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#why do i always draw everyone with a twist wwww
madamhatter · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Please, I’m trying to catch a wince of sleep..” it’s not you sleep anyways, you clown. Questionnaire time! 
▌real name:  "Sophie Hatter.”
▌single or taken: "Uninterested and not considered eligible.” Single by default. Verse-dependent.
▌abilities or powers: "I have nothing of the sort.” Anything that she says come true and she can bring things to life; her powers get more complex in explaining what she has done. Just imagine it as if her voice is pure magic and has ways to alter destiny, reality, time and space without needing effort. 
▌eye colour:  “Brown.” Brown.
▌hair colour: “Brown.” Dark auburn hair. Was much brighter when young but its color faded as she gotten older. It will be silver in verses, conditions varying as to why. 
▌family members: "I’m the eldest daughter of my late father, Sebastian Hatter, and late mother, Delilah Hatter. My father was survived by myself, my sisters, Lettie and Martha, and my stepmother, Fanny.” Sebastian Hatter, birth father, dead. Delilah Hatter, birth mother, dead. Lettie Hatter, younger sister, alive. Martha Hatter younger (half) sister, alive. Fanny Hatter, stepmother, alive.
▌pets: "..Never had a pet.” As she says. Depending on the verse, she would have a dog name Calcifer (and a pied dove named Howl)! I see her having quite a bit of birds, honestly.
▌something they don’t like: "I particularly dislike the smell of ammonia.” Correct. She’ll never say it, but it is connected to my father. He used this cleaning product to remove blood from his clothing. The scent was so strong when she was young that it can actually make her throw-up and gag if she smells it. More info here: x.
▌hobbies/activities:  "Sewing, knitting, hat-making,  and reading. Nothing special.” Adores flower arrangements, dancing, drawing and painting, traveling (and exploring), cooking, scrapbooking, bird watching (and keeping), etc. 
▌ever hurt anyone before:  "....Necessary sometimes.” Yes. 
▌ever killed anyone before:  "....” Yes x2. :D
▌worst habits: "Oh no....Let’s see. My doctors tell me that it’s my overexertion and lack of care for my mental and physical health when it comes to my work that leads me to blackout and fall unconscious or forget how to eat and sleep..” Sophie hides her feelings, thoughts, and emotions and doesn’t let herself truly open up with someone for a long while; Sophie will throw herself into her work and overdo it if it means she doesn’t want to think of a problem involving herself and she could keep herself distracted and busy with the unavoidable truth ; Sophie can get remarkable defensive and impulsive that can lead to lots of trouble and hurt ; Sophie actively works with personas and doesn’t let her real self out, making it a bit manipulative ; Sophie’s anger can go unchecked and can end up making terrible situations ; Sophie’s willingness to be used and exploited versus others (martyrdom ?) and will excuse any cruelties done against her ; and much, much more. 
▌role models: "Father and mother (meaning Fanny).” Oh, Sophie, you’re going to regret that. Oh, will you regret making that decision. context: irony is a bitch and one of her journeys is recognizing the source of her trauma, pain, and insecurities stem from her abusers, being her parents. 
▌sexual orientation:  “Nothing worthy to note. Not that it matters.” Panromantic, pansexual.
▌thoughts on marriage/kids:  “Children and marriage, those are nice dreams to have.” Sophie fucking Hatter adores kids and if her mom tendencies don’t make it obvious, she’s great with them and would love to have kids (adopting, fostering, birthing). She loves a future in where she can have kids and help, nurture, and guide them in growing up to be whoever they want to be. A partner is optional for this route. But, marriage is nice too..! To have someone, Sophie likes it, but excludes herself from that idea (as she does with the kids thought). She doesn’t think it’s part of her fate and if she brings people into her ‘fate,’ it’ll only harm them significantly. It’s nice things for people to have and dream of, but not for her, because to her, it’s nonnegotiable. 
▌fears: “Just like everyone else’s like deep waters-” Sophie’s fears are centered around the feelings of not having control, being powerless, and not having knowledge. Being considered ignorant is something used against her throughout her life and stings when she has to see reality for what it was and how people took advantage of her/exploited her. She fears the inevitable of her fate because everything she’s done up to this point was to her secure her sisters’ futures. And what then when they don’t need her anymore? Uselessness, she hates the thought of it. (And when she’s aware of what she’s ben through) She hates coming to the reality that everything she’s denied herself was all for nothing, that she has wasted her time and life over people who should’ve loved her, cherished her, and raised her. AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!! 
▌style preferences: "Practical, always in monochromes, nothing that draws unnecessary attention.” Always wears clothing that is a little bit big on her that doesn’t hug her skin. Always used to her usual ‘uniform’ of wearing all gray and never in anything flashy that can give herself away or draw unwanted attention. Never shows off her arms or legs (even if they’re pretty fit :)) and always with her straw-hat on her head. 
▌someone they love: "My sisters.” Unequivocal love for her sisters, that’s a definite. 
▌approach to friendships: "It’s a relationship like any other, but there’s only so much time, so much to predict, so much I can give to them before..- Next question, please.” Sophie Hatter is capable of harboring friendships but her views on them are pretty twisted on her part. She cherishes them but understands them to be futile and not ones to last long; they are only temporaries in her life because her fate isn’t meant to have fortune of any kind for her -- which isn’t limited to her future. It expands to what she may seek and that includes happiness, relationships, goals, ambitions, etc. She has no expectations for their longevity and doesn’t wish to get too attached, but she’s still human and goodness, does she always want. It makes her very uncomfortable to admit these things, so never expect your muses to know this. wwww
▌thoughts on pie: "Pie is lovely to make, though it depends on which kind I could actually taste. If it’s too sweet, well..” She prefers pie over cake.
▌favourite drink:  "Any tea is good tea.” Chamomile tea with a splash of whiskey. Warm 2% milk with a spoonful of honey.
▌favourite place to spend time at:  "My workshop or my room.” It depends on who she’s with, really. She’s the cheesy type whose enjoyment will change significantly if her loved ones are happy. Though, if she needed to pick a place that she’ll love to spend time at: think of museums, aquariums, forest trails -- anywhere spacious and big, anywhere that her curiosity can get the better of her and it won’t be scolded! Oh, also, the kitchen because she loves baking and cooking and because people around her love to eat and she wants to provide. 
▌swim in the lake or in the ocean:  “Neither.” ‘Swim’ isn’t a verb that she can do. 
▌their type: "I mustn’t think of such things. Nor am I fit to think about that...and sending time on something like that...I...Please, next question.” HIMBOS. HIMBOS- The range this woman has when it comes to ‘taste’ is so fucking funny - but, she actually *doesn’t* have a type she’s aware of or anything she actively pursues. It’s basically this: there are traits that she is attracted to, but never has she developed an understanding of her ‘type’ of partner.  Traits that come together that she likes are: good with children/family-oriented, passionate in work, compassionate/empathetic, enjoyment of the sciences (nature, specifically), sharp-witted/able to banter with her, loyal, able to comprehend emotions, charitable, etc. If they share common interests with her, the attraction jumps. 
▌camping or indoors: "...I don’t have time.” Either is a good option, but given her reclusive habits, she would prefer indoors and far from people. If she were ever get more comfortable, and embrace her old self, she would love trying to camp.
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