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#why don't i do it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo so I found your art and I have to say it's really great,especially for this site and so I'm going to ask you for a request and I hope you'll do it, so it's a fusion between Bea from pokemon and bill cipher from gravity falls and I really want to emphasis that's it's a fusion because I think they'd be fun to mashup. If you have any question then I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Well, thanks! But I’m not doing requests.

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your gifs would be so much prettier if you didnt do those weird colour shading things! just stick to black and white or colours and stop being so incoherent in one set
#i woke up to this in my inbox and couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes, #why are you so pressed about my gifs anon sdkjfhsdkjhskdhfksdf, #they're just colours they're not gonna hurt you!!!!, #i'm having fun over here but you can go on protecting your bitter heart if you'd like, #i'm still gonna be here doing whatever i want, #playing with whatever colours i want, #bc it's my content and i make it for free on my own time and not yours, #but i do hope you start spreading positivity when you do like someone's gifs, #bc i can tell you that would absolutely make their day, #and i'm glad i'm not sensitive to people opinions that come from behind a gray mask, #but the next time you have an itch to send a message like this to someone else, #like one of my fellow content creators in this fandom, #i urge you to swallow your pretentiousness and go outside. take a walk. drink some water., #bc if you say this to someone who is just starting out? it would crush them, #and i cannot let you get away with that, #you can do it to me all you want i don't particularly care, #but it honestly boils my blood to think you're saying things like this to anyone else in this fandom, #who wanted to start creating things now that they have more free time on their hands, #here's a rule of thumb: you don't like the way someone made something?, #make it yourself the way you want to see it, #and be vocal about it when you actually enjoy something, #i can't stress that enough, #SAY when you like something because it means the whole world to us, #anyways i literally downloaded the 'so... i dialed 9' interview just for this, #and that's valid of me skfjdkfjhkdhgf, #replies, #Anonymous
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I may not be amazing at translating Ancient Greek (I can do it as much as someone who’s studied it as a subject for five years in high school can) but I can assure you my skills improve of 100% the moment I’m reading actual Greek alphabet and not the transcription in the Latin one

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the back of my neck is on fire and i absolutely HATE when i don’t have the time for things. now i don’t know when it happened and for some reason, i always need to know. see, that’s what you should let go of. the constant need to know. eww that’s what they say in readings. if he leaves for two days, you’ll be fine because separation is an illusion and you have no doubt that he loves you. i feel personally assaulted, here. stop telling me how i should and should not feel. i am john locke all the way. defiant. resilient. not silent. i don’t care if it doesn’t rhyme one time. they look good together! fuck you, bizarro world. i’ll stay if i wanna stay and say whatever the fuck i wanna say 😤

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Remember how on “Bones” the season 4 finale was an AU where Booth and Brennan were a sassy married couple who were not at all crime fighters but stumbled into it and still had a happy ending complete with their AU snuggling and pregnancy reveal? And it stoked a million fires? And it was totally a copout to assuage fans because the powers that be were too chicken to have Booth and Brennan hook up for real but at least we got a taste of it for a while? Especially when they were at their peak hotness to boot?

And then even if the fallout from the coma dream was… Controversial, at least it ended with the characters admitting they were in love with each other?

ETA: I FORGOT THE BEST PART OF THE AU it was definitely the cold open of AU!B&B having network-TV-PG-rated sex and then the morning after post coital fighting over the blankets

How much would we have given for some Tiva AU to tide us over when times got tough? BICKERING OVER BLANKETS AND LOVING IT!!! that is how you do au/what id episodes instead of making everyone sad and depressing and a shell of themselves


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So, last night I got notifications on my phone for an influx of spam and porn bot followers. I planned to block them this morning, but I check my Followers page and… they’re not there. So Tumblr must have realised they were spam accounts and got rid of them. Cool. Good job, Tumblr, right?

Thing is… It has still inflated my followers number. And that really pisses me off. I now supposedly have ‘300′ followers when I really fucking don’t. Supposedly, according to my activity page, I’ve had 17 new followers in the last week. Well, that’s funny, because I count FOUR

So gods know how often this has been happening. I only saw the notifications on my phone because I happened to wake up in the middle of the night. They were gone by morning.


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