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Stargate Atlantis | Common Ground 3x07 …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ…ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ
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madebycoffee · a year ago
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To The Movies! (2/?)
Keith: Oh man those who narrate the movie are the WORST.... Granted they are the only ones in there. But STILL it’s the principle of the thing! January tell ‘em to caN IT. Oh nevermind.
@ironicscavenger @joleyssims
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strobimilk · a month ago
𝟗:𝟑𝟓 𝐏𝐌
“hey, kiri just called, apparently you’re not answering your phone.”
katsuki looks up at you from the other side of the bed as he buttons up the top of a silk pajama set you got him last year. “my phone’s on do not disturb after nine.” he simply says, not even asking why his friend called.
“some hero you are,” you jest.
“it’s my night off, i’ve done enough night patrols. it’s deku and half and half’s turn.” he scowls.
“it’s not about work,” you chuckle. “he’s asking if you want to go out for a couple of drinks. you should go.”
“but i’ve already changed into my night-in pajamas.” he gestures down to his body, scowl deepening. you purse your lips in an effort to suppress the laugh bubbling up your throat. you’d called it night-in pajamas when you gifted it to him. he’d called the term stupid then, but it stuck.
you walk closer to him, running your hands up his chest before settling loosely on the nape of his neck, playing with the blond strands on there. “then change out of them, big baby.”
you’re not sure how exactly he does it but his scowl deepens even more, hands squeezing your waist before leaning in for a peck. “y’tellin’ me what to do?”
“yes.” you lean back, looking him square in the eye.
he holds your stare for a few seconds before his bottom lip juts out slightly in a subtle pout. “i don’t wanna.”
“why?” you ask tenderly, thumb running over his cheek. “you’ve been spending your time either working or with me, next thing you know you’re sick of me.”
“you’re an idiot.” he grumbles. you hear his words for what they are, though—as if that’ll ever happen.
“no, seriously. it’s not bad to unwind from time to time.”
“i am unwinding. i’m in my night-in pajamas.” he gestures to himself once again.
you can’t hold back a chuckle this time. “i meant with your friends. don’t you miss spending time with them?”
“no.” he scoffs, but then he looks down, a pensive look overtaking his face.
a vibration from your pocket interrupts you gauging his expression, and kiri’s name flashes across your screen. you hand the device to your lover. “here, he’s calling again.”
he tuts, but he takes it still, swiping across the screen to answer it. “the hell do you want?”
you walk out of the bedroom, letting them have privacy as the conversation progresses, opting to scroll through the channels in order to find something decent to watch.
katsuki emerges from your bedroom minutes later, clad in jeans and a long-sleeve top, face still set in a scowl as he hands you back your phone.
“look at you, being a great friend!” you cheer him on.
he rolls his eyes at you, walking to the genkan to put shoes on. “‘m only going ‘cuz shitty hair said he needs help with something.”
“yeah, so you’re being a good friend.” you shrug, turning back to the TV.
he takes a few minutes to put his shoes on, which is unusual, but it reminds you of something he’s missing, so you stand up from the couch as you call out, “hey, katsuki.”
he looks up at you expectantly as you walk closer, his face falling when you walk just a little bit past him to reach for his coat. “don’t forget this, it’s cold out,” you say as you reach around him to drape the coat over his shoulders.
he quietly puts his arms through the sleeves, still frowning and avoiding your gaze.
you lean in to press a kiss to his cheek. “enjoy your night, baby.”
he leans away just before your lips meet his skin, crouching down to fix his shoelaces that you’re sure are fine, so you settle for pressing a kiss on the back of his head before making a move to head back to the couch.
he tuts again, sighing as he reaches a hand out to wrap around your arm. “you’re not gonna stop me or somethin’?!”
a laugh escapes you. “no? i already told you, you should spend more time with your friends.”
he groans, pulling you closer by the waist and burying his face onto the side of your head. you chuckle once again as you lean onto him. you’d make fun of him for how he’s acting, but you know he’s been neck-deep in work the past few weeks, and while his desire to stay home and spend the night with you is understandable, you know he could also use a change of scenery that isn’t your home or his job. besides, tomorrow is also his day off, so you can have him for yourself then. for now, going out with his friends is a good idea.
“s’just for a few hours, babe.” you run your hand up and down his back.
“i’ll be back by twelve,” he mumbles before pressing one last kiss to your forehead and walking through the door.
you only smile as you watch him go, thinking about what you’re gonna be doing for the next two hours or so without him.
not that he lets you be truly alone for long, because an hour or so later, your phone is dinging with messages from him. judging by the errors, you can immediately tell he’s had a few drinks.
im iss you
do tou miss me.
you bettwr
i do. im sorry if i did anuthing
katsuki isn’t particularly fond of drinking. he doesn’t like how he moves slower, his control over his own body, his reactions, and his emotions slipping bit by bit. but kirishima is obviously in need of help, and he starts to think, what’s so wrong about a few drinks if it helps his words flow just a bit easier when his words are what his friend need the most right now?
so he drinks with the redhead. one glass turns to two, and then five, and then fuck, he’s lost count. and eijirou just won’t stop talking about his relationship problems, asking bakugou of all people, about what he should do.
if anything, his problems just make him reflect on your relationship. out of the two of them, kirishima is obviously better at feelings and shit. if someone like him is having problems in his own relationship, who’s to say you two aren’t? maybe you’re just not telling him because he’s been so busy and you don’t want to add more to his plate. is that why you’re so adamant about getting him to go out tonight? to get him out of your sight? because you’re sick of him?
he knows he doesn’t exactly show affection in the most conventional way, but he hopes it still gets across. does it? or is he making you feel neglected? unwanted? what if you’re getting tired?
and fuck, the slow ballad playing in the pub isn’t exactly helping, either.
so he pulls out his phone, cussing at his big fingers for every error, but being unable to correct it. he hopes the message gets across anyway.
he sighs out when you reply.
do you need me to pick you up?
to which he replies,
“you know,” katsuki is interrupted by a hiccup. “eijo told me—” another hiccup.
“eijirou?” you clarify as you strap him to the passenger seat of your car.
“yeah, him,” he babbles as you round the car to take a seat on the driver’s side. “he’s havin’ problems with...with his boo...”
you laugh at his language but you say nothing, letting him continue.
“an- and, he’s asking me what to do. can you believe? me?” he points to himself, snorting.
“mhm,” you reach over to smooth his hair. “what’s so unbelievable about that?”
he closes his eyes at the contact, shuffling in his seat to be more comfortable. he stays silent, and for a moment, you think he passed out. just when you start the car to pull out of the parking lot, he reaches out for your hand.
“d’you think i’m good to you?” he asks, voice quiet and raspy.
you tilt your head, reaching over to cup his face. “yeah, ‘suki. you are,” you reply, no trace of hesitancy in your voice.
you think back to everything he’s ever done, words whispered when it’s just the two of you, and find yourself unable to pinpoint a singular event that made you feel loved, because all of them did. anything and everything katsuki has ever done was out of love. to make you feel loved. you know that much.
“i know, okay?” he mumbles, eyes open yet clouded over. “my words don’t come out right sometimes. an’ i’m not sweet ‘n all that, but you have this” —he puts a hand over his heart— “in your hands. no...all of this, actually.” he gestures to himself. “so, please...stick with me, alright?”
the last part is in a whisper as his blinks get slower. you only smile, leaning over the console to press a kiss on each of his eyelids. “like you have to ask, dummy.”
“you’re dummy.” he frowns, but still, he responds eagerly when you press a kiss onto his lips.
“uh huh, and you’re a lightweight,” you say once you pull away, expecting a snarky comeback. instead, you find him finally asleep, breathing even with the smallest smile on his face.
your heart melts at the sight, pulling up your phone to snap a picture. you’re gonna give him so much shit for this tomorrow.
shit’s been tough so uh this (katsuki sappy drunk) is all i can manage for now. it’s garbaüge but i rly wanna get back to writing so maybe lil pieces like this will help. love u kiss kiss <3
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Tumblr media
Thanks to all the people who have followed, liked and reblogged. This one is for you. 
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planetrin · 3 months ago
𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐮, 𝐬𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚 𝐤𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐨𝐦𝐢 & 𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐚 𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐨 𝐰/ 𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 // hurt/comfort (there’s no actual breaking up)
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 // mentions of insecurity and cyber bullying
☄︎ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐬 // hi!! this is my first post omg !! how exciting :D hopefully u guys like it <3 also omi’s got long sorry !
part two !!
Tumblr media
the feeling of dread fills your body once more. the comments on your boyfriend’s post— a picture of both of you. faceless accounts calling you rude name after name after name.
naturally, you knew what came with dating one of the best pro athletes in the entire country, but after time, the things people would say would start to affect your own self image.
you knew how to let it slide. after all, you and atsumu had been dating for so long, you were unfortunately used to the abundance of mean words, opting on putting up a facade for your boyfriend. but it was one comment that made your strong resolve crumble quickly.
i still don’t understand what THE miya atsumu is doing with this person ??? he literally deserves so much better wtf !!!
you always knew he was too good to be true. a handsome prince that just so happened to fall into the palm of your hand. but to have someone actually think so was extremely upsetting. were you really not good enough for him? obviously not, right? if everyone thinks so?
the overthinking led to you sitting on the bed, legs crossed and thumbs twiddling as you wait for him to come back from practice. when you hear the door slam shut and him call for you, you take a deep breath in and prepare yourself.
“baby!” he cheers walking into the bedroom to see you, a big smile on his face like there’s nothing wrong. “missed ya s’much,”
“atsumu,” you breath, trying to contain your tears. you practiced it 30 times without crying and even still, your watery eyes threaten to spill.
he cocks his head, confused, a frown replacing the once bright smile, “atsumu? what happened to tsumie?”
you look at your lap, avoiding eye contact with his honey brown eyes. you need to get it over with, “we… we should breakup.”
he chuckles, awkwardly, waiting for the punchline in this twisted joke you’ve got going. when he notices the tears dripping from your face, his smile quickly fades and his eyebrows furrow. his body fills with panic.
“w-what? why?”
you sniffle, unable to look him in the eye. you twiddle your thumbs feeling a sense of guilt.
you hand him your phone, opened to the several instagram comments, shuddering out, “y-you deserve so much better, tsum… it’s best—“
he scoffs, turning off your phone and tossing it to the side. “yer the best— i already have the best.” he tilts your head up, cupping your cheek. he takes the pad of his thumb, swiping your tears. “i don’t care what any of these people are sayin,’ yer my pretty… the love of my life. who’s gonna put up with me if yer not around? who’s the one that makes sure i have somethin’ to eat at practice?”
he doesn’t realize it, but there are tears sliding down his cheeks, too, and you give him a wobbly smile.
“ya can’t leave me, i think ‘ll die.” he chuckles, breathily.
you nod, sniffling, “‘m sorry…”
he shakes his head as if to say, don’t apologize. he wraps his arm around you, pulling you in close and squeezing your body tightly. “i love ya, no one’s gonna change that.”
kiyoomi has always wanted your relationship to be private because he hates people pestering him about all of the personal things in his life. especially you.
there are no photos of you on kiyoomi’s social media accounts. at all. and for the most part, you’re okay with it. you understand why he doesn’t want to be seen in with you in public, even if it does hurt a little.
you know your boyfriend wants the best for you, and the best means that you two are limited to at home dates and disguises in public. you hate it, honestly, but you love your boyfriend, so you tough it out.
it’s all fine until you’re at an MSBY game (that ended in victory, of course) and you run down the stands to give him a hug in excitement. adrenaline rushing throughout his body, he barley has time to process before camera’s start flashing in your direction.
the drive home with kiyoomi is silent. you can’t tell if he’s angry at you for being so reckless or if he’s angry at himself for not stopping something from happening. regardless, you knew he was mad, but you didn’t want to upset him any further, so you left him alone for the night. you muttered a soft goodnight and secretly hoped it’d all be over tomorrow.
that’s definitely not what happened because when you woke up and checked your phone to see dozens of twitter mentions with pictures of you and kiyoomi from the game, you were very confused.
sakusa kiyoomi apparently dating some person named @y/n !? yikes…
have you guys seen that MSBY player’s s/o… he looks he doesn’t even like them ???
your eyes burn at the other hateful tweets you’d found, every doubt you ever had about your relationship with kiyoomi now creeping back into your brain.
you should’ve seen you coming, though, right? why else would he keep you a secret? he was probably just embarrassed of you is the conclusion you came to.
when you walk downstairs, you see him sitting on the couch with a mug of coffee and his phone in his other hand. he perks up immediately at the sound of you.
“kiyoomi… we should break up.” you frown, your breaking-heart pounding in your chest. “i mean, these twitter people are right, i’m not up to your standards and there are a lot of people in the world that you’d look a lot better with.”
kiyoomi shudders, the thought of another person in his life, he couldn’t possibly.
“and… i know you’re embarrassed to be seen with me, i don’t blame you—“
he abruptly cuts you off, “don’t… do that. don’t talk down on yourself because of something that was completely my fault.” his sigh is heavy, like he has so much to say. “you’re so amazing, don’t you get that?”
“it’s kinda hard to tell when you don’t want to be seen with me. really, kiyoomi, it’s fine. let me help you make this easy.” your voice is cracking. it’s the last thing you want, but if it’ll help him, then so be it.
he groans, putting his mug and phone down on the table in front of him, walking over to shake your shoulders, vigorously. “listen, i’m not embarrassed of you! i love you! more than anything. i just wanted to avoid people talking about you. you don’t deserve to be called things like that. you’re gorgeous and loving and kind and i couldn’t bare losing you to someone else who probably does deserve you.” he says in what feels like one breath.
you look at him in awe, “you mean that? you really think i deserve better than you, the sakusa kiyoomi?” and he nods, avoiding your eyes. “i beg to differ,”
a soft pink blush dusts over his cheeks, “no more hiding,” he mutters. “i’ll show the world that you’re my beautiful s/o every day for the rest of my life if i have to.”
suna rintarō believes that you are his light. he adores you, your beauty, your personality, the way you love him endlessly— he loves it and he isn’t afraid to let it be known.
although rin is a professional athlete, that doesn’t stop him from spending every waking second of free time by your side. he likes to make sure you don’t doubt him. ever. he loves you and you love him.
there’s also his instagram, which consists of candid photos of you (and thirst traps of himself that you keep telling him to delete) or just photos of the two of you together.
you just so happen to be stalking the account late at night with rintarō’s dead asleep body right next to you. it never occurred to you to do so, but you figured you’d take a look at his comments, half expecting them to be comments of his friends making fun of him for being so mushy and some teenage girls making heart eyes at him.
but what you weren’t expecting was for there to be comments degrading and talking down on you.
your smile quickly fades, turning into a pout. you spend the next hour obsessively going through his comments on the pictures of you or the two of you together.
suna, pick me, im so much more attractive than them!!!
soon, you realize you’ve had enough, feeling drained of life and love. you impulsively shake your boyfriend awake, not stopping until you hear his annoyed groans. “what is it, baby?”
you don’t think much about it be fore you say it, “we should break up.”
“no, now goodnight.”
he exhales, lifting up and propping his body up with the help of his elbow. “what brought this on?”
“i’m not good enough for you…” you say meekly, face heating up. “all of your fans think so… you’re so handsome and successful and i’m just… me.”
“yeah, you’re you. crybaby-cuddle-me-now-bratty-Y/N. and you’re also, the kind, loving Y/N that pranks atsumu every time he pisses me off. you’re the love of my life.”
you’re shocked that he can say that all so nonchalantly because you’re definitely holding your breath, trying not to cry at his words.
“‘m not a crybaby,” you grumble, that pout still etched onto your face.
he smiles, brushing his knuckles against your cheek, “yeah, you are, but i love that about you.”
“shut up.”
he chuckles, leaning in to kiss you, “i love you.” he whispers softly against your lips. “no more looking at my comments, you’re way too hot for that.” he joke, smirking at you.
“i love you, more.”
he shakes his head, “impossible. now get your ass to bed.”
Tumblr media
© all works belong to @planetrin 2021, please do not repost, modify, or translate any of my works on any platform
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tojisblunt · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
OVERSTIMULATION HCS — genshin edition.
Tumblr media
hcs — original, not requested.
AUTHOR’S NOTE. my first genshin work... hehe im so very excited to get back into the writing game ^_^
CHARACTERS. diluc, dainsleif, zhongli, xiao.
+ includes. overstimulation (duh...), daddy kink, size kink, squirting, multiple orgasms, fingering, slapping, mean!xiao, praise, edging
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he overstimulates you because he’s not even aware of it in the first place.
diluc is a certified himbo, i swear. he loves u so much and would do anything for your pleasure.
but the thing is.......he’s too focused to realized that you’ve been doing nothing but cumming.
he only realizes once you squirt all over him, your cream soaking his digits and your cum bleeding through the sheets.
“d-diluc!” you squeal, back arching and hips shooting forward into his fingers as he continues to move them around inside of your weeping cunt. diluc’s other hand is focused on your tits while his dick is standing up proud, the red tip angry from how horny he was.
he just wants you to cum on his fingers before he makes you cum again and again on his cock, but poor little diluc; he’s far too focused on your pretty tits to notice that you’ve cum a long time ago.
“baby,” you cry, putting your hand over your mouth to muffle the embarrassing sounds leaving your lips as you feel his finger tips graze against your favorite spots. his palm is catching your clit every time his hand creates a motion, and it makes your legs quiver and the knot in your stomach to tighten.
“just cum, baby, it’s okay.” diluc reassures you, and you want to smack him. he’s been spewing bullshit about wanting you to cum when you’ve been doing that this whole time.
“i-i can’t!” you sob, head thrown back when he stops thrusting his fingers for a second, opting to grind the pads of his finger tips against your g-spot. it sends electricity through your body, and you can’t help but tighten around his fingers, body quivering as you experience a body-wracking orgasm.
you’re crying underneath him, eyes widening as you unconsciously spread your legs further open, feeling your orgasm drag out for much longer than planned.
you curse, squirting all over your boyfriend’s fingers and abdomen, thrashing your head side to side from the overwhelming feeling of a mind numbing orgasm that you just experienced.
“oh.” diluc stills, realization hitting him as he processes what just happened. “sorry,” he says sheepishly, and you roll your eyes. he cleans off your cum from his fingers, bringing your body closer to his lower half as he lines up his cock against your pussy.
“what are you—?!”
“—who said i was done?”
he’s gonna be the death of you.
likes to do it because you look so pretty crying underneath him.
and also because he’s a service dom who’ll do anything for you to be happy in his sheets :P
loves to edge you tho... it makes your orgasms make you really sensitive after and he just loves the reactions.
tbh everything u do is attractive to him but if ur extra sensitive? u become a lot cuter to him.
“s-sen..” you blabber, and your boyfriend simply does nothing but looks up at you, keeping his eyes focused on your face to watch for any hints of uncomfortableness on your end.
“repeat that?” he asks, slamming his hips against yours purposefully, hoping to get a reaction out of you; in which, he does. dainsleif knows you too well, your body included. he knows where to hit it to get a certain reaction out of you.
“too sensitive!” you cry out in response to his thrust, feeling your thoughts swirl around as dainsleif begins thrusting into you slowly, before his rhythm speeds up. “no, no, no, no...” you trail off, mind going blank as your brains get fucked out of you.
“you can take it,” he says, soothing his hands over your stomach to reassure you that he’s still there. “my good girl, you look so pretty like this.” he smiles, face showing nothing but complete adoration for you as you cry beneath him, legs spread and cunt almost red from the abuse it’s taken from his edging.
no matter how much you want to finally cum, the stinging that you feel as he rocks his hips against yours is so good yet so painful that you’re not sure what to tell him. he’s been edging you for so long that you’re not even sure if you really did cum.
dainsleif knows how sensitive you get every time he stops his thrusting to edge you. the cries that leave your lips once he begins thrusting again, it’s all so good. but, as he watches you babble incoherent words, he decided that it was enough.
after all, nothing beats the sight of you cumming all over his fat cock.
LET ME TELL YALL ABOUT HIS BIG ASS DICK. (i would know i experienced it first hand)
dear gawd this man has such a size kink... thousands of years of struggling to find someone that would take his cock properly is finally catching up to him!!!!!
because now he found a cute lil plaything such as yourself who gets off on the fact that his dick cant fit easily
and the amount of times he’s made you cum before being fully in... it’s embarrassing but did you expect any less from a dragon?
“daddy!” you gasp, feeling his fat cock throbbing against your sensitive walls. even after years of experience in bed with your boyfriend, zhongli, your poor little cunt still struggles to take his much bigger cock.
you don’t complain, however, no matter how much your pussy hurts the next day from the stretching it received the previous night. no, how could you complain when he makes you feel so good?
“hm?” zhongli hums, keeping his grip on your thighs strong so he has control of how spread out you are for him. using that fact to his advantage, he brings your thighs further apart, cock twitching at the sounds of your mewls from the feeling of his cock hitting deeper.
“f-feels...i feel so good, daddy...” you sniffle, bringing your hand to his abdomen to rub on it, just for your own satisfaction of having your hands on him 24/7. you’re obsessed with having zhongli’s skin against yours, and he finds it so adorable the way you depend on his touch.
“yeah?” he quips, slowly grinding his pelvis against your sensitive clit, causing your mewls to transition to slightly louder moans. he takes note of how sensitive you can get sometimes, which is why he’s careful with exactly where he’s hitting his cock, but his cock is just too big that he sometimes accidentally (more like purposefully) grazes it against your g-spot.
he feels it before his brain could process your loud cries of pleasure. “i’m cumming, fuck! oh fuck!” you gasp, hands gripping the sheets and back arching as you cum hard all over your boyfriend’s cock.
he quickly puts his thumb on your clit, rubbing gentle circles on it to help ride out your orgasm, and you’re crying from the overwhelming feeling of his hands on your clit. your legs are shaking, and your moans have grown too loud, forcing you to cover your mouth in a desperate attempt to keep the maids from hearing you.
“daddy, please,” you sniffle, mind blank from how fucked out you already are. zhongli smiles, caressing the side of your face before he brings your legs over his shoulders, loving the wide eyed reaction that you gave him.
“you can take more, right darling?” he smirks, doing a few experimental thrusts against your sensitive pussy. but before you could even process anything, you’re cumming all over his cock for the second time.
does it purely bc he loves it when ur crying like a dumb little whore
he just loves to fuck u into oblivion so ur rendered speechless :blushes:
degrades u whenever u cry bc of overstimulation, but gets so soft when u apologize for cumming too much :( i love him..
“nngh!” you bite your lips the hardest you could, eyebrows furrowing as you throw your head back. your eyes are rolling to the back of your head, and the continuous trembles that are going through your body right now has your boyfriend holding onto you to support.
he keeps his eyes locked on your cunt, eyes scanning the way you wrap around his cock perfectly, cream soaking his dick as you cum over and over on his cock. you’re too overstimulated at this point, one simple move from him can have you cumming again.
“you don’t stop do you?” he teases, and you wiggle your hips in place in response to the proud smirk adorning on his face. “feel good?” he asks when he notices that your panting has calmed.
you nod, still lost for words as your brain is jumbled from the numerous orgasms your boyfriend was so considerate to give.
he ghostly leaves his thumb resting on your throbbing clit, ignoring the small whines that leave your lips in reaction. he then brings your legs over his shoulders with his free hand, and you can’t do anything but just give him a hesitant look.
“what?” he asks, leaning down and placing both hands on either side of your head. “don’t you cream so nice and hard like this? hm?” his vulgar words bring arousal to your hot cunt, enough arousal where your hips jumped from the sudden stimulation it brought to your clit.
“daddy...” you sniffle, feeling his cock throb inside your awaiting cunt. he gives you a single glance before thrusting hard once against your hips. hard enough that it would be pleasurable for the both of you.
“you talk too much,” xiao sighs, and you squirm, impatience settling in your bones. “quit it.” he grunts, lifting his hand to land a quick slap on your face, causing you to gasp.
“no, fuck!” you cry, hands immediately rushing to his arms for support as your body trembles underneath his, cunt completely losing it on his cock.
xiao swallows, head going light from the intense arousal that he’s feeling as he watches you cum just from him slapping you.
if overstimulation can get you to cum this easy, then you better be sure as hell that he’s going to fuck you insanely stupid every time.
Tumblr media
copyright © tojisblunt. do not plagiarize, modify, or repost.
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# headcanons. 879 words.
# warnings. dacryphilia, degradation, afab reader, praise, daddy kink, slight brat taming and size kink.
# contains. mean akaashi, tendou, atsumu and kuroo—repost.
Tumblr media
he tries to be mindful of you, he really does.
but as soon as he hears you say that, it sparks something he didn’t even know was in him.
all he wants to do is fuck you even harder
and make you let out even more of those pretty moans.
Akaashi can’t find it in himself to even try and stop the groan that pushes past his lips at those words, his hips still and he can feel every inch of your tight little pussy clamping down on him. “Fuckk-”
His chest heaves with sharp breaths and a light sheen of sweat covers his chest, while his hands are rubbing soothing circles against your hips before he’s easing himself into you once more.
Softly mumbling praises against your skin and admiring the tears that rolled down your flushed cheeks, “You can take it, princess. I know you can.. just relax, let me take care of you- ah- wanna see you cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s adorable that you’d say it, really.
if he was enjoying himself earlier well now it was on a completely different level.
his eyes darken with lust, and you can feel his grip on you tighten.
the urge to fuck you stupid growing even stronger.
Tendou merely chuckles at the state you’re in underneath him, already a drooling mess with only half of his cock buried inside of you. “Stop squirmin’, pretty girl.”
You think he’s being nice and giving you the chance to get used to his size as he pulls out of you at a painfully slow pace, only for him to suddenly slam back into you and force the rest of his length into your pretty little cunt. 
He basks in the warmth of your welcoming walls, before looking down and smirking as he notices the mess you made all over his pelvis. “Look at you, bunny. Taking my cock so well, hm. Cumming jus’ from that? Didn’t even bother asking me for permission.. tsk, we’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”
Tumblr media
the smug smirk on his face only intensifies at the words.
any self-control he has instantly snaps.
he ends up even more of a tease afterwards.
and now all he wants to do is to make you beg for him—for more.
Atsumu is extremely patronizing, constantly cooing and teasing you as soon as he hears your admittance. “Too much? ‘S too much for ya already, doll?”
It doesn’t take long for him to shove your tear stricken face back into your sheets while he fucks you onto his cock, loving the way your thighs quivered at even the slightest stimulation.
And there isn’t even a slight sliver of hesitation in his movements as he thrusts into you at an animalistic pace, balls slapping against your ass while his hands fumbling to press against your tummy, “Thought ya said it was too much for ya, hm? So why ‘s yer greedy little cunt suckin’ me in so deep, angel?”
Tumblr media
to him, you’re being a brat.
all you had to do was be a good girl for him.
he wasn’t asking for your opinion on anything, and now you’d talked back.
his cocky expression stays in view while his movements and words grow harsher.
Kuroo smirks down at you, the words doing nothing but stroking his ego. He watches you sniffle and writhe underneath him sadistically, loving the way you whined at the mere stretch. 
“You begged for this, kitten—begged for daddy to fuck you like this..” His rough hands grip your jaw, bringing your glossy eyes over to him as his thumb runs over your bottom lip. 
You know what he wants you to do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing exactly that as you parted your lips and stuck out your tongue humming at the feeling of his spit in your mouth and seeping down your throat.
“Good girl.” He grunts out.
“Now, shut up and fucking take it. I don’t want to hear another word out of you unless you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 3 days ago
Oh I've just read the "Surprising your long distance boyfriend" and I love it so much! Can you do the same for Hinata, Kenma and Suna. It's okay if you don't want to and just ignore my ask. Love u! ❤👉👈
surprising your long distance boyfriend - part two
feat. Hinata, Kenma, Suna
part one
Tumblr media
“I miss Y/n” Hinata sighs, slumped over on the restaurant table. He and his teammates had gone out for dinner, but his mind was only on you and how long it’s been since he’s last seen you.
“Yes okay we get it Sho, you miss your s/o, let’s talk about something else now” Atsumu rolls his eyes, clearly sick of how much he’s heard his teammate complain about missing you. But he had a point, so Hinata did his best to shake off his longing for you.
The boys continued to chatter as the waiter came by with their plates, with Hinata being the most rapt by their talks. And as the waiter left, Bokuto couldn’t help but burst out into laughter.
“Hmm? What happened?” Hinata asks, taking a bite of his food.
“No, no it’s nothing” Bokuto wheezes, sharing a knowing grin with both Atsumu and Sakusa.
Hinata thought nothing of this- as far as he knew, this wasn’t far from their normal behavior. And so dinner continued like normal for the four. It wasn’t until Atsumu called the waiter over, asking if they could refill all of their waters.
And as Hinata picks up his cup to hand over to the waiter, he finally glances up, his gaze casually trailing to the waiter. His eyes widen, the empty cup slipping out of his hands.
Because why on earth were you standing there, refilling his teammates’ cups. Still in shock, Hinata hurriedly stands from his seat to rush over to you, embracing you in his arms.
“Please tell me you just showed up now, and that you weren’t our waiter this entire time” Hinata murmurs, moving his hands up to cup your face.
“Will lying make you feel better Sho? If so then yes, I definitely showed up now. And I most definitely was not the one who brought out your food” you chuckle, placing your own hands on top of his.
Hinata had no way to hide the flustered look on his face. He was just going on about how much he missed you, and for him not to notice you was quite embarrassing.
But honestly, he couldn’t care less if he looked liked a fool in front of others. You were the only one on his mind now.
Just kidding he feels bad for not noticing you earlier.
When Kenma returned to his stream from his bathroom break, he was greeted by a large box in his stream room.
“Oh yeah, while you were gone a delivery man came and dropped this off. I think unboxing it would make for great content” Kuroo says, lounging on his chair like it was nothing.
Kenma shrugs to himself and takes out a little pocket knife, ready to open the box.
“I- OKAY we don’t need to use sharp objects on a box that says fragile on it, now do we? Look, you can just peel the tape off. So let me just...” Kuroo says, quickly taking away the knife from his best friend.
“You see that chat? I’m a grown adult and I’m still being treated like a child” Kenma rolls his eyes. But he complies with Kuroo’s wishes, peeling the tape off the top of the box. And when he does open the top flap, he sees you balled up inside the box, looking back up at him.
“I’m so glad you didn’t use the knife to open the box,” you joke, waiting for some sort of reaction from your boyfriend. Kenma goes speechless, reaching out a hand to help you stand up. And when you do, he pulls you in for a hug, still in disbelief.
“I- when did, how, I... oh my god” he sputters out, his embrace tightening ever so slightly. You were here. Right in front of him. He honestly didn’t know what to think, but he still held onto you tight. Part of him thinks that this is some sort of prank and that when he lets go of you, he’ll discover that it actually isn’t you.
But he eventually does scoot back to look at you, confirming his sights.
“Kuroo helped me plan this” you explain, and when the two of you turn to Kuroo, he gives two thumbs up.
“Yes I did and you’re welcome. But I kindly ask that you save the PDA for when I leave please” Kuroo awkwardly chuckles.
Unfortunately for him, Kenma refuses to break contact with you- even going as far as having you sit on his lap for the rest of his stream. He still needs to have you so close to remind him that you’re actually here.
Suna’s days are more or less the same. They’re not necessarily bad- he surely is enjoying his life, but he’s just living day to day. And today is no exception as he trails along with his friends towards a restaurant for dinner.
He nods along to the conversation about how this restaurant is seemingly all the rave these days. Suna even mentions how he heard getting a 30 minute wait is considered lucky.
But suddenly, Suna stumbles forward a bit when a passerby bumps into him from behind.
“Ugh, can you watch where you’re going” they sneer at him.
“I didn’t even-” Suna starts to retort but he pauses midway. There was familiarity in that voice. His hand quickly reaches out to grab the stranger’s arm, his thoughts scrambled as he surely hopes that his intuition is right. And when you turn to face your boyfriend, a grin adorning your face, you watch as his eyes widen ever so slightly.
In one clean swoop, Suna has your wrapped into his arms amongst the cheers of his friends. He buries his face into the crook of your neck, silent as ever. Lingering around are his friends, and after taking an abundance of videos and pictures, they continue their walk, leaving you and your boyfriend in each other’s embrace.
“Hey Y/n, we’re gonna head to the restaurant first to grab a table, we’ll meet you two there. Suna knows where it is” Osamu says.
As they walk away, you notice how Suna still hasn't lifted his face or moved from his spot.
“We should probably catch up with the rest of them” you murmur, but you feel Suna shake his head.
“Rin, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, can I at least see your face?” you chuckle.
And like that, Suna slowly lifts his head, a small smile forms the moment he locks eyes with you.
“C’mon, let’s go to-”
“It has been so long,” Suna interrupts you, earning a cute pout from you, “So I am kindly asking that I get to have a little bit of alone time with you right now. Please.”
And so the two of you stay on the sidewalk for a bit, simply enjoying each other’s presence. Suna’s days may be more or less the same, but on ones where you’re with him, they become his best days.
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sunamour · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
synopsis you’ve long since known that you would mean nothing more to gojo satoru than just another lay, but this time, you’ve had enough.
Tumblr media
genre smut, angst, modern au | gojo x reader, sukuna x reader
content warning explicit smut (mdni), name-calling, female reader, unprotected sex, unrequited love, more angst than smut really, not proofread
word count 1.5k
notes idk how this came about but i needed to try to get out of a slump, sorry if i’m a little rusty <3 likes & rbs always appreciated.
Tumblr media
You’d rather be a little something, than nothing at all.
The party outside drones on, but it’s nothing more than mere background noise for the both of you. You’re sure Getou is going to kill the both of you for ruining his sheets, but right now, neither of you could care less.
His quick hands shoot up to clamp over your mouth, grip impossibly firm around your cheeks, beautiful cerulean eyes emerge from behind his white tresses, looking down at you with a hint of a warning behind their unrelenting glare.
Yes, a simple warning you know all too well: Shut up, you’re about to ruin the illusion.
Your own hands struggle to pry his wrist away—it hurts. It hurts; the way his thumb is crushing the side of your cheek. It hurts; the way he’s pounding into your poor abused cunt so hard and fast without gifting you any sort of foreplay beforehand. What hurts the most though, is that he doesn’t see you when he fucks you dumb.
All Gojo sees is the imagination of an old flame—who, you know nothing about. In spite of that, you’ve reached new heights of jealousy. Gojo had always been private when it came to her, but never secretive. Everyone knew Gojo had something going on with someone, and that she was beautiful, and gorgeous—on an entirely different level than you could ever dream of reaching. (He tells you so himself.)
And he made sure you knew that. The endless ways he’d sing her praises after he’s done using what he always uses you for. All the while telling you that nobody compares to her—by definition, that includes you. Sometimes you wonder; is he really just oblivious to your feelings or does he just simply not care?
Sure, you were nothing compared to the beautiful bombshell that is whoever has captured his full attention, that you are quite certain, but after being friends for at least the last decade of your life—surely your feelings deserved his tiny amount of care?
The sting in your heart grows more by the second, no matter how intimately the two of you are intertwined in this moment. It grows because you already know the answer. After all, the man who currently has your heart in his grasp and deigns to acknowledge any speck of it is the Gojo Satoru. Heart rarely enraptured and love seldom given (if ever).
The way he shifts his grip down from the apple of your cheeks to the base of your neck distracts you from your thoughts momentarily, the restriction in your airways the sort of pain you at least find pleasure in, though you wonder why.
His other hand snakes its way down your body—a momentary squeeze on your tits, his soft lips a hard contrast to his harsh tongue, flicking against your perky buds while his fingers finally find their destination against your clit, pinching it harshly before he bites down on your nipple as punishment for mewling too loudly.
“Wanna cum, hm, you little slut?” Gojo mocks you, stilling his hips the moment he feels your cunt tightening harder around his length. He’s fucked you enough times to know when you’re about to absolutely lose it; and most times, he’s been nice enough to fuck you through it, but this time, he denies you of it just as you feel like you’re about to reach your high.
You nod profusely, opening your mouth to beg him to move but he sticks two fingers in your mouth, failing to stifle a moan as you lick his digits, and you’re glad to feel his cock twitching inside your pussy—that must mean you’re doing your job, because he moves his hips, each slap of skin against skin rougher and harsher than the previous.
“Such a good—fucking whore for me,” he growls under his breath, the validation making your pussy flutter.
In your head, you know what your friends would think about you letting yourself be used like this by Gojo over and over: pathetic. But you’ve long since made peace with the fact that maybe you’re as useful as you’d ever be to him by being nothing but his little fucktoy; just a fleshlight for him to pound into as and when he liked. You’ve never had the will to say no anyway.
Sometimes you think the same of yourself—weak, hopeless, pitiful. But when you feel his length drag across your gummy walls like this, when the rough pads of his fingers play along your puffy folds—you forget. You forget that he doesn’t love you, you forget that you’re helplessly in love with someone who would never want you. You forget all of the everyday misery for just a fraction of mutual gratification.
And every night with Gojo ends the same—he stuffs you full of his cum, smirking down at you as he slowly pulls out, admiring the way it drools out of your pretty little cunt before leaving you to clean up after yourself; he’s made it pretty clear where he draws the line. He’s only ever there to help you get off, but never the one to give aftercare. Apparently, that was something too intimate for him, you guess.
But after you come out of the bathroom, you find Gojo surprisingly still on the bed, idly scrolling through his phone. He’s been like this lately, staying after the sex more often. Be it at your place, or his, or now at some random party.
As far as Gojo goes, it’s strange. Usually, all he does is cum and run. You wonder why he stays nowadays—that little hopeful optimistic in you glittering slightly as you ponder on what could be. So maybe this is what possesses you to ask him the question you’ve always feared.
“Satoru?” You call out meekly as you settle beside him on the bed.
“Mm,” he acknowledges, eyes glued onto his phone screen at god knows what.
“Do you think you would ever give us a shot?”
Gojo’s fingers freeze in motion, and his straight face downturns into a frown, which has you regretting your decision straight away. But whatever you plan on saying to save your ass, Gojo doesn’t let you.
He gets up off the bed, fingers fumbling against the nightstand for his wallet and car keys before staring you dead in the eyes. “We’re done. Don’t call me again.”
Simple. Cold. Like frostbite. And just like the way he entered your life, he leaves just as easily. You’re only left humiliated and dumbfounded on Getou’s bed—wondering if your question really warranted such a cold reception.
A part of you is in shambles, in despair. That part of you wants to curl up in a ball and cry. But there’s another part of you that’s absolutely furious, a part of you that is screaming for you to know your worth, for you not to succumb to the former. The tear that rolls down your cheek betrays the latter—a sign that somehow Gojo has sunk his hooks in you too deep without even trying.
“You alright there?”
What an utter embarrassment. To be caught like this by a total stranger. But as you look up, you find a familiar face, a face that Gojo actually despises. For what reasons, he’s never told you. But to hell with that. You’re heartbroken, and absolutely scorned. You could make better decisions than this, but all you want to do now is prove to Gojo that you’re able to do just fine without him.
So maybe indulging in a complete stranger wouldn’t be so bad after all, would it?
Tumblr media
The next time Gojo ever sees you is a year later, by chance at a party hosted by a mutual friend of both of yours; Utahime Iori.
While almost everyone has eyes on him, his cerulean hues fall on only you—your hair done up into a braided bun, the tight black dress hugging every inch of your body just right, the low neckline making Gojo struggle to decide just what part of you to look at.
Every single inch of you, from head to toe, is a sight worth marveling at. It’s like you haven’t changed at all, still one of the most beautiful people he’s ever laid eyes on. You’re smiling, brimming from ear to ear, and Gojo can’t help but wonder what’s gotten you so happy?
Beside him, Getou whistles at your appearance, commenting offhandedly about how good you clean up, though it happens to fall on deaf ears. Why? Because there is actually one thing he has a problem with.
The guy whose arms you’re latching on to.
Gojo is sure he’s told you how much he detests that head of pink hair. So why—
But Getou asks the question for him.
“What the fuck is Y/N doing with Ryomen Sukuna?”
And Gojo sure as hell would like to find out.
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kurosukii · 2 months ago
𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: kita shinsuke x f!reader
summary: he claimed he’d be ‘out of your hair’ for good, so why does it feel like he’s always watching you?
genre: smut, mafia au
warnings: 18+. noncon/dubcon, mentions of recording/filming (noncon), drugging (with an aphrodisiac), gunplay, yandere themes, somnophilia, stalking, trespassing, slight sexism and misogyny, objectification, corruption, praise, dacryphilia, panty sniffing, slight edging, nipple play, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, slight pussyjob, oral (f receiving), female (slight) and male masturbation, creampie, squirting, mating press
word count: 8.3k
author’s note: ~~boy oh boy heed the warnings~~ set in the same au as ecstasy with some mild spoilers. i didn’t expect this to be this long phew ,,, btw this is what a conversation with user @stopisa leads to 🙁. kita stans pls forgive me. (let me know if i missed any warnings!) (MINORS DNI)
for my lovely sora’s @manjihoe you collab <3 thanks for letting little ol’ omega me join 🥺
no beta cause we fall like heroes 🕊
Tumblr media
[5:40 PM]
perhaps if you were in the same situation a few months prior when you were still naïve and new to the job, you would honestly be wondering why the court hall is akin to a ghost town—save for a few unremarkable employees milling about.
that’s why in a sea of people in semi-formal attire who look stressed beyond measure, a pair of heavily tattooed and intimidating twins donning tight black shirts and combat boots stick out like a sore thumb.
“i’d rather be balls deep in our baby right now, samu,”
“don’t let kita-san hear ya say that, tsumu,”
“ya want the same thing too…”
“shut up, dumbass. he’s comin’ this way.”
it’s comical, really, the way these two bulky grown men bicker like schoolboys. besides, you know who they’re here for and why they obviously straightened themselves to their full and towering height as they watch a shorter man stride towards them, walking with an air of calmness as if he hadn’t had his wrists and ankles cuffed to a table minutes ago.
it’s a crime how kita shinsuke looks elegant even in the drab prisoner uniform. he makes it look respectable and well-made but you know it’s only because of the aura exuding from him. his silent confidence and piercing eyes make everything on his lithe body look regal.
it definitely didn’t help that he knew that no matter what happened, he wouldn’t spend a day of his life behind bars. it was insulting that it looked like he was only there for formality’s sake, as if his presence at court was just a favor. he didn’t act like a criminal who was caught red-handed and he wasn’t just a common criminal, by the way. he’s the brains and control of possibly every illegal activity running underground.
the only reason why he was wearing the piss-brown uniform is so that the ones who apprehended him will feel at ease. he can’t wear a three-piece suit, now can he? he’ll look like the lawyer instead of the defendant.
in some way, you felt like a criminal too. there’s blood on your hands from when you were ordered to destroy incriminating evidence that would prove his guilt. you haven’t slept properly since then.
your dreams are haunted by nightmares where you’re the one wearing the ugly jumpsuit as your shackled wrists and ankles are being dragged along, but a cold breeze always wakes you up just before the jail bars slam shut, leaving you in your cold and desolate cell.
usually, cases like these tend to attract the media. you’re used to the halls brimming with bright flashing lights and a multitude of voices shouting their invasive questions, but there’s not a peep from them at all. it’s as if it’s just one of those common DUI cases flooding the prosecutor’s desk, not a shady high profile case that your morally corrupt boss only accepts.
it’s a literal ghost town because the municipality made it so; they’re keeping things under wraps so as to not reveal the dirty shit festering in the ranks and that the kita shinsuke actually has most of the government officials in the prefecture in his payroll.
you weren’t born yesterday so you know that someone is going to pay for this “mishap”. whoever that poor soul is, they’re going to receive the appropriate punishment from him. you know who he is, and what he can do.
it’s rather unfortunate that a ballsy prosecutor teamed up with a fiery detective to bring him to court but in the end, he still won anyway and it’s mostly because of you. your morals are shouting at you and self-preservation won in the end because with just a flick of his finger, you’ll be inside a body bag, floating towards the bottom of the ocean.
you’ll never forget the way kita smiled at you the morning after your transgression, acting like you made his favorite cup of tea. the way he rubbed soft circles on your hand as he sincerely thanked you for your gracious help made your skin crawl with shame. is this who you are? is this what your job is?
your inner monologue is interrupted by someone clearing their throat and to your great horror, everyone is looking at you in confusion and with uncomfortable grimaces on their faces, except for one man. it turns out that while you stared off into space, your eyes somehow stopped on the bottle blonde twin who is now devilishly smirking at you.
“they are my...associates,” kita rasps through slightly gritted teeth, his demeanor completely opposite from when you were alone with him in the interrogation room. the traces of his eerily soft smile looked like it was never there at all and you don’t miss the way his jaw clenches in annoyance. luckily, your boss intervenes, practically saving you from a situation that could’ve ended badly.
“sorry about my paralegal. you know how women can get when it comes to good-looking men, am i right?”
kita doesn’t bother to give him a reply but the blonde twin voices his agreement. his brother sends him a withering look, subtly casting you a wink. your boss loudly clears his throat as he dusts imaginary lint off of his pinstripe suit, turning to kita and bowing his head deeply, finally putting this uncomfortable and gruesome encounter to an end.
“pleasure doing business with you, sir.”
“likewise. we won’t be seeing each other again, i hope?”
your boss laughs uncomfortably at the forwardness of his no-nonsense client, his beady eyes round with some kind of tension while kita is just looking at him expectantly, his gaze flickering to you every now and then.
“o-of course, sir! we’ll be off now, we don’t want to take any more of your precious time. thank you so much!”
thank you so much for the hefty amount of money in my bank account is what your boss left unsaid. the prick has no morals and only follows the law of money. you bow your head gently as well, realizing that you haven’t said a word at all as your boss scurries off with you in tow.
even though your back is turned to them as you’re walking away, you still can’t find it in yourself to loosen up from that encounter because you feel his piercing gaze on your back, as if he’s demanding you to look at him but you never do, afraid that it might be a bad omen if you do so.
you’re scared that you might just sign away your life and never escape his soulful amber eyes if you make eye contact once again.
Tumblr media
to be fair, he admits that he’s no different from the twins, but at least can say that he hides his desires better than they do. he never really cared for anyone like this, even going as far as agreeing with the whispers of his underlings saying that he’s a robot.
all of the people he’s been with were just warm bodies to him but he knows that it’s different with you. he craves you like he has never done with anyone before, almost rivaling the addiction people have with his drugs. the feeling is all too foreign for him; maybe that’s why he immediately realized it for what it was, the reason why he always has eyes on you.
you’re angelic when you sleep, kita thinks. you look very different compared to when you’re working and being harrowed by your pea-brained boss (he’ll deal with him soon enough. to kita, there’s no sense in letting people who bother you live a nice and weightless life).
kita’s currently standing at the foot of your bed, amber eyes committing every feature, curve, and mark on your face to memory—like what he always does on most nights. right now, there are no worried lines on your forehead, it’s all soft and supple skin.
the way your night lamp illuminates the side of your face makes you look even more delicate and softer than you usually do but he doesn’t mind—you’re perfect to him in every way.
he smiles to himself as he moves closer to your side, the mattress dipping from his weight as he sits down but you’re unbothered, only making a soft sound as you shift around. as he reaches out to caress your cheek, he remembers how diligent you are with your nightly skincare routine.
it’s what he likes about you, clearly sharing the same values he does and you’re a breath of fresh air from the neanderthals he deals with every day.
you understand routine, and the rewards that come with it. just like how he knows the kind of reward that will come to him from studying you and never leaving you out of his sight.
he approves of your chosen brand of face wash, glad that it has a similar texture to his cum because he’s able to give you special treats, and it’s working in his favour, seeing as your skin is even nicer after he started doing it.
kita’s breathing is even as his nimble fingers move from your face to boldly leaving feather touches on your bare nipples through your threadbare shirt. he sighs softly as he feels them harden, careful not to play with them too roughly.
he pulls the hem of your shirt over your chest, groaning low in his throat as he sees the soft mounds clearly and not through a screen anymore. his breathing quickens as he cups them in his hands, relishing in the warmth and softness. you whine softly, absentmindedly arching your back and pushing your breasts closer to his palms.
he smiles, then begrudgingly lets go of them as his hands travel down your stomach, tracing hearts over your warm skin like a high school boy until his finger trails down to his prize.
kita used to be content with just watching you sleep, but knowing what a pretty pussy you’re hiding behind those flimsy panties just makes his blood run hot. and also, the myriad of videos he has of you touching yourself, watching your beautiful face contort into the perfect expression while you orgasm—he’s not satisfied with just observing anymore.
he’s but a man after all, and every man has needs and what he needs is you.
he shifts from his position by your side to between your legs, careful not to jostle you too much. his cock is straining against his slacks, twitching at the angelic sight of you sleeping peacefully. his hands spread your thighs until he can see the outline of your folds through the flimsy panties.
he sighs softly, one hand reaching out to rub your slit through the fabric. kita bites his lip as he watches you squirm and whimper, clearly enjoying his touches. he pulls your panties to the side and dips his head until his nose is practically buried in between your legs, deeply inhaling your clean and feminine scent.
his breathing hitches as his entire body  shudders, eyes rolling to the back of his head while he plants a soft kiss on your folds. kita runs his fingers through your slit, humming to himself as he spreads the wet strings trickling out of your pussy. you jerk from the stimulation, mouth dropping open in a low moan as you bunch the sheets in your hands.
kita straightens himself and sits on his haunches as he hooks his fingers on the waistband of your panties, pulling them down your body gently, slowly savoring and cataloging everything to his memory.
“you’re so pretty,” he can’t help but whisper, his amber eyes round with adoration and desire as he tugs the fabric down your dewy legs. he puts your panties in his pocket, not having the strength to throw it aside.
kita takes a deep breath, exhaling through his nose as he repositions himself, his stomach flat on the bed, wincing at the throbbing of his cock just as he takes hold of you, kissing your inner thighs as he rubs comforting circles on the outer part.
he sighs contently while hooking your legs over his shoulders, planting a soft kiss on your pussy before his mouth latches on to your clit. he moans unabashedly, his eyelids fluttering at finally tasting you after so long. kita’s hands leave your thighs and move up your writhing body to grope and squeeze your breasts.
you think you’re dreaming, a blurry flash of grey and black in your mind’s vision, pleasuring you the way you’ve been craving for the past weeks. the strange figure’s warm hands are a relief to your breasts, their fingers prodding and pulling on your nipples while their tongue licks and sucks your clit into their mouth—just how you like it.
kita groans into your pussy when he feels you pull the strands of his hair, alarm bells ringing in his head as his wide amber eyes shoot to your face—all the while not stopping the swirling motions of his tongue. for a second, he thought you have awoken from your slumber, but seeing the way your eyes are tightly screwed shut as whimpers fall from your lips—you’re still deep into your supposed wet dream.
kita takes the opportunity to slip his tongue inside your pulsing walls, his moans sending vibrations deep into your body, making you shiver as you buck your hips towards his face.
his hand moves to your clit, thumb flicking and circling the bundle of nerves as he bobs his head against your pussy. your fingers tighten in his hair as you ride his tongue shamelessly. fuck, this dream is so vivid. the sensations feel so real, like you manifested what’s happening to you.
their tongue keeps moving inside of you, eliciting loud slurps as slick drips down your ass. your moans are loud and high-pitched as you desperately chase the person’s mouth that’s rocking in tandem with the movements of their head. your hips buck and roll to intensify the pleasure you’re feeling while you think about how the strands you’re pulling on are soft, clearly well-kept, and taken care of.
it’s long enough to guide their head along with the pace you want and eventually, the blurry figure stops moving their head on their own, opting to follow your lead as they only let their tongue, mouth, and fingers do the work. you’re so close, your lower abdomen is so tight and you’re so dizzy from the pleasure and continuous stimulation that you can see stars with how good and boneless you feel.
kita doesn’t care about how loud you’re being, his only focus is to make you cum and fill his mouth with your juices. the way you’re begging and crying for release is so riveting, and he’s not ashamed with how intensely he’s rutting against your bed.
your hand roughly pulls on his hair while the other bunches the sheets harshly, loud and drawn out moans erupting from your throat when the figure removes their tongue and quickly wraps their mouth on your aching clit. after a series of loud suckling, expert flicks, and heavy circles on your pulsating clit, your back arches and you cry out into the stuffy air of your room, hips bucking to their face as your toes curl and body trembles from one of the most intense orgasms of your life.
soft whimpers and broken moans fall from your lips as you prolong your orgasm, your hips rutting against his face, making him groan deeply with desire. his eyes roll to the back of his head as your juices fill his mouth, coating his tongue with your tangy flavour while the rest trickle down his chin. kita’s bright eyes are hazy, heavily hooded with unbridled desire as he sloppily licks broad stripes up and down your puffy folds, adamantly choosing to not waste a drop of your essence.
you drop to the bed with a loud whimper and he watches you, his pants damp with his release as he playfully flicks your nipples. the corner of his lips turns upwards as he catches a wide smile on your lips, your body almost melting into the mattress with how satisfied you look. you let out a breathy and content sigh as your chest heaves, nudging your head into your pillow as you return to your deep sleep, blissfully unaware that what transpired isn’t a figment of your sexually depraved conscience.
kita grunts as he straightens his body, licking his lips and wiping his chin while he kneels on the bed. his head tilts to the side, seemingly in a trance as his eyes roam over your spread legs and puffy pussy, the warm hue of your night lamp catching your glistening folds.
he’s so tempted to fuck you like this, especially after you came so prettily on his tongue, but he wants you awake and fully aware of it, aware of him. he doesn’t really need you to be willing because he wants to see you under the influence of his product, experience the drug that he was supposed to go to jail for if it weren’t for your boss’s corrupt morals. money does make the world go round, along with powerful connections.
he dips his head to take one last lick across your dripping folds, relishing the taste of your slick before he lifts himself up again.
maybe he can leave you with a souvenir? you did so well for him after all.
the sound of a belt unbuckling and zipper moving is loud in the near silence of your room, accompanied by kita’s sharp intake of breath as he takes hold of his aching cock that’s leaking with his release. his sigh is breathy as he pulls his pants down to his thighs, feeling the heaviness of his length in his rough hands.
he bites his lower lip as his eyes glaze over, focusing on your blissed-out face as he slowly strokes his shaft, creating wet sounds as his palm glides along his hot and sensitive skin.
kita has always been a by-the-book kind of man but ever since you came into his life, he’s found himself doing things that he would have never done in a million years—like masturbating over the sleeping form of his sweet angel. you make him feel different, like he finally found his greater purpose in life.
the surge of emotion he’s feeling makes him moan, throwing his head back as he thrusts against his hand while the other one is clenched by his side. his breathing is heavy and coming out in short pants, his heart racing as he zeroes in on your slick pussy.
his thoughts and fantasies take up his mind once more, thinking about how cute you’ll look begging for him, how your tight pussy looks around his thick cock, taking everything he gives you. he even thinks about how sexy you’ll look fucking his gun while the two of you make out and moan into each other’s mouth.
but the thing that sends kita into overdrive, making him unaware of how loud his strokes and groans are whilst shaking your bed with his heavy thrusts against the air, is the vision of you so fucked out that your mouth is hanging open. in his mind, your eyes are so hooded that they’re almost closed and your entire body is covered in his cum while endless strings of white dribble out of your wrecked pussy.
your legs are spread so wide that he can see everything and it makes his hips jerk and balls tighten, his abs flexing underneath his sweaty dress shirt. kita’s heart is thumping against his chest and his body stiffens just as your name comes out of his mouth in a throaty groan, thick and warm spurts of his cum shooting out of his throbbing cock.
his eyes gradually open as he shakes his head from his lewd fantasies while he paints your stomach and pussy with his release, quickly seizing the opportunity to shuffle closer to you, his stained hand guiding his tip to your hole as he strokes more of his cum out.
kita hisses in pleasure as he watches copious amounts of his cum cover you, some dripping from your cunt and falling down your ass. he moans from the sensitivity, his chest heaving as he spreads it all over your folds with his reddened and pulsing cockhead. you moan softly and jerk from the stimulation, still reeling from the aftermath of your orgasm.
it’s a primal and filthy way of marking his territory, to signify that he owns your body—soon to be mind and heart.
he exhales deeply, cracking his neck as he sways his head from side to side, the sweat from his chest making his black dress shirt cling uncomfortably to his skin.
he sighs while he swipes two fingers along your slit, spreading his cum even more as he admires his handiwork. you must have been so tired after a long day of work for you to have not sensed him pleasing and playing with your body like this. any other person would have shot their eyes open at the foreign touch but not you, you’re way deep into dreamland.
you didn’t even open those expressive and pretty eyes once, kita pouts to himself. but then he smirks, knowing that it’s due to the heavy sleeping pill he dissolved in your nightly glass of water before bed. either way, if you did wake up then he guesses it would be better, he can fuck you right then and there. he’ll make you cream and writhe around the thickness of his cock as he takes you for himself. but he’ll make do with this, for now.
he tucks himself back into his pants and grunts at the stickiness of his shirt. if he hadn’t met you, he wouldn’t have let the state of his shirt reach this point, but you have him acting like how the twins do. kita sighs, patting his pockets until he remembers that your panties are safely nestled in there.
an idea pops into his head as he chuckles, slowly pulling the fabric out as he scrutinizes the softness of it. he has half a mind to pocket it but it would be too obvious, it’d make you worry and even more paranoid.
as much as he wants to leave the mess he made, that’s not who he is. he also doesn’t want to reveal himself yet so he clicks his tongue and bunches the skimpy fabric in his hand, dutifully wiping his cum off your stomach and pussy before looping it back through your legs.
he plants soft kisses along your legs as he admires how your panties are resting comfortably between your thighs, like it did when he found you—although not as clean and dry as it once was. you had a wonderful and naughty dream, after all. the stain and wetness totally make sense.
he bends down to kiss your covered pussy, nuzzling his nose to get one last whiff of your scent mixed with his before moving up and kissing a trail on your stomach, exposed tits, and finally ending on your lips, as if you’re sleeping beauty.
he gets off the bed and observes you for a few more minutes, caressing your head before nodding to himself and leaving your room quietly, satisfied with the events that transpired tonight.
Tumblr media
nothing has been the same ever since that night.
when you woke up the morning after, your cheeks burned in embarrassment with how much of a mess you made of yourself. you knew your dream was good, but for it to be so good that you had to throw your panties from how crusty and messy they were? it was very unbecoming of you.
but that blurry figure you were fantasizing about in your dreams? imagine your horror and shame when the figure took the shape of none other than kita shinsuke. you felt so sick to your stomach that your subconscious was fantasizing about a high-profile criminal who may have a few screws loose in the head.
ever since he manifested in your dreams, you feel like he’s watching you at every corner. there’s a stiffness in your body whenever you’re walking to work and the aura of paranoia exuding from you is so strong that your colleagues point it out. you look so haggard, is everything okay?
it’s one thing to have wet dreams, but to have him be the star of it? there’s not an ounce of shame nor self-preservation left in your traitorous body. i’m fine, just tired from work, you know?
you’re always looking over your shoulder, afraid that he’ll come out of a corner and whisk you away to his den. today feels different than the rest, the fear and paranoia are more intense than before. you gulp at your trembling hand as you clock out, frantically looking around as you step out of the building and make the journey back to your place.
“she’s so skittish,” atsumu sighs, watching you walk down the sidewalk from the black tinted windows.
“wouldn’t ya be paranoid too if ya felt like you’re bein’ followed?” osamu snorts, texting kita that you’re on your way back.
“true. we had some close run-ins with her and kita-san almost flamed our asses for that.”
osamu’s phone rings and he scans the text from kita before buckling his seatbelt, nodding his head at atsumu to do the same.
“he says he’s at her apartment already so we gotta make sure she goes straight home. no detours this time, tsumu.”
“sure, she better go home quickly though cause the toy we gave our baby ain’t gonna cut it,” atsumu laments, shifting the car into gear as a glossy look covers his brown eyes. “and every second i spend without my cock in her cunt is a second i don’t want to live through.”
“fuckin’ pig,” osamu scoffs at him, but deep down he knows that he silently agrees with his twin.
“fuck off, you’re the same too!”
you might as well have slammed the door with how loud the click of the lock rings through the deafening silence of your apartment. it took great restraint for you to not storm down the halls of your floor; at one point, even your own shadow spooked you, feeling like someone finally caught up to you.
you let out a big sigh as you set your keys and purse down on the table, dragging your bare feet through the floor as you tread your way to the kitchen. you must have been so frazzled and tired because if you were more alert, if you had taken a moment to look at your surroundings, you would have noticed the italian leather dress shoes sitting neatly on the bottom of your shoe rack.
after drinking your nightly medication, you go straight to your room, stretching your tight joints along the way. kita is silently sitting on the chair in the dark corner of your room, content with watching you unbutton your blouse and shimmy out of your tight pencil skirt. he goes unnoticed for a few more minutes until he makes a low groan in his throat when he sees that you’re clad in only your matching white bra and panties.
your ears catch the sound and the hair on the nape of your neck stands on end because suddenly, you feel a menacing aura—like someone’s watching you; it’s either you really let your guard down or kita is really just good at what he does. you turn around slowly, your heartbeat loud in your ears as you feel the stiffness creep from your feet, running along your legs when you see the man consuming your mind bit by bit.
you see kita shinsuke sitting comfortably on the chair, softly smiling at you with a very intense look in his eyes. you’re about to scream bloody murder but then you notice the gun in his grip. his smile grows wider as he points the barrel across his lips and shushes you.
“we don’t want to bother the neighbors, do we?” he says calmly, amber eyes twinkling as he watches your nearly bare chest rise and fall quickly. his little action proves to be effective in keeping you quiet, but it’s like he shouldn’t have bothered because at this point, you feel like you lost your voice somewhere in your throat.
you feel like a corpse whose blood has been drained with how stiff you feel. kita becomes silent again, content with watching you, relishing in the silence of the two of you together in your room where you're finally awake and looking at him.
“you’ve had a long day at work, my love,” he muses, pity in his eyes as if he’s your lover who you always go home to, whose arms you find solace in. he rises from the chair and it triggers your fight or flight instinct, making you take a few steps back until your knees hit the bed. your legs weaken and buckle, causing you to drop on the mattress.
kita only takes a few strides and his legs are already touching your bare and trembling ones. you’ve said it before that he wasn’t the tallest man—average height at best—but with his foreboding presence, suffocating aura, and the eerie way he’s looking at you as if you’re his significant other, you might as well be an ant under the magnifying glass.
you whimper in fear when his leg nudges yours, silently telling you to spread your legs. you have no choice but to obey him. how can you not when he’s holding a weapon in his hand?
“i-i thought you said we’ll n-never see each other a-again,” you stutter, your wide and glossy eyes flickering to his gun and face. kita has the audacity to laugh at you and you flinch when his hand comes up to your face, his warm palm burning your cheek as his thumb caresses it. you’re made aware that you’re extra vulnerable right now—you’re half-naked and defenseless while kita’s dressed in all black with a firearm hanging off of his hand.
“silly little dove, did you think i also meant you?” kita tuts, his fingers gently tapping your cheek. “it was only meant for your fool of a boss, hard to look at him when a pretty little thing like you is in my peripheral vision.”
“been wantin’ to sweep you away from your dreary job, keep you close and warm in my arms,” he says softly, his eyes transfixed on the fear in your eyes. it’s getting him hard, the way your eyes shine with unshed tears. he licks his lower lip as he drops his hand and walks towards your nightstand where he left a glass of water.
you know deep in your heart that you should make a run for it but your legs feel like they’re bolted to the ground. also, you’re sure a man like him—judging by his lithe body—is agile and has good reflexes. aside from that, you can't exactly outrun a bullet, can you?
kita steps in front of you again, smiling at your faux obedience and cooing at you. he’s acting all lovey dovey and it disgusts you; you want to spit in his face for being such a bastard, but there’s no telling what he’ll do if you disrespect him like that.
there’s no escape, not if you want to leave this ordeal unscathed.
he puts his gun in its holster on his belt before taking something out of his pocket and from the dim light of your room, you notice something round and white in a small zip lock bag. is that what you think it is?
you start to feel the tremors in your body and kita tuts softly at you. your eyes are wide as you watch him open the plastic, even noticing the gentleness in fingers as he holds the pill between them.
“you don’t have to be nervous, dove,” he reassures you, bringing the drug in front of your face. now that it’s up close, you can see that there’s something engraved on the convex shape of it. kita sees the slight curiosity in your eyes and smiles at your ‘interest’ in his work.
“it’s a fox,” he answers your unspoken question as he slightly waves it in front of your mouth. you’re filled with the courage to shake your head to the side vigorously, even with the dark glint of his gun warning you.
“come now, open your mouth for me. be my good girl,” he clicks his tongue in disappointment, his pink lips forming into a small pout.
what other choice do you have if you want to live?
you swallow thickly, feeling the first drops of your tears running down your cheeks. you’re so fucking scared for your life; you have no idea what you’re being forced to put in your system but if the rumors were to be believed—the effect of this drug is the last thing you want to experience, especially if he’s the one who’s going to help you.
your mouth is dry as you open it slowly and your tears find their way inside your mouth, tasting the salt and fear on your tongue. you half expected kita to wipe your tears, to preserve some of your dignity but with the thick and prominent bulge straining against his slacks, you can tell that this vile man gets off on this kind of thing—he gets off on your helplessness.
through your teary vision, his soft smile comes back to haunt you as he happily puts the pill on your tongue, and to add more disgust brewing in your stomach, he presses down on the muscle, making you gag on the bitter and powdery taste of the drug.
your body is shaking so much that kita has to hold the glass of water for you. you take big gulps to wash off the acrid taste, feeling sick to your stomach as it mixes with the saltiness of your tears. you’re too stunned to move, only your eyes shifting as they follow kita’s movements in setting the glass down on your nightstand.
you can already feel something stirring in your gut before settling down in your abdomen. sweat begins to build on your brow and hairline, as if there’s a furnace inside of you. but this is worse because instead of the heat spreading evenly, it’s centered in one place—your pussy.
kita chuckles at your disposition, satisfied with the new and improved fast-acting effect of the drug. his hand then caresses your cheek and shiny lips as he removes his gun from the holster and brings it to your face, tracing the stains of your tears.
he’s determined to make you see what he almost lost his empire for. but he knows his brief time in the slammer was worth it because it led him to you. not only that, he sees how satisfied and happy the twins are with their sweetheart and he’s been longing for that ever since.
who could be the perfect girl other than you? you’re so prim and proper. he knows you’re wary of him and he wants to see that resolve crumble. he wants to watch you cry and writhe for him, beg for his mouth and hands, beg for his cock, beg for him to just make you his sweet girl.
you’re delirious at this point, your mind starting to become numb from the effect of the aphrodisiac he gave you. your panties and bra feel hot, irritating your sweaty and tingly skin. your ears are ringing and although you paused in your crying, your vision is still somewhat blurry.
kita’s cock is straining against his pants but he can still hold out some more; watching you slowly become feral and horny is enough for him to carry a one-sided conversation.
“you know,” he starts, his eyes round in wonder as he slowly traces your parted lips with the barrel. your breaths are coming out in harsh pants and you’re too numb, too hot to care about what he’s doing.
“i’m not really a fan of these things,” he gestures to the gun he’s holding. “but it’s necessary for my line of work. over the years, i’ve learned that a gun is an extension of a man.”
by that notion, it’s an extension of him.
“so i want you to be well acquainted with this.”
his words don’t register in your hazy brain because everything’s too cloudy and foggy; he sounds so far away. before you know it, your fingers are down your panties as you frantically rub your aching clit. your back arches as you moan at the quick relief from the tingling but it’s only short-lived because the heat between your legs comes back in full force, causing you to yelp in pain.
“k-kita, h-help me—please!”
your voice doesn’t feel like your own, the only indication that you know it’s yours is due to the way kita’s eyes light up with unadulterated glee. his grip on the gun falters for a second and his other hand pushes your sweaty chest until your back hits the bed.
“call me shinsuke, dove,” he coos, his amber eyes bright with adoration as he watches your flushed body. your eyes are wide and glossy, cheeks hot and stained with your tears. he groans low in his throat as he watches your perked up nipples straining against the lacy fabric of your bra. he clicks his tongue as he brings his gun down the center of your chest, the cold and heavy metal contrasting your hot and flushed body.
“you need this here?” he asks you, rubbing the barrel down your soaked panties outlining the shape of your pussy lips. your fingers are clumsy against your clit, not being able to form a rhythm as your juices leak continuously from your cunt. your other hand is squeezing and pulling away at your tits, moaning in despair at the barely present relief.
“y-yes, please. anything!” you whimper brokenly, hips rolling against the gun. kita growls lowly and promptly rips your panties off with one hand before he throws them to the floor.
“shinsuke!” you gasp in surprise, the stretch of the fabric tearing along your hips feels delicious as your wet pussy is exposed to the stuffy air of your room. your hips buck against your hand, shuddering and moaning when you feel the coldness of the gun graze your folds.
even he’s slightly surprised with what he did because it’s something he never thought he’d do. he imagined pulling it down your legs slowly, just like he has always done the previous nights but perhaps it’s the way you look so inviting, so needy, begging for him to alleviate the heat coursing through your veins.
you’re so wet that he doesn’t even need to prep you, your cute pussy can take the barrel with no issues. he puts it to the test and teasingly rubs it down your folds, relishing in your squeals of pleasure. when the thick tip meets your leaking hole, you whine loudly and rock your hips against it. your hands wrap themselves around kita’s wrist as you grind towards him, jaw going slack as you arch your back.
you don’t care that you’re fucking a gun because you’re so horny and it hurts not having something inside your pussy. you’re satisfied with kita giving you something to take pleasure from. kita patronizingly tells you to hold it with your hands and you obey him, nodding your head vigorously as you roll your hips while loud cries fall from your lips.
kita takes this opportunity to remove his clothes, unbuttoning his dress shirt quickly and throwing it off somewhere, his pants and underwear following suit. he keeps a sharp eye on your pussy as he takes hold of his leaking and hard cock, watching how your hole easily swallows the barrel. it’s a lewd scene, seeing as how continuous and copious amounts of slick come out of your cunt.
“f-fuck, shin. this feels so good,” you moan loudly, rolling your hips faster to chase that orgasm in the pit of your stomach. unfortunately for you, kita has other ideas. he quickly pulls the gun out of your pussy, your sluggish reflexes proving to be no match for him as you wail in despair, your pussy throbbing painfully at your failed orgasm.
he grunts as he strokes his cock to the sight of you so flushed and aching. he drops the weapon down to the pile of clothes on the floor as he gets on the bed, the mattress dipping beneath his weight. the lack of stimulation causes you to sit up and the first thing you notice is how thick he is. he’s not as long but his girth more than makes up for it.
even through your deliriousness, you know he can still do some damage and as if his size wasn’t scary enough, you notice how his fingers barely meet as they wrap around his shaft. you gulp as your eyes travel upwards, noticing a pair of slanted eyes tattooed on across his sternum, moving along with the breaths of his chest.
“like what you see?” kita chuckles, then moans as he pulls and squeezes his cock. kita pushes you onto your back again, his eyes serious and intense while his eyebrows are furrowed in deep concentration, his precum leaking on your stomach.
“my cock was made for you.”
you moan at his declaration, spreading your legs involuntarily, baring your wet and puffy cunt to his eyes. kita strokes his cock faster, watching you needily present yourself for him.
“you’re going to cum on my cock this time and nothing else, little dove.”
this time? his quip somehow registers in your foggy brain but it’s quickly washed away when kita spreads your trembling legs further, draping the back of your thighs over his as he rubs the head of his cock between your folds, making you cry out at the hot stimulation.
“you’re so heavy, shin,” you whimper brokenly as you match his grinding and for a few minutes, your room is filled with wet sounds, high-pitched moans, and deep grunts. both of you are sweating from the exertion and excitement, the searing and tingling pain in your body only being amplified by kita’s teasing.
“your pussy is so perfect,” kita moans, swirling his tip on your pulsing clit before he pauses, making you squeak at the loss of movement.
“keep your eyes on me, sweetheart.”
you obey him, eyes heavily hooded and lips parted with a little bit of drool on the corner of your mouth. he pushes his cock inside your cunt, watching the way your expression morphs into the one he’s been dreaming about for too long.
“oh my god shin!” you whine, your toes curling as his thick cock fills you up, stretching your lips wide as the familiar ache burns through your cunt. it’s been so long since someone stretched you like this, made you feel so full.
“you feel so good, sweetheart. your pussy was made for me,” kita moans your name, his toned stomach flexing as his eyes flutter, trying so hard not to fuck you silly and ruin you for everyone else in this world. every ridge and vein that bumps inside of you makes your eyes flutter and suddenly, the burning in your body is even hotter than before but it’s a pleasurable kind of burn because it feels so good—he feels so good.
“shinsuke, please move!” you beg him shamelessly, pushing your body down on his cock, causing kita to groan at your tightness. he steels himself to not blow his load prematurely, even if it’s warranted by how much your walls are suffocating him. instead, he laces his fingers with yours as he breathes heavily, settling on his haunches as he rocks your body slowly.
“do you know how long i’ve been wantin’ to fuck you?” he rasps, punctuating the last two words with heavy thrusts that has you creaming around him. “i was just content with watchin’ you sleep then you played with my pussy with these naughty fingers.”
your back arches even more as you clench around him, your hands squeezing his rough palms. “i just needed to get a taste and i did, but now i need to have you.”
kita’s sentence breaks off into a pleasured groan as he speeds up his thrusts, making you moan louder as your tits bounce on your chest. the creaking of the bed is rhythmic and it only adds to the obscenity of the situation.
“you’re such a good for me, aren’t ya?” he coos lovingly, amber eyes looking at your fucked out expression. you moan softly in reply as your head falls back on the pillow.
“make some noise for me, sweetheart. you sound so cute while i fuck your tight pussy.”
his lewd words spur you on and whether you like it or not, your body is under his spell, under the influence of the aphrodisiac he forced you to take so you end up planting your feet on the bed, raising your hips just as you meet his thrusts. kita’s eyes practically glow with how eager and needy you are, which only makes him more feral as he picks up the pace.
“look at how this pussy is getting stretched by my cock,” he hisses, reveling in the loud squelching of your pussy lips as they form a white ring on the base of his cock. his gravelly voice makes you moan and the grinding of your hips increases in intensity.
“i need more, shin. fuck me harder please!” you cry out, feeling the hot tears rolling down your cheeks at how full you feel. his cock is splitting you open and all you can do is take it.
“yeah, little dove, like this?” he groans, hips moving at a speed that has you squealing and seeing stars.
“yesyes shinsuke—oh god—right there!”
your pussy clenches around his cock, legs wrapping around his waist to trap him inside of you. he’s so deep in your pussy that your wet walls are suffocating him. he groans loudly at the tightness of your cunt, but what breaks his resolve is the expression on your face and the fact that you’re still coherent. he wants you babbling and unintelligible, so he unwraps your legs and puts them over his shoulders, folding you in half as he widens his stance, knees digging into the bed as he fucks you harder.
his thrusts are deeper and heavier than before and the sound of his balls slapping against your ass is so loud and just like that, he’s reduced you into a blubbering mess, eyes crossed and fluttering, rolling to the back of your head as your nails leave bright red lines down his back. your toes are curled so hard that your calves are cramping, hot tears continuously staining your cheeks as the headboard slams against the wall.
“you like it when i fuck you like this? fuck you like you’re my good girl?” kita moans, his hands finding purchase on your pillow as he drives into you, reaching that sweet spot in your pussy. everything’s so hot, your sweat mixing with each other’s, making each glide of his toned abdomen on your pelvis all the more mind-numbing.
“this pussy is mine, sweetheart. no one else’s.” he declares, his teeth nipping your bottom lip as your tits press against his chest. you’re babbling his name in between whimpers and cries and if someone were to see you right now, they’d think you’re a possessed woman with the way your eyes are twitching, mouth open wide as you feel the knot in your stomach tighten, preparing to break.
“i can tell you’re close, baby. think you can cum for me? be my good girl and cream all over my cock, hmm?”
“hngg y-yes don’t stop, don’t stop —oh fuck, shinsuke!” you cry out, back arching as much as you can with how heavy kita feels on your body.
“shin, i’m cumming!” kita groans in your mouth as he covers it with sloppy kisses, his hips not breaking their rhythm as he fucks you through your orgasm. his body is shaking in pleasure, your cunt squeezing him so tight that he quickly follows suit, moaning your name brokenly.
his pelvis is rubbing on your sensitive and puffy clit, along with the pressure from the weight of his body, as well as the thickness of his cock pistoning in and out of you, amplified even more from the drug has you shooting out clear liquid to his abdomen while you scream his name.
“oh shit, that’s so hot,” he moans as his hips falter, head dizzy with how you squirted for him. his heavy thrusts slow down, relishing in the feeling of your velvet walls as he moves slowly and heavily, cock twitching as he spills inside of you, his hot and thick cum filling you up nicely as it overflows from your pussy where it pools around the base of his cock.
kita rests his forehead on yours for a few minutes, your heavy breaths mingling as you lick and nibble on his lips like you’re a woman starved. you push at his chest until he rolls on his back, your tits swaying with each movement. you’re nowhere near satisfied, that’s for sure. and it’s all thanks to the drug that will be in your system for quite some time.
“i need more, shinsuke!” you whine, ignoring the aching muscles in your thighs as you bounce on kita’s cock, nails raking across his chest, fingers tracing his tattoo. kita groans in pleasure, his tired eyes wide with desire as you fuck yourself on his length, rough hands squeezing your hips.
if there’s one thing that kita shinsuke doesn’t regret doing in his life, it’s anonymously tipping off the police so he can get caught, knowing that it will lead him to an infamous corrupt criminal lawyer with a lovely paralegal into his claws.
[6:56 PM]
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ikaroux · a month ago
Curriculum Vitae : Xiao, Venti, Albedo.
Synopsis: A relationship resume. Let's get inside the heads of all these characters!
Style: Cute, fluffy, informative.
Alert: Contains NSFW content (18+)
Characters: Xiao, Venti, Albedo.
Note: The rest of the CVs! Next: Kazuha, Childe, Thomas, Dainsleif, Razor or Scaramouche. I don't know yet if I will write about Itto, I didn't have a crush on the character...
Sorry for the absence, I'm completely down right now 😪
I started writing the continuation of the little "I promised you." fic, I need to write something about Diluc ❤️ However, I don't know if I write all the characters at once or if you prefer in a small group like with the CVs?
Reminder: the resumes are subject to change. I'll put a note in "Projects in progress and to come" when I've made changes.
Cv: Diluc, Zhongli, Kaeya.
Tumblr media
In the beginning:
Similar to Zhongli, he would not understand right away that he is in love with you. He has never loved after all.
The only difference he would have with the old Geo Archon: he would run away from you like the plague. He doesn't want to be near you, what he feels scares him. He wants to be near you, he wants to see you, to touch you. But he is afraid. Afraid of himself, afraid of hurting you. His karmic debt could affect you too. He doesn't want to lose you. Why doesn't he want to lose you? He doesn't understand. He's always been alone, and that's the way it should stay.
Talk to him, be honest with your feelings, insist if you have to. The Yaksha will eventually open up to you and not run away from you anymore.
The beginning of your relationship would be platonic. He will not touch you, he will not talk much and will tend to be cold and distant. It makes you wonder if you are really in a relationship. Reassure him, be patient with him. He'll let you discover that sweet, gentle part of him that's hidden deep in his heart. The love he feels for you shines brightly in his amber eyes.
What he loves about you:
Your patience, love and kindness. Xiao knows that he is not easy to live with, he sometimes wonders why you chose him... Play an instrument or sing, and he will immediately be at your side to listen to you.
Your confidence in him destabilizes him. When you sit next to him to look at the sky, your head slowly leans on his shoulder to lean on it. Xiao finds his moments so moving, you seem so relaxed and calm when you are near him, his cheeks can't help but blush with happiness.
He loves your lips, every time you kiss him, he has this feeling that a weight is taken off his shoulders.
His hands are often on your waist or wrapped around it, his thumb will distractedly caress your clothed skin, he does this unconsciously so don't tease him with it, you might scare him away.
When you are asleep, Xiao keeps you in his arms. Your warmth is so comforting to him.
Smile at him, no matter what, and his heart will start beating wildly in his chest.
As for your looks, Xiao doesn't pay much attention to them. He'll probably have a slight preference for someone his own size or smaller, it's more a matter of equals. But he wouldn't mind if his partner was taller, he'd protect her with equal fervor.
He loves your hair, it doesn't matter if it's short, long, straight or curly, having his fingers in it makes him feel amazing.
What leads to arguments:
It's not complicated to argue with Xiao. He tends to get carried away quickly. He sometimes has harsh words with you, he realizes it only after seeing your hurt expression. You usually avoid yelling at him, after all, Xiao is a follower who has long lived with the idea that mortals are insignificant and ephemeral beings. Instead, you prefer to leave him alone with his thoughts to take refuge in solitude.
His faults:
Often hurtful with his words. Excessively jealous and possessive. He can sometimes seem cold and distant. Beware, he is an extremely stubborn boy.
His intimacy with you:
Once Xiao is used to your relationship, it will be easier for him to approach you. You may even be surprised at how much he craves your attention and tenderness.
Outside, Xiao will touch your hand with his fingertips to let you know he'd like to hold it. He has developed the habit of intertwining his fingers with yours, which gives him a sense of intimacy that he doesn't understand.
He often rests his forehead against yours, closing his eyes to simply savor the moment.
Xiao prefers actions to words, so to show his love for you, he will gently hold you. He treats you like the most precious and dearest person in the world. His arms will be around your waist, forcing you to hold on to him. His face will be buried in your neck, letting his lips worship your skin.
He sometimes takes you for a ride, lifting your body in his arms. He wants to show you all the wonders of the world.
When you lie down in bed, Xiao will lie beside you. Even though he doesn't sleep or sleeps very little, he likes to watch your sleeping face, you look so peaceful in your sleep, it fascinates him. He caresses your hair and follows the lines of your face with his index finger. He will make sure that no nightmare disturbs you.
Rarely will he start humming when you rest your head on his shoulder. His voice is soft and pleasant, your eyes will close peacefully to the echo of his song.
The beating of your heart against his ear is one of the few sounds in Teyvat that makes him sleep a nightmare-free sleep.
Those who can hope to see Xiao appear after calling him can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Whether you're in danger or not, call out his name and Xiao will be at your side.
Physical contact:
Xiao isn't averse to physical contact in public, he just has trouble getting started. Contrary to what he would have you believe, he is extremely shy! He is so gentle and affectionate, this fear of hurting you every time he touches you makes him pay attention to his every move. He can't help but silently take your hand in his as soon as you're outside, his fingers delicately entwining around yours.
Although hesitant, once you're home, he'll continue to seek out your touch, either by making you sit between his legs or by kissing the top of your head in a casual way.
By the time Xiao gets home, he is usually exhausted from the long night of fighting demons. The first thing he'll do when you enter his field of vision is to hug you before lazily resting his head against your shoulder. Feeling you against him soothes the pain in his body and heals his battered soul.
His favorite part of your body:
Your hands. He can't help but take them in his whenever he gets the chance. No matter what you do, his fingers will seek out yours to get tangled in them.
Your lips... They taste like a sweet dream.
It may seem extremely cold from the outside, some would even say that you don't get along at all. But you know better than anyone that Xiao is the most gentle and loving person on Teyvat.
He is more sensitive than he lets on...
His degree of love:
To him, you are the equivalent of a deity, though he never forgets your mortality. Having you by his side makes him strong, he forgets his sorrows and pains. He no longer hears the voices that plague him at every moment of his existence.
You are the light that guides him out of the darkness.
Xiao prefers quiet, uncivilized places. Appointments are usually impromptu. Xiao will lift you up in his arms and take you to a river for a walk or to a cliff top for lunch.
A faithful and loving husband. He will be very protective of you, but in a gentler way than before. He knows his time with you is limited, so he will enjoy every moment with you. His passion for you won't fade, and as soon as you're both in the same room, his arms will wrap around you in a romantic embrace while his lips shower you with kisses. He'll make much more of an effort to go out on dates with you in the city, even though mortals still annoy him so much, with you around, everything is more bearable. But don't dream, marriage will not socialize him.
Xiao does not know how to behave like a good father. In the eyes of others, he could even pass as cold towards his child. But his child loves him. As soon as his father comes home, he asks for him and Xiao willingly lets him cuddle him. Every gesture, every caress is a tender act that paints the sweetest smile on his face.
The first time he held his baby in his arms, silence filled the room. Only his eyes spoke volumes about his feelings. He felt an unconditional love for this little being.
Rarely gives nicknames, preferring to call you by your first name.
Rarely: My goddess, my love, my firefly.
How is he in bed? Preliminary:
Xiao's only goal is to give you pleasure. He has never known anyone before you, so he will be in quite awkward.
It is easy to excite him, a caress, a sensual look or a simple kiss can make him fall into a world of lust.
Xiao refuses to hurt you. He will treat you with the utmost respect and devotion. Most of the time, he will be very gentle in bed. Of course, he may lose himself in the pleasures of the flesh and become a little more rough.
Moreover, if you encourage him to go faster and harder, all his barriers will fall to be consumed by his desires.
Foreplay lasts a long time with Xiao. He doesn't do it on purpose, he loves to see you writhing in pleasure with the simple touch of his mouth on your breasts and his fingers teasing your G-spot, he doesn't see the time passing by.
Usually reserved, Xiao becomes extremely talkative when he makes you his. He can't stop talking about how he feels about you. He loves you, he finds you beautiful, he doesn't want to lose you, you are his most precious treasure... He will give himself to you with a devouring passion, kissing your lips whenever he can and worshipping your body like a goddess.
Xiao loves to take care of you with his mouth, but the first time he experienced your lips wrapped around his member was a real struggle for him against the raw pleasure that washed over him. He becomes very vocal, moaning loudly every time he feels you move up and down his member, wrapping your tongue around his tip. It takes a lot of willpower to keep him from getting too rough with you.
His favorite places:
Your bedroom or his. He obviously prefers closed and secure places, although he has already made you his once or twice in the Liyue plains. Don't remind him, he's ashamed enough as it is.
His favorite positions:
You've noticed that Xiao likes to hold you against a wall, hooking your legs around his waist as he hammers you. Sometimes he'll stick you face down on the wall to grab you from behind.
In his early days, Xiao didn't have much stamina, succumbing quickly to pleasure. However, he would quickly get back in shape to do another round.
After some time together, he would eventually build up the stamina to make you cum multiple times in one round, making your pleasure and his last long enough to leave you satiated until the next day.
It's not uncommon to hear him moan or grunt in pleasure. But most of all, Xiao is a man who floods you with praise and love notes. This is the only time he gives himself to you without any barrier.
Don't be fooled by the size of his body. Xiao is a follower, a deity, he has what it takes or it takes!
Xiao will be very affectionate. He keeps you in his arms and caresses you tenderly while kissing you. He will massage your thighs and all the painful parts of your body. He doesn't want you to get out of bed and will prefer to clean you up himself before letting you sleep in his arms.
Tumblr media
In the beginning:
Venti will quickly realize that he has feelings for you. Every time he sees you, his steps will quickly lead him back to you. He sings to you so often. He writes you so many poems. He courts you openly, sometimes giving you flowers or your favorite pastries. He'll be the first to declare his love for you.
From the beginning of your relationship, Venti is very sweet and loving, putting aside his teasing and pranks to pamper you. You are so precious to him. He wants to be honest and respect you as you deserve. He will quickly reveal to you that he is Barbatos, the Archon of Mondstadt.
For you, he is ready to make this body that is so dear to him age a few years.
What he loves about you:
The sense of freedom that you exude and your positivity. The fact that you accept everything from him makes him love you more. He knows he can be clingy and intrusive, but even so, you accept him.
You're even more cuddly than he is, and that's a feat in itself. Venti loves to cuddle, so when you take the initiative to hug him, he melts with love.
He thinks your hands are so cute and small compared to his.
No matter how artistic you are, whether it's singing, music, drawing, etc... Venti will be your first fan. You share a lot together, whether it's food, drinks, trinkets or even stories. Venti likes this complicity between the two of you, it allows him to become inked in you as you have done with him. You may sometimes get into his teasing game.
Sometimes you may unconsciously sway your hips when Venti starts playing the lyre. He finds this awfully cute and seductive.
You have little quirks that he finds adorable, like twirling a strand of your hair around your finger.
Surprising as it may seem, Venti loves it when you scold him. He knows that when you do it, it's only because you're worried about him, and that means a lot to him.
What leads to arguments:
You often blame him for drinking too much alcohol. You don't even know how he manages to get it, given the physical age he shows. The fact that he is completely indifferent to your anger annoys you even more.
His faults:
Clingy, intrusive, sometimes too teasing, but most of all, his addiction to alcohol annoys you more than anything.
His intimacy with you:
He is very cuddly. He can't help it, having you against him, feeling your warmth gives him a comfort he never thought he needed.
He spends a lot of time kissing you, Venti thinks your lips are the sweetest thing in the world.
Whether you're inside or outside, he'll show no modesty about his affection for you. He is capable of shouting his love for you in the streets before jumping on your neck and kissing you.
Venti may seem childish in his behavior, yet once he's alone with you, he changes dramatically. He becomes calmer and more attentive to your needs. He cares about you, about your feelings. He lets you know every day that he loves you. He is not stingy with his tenderness! Often, Venti will sit behind you, hugging your waist, just to put his head on your shoulder and kiss your neck or your jaw. His confidence in you is boundless, he confides everything to you. His past life, his remorse, his joys and sorrows.
Venti has taken the habit, in the evening, to sing you some poems. He knows that this relaxes you, his voice has a soothing effect on you and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. He can spend hours watching you sleep, it calms him to see you so serene as you doze on his lap or against his chest. He takes advantage of your sleep to whisper to you about how he feels about you.
He frequently lays his head on your thighs, saying there's no better place in the world to sleep. In reality, he just wants to admire your face from every angle.
He now lets you do his hair every morning. Every time you take care of his braids, his eyes are hypnotized by your gestures. His hands end up on your thighs, caressing them with a tender gesture.
Physical contact:
A fan of physical affection. He can't help but touch you as soon as he can!
He has no shyness, he does not hesitate to cuddle you in front of a crowd of passers-by or even your friends.
But when you are alone together, his caresses, his cuddles, his kisses, everything will be much more tender and affectionate.
When his arms wrap around your waist, his head rests on your shoulder. He softly whispers that he loves you, a thin smile painting his face before kissing your neck, your face and finally your lips.
One of Venti's habits is to intertwine his fingers with yours as you both walk through the streets of the city. He needs to feel your warmth before time takes him away forever.
Venti presses his face against your hand as you stroke his cheek or tuck a strand of hair back into place, reminding you of a cat in need of tenderness...
His favorite part of your body:
Your eyes. He thinks they reflect your soul perfectly. Soft, generous and free. He could drown in them because he finds them so beautiful. Also, your forehead and cheeks are his favorite parts of your body to kiss. He likes to see you blush every time he takes you by surprise with a kiss.
Venti is a warm, playful boy who always sees the good in life. He knows how to make you smile when you're sad or just plain moody.
However, he can sometimes show you a darker side. That of a god who has lived several millennia, alone and bruised... and so sad.
His degree of love:
Venti offers himself to you in his entirety: his heart, his body, his soul.
His love for you will inspire the most beautiful poems, those that will remain forever in Teyvat's heart.
He will make his love for you eternal.
Most often, Venti will take you to Windrise for a picnic or just to bask in the shade of the big Venessa tree. He loves to compose ballads with you dozing on his shoulder.
He will sometimes take you to admire Cecilia's flowers.
When Venti decided to marry you, he made the choice to let his body age. He will become more responsible and conscientious than before, he wants to prove himself worthy of you. Venti sincerely wants to start a family with you, so he doesn't want to be a dead weight on your shoulders. To help you support yourself, he will find a job related to what he does best: singing and writing poetry.
Even after many years of marriage, Venti will remain the same about physical affection. Having you in his arms and feeling your skin against his lips remains one of his favorite things in the world.
A very cheerful and positive dad. Venti has always loved children, so he was immediately comfortable with his own. When he held his baby for the first time, the warm, gentle smile on his lips brought tears to your eyes.
He will always be the one who can easily soothe his child's cries, singing sweet lullabies to make him forget his fears and sorrows.
His child will inherit his talent for music and singing, sometimes organizing with his father some private concerts for you, and you only.
Nickname :
Belle, Biche, trésor, fleur.
How is he in bed? Preliminary:
Venti will be surprisingly gentle and sensual in bed, preferring to savor every caress and movement of your two naked bodies against each other.
His hands will slowly begin to wander over you, gradually moving under your clothes to the warmth of your skin. His lips will tease your neck and jaw before sensually claiming your lips. He likes to leave marks on your skin as proof of his love for you, so expect some hickey marks the next day. If there's one thing Venti likes to do to you, it's tease your breasts while his fingers work on your femininity with maddening slowness. He can't help but smile against your skin when he hears you begging him to go faster, but as soon as his eyes land on your flushed face, he'll stop his slow game and finally satisfy you.
Venti doesn't necessarily start foreplay with his fingers. He likes to lie on top of you before he starts rubbing his knee against your sex. The sounds you make with each of his movements make him a little more excited every minute. As soon as he feels you're wet enough, he'll start finishing you off with his mouth.
He loves oral, whether he's the giver or the receiver. He will take a lot of time to prepare you with his tongue before penetrating you. When he's the one receiving, he gets incredibly loud, blowing encouragement at you between gasps. Venti won't pull out of your mouth when he comes.
His favorite places:
He likes the classics, like the bed, the couch, the shower. But he also likes to do it outside, where the big tree of Venessa stands or in the forest not far from Mondstadt. He is probably the archon who has always felt the closest to nature, nothing more natural that he takes more pleasure there than in an enclosed space.
His favorite positions:
He likes to be dominated. Having you on top of him with your thighs on either side of his while you rock back and forth drives him crazy. He finds you so beautiful and erotic in this position, he wants to devour you.
Although Venti is an archon, he does not have the stamina that Zhongli has. But he has an iron will, so he is able to attack again after a few minutes of breaks.
Probably the loudest of the boys. He is not ashamed to let out his moans or his praises.
As Venti aged his body for you, the rest followed. So he's got a long, plump member to make you come quickly.
The first thing he'll do when you're done is run you a bath. Of course, he'll join you in it. Once you're comfortable with each other, Venti will massage your muscles before washing your body and hair.
Once finished, he'll get you some snacks and bring them right to bed.
Tumblr media
In the beginning:
Albedo knows nothing about love. It is a feeling that is totally unknown to him, that's why he is completely bewildered by you. He doesn't understand why he always wants to have you by his side, nor why he feels the need to touch you, to hear you speak. You are an enigma that he has trouble solving. Yet, all he has to do is watch couples kissing or cuddling in the streets of Mondstadt to feel the need to do the same to you. This is how he will declare his love for you. After an impromptu, but still ardent kiss. He knows he loves you. And that's the most beautiful feeling in the world to him.
Albedo is an incredibly sweet and gentle boy, who will put your well-being before his own. He will tell you all his secrets, praying deep down that you will accept him despite what he is...
What he loves about you:
Your humanity. He loves all your facets, the best and the worst. Each of your expressions, each of your gestures, everything is a pretext to draw you.
Your skin is so soft against his fingers, he can't refrain from touching you.
Even if there are many silent moments between the two of you, it is never embarrassing. On the contrary, Albedo loves to drown in your eyes. He can read all the love you feel for him in them, and he hopes you can do the same with him.
Albedo is not a pervert, but he loves to lie against your chest, just to hear your heartbeat, comparing it to his own. The first time he did this, you were silent in shock, but seeing his soothed expression as he listened to the sounds you were making, you decided to let him do it, as many times as it took.
Often, you would sit on his lap unexpectedly, just to wrap your arms around his neck and cuddle him. Albedo has learned to show tenderness and love by your side, although Klee had already introduced him to some gentle gestures, yours were different from the little girl.
You drag behind you the smell of Cecilias. A flower that Albedo began to love when he came to live in Mondstadt.
Every morning you sit in front of your hairdresser to detangle your hair and apply light makeup. Each time you do, you start to hum. Albedo takes great pleasure in simply looking at you through the mirror and listening to your voice.
What leads to arguments:
You almost never argue. It's almost impossible with Albedo's passive nature. He is a thoughtful and calm man who will always seek to resolve your conflicts peacefully.
His faults:
He is probably too often immersed in his work. He sometimes forgets that you are both in the same room.
His intimacy with you:
He is more tender than he lets on. Whenever he finds a moment to be alone with you, he'll do his best to stay close.
He'll often offer to cook together, hugging you from behind to guide your actions as you prepare a new dish. His lips will take advantage of your inattention to kiss the back of your neck.
It's not unusual for him to ask you to pose for him. He always makes sure the position is not too tiring, asking you to lie down on the couch or sit in an armchair. When you get close enough, he will ask you to pose naked. Of course, the first times are always embarrassing, but Albedo's loving gaze will quickly reassure you...
Albedo is indifferent to the curious looks he gets from the people of Mondstadt when he cuddles you in the street. If he wants to kiss you, he will. If he wants to hug your waist, he will. He loves you, and he's happy to let you know it.
At home, you may find yourself asking him for a hug while he sits on the couch, quietly reading some notes from his research. With a gentle smile, he'll pull you onto his lap to straddle him. He will continue to quietly read his notes while his free hand tenderly caresses your back.
When you fall asleep before he comes home, Albedo will silently crawl into bed and rest against you. He'll fall asleep after a few minutes listening to your heartbeat against his ear.
He will often suggest that you take a bath or shower together.
Physical contact:
Of the two of you, he is not the one who initiates physical contact the most, but he never refuses it. There are many times when Albedo will make the first move, especially when he is exhausted or has just returned from a long stay at Dragonspine. He'll hug your waist before silently burying his face in your neck. He'll be cradled by your hand on his back.
Albedo has made a habit of having you sit on his lap when he works or draws in your home. Involuntarily, his hand caresses your back, hips and thighs while he is busy reading papers. Most of the time, you fall asleep in his care, and when he realizes this, it is with a loving smile that he carries you to your bed, reluctantly walking away from your comforting warmth to continue his work.
He shyly lets you kiss the mark on his neck. Even though he thinks it is a symbol of his inhumanity, his imperfection, he finds the attention so sweet and charming...
His favorite part of your body: Your chest. He can hear your heart beating there. But he also likes your eyes for their depths.
As for your curves, they are perfect to be drawn.
His favorite part of your body:
Your chest. He loves to put his head against you to hear the steady beat of your heart. Your face in general, he finds you so expressive, it is a real pleasure for him to observe you.
Albedo is known to be a gentle and kind man. But sometimes he shows you a darker side of him and maybe even a little teasing. When he is like this, you can hardly recognize him, something is wrong, but you don't know where it comes from... Nevertheless, after a few hours without seeing him, he becomes again the man you know...
His degree of love:
You are his muse, his star, his future. He can no longer conceive of life without you by his side.
You are the one who taught him the true meaning of the word "live".
You are the one who makes him feel human.
Albedo will start with classical music. Candlelight dinner. Walk hand in hand through the streets of Mondstadt. Drinking in the best tavern around. Then, little by little, he will take you beyond the walls. He'll show you his laboratory in Dragonspine, or make a picture of you under the Venessa tree. No matter where you go, with you, he will always be fulfilled.
He will be very attentive to your needs and happiness. Although he is always so immersed in his work, whenever he is with you, his eyes shine with affection and adoration for you. He always tries to do couple activities when he is not in his lab. Reading, cooking, walking, whatever you want to do, he wants to spend his free time with you.
When he has to go to work at Dragonspine, the separation is always hard on both of you. Every time he gets ready to leave, he holds you in his arms for a long time, kissing your hair, your face and finally your left hand, where the wedding ring he put on your finger when you said yes is.
Albedo is a homunculus, he can't have children. It hurts him more than he ever imagined, not being able to give you what you want... How many times has he thought that you would probably be happier with someone else?
However, you don't give up and you both decide to adopt a young orphan.
Albedo loves children, he has never hidden it. His patience and his calm temperament are part of his charms. Even if this child is not his, he loves him as if he were his own flesh and blood.
Even if you have adopted a child, Albedo continues to look for a way to make himself fertile despite what he is, and who knows? Maybe one day he will find it?
Firefly, flake, star, darling.
How is he in bed? Preliminary:
Albedo is a meticulous and demanding lover. His expert fingers will work with precision between your thighs while his lips are busy marking your skin. He will always start with one finger, adding one more as soon as you are sufficiently stretched with the previous one, going up to three fingers inside you. His rhythm is slow, unbearably slow. He wants to hear you moan his name, he wants your fingers to get lost in his hair, he wants to leave traces of your bond visible on your skin. As soon as you beg him to go faster, his lips will bind with yours while his hand speeds up his swing. He loves to swallow your screams of pleasure...
He's probably one of the few boys who will try anything related to sex. If you want to try things, he'll do it, as long as it's not dangerous or hurts you. If you want to try certain positions, he will do them, under the same conditions.
Being an alchemist, Albedo has a lot of knowledge about potions. He knows how to make an aphrodisiac, and if you want to try it, he will gladly do it, knowing full well that you will both enjoy it immensely.
Albedo wants every experience in bed to be unforgettable, he wants to leave you reeling and eager for him until the next day. Even though Albedo considers himself to have a low sex drive (which is true compared to some), he can't help but desire you from the moment he kisses you.
His favorite places:
His office, your bedroom or his laboratory. He's not fond of risks, so he'll always prefer rooms that can be locked.
His favorite positions:
Cowgirl is probably his favorite, especially when you take him by surprise by settling on him while he's sitting in his office chair. His mind and body warm up quickly when you start rolling your hips against his.
A small body with a lot of stamina. He's able to endure several of your orgasms before finally letting himself go inside you. It may take a little longer to restart if you want another round. He simply takes advantage of this moment to cuddle you before leaving again.
Quiet. Everything happens in the eyes with Albedo. He occasionally lets a few whimpers escape his throat, but they are rare and therefore precious. On the other hand, he loves the sounds you make, he doesn't want to miss any of your cries.
Not too long, not too small. He fits perfectly with you, taking you to the edge of ecstasy every time.
Albedo will take care of you with tenderness. His hands will massage your lower belly while his lips kiss you lovingly along your neck. He will wait until you fall asleep to clean your crotch.
Before falling asleep, Albedo will take the time to sketch your sleeping form. He wishes to engrave these precious moments in him...
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ola-elaina · a month ago
Bad Dream
Tumblr media
pairing: matt murdock x female!reader
word count: 1.1k
warning: smidge of angst
a/n: i’m almost finish rewatching season 1, so I guess that’s where my head is at. although this does not reference any specific scene just the vibe maybe. enjoy reading!
“How many stitches do you need this time?” You asked as soon as you opened the door, revealing an injured Matt, in his usual all black outfit. The corner of his lip curled up.
Shaking your head, you couldn’t believed how accustomed you were in asking the question.
“No stitches this time. Promise.” He chuckled while still clutching on his side.
You made a quick scan of him from head to foot. Apart from a scratch above the eyebrow, nothing seems to be bleeding. You sighed in relief, opening the door wider for him to come in.
“What brought you here, then?”
“Cuddles?” You asked in disbelief, abruptly striding towards him filling the space between you. He turned around to face you after sensing the urgency in your footsteps. Before he knew it, his face was cupped in between your warm, familiar hands. “Who are you and what have you done to Matt Murdock?”
He offered you a smile but it was different from the usual he displayed—you immediately caught the exhausted expression painted all over his face. His smile didn’t reach his eyes like it always did. His dimple which you always loved to see was nowhere in sight. His glossy eyes twinkled in your dim-lit living room. His hair was messy but it didn’t seem like it was all from wearing his mask.
Your teasing expression faltered, heart aching in your chest.
Your thumb grazed his longer-than-usual stubble. You bit your lower lip before speaking. “I ran a bath, would you like to join me?”
“I’d love to.” With that, he threaded his fingers with yours allowing you to lead him to your bathroom.
Matt pulled his black long sleeves over his head and stripping the rest of his clothing, you let him climb into the tub first while you switched off the lights. Pulling back the curtain of the small window in order for the moonlight to enter the room.
After removing your own clothes, you joined Matt in the tub—sitting at the opposite end for you to face him. Sitting in between his feet, you hugged your knees to your chest so the two of you would fit the bathtub.
He raised a brow to this. “Why are you way over there?” Then reached for your wrist, pulling you closer towards him.
“I don’t think this is a good idea—“ But you obliged anyway, sitting on his lap. A hiss instantly left his lips when you did. “That’s why.” You chuckled, about to go back to your original place but he stopped you by circling his arms around your waist—locking you in place.
Matt just sat there, hugging you. You let him undisturbed as you gather your words. Once you did, you cleared your throat. “You haven’t been back here for a while.”
“I know. I’m sorry. Just making sure it was safe to come back.”
“Not getting enough sleep, aren’t you?” Your lips puckered at the shadow underneath his eyes.
“That obvious?” He flashed you a smirk.
You hummed. “You’re still cute though. So don’t fret.”
“Thank God.”
You chuckled which triggered a classic Murdock smile. Your heart made a little flip, its sight never failing to take effect on you. However, the smile was momentary, Matt’s hands resurfaced from the lavender water pooling around you.
Between Matt and Foggy, he was the less talkative one. Although he always had a good comeback to his best friend’s banters, he was the type to consider what comes out of his mouth first. But this time, you could sense his lost of words—trying his very best to collect his thoughts to verbalize them.
When they cupped your face you thought he was going to kiss you but instead they went up to your face—feeling every feature as if memorizing what you look like. You watched him carefully, his eyelids fluttering as he continued what he was doing.
His delicate touch lingered on your eyes and lips. The quickening rise and fall of his chest didn’t go unnoticed by you. The apparent anxiety etched on Matt’s face instantly made your hands to rest on his chest while his ended up on the side of your neck.
You felt his hands put slight pressure, making your eyes widen slightly—making you aware of your own accelerating heart.
He was feeling for your heartbeat.
That’s when a tear fell from his eyes. In a swift, he pressed his forehead with yours followed with your lips interlocking. You felt his quivered in between yours—feeling his fear shifting to your veins.
“I had a bad dream.” He revealed, his voice shaky voice. He then cleared his throat to even his own breathing. “A couple actually.”
Matt inhaled. When he let go, his expression faltered—tears started streaming uncontrollably down his cheeks. All you could do was pull him in, allowing him to bury his face on your shoulder. You tightened your arms around him, the only thing you could think of at the moment to comfort him.
You let your one hand run through his damp hair—massaging his scalp—which he responded to with a sigh of relief.
“It started a few nights ago. At first, it was just your whispers. Then whispers turned into cries. Cries turned into screams. A hit. A slap. A bang. Metal hitting skin. Broken bone. Ear-splitting screams. As the nights went on, it only got worse. So much noise coming one after the other—like when I was at the orphanage and I couldn’t focus on what to listen to.”
You blinked, trying to process what Matt had just told you. He let out another sob, your heart wrenching as his inhale sounded like chokes.
“Then—then suddenly it was silent. Not a single sound. Not even a heartbeat. Deafening silence. Nothing but the smell of copper. It was so strong it made me nauseous but I wasn’t certain if it was the smell or the quietness.”
“So, you checked in to see if I’m still alive?” Feeling your own eyes well up. “Sorry, stupid question. I—“
He disregarded your statement, nodding to answer. “I woke up and I couldn’t stop crying. It felt so real. I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or it actually happened. I—I couldn’t tell. It drove me mad. I needed assurance that it wasn’t real. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t—I guess I also needed a reminder.”
“Of what?”
“Of why I’m still doing this. What I’m doing this for. For people who deserve a better, safer world to live in. That—that I’m not doing this for the wrong reasons. And that I still have someone to come back to despite and through everything I will do and I already did.”
Matt pulled away, his eyes bloodshot—cupping your cheeks between his hands which you covered them with yours.
Pressing his lips against your hand, he whispered. “Are you willing to wait for me?”
You kissed his forehead then rewarded his trembling hands with a reassuring squeeze. “If I have to wait forever, I will.”
“Then I’ll hold on to that.” He muttered before capturing your lips once more.
link to my last matt murdock fic: see you.
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jinkicake · 6 months ago
That Boy Is A Real Pussy Pleaser
Matsukawa, Atsumu, Tendou, Tsukishima, Ushijima when their s/o sits on their face. 
Matsukawa Issei x Reader
Miya Atsumu x Reader
Tendou Satori x Reader
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
A/N: This is all I have to offer today,,, I was just in a silly goofy mood and thought hmmm hmmm! Face-sitting with the besties!!! This is sooo much crack bc I wrote this during a thunderstorm while being scared shitless so.... muah, pls try to enjoy! 
WC-3,339 (I cannot believe how long I made this)
Matsukawa Issei
Now,,, I had already written for other four earlier but as I was staring at my wall I thought to myself… why the fuck don’t I add my favorite pussy eater of all time, the hottest man on this planet and in this universe: Matsukawa Issei. Thank you, genius idea, I know. 
He was born, placed in this world, to eat pussy…. You can’t tell me this boy isn’t a real pussy pleaser?
Matsukawa would treasure his s/o, treat them with such care and be the softest sweetest boyfriend and then fuck them like he hates them! This man is nasty
He’ll eat you out any time that you need like you want a good distraction? Sit on his face. You’re anxious about something? Sit on his face. You feel like shit? Sit on his fucking face!
Facesitting is one of his favorite things ever because he gets to watch you, he can stare up at you as he eats your sore cunt out, and watch how you shake for him
I just think that he would love to see you cry too, he’d be super into that so literally overstimulating you or edging you would be his go-to things
Getting his poor baby so fucked out to the point of tears would be his everyday mission,,, his goal if you will~ He knows you enjoy it and he enjoys it,,, he’s giving more head than receiving and tbh he wants it to be that way!!!
I just like the whole big man who would treat you properly then fuck you like he doesn’t respect you at all….. bitches got issues!! 
Anyway,,, I put massive daddy kink in this so enjoy, I love Matsukawa and he is a daddy and I want to be his cheese-filled hamburger steak!!!
“Let daddy see that pretty pussy, baby.” Matsukawa’s thumb gently brushes against the inside of your thigh, coaxing you into crawling up even further on his chest. 
“I’m not going to ask again.” And you know that to be the end of it. The knee-high stockings on your thighs pair so nicely with the short skirt you have on, the white material just barely brushes over the curve of your ass. 
The skirt with no panties is Matsukawa’s favorite combination. 
The large man audibly groans when he sees your bare cunt glistening from his previous teasing, he can’t help but sit up and gently kiss your clit. 
One small kiss then turns into a small lick, once Matsukawa has had the slightest taste he isn’t finished until he’s completely full. His kisses and licks turn passionate, it’s as if he is making out with your cunt the same way he does with your lips. 
The feeling of his two fingers gently stretching your hole causes you to instantly clamp down on them, squeezing your thighs around his head. 
“Relax, be a good girl for daddy,” Matsukawa coos into your thigh, biting gently on your skin when he is finally able to stuff his fingers knuckle-deep inside of you. He quickly busies himself with sucking on your clit, lapping at the bundle of nerves as he curls his fingers and caresses your walls. 
Your hands tightly grip onto the sheets beneath you, pulling and tugging as you try to keep yourself stable. Each rock of your hips against his face causes your knees to grow weaker and weaker. 
Matsukawa’s fingers curl just behind your clit, finding that spongey spot that always has you gushing over him. That, with his tongue lapping and drooling all over your cunt, turns you into his perfect little cry baby. 
Tears pool in your eyes and you bitterly try to push them away but, to no avail, the sob that leaves your throat causes Matsukawa to start fucking you with vigor. His fingers scissor inside your cunt while he teasingly bites down on your clit. 
“I’m gonna cum, daddy,” You whine and Matsukawa doesn’t let up his intense pace once. 
“Let daddy have it.”
Miya Atsumu
He is an avid pussy eater like literally his twitter handle is @/pussyeater69, he told me himself!!! I follow him on twitter, okay! 
Atsumu will never shy away from oral or anything about it, he adores it. All he does all day is think about having his head between your thighs so honestly, he will never turn you down if you ask~
Having you sit on his face will probably be the hottest thing that has ever happened in his life and he might just cry! Once he gets you to do it once it will become a regular thing because he becomes soooo obsessed
He just loves using his tongue on you and he knows how much you love having his tongue in you so it’s like…. </333 ya know? Perfect compromise!!! 
Atsumu will hold you so tightly against his face, so closely that he gets the best position to satisfy the both of you. If he can’t get his tongue deep in your cunt, like his whole nose pressed against your clit then you aren’t close enough for him, babe~
As much as I hate to admit it, Atsumu is just so skilled. Like this man might be a mega dork virgin but he knows exactly what he is doing all the time. He prides himself in listening to your reactions and figures out how to give you exactly what you need so like… 
He doesn’t need the pussy eating practice! Atsumu is simply the master! 
However, you know he will always want it. Please sit on his face at least every other day, his lifeline will deplete if you refuse to do so! We can’t have Atsumu desiccating on us!
Didn’t you know? Miya Atsumu runs on pussy! 
“You’re so fucking hot, come on, babe.” Atsumu grins underneath you as his hands run along the curve of your spine, gently pausing just above your behind before grabbing a handful of your ass. 
Needless to say, your boyfriend is excited. 
“I’m gonna fuck you stupid with my tongue, you ready?” It’d be a lie if you said that you didn’t know just exactly what Miya Atsumu’s tongue could do. If anything, you would have to blame your dirty thoughts on whatever genius thought it would be a good idea to have your boyfriend pose with his tongue out in an official photo. Maybe Atsumu already knew what he was doing, he knows you like the back of his hand. 
“Just eat me out, ‘Tsumu.” You groan and finally lower your core to his face, impatiently waiting for your boyfriend to meet your cunt in blind pleasure. Much to your surprise, none of that happens and, you’re met with nothing. 
“Is that any way to ask?” You can see his lips curled up into a shit-eating grin, his eyes light from his teasing and all you can think of is how you could suffocate him right here and now with your thighs. 
“I’ll just go get my vibrator then-”
You had never seen Atsumu move so fast, shove his tongue so quickly up your folds to then swirl around your clit. 
“Stupid fucking vibrator,” He murmurs into your skin, flattening his strong muscle before flicking the tip of it against your clit. His hands dig into your thighs, lowering you even further onto his face. Atsumu truly cannot get enough, not as he runs his tongue through your slit and sucks on your folds. If there was one way to describe Atsumu and his need for eating you out, it would be messy and intense. 
But, damn, does it feel so fucking good. 
He truly eats you out like a man starved, groaning into your cunt whenever your thighs tighten around his face. His tongue begs and begs for you to cum so he can finally get a taste of all that you have to offer him. 
Knowing Atsumu, he’ll get exactly what he wants much quicker than you would ever expect. 
Tendou Satori
Omg, Tendou, my baby….. This man is literally a chocolatier, he loves sweet things, and his favorite sweet to eat is right between your thighs
He has been dreaming about this one for AGES, all of his wet dreams include you sitting on his face…. It’s just that neither of you are bold enough to say anything about it
You have to voice your desires, ya know!! Neither of you are mind readers!!! 
So when you finally show interest, Tendou has to literally hold himself back like grip onto the sheets to refrain from throwing you on top of him
He tries to act all cool and collected like it’s no big deal, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth!!! It is a big deal, he’s just as nervous as you are but tbh he’s hornier so the horny has victory over the nerves!!!
Oh! Tendou loves when you tug on his hair so don’t be afraid to do that!! Kinda dumb that he shaved it but whateverrrrr,,,, the feeling of your nails against his scalp will have his eyes rolling to the back of his head
He likes to take his time with you, tease you slightly until his cock practically bursts from nothing, and then he will completely devour you,, like tongue-fuck you until your legs start to shake!!!!
This is just my mind dump Tendou thirst post, please…. bear with me….. I will get this man some coochie okay! 
Oh also,,, his pretty ass nose- omg that skinny bitch will literally be the best for grinding against when you’re riding his tongue like literally…. 
Tendou simply has the best face for sitting on,, it is scientifically proven and I have the research and the labs done right here in my brain,,, cover sheet done and all
“Don’t be shy,” Tendou coos as his hands gently tug on your hips, he’s so close to finally getting to live his ultimate wet dream. “sit on my face, pretty girl.” 
He’s so determined for this, you can see it in the way his red eyes have glossed over and how his wet tongue hungrily runs over his bottom lip. Desire swirls in the pit of your stomach as you impatiently squirm on his lap. His cock twitches against your thigh and you’ve decided that you’re done torturing the both of you. With your heart in your hand, you timidly crawl up his body, gasping lightly as his large palms run up the sides of your thighs. You bunch up his shirt that you have on, gathering the material so that it rests just below your stomach and gives you the perfect view of your playful boyfriend. 
The grip you have on the material is all but lost when his tongue makes its way along the inside of your thighs. A soft moan is ripped out of your throat at the heat of his smooth muscle tracing random shapes and patterns until he meets your lower lips. 
The first stroke of his tongue through your folds catches you off guard, it throws you into a new sense of pleasure. The new angle provides all the opportunity to feel his tongue in a new light. Your hands tightly grip his red hair, pulling on the strands as your stomach lurches at each euphoric turn. 
However, nothing compares to the bridge of his strong nose. It grinds against your clit the deeper his tongue explores your folds, licking and sucking to gather every drop you have for him. His tongue is not nearly as big as his fingers, or his cock, but he still fucks you roughly. He pumps the muscle in and out of your core, purposely rubbing his nose intensely against your swollen bundle of nerves. There is nothing that your boyfriend doesn’t do on purpose, each of his movements is meaningful. 
Tendou’s fiery passion can be felt in each stroke of his tongue and you know better than to believe that this is all he is going to do with you tonight. 
Tsukishima Kei 
Tsukishima is a bitch, so naturally, he is going to be good at pussy eating LMFAO 
Like you can’t tell me this man who banters with everyone and has insults that can cut someone’s confidence in half wouldn’t have the skill to back it up
He’s another one who lives for eating his s/o out,,,, tbh it’s mostly because it’s the easiest way to get them to shut up!!! Like all he has to do is one little kiss, one little flick of his tongue and you’re putty in his hands
Why wouldn’t he enjoy all the little moans and gasps that leave your cute lips, it’s better than when you’re talking his ear off!!!!
Okay, I’m kidding… sorta…. Tsukishima loves hearing his s/o talk he just likes eating them out better!
Anyway,,, he’s a natural. During his first time, he’ll literally be eating pussy like a pro! Tsukishima hates being wrong, he’s a big nerd so of course, he is going to know just exactly what to do and how to make a bitch purr!!!
It’s his pride, really! You’re trying to tell me this libra bitch doesn’t spend his nights looking up how to eat pussy, because he has! Especially if he knows how much you enjoy it, wow!
I just really think he would like the position of having his s/o on his face, it gives him more of an opportunity to fuck them senseless with his tongue, ya know?
He’d love to do shit like suck on your clit gently and kiss it with his pretty ass lips and then fucking bite on it and pull it between his teeth because he is an asshole!
You cannot tell me Tsukishima wouldn’t be the absolute worse when it comes to teasing, he’d laugh into your fucking cunt like, he sucks!
“If you break my glasses-”
“Then take them off you fucking dork.” Your sneer causes Tsukishima’s eye to twitch, how the hell he got underneath you is beneath him. He’ll never complain about it though. It’s always worth seeing a bratty bitch like you melt under his touch, his fingers, his cock. 
He takes off the thick-rimmed accessory and tosses them onto one of the other chairs in his living room, focusing on yanking you up from above his chest so he can finally -forcefully- shut you up. 
“Awe, are you sure you’re even going to be able to see now?” You tease him, grinning down at his irritated eyes. The bright color of his iris nearly makes your heart skip a beat but you easily squash the feeling with hostility. “Oh, now you definitely won’t be able to find my clit. Shit,”
Tsukishima finally gets what he wants, silence. Your mouth falls open in a silent moan as his tongue traces your clit, softly circling the nerves before gently pressing his lips to it in a kiss. 
Serves you right to get fucked speechless, you never shut up. 
His teeth gently nibble on your clit and provide a hint of pain after such a sweet amount of pleasure. It’s enough for your thighs to slightly shake as they tighten on either side of his head. 
Tsukishima slowly glances at you as he runs the pad of his tongue over the same area, he has to hide his grin as your brace yourself against the armrest of his couch. You’re holding on for dear life and he hasn’t even started with you yet, you’re a fool to think this is all Tsukishima has to offer.
Who knew that the smart-ass from your environmental science class could be this delectable? 
Truthfully, you did. It wasn’t hard for either of you to get tangled up in one another after being at each other’s throats for all but three classes. 
“You’re so fucking good at this, baby,” You praise and nearly sing as he starts to suck on your clit. If either of you noticed the nickname, no one said a thing. “you’re now as good as mine~”
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Okay,,,, my favorite m*n ever like omg, does he ruin my ‘I cannot stand men agenda’ but fictional men don’t count,,, Ushijima Wakatoshi!!! Pussy eater #1!!!! 
In this corner, coming in at 197cm (6’3 *blushes*) and 90kg (199lbs *faints*).. my favorite pussy eater…. Miracle boy Wakatoshi!!!!!
He would literally eat ass heheheh okay anyway
Ushijima is not a patient man…. We see the Leo characteristics, he will not be able to remain still if you’re hovering above him literally ready to be devoured. Ushijima will sit up with no remorse and bring you down with him so he can eat you out
Does Ushijima know what he is doing? Yes! He is not dense, he knows exactly what you like and don’t like but,,,, he was trained…. You gotta train him to become the best pussy eater ever!!!! No pressure though~
I 100% believe that Ushijima could and would cum from eating you out, hips bucking into the air as his poor cock begs for any kind of stimulation,,,, and he will keep eating you out until he is shooting blanks
THAT is how much this man loves pussy eating,, he becomes the nosiest he has ever been when his head in-between your thighs 
If you’re not riding his cock or his thigh, chances are you’re gonna be on his face and grinding down onto his tongue and his beautiful ass nose until you lose feeling in the lower half of your body!!!
I’m sorry I just went light-headed thinking about his big ass fingers…. anyway…..
Ushijima could make a bitch cum in less than three minutes I am certain of this, I know it to be true because my brain is smart. His entire presence just screams panty-dropper, sorry!!! Like yes, even blunt canon Wakatoshi,,, he knows what he is doing! 
Large hands run along your sides, caressing and squeezing your skin which only adds to your pile of nerves. Having such a large man underneath you always sets ablaze to your belly, want and desire swirling around until you can no longer think straight. 
You have a sneaking suspicion that Ushijima doesn’t have a single clue of what he is doing to you. 
His eyes had darkened the moment you hovered above him, his gaze is now serious and intense as he memorizes every inch of your bare skin. Your boyfriend does not know patience when you’re dangled in front of him like this, it can be seen in the way he roughly tugs on your hips and pulls you toward his face. 
He just looks so big beneath you, splayed out with his cock aching against the confines of his boxers, chest rising and falling with each one of his breaths. 
For Ushijima Wakatoshi, his patience had just run out. 
A sharp slap to your ass has the impact of your body lurching toward the headboard and, just as your hands grab out to hold it, your boyfriend’s tongue finally meets its sweet release. 
Ushijima groans loudly at the first swipe of his tongue, letting out a messy ‘ah’ as he slowly gathers your wetness before swallowing it whole. He’s soft with your cunt, treating it as kindly as he does with you, by absolutely fucking devouring it. 
His jaw doesn’t let up once, continuing to work generously to swipe his tongue along your slit before thrusting the muscle inside of your cunt. 
Each powerful stroke along your walls causes your stomach to contract in pleasure, you’re completely and utterly weak for Ushijima’s touch. You’ve never been able to last long with it either. 
You grind down on his face, rolling your hips, tossing your head back when the bridge of his nose deliciously stimulates your clit. The bundle of nerves grows swollen under his rough care, you’re going to cum no doubt before the minute is up. 
It’s all too easy with a view like a focused Ushijima underneath you, eyes closed in concentration and a completely blissful look plastered on his face, your orgasm always comes quickly. 
Your boyfriend never leaves you unsatisfied. 
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waspswidows · 2 months ago
It’s Been a Long, Long Time
Pairing: Druig x (female) Eternal!Reader
Summary: okay so this is the much anticipated oneshot based off this prompt that popped into my head: “you’re just as tight as the first time I fucked you.” Basically a previous relationship with Druig, not seeing each other for centuries, finally reuniting and ya know…👀
Warnings: smut, oral (f) receiving, penetrative sex (m+f), minors DNI
A/N: firstly thank you so so much for the love on my first ever writing that I posted called ‘I Told You To Stop’, I genuinely wasn’t expecting it to get so much attention and now it’s got like 900 likes and reblogs, genuinely thank you all so much🥺 secondly, this oneshot here has ended up being somewhat similar to my other angsty Druig oneshot I’m planning where him and the reader haven’t seen each other for a long time, but hey ho! It’s not plagiarism if you steal from yourself, right?🤔 Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
This is for people 18+ only. Minors do not read on. If you click ‘keep reading’ you are hereby agreeing that you are 18 or older.
You hadn’t seen Druig in years. Literal centuries had passed since you last laid eyes on him. All that time that passed and yet it still sent a sharp pain to your chest when he now stepped into view.
“You seem to be doing well for yourself” he drawled as he moved further into your apartment.
You narrow your eyes at him. How dare he just show up unannounced? After all this time?
“What are you doing here Druig?” You question him, trying to control the wavering in your voice.
He shrugs nonchalantly, continuing to explore your apartment as you stand frozen in place.
“I just wanted to check on you. It’s been a long, long time since we saw each other, my darling”
“That’s an understatement” you scoff. “And why now? After literal centuries?”
He shrugs again, stopping in front of your fire place to look at your framed pictures on the mantel.
“That’s not exactly an answer.”
“Well I don’t really have an answer, I just needed to see you” he almost whispers.
“Why?” You press, folding your arms across your chest, attempting to calm your rapidly increasing heart rate.
So many emotions were flowing through you. Mostly pain from the way things had ended between you two centuries prior.
Now here is he is, crashing back into your life like a tonne of bricks.
“Why?” You ask more forcefully now.
“Honestly? I missed you. I don’t know what exactly triggered it but it finally hit me just how much I missed you, how much I needed to see you again.”
He moves to finally stand just in front of you, his eyes searching yours, quickly flicking down to your mouth.
You stand silently, slightly stunned by the sudden revelation. You stare blankly at him, unsure of how to respond. You open your mouth and close it again, no words are able to properly encapsulate the emotions running through your body.
He steps even closer to you, taking advantage of the silence, his face mere inches from yours. The air around you shifts, a palpable tension settling in. “Tell me you missed me too. Tell me you still want me the way I want you” he demands.
In the moment you decide to take the defensive. You couldn’t afford to have him come in and shatter you apart again after you spent so long trying to repair yourself.
“I- I don’t. I moved on with my life” you lied flatly.
Of course that doesn’t work with Druig, being the mind reader he is.
“You’re lying,” he leans in closer to you, your lips barely apart. “Your thoughts betray you, y/n.”
Your nostrils flare involuntarily as a smug smirk spreads across his face.
“I know you missed me. I know you still want me.”
As you stand still dumbfounded he takes the opportunity to drag his hands up your thighs, hiking up your short dress as he does so. He stops so his hands are just on your hipbones, just above where your pants sit against your hips.
“Just say it baby, say you want me.” He dips his thumbs just under the fabric of your pants, making small circles against your hipbones. All the while his eyes never leave yours.
“No” you try to sound as convincing as you can, but your voice falters on the word.
“No?” He raises an eyebrow at you. He’s then suddenly grabbing your hips tightly in his hands, his grip strong enough to leave bruises. He pushes against your hips until you’re backed up against the dining table.
“No” you repeat, the word barely a whisper as he finally breaks eye contact with you, placing one more glance to your lips before he ducks his head down to your neck. His breath heats up your skin as he hovers just above your pulse point, but never actually touches his lips to your skin.
“No? So you want me to stop?” You can feel him smirk against your neck.
You sigh deeply, already knowing you were going to cave.
“I didn’t say that” you mumble. He pulls his head back up to stare into your eyes again.
“So what do you want, my love?” Druig stares so intensely into your eyes you figure he’s already pulled the answer from your head. He chuckles, confirming he has indeed already seen the answer in your thoughts.
“I want to hear you say it” he emphasises.
The way he’s looking at you, with such hunger and lust in his eyes, it sends a wave of confidence over you suddenly. He’s already seen what you want in your head, you might as well voice the thought out loud.
“Fine. I want you to fuck me, Druig. Fuck me like you used to all those years ago.”
He practically groans at your words and takes no time in obliging your request, grabbing your hips once again, this time to hoist you up onto the wooden table.
He slots his hips in between your open legs and dips his head down again, this time it’s to actually attach his lips to yours. He takes no time in opening your mouth with his own, his tongue colliding with your own.
You’re both frantic, hands in a frenzy, grabbing at whatever you could, the need to be as close as possible after years apart taking its toll on the both of you.
Your hands slide the leather jacket off his shoulders as he hikes your dress up even further, bunching it around your waist, leaving your lower half bare except for your underwear. You groan into his mouth as he grips your hips tightly again, rocking you against him, making sure you could feel his growing bulge through the thin fabric of your pants. You feel him smirk against your mouth, clearly feeling satisfied with himself at the noises leaving your mouth. You clamp your teeth down on his bottom lip and pull back slightly, locking eyes with him. A smirk taking its place on your face now and you release his lip from your mouth with a small pop. Your action takes that smirk right off his face and forces a loud moan to leave his throat.
Satisfied with your own actions you grab the back of his neck and pull him back down to your mouth. You tug roughly at the short hair on the back of his head, remembering how much he used like that. You know you’ve hit the right spot when he moans loudly into you mouth again.
Druig then pulls back and you’re about to whine when you realise it’s just so he can pull his shirt off and toss it to the floor. He moves for your mouth again. But dives at the last second, suddenly getting on his knees in front you.
You feel all your excitement and arousal rush to your centre as you realise what’s about to happen. Your breathing is heavy as he looks up at you from between your thighs, placing light kisses on the inside of each knee, never taking his eyes off yours. He slides his hands up your thighs and hooks his fingers into your underwear. You wiggle slightly and he pulls them out from under you, gently dragging them down your legs, before tossing them aside to join his shirt on the floor.
Druig kisses up your inner leg, starting with your knee again and ending just at the apex of your thigh, you can feel his hot breath on your core. You think you might explode if he doesn’t actually touch you right now. He gazes at your centre, drinking in the sight of you, and the look on his face is almost enough to make you explode right then.
“I wonder if you taste just as good as I remember. I bet you do” he drones almost just to himself. You grab his hair in your fist and shove his face forward, towards you.
“Why don’t you find out?” You whisper harshly.
You feel his chuckle vibrate against you as he finally places his mouth on you, his tongue connecting with your clit. You sigh deeply and throw your head back in pleasure, your one hand supporting you on the table and the other holding onto Druig’s head firmly, denying him the ability to move away from you. Not that he was going to you, Druig knew from years of experience how much you loved his mouth on your core, he knew better than to leave you wanting.
He starts gently, licking at you with a slow kind of fervour. However, it’s not long before he starts to pick up the pace, switching between licking and sucking at you. He responds to your moans with groans of his own, sending vibrations through you, just adding to the immense pleasure that was building within you. Your fist tightens in his hair as you feel the pleasure build to a tipping point inside you. All sound escapes you as he finally pushes you over the edge with a last harsh suck on your clit. Druig doesn’t stop though, he continues to lap at you as you cum, extracting your orgasm to the fullest potential. You eventually have to yank him up by his hair again, the feeling becoming too much for you.
That damn smirk is back on his face as he gets up from knees and immediately shoves his mouth against yours once again, making sure you get a good taste of yourself on his tongue.
“You do taste as good as I remember” he confirms. “Just heavenly” he murmurs against your mouth.
His words send fresh waves of arousal through you. You move your hands from his neck to his belt buckle, quickly fumbling it, and his jeans, open. You feel his groan reverberate into your mouth as you tuck your hands into his pants and grab his cock, finally freeing it.
You gather the precum leaking from the tip and run your hand up and down the length of him, pumping him a few times. You then feel his hand over yours as he pulls it away. He grabs his own dick and lines it up with your entrance. He pushes in the tip, a gasp escaping you as he does so. He gives you a second to regain your breath before pushing further into you, slowly sinking all the way to the hilt. The simultaneous moans you make are almost sinful.
He looks up at you, the lust and pining in his eyes causing you to clench around him. And yet there was something behind his look, as if he was silently asking permission, checking that this was still what you wanted.
You arch your back and push your body flush against his. “I want this, I need this,” you reassure him. “I need you.”
That’s all he needs to hear for him to start moving against you, gently sliding in and out of you few times. As he slowly rocks against you he grabs the hem of your dress, still pooled around your waist, and yanks it up and over your head, leaving you completely bare in front of him. He makes quick work dipping his head again and attaching his lips to your right breast, nipping and sucking at the skin, swirling his tongue around your nipple. You sigh deeply and allow yourself to arch backwards again, Druig’s left arm around your waist supporting your weight. His other hand gropes your left breast, squeezing and kneading it. All the whole he continues to slowly rock in and out of you. You move your hands up his neck again, repeating your action from earlier, tugging on the hair on the nape of his neck. He knows this is your silent signal to get moving. And so he does.
Druig lifts his head and places his forehead against yours. His hips pick up the pace and before long he’s pounding roughly into you. The frenzy from earlier returns, your hands grabbing at each other in the desperate attempt to be as close as possible. Your chest is flush with his again, your breasts pushed against him. His one arm is still supporting you while the other moves up to tangle in the hair at the back of your head, holding you in place there. His head ducks down and to the side again, his breath suddenly tickling your ear. You can just hear his pants above the sound of your own. A deep moan rumbles through his chest as he continues to relentlessly fuck you, just the way he knows you like.
“Oh fuck, baby. You’re just as tight as the first time I fucked you centuries ago” he groans against the shell of your ear. You groan in response, silently telling him he feels just as good as you remember, if not even better.
Further remembering what you like, Druig untangles his one hand from your hair and runs it down your body until it finds its way to the place where your two bodies are connected. He shoves his thumb down to connect with you clit. Your moans escalate as he begins to circle your clit with his thumb, matching the pace of his thrusts.
You start to feel the pleasure build inside you again. You pull yourself impossibly close against Druig, almost every inch of your bodies touching in some way. You crush your lips to his again, this time you initiate deepening the kiss, opening his mouth with yours, shoving your tongue against his.
It’s only a minute later that your mouth goes slack against his as your orgasm finally crashes over you. Your mouth hangs open as your sharp and fast breathing mimics the clenching of your pussy as you cum around Druig’s cock.
“Fuck!” He grunts. “Fuck, you feel so good baby” he coos into your mouth as your clenching pushes him over the edge too, his hips stuttering and stilling against yours as he cums inside you. He’s hunched over you, keeping your body pressed against his as you both take a second to catch your breath, coming down from your highs.
Druig leans back slightly, just enough to be able to look at you.
“Now aren’t you glad I decided to come check in on you?” He chuckles smugly at you. You simply roll your eyes in response.
“Maybe” you quip.
Definitely you think.
His answering smirk assures you he heard your thought.
Read my first Druig oneshot here (smut warning, minors DNI)
A/N: this was much longer than I intended it to be, oops🙈 and yes I purposefully shoved a Star Wars quote in here👀 also I wasn’t entirely sure how to end this so sorry if it seems slightly abrupt. I hope you enjoyed this anyway! Feel free to send me requests
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nkogneatho · 3 months ago
► 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝘁𝘄𝗼 𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗺𝘆 𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗽𝗱𝗮𝗱, 𝗚𝗼𝗷𝗼𝘂 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘂.
Tumblr media
Duration: 1k. Genre: Smut. R‐rated
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝗗𝗶𝗹𝗳𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗺.𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗚𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗺.𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗧𝗮𝗴𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁
Content warnings: female reader, stepcest, Daddy kink, dry humping, consensual, cheating, Dilf Gojo. MDNI. [Don't mind the header. I got confused]
🎟 Reblogs and interactions are appreciated.
Tumblr media
Bringing guys home after her divorce was the favorite hobby of your mom. It only took you by surprise when she ended up marrying one. And a hot one too. But you know what they say, “Old habits die hard.” So, when she got bored but felt it was too early to leave him, she secretly started having an affair.
How did you know it? C'mon. Your drunk mom keeps babbling shit and spills the tea herself. But what position does this put your step-father in?
Gojo Satoru was hot, charming and an amazing guy. Well, he was cocky, childish at times and selfish too. But he did his best to keep your mom happy. You didn't really love him as a family or something, but you never hated him too. Yeah, he annoyed you, ordering you around, getting on your nerves, but it really didn't work when you were aware that he does it only to get closer to you.
You would never…never like someone like him. But, God! Did he look hot coming out of the shower, exposing his hot bod? It took you a few seconds to zoom back into what's going on.
“Hey! What's up? You need something?” He snapped his fingers.
“Huh? Ahem– yeah! I actually wanted to tell you that mom has gone for a trip and won't be back til' next week,” your eyes glared down to avoid him, otherwise you might end up feeling something you shouldn't.
“Again? Ugh!” You knew how he felt. That woman barely spent time with him. And you knew what exactly this “trip” was. Not to mention the audacity of not informing him personally. The hell she cares!
“Never mind. Do you have somewhere to be?” he ruffled his pale gray, wet hair. It really suits him.
“No, actually. I have holidays, so I thought I'll spend them at home for some family time, but…”
“We can still have some family time without your mom.”
God, someone stop these unholy thoughts.
“Huh? What-whatd'ya mean?”
“I mean we can watch movies” fuck you to even think about something else. But, why did the thought cross your mind in the first place. Little do you know, your mind was right. Because, Satoru isn't someone to let your body language slide. He knew exactly what turned you on and what didn't. If he wanted, he could have fucked you long back. But this man liked to enjoy his dish before he savors it.
You sat beside him, placing the popcorn on the table while he cast the phone to the TV.
“Whatd'ya wanna watch?” he asked, looking at you. Although, you were busy staring at how hot he looks in that black tank.
“Anything's fine, Daddy” FUCK! What did you call him?
“Don't call me that,” he looked annoyed. Yet, you decided to do it more since you want to play around.
“What happened, Daddy? Oops. Is Daddy mad?”
“No, really. Stop it, love. Please,” he begged irritatingly.
“But I love Daddy—”
“You don't get what I say?” He placed you on top of him with your wrist yanked back. You didn't know what was going on, but you loved it. His biceps flexed when he held your hands tight to keep them in place.
“’M sorry. Did I do something wrong?” Puppy eyes peering at him.
“Yes, you fucking did, princess.”
“Then I'll do it again, Daddy.” You definitely knew how to piss him off, how to push him to the edge. A little yank and your body jerked, thighs rubbed against his bottoms. The fingers latched in your jaw while his thumb pushed past your lips, placed on your tongue.
“You wanna be a brat? Because I know how to handle one, princess.” No doubt he does. You have no idea why you were doing this in the first place. Why are you calling him something you never have to anyone? Why are you so eager to get on his nerves and waiting for him to snap back? Why were you so fucking desperate and started squirming under? Easy. Because he was hot, and you were wet.
“Ride,” he commanded, with eyes half lided. There was a quick change in the atmosphere along with his aura. The usual corny and playful him was vanished. It's like he dropped his mask. Yet, you did what you were told because you felt his boner against your wet cunt. It was becoming harder to not move, to not gain a friction to edge against. You started off very slow, eyes never leaving his. He ghosted his breath on your lips, agonizing you for touch. But, he can't deny his pretty princess for long. He grabbed your lips, pushing his tongue past them.
“Fuck. I can feel you, Daddy,” you whined.
“I know, baby. All your fault.”
“M-me? What did— fuck! What did I do?”
“Don't act so dumb now. Calling me ‘Daddy’ doesn't do anything but turns me on, sweetie.” But, you knew. You knew how it made his cock twitch when you called him that. You have felt it before when you were having breakfast on his lap and a “Thanks, daddy” slipped past your lips. It was harder now.
You continued to grind yourself on him, spreading your legs more and more as you were so desperate to cum.
“That's my pretty baby. Keep saying my name, and I'll let you come,” you moved closer and whispered in your ears. Fuck!
“Daddy! Yes, Daddy! I wanna cum, Daddy! Your cock is so hard and long. Holy shit! Mm!”
“Yeah baby. Just like that. Ride, daddy,” his hands kneaded your ass, guided you to a pace that had you blabbering as you came undone. Your pussy drooling, a clear dark spot visible on the fabric of his bottom.
Satoru grabbed your waist and jerked it on his crotch, chasing his high, wanting to cum in his pants while his princess is riding his cock.
“Cum for me Daddy, please. I wanna see daddy cum,” you pleaded, shutting your eyes.
“Uh— fuck yes, princess. 'M close,” hands grinding you faster. He came when you begged him to.
“AH! Holy f–fuck!” His bottoms were ruined. You placed your head on his shoulder in exhaustion.
“Tired?” He asked.
“Mm hm.”
“Too bad. I was thinking of going another round. But this time, with my dick inside you.” GOD. This man. You look at him with an embarrassment, but he throws you on his shoulder. It was a long night and a worthy holiday.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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maitani · 4 months ago
˚◞♡ ⃗ his daughter has a crush on his coworker
Tumblr media
note: ooc characters: rindou. ran. sanzu.
Tumblr media
rindou haitani
rindou was currently watching his daughter curiously as she hid behind your legs, occasionally peeking at the men that were near her father. you crouched down beside your child taking a hand to caress her round cheek, “ are you scared, sweetie? “
her eyes enlarged, not wanting to give anyone the wrong idea especially since your question brought attention towards her. she shook her head rapidly before mumbling, “ i want to sit with daddy but i’m shy. “
seeing how quiet she became, you inquired in a whisper that matched her own, “ and why’s that? “
“ daddy’s friend is handsome. “ she mumbled, having you narrow your attention onto the options but still had no clue who she was talking about. so you question who she meant and she hesitated, picking at her fingers. “ kaku.. kakucho. “ she pouted, having her eyes pleading with longing, not aware of her volume anymore. “ i want to marry him! “
everyone dropped their jaws, not expecting to hear that she wanted to marry someone— let alone kakucho. her choice of man began to grow flushed, laughing under his breath with his eyes averting away from rindou who was currently sending him icy looks at him.
“ i said no boys, you little brat. “ rindou remarked, not expecting the way his daughter shot him a glare in return and she stomped her foot. even so, she completely turned the tables with her response.
“ well jokes on you, kakucho is a man! “
“ that’s even worse! “ he barked, soon bickering back and forth with his daughter while kakucho was unsure whether to be amused or concerned that she was completely determined to marry him with every reason she had made up.
Tumblr media
ran haitani
ran was currently watching his daughter from across the room amusingly, who was avoiding any sort of conversation with sanzu. as the pink haired man attempted any sort of chatter, it would always fail in a matter of seconds.
“ does your kid not like me? “ sanzu question, jutting his lip out as he turned his head towards the little girl. who happened to flinch at the sudden eye contact, burying his face into her hands which made both men heave sighs.
rindou entered the room, thumb swiping at his screen to see his niece currently hiding. he glanced around, already catching sight of sanzu and it clicked— a small secret that his niece happened to tell him was that she has a crush on sanzu.
he crouched down beside her, “you okay? “ ran and sanzu both watch rindou and the small girl converse as if she wasn’t just hiding from a certain man. she waves him closer and shoots a quick glance at sanzu with a frown, “ he makes me nervous, tell my daddy to make him leave. “
“ why don’t you tell him? “
“ because he’ll know that i’m in love with mr. sanzu! “
her hands collapse over his mouth, realizing how loud she was and flickers her attention over to her father and crush. ran whines below his breath, “ you told me i was the only man in your life, you traitor. “
sanzu stared at the little girl, having her crumble under his gaze until he shrugged, “ that’s adorable but you have no chance with me, kid. “ 
her eyes welled with tears before sobbing into her uncle’s chest as she shouts to ran, “ daddy kill him! “ ran gasps offendedly at sanzu’s words, reaching into one of the drawers in his desk to pull out his baton.
Tumblr media
haruchiyo akashi : sanzu
“ daddy, he’s pretty. “ his daughter whispers.
sanzu kneeled down beside his daughter to take a look at her options, counting only three men. mikey or the haitani brothers and he had a feeling it wasn’t either brother. “ which one, princess? “
she reluctantly raises her hand only to point at his boss which earned a cackle. he turns to his daughter to pinch the fat of her cheek, “ aren’t you so darn cute and delusional. “
her eyebrows knit at his words, pouting, “ not delusional. “
her small hands curl into fists, determination written all over her face as she declares, “ in fact, i will marry manjiro! “ the three other men turned to the little girl who was beaming at the sight of mikey, a small flush on her cheeks but that didn’t stop her from shouting, “ and no one can stop me! “
“ what? no, no— no boys, princess. “ sanzu whined as the haitani snickered discreetly at the little girl’s actions while mikey smiled softly, enjoying the rare innocence he gets to witness. he began to walk closer until he was standing before the small child.
he crouches, hands on his knees with some idea of what to say. she stared into his dark eyes, enamored by him already and he voices, “ i cannot marry you. “ her jaw drops, pouting at the news but he continues, “ but we can eat dorayaki together. “
she was upset by the revelation but content that she gets to spend time with him so she nods in agreement, “ deal! “
sanzu smiled at the compromise, “ can i join? “
“ no. “
Tumblr media
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planetdream · a month ago
this post contains: fluff ! sfw physical touch ! kissing
💌 i previously did this love language series for txt and now i’m doing it for skz bc i love them <3 i hope u enjoy !
Tumblr media
CHAN ... always has a hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to each other. big, big hugs that warm you up but also take air from you. likes straightening out your clothes or hair if it’s a mess. soft touches, always — even if it’s a squeeze at your thigh, he’s very gentle. likes to give you massages because you’ve been very stressed lately and that’s no good :( plants kisses on your cheek when you’re sleeping. loves taking baths with you.
MINHO ... “acts” like he doesn’t like being in your space but would die if you moved the smallest bit away from him on the sofa. drapes his legs across your lap. pinches your cheeks so much and for what? holds onto your hand quite frequently, just to feel the softness of you—his thumb tracing circles against your flesh. grabs your chin to make you face him, doesn’t say anything just looks at you, and then goes about his business. will grab you and rub his face against yours.
CHANGBIN ... likes to have you lay your head on his lap and vice versa. really likes to play with your hair or even the seams of your clothing, and loves when you do the same to him. he likes it when you’re standing between his legs or beside him, your hand playing in his hair while his arms are wrapped tightly around you. doesn’t even want to let you go when you hug, either. not when you feel like you’re meant to be in his embrace forever. does this thing where whenever he itches, he scratches that area on you, and ALLEGEDLY it “works”.
HYUNJIN ... kisses all over your skin—especially your cheeks, neck, and tummy. has to be holding hands or playing with your fingers despite being attached at your hip. because wherever you go, hyunjin also goes. likes to hold you and smell your hair because your hair products smell so good—likes to help you wash and style your hair, too. applies lotion to your legs after a shower. let me emphasize: KISSES
JISUNG ... falls asleep on you frequently because you bring him so much peace and comfort. you two could be in the middle of a movie and you’ll suddenly hear soft, shallow sighs from him as he’s resting his head in your lap. “sungie, are you sleeping?” “no, just chilling”—yeah he’ll be in a deep sleep in about 4 minutes. and when he falls asleep on you he does not let you go. likes to compare hand sizes. lets you paint his nails. loves when you sit on his lap.
FELIX ... is undoubtedly the king of skinship. he's always cuddled into your side. likes when your legs are draped over his, that way he can draw things (usually hearts) onto your skin. holds your hand at any time—on the couch, in the car, while napping, you name it. needs a quick kiss before either of you two leave the room, even if only for a few seconds. always wants to be underneath you or close to you in general. if you’re wearing a hoodie 8/10 times he’ll try to crawl inside and go to sleep on your chest.
SEUNGMIN ... needs to just be in your personal bubble because why not? isn’t even speaking to you, just has his head resting in your lap <3 what are you gonna do about it? oh? you kissed his nose? yeah, minnie is very shy now >.< if you're not next to him when he falls asleep he will wake up and find you, warmly wrapped in a blanket to cuddle. 9 times out of 10 has his hand on your high when he's next to you.
JEONGIN ... literally tickles you so much it’s not even funny. doesn’t matter the occasion, his arm is going to be around you—it’s like muscle memory at the point. will literally pull you away from a conversation you're having with one of the boys to cuddle with you in his room. kisses you every chance he gets—needs at least five long kisses before you leave. loves holding your hands and playing with them.
Tumblr media
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sugawarassoulmate · 2 months ago
Kenma x perfect 10 🍑 Kenma got jealous when he was streaming and saw the guys comments about his girlfriend (you) like how sexy you are or when will you break up with him. So he just fucked you up while recording a live stream because he was so pissed 🤣
woooooo i love this boy
Tumblr media
words: 710
cw: fem!reader, established relationship, non-consenual recording, livestream sex, streamer!kenma, slight nipple play, minors dni
Tumblr media
kenma had a strict rule not to bring you on stream—he knew the idea of thousands of people being able to see you made you nervous and he didn’t want his fans to pry too much into his personal life.
but he had fucked up a couple of months ago when he called for you during the middle of a stream when he thought he was muted. cue the chat going nuts and spamming your name in the chat until he shyly asked you to get on screen. you weren’t upset but kenma still felt bad and tried to limit the amount of times you were seen. it wasn’t that his fans were being rude, it was actually quite the opposite.
they couldn’t believe how pretty you were. whenever you popped up on screen, no matter how briefly, the chat wouldn’t stop talking about you.
she’s so pretty 😩😩😩
stop hogging her from us we wanna see herrrr
tell y/n to stream with you!!!!
those comments were sweet and kenma never minded them too much, telling chat that you were too nervous to get on camera. most of them understood, but there was the other part of kenma’s audience that didn’t get the hint. a minority that didn’t know when to back off.
the ones who thought they could talk about how sexy you looked one day, who wondered that you even saw in kenma and how they wished they could have you instead of him. kenma had great moderators who could find most of these comments and ban them in chat but they couldn’t find all of them.
yesterday was the worst of it—you were feeling a little bold and joined kenma on stream for a little bit while he gamed. it was fine at first, answering everyone’s questions like how you two met and how long you had been dating.
everyone was sweet to you...but then came those comments.
shes so fucking hot wtf
when is she gonna leave him 🙄
the things i would do to her…
somehow, you didn’t spot their vulgar words but kenma sure did. it was stupid to let it get to him—the two of you had been together for years and nothing would ever break you apart. but the nerve of these faceless deviants thinking they could say those things about you. as if they had some sick right to your body.
would they keep talking if they knew how you pawed at kenma’s cock for his attention? if only they could see how desperate you get for him—choking on his length just so he could possibly thumb your greedy clit.
well...maybe they could know.
“kenny, fuck!” you whine, your hands balled into fists while you bounce on kenma’s cock. his arms are wrapped around your waist, lightly touching your drooling cunt. it was so easy to get you in this position, kenma never fucks you in his gaming chair so when he suggested it, your eyes lit up like a christmas tree.
both of you are facing the computer screen but you’re completely unaware of the show you’re giving his viewers right now, too consumed with lust. he turned off the chat but his viewer count is sky-rocketing.
“lemme see your tits,” he mumbles, pushing your shirt up to let your breasts fall freely. his mouth water at how they jiggle each time your waist drops. he wonders if you’ll let him suck on them before he goes to sleep. who’s he kidding, of course you will.
just to be a dick, he pinches your little buds, laughing how it makes you squeeze down on him. “kenny!” but he just coos in response, pulling on your tits until you’re crying.
for a second, your hips stop moving but kenma bites down your shoulder. “don’t give up now,” he grunts, groping your plump tits. “fuck yourself like a good little slut.” and you’re bouncing with renewed vigor.
everyone will know why you stay with him now—who’s going to fuck you like he does? who else could make you this desperate? and as for the ban kenma’s obviously gonna get from this little show, he’s not worried.
he’ll be back next week and those commenters will know their fucking place.
Tumblr media
sugawarassoulmate 3k follower event
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2021 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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ringpop-poppy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Wc: 4k
Pairing: eren jaeger x reader
Cw: car sex, fingering, emphasis on reader being innocent and a virgin. reader is armins little sister. corruption kink
you're 6 years old when you first meet eren jaeger. apparently he'd run off some people that were bullying you big brother, armin. you admire him and mikasa immediately.
you're 8 and he's 11 when you get a scrape on your knee from playing tag. eren runs into your mothers bathroom to fish out the first aid-kit, you know he just doesn't want you to tattle, you never would anyway, but he pulls out a pink band-aid with little ariels all over it and places it gently over the cut. he stays there for a few beats, soothing the skin around the hurt area with his thumbs. his big bright green eyes look up at you, "better?" and that's the first time your heart skips for a boy.
you're 11 and he's 14 when armin starts becoming protective. "he's had like. 5 girlfriends in middle school, who knows what he's gonna be like in high-school"
it intrigue you, for some reason.
you're 13 and he's 16 when he taps furiously on your window at night, wild eyed and wearing a t-shirt and sweats. he falls ungracefully on his ass when you let him in, though he grins at you from the floor. "thanks, squirt"
you wince at the nickname, knowing it solidifies you as someone only platonic to him. armins little sister and nothing more. "what's this all about?"
he gets up and swipes imaginary dust off his sweats, looking around your room. its absurdly girly. he picks up one of your plushies and tosses it up, then catches it, peering over at you and grinning. "i hope you never change," he sighs and flops down onto your pink sheets. "girls my age are fucking psychos"
you creep closer to him, snatching your plush back. "im sure there's something you're leaving out there. im not completely dumb, you know"
he waves his hand, "yeah but you're....i don't know? innocent or whatever. you don't care about shit like boys and drama"
i do care about boys, you think, watching the way his shirt rides up to expose a hint of tan skin. you look away, squeezing your plush to your chest. "im gonna grow up eventually, ren"
he sighs and sits up, looking at you from under his ridiculously cute floppy brown hair. "Just promise me you won't go boy crazy"
you roll your eyes and sit down next to him, he leans in and licks a broad stripe against your cheek with his tongue, grinning "we have cooties"
you swat at him and wipe your cheek, groaning and calling him gross. "i know that. you and armin never let me forget how gross boys are", you side eye him. "what did you even do? really?"
he looks to the side, only now having it in him to look the least bit sheepish, "my girlfriend may have caught me with my hand down historias skirt..."
yeah, boys really are gross. but not eren, no he's beautiful and magical and makes you feel all the fluttery things. but he's also a player, a bad boy, dangerous and completely off limits. maybe your crush should have ended there, but of course it didn't.
You're 15 when you go on your first date with a boy. until now you haven’t allowed yourself to even think about men outside of the enigma that is eren jaeger, but that’s a lost cause, a stupid crush you need to let go of. and despite what eren thinks, you’re not that innocent. not in your head anyway. you’re a girl and you have fantasies. 
the guy is nice, armin likes him enough. big and tall and humble, reiner brought you flowers for your first date. the age difference is a little weird, he’s in erens grade, a senior, but you think its harmless. you’re turning 16 soon. the date goes well, you smile and giggle alot, and reiner seems smitten by the end of it. he even goes as far as to kiss your hand when he drops you back off at home, at 8pm sharp, just like he promised. he was kind and sweet, and you liked him, but you wonder what it means that there were no flutters in your belly, not like when you’re around him…
you’re still thinking about that when you open the door, and walk inside. the house is quiet, and you wonder where armin is, and eren. thinking they both must be in armins room, you go to the kitchen to get a glass of water, stopping on your path there when you see eren on the couch. he’s lounging back, hand idly wrapped around a gaming controller as he watches you.
you glance around him. “where’s mimmin?”
he doesn’t take his eyes off you. “annie called”, he leans forward a little, propping his chin in his palm as he observes you quietly for a moment.
you squirm in place, his eyes are too hot. “oh” and you make to start moving again but his voice stops you. 
“so. braun, huh?” his tone is hard to discern, the words coming out cool and detached, but his eyes are that intense green. 
“yeah” you say, shifting on your feet. “he was nice. kissed my hand and everything”
“sounds like a dream” and that is definitely said sarcastically. you bristle but eren is already turning away from you, facing the TV. “didn’t think he was your type though” 
because erens been your type since forever, you guess he’s right. reiner couldn’t be more different in both personality and looks, but maybe that’s a good thing. “maybe he can be” you say softly, looking at your feet. you dont see erens eyebrows jump, or his lips twist disdainfully. 
“If you wanna settle for missionary the rest of your life, then sure, go ahead” he sounds a little miffed and that confuses you. makes you look up. you don’t even know reiner that well, but you feel the need to defend him from erens usual snarky jabs. 
“not every guy that doesn’t live on Xbox and fuck half the school is a bland guy” you huff. you feel a little guilty for calling him out but he started it. eren hated preps, that was obvious, but its not like he was a model person either, if his long track record of promiscuity was anything to go by. reiner wasnt boring he just…..wasn’t eren. but that wasn’t a flaw. It shouldn’t be. 
“you been keeping tabs on me, princess?” eren asks wryly, smirking now. you just glare at him, quirking a brow and daring him to prove you wrong, to say he’s better. 
he doesn’t. he just looks at you, sets his controller down and does that tick he’d developed since he was young of jiggling his knee, tapping his finger on it. “don’t go on more dates with him” 
you squint your eyes, “and why not?”
“because i said so” 
“you’re not my boss” 
“because..” he scratches the stubble on his jaw, gaze looking far off as he stares at his bouncing leg. “guys shouldn't touch you” 
your mouth pops open. you get that, right now, you’re too young for stuff like sex, but being touched? everyone your age had boyfriends, why should you be any different?
It feels a bit like deja vu when you tell him, “m’not staying innocent forever. dating and s-sex are apart of life. you do it, why shouldn’t i?” 
you didn’t really get his whole overprotective bit, armin, who was your brother, wasn’t even this bad. he’d seen happy almost, when you told him about your date with reiner, even, so you really don’t see where eren is coming from. 
erens lip curls in a smirk and he points a finger at you. “that’s why” he says. “you can’t even say the word sex without stuttering. what’ll you do when you see a cock for the first time?” 
your skin heats, hating that he’s right. “I’ll grow out of it” you promise him. 
he huffs a laugh. “sure thing, dork” but then his face gets serious. “you don’t need to change though. sex is lame, i promise.” 
“you seem to have alot of it, so there must be something good about it” 
“for me, yeah” he grins. “but im selfish. most men are, and you deserve better than some highschool tumble with a guy who looks like he can’t find the clit to save his life” his eyes weigh you down. “just keep bein’ you. If i come back from college and hear that you’re the towns tramp stamp, m’ not gonna be happy” 
and that’s that. 
you’re 16 when eren leaves for college. you get to 18 without ever being touched. 
you’re 18 and you wish you hadn’t begged armin to let you come to this stupid bomfire party. it’s just the first time he’s been home in the 2 years since he’d left for college, and you know that means eren is back too, though you have yet to see him. he’s supposed to be at the party though.
you wonder if he’ll react to having seen you after not for awhile, if he’ll look at you different now that you’re grown. you’re wearing a simple pleated white skirt and a pink top, the picture of innocence you’ve always been, never changing. 
being around so many people makes you uncomfortable, you want to cling to armins side, but you don’t want to be annoying so you tell him its okay to leave you. your eyes scan the mass of people on the crowded beach as you nervously hold your solo cup to your chest. 
your eyes stop their nervous skittering when they land on someone familiar. 
college eren is completely different and yet wholly the same since you’d last seen him. he’s wearing a red bomber jacket, over a black t-shirt and skinny jeans, scuffed converse kicking in the sand as he shifts from one foot to the other. you peep tan skin, a hint of a tattoo peeking on his neck and….and black hair. he’d dyed his hair, and, is that jewelry on his ear? rings on his hand?
he’s smiling easily with a pretty blonde and...and reiner. talking to them like old friends as he tilts his head back and laughs, taking a swig from his cup. he’s still chuckling and shaking his head when his eyes flick distractedly over, rove over you and then stop. even from all the way where you are the green of his eyes pins you in place. the warm glow of the bonfire dances across his features, and you see the bastard has a lip ring as well. he takes his time cataloging you and you do him, before his lips tilt, he hands off his drink and he makes his way over to you. 
your whole body is tense with nerves as he gets closer and closer.
when he’s standing in front of you, the smell of his cologne wafts over you. his smile is small and genuine. “hey, pip” 
pip as in short for pipsqueak. you have to fight the urge to grin at him, your cheeks warming pleasantly, even though you groan out loud. “m’ not little anymore” 
“I can see that” eren eyes rake over you, linger on your bare legs before dragging slowly back up. his eyes feel like a caress and when they meet yours again, you’re already tingly. you’ve never been touched sexually, and just one look from eren has you wet between the legs like nothing. “still dress like you wanna be an extra in a Bratz commercial” 
the tension disputes as you swat his arm. “shut up!! Its a fashion choice, not like you’d know. dressed like a wannabe rockstar” 
“aw, c’mon. you’d be my groupie right?” 
you roll your eyes. “you wish, jaeger”
“mm” he hums softly. “s’cute though. always has been” 
before you can even register the compliment, he’s leaning forward to peek into your cup, swiping it easily from you. “underage drinking, are we? left you for a couple years and you go rebel barbie on me” 
you squawk as he chugs all of your drink back in one gulp, crushing the cup in his fist and tossing it behind him. “ren! I wasn’t even drinking it. It was..” you wave your hand around. “for the aesthetic”
“uh huh” he drones, but then he jerks his chin. “i’ll get you another one to stand around and look pretty with then. C’mon”
cute, pretty. the compliments are gonna make your heart fly out of your chest if he doesn’t let up. you follow him as he leads you to a keg, one that’s a little ways away from the bustle of the party, close to the parking lot where you came in. 
you shyly say ‘thank you’ when he fills you a cup and hands it to you, proceeding to lean back against a car as he goes back to observing you.
to distract yourself you mumble, “you can’t just lean on a strangers car for the sake of being cool” 
the grin is back. “you think im cool?” when you glare at him he rolls his eyes and slaps the hood of the car. “she’s mine, pip. you can untwist your panties” 
you blink at him, “since when did you get a new car? and when did you dye your hair?” 
he looks at you curiously, drumming his fingers. “do you not, like. follow me on instagram?”
you look away, kicking your feet in the sand. hesitantly you admit, “didn’t wanna miss you, so i didn’t look” 
he doesn’t say anything to that. the silence stretches between you, making you nervous. should you not have said that? you guessed it was weird, after all, but it was true. If you’d looked at how erens life was progressing without you there to see it, you’d have cried and been a total lovesick girl about it. 
he finally breaks the silence. “do you have a boyfriend?” 
you look back at him. “uh...no? do you?”
the smirk you wanted ghosts over his lips again, and your eyes are drawn to his lip ring when he tugs it between his teeth. “nah, you know me. unattainable” 
“yeah, i know” you say under your breath, thinking of how eren jaeger had been an unattainable fantasy for you for years. 
“so no current boyfriend or…?” 
“no boyfriends...ever” its embarrassing to admit, but less humiliating than admitting that the reason that was is because you’re in love with your brothers best friend, the very man standing before you now. 
“that’s kinda tragic, pip” eren hops up on the hood of his car and fishes a cigarette out of his pocket. he waves a hand at you, “you’re rockin’ a bod like that and no one’s bagged you? thought you’d be beating down options with a bat by now” 
you watch the smoke that plumes in the air, the way it coils and wisps, and really look at eren. he’s tragically beautiful. his no black hair is boyishly messy, tangled around his head in a dark halo. his face is sharp and tan, his eyes striking and making you feel like you’re sinking into the sand beneath your feet.
you’ve wanted him for so long, it makes you ache. years and years of pushing away men and declining confessions for this man in front of you. you’d never expected anything from him, but you couldn’t move past the fantasy in your head. couldn’t imagine giving any of your firsts to anyone but eren. 
“you told me to stay innocent” its out before you can stop the words, they just fumble out, spilling from your lips and into the air like the smoke.
eren stills, pauses from where he’d been about to take another drag. his expression is unreadable. he flicks the ashes from the cig on the sand, stumps it out under his foot as he hops down. the wind ruffles his dark hair as he just looks and looks and looks at you. 
“yeah?” and oh, jesus, if the rough gravel in his voice doesn’t make your cunt warm immediately. “and you listened?” 
you squeeze your thighs together, an action that draws erens gaze between your legs. to late to back down now, you think, and wet your lips. “y-yeah. I did” 
“you didn’t let any boys touch you while i was gone?” eren continues and he draws closer, creeping towards you.
you shake your head, silent as he comes in front of you. he reaches up to delicately push a strand of hair behind you ear with one of his ring fingers. he keeps it tucked behind your ear as he towers over you, staring you down. “you’re still my innocent little girl, huh?” 
you wonder if this is how it feels to be seduced, seduced by eren jaeger no less. his eyes are warm, and they make you feel warm from where the rest on your eyes, and then, your lips. they part under his gaze, on instinct. “I am, ren. always have been” 
his eyes darken, and the finger behind your ear becomes his whole hand sliding to cup the back of your head, slowly fisitng your hair in it. “shit” he tilts your head up. “you can’t say things like that, baby”
baby, baby, baby. your head swims. you’re on autopilot now, speaking without thinking and you think that’s good because if you were thinking clearly you wouldn't have the courage. “i’ve always been your good girl. no one elses” 
you have one second to hear his exhale before his lips are crashing against yours, and oh. oh, he’s good. you feel the metal of his lip ring against your bottom lip as he slides his tongue in your mouth, eating you up.
“god, you’re sweet” he nips your lip. “knew you would be”
you pant into his mouth, your hands curling on his chest, “y-you’ve thought about me?”
“‘course i did, im not blind” he pulls away. “I just really like my dick and didn’t want it chopped off. armin is scary” 
you know he can be when he wants to be, knows if he saw eren ravishing his little sister against his car right now, body parts would be strewn about. and that’s just from armins verbal warfare.
you look at eren demurely from under your lashes, “i don’t want anything to happen to your…” you trail off at the end.
erens eyebrows climb up his forehead, he presses close to you, tugs you to him. “my…” he prods, eyes glinting with mischief. 
you look away, pouting. “know i can’t say it” you mumble, hating that even now, saying vulgar words is embarrassing for you.
erens chest shakes with a laugh. “you just sucked my tongue down your throat, pip, and you can’t talk about my cock? you’re precious, c’mere.” he starts walking backwards, towards his car. “we gotta be sneaky about it but-” he dips down to kiss you again, once, twice. “i really wanna touch you” 
you gulp, and nod, let him pull you to his car and open the backseat for you, climbing in after you. he shuts and locks it behind him and then he’s facing you, eren jaeger giving you his full attention. looking at you like he wants you, like he’s seeing you, like he wants to do alot of bad things to you.
you place a shaking hand on his shoulder. “im- i dont know what to do..”
you want to impress him, but pretending you’re good at something you’re not won’t do that. eren doesn’t like liars anyway. 
he scoots close to you, pulling you halfway onto his lap until you’re sitting comfortably against him. you bite your lip when you feel the hard ridge of his cock pressing against your ass under your skirt. one of his hands settles on your bare thigh, scooting it up just barely.
“you ever watch porn, sweetheart?” erens breath puffs against your ear and you squirm on top of him. 
you push down your own embarrassment, resigning yourself to be a big girl and be honest. “s-sometimes” 
“yeah?” god, why does just that word turn you on so much? “tell me what kind of stuff you watch when you touch your little pussy” 
his vulgar words go straight to your cunt, at the same time his hand slides up your thighs and slips under your skirt. you close your eyes when you feel the tip of his finger trace over the band of your panties. “they’re always a couple..” you gasp when his hand dips inside, palm cupping over your pussy. “a-and the guy has dark hair..”
“Imagining anyone in particular?” eren teases, but you hear his breath catch at the same time yours does when he sinks one long finger inside. the folds around your slit part seamlessly around the intrusion, sucking his finger in like your pussy wants it there. “so wet, baby. keep talking for me?”
ever the good girl, you push through the tingles and the heat spreading down your legs, the slick sound of his finger fucking in and out of you filling the silent car as you struggle to find words. “s-shes always inexperienced. Its her first time and...and hes gentle” you moan a little when erens thumb comes to swirl around your clit, hips lips finding your neck. he’s teasing another finger at your tight entrance when you swallow another groan and try to keep talking like he’d asked. “he’s gentle but he takes. t-takes what he wants”
“mm” eren hums, tongue sliding against your skin. you gasp when the tip of his ring finger edges in beside the other one, stretching your tight passage around his digits in thorough little twists of his fingers. “that’s real good, baby. you like the sound of that, huh?” 
eren hooks his chin over your shoulder, bunches your skirt around your waist so he can see where your little pussy is clenching and squeezing around him, clit engorged and throbbing for attention. when you don’t answer, he continues, using the slick dripping down your slit, gathering it and then pushing back into you. “I bet” he says, low, husky. “In those videos, he eats her out real nice, yeah? makes sure her little virgin cunt is wet enough to take his cock”
“y-yeah” you pant, holding his wrist but not pulling it away, pushing him more towards you. you’re starting to grind down against the pleasure, walls rhythmically fluttering around his fingers, fucking yourself on them without even knowing it. he curls them, and your head thumps back against his shoulder as you cry out. 
“i’ll give that to you” eren promises, pumping his fingers faster, his other hand coming up to cup one of your tits over your blouse, giving it a squeeze. “gonna take you home after you cream around my fingers and lay you out on your bed” he kisses your cheek, holding you firm against him when you start to twitch and writhe. “lick this little flower open. wanna feel your thighs squeeze my face when i drink the cum from your pussy, get you all loose and wet and then i wanna feel you drip down my dick when i slide it inside”
“oh god, ren!” you jerk in his hold as you feel your orgasm crest over you, gushing down his palm, as you ride his hand, milking it as tingles shoot across your whole body. A milky, creamy film rests around his knuckles when he slides his fingers out of your weeping cunt, still pulsating and twitching from the come down. 
he rubs the excess slick around your folds and clit, rubbing it in. you whimper and he chuckles and kisses your cheek. 
you sag against him, fucked out. eren brushes some hair from your forehead and kisses it. “wannabe punk pounds sweet virgin pussy into her bed” 
you look at him, confused and dazed “huh?”
eren grins at you. “s’ gonna be the name of our porno” 
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sakusins · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys and locker room sex
Tumblr media
characters: kuroo tetsuro, ushijima wakatoshi, semi eita, semi eita, tsukishima kei
warnings: fem! reader, exhibitionism, handjobs
Tumblr media
— Kuroo is a busy man, and he’s also a patient one. He deals with lazy employees, pushy bosses, insane deadlines, and he does it all with the utmost composure. But it’s bound to break, and it does when he notices a room full of volleyball players eyeing you like candy during a game. He decides he show them your his when they’re done playing.
“Fuck, princess,” Kuroo groans, sliding past your folds as he takes you from behind, your palms trying to grip onto the cold metal of the lockers as you feel him split you open. He breathes heavily as he tries to stay still, hissing at the way you clench around his cock. Panting, he smirks when he hears the hollers of the team coming, all ready to change and celebrate after a win. “They’re in for a g-great surprise, don’t you—ah shit—think, baby?” And they are, staring at you both as he slams into you, groaning wildly as you squeeze around him. “Fuck, fuck s-so good,” he moans, staring at the players before him with a sly grin. “Take me so well, princess,” he grins, tugging you by your hair and making you face the many eyes that had found themselves on you. “Show them how good I make you feel.”
— Ushijima wasn’t sure why he was feeling this way, why he couldn’t go two minutes into the game without thinking about the way your small hand felt squeezing around him, making him put extra force into every spike. And while he was mvp of that game, the only thing he could worry about was feeling your pretty little hand around him.
“Mmm, y/n,” Ushijima groans, seated on the bench, legs spread wide as your thumb glides through his slit, making him throw his head back. Slowly, you wrap your hand around him, stroking up and down with a pace that makes him growl in frustration. “Do not go slow I have been waiting for this,” he warns, letting out a loud grunt when you pick up your speed, making his hips rise with each stroke, fucking into your hand as he pants quietly at the feeling. “F-faster,” he insists, closing his eyes and leaning his head against the locker behind him. He looks up dead serious when his teammates walk in, looking them in the eye with an angry glint. “I am busy, come change later,” he demands, rutting his hips up as he feels himself approaching his orgasm.
— Semi remembers being replaced by Shirabu as the team setter, and though he holds no grudges, he’s gotta remind his junior from time to time that he’s not inferior. So, when you’re at your old high school reunion, he takes Shirabu’s little crush on you back in the day to his advantage, even all these years later.
“Ei-eita,” you mewl, back arching off the locker behind you, clawing at his back as you push his shirt down his shoulders. Leaning down, he kisses your neck, chuckling at how you struggle to take all of him in. “Shh, baby, you can take it, can’t you?” You both look up when the door opens, a caught off guard Shirabu standing there with his mouth agape. “Shirabu! Glad you got my—fuck,” he groans when you unintentionally clamp down on him, “glad you got my text.” Turning, he starts thrusting into you, hard and fast, making you whine as he sucks harshly on your collarbone. “A-always… always wanted to do th-this,” Semi groans, smirking as he watches Shirabu gulp, trying to fight the tent in his pants. “Now watch me take my girl like you took my spot,” he growls. “Right against your old locker.” He happily realizes that maybe Shirabu’s little crush hasn’t yet worn off.
— Keishin deals with annoying teenage boys who don’t always listen to him. He’s got a naggy mom and a list full of things he’s gotta do, his reasons for frustration go on for miles long. Good thing he has you to help him out, late at night once all the people are gone, locker room all to yourselves.
Keishin groans as you stroke his member, forehead pressing to yours while you move up and down his length with precision. Spreading your legs apart with his knee, he pushes past your folds, groaning with you at the feeling. “F-fuck, princess, we’re gonna…” he pants, chest heaving as he takes your hands and pins them over your head, pushing you against the wall, “we’re gonna be here all night,” he growls. Slamming into you harshly, no stutter in his pace as he fucks his frustrations of the week away, he growls as you squeeze on his cock. “Pretty rough week,” he mutters, “y-you’ll m-make yourself useful, won’t you?” And you can only nod, crying out as he slams down, his tip kissing your cervix as he chases his high, groaning loudly into your ear. “Good thing we got the place to ourselves.”
— Tsukishima loves the game now, he really does, it’s just that sometimes he needs some extra motivation to keep himself putting his all in games. And then he sees you, across the stands, cheering for him, calling his name, and he can’t help but be excited to hear it in a different setting.
“Scream my name, y/n,” Tsukishima growls, squishing your cheeks together roughly, jerking your head up to look at him as he pounds into you, your back laid on the bench with your legs wrapped tightly around his waist. You squeal when his hand moves to your nipple, pinching and rolling it harshly as he growls. “What did I just tell you to—fuck, you’re tight,” he pants, “I told you to scream it. L-let them hear,” he says lowly. His skin slaps against yours as he keeps at it, knowing there’s a crowd watching when he sees your gaze drift to the doorway. He hisses at the way you suck him in, making him go faster as he glances over his shoulder at his shocked team. “Don’t make me repeat myself,” he growls.
Tumblr media
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