultimately, shipping is a personal thing. To each his own. 
But before you judge me, let me present my case.
Exhibit A: Portal 
Portal is kinda gay. No, really. Chell and GLaDOS are enemies in this game, but the entire focus is on their relationship (good or not) and the power struggle between them. They are opposites, two sides of the same coin, different representations of opposite ideologies. People have analyzed Portal as a relationship metaphor, or as a metaphor about women’s role in society - either way, the heart of Portal is the complicated dynamic between Chell and GLaDOS. 
That’s not necessarily enough to code a romance, but a lot of popular (and especially popular queer ones) ships begin with opposite ideologies, symbolic powers colliding. Portal cements their relationship as a toxic one, something on the verge of falling apart and hurting both parties in the end. The ending image, of Chell and GLaDOS side by side after the battle, reinforces the symbolic parallels between the two. 
Tumblr media
The companion cube is also pretty symbolically important to this interpretation. It’s literally a representation of someone’s heart, and you are told to protect it and preserve it under GLaDOS’ orders, and then you have to destroy it regardless of how you actually feel about doing that. You are destroying GLaDOS’ heart, so to speak. 
Tumblr media
There’s also the ending song, Still Alive. The lyrics speak for themselves.
Tumblr media
They hint that GLaDOS’ feelings about Chell are more complicated than they may appear (if she’s not being sarcastic...) and she literally talks about Chell breaking her heart (also, think back to the companion cube. Yeah.). The entire song is structurally similar to many a breakup number, with the laments of “I’m glad it happened, but also leave.” 
At the end, we also see that the long promised cake GLaDOS was supposedly lying about was real the whole time. Before Portal 2 came out, it was mostly interpreted as a stinger ending (along with the nicer lyrics of Still Alive) to make you question GLaDOS’ true motives and intentions.
Tumblr media
She actually did have a real cake waiting for you. (Side note - not really evidence, but in Argentina, “torta” means cake in Spanish. It’s also a slang term for lesbians. So. Do with that what you will). The cake is what GLaDOS offers you to lull you into the sense that she cares about you, so discovering that “the cake is a lie” wakes you up to the realization that she doesn’t. Except then the idea is subverted one last time, at the very end, showing that the cake is real and at least some of what she said she meant. 
You also see the companion cube. You know, GLaDOS’ symbolic heart?
Now, okay, you might be thinking I’m extrapolating a bit too much. And you might be right. But Portal is not the only game in the series, and if you’re asking me about Cave and Caroline you obviously know about Portal 2.
Exhibit B: Portal 2
If you thought Portal was gay, Portal 2 turns that up to 11.
Even before GLaDOS wakes up, you’re treated to some visual subtext. A few of Rattmann’s drawings representing the events of Portal 2 focus a lot on the relationship between GLaDOS and Chell, with more of the cake symbolism.
Tumblr media
In this, you can see a face layered on top of GLaDOS. This could be foreshadowing about Caroline, and likely is, but also resembles his other drawing of Chell. It insists that Chell is a part of GLaDOS, or reinforces parallels between Chell and Caroline, hinting at something either way. 
Tumblr media
In this picture, we also see Chell standing on top of GLaDOS, in the same position where the overlay of the feminine face was, again referencing the parallel. It also presents them as opposites, fundamental parts of the same thing and both connected to the same basis, but on opposing sides. 
When GLaDOS wakes up, she returns to her antagonistic role, but there are more hints to something deeper just like in Portal. 
Tumblr media
Here, in her awakening lines, she references Chell not unlike an estranged ex. Also worth noting that GLaDOS is pretty much the personification of testing (in a sense, she is testing since she can control all of Aperture like an extension of her body), and insinuates that Chell loves to test. And that she reciprocates that feeling.
In test chamber 10, she says this:
Tumblr media
It’s supposed to be threatening, but it does read as almost... sentimental. 
There’s also another chamber with companion cubes in Portal 2. I already talked about their symbolism in Portal, and the same pretty much applies to them here. However, GLaDOS says something interesting about them during this level:
Tumblr media
Once again, meant to be intimidating, ends up coming off as “well, GLaDOS, why were you going to give Chell a heart shaped representation of yourself that says ‘I love you?’” And you might think I’m stretching the GLaDOS’ heart metaphor thing a little far here, and I might agree, if the companion cubes didn’t literally sing Cara Mia for you. 
Cara Mia is the turret opera from the end of the game, which is all about how much GLaDOS cares about Chell. More on that later. But the companion cubes play a song called Love as A Construct, and when you get close to them, they sing a specific part of the song that has the tune of Cara Mia. These things literally exist to sing about GLaDOS’ feelings. 
Which makes this line a lot more. For lack of a better term. Tsundere-ish.
Tumblr media
Then, right before the escape, she starts talking about the confetti from her fake surprise. 
Tumblr media
I really don’t have to explain this one. What else does GLaDOS consider an inconvenience but might miss anyway? Or, more aptly, who else?
Then, during the escape, she teases a (fake) final test chamber in front of you, and forms the panels in the shape of a heart. No, really. 
Tumblr media
Up to this point, a lot of the points I’ve presented are interspersed with a fair amount of antagonization on GLaDOS’ behalf, more Foe Yay than anything actually hinting at something deeper than GLaDOS being conflicted about whether she loves or hates Chell. But things really ramp up after Wheatley’s betrayal, when the two of them are forced to team up. (I should also note here that “enemies to lovers” is a pretty classic queer romance trope.)
Here, GLaDOS is put on an equal level with Chell and they have to rely on each other if they want to survive. For the rest of the singleplayer campaign, GLaDOS becomes a lot nicer and even friendly to Chell. There comes a point where she starts referring to Chell as a teammate, calling them “we.” She begins to consider them one unit, two opposites unified. Here’s what she says after the lemon rant:
Tumblr media
You can not only see her using we, but actively talking about how her and Chell are going to fight Wheatley together. There’s also that last line - “let’s explode with some dignity.” GLaDOS has fully accepted the very likely possibility that she and Chell might die together. That she might die on the same level, and the same team as Chell. And she seems... surprisingly okay with that, as long as she and Chell go together. 
It’s during the Old Aperture levels that Chell and GLaDOS also discover that they have a lot in common. This is the part of the game where GLaDOS figures out she’s Caroline, that she’s human. Or, that she’s like Chell. And Chell discovers (from what we can tell anyway) that Caroline is kind, that she’s funny and smart and so many of these things she never noticed about GLaDOS before. Now also with the knowledge she is fighting alongside another human being. 
You can also draw parallels between Chell and Caroline, both intelligent women ultimately betrayed by their seemingly innocuous male friends before being trapped in Aperture and forced to team up with one another in a way that will free both of them. We see that really, GLaDOS isn’t that different from Chell - she too has been imprisoned in this place against her will, but in a completely different way. Once again, the idea of two sides of the same coin applies here. 
I’ve written another meta about this before, but I also think the whole idea of repressing a part of your identity and hating it, before bonding with another woman and then realizing that it’s okay to be like her and to be on her side. It’s okay to be yourself and meeting her is what helps you discover this new part of yourself. Is kinda inherently gay. GLaDOS’ discovery of her own humanity just fits so well into a queer realization narrative, to me at least.
Then, Chell and GLaDOS escape Old Aperture and have to get through Wheatley’s tests. 
Here, GLaDOS isn’t just begrudgingly on Chell’s team. She’s actively helpful. She wants to help Chell solve tests, defends her from Wheatley’s insults, and makes jokes to lighten the mood. Things that can really only be explained by her caring about Chell, especially the part about the insults. See below.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After the two escape Wheatley’s testing track, right before the boss fight GLaDOS has a few other things to say.
Tumblr media
GLaDOS is not going to betray Chell, because of some kind of conscience. But she could easily ignore that back in her body, and yet? Here she’s deciding not to, and for no good reason. She didn’t have to say that to Chell, but she did, because she cares and she wants Chell to live.
And then, moments before the fight:
Tumblr media
The final lines imply that GLaDOS does not think of Chell as an enemy anymore, and that it doesn’t matter what Chell thinks because they are in this together and they are getting revenge together. It’s pretty heartwarming to be honest, to know that even in a fight that will almost certainly kill you, she is there rooting for you and caring about you, even if you don’t feel the same way about her. It no longer matters to GLaDOS whether you even reciprocate - you staying alive, you making it through is enough for her.
So Chell fights Wheatley and sends him into space, all well and good, and at this point, GLaDOS has the option to kill Chell. But not only does she not, she actively saves Chell, and holds her hand in the process. If you don’t believe me:
Tumblr media
And not only that, but when Chell goes unconscious from her injuries, GLaDOS sits and waits for her to wake up. It’s also implied that GLaDOS carries her to the elevator, since it’s where she wakes up but not where she passed out. In the scene where Chell blacks out, you can also hear the part of Love As A Construct that sounds like Cara Mia. Yeah. Yeah.
If you think that this cannot possibly get any gayer, you are wrong again, because then GLaDOS makes her final speech. Which is really just a love confession, let’s be honest.
Tumblr media
The “surge of emotion?” Do you mean love, GLaDOS? And the idea of GLaDOS considering Chell her best friend, despite everything these two have done to each other? The idea that GLaDOS, out of all people, forgives someone?
Except this isn’t even Chell’s final send-off. GLaDOS writes her an entire opera of turrets, that sing a literal love song. (Note what I said earlier about the use of the word “bambina”).
Tumblr media
It really can’t get any more obvious than that. “My (affectionate romantic term here), my dear, I adore you.” How. Is. That. Heterosexual. In. Any. Way.
So Chell goes to the surface, set free by GLaDOS (think of the saying “if you love something, set it free), and you think that’s the end. Until GLaDOS gives you a companion cube so you aren’t alone on the journey, and from the burn marks, you know it’s your first companion cube. Her original heart, her first gift to you, a piece of her that she wants you to carry with you to remind you that she does care about you after everything. It also gives the lyrics to Still Alive a much more genuine meaning. 
Tumblr media
Portal 2 ends, and then the ending song, another GLaDOS number plays. Just like Still Alive, Want You Gone is structurally a break up song and very obviously about GLaDOS missing Chell and “counting on” (read: caring about/loving) Chell’s tendencies and quirks. 
Tumblr media
She’s accepted Chell completely, and yet also given Chell the one thing she wants most. Only wanting Chell gone can mean GLaDOS not wanting Chell in her life anymore, but can also mean she wants to give Chell the freedom she’s wanted for so, so long. It’s the best thing she can give.
In the co-op campaign, GLaDOS also references still caring about Chell.
Tumblr media
And that’s the end of the Portal series. Except. Brace yourself. Despite the games being over, there is STILL more subtext somehow. It gets. Even gayer.
Exhibit C: Supplemental Evidence
Valve has made a lot of extra/cut content for the Portal series, and I’ll be looking at some of it below.
Tumblr media
This official valentine from Valve shows GLaDOS offering a romantic partner cake, which as we’ve established before, is very symbolic of GLaDOS’ feelings about and/or relationship with Chell. 
There’s a lot of other concept art and official art that emphasizes their relationship too. See below.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There’s also some cut GLaDOS lines that are even gayer than the source material and again, sound like confessions or references to a breakup:
Tumblr media
The idea of “discovering things about someone”... how much more obvious can it get?
The developers have even confirmed a lot of my commentary on Chell and GLaDOS’ relationship in The Final Hours Of Portal 2. See these quotes from the book/this post:
Tumblr media
The devs literally describe it as a romance. They use terms like “cheating,” they wanted to write a romantic duet, JoCo purposefully wrote the endings like love songs. It is literally, blatantly said by the creators of the game that their relationship is interpreted romantically. By the creators of the game. 
And if Word of God confirmation isn’t enough for you, have a song written for a cut alternate ending by GLaDOS’ voice actress, Ellen McClain. The song is literally nothing but GLaDOS talking about caring about Chell, about not wanting her to die/leave GLaDOS alone, about wanting to bake a cake with Chell, about waiting for Chell to wake her up. It’s so genuinely sweet and sad, and really, really romantic in the most heartwrenching way possible. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
JoCo also came back for the Portal levels in Lego Dimensions, writing one final breakup song for GLaDOS to sing about Chell. It comes off as GLaDOS not wanting to admit she misses Chell even though she obviously does, trying to replace their relationship but failing, and even explicitly forgiving Chell/wanting her to come back.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, the “finally I understand,” as if only now GLaDOS understands just how deep her feelings for Chell are... What else can I say?
In Lego Dimensions, GLaDOS also outright rejects anyone who isn’t Chell.
Tumblr media
In Conclusion:
Why do I ship Chell and GLaDOS? 
Well, ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether I ship them. 
Because I think it’s glaringly obvious Portal does.
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primofate · 2 months ago
Haikyuu! Drabble: When you get hurt (minor injuries)
Note: Ugggghhhhhhh I love these men. Honestly. wtf. How can you have so many good guys in one anime. Also please don’t take this as a sign that I’ll stop posting for Genshin, but you know, give me some space to hype over my other fandoms please XD
Warnings: it’s seriously just plain fluff
Characters: Kageyama, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Bokuto, Ushijima
“What happened to your knee?”
Is the first thing he says, his face as serious as ever, eyes looking at your bandaged knee as he approaches you in class. You laugh nervously as you unwound the school bag away from your shoulder, placing it on your desk.
“Ah, I was walking Momo-chan last night...But you know, he’s gotten so big and I guess I was a little distracted...He saw a squirrel and just went running for it and...” you trail off, feeling Kageyama’s aura change. You knew he was about to call you reprimand you, and sure enough, he says “Idiot,” just as he would to Hinata.
On closer inspection you also had a bandage around your wrist. He guessed that you tried to hold on to the leash and it dragged your hand across the pavement. 
After berating you with that one word, he wouldn’t say anything else about it. But he would, whenever he could, show some concern that you wouldn’t usually see. “I’ll take that,” he grabs your lunch box from you and you look up at him all confused as to why he’s carrying it for you today. 
But, he stops at the door of the classroom and then turns around. “Actually, let’s just eat here,” as opposed to the school rooftop where the two of you usually ate. 
And then, at the end of the school day, before you could even lift your bag over your shoulder, he’s already there and lifting it on HIS shoulder. You’re dumbfounded. “Are you going to your club? I’ll walk you first then go to mine,” 
Then it hits you. It’s because you’re hurt, and he didn’t want you to strain your knee or wrist anymore. You secretly smile but let him do what he wants. There was no stopping him when he set his mind to it after all. “Tobio-kun, you know, it’s just a scrape, I can still do things by myself,” 
“Shut up and just let me do it...” he mutters under his breath, until he drops you off to your club and goes his own way. 
And then, as your nightly routine to walk Momo-chan, you’re stunned when you see your boyfriend standing there, outside your house gates. Hands in his pockets. “T-Tobio?” 
He lived close by, but still, you didn’t expect him to be there. He snatches the leash away from you, your dog is just happily gazing at the two of you, tail swishing wildly at the fact that TWO of his favourite people are walking him today. And again, Kageyama says,
“...I need to go for a run anyway,”
“Excuse me, I’m looking for a Tsukishima-san,”
A girl in the basketball team uniform appears at the doorway of the gym, all members turn to her as she bows and straightens up. Tsukishima sighs in relief. Finally an actual excuse to rest from training. 
“That’s me,” he towers over the girl, who only blinks up at him, slightly intimidated. “Ah, uh, yeah...Y/N said that you have her spare glasses?” His eyebrows perk up. Right. You were in the basketball team, for some reason he always forgot that detail. 
He turns away without a word and goes to his bag. He did, indeed, have your spare glasses. You left it at his house last time during a study session, being the airhead that you are. He retrieves it but before handing the black box to the girl, he asks. “What happened to the ones she has?” 
He wasn’t thinking much of it. Perhaps someone accidentally stepped on it, or maybe you even accidentally broke it.
"The ball hit her face,” 
“Is she--”
The words of worry practically dies on his lips. He could feel and sense Yamaguchi and Sugawara listening in to the conversation and he’d drop dead before getting caught being worried for someone. But still, this is why he always told you that you needed sports glasses. A scratch to the eye could be dangerous.
He sighs pretty loudly, and turns to face Sugawara who was off court, standing next to Yamaguchi who was also taking a small break. “Sugawara-san, I’ll be back,” There’s a big smile on his vice captain’s face, same as Yamaguchi who knew that his friend was actually worried. 
Tsukishima ignored their stupid smiles.
“Oh! Kei,” You look up as the door to the school clinic opened, you were just sitting on one of the beds, legs moving back and forth and waiting for your teammate to retrieve the spare glasses for you. Tsukishima said that he’d handle it and as he passed the black box to you he grabs your chin and turns it in his hands, looking at your eyes. 
There was a cut under your left eye that was already patched up. He releases your face when he was sure it was actually nothing serious, only to cross his arms and smirk at you. “See, I told you that hard head of yours would come in handy. Also receive the ball with your hands, not your face,”
You puff your cheeks out in annoyance and put your spare glasses on, feeling brand new. “Sure did, but my glasses aren’t as strong as my skull,” you sulked and he only blinked. “and I was taking a break! Then suddenly I see the ball coming at me, I don’t think that’s my fault!”
“I believe you. Your team has horrid ball passing skills after all,” he’s relentless with his insults but you knew that’s just the way he was. The fact that he came all the way to the school clinic told you enough about his worry. So, you ignore his last remark and smile up at him, “Thanks for checking on me, Kei,” 
He clicks his tongue but places his hand on your head, “Let’s get you new ones tomorrow, and maybe now you’ll listen to me about those sports glasses,” 
“She’s absent today,”
Oikawa’s face fell. You hadn’t told him anything about being sick or being unwell today. He wondered what happened. However, despite his looks and carefree personality, the Aoba Johsai captain was someone who was actually quite detailed. “In that case, can someone pass me her homework? I’ll go and deliver it to her!”
Safe to say your classmates were always surprised at how much the captain doted on you. He wasn’t always doing it openly, but at least he was thoughtful and thorough.
“Y/N-chan~ How could you leave me all alone in school today?” You could practically hear the pout from the other side of the line. He’d gone to the school grounds to get some private time to call you. 
“Sorry Toru, I can’t really walk properly. It should be fine in a few days though,”
His heart did a little leap, worry etching itself on his features. “What do you mean? What happened?”
The pout in his voice was gone, replaced by what you always called “the captain voice”. 
“I sprained my ankle...It’s a long and stupid story...” you laughed but you heard him sigh. “Well, I have no choice then. Your prince will visit you after-school today!”
You didn’t think he really would. He had volleyball practice and he took those seriously. But at 8 pm, just as you finished dinner, your doorbell rang and next thing you knew he was in your room. 
Your mother just LOVED him. Sometimes you thought even more than you. She was unaware of how hyper Oikawa actually was. He certainly knew how to play his cards right. 
“Alright princess, let me see that foot,” While you were sitting on your chair he practically bent down on on one knee and inspected it. He did kind of look like a prince like that, with his volleyball jacket. Then he suddenly plopped on the floor with his legs crossed. “AAhhhh! That sucks you won’t come to school for a few days!” He was whining again and you couldn’t help but laugh. 
Without fail, every day that you were absent, he showed up at your house after practice.
It’s not that you were particularly clumsy. You were actually a pretty careful person, and that’s why Bokuto always trusted your cooking skills over his. Baking a cake shouldn’t be too hard, but you were rather unfamiliar with the oven at his place.
“Mm, so, it says here to just leave it in the oven for 45 minutes!” he has this big smile on his face and you shake the batter in the round container again. The oven had already been pre-heated and when you open the door to it, hot air greets you. 
You took the round container in your hand, and push it in. It sits just at the front of the oven and you really hate it when that happens, so, with your boyfriend still focused on the recipe (and without mittens cause you think it’ll just be quick push) you try to inch the round cake pan further in with your hand. At one point, you accidentally touch the inside of the hot oven and you recoil your hand with a loud gasp. 
“WHAT?! What what what?!” Bokuto flings the recipe book away and clutches at your hand. In all honesty it didn’t hurt that much, but you had made contact on the hot surface just enough for it to sting and startle you. “Nothing Kou, I just accidentally touched the oven,” you laugh sheepishly but he’s pulling you over to the sink.
The boy is panicking.
“Water!” You’re amazed at how he even knows what to do, running water now splashing on your hand. It wasn’t even enough to burn you, it was just a little red, that’s all. “K-Kou, it’s totally fine,” 
But he turns to you with a waterfall of tears running down his eyes and his hair has deflated from it’s usual spiky style. “I-I’m so useless!” 
‘Ah there he goes,’ you think. But you’ve been trained by Akaashi how to handle these kinds of outbursts from him. “Not at all Kou-kun, you mixed the batter so perfectly. I usually get tired when I do that, but you have really strong arms! Next time I’ll let you handle the oven too, is that okay?”
He stares at you blankly for a moment. The tears have disappeared and his lips oh-so slowly curve into a smile. He gives you a thumbs up, back to his usual flair and confidence. “Of course! Leave it to me!” and he laughs triumphantly while you thank Akaashi in your mind.
Cooking for him and Tendo at the dorms was like a weekly routine. It was mostly for Ushijima, but Tendo liked crashing the cooking party too.
“Be careful.” Ushijima says as he passes the vegetables for you to chop. You did so without any incident. The cooking itself passes by without any incident, until your hand slip off the plate you’re holding and it comes crashing down the floor, shattering into pieces, some of the pieces flying off in different directions.
Ushijima and Tendo perks up in alarm at the sudden sound, with Ushijima being the first to rise on his feet and assess the situation. You’re about to carefully just move away from the mess you made, shards littering around your feet. “Don’t move,” Ushijima tells you, noting that you were only wearing his over-sized slippers. He sees that one of the shards has cut your foot. It was small, but since it was fresh, it was still bleeding. 
“If you move you’ll hurt yourself, wait for me,” you do as told as Ushijima first sweeps off the rest of the shattered glass with a broom, disposes of it. Next he comes to you with a new set of slippers, puts it down on the now clean floor, and tells you to carefully slip out of the ones you have on, he was cautious about the small pieces. Only when you were neatly into the new set of slippers did he clean off the rest of the glass.
Tendo only sat and watched in amusement. His captain was very thorough, even with things like that. “I’ll go and get a first aid kit~” he offered as he stood and sauntered off. “Y/N, sit over there,” he pointed at a nearby chair and you merely follow. There was no use saying no to him, you knew he just wanted to check if everything was in order.
Sure enough just as Tendo comes back with the kit, Ushijima inspects your foot, eyes scanning all around it. It seems that there was only that one cut and it’d be easy to treat. You weren’t surprised that Ushijima knew what to do, watching him take some cotton and pour some alcohol on it, muttering under his breath that it would sting a bit. 
By the end of it, the cut on your foot was disinfected and bandaged properly. “Oohhhh! Good job Wakatoshi-kun!” Tendo praised his friend for the clean job and Ushijima nodded his head with a small “Mm,”
“Thank you,” you smile up at him, “and sorry for the plate, I wasn’t paying attention,” 
Ushijima makes a thoughtful sound, perhaps a little confused by your apology “...The plate is of no great value,” he simply says “it can be replaced.”
"I can’t say the same for you Y/N, so it’s good that you weren’t gravely hurt,” The blush on your cheeks is obvious and Ushijima doesn’t understand what has you so flustered, he’s just being his honest and straightforward self. 
Tendo only laughs at the display.
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thefanficmonster · 11 months ago
Power Couple
Corpse Husband x Reader (Female)
Warnings: Swearing 
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: Sean, Felix, Dave, and Joel welcome Corpse’s girlfriend to a game of Party Animals. It’s her first time playing and she has to deal with a lot more than just the controls and objectives - her boyfriend being a cute, cuddly sweetheart with ulterior motives to his clinginess.
Requested by @susceptible-but-siriusexual. Thank you so much for your request! Hope I captured what you wanted and how you wanted. Feel free to send any other requests you may have XOXO
It’s been one hell of a day. Had to correct twice as many documents as I was originally supposed to at work; found my car with a flat tire in the parking lot as I was about to go home; argued with my boss over the phone while stuck in a traffic jam. It’s been a rough twelve hours, but it has led me here and that’s what I’d rather think about.
By ‘here’ I mean I’m sitting on the couch in Corpse’s recording room, my computer in my lap, my screen displaying the screen to the game Party Animals. The suggestion was Corpse’s. He immediately picked up on my below par mood and wasted no time finding a solution to bright up the remainder of the day, shadowing the shitty portion of it. I am not what you would call a gamer. Sure I’ve played Among Us with Corpse and his friends a few times. Even that I struggle to do because I’m internally fangirling over all the people in the lobby. Yeah, dating a youtuber doesn’t mean you automatically stop gushing over the many content creators on the platform you’ve been watching for quite some time now. Corpse knows how nervous I get so he’s always near me when we play with Sean, Felix and the other. All he has to do is give me that encouraging smile and wink of his and I’m good to go. Side note: massive props to him for going easy on me in Among Us, getting teasingly called ‘simp’ by his friends in the process.
“You’ll love it.“ He promised me over and over again as the game was downloading on my computer.
“I don’t doubt that, Corpse. But I am going in completely blind and I seriously don’t wanna embarrass myself.“ I mumble a quick ‘nor you‘ under my breath, hoping he doesn’t catch it because I’m in for a pep talk if he does. 
To my dismay, he does, “Listen here, you couldn’t embarrass me even if you actively tried to do something outrageous. Most likely scenario, I’d join you in the act.” He ducks in front of the couch so we’re at eye level, his hand coming up to cup my cheek in the sweetest, most comforting gesture ever. “We’ll show em who’s the boss at stealing candy.”
I can’t help but laugh, feeling unable to express just how much this man means to me. Words can’t do the feeling justice.
“Corpse Wife has arrived!“
Hearing all the greetings lights a flame in my chest, the warmth spreading all the way to my neck and cheeks. “Hi guys! Missed playing with you!”
“We missed you too!“ Dave, the only one of the gaming gang I’ve actually met in person, replies to me, his words along with all the others’ wrapping around me like a comfort blanket. Despite them knowing I’m a fan of theirs, they’ve always made me feel welcomed, comfortable, nothing less than them.
“You know anything about this game?“ Felix asks me.
I shake my head, almost forgetting he can’t see me, “Corpse told me it’s funny and cute. It sounds like the perfect game for me.” 
“Oh no, this is a game of survival. Survival of the fittest!“ Sean shouts excitedly, a bang following his shout I can only assume was him hitting his desk.
“I’d like to think I’m pretty fit.“ I shrug my shoulders, laughing along with the guys.
“This is the only way to find out if you actually are.“ Joel’s voice comes through my headphones in the form of a tease.
Sean mumbles quietly to himself as he’s deciding how to separate us in two teams. “Guys, a little help here. We all suck at this game, it doesn’t really matter who’s in which team.”
“Actually...“ Felix trails off, “Corpse and Y/N are the ultimate power couple in Among Us. Chances are they will be in this as well. So, the only logical move would be to...“
“I’m taking Y/N, you take Corpse.“ Sean declares. “Joel, Dave, who do you guys wanna be with?“
And the game starts. Sean, Joel and I are the Meowfia while Corpse, Felix and Dave are yet to choose a team name. We throw around snarky, cocky comments at each other, taunting the opposite team as we struggle to take the candy to our respective sides of the map.
“Don’t you dare pull that lever, Dave!“ I launch at Dave, knocking his cute avatar away from the lever, buying Joel and Sean some time to steal back the gummy bear Corpse and Felix took from us.
“Y/N! Joel is out! Help me!“ Sean is freaking out now. I ditch Dave’s unconscious body and run to Sean’s aid. 
As I’m helping him push it towards out area a member from the opposite team latches onto my avatar, weighing me down and hindering me from doing anything.
“Hug!“ Corpse laughs as he has literally turned into a koala, holding onto my avatar.
“Corpse, you know you are actually supposed to hinder Y/N, not hug her. It’s cute though, don’t get me wrong.“ Felix laughs as him and Sean continue to struggle over the gummy bear.
“Nah, his tactic’s great. I can’t do shit.“ I desperately try and shake him off, “Babe, this is unfair. I can’t even be mad at you!“ I whine, staring to panic now that Dave is back to life and Joel is nowhere to be seen.
The round is won by Felix, Dave and Corpse who, if I might add, didn’t let go of me for the rest of the game.
We switch maps, now every man for himself. We’re on the submarine, recreating the Hunger Games with cute fuzzy animals. The thought passes through my mind, causing me to giggle.
“Y/N, you sound exactly like I’d imagine your avatar to sound. You’re so cute.“ Sean’s avatar circles mine a few times as he laughs.
He’s not wrong, my pale blue puppy is indeed cute. Apparently immortal as well.
“How is Y/N still alive?! Holy shit, her and Corpse really are a power couple.“ Dave shrieks when he sees me pick up the freeze gun. “NOOO!“ He shouts, devastated by the fact I shot him, sending him straight to his death.
“Chill, Dave. It’s all cool. Nothing personal.“ I struggle to hide my laughter, “No hard feelings, right?“
“Of course not, love.“ I can tell he grits the sentence through clenched teeth.
“Aw Dave, you are such an ice guy.“ I giggle, now shooting Joel with the gun.
“Someone take that gun from her!“ Sean cries as him and Felix race up the submarine.
Suddenly, the avatar of my boyfriend again wraps itself around mine. I hadn’t seen him in a while, considering Sean knocked him into the ocean earlier in the round. 
“How are you still alive?!“ I try to spin my puppy to get him to let go but he holds on tightly. “Babe, I swear, you are cute and I love you, but this is ridiculous. How and why are you alive?”
“That’s his superpower! He never fucking dies.“ Felix laughs, letting out a yelp when he briefly slips while climbing.
“Immortals!!! Immortals!!!“ Sean breaks out into a song, a song I really like, breaking the restraints I had on my laughter.
“Drop the gun or we’re dying together.“ He says almost seriously. Even though I can only see the back of his head I know he’s grinning.
“A Titanic/Romeo and Juliet mashup? Why not? I can live with dying a double historical death.“ Even though I appear accepting of his offer, I’m still trying to set myself free.
In the end, Sean claims his first win of the game and the rest of us are dead at the bottom of the ocean. Corpse and I did indeed die a Romeo and Juliet/Titanic death, getting everyone in their feels. We make a deal to get together and play again as soon as possible and we all go our separate ways, exiting the Discord call.
*Later that night* 
After a dinner consisting of takeout and two thirds of a shitty romantic comedies, Corpse shifts from next to me, starting to get up from the couch. I am surprised to feel jolted out of a half sleep as the room is now completely silent, the TV being turned off.
“Hey where’re you going?“ I ask groggily, rubbing my sleepy eyes.
“I have some editing to do. Don’t worry, I won’t stay up too late.“ He kisses my forehead before grabbing his phone from the coffee table.
Just as he’s about to walk away, I wrap my arms around his legs. He laughs, catching onto what I’m insinuating. His chuckle brings a smile to my face and butterflies in my belly. No matter how long we date for or how much time we spend together, some things never change. 
“Payback, huh?“ He asks, the smile audible in the question. I keep my eyes shut but nod, my arms still around his legs. “Alright, you koala. You’re coming with me.”
In his recording room, he settles in his chair placing me in his lap in a way that my legs dangling off to the side, my side leaning against his chest, my face hidden in the crook of his neck. We’re both comfortable, content and relaxed.
I don’t know when exactly it happens, but all my mind has registered is a quiet ‘I love you’ and the soft touch of Corpse’s lips on my temple. I manage to reply with an ‘I love you too’ before my sleepiness consumes me, my body completely relaxing against his, the warmth of his body, his scent, the sound of his breathing making me feel safe and loved: the two feelings I want him to feel with the same intensity when I’m in his arms.
Something tells me he does.
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dreamteamspace · 8 months ago
Some positivity about this Tales Of The SMP because I feel like it. MAJOR SPOILERS
Technoblade being in character and hilarious at the same time
Karl says he’s a minecraft streamer fully in character and it’s treated as being the equivalent of a billionaire for the rest of the tales
Everyone having awful rich people accents
Fundy is an old person
Technoblade is just hilarious I don’t make the rules
Ranboo is the butler and can only communicate in enthusiastic or panicked nods for 90% of it
They try to throw Quackity out of the party the moment he walks in the door. His name is Drew P. Pe- [gets shot]
Karl and Quackity keep falling off the railings and it’s sometimes plot relevant and sometimes not
Techno: “Poor people don’t get healthcare”
Karl trying really hard not to laugh throughout the entire thing, mostly cause of Technoblade and I can’t blame him
Techno, whispering about Quackity: “Butler, feed the poor man poison!” Quackity: “You can say that to my face you son of a bitch.”
Techno: “Sir can you spell ‘economy’?” Quackity: “Of course. A-” Karl: *laughing into his elbow*
Technoblade and Quackity are the funniest people on the planet I don’t make the rules
Technoblade keeps flexing on poor people and I can’t even be mad at him
Quackity: “I’m gonna cough on you!” Everyone: *FERAL PANIC, SCATTER IN ALL DIRECTIONS, HIDE UNDER THE TABLE, SCREAM*
Techno: “Butler, did you feed this man poison yet?” Ranboo: *Tosses Quackity a poison potion.* Techno: “Ah, there it is. Now drink that.” Quackity: “Now why would I do that?” Techno: “It’s high in vitamin B.” Quackity: “What does the ‘B’ in vitamin B stand for?” Techno: “Broke.”
They play duck-duck-goose fully serious and in character sitting in the middle of the ballroom in a circle, complete with screaming and yelling
They stop playing duck-duck-goose for the lights to go down by 3%, everyone to run around as if it’s pitch black, and Niki start to murder people. It’s great. Absolute highlight
I’ve gotten used to Karl being 70% out of character at all times and it’s actually really funny contrasted with everyone else being extremely in character and rolling with whatever he says
“Oh Niki went to the bathroom so we can’t question her.”
Karl: “Oh! ~Canonically~ I see some of his blood! On this wall!!” Everyone: :O!
*Quackity is the one who died* Karl: “I don’t think he died from being dumb and poor... I think he died... from one of YOU!” Everyone: *shocked gasp* Techno: “Who did it? I will pay them for their troubles!”
Ranboo, whispering: “Can I talk?” Techno: “Keep it short, five words.” Karl: “I think we should let him talk to investigate this murder.” Techno: “Alright, six words. That was one of them.”
Fundy: “Everyone knows poor people are very sneaky.” Techno: “Yes, us rich people only commit ~financial crimes~.” Karl: “And it doesn’t count because we don’t MAKE it count!” *Everyone agrees*
They play terrible rich people and simultaniously flex on rich people. We love to see it
Whenever they have to look around Techno just goes and gets a bath and he’s not even sneaky about it
Karl: “I can’t believe they did that to that poor person, whoever this murderer is... I know they’re poor but sometimes they can still live for something else. Like helping rich people get richer!”
Fundy almost drowns in the aquarium?? Was that even scripted??? Nobody even threw him in there he was just there??
*Everyone thinks it’s Karl* Techno: “He did medbay scan!”
Karl: “So it couldn’t have been me. Unless I’m lying. Which killers don’t do!” *Everyone agrees*
Techno: “Everyone empty out your pockets!” Techno: *tossing stacks and stacks of gold bars* Karl: *picks up Sapnap’s gold and mouses over ‘disconnect’* Ranboo and Bad: *buckets and buckets of milk??* Sapnap: *keeps picking up all the gold everyone keeps throwing*
Karl, walking forward and picking up 3847 buckets of milk: “Oh I’ve got so much milk now.” Techno: “Here, wash it down with some poison.” Karl: *actually drinks it and starts screaming “If only we had milk!” while running away*
Karl, to Bad: “Are you still drinking?” Bad: “dn,, btnt... no.”
Karl and Bad chilling in the closet
*Karl and Techno stumble onto Fundy on top of a dead body* Techno: “Caught! In! Four! K!”
Fundy “But if I was the killer... and I was from London... WHY didn’t you hear a GUNSHOT?” Techno: “He’s got a point there.”
Karl: “Why couldn’t it have been the butler?!” Ranboo, whispering: “How many words?” Techno: “Three.” Ranboo: “Nope. Not... me.” Techno: “...he does raise a good point.”
Ranboo: “Is there a murderer-” Techno: “SILENCE! ...He really singed up thinkin he’d get to voice act. Not on my watch.”
Karl, to Techno: “We really need the butler to talk. If we allow him 30 minutes-” Techno, quietly with horror: “30 minutes?”
Techno: “Butler, you have 30 minutes of free speech.” Ranboo: “Oh, oh! 30 minutes! I have a question, then. I read something in a book once. What is a... ‘union’?” Karl: “Nevermind, cut him off.” Techno: “No rights for poor people.”
Fundy: “If it was me, how come I can play such a JOLLY tune?” *starts playing crime theme on a piano* *Ranboo vibing to the music in the background*
Karl: “Okay so Fundy will stay with the butler. He was only like a 100 millionaire, right? Fits that he stays with the poor people.” Techno: “Oh yeah, he’s broke. I heard he streams fortnite.”
Techno laughs himself lightheaded at that
Techno: “I’m gonna file so many complaints to the lights company after this.”
Techno: “Oh no, it’s the butler, we’re out of here! Throw gold, he’s poor so he has to stop for it!”
THE EGG?!?!?!?!?!
I mean I knew they were all gonna die at the end but STILL
Ranboo is rly scary when he wants to be
LMAO the book dissapeared and Karl had to do a take two
Karl just makes the stream read the book themselves lmfao
on that note HOLY FUCK THE BUILD
they probably downloaded that from somewhere but still
I would fucking die for that castle
TLDR: Ranboo has never done anything wrong in his life, ever
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huenjin · 5 months ago
soulmate bruises.
Tumblr media
you could have been stuck with any other soulmate mark, so why specifically did it have to be the soulmate scars theory?
pairing | lee juyeon x reader (ft. a few of the boyz) genre | fluff / soulmates!au, high school!au word count | 1,654 words warnings | mentions of bruises, swear words author’s note | reposting of an old fic, edited specifically for lover boy here.
Tumblr media
"That looks like a real bad bruise," Haknyeon mumbles. His thumb traces the corners of the bruise and you wince, the pain scourging through your nerves, tingling and rushing through your brain furiously.
"Your soulmate must have gotten hit badly," Chanhee chuckles, looking through the photographs in your camera. You frown and curse under your breath. Haknyeon looks through the papers by your side and you look around the photography club you started with these idiots for the school magazine.
"I’ve got an idea," Changmin's eyes glint mischievously as he walks up to your table, having overheard your conversation. "Let's hit Y/N to inflict pain on her soulmate for having hurt her. It's the perfect plan."
Chanhee raises an eyebrow at Changmin but Haknyeon seems to be all in for the plan. Your forehead scrunches in annoyance, your eyebrows furrowing together as you pinch the skin to distract yourself. You groan, mumbling, "Shut up for a second, will you?"
"Fine, spoilsport," the one who suggests the plan says, pressing his lips together in disappointment. He soon began, "My idea was great. All you low lives will never understand."
"I'm going to find this nasty motherfucker," you stand up, determined. The chair pushes back and the table jerks forward as you press your hand down on it firmly. "And he's going to pay for hurting me so much. These bruises take forever to fade away."
Haknyeon stands up soon after, "We just have to find another individual in this city that has the same ugly bruise on their face as she does."
Chanhee and Changmin follow suit, albeit reluctantly. The latter chuckles sardonically, "This is going to be easy. How many people do we even have to search? Yeah, just mere tens of thousands in this city."
Chanhee digresses, "Let's cancel all the nice-looking dudes because our girl here doesn't have good luck."
"You're an arsehole, dude. An arsehole, I say."
"What's with the weird We're Avengers formation you guys have on?" 
Younghoon walks into the room with a cup of coffee and Ray-Bans like he's making an entrance and you roll your eyes. He places the glasses on the table and sighs, "It's cool and everything but Juyeon's hurt, Chanhee. He won't tell it out loud, but yeah, he's hurt and he needs help. The nurse isn't in yet."
"He's hurt?" Chanhee asks, concerned.
"Hurt, oh yes. This is perfect." Changmin chirps and Younghoon raises an eyebrow.
"You're Team Rocket now?" He furrows his eyebrows and glances over at you disappointed, almost as if it is your stupidity that has nurtured them into these. "Anyhow, Chanhee, follow me. The rest of you stay put."
Haknyeon, Changmin and you listen because Younghoon was a mere acquaintance. He was, however, Chanhee's childhood friend, and since he is Chanhee's friend, you have seen Lee Juyeon around — at parties, at the basketball court, in the hallways. And that is it. 
So, why would you care if this man was hurt?
Unless he got hit like a bitch on his face.
Tumblr media
Later that night, you hold yourself close, tears threatening to spill from the corners of your eyes. It feels like your ribs are being slammed into something and the pain is unbearable. It leaves you breathless and a little shaky on the ground. You scream at one point and slow winces leave your lips as you try to hold it in.
Haknyeon knocks and walks into your room when you don't reply. He shifts you slightly, his hands rubbing your back slightly as you lightly cry, "I hate that bitch but he must be in so much pain if I'm feeling this much." 
Haknyeon's angry. In all honesty, he gets the soulmate mark and how that should help people be happy but never has it led you to your soulmate, only providing pain along with the entire experience. Soulmates are not supposed to bring pain.
Your teeth clench in pain as you sit up. Your feet dangle for a while before it touches the ground and you stand up, ignoring the pain that seers through your body.
"I'm finding that motherfucker, that's it."
Haknyeon chuckles at your resilience. He helps you stand well and watches your determined expression, mumbling, "The boy's dead meat for sure. Either in your hands or the one that's hurting him."
Finding him is easier than you expected. Haknyeon helps you and the two of you leave the house in pursuit of the man with injuries — a bruised face and now, bruised ribs. You have always wanted to meet your soulmate for, a) he was nasty enough to get himself hurt without bothering about your well being, b) he is your soulmate, and deep down, you want to care for him, heal his wounds, and. . . slap some sense into him because it's a connection and he should respect it. 
You message Chanhee, knowing if you should start anywhere, it's the closest person you know who has an injury.
You: chanhee? [11:23 PM] Chanhee is a hoe: Juyeon's number? here. [11:23 PM] Chanhee is a hoe: [Juyeon's contact] [11:24 PM] You: what the fuck? [11:24 PM] Chanhee is a hoe: thank me later. [11:24 PM] Chanhee is a hoe: don't kill him. but if it makes you feel better, i'm shipping you two and that his bruise is nastier. [11:30 PM]
"It's Juyeon, isn't it?" Haknyeon pipes and you watch his smile curve upwards. "Turns out Chanhee isn't that useless."
"He is. That arsehole didn't tell me till I asked him of it. What if I didn't? Would he have let me go on a wild goose chase?"
Your phone pings again and you groan, albeit very grateful for his existence 
Chanhee is a hoe: [Juyeon's address] [11:36 PM]
Haknyeon laughs, "Knowing him, yes." He drums the bonnet of the car, waiting for you to hop in and when you do, he enters, igniting the engine and zooming away to the address Chanhee has sent you.
Upon reaching his place, Haknyeon wishes you luck and tells you that he'd rather wait in the car and that if you planned on staying the night, then, you should text him so that he could leave. You smile and storm away, trying to build up the rage within you to lash out at your soulmate.
"Lee Juyeon," you slam at his door. "Lee Juyeon, open your door." 
You hit the steel door as hard as you can, unbothered by the pain that now seers through your fist. At this rate, you'll be hospitalized with your soulmate and you could have your first date there. How nice; not.
"Y/N?" he opens the door, and you notice the redness around the sides of his fist. Your eyes widen and the air is taken away from your lungs as you stare wide-eyed at the man before you.
Lee Juyeon is gorgeous. He leaves you feeling dazed like a comet hitting the earth's crater, strong and hard. He is tall enough to tower you and his eyes sparkle with hope. You notice the bruise on his face under the dim street light by his house and you gape.
"It could be you."
You run back to the car, tapping at Haknyeon's glass. He pulls it down and hands you a paper cup of hot coffee. You look at him with a snug expression. You notice Juyeon watching you with confusion. You take big strides towards the man and open the cup, only to throw the hot coffee onto his chest, in the same area that had you wincing moments ago.
It hits you a second too late. You drop the cup, holding your upper abdomen, your fingers digging into the underside of your breasts as you fall on your knees. You definitely did not think this through. Juyeon merely clenches his teeth tightly, and you realise that with all this experience you both shared, he's the only one who knows how to deal with the pain.
Haknyeon chuckles at the sight, and almost on cue, he pulls his car back and drives a bit away, parking it by a big tree. Juyeon kneels along with you and helps you up, "Let's put some ice there."
"That was a very bad idea. 0/10 would not recommend."
You're holding your chest and your abdomen messily and you're cursing at Juyeon, "Are you a gangster? A thug? Why do you keep getting hurt?"
"A boxer, actually and I keep getting hurt because Sangyeon will not go easy on me. I'm sorry. You must have been through shit," Juyeon's voice is soothing. Like a fresh warm bath with your favorite soap bombs and a ducky. He helps you into his house, lays you on his sofa carefully as he goes to grab ice.
"Maybe this wasn't all of a bad idea," you shout, and Juyeon chuckles. He even laughs beautifully; how? He asks if he could lift your shirt up as he comes back to your side with a bag full of ice. You nod and he lifts your shirt up, grimacing at the purple bruises that have formed by your abdomen and the area under your breasts. Juyeon is too worried to let his eyes stray anywhere else as he mumbles apologies after apologies.
"It's okay," you chuckle nervously, feeling conscious and slightly bad for your soulmate. "At least now I have you. We'll get through this pain together. You can take care of me and I can take care of you."
Juyeon feels his insides bubbling, his chest tightens, and his heart bloom. If this is what a soulmate's love feels like, he could get high on it. His face gets close to your skin and his lips slightly trace the bruises, before placing kisses on it and then, the ice, all while mumbling, "I'd like that. I'd really like that."
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multi-maker · 8 months ago
For the event, can I ask for venti, kaeya, zhongli and childe's reaction to y/n dying in the main storyline?
— eclipse
in a world where genshin characters pull for you, how would they react to you dying in the main story line? ft. venti, kaeya, zhongli and childe!
notes. i did not expect someone to request this (i was hoping though giggles evilly) but here you go~! i think i got carried away... oh well~
tw: blood, violence, major character death
Tumblr media
“...i’m...sorry...traveler,” your character mutters, eyes glazing over as a weak smile forms on your face. “perhaps...this is where...i fall...” chuckling weakly as your hand loosens on your weapon, you give the traveler one last smile.
“good...luck, traveler...”
venti is Not Okay.
he would stare at the cutscene with horrified eyes and an agape mouth
tears will surface in his eyes as he lets out a weak sob
how dare the creators put you through so much pain? to end up killing you and taking away your once last chance in happiness?
he would be so heartbroken and he’d be sad and ranting on twitter for DAYS.
Tumblr media
“hah...didn’t i...tell you war...death is inevitable...?” you chuckled weakly as bloodied hands weakly patted the traveler’s hands. blood ran down on your face as your character’s eyes glistens with unshed tears.
“go...traveler...get your...sibling.”
kaeya: and i took that personally
he would be so DEVASTATED that your character died in the final act
there were so many theories but he didn’t wanted to be believe that you dying would be one of them
kaeya wouldn’t cry but he’d definitely frown and be sad the whole day
definitely the type to read fix it fics where your character doesn’t die.
Tumblr media
“o-oh dear...” your character laughs weakly as you stagger. your weapon clattered on the floor as you were brought to your knees. “i was...a bit careless...wasn’t i?” you chuckle, but there was no mirth.
“t-till next time...traveler.”
zhongli is frozen
he would try to heal your character but even he knew it was officially canon that you are dead
he would be so devastated and he’d be sulking. the whole week
zhongli would actually be the type to argue that your death wasn’t needed
writes the fix it fics where you don’t die
Tumblr media
“ah...well...a warrior’s resting place...shall be in the battlefield...” you tease the traveler with a weak smile as blood dripped from your war torn figure. “w-well...what are you...waiting for?” you mumble, falling on your knees.
“go get...your sibling...traveler...”
childe would like to know why the hell did you die?
goes on a rampage in the final battle and destroys the final boss
childe is Devastated and he would be sulking the whole time
he would actually try to pay the creators to revive you not gonna lie
he would be so sad and he’s literally pay anyone who is willing to make a sketch of you alive after the final battle
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slutouya · 5 months ago
sukuna x ftm!bottom!male reader
tw: pre-op reader, classroom sex, degrading, jealous sex, spitting, pain k., tummy bulge, blood k., size k., marking, choking, hair pulling, vaginal descriptions, daddy k., slapping, teasing
wc: 1.2k
authors%note: self indulgent because sukuna is my man and i’m a whore
Tumblr media
“You don’t get to speak slut.” Sukuna bent you over the nearest desk to him after he’d hurriedly closed the door and locked it behind you two.
Sukuna was always protective of you believe it or not. He’s a powerful curse that many people wish to take down. They obviously could never fight him directly so they try taking you to bargain with him only to end up dead in the end.
But whether it was life or death or men flirting with you, he was always protective. You’d tried so hard flirting with the men around him, from Megumi all the way to Satoru.
It never bugged him enough to do something. He knew what you were doing and he also knew he was the best you’d ever have.
“Dumb whores like you don’t deserve the right to.” But the straw that finally broke the camel’s back was fucking Itadori.
After all of your previous attempts that had failed, you definitely knew that Yuuji- your last resort- would definitely work. Although you didn’t expect it to work this well, you were very pleasantly surprised.
His dark nails smoothly ripped open your shirt right down the middle. Thankfully he had the courtesy not to tear your pants open and just harshly ripped them down your legs.
Strands of Sukuna’s bright hair gradually fell over his forehead. “Hm, you’re already so wet and I haven’t even fuckin’ touched you.” His deep voice filled your ears as he chuckled at your sheer embarrassment.
“Such a greedy little cock slut.” Your slick had begun to drip down your thighs and onto the desk you were laying against. He roughly grabbed your face in between his fingers and tapped your cheek until your jaw dropped and you stuck your tongue out.
He hummed at your immediate compliance before spitting on your tongue and waiting til’ you swallowed to let go. Just as you let your eyelids fall, you felt him spit on the side of your face.
Usually by now Sukuna would be forcing you to beg for his cock. But he slipped that entirely and instead slipped his tip through your folds before fully thrusting his cock inside. He gathered the saliva in his mouth before spitting on your face.
Sukuna laughed at the already noticeable outline of his cock in your stomach. The nail on his thumb pushed on the bulge and watched as your back arched up off the desk and your hands clenched the sides.
“You’re just so fucking tiny aren’t you? S’my cock too big for your stupid little cunt?” The smile he showed you was sinister and teasing and it made your stomach clench in knots.
Once your jumbled mind fully processed his words, you outright shook your head and hooked your legs around his waist to keep him close to you; even though you knew he could quite easily overpower you if he wanted to.
His thumb continued to trace and press against the bulge in your stomach as he kept teasing and teasing you. “I don’t know..” He dragged on the sentence longer than normal. The longer he stayed still the more he could feel you clenching around him. “Your tiny drooling cunt seems to be struggling..”
“‘Kuna~ please please!” Your voice was already rough and slightly scratchy. You hadn’t realized you’d called him by his name until it was too late. His nails scratched their way up your stomach and his fingers shackled around your jugular.
“What the fuck did you just call me whore?” Sukuna’s voice was heavy and menacing but it only made you clench your walls around his cock.
“I- m’sorry, m’sorry.. daddy p-lease!”
His grip around your throat tightened while he pressed you harder up against the desk, “that’s fuckin’ right. You remember your place around daddy, slut.”
He forced his cock out almost all the way before shoving himself right back in- he marveled at the way you stomach seemed to have a bigger bulge every time he slammed his cock against your cervix. He used the grip he had to pull your smaller body into his vicious thrust.
The minor lack of oxygen made your spin and your hands went from clasping the sides of the desk to clutching at his wrist- but not trying to pull it away. “Aah~ ha- yes, fuck, fuck daddy!”
“Feels good hm?” He swiped his tongue across his lower lips and peered down at your shaking body. The sounds of your higher pitched moaning and the desk moving back and forth against the tile filled the rather medium sized classroom.
You nodded your head up at him as you noticed blood starting to seep from the scratches made up your stomach. Sukuna followed your eyes and smiled before crouching down and licking his way along the claw marks. He moaned at the copper metallic like taste in his mouth before bending back down to lick up more of your blood.
With it still sitting on his tongue, your tongue slipped from your lips just before he spit the blood and saliva down your throat, you squeaked in response. “You’re mine.. You got that whore?”
“Yes!” Your voice was evidently more hoarse and scratchy than it was before you started. “Yes what?”
His voice was firm and deep like it always was when he was jealous or getting possessive, “Yess— daddy!” You exclaimed when his hand when from clutching your throat to pulling at the strands of your hair to force your head to look at where his cock was bulging in your stomach.
The pain from his grip sent a pleasant chill down your spine- you rested your hands behind you on the corners of the creaking school desk. “This stupid slutty cunt is fucking mine. Don’t you let your stupid mind forget it.”
You were beginning to think the force and speed behind his thrusts was going to end up breaking the desk altogether. “You gonna fucking flirt with that brat again?”
“N-no daddy… I swear- I swear~” Sukuna released his fingers from the hold on your hair to strike the side of your face, hard.
Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes, you sight set straight to the side where your head had been jerked. You could already feel the burning in your cheek, but you unfortunately couldn’t hide or stop the way you clenched around his cock tighter than you had all afternoon.
“Of-fucking-course you’d fucking like it. Why wouldn’t you? You’re just a whore for anything I do aren’t you? I could just do anything to your body and you’d fucking take it because you’re that much of a cock whore.”
The burn was replicated on the opposite cheek when Sukuna reared his hand back to strike the other cheek. “God you’re so fucking messy.” He groaned and tossed his head back.
“In- please daddy! Cum inside please!”
“Where else would I do it? You clearly need to know you’re fucking mine.” Your eyes rolled up into your skull and Sukuna took the opportunity he’d been waiting for.
With one of his nails he clawed ‘S’ into the side of your neck and licked up any blood that poured out. “Now everyone will know who this slutty fucking body belongs to.”
“Cum, now.” He growled before the band in your stomach snapped and you were squirting over his cock, thighs, and lower stomach which was now dripping on the floor.
He pulled his cock out before cum came out in ribbons across the expanse of your stomach rhat now had dried blood on it.
“Never do that shit again, Y/n.”
“I won’t ‘Kuna.”
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