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araekni · 5 months ago
requests: starting your adult life, confused, afraid and don't know what to do
Tumblr media
Mitski, First Love/Late Spring
Tumblr media
Lorde, Ribs
Tumblr media
Andy Muschetti (x)
Tumblr media
John Steinbeck, East of Eden
Tumblr media
Liana Finck for The New Yorker
Tumblr media
John Green, Turtles All The Way Down
Tumblr media
Mitski, Two Slow Dancers
Tumblr media
Raleigh Ritchie, Big and Scared
Tumblr media
Roman Elrich (x)
Tumblr media
Bo Burnham, 30
Tumblr media
Taylor Swift, Never Grow Up
Tumblr media
Sylvia Plath, Witch Burning
Tumblr media
Mitski, Class of 2013
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amelia-yap · a year ago
Aaaaa 🥺👉👈 thank u... I somehow managed to talk to my friends about stuff and I think they're good now! I also managed to pick myself back up after yeeting my bad feelings out of the window 😏👌✨ auhshehs I don't really feel amazing, I just... Yknow I could do it, so why not. ALSO FLOOR PARTY LESGOOOOOOO!!! Omg do you think we can build pillow forts or have pillow fights 😂😂😂 AND HUGS!!! Internet hugs are fine uwu. And you too!!! Stay safe buddy!!! Here's some survival juice in return as well! Eat properly, sleep well, and drink up! (Snacks are ok too but not too many mmkay) Thanks for providing us with wr food too 🙏❤️
#dat good #and hello!! #not sure if you forgot to set it as anon or it was intentional but hello!!!! #anyway yes you amaze hush everyone is great #i dont have any experience in building pillow forts but i can chuck a good pillow in someone's face 😂 #never such a thing as too many snacks my pal #i will eat the leftover snacks 😋 #also i would like a hug too im feeling sadgry #y'know that feel where you wanna scream or punch sth but you can't cause that's a bad idea and it would stir up more annoying shit #so you just smile and vibe with them and it fucking hurts like sheesh #why are people so mean??? #im sad #people are so hard to deal with god #i think im falling out with some of my friends too? #i can get quite dismissive or come out like i don't care about them sometimes?? #i feel like i give out a 'leave me alone' mood to people and that's probably true lol #and im not particularly active within my group sooo #a socially inept bastard #anyhoo sorry about dumping all this crap here #needed to get this out of my system 😂😂 #permission to go apeshit please #once again hello and thanks for continuously messaging me even you didn't have to ·u· #i very much appreciates it #have a great day you blessed being #btw here's some blankets for the fort and to hide away from people 👉😌👉 #oh and random thing: cats when they go mmhhrrrrhrrr #fucking adorable #uwu ♥️♥️♥️ #ooo also what's your opinion on v8 #i want my baby farm boi to be safe ok rt let him exist in peace lmao
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tenjiku falling for a female rokkie in their gang🤭🤭.like maybe they saw you punched someone for being disrespectful to you.hc pleasee
♡ Tenjiku falling for the rookie ♡
Characters : Kurokawa Izana, Haitani Ran, Haitani Rindou, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Muto Yasuhiro, Madarame Shion, Hitto Kakucho, Mochizuki Kanji, Hanma Shuji, Kisaki Tetta, Kokonoi Hajime & F!reader
Genre : Crack
Warnings : None
A/n : Sorry for the delay sweet anon ! Idk why but the entire time I was writing this I had the "A quién le estás diciendo shut up tu ? A mí me estás diciendo shut up tu ?" video in my head 😭 Thank you for requesting and have a nice day ♡
Tumblr media
"Yo look ! That's Tenjiku's new slut !"
He did not just say that, did he ? 🗿
He was the leader of a lame gang that had always tried to pick a fight with Tenjiku for some reason
You were tired of being looked down on because you were a girl
That's why when Izana moved, you called him and smiled softly
"I got this," you said
And damn right you did
You took that mf down in a matter of three strong punches
"Who's next ?" you asked
"S-sorry !" one of them yelled
They took their leader and left
But you've made a great impression on the others
None of them would admit it but you looked better than you ever did when you punched the other guy
Added to that, you were strong, really strong, and smart
But as you were still facing away from them, the Tenjiku boys looked at each others and they noticed
They noticed how each one of them suddenly developed a crush on you
They didn't want to talk about it at first
1) It'd be awkward
2) As an official Tenjiku member, you were always there
Yet one day you called sick, Shion seized the opportunity
"Y'all better back down, Y/n's mine."
"She's not yours, you dumbfuck," Rindou stated
"She's a human being, she's nobody's property," his brother Ran completed
"Yeah, epecially not yours and your stupid braids."
It was silent for a moment, all of them waiting for the next move, it was rare to hear Sanzu talk
"What did you say you little pink shit ?"
As they kept on bickering, Mochi said :
"Even if you're right Sanzu, Y/n will never notice your silent ass. And you, Rindou, you're invisible behind your brother. Don't you all know the saying 'The moon is beautiful tonight' ? If there's someone she can fall in love with it's me. My last name literally means "full moon". It perfectly fits."
"It's perfectly full of shit yeah," Hanma laughed, "You sound so fucking stupid man."
"That's big coming from you, Hanma. Y/n deserves someone that can actually take care of her and you're not suited for that."
"Because you think you're suited for that Kakucho," Muto asked, "You're still a kid. And isn't Izana the only love of your life ?"
"Well, do you think she'd like an adult that enjoys beating up some kids," Kisaki said, cleaning his glasses
"And you think she'd like a manipulative bastard ?" Kokonoi chuckled
"Everybody shut up !" Izana yelled
They were now all looking at him in silence
Until Shion broke it
"Now way..." he mumbled, "Don't tell me you like her too."
"Huh ? Don't be stupid Shion."
But they all saw it when he turned, they all saw the beginning of his blush
None of them talked about this matter ever again, they didn't want to fight each other
However, you noticed some changes at the next Tenjiku meeting
Izana smiled at you for the first time
Shion said less bullshit than usual
Sanzu offered two sentences
Ran wore his hair down
Rindou wasn't with his brother
Kisaki wasn't staring at everybody like the devil
Hanma tried to laugh softly, sounded like a pig in agony
Mochi asked you if you liked the moon, that was surprising
Kakucho asked you from time to time if you needed something
Kokonoi offered to pay your ride back home, which you kindly declined saying you had a bus card
Muto straight up went to you and said : "I don't enjoy beating up kids. You know that, right ?" 💀
Yes, they wouldn't ever talk about it again
But would they give up on courting you ?
Taglist : @eriskaitto @smycc
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bizarrebarnes · 4 months ago
Hello! I love all your writing, they are amazing.
I was wondering if you are still taking request, can you write one where Shang Chi has to go up against reader at the golden dagger? She is super pissed at him and knocks him out, but ends with fluff and smut? Thanks for your consideration
love tap | shang-chi (18+)
Tumblr media
pairing - shang chi x reader
synopsis - in which the past has a way of coming back when you least expect it
see also - shang-chi gets his ass kicked but then again he totally deserves it
warnings - violence, choking kink, unprotected sex, rough sex, dirty talk etc.
notes - first off, thank you so much anon that really makes my day to know people enjoy my writing, second off, this is like my first time doing smut for shang-chi so don't get your hopes too high lol
Shang-chi had once again bitten off more than he could chew.
Sure, he was an above average fighter, given that he had been trained to fight since he was nine, nonstop, util he ran away when he was sixteen. But he often didn't know when to quit and usually ended up in situations that went far beyond what he could handle.
Take now for example, as he once again stood in the ring of the golden dagger, face to face with a warrior who had way more experience in the ring.
"Now, give it up for our reigning champion, ghost!"
The door lifted with a creak as you stepped forward, hair hiding your face from view as the lights from above highlighted your features giving you an angelic glow.
You didn't move an inch as the bell sounded and Shang-chi was left confused as he looked around at the cheering crowd.
Just as he made to move forward, you sprung forward into a front-flip sending your leg out to sweep his from beneath him as he slammed to the ground with a choked groan.
He immediately flipped up and sent a punch towards you that had you reeling back as your hair swung with the movement.
His short victory was dismissed when you suddenly disappeared from view, his eyes searching for you as he looked around in shock.
Just as suddenly as you disappeared you reappeared and sent a sharp uppercut to his jaw, his head snapping back forcefully as he stumbled.
Another kick to his uncovered chest this time sent him to the ground as he struggled to move, the air having been knocked out of him.
He rolled onto his back as you came closer and as your hair was swept back he got a glimpse of your face.
"Y/n?!" He asked in shock just before you delivered a final blow to his temple, darkness immediately enveloping him.
Tumblr media
"Promise, we'll never leave one another behind?" You spoke to shang-chi, lifting a pinky finger to his as you crossed them to seal your promise.
Shang-chi grinned back, his grip tightening in yours to ensure you he was serious.
"I promise y/n."
Groaning brought you back to reality as you reminisced your younger days, and you looked from where you sat upon a chair to see the man himself waking up.
You watched him unimpressed as he failed to notice your existence as he took in his surroundings.
"Have a nice nap?" You called out, making your presence known as he sprung up from shock.
"Y-y/n? I haven't seen you since," he trailed off as he noticed the dark glint in your eye.
"Since you abandoned your sister and I, five years ago and broke your promise, hmm." You hummed as you glanced at your nails.
Shang-chi laughed nervously as he stood from the bed making his way to you as he stammered to find an excuse.
"Listen, y/n. I never meant to break our promise, things at home just got really bad and-"
"So instead of taking your sister or even talking to me, you vanish without a trace and start a new life, acting as if we didn't mean shit to you!" You spun around pressing your finger into his chest with every word as he stepped back in fear.
"N-no that's not-"
"That's exactly what happened Shang-chi! You left your sister confused and hurt wondering why you didn't come back for her like you promised, and me? I didn't even know you left in the first place, I had to find out from your sister! We were both worried for you but we figured, oh he will keep his promise, well look how well that worked out!" You huffed as you turned your back to him.
Tears began to make their way down your cheeks as you rushed to wipe them away, hurt once again clenching at your heart.
Shang-chi did not hesitate to pull you into his embrace as you cried against his chest, your hands grasping his shirt as you allowed your heart to yearn for him once again.
"Leaving you was the biggest mistake I ever made, if I could I would take it back in a heartbeat. There was not one moment where I was not thinking of you." He mumbled as he kissed your head.
You pulled back to look into his eyes as he swept his thumb across your cheekbone, collecting the tear that trailed there.
Old feelings that never left rose to the surface as you grasped his face between your hands and kissed him, his gasp getting caught in his throat as you deepened the contact, lips pressing harder into his.
He responded naturally, his eyes closing in pleasure as your hands made their way into his hair.
You backed him up as the back of his shins hit the bed sending him toppling over as you crawled on top of him, your hands fumbling with his belt buckle as you continued to kiss.
His hands joined yours as he shuffled his jeans and boxers off, his lips disconnecting from yours as he groaned, the tip of his cock leaking precum as it tapped lightly against his abdomen.
You reached forward and grasped it into your hand as you gave a tentative stroke to the tip, watching in fascination as a shudder ran through him.
Before you could blink he suddenly grasped your wrist and moved it from his cock as he gripped your thighs and flipped you over. You landed on your stomach as he climbed behind you, his hands trailing down your thighs and into your pants where he teasingly traced your pantyline with his fingertips.
"It's not nice to tease, baby." He murmured in your ear as he nipped at your neck playfully.
You moaned as he grasped your pants pulling them down along with your panties as he gripped your ass with his hands, the roughness of them sending a shiver of pleasure up your spine.
He paused briefly as he leaned forward, his breath fanning across your face softly.
"Is this okay?" You realized he was waiting for your consent and your heart stuttered in your chest as you fell in love with him even more.
"Yes." You spoke softly and the simple syllable spoke a thousand words.
He trailed his lips up your spine as he moved to grip your hips and carefully move you to all fours, your back bending to meet the bed as your ass and pussy was lifted to meet his gaze.
"Fuck, baby. This all for me?" He asked as he brought his fingers to your slit, the wetness soaking his finger tips. You moaned in response to his question and brought your ass back to meet his hand, his other hand coming down on your ass in warning.
Before you could bite back a response to his sudden dominance he surged forward, entering you with a swift thrust that sent you gasping as you grasped the bedsheets beneath you.
The tip of his cock breached the entrance to your womb as you whimpered pitifully, the pleasure making your eyes roll back as you lost your grip on reality.
Without a word, Shang-chi pulled back, leaving just the tip inside before he filled you once again with a rough cant of his hips, the ridges of his cock rubbing against your sensitive walls with each grind.
He grunted softly as he pounded you harder, his body coming to lean over yours as he used one hand to bring you back against his chest, sitting the both of you up as you leant your head on his shoulder, panting as he sped up significantly.
"You like that baby? Hmm, me destroying your pussy for anyone else. Tell me, who else can get you like this? Practically dumb on my cock." He muttered the last part as he watched your tits bounce, your nipples poking through your shirt.
With a tsk, he brought the shirt over your head, smirking when he realized you had gone sans bra.
"You gonna answer my question baby?" He questioned when you failed to reply to him, his free hand coming to wrap around your throat as he squeezed experimentally.
He was not expecting the response he got at his action as you moaned loudly, your body spasming as you unexpectedly came on his cock, your hair falling to cover your face as you panted.
The sight of your hair mussed from your activites, your lips bruised and swollen and your body glistening with sweat, sent him over the edge and Shang-chi moaned as he brought you down on his cock a final time, his grip unwavering as he pumped his seed into your womb, his face coming to rest in the crook of your neck as he filled you.
The two of you sat in silence for a bit as you recovered from your orgasm, your heart beating painfully in your chest.
"You know that was a total knockout right?" You teased as you recalled your earlier brawl.
A weak scoff met your query as Shang-chi lifted his head to bite your earlobe softly.
"Please, that was barely a love tap."
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natsfirecat · 2 months ago
Maybe this is horrible but it was the only thing that my mind thought.
the avengers entrusts the new recruits to Natasha and she notices that r is the worst of the group and that the other recruits make fun of her, she decides that she is going to train her in his days off to be the best, of course in the process both of them ends up falling in love.
feel free of change anything or not use it at all.
Improvement Rewards
word count: 2.6k
pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader
warnings: maybe like one swear word, lmk if i need to add any more!
A/N: sorry this has taken so long! also i'd like to apologize for the fact that i'm terrible at writing slowburns dsfjkhdsfjkhdsf but i hope u enjoy anon!!
"Again," she told everyone.
It took all your effort not to let out a long groan. Your forehead was dripping with sweat, and you could already feel your entire body aching.
Your partner, Chaz smirked at you.
Natasha split you into pairs, partnering with one of you herself due to the odd number of recruits.
Before you had time to get ready, he landed a hard punch on your stomach, causing you to stumble backwards.
You ended up falling flat on your back before Natasha could even blow her whistle.
"Surprise, surprise," Ashley, one of your fellow recruits, muttered from across the room.
Natasha let out a long sigh, walking over to you.
"You two," she motioned to Chaz and Liam, the recruit she was sparring with. "You're paired up now. L/N, you're with me,"
You nodded, getting back to your feet. As soon as you got in a ready stance, she swung her leg at you.
Your knees buckled, sending you to the ground yet again.
You heard laughter at your sides coming from the other recruits, causing your cheeks to burn red with embarrassment.
"Why didn't you block?" She asked. "You had the perfect opportunity,"
"I, uh..." you hesitated.
"Yeah, Y/N," said Nikki, the last of the recruits. "Why didn't you block?"
Natasha glared at her, then at the other recruits who were snickering.
"All of you out. Now."
You started to get up, but she held her hand up to stop you.
"Not you,"
So you waited in anticipation as the others began to file out of the room. Liam made eye contact, making an obnoxious face before he walked out.
Once the door closed, Natasha held her hand out, prompting you to grab it as she pulled you up.
"What's going on, L/N?"
You bit your tongue as everything caught up to you, trying to prevent tears from forming in your eyes.
"I thought I could do this," you started telling her. "I don't know why, but I just can't. They all hate me, 'cause I can't learn as fast as them, and I'm our group's weak link."
Her heart dropped at your confession. Despite your efforts to avoid it, tears did end up forming in your eyes.
"I'm not good enough, I'm not where I need to be. Honestly, it's probably a good idea if I quit,"
"I'm gonna stop you right there," she said, putting a hand on your shoulder. "You know what? You are the group's weak link. You're not where you should be, and I'm not sure if they hate you per say, but they definitely don't like you,"
You turned your head to the side. Of all the things you expected her to say, it certainly wasn't this.
"Thanks," you said sarcastically. Of course, you'd normally never be brave enough to be sarcastic with your mentor. But considering the fact that you probably wouldn't be here much longer, you really didn't care now.
"Those things you said are true. However, you said that you can't do it, that you can't learn as fast as them. That's false. You have great potential, Y/N, I'd hate to see that go to waste,"
"Everybody has potential, doesn't mean that everyone can actually do it,"
"I'm going to be increasing your training hours. You will meet me here for one-on-one training every morning at 6:00 AM and we'll go until 8:00 and then you'll have group training."
"No buts. I'll see you early tomorrow morning."
Without another word, she stood up and left the room, leaving you dumbfounded.
Nonetheless, you were up and ready to go the next morning. You arrived at the door at 5:50. As soon as Natasha heard your knock, she opened the door to let you in.
You got in your fighting stance, smiling once she gave you a nod of approval.
She came at you fast, resulting in your staggering backwards.
"There's your first problem," she told you. "Your first instinct is to run, and then you forget everything I've ever taught you,"
"Shouldn't I try to dodge though?"
"Sure, but do it strategically,"
You turned your head to the side, unsure what she meant until she walked up behind you.
She placed her hands on your back, encouraging you to lean back at an angle, slightly to the left. She then placed one of her hand over your own, reaching it in front of you.
"That's how you could've avoided it strategically," she explained to you. "Turning your body in the opposite angle I came in, but being ready to block,"
You nodded, making sense of everything she was saying.
"Let's try it again,"
She came at you from a similar angle to before, so you did exactly what she taught you. Of course, your hand slipped against hers and she was able to grab it before pulling you in to restrain your limbs.
So it went on like that for the next two hours, she gave you as many tips as she could and watched as you slowly made minor improvements.
Once your fellow recruits entered the room, some of them took notice to how you were already sweating.
Luckily, none of them said anything as she handed out the fighting sticks to everyone. You kept in mind, what she told you, so you were reasonably better at dodging their attacks today.
You were almost convinced you imagined it, but Natasha winked at you from across the room.
You smiled. You were glad you didn't quit.
Three weeks later, and you were currently pinned against the mat in the middle of your training session with Natasha.
"Come on," she told you. "You can do better than that,"
She held your arms over your head, and she was pressing her entire bodyweight into you so you couldn't get up.
Breathing heavily, you looked at the position you were in as she stared you down. Finally, you kicked your leg out, bending your knee so you could turn.
Once you managed to get her off of you, she smiled proudly. Just as you returned her smile, she kicked your legs, sending you back down again.
"Distracted, are we?"
You rolled your eyes as she pinned you once again. She smirked, squeezing your wrists.
"You're improving, I'll give you that,"
You blushed at her words, trying as hard as you could to get her off of you again. She laughed at your attempts, only pressing down even more.
Eventually, you managed to bend your hands enough to press your nails into the top of her hand.
You took her shock to your advantage, getting her off you as you stood up again.
"Better," she muttered.
You smiled.
"When the others come in, I'm gonna be preparing you guys for your final day of training, where Nick Fury tests you and determines if you're actually ready to become Agents,"
"I really want you to pass, and one of the tests is one-to-one sparring, so you're gonna be switched around a lot today to get used to their fighting styles,"
You nodded, trying to mentally prepare yourself.
She was proud of how far you'd come, and she couldn't wait until you were an Agent too. She knew you had potential from the beginning, and she had no problem helping you out the way she had.
She just hoped it was enough.
The next few weeks went by as quick as they came. By now, you were able to knock down almost all your fellow recruits. Except for Liam, who you were currently going against.
He took a swing at you, hitting you right in the stomach. You clutched your chest as you tried to catch your breath. He smirked, swinging his leg up to kick your lower stomach again.
You fell down, hardly able to breathe at this point. Instead of pinning you down, he sent yet another blow, aiming for your head this time.
Unfortunately for you, your vision blurred as your head became fuzzy. You tried to get up, but instead you let out a loud groan as you succumbed to the pain.
When you woke up in the hospital, Natasha was right by your side.
"Agent Romanoff," you said, cracking a smile.
She let out a sigh of relief, sitting on the bed next to you.
"How are you feeling?"
"Kinda sore,"
"I will not hesitate to kick him out of the program if necessary, I did not teach you guys to hurt your opponent when they're already down,"
You smiled again, then shook your head.
"He's an asshole, but you don't need to do that,"
"Are you sure?"
You thought she was gonna get up after that, but she stayed. She never shifted her gaze away from you, exchanging smiles every once in awhile.
It was only when your eyes began to close again that she stepped off the bed and sat back down in the chair next to you.
You would be okay.
You ended up getting out of the hospital a few days later, of course, Natasha was there as you walked out, offering to drive you back to SHIELD headquarters.
"What all have you guys done since I've been gone?" You asked.
"Just more prep for your exams, but I've put Liam on cleaning duty,"
You laughed, smiling at the thought of that.
"Do you have a date for the exams?" You asked.
"Fury sent it to me yesterday actually, but it's gonna be next Friday,"
"What?" You asked, your eyes widening. That was too soon, especially after your injury.
She sensed your worry, so she put a gentle hand on your knee, rubbing her thumb back and forth.
"You're gonna be okay," she said softly. "I'll make sure of it,"
Despite your anxiety about it, you smiled. You trusted her.
The next day, she had you up at 4:00 in the morning for one-on-one training. You were exhausted, but you pushed through.
Every time she knocked you down, you got up again, coming at her just a little harder than before.
You were covered in sweat, almost at the verge of tears, but you weren't gonna give up.
"Do you want to take a break?" She asked.
"No, I'm okay,"
She shrugged, getting ready to go again. Getting into starting position, you tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
You noticed her take a step forward, so you went for her legs. Just as she was about to swing at you, you ended up sending her down.
She didn't get up at first, causing your heart to drop to your stomach.
"Na-Agent Romanoff!" You immediately went over, making sure she was okay.
She wiped the blood away from her nose. To your surprise, she was smiling wider than she ever had.
Words couldn't express how proud she was.
She stood up, still smiling. Your worried expression shifted into a confused one as she pulled you close.
"You're ready," she said. "You've come so far, and I have no doubt that you're gonna pass with flying colors."
Now, it was the last night before your exam. You had one last training session with Natasha. Your heart skipped a beat when she complimented your fighting skills.
Your cheeks were bright red, and you knew it wasn't from the training.
Despite the butterflies in your stomach, you managed to dodge all her hits.
She noticed the redness in your cheeks, and the way you would quickly look away when she made eye contact.
She especially noticed the way you would almost gasp when she made contact.
Despite this, she kept going as normal.
When you were both out of breath from sparring, you were still practically bouncing around like an excited puppy.
"I think you're good for tomorrow," she said.
Without saying anything, you walked over and wrapped your arms around her.
You were both covered in sweat, but neither of you cared as she pulled you into her.
You reached up, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
You let out a shaky breath, moving your hand to her cheek.
She knew she should stop you, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.
"Y/N, I'm supposed to be your mentor," she said. "Plus, I'm like 10 years older than you,"
"I don't care,"
Your lips were almost touching at this point. She wrapped her hand around the back of your neck, running her fingers through your hair.
Your lips ghosted over hers, but she finally managed to pull back.
"Let's wait 'til tomorrow, okay? You'll be an Agent too after you pass,"
You nodded, understanding where she was coming from. You'd be lying if you said you weren't disappointed though.
"You should get some rest now,"
You sighed, which prompted her to lean in and kiss your cheek.
"For good luck," she said with a wink.
"Does this mean I'll get a full one after I'm an Agent?"
She winked again, then pointed to the door.
Now, you really wanted to pass.
The first part of your exam was to show how fast you could load and unload weapons.
Luckily, you managed not to fumble too much, and finished at a somewhat decent time.
Natasha was standing next to Nick Fury as he observed. Whenever she made eye contact with you, she sent a small smile, silently wishing you good luck again.
For the sparring part, you were paired with Ashley. She always gave away her aim before hitting, so you were able to block every single one of her hits.
After you won, the next part was a shooting target.
Taking in a deep breath, you shot forward. You almost closed your eyes as the bullets went through the air.
But you finally let out a breath as they landed in the required area.
Natasha was almost as nervous as you, and Nick noticed this, but he didn't say anything to her about it.
The last part was a written exam. All five of you were in a small room, flipping through the pages as you bubbled in answers.
You gripped your pencil tight, trying to ignore the sounds of papers turning from the people around you.
Once the timer went off, you dropped your pencil, placing the test on the desk at the front of the room.
Now, all you had to do was wait.
After the test, you waited in your room. You refreshed the page about every 10 seconds, desperately waiting to see your score.
You jerked up at the sound of a knock at your door. You answered it, confused to see Natasha standing there.
She was smiling with an almost mischievous look in her eyes.
"What is it?" You asked, rolling back and forth on your feet as you resisted the urge to refresh the page yet again.
She said nothing, but handed you the piece of paper she was holding.
Your jaw dropped as you read the information; you passed.
"I passed!"
She smiled at your excitement, leaning in to hug you.
"Congratulations, Agent,"
Before you knew it, you leaned in and crashed your lips to hers. She kept her hands at your sides as she moved her lips in sync to yours.
"I'm so proud of you, Y/N," she said once you disconnected for air.
"Thanks! You have no idea how happy I am right now,"
"I think I have an idea," she said, smirking. "Now, how about we go out together, Agent?"
"I'd really like that,"
She kissed you again, savoring the taste of your lips on hers.
You were definitely glad you didn't quit.
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njisano · 10 days ago
Hi! Hope you’re doing well.
Can I request a crossover scarlet witch teen! Fushiguro x Mikey? Teenaged Fushiguro brings her gang leader boyfriend, Manjiro, to meet everybody for the first time and everybody is like “YOU’RE DATING A GANG MEMBER!!!” But Mikey is like, “But, I love her😐” and eventually they warm up to him.
sano manjiro as scarlet witch! fushiguro! reader's boyfriend
tokyo revengers x reader x jujutsu kaisen
masterlist of the series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning(s): overprotective dad! gojo, possible spoilers for jjk, tokyo revengers and the scarlet witch(?)
i'm doing okay, anon! thank you for requesting and for being patient :) i really love these scarlet fushiguro reader x tokyorev requests especially with mikey? aaa you have no idea ok enough me rambling, happy reading <3
(p.s. i broadened the idea a bit more by adding how you met mikey and how he is as a boyfriend! i hope you don't mind anon)
Tumblr media
you met mikey when you accidentally got involved in a gang fight. you saw a blonde boy about your age about to get punched and being the kindhearted witch you were, you used your wiggly-woos to protect mikey from a much larger delinquent despite gojo's words telling you not to use it in public echoed in your ears. you were completely oblivious to the fact that he could have perfectly defended himself without your help.
mikey instantly caught interest. it was like love at first sight for him. eventually, you two started seeing each other in secret after that. he would visit you at school and whisk you away with his CB250T motorcycle. you learned how to sneak out of the house when you two became a thing. you even attended toman's meetings. you were adored by mikey's friends and comrades as you got along with them.
you told mikey about your powers, identity as the scarlet witch, the existence of jujutsu sorcerers and curses in this world, and how your father was the strongest sorcerer. mikey wasn't just thrilled about it, he was considerate and understanding about it.
he once challenged you to a fight, but he got very pouty when he lost. mikey thinks you were really badass though and fell in love with you even more, wholeheartedly accepting who and what you are <3
mikey dating you is full of surprises, literally. ever since you were a baby, you had this habit of appearing or popping out of nowhere. he likes getting surprised by you and hearing your adorable "boo"s. you never fail to put a smile on his face.
he also thinks your magic is really convenient. like, he'll tell you to come over because he misses you and he really wants to see you—boom, you're already there one second after he sent his texts. sometimes, he'd even ask you to use your wiggly-woos to magic him a dorayaki (he just couldn't help himself okay). he gets all giddy everytime you magic him one out of nowhere and hears your "tadah!"
even though you were capable of fighting and have protected him and toman from curses before, he became protective of you especially when you told him how you got attacked once by people who tried taking your powers from you and how you nearly got kidnapped when you were still a baby. mikey understood why gojo was protective of you and promised he'll fight anyone for you no matter how 'magical' they are.
anyways back to gojo, you never intended to introduce mikey to him because you already know he would freak out when he finds out you're dating a boy that just so happens to be a gang leader, but mikey was persistent. he really wanted to meet gojo, not only because he was curious to see the strongest sorcerer himself but if he was going to marry you and have a future with you someday, he wanted to establish a good relationship with your dad and brother, not just you.
nervously, you told gojo who were bringing someone you wanted him and megumi to meet at jujutsu high after your classes. at first, they were chill about it—thinking you were bringing a friend. well, they thought wrong. gojo and megumi's dropped into an exasperated one when they saw you enter the school grounds on a motorcycle with a boy driving you.
"kikufuku, who's this?"
gojo could feel his blood run cold, his eyes darting towards the blonde boy you were holding hands with you. although he seemed innocent with his smile, gojo didn't trust him. not with the way he had his hand interwined with yours.
"dad, megumi." you acknowledged them with a sheepish smile and with a deep breath, you told them the big news. "i'd like you to meet my boyfriend, manjiro."
"you can call me mikey, sir." mikey chimed rather happily, completely ignoring the fact that they were looking at him as if he was a murderer or something.
"sano manjiro? as in the invincible mikey?" megumi was the first one to recognize who your boyfriend really was, having heard of his gang and name before in the streets. "you're dating a gang leader?!"
gojo practically screamed, a nerve protuded on his temple. "WHAT?"
it didn't take long for tension and chaos to rise. of course, gojo started scolding you about how you weren't allowed to date and how you picked a literal delinquent to be your significant other of all people. (his ego is also low-key hurt because you got a significant other first than him)
although megumi agreed with your father, but he held him back from literally beating up mikey for 'influencing' you.
mikey was really confused why they were all so worked up about him being a gang leader and being your boyfriend, and to increase the tension further, your uncle nanami, auntie ieiri and megumi's friends came to see the commotion happening in the grounds of their school.
"he's a delinquent, [name]!"
gojo pinched the bridge of his nose. "you can't be with this boy! you're not even thirty years old yet, what did i tell you?"
"gojo-sensei, you're barely thirty, don't you think that's a bit too muc—yuji tried to defend you, but he ended up getting cut off by the limitless sorcerer.
"i said what i said itadori, my kikufuku can't be with him!" gojo exclaimed.
"dad, i can explai—you tried to reason with him, but mikey prompted you to stop. instead of you answering, he spoke up for you.
"but i love your daughter!" mikey stared into your father's boldly, brows slightly furrowed as he squeezed your hand. "i refuse to not be with [name]."
"do you even know what she is? what we are?" gojo slightly calmed down when he saw the look on your boyfriend's face, but that doesn't mean he was completely convinced.
"yes! [name] told me everything. about you being the strongest sorcerer, her being the scarlet witch and the existence of curses!" mikey continued to stand his ground and before you know it, he went "president of toman" mode on gojo. "and i accept everything, sir. i know i'm part of the tokyo manji gang, but i promise you that i'll never let [name] get involved. i'd bury myself six feet under if i ever let her get hurt."
you knew it was going to take a long of time for gojo and megumi to accept him. but once they heard it from mikey himself, they sort of warmed up to him after that. once gojo had calmed down with the help of his students and colleagues, they started to interrogate you and mikey. asking how you met, why you loved him and about the gang mikey lead.
gojo and the others slowly began to understand why you loved mikey. although he had quite the reputation, mikey turned out to be childish and funny. it was as if he wasn't the president of toman in the first place. all of them saw how mikey cared and loved you wholeheartedly, just like he said and if his words didn't express it enough, his actions did.
everyone saw the way mikey would hug you, bring you treats and address with you love and respect. it didn't take long for megumi and his friends to warm up to him, and soon enough your uncle and aunties. even your tsumiki-nee was rooting for you and mikey.
megumi even began to hang out with mikey, talk about casual conversations with him and finally acknowledged mikey as your boyfriend, which was a huge surprise, it really made your heart incredibly happy <3
but, mikey seemed to be more close with nobara and yuji since they match his energy more. it was all good though. what matters was that they had a good relationship with them and megumi.
all that's left was gojo. he still didn't trust mikey enough and he just couldn't let you go either. gojo was in denial that you weren't a little kid anymore. he's protective of you because he loves you so much that it breaks his heart to know that he and megumi weren't the only boys in your life now. blood related or not, you are his baby and that's that.
it took him a lot of convincing from his students and colleagues to let you continue dating sano manjiro despite his reputation. after some time, gojo had finally gave the you and mikey his blessing and warmed up to him just like how his students and colleagues have.
but just because he warmed to mikey, doesn't mean it was all good now. gojo was strict with mikey and instructed him to follow a lot of things.
mikey wasn't allowed to pull you out of your classes and interrupt your studies; how you two should always leave the door wide open for gojo to see what you two were doing when guys are alone together in your bedroom at home; how mikey will bring you home at the ecact time gojo gives you two; how you're not allowed to get involved with mikey's gang and finally, how he will infinite void mikey's existence if he ever decides to break your heart and hurt you.
despite being pouty at some of them, he didn't want gojo to separate you two ever. so, mikey respected his wishes.
gojo still gets a bit angry whenever he sees mikey kissing your cheek or holding your hand. he does try to be nice and shrug it off—i repeat, try to—mostly because he has no choice. you love mikey and mikey loves you more. he couldn't do anything about that.
just don't let mikey bring up your future with him just yet. you're going to give gojo a heart attack and as soon as he hears him talking about marrying you, mikey will surely get infinite voided even if he's not breaking your heart.
Tumblr media
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Hey! Can I request a genshin academy Au where reader is the nicest goody-twoshoes but snaps when Saramouche spread a rumor, like a proper rampage leaving him with alot of injuries because reader is alot stronger than they look.
Also I'm gonna claim anon K since I plan on requesting more
Warnings: Slut-shaming, sexual harassment, brief mention of teacher/student, violence, coercion
Word Count: 1.1k
You never got along with Kunikuzushi, though to be fair, no one did. Still, you never let him get to you despite his rude demeanor. When you pass him along the sidewalks, you smile; that was just polite. You were always trying to be polite.
Until he started calling you a whore, that is. You were always way too friendly, he said. It was like you were hitting on him. You must have been coming on to him. Why else would you be so eager to please?
Because clearly, someone couldn't just be polite.
Clearly, being nice meant you wanted to suck them off.
You wanted to scream. Because of him, whenever you so much as said hello, people would snicker. Because of him, boys would ask you for blowjobs, girls would ask to sit on your face. Hell, even teachers started approaching you with ill-intent.
You couldn't stand it. This wasn't something that you could just shrug off with a smile. You debated asking for help, but you doubt anyone would do anything.
This was something you couldn't trust the higher-ups to take care of; you had to deal with it yourself. Teach them a lesson they won't soon forget. You don't care if you get in trouble, suspended, or even expelled. You just wanted everything to stop.
Kunikuzushi was the first on your list. He was the root of the problem, after all. You found him after school. With a baseball bat in hand, you followed him until he was alone. You could have just punched him, but today, the gym storage room was unlocked. It was like fate.
You were going to get in so, so much trouble for this.
First, you hit him in the shoulder; wood met skin with a harsh thwack. He cursed at you, but you couldn't hear him. You aimed for the ribs next. It'd leave a nasty bruise for sure.
He fought back, of course. But you had the advantage of range. You beat him until he fell to the ground, then you kept going.
You bashed him until blood began to splatter. Wait, blood?
Oh. Oh no.
You...you didn't mean to go this far. Dropping the bat, you stepped back in horror. What are you going to do? At this rate, you won't just be suspended; you'll go to jail.
No, no, no. You can't! You have your whole life ahead of you.
"I-I'm sorry..." You said. "I'm so- I'm so sorry.." Tears fell down your face as you stumbled backward; Kunikuzushi said nothing.
You ran. By the time you got back to your dorm, it was already late. Your roommate had already prepared dinner, but you didn't have much of an appetite. Instead, you took a shower and retreated to your room.
What were you going to do?
Maybe...you should just turn yourself in. You felt too guilty to deny any accusations, and you weren't exactly subtle about the whole thing. You knew there'd be enough evidence to make an arrest. You were careless.
You knew you should go to the police, but you didn't have the courage to. Instead, you just waited.
A week passed with no news.
Kunikuzushi had been absent from his classes; the rumor was that he was skipping. But you knew better; he was likely in a hospital after what you'd done to him.
It took eight days before anyone heard anything from him. You were leaving the lecture hall when your phone rang. It was an unknown number, so you ignored it.
The same number called you again just seconds after. You ignored it. By the fifth time they called, you assumed it had to be important, so you answered.
"Took you long enough," he said.
"Excuse me?" Wait, you recognize that voice. "...Kunikuzushi? How did you get my number?"
"I trust you're not so dense as to not know why I'm calling you." You felt your stomach drop.
"I...About what happened-"
"Save it," he interrupts. "We'll discuss it later. I'm going to text you an address. I want you to be there within thirty minutes."
"What? But-"
"Or would you rather end up in the slammer?"
"...I'll be there."
"Good." He hung up.
True to his word, you received a location within seconds. Better get moving then.
This was...a mansion?
You were at a mansion. What the fuck. Hesitantly, you got out of the car and walked up to the buzzer. When you pressed it, a robotic voice answered from the speaker.
“Name and reason for your visit?” 
“I’m uh, I’m [Name]. And I’m here to see Kunikuzushi..?” Crap, you made it sound like a question. Confidence, [Name], confidence. 
The gates opened. You took a shaky breath to calm yourself, then stepped inside. A butler greeted you at the door; just what kind of place is this? 
“Lord Kunikuzushi is waiting inside; I will escort you there.” 
Lord? What does that even mean? You knew he was rich, but he’s a college student, not some old duke. You couldn’t wrap your head around what was happening, so you gave up on trying. By the time you had returned to your senses, you were in front of a room. Presumably, it was where Kunikuzushi would be meeting you. 
The butler knocked on the door, and you stepped inside. 
Your classmate was waiting for you, seated by an ornate tea table. He was in a wheelchair. 
“What are you staring at? Sit down already,” he snapped. You sat across from him. 
“Are you...okay? Your injuries, I mean.”  Though you did feel bad about what happened, you couldn’t say he didn’t deserve it. Not without lying, anyway.
“What, worried about me? You’re the one who broke my leg and fractured two ribs.” You cringed at the harsh tone. If he was trying to guilt you, it was working. After a pause, you spoke.
“...Why didn’t you report me?” 
“Hmph. Why else? I want you indebted to me.” 
“Indebted..?” You tilted your head. “Wait, you don’t mean-?” The rumors he spread about you came to mind first. He couldn’t seriously be asking you for that, could he? No way. You’d rather go to jail! 
Kunikuzushi scoffed. “Of course not. What do you take me for?” 
“You were the one who-” 
“Enough. I’m not looking for some common whore. What I want is an actual partner.” 
“An...actual partner?” He nodded, then reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small black box and opened it. 
“You can’t be serious...” The ring itself wasn’t anything special, just an ordinary golden band. But the implication of what it means was something else entirely. 
“Oh, but I am,” he says. “If you don’t want people to harass you anymore, and you don’t want to be apprehended, I recommend you accept my offer.” 
“I...did you plan this?” Your voice shook as you spoke, but Kunikuzushi ignored you.
“So, what will it be?” 
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Angst where tokyorev boys lost their little sister 15-16 to a drug overdose(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)i want something to cry
Alone again.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mikey,Sanzu,Draken x Fem!Reader
Hurt/no comfort,Drug overdose,Reader's death,mention of suicidal ideation
Note: damn anon but thanks for requesting
Reblog are very appreciated!
Tumblr media
How did this happen?
He was supposed to take care of you,he's your brother after all. Did you saw him consuming the white powder? Was he the reason of you starting to steal his own drug?
So many questions were haunting his mind..when he saw your pale cold body on your bed,lips becoming blue.
He noticed one of the drug he owned in your hands and some pills on the carpet. He started to breath rapidly when he lightly shaked your body and he felt....the coldness.
Manjiro Sano:
" [Name]...[Name]! Hey! Please...talk to me. You aren't dead....you can't die yet! What about me?! Please....please..i don't want to be alone again."
Tears were coming out from his eyes. After many years....he finally broke.
" [Name]....i can't lose you this is all my fault like always I'll take the blame...for everyone's death..[Name]...i always wanted to join our sibillngs. But...what about the others? When they will be aware of my death...this would ruin what I worked hard. I'm sorry but not for now..but we can spend our last nap..i'll take our favourite blanket...hahah.."
Sanzu Haruchiyo:
He thought that he was just hallucinating so he started to chuckle before covering you with the blanket until he saw a white power on the floor and on your face.
"[Name]..where did you find those? Did you broke in my room or what?"
He kept scolding you but when he realised that you weren't responding to him he prayed to God that you didn't do what you what he was think about.
"Why it's...cold? Ooh I understand,you slept but you forgot to put the blanket on! Don't worry the blanket is now on you..now wake up [Name]! I know you are hearing me..."
No you were...and he knew but being in denial was much better for him. Haha,you? Overdosing? No and no,he didn't wanted to accept the truth..
"This is just a accident...she didn't mean it,she didn't knew...right? She didn't..she didn't..she didn't. She have no reason to overdose herself! She..she is probably saw me consume them I was just a bad bad brother! A very bad brother...I should get punished for what I did!"
He started to kneel down looking at the void as he started to punch himself,feeling guilty for everything.
Ken Ryuguji:
He couldn't speak.
Even if he was trying he couldn't. Nothing was coming out of his mouth.
All he could do was touching your body thinking that it was just because your room was kinda cold but no. You were clearly death.
"T..this was my fault. You were only young..i shouldn't have been using those in the house..wait..I'm probably just dreaming,yeah yeah I'm dreaming I'll just slap my face and I'll wake up...finding you in the living...room..watching the TV like always.."
Sobs started to come out before starting to punch himself. He was dreaming...dreaming...just dreaming something very realistic,he even touched your body but he wanted to be believe that he was just dreaming.
"I'm..not dreaming..this is reality,I lost Emma..lost contact with Mikey...and I've now lost you. All because of me but I'll suck it up..like I always did.."
He dried his tears but it seems that it wasn't working since they were coming back...again and again.
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Pls do part 3 of the storyteller au if you do can you tag me ?
Love your work <3
Storyteller Reader
In Genshin impact SAGAU
Imposter AU
Very fluffy today.
Part 3!
Part 1 > Part 2
A/N: i didn't expect this to blow up HAHA AND THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE 80+ Followers
Tumblr media
It was a peaceful day in your little clearing in Wuwang Hill. Being able to perform infront of people is refreshing, And Just in time your Audience to arrive.You Heard Rustling in the bushes. You turn around to see your favorite People, The Heir Xingqui,The Cryo Exorcist With his Aunt Chongyun and Shenhe, little miss Zombie QiQI, and the Spark Knight of The Ordo Favonius Klee...who randomly stumbled upon this place.
"My Liege I would like to give you you something" Xingqui said hiding his hands behind his back. You faced Xingqui curiously, "But Your Divinity should close their eyes" Klee bounced hugging a dodoco plushie. You giggled and closed you eyes "Ok...ok...And I won't peek don't worry" you felt something light and wooden on you hands "You can open them now"
You opened you eyes to reveal a traditional Chinese fan Infront has a singular Nasty looking green flower in a feild. You turned it around to see your poem 'The Lone flower' written down. "I—. Omg...This is..Thank you so much.." you managed to sob out. Tears streaming from your cheeks.
"A-Ah your Grace is crying" QiQi spoke up and grabbed your sleeve "No...no it's alright QiQi I'm alright" you smiled, then you heard some talking in the bushes. "Why did we have to go to Liyue to help look? why couldn't we just left it to the Milleleth And the Knights?" Someone was coming. Everyone gasped and their eyes landed on you, you nodded and ran into a hole inside a tree and covered yourself with vines. Walked in was a Detective and a Tengu warrior, Unreleased character Shikanoin Heizou and The General of the Shogunate Kujou Sara.
"Huh?" Sara gasped at this sight of people in a middle of the forest. "Are you looking for Their grace as well?" Kujou Sara asked. Everyone looked at eachother "Well no—"Chongyun started and then got cut off by Xingqui "We were looking for Ghosts, cause our friends here, Are Exorcists" great cover, and is not being sarcastic.
"Or are you hiding Their Grace?" Heizou said opening his eyes. You were swearing on your self that this Ranpo ripoff finds you, you're throwing hands. "What?" Shenhe stared ALSO about to throw hands. "What are you on about Shikanoin?" Sara walked up to him and Grabbed his Shoulder. He slipped out of her grasp and walked over to your tree, you were so ready to throw a punch. And he moved the vines covering you. "I. Am. So. Done." You huffed out as you pulled the vines back. "You can stay as long as you keep your mouth shut and watch my performances" you mumbled out in frustration.
"Performances?" The Electro users mumbled out. You stepped out of the tree and the two small children sat them down. You bowed and started telling your story.
By the end both of them were mesmerized and promised to keep it a secret. Well it is a win win. You just prayed it won't happen again.
Thank you thank you so much for enjoying my works I'll try and post more I hope you have a nice day!
-Green Tea Anon Out!
And @yyukiiiii have fun!!
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starktonyx · 9 months ago
Do you know who I am? - Part 2 (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
GIF by @unearthlydust (.)
PART ONE / Masterlist
Word count: 1.9 k
Requested by anon:  Could you write a part 2 to do you know who I am? Like Bucky checking on the reader later once they are on the plane and seeing the bruises on the shoulders? Like cute n fluffy, it was so good!
Description: After a bad encounter with John Walker left some bruises on your skin, Bucky is there to comfort you.
A/N: Omg thank you so much for the support on Part 1 you guys!!! This one explores more the relationship between reader and Bucky. Pure fluff, soft Bucky in all of his glory. Enjoy 💕
After the whole drama with Walker at the warehouse, you were able to locate Zemo again and safely got out of Germany with him. Who would've thought? The three of you sitting in a private jet with someone who destroyed you in many different ways only a few years before.
Life could be crazy sometimes.
Your stomach growling snapped you out of your thoughts, Bucky and Sam, who sat in front of you, had already – and very hesitantly– eaten the snack Zemo had given them, and now you were waiting for him to bring you something too.
"Here, have some of this" Zemo came behind you, smiling as he handed you a plate of fruit.
"Thank you" You half smiled, you had to admit it was weird to be around him and feel comfortable with his, apparently genuine, kindness.
Your thoughts were cut off when he set his hand on your right shoulder as if to say 'you're welcome', your smile faltering for a second when you felt pain expand through your shoulder, but you quickly regained your composure hoping the men sitting in front of you hadn't noticed.
Thankfully, Sam was resting his head on the seat, his eyes fixed on the ceiling while Bucky stared at the window.
Or at least that's what you thought.
Of course Bucky noticed. How could he not? The man kept his eyes glued on you every time Zemo approached you, and this time was no exception. He noticed how you blinked for a second longer when he touched your shoulder, the soldier had studied every expression you've ever made before in front of him, from happiness to discomfort, and this was definitely a sign of the latter.
But he kept quiet, noticing how you quickly tried to hide it. The last thing he wanted was to make you feel uncomfortable in front of the others, so he pretended to stare at the window until he could talk with you alone.
He was going to kill Walker for even daring to lay a finger on you.
Caught up in his anger, he was gripping the left hand rest of the seat so hard he only noticed when it started to bend under his metal hand. You snapped him out of his thoughts by calling his name, he turned his head at you like a deer in headlights, leaning over the left side of the seat to cover the dent with his jacket hoping you didn't notice.
But of course you did. Bucky wasn't the only one who noticed little signs of discomfort.
"Bucky" You called again softly, hoping he wasn't having a bad memory from his past.
The way his look softened and his body relaxed when he focused his eyes on you almost made you lose your mind right there, but you kept it together and extended your plate at him.
"Want some?" You offered with a smile, and with what seemed like a simple gesture, any trace of anger left Bucky's body.
He almost said no, since he had already eaten and he didn't want to take the food from you, when he realized you were offering plums. Bucky only nodded his head flashing you a shy smile, knowing he probably wouldn't be able to properly form a 'yes' without his voice cracking or going high pitched from how fast his heart was beating in his chest.
Sam watched the scene from his seat completely amused, finding the way Bucky flustered around you more entertaining than anything. He might have even teased him about it a couple of times, running the risk of being choked to death of course, but what's life without a little risk?. Sam had noticed the way Bucky's eyes focused on you whenever you were in the room, how the whole world around him seemed to stop to give you his undivided attention when you said something to him.
Hell, even Zemo noticed. How could Bucky be this walking threat to literally everyone in the world, yet his walls completely fell apart when you simply smiled at him?
Life could be crazy sometimes.
Bucky happily – and adorably – ate his plums on his seat, and now you were the one pretending to stare at the window to keep yourself from smiling like an idiot when you looked at him. For a moment you both could pretend life was good, although it was indeed better when you had each other around.
"We're almost in Madripoor, get ready" Zemo's voice snapped you both out of your happy moment, and just like that you were brought back to reality.
You got up from your seat and made your way to the bathroom to put on the outfit he had lined up for you. A tight, black stealth suit to pretend you were another one of HYDRA's pets.
You sighed.
Staring at your reflection in the mirror of the fancy bathroom, wearing only a tank top, the purple marks on your shoulders were in full display.
"Asshole" You muttered under your own breath, one of this days you were going to shove that shield down Walker's throat.
You began putting on the suit, starting by the legs but stopping at the waist part when you noticed you would need help with the long zipper that closed the back. As if on cue, you heard a knock on the door.
"Hey doll– Y/n ... Can I come in?" Bucky's voice was hesitant, you furrowed your brows in confusion.
"Uh sure ... hold on" You answered, quickly putting on the rest upper half of the suit to cover the dark marks on your body, pulling the back zipper up as much as you could, leaving half of the back still open.
You weren't worried about Bucky's seeing anything, you had the tank top under the suit so only the skin of your neck and upper part of the back was exposed. You took a deep breath before opening the door, freezing when you saw him fully dressed up as the winter soldier.
"What happened? Is everything alright?" You asked immediately, worry evident in your tone.
After all the years you've got to know and fight beside Bucky, you cared too deeply for him, it killed you seeing the way he suffered from his past and you were mad worried about Zemo making him act like the Winter Soldier again.
"I came here to ask you the same thing, are you okay?" He asked, brows furrowed with worry.
You sighed, this wasn't about him, this was about you apparently. "I already told you I was okay"
"No, you told me it was okay, not that you were okay" He said as he recalled the exact words you told him earlier that day.
"Touché" You replied chuckling, but Bucky still had that worried gaze set on you. "Bucky let's just let it go for now please, you know we have more important things to focus on, and where we're going there's no place for distraction"
You tried reasoning with him, he doubted for a moment before he reluctantly nodded, as much as he wanted to help you through it, he wasn't going to insist if you didn't want to talk about it, at least for now.
"Thank you, now would you please help me with this damn suit so we can get this over with?" You asked and he chuckled, amused at your annoyance with the outfit.
You turned around to give him access to the zipper, keeping an eye on him through the mirror as he focused on his task. Bucky had this way of always being gentle around you, always mindful of where he placed his hands knowing there were boundaries, which is why you were surprised when he stopped before zipping the whole thing up, the palm of his right hand resting only inches below your shoulder.
You knew it when you saw his face darken through the reflection. He noticed the marks.
"What the hell is this" Bucky tried to slide the fabric off your shoulder to get a better view of the bruise, but you stopped him halfway through leaving his hand stuck under yours. Bucky met your eyes through the mirror "I’m sorry, I won't continue if you don't want me to" He apologized, ready to retrieve his hand back but you held in place.
You slowly lowered your hand, and took a deep breath before nodding at him, letting him know he had your permission to carry on. So he did, the upper half of the suit falling down your arms as he exposed the skin of your shoulders.
Your heart was beating fast now as Bucky examined the marks, you were glad you were giving your back to him so you didn't have to stare right into his eyes as he grew more angry at the man who did this to you.
"I'm going to shove that shield down his throat when I seen him again" His voice was low as if he was holding back from punching a hole in the wall, but before he could do anything you turned around and cupped his cheeks with your hands.
"Buck..." All you did was say whisper his name, and there was that reaction again.
His whole body relaxed under your touch, Bucky felt like he became smaller and smaller every time you gave him that soft gaze of yours. Bucky put his hands on top of yours so you wouldn't take them off his face, he couldn't understand the effect your soft touch had over his whole body but he was definitely grateful for it. He felt safe. Even though he was the one who came to make you feel safe.
But he just couldn't help the way he became putty under your touch every time. So you just shared that moment staring at each other in silence, your bodies so close you felt the heat radiate from his body to yours. He finally let go of one of our hands to caress your hair, as he gathered to courage to say something.
"I just ... I don't want you to get hurt doll" He confessed almost whispering, for him it was hard to say his feelings out loud to people, but with you he just couldn't control himself.
You opened your mouth to say something, but Bucky shushed you before you could even say anything.
"Shh ... don't say anything just let me..." He mumbled the words, and it was too late before he knew what he was doing.
He leaned to your right side planting a kiss on your shoulder, so gentle you almost couldn't feel the brush of his soft lips against your skin.
You could only close your eyes, drowning in the intimacy of the moment. When Bucky noticed you were alright with what he was doing, he went to the other side and repeated his actions, this time kissing your skin a second longer and you swore you touched heaven in that moment.
Or maybe heaven just touched you.
Finishing with a kiss on your forehead, you finally opened your watery eyes, only realizing you were crying when Bucky's face was blurry in front of you.
You threw yourself onto his arms burying your face on his chest, the sudden action contrasting with how soft he had been with his kisses but neither of you minded, you just wanted to feel him as close as you could.
And as you stood there, engulfed in his warm embrace, you were sure of two things.
One, that it wouldn't matter what you faced in the future, you would always feel safe in his arms and he would always feel safe in yours.
And two, both of you would definitely shove the shield down Walker's throat.
Tags: @amazinggracy @parkerlovebot @darkdragonpheonix @nikkixostan @tonystankschild @moonlights27 @rorysreallyrandom @jamielovesbucky @lukeskyandante @thoughts-elsewhere @clinomanians @stardustofreading @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @welightitup @felicityofbakerstreet @gamerartisy @learisa @korianrdr @marvelseverything @peachyxlynch  @parkerpeter24 @calledthechildanya @geeksareunique @lyrxbz @princessdancingonthesunshine @darkdragonpheonix @10ava01 @grace-summer10 @supremethunda​ 
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honey-milk-depresso · 2 months ago
Can I have Jade, Floyd, and Trey with a s.o who likes this childish looking shows that are actually creepy as hell? (Don't huge me I'm scared, Happy Tree friends, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Come and Learn with Pibby) - Depresso Anon
Request are open for everyone's information! ^^
Pick my three favorites to simp, huh? Well, it's working-
TWST S/o who looks childish but they're creepy
Trey Clover
Your innocent and cute appearance made Trey first think you're just a sweet little bean.
Well, you're nice to him, so Trey has the mindset of you being just the sweetest thing.
At first glance-
He would only realized your much more gory and creepier side when he becomes close with you.
Like, he could be in the kitchen, he asked you to cut up the strawberries, and the moment he knew it, he saw you murdering those strawberries, stabbing them continuously-
"S/O- OH MY-"
Well, the strawberries are still cut nicely- surprisingly-
And sometimes you make really dark jokes, that are creepy.
"I had a goldfish that could breakdance. Only for 20 seconds though, and it only breakdanced once."
"Oh... ahahaha.."
W h y-
Despite your... creepiness and quirks, Trey can get pass it, sometimes it makes him smile for no reason.
He sighs, patting your head with a slight smile plastered on his face.
"You're really weird, sometimes~" <3
Jade Leech
Well aren't you a cute little thing?
Seemingly so vulnerable and innocent, a pure and sweet little angelfish.
Well, that wasn't entirely true when he first saw you. Sure, that may be how you presented yourself to everyone and you are genuinely a sweet and kind person, but... something was also a little off about you. But he doesn't know what.
Of course, he was very much surprised of your true dark nature. He knew something about you wasn't all what it seems, but he was still taken aback.
How... intriguing.
"Imagine if you walked into a bar and there was a long line of people waiting to take a swing at you. That's the punch line."
"Mhm! How funny!"
Jade is creepy himself just a bit more obvious- so he's quite humored by your dark jokes.
He also finds it amusing when you look to other students' directions when they disturb you and his conversation together. You look like a creepy antique doll~ Fufufu~
"Dear angelfish, you are just full of surprises~" <3
Floyd Leech
You're just so cute and tiny! Like a little shrimpy!
Floyd honestly just finds you so adorable and sweet.
He likes pinching your cheeks, kissing them, patting your head and all that physical affectionate fluff.
And he's quite protective over you. He feels like anything might ruin your innocence (not in an inappropriate way- like- idk you can get hurt- you become some dirty minded lil shit like me- I will ruin you if you are my friend irl because oh my god- you never wanna here me say anything that is bl which is always-)
Floyd just really loves you, ya know?
But of course, your creepiness starts to seep in after you got comfortable enough to be your creepy self.
Like how he and others might find you talking to weird critters you found in trees, which he doesn't really mind maybe you can scare Jamil-
Or your really dark humor.
"What's yellow and can't swim? A bus full of children."
And he doesn't really know how to respond, so he just- nods his head- And sometimes he wonder why people think he's creepier than you and/or Jade.
Well, whatever. He still loves you, he still finds you cute, you're just weird and he loves it.
"You're a weird lil shrimpy, ya know?~" <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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halsteadlover · 7 months ago
First Time
Tumblr media
*Gif not mine credits to the owner*
• Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader.
• Requested by anon: *Loved* the 'Break From Work'! If you don't mind, want, have time, etc. could you do a Jay Halstead x Reader, both around the same age working in Intelligence, where they've been dating for a couple of months and when the time comes... he finds out she's a virgin?! Like her being all embarrassed because of her inexperience and Mr. Halstead being all careful and protective, kinda teaching her? With tons of fluff and smut?! #PleaseAndThankYou 🙏🏼 You're a legend!
• Warnings: smut (18+), swearing.
• Word count: 5944.
• A/N: please read this only if you're 18+. Pls don't come at me for this 😭 let me know what do you think or what should I do next. Thank you so much as always for every like, comment and repost I love y'all so much my inbox is always open for everything, even if you want to just talk 🥰 stay safe out there 💞
Tumblr media
“Babe are you coming?”
Your boyfriend’s voice caught your attention and made you look up from the paperwork you were working on. When you looked up, a small smile appeared on your lips as soon as you saw Jay.
You and Jay had been together for about three months at the time even though you had such a bond that it seemed like you had been together for a lifetime. Your relationship began as a simple partnership when Jay joined Intelligence and Voight assigned him as your partner. You bonded immediately, from day one and as time passed, as you got to know each other, you realized that what seemed to be a beautiful friendship was actually something more. You had always been a shy person and you had never been so successful on the love front for this reason you hardly believed it when, after about a year and a half of knowing each other, Jay made the first move towards you and asked you out. It seemed surreal that he was interested in you and at times it seemed almost impossible but Jay had never failed to show you how much he cared about you and how he felt.
“Where?” you asked confused. Jay chuckled and walked over to you, placing a hand on your head and stroking your hair before giving you a kiss on your forehead. You looked around and only then you realized that by now it was only you and Jay left in the unity.
“The rest of the team went to Molly’s, would you like to go?” he asked, two fingers gently caressing your cheeks. You looked at him with a smile on your face, almost melting under his touch.
“I don’t really want to go honestly.”
“Oh thank God,” he said reaching down and kissing you on the lips “I was hoping you’d say it.”
“Hmm and why’s that?” you said with a raised eyebrow.
“Because I only want you for me baby.”
You tried to ignore the butterflies in your stomach and his intoxicating scent. “And who tells you that I want to be with you?”
Jay laughed, lips raised in the smirk that drove you so crazy. “You can’t be without me my love.”
You gave him a light punch in the stomach that pulled him away from you and laughed when a fake painful expression appeared on his face. You stood up and started packing your stuff in your shoulder bag.
“So my place or yours?” Jay asked as you walked to his car. He had an arm around your shoulders as you surrounded his waist with yours. You looked up at him and at that moment he turned his head towards you.
“Yours is closer if it’s okay with you.”
“Oh baby you really can’t wait to be alone with me” he said raising and lowering his eyebrows maliciously and you laughed. You got in his car and started talking about what you could have for dinner. Obviously neither of you wanted to cook so you opted to order some pizza.
After dinner you were lying on the bed while watching TV. You were actually watching the movie, Jay was pretty busy looking at you. “Can you please stop looking at me like that? It’s kinda creepy,” you said without taking your eyes off the television.
Jay chuckled, kissing you on the forehead. “I can’t help it, you have no idea how beautiful you look when you’re so focused.”
You smiled, looking up at him and that was enough for the film to immediately take the second spot. His green eyes were so bright and he was looking at you in a way that made you feel like you had been punched in the stomach.
You said nothing, you just approached him and pressed your lips against his in a sweet kiss. Jay’s hand immediately ended up on the side of your neck and the sweet, gentle kiss immediately became deeper, more passionate.
The movie was now forgotten, you were both too caught up in that moment of sudden passion to care. You didn’t even realize you changed positions until Jay was towering on top of you. He leaned on his elbow to avoid putting all his weight on you as his other hand caressed your body.
Jay’s mouth continued to devour you in a deep kiss, almost leaving you no room for breath, as his hand landed on your breast. That contact made you tense instantly and, although you hoped you had hidden it, when he broke away from the kiss and looked at you with a worried expression, you realized that he had noticed it.
“Baby are you okay? Did I do something wrong?” he immediately asked. You took your eyes off Jay’s, too embarrassed to maintain eye contact. It wasn’t the first time you found yourselves in a similar situation, there had been moments of passion over the months when you and Jay were together but you never got over it, not because you didn’t want it. The idea made you terribly nervous, as well as embarrassing you to death. C’mon, after all, how were you supposed to tell him that at twenty-eighty, almost twenty-nine years old, you never had sex?
“I…” you stammered “Jay I need to tell you something…”
You took a deep breath, a sudden fear that took over you. A thousand questions crossed your mind at that moment, what if he wanted to leave you for being still a virgin loser? What if he made fun of you about it?
“Hey,” Jay caught your attention by placing a hand on your cheek and making you wake up from your thoughts “You know you can talk to me right? I’m so sorry for making you uncomfortable.”
“No, no baby you did nothing wrong,” you rushed to say to reassure him “It’s just…” you continued but stopped, letting a sigh escape. God, you just couldn’t say it out loud. Your cheeks were so hot and red that your face felt like it was on fire.
“Babe, you’re making me worry,” Jay said as his hand continued to gently stroke your face as he looked at you for an answer “You can tell me everything you know that.”
You nodded and took a deep breath before speaking.
Now or never.
“I… I’m still virgin,” you said so quickly you almost thought he hadn’t heard you. You were ready to hear him laugh in your face but you were totally surprised and confused at the same time when Jay instead let out a sigh of relief, visibly relieved to hear those words.
“God baby you gave me a heart attack, I thought of something horrible for a moment.”
“No but… You don’t mind?”
Jay frowned, looking at you as if you were an alien. “Why would I mind?”
“It’s embarrassing… I was afraid to tell you, I thought you… You were going to leave me.”
“Y/N you know me better than this. You’re very important to me, I would never leave you,” he said “And there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone has their own times, it's your body and you are free to do what you want, if you want to wait for the right person to share something that is so important to you, you have every right to do it and no one should tell you otherwise okay? This won’t make me love you any less, trust me baby.”
If you weren’t already lying on the bed you probably would have passed out on the floor. Did you actually hear that right? Did he really say what you thought he said?
“What did you just say?”
“That you don’t have to be embarrassed…”
“No,” you interrupted him still in shock “What you said later.”
A smirk appeared on Jay’s face, amused to see your shocked expression. “What? That this won’t make me love you less?”
Your heart skipped a beat at those words, not even knowing how to react.
“Yes Y/N I love you is that hard to believe? You should know this by now” he continued with a smile noticing the way you continued to look at him, still in silence.
It was the first time he’d ever said I love you and, damn it, you’d have lied if you said hearing him say it wasn’t like a flock of billion butterflies possessed your stomach.
Not knowing what to answer, you grabbed him by his face and pressed your lips to him again, as if you were trying to express everything you really felt for him that way. God what did you do to deserve such a great person like him? Waiting so long, you thought, was really worth it, especially if the prize was Jay.
“You’re amazing,” you whispered, your lips still brushing his when you broke away from the kiss. Jay smiled and that was enough to make you realize in that very moment that you too were so in love with Jay Halstead and that there was no turning back from that. “But you’re saying this just to not make me feel embarrassed.”
Jay gave you a dirty look. “First of all, like I just said, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Second of all I’d never lie about something like that and I’d never say it just to make you feel better, I love you Y/N and the fact that you’re virgin won’t change the way I see you.”
Your eyes filled with tears. No one had ever said such beautiful things to you and for the first time you felt like you weren’t wrong or weird, you felt loved.
You kissed him again and the words you pronounced slipped from your lips without even thinking twice. “I love you too Jay.”
His lips lifted into a smile as he kissed you, almost causing your heart to skip a beat.
"You better stop Y/N or I won't be able to stop anymore" he whispered. You intensified the kiss, letting him out a moan of pleasure when you bit his lip. “Fuck baby you can't do this to me.”
“Don't stop” you said and Jay instantly broke away, a look of shock painted on his face.
You put your hands on his cheeks, giving him a small smile that made him weak. “I don't want you to stop.”
“Are you sure? Baby I don't want you to feel forced to do this…” he said but stopped speaking as your hands slid down his chest, your eyes never leaving his. You wanted him and it wasn't just for the moment but because you felt it was right, that Jay was the right person for you.
“I'm sure baby,” you replied, breathing accelerating and heart racing “I wouldn’t want my first time to be with anyone but you.”
“God Y/N the things you make me feel,” he said before crushing his lips onto yours again, leaving you completely breathless.
“I... Jay, I don't know what to do” you whispered embarrassed after breaking away from the kiss. He caressed the skin of your cheeks with such tenderness that your heart almost exploded.
“Are you really sure you do it?”
You nodded. “Yes, I'm sure.”
“Then you don't have to worry about anything, I'm here with you. You just have to relax and enjoy yourself, that’s what matters the most.”
You kissed again and it didn't take long for that kiss to intensify again and when you opened your lips slightly, Jay didn't waste a second before sliding his tongue in your mouth.
His lips traced kisses along your jaw, your collarbone to the skin of your neck which he began to kiss and suck. You tried to suppress a little moan at that sudden sensation and you were almost surprised how good it felt.
“Don't even try to stay silent,” he whispered tracing your neck with his tongue until he reached your earlobe and start nibbling it “I want to hear every single sound you make, every whimper and moan you hear me?” he continued, causing a rush of shivers down your spine. You nodded, unable to speak. You have never felt this way in your life, a mix of emotions went through you at that moment, desire, excitement, fear and nervousness.
Jay's hand got under your shirt and the contact of his skin with yours was amazing. His lips continued to mark your neck with kisses and bites as your hands were in his hair.
“Can I?” he asked stopping all movement of him and lifting his head to look into your eyes.
“You can stop me if you don't want to continue okay? Don't be afraid to change your mind” he said and you smiled before kissing him. You nearly gasped when his hand cupped your left breast, squeezing and massaging it slowly and a little moan came out your lips as he took your nipple between his fingers.
“Fuck baby you have no idea what you're doing to me,” Jay muttered at that sound that came from your lips.
Your legs spontaneously encircled his hips and doing this made his erection touch your core, causing a low moan to come out of both of your mouths.
“Jay please” you begged him even though you didn’t even know about what, you just wanted that tension you were feeling to be relieved, his hands on your body.
“Shh baby, I’m going to take my time with you, make you feel so good” he whispered before lifting your shirt slightly above your breasts but before he could continue he looked at you again, as if asking if this was fine. You nodded again, so grateful that Jay was so careful to always ask you if what he was doing was okay, and he helped you take it off. Your arms covered you spontaneously but Jay stopped you, gently grabbing you by the wrists.
“Don’t cover yourself, not with me,” he said as his eyes lustfully traveled every inch of your body before returning to your eyes “Do you realize how fucking beautiful you are?”
You didn’t answer, embarrassed, but lured him back into a fiery kiss. Your lips parted only when you lifted his shirt over his head, which you threw on an indefinited spot on the floor. Your gaze fell on him, on his arms, his chest and sculpted abs and that vision alone was able to send you over the edge.
Fuck how did you get so lucky?
A grin appeared on Jay’s face as he noticed the way you kept looking at him as you licked your lips.
“You like what you see baby?” he said leaning back on you just inches away from your face, hands resting on the sides of your head. You nodded, a mischievous expression as you bite your lower lip. “You have no idea.”
Jay took a deep breath, trying to keep calm so as not to throw himself on you and take you in every way imaginable.
In no time at all his mouth was on yours again as he devoured you, possessed you. He left wet kisses on your neck, collarbone, descending on your chest and chest but your soul almost came out of your body when by surprise his mouth closed around your breast. His eyes never left your face and God only knew how good it was for him to see you squirm under his touch.
“You’re doing so good to me baby girl” he whispered, taking your nipple between his teeth before nibbling and sucking it again “You want more? Do you want me to touch you?”
You nodded frantically unable to formulate a single sentence that made sense, eager for his touch. Your back arched and you almost passed out as Jay’s hand slipped inside your pants, starting to touch you on top of your panties.
“Holy shit” you moaned, eyes closed as Jay’s fingers brought you pleasure. You didn’t know what to do with yourself, you’ve never felt something like that. Sure, it happened sometimes that you did it alone but the way Jay’s fingers made you feel, damn it, it was truly incomparable.
“You don’t know what does to me knowing I’m the first one to touch you like this, the first to hear you moan like that, fuck the things I’d do to you Y/N…”
When he started to slowly move his hand up, you thought he was going to stop touching you but a moan died in your throat as he slid it under your panties.
“Oh fuck me you’re so wet Y/N... My baby is so horny and excited isn’t she?” he whispered, his tongue licking your neck, his lips sucking your skin. His fingers began to draw imaginary circles on your clit, your hips spontaneously following that movement. “I’m dying to taste you baby, will you let me taste that gorgeous pussy of yours?”
“Fuck yes please” you answered before your brain could even process the question. By now the excitement had totally taken hold of you, even the initial embarrassment and discomfort were know faded.
“I knew you had a dirty mind love” he said with a smirk before kissing you on his lips.
He pulled his hand out of your pants and a sound of disappointment escaped your mouth to which Jay responded with a chuckle. “Patience baby, patience.”
The fingers that had been touching you a few moments before were now in his mouth, his tongue licking off your wetness. Your lips parted slightly in surprise, your eyes following every move. He moaned with pleasure, a pleased expression as he continued to look at you.
“Hmm so fucking good.”
Never in your fucking life had you seen anything hotter and sexier, damn that vision alone was pure sex.
You bounced back from that trance state when he crushed his lips onto yours again. Jay almost thought he was going to lose his mind as soon as your skin came in contact with his, feeling your breasts pressing against his chest was a sensation that – now that he was able to try – he would never be able to give up.
Your hips spontaneously lifted and as they collided with Jay’s and at the feeling of his prominent erection against your intimacy you both couldn’t help but let out a moan. That contact was enough to make you want more, to make you tremble with desire. Jay didn’t have a clue what to do to hold back because the only thing he wanted to do was fuck you senseless, because he wanted you so much he thought he couldn’t make it and those damn tight boxers didn’t help at all.
But seeing you squirm under his touch, how you reacted as he sowed kisses from your neck and down your chest and belly, feel your goosebumps as his fingers brushed against your skin, damn, it was worth it of all the waiting.
In one motion Jay took off your pants and panties throwing them on the floor and leaving you naked under his hungry, lustful, almost predatory gaze. He took some time to observe your body inch by inch, as if he was trying to imprint every single detail in his memory, and you found yourself trying to suppress the desire to cover you with your arms.
Thank God I shaved.
“Damn it Y/N…” he muttered, mesmerized “You are a fucking goddess, I’m such a lucky bastard.”
Jay leaned back towards you, sowing kisses on your belly, his eyes never leaving yours, until he reached your pelvis.
“Are you okay with this?” he asked you softly before continuing. You nodded. “Yes.”
He grinned. “Open up these beautiful legs for me baby, let me take a better look at you.”
When his fingers touched your pussy that embarrassment you felt instantly vanished and a moan came out of your lips.
“Fuck,” he whispered “You are so fucking sexy,” his thumb rubbed your clit with excruciating slowness “So fucking wet,” he kissed your inner thigh, making sure to leave marks on them “All fucking mine.”
He caught you completely off guard and a loud moan escaped you as he put his mouth on you and started licking you mercilessly, as if you were the most delicious of meals. If someone had asked you to relive 29 years of your sexless life in order to relive the feeling of Jay’s mouth that for the first time gave you pleasure you would’ve done it with your fucking eyes closed, it was so good it wasn’t even possible to describe it, no words could fully illustrate how it made you feel good.
Your legs had encircled Jay’s shoulders, your hands in his hair as you pulled and involuntarily pushed him more and more towards you.
“Oh fuck yes… Jay…” you moaned, on the verge of collapse. It was so intense, so good, you almost thought you weren’t surviving.
“That’s it baby, scream my name, let everyone know who makes you feel like this,” he muttered with pleasure “You taste so fucking good darling... I’ve been waiting to do this since the first time I saw you.”
Seeing you so lost in pleasure, your head thrown back, your hands pressing his head against you, your thighs gripping him and shaking, the way you moaned and yell his name… He never saw anything sexier in his entire life.
Jay’s arm encircled your hips to hold you still in bed, which was almost impossible for you. His free hand met yours and he wasted no time intertwining his fingers with yours, his eyes on you as his mouth continued that wonderful magic on you.
His fingers - that were intertwined with yours – slid down your core and pushed apart your wet lips, his tongue flicking back and fort your clit. You thought you saw all the stars and the universe when his mouth sucked your clit, making you throw your head back and scream with pleasure, your back arching.
“I can’t… I… Oh fuck!” you stammered senseless.
“Yes you can, you’re such a good girl for me baby,” he said making you totally lose your mind “I’m about to insert a finger okay? Tell me if it’s too much or if it hurts.”
You nodded. Damn it, in that moment you would’ve allowed him to do anything to you without the slightest opposition.
Jay watched your reaction as he slowly inserted his middle finger into you, feeling his heart tighten as he saw the look of discomfort on your face. “Do you want me to stop?”
“No, please keep going” you said. It didn’t exactly hurt but it was definitely fastidious, a totally new sensation. Jay started licking and sucking her clit again, as his finger slowly pumped out and into you, and for some strange reason that strange combination of pain and pleasure wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t that unbearable.
That slight pain you initially felt almost completely disappeared after a while, in fact, when Jay’s finger curled up inside you, you nearly saw your soul leave your body.
It was too much, his mouth sucking and his tongue licking your clit, his finger inside you, it was all too intense to bear.
“Jay… Ah… I’m -…”
“Yes baby come for me I’ve got you, you’re doing so fucking good.”
Those words were enough to make you explode into an orgasm that nearly made you collapse on that bed. It was so intense, so strong that you felt your vision cloud for a few seconds, your muscles twitching. Your legs rested lazily on the bed, now devoid of sensitivity while your body continued to be crossed by waves of pleasure
Damn, you would never recover from that feeling again, for a moment you even forgot your name.
“You okay?” Jay chuckled noticing the ecstatic expression you had on your face as you tried to catch your breath.
“Fuck I can’t believe I almost lived 29 years without this.”
He let out a laugh but he had time to say anything that you lifted up and put your hands on his face, drawing him to you, your tongue already in his mouth while you kissed him passionately. You could taste you in Jay’s mouth. He groaned with pleasure when you sucked his tongue, before biting his bottom lip. God, when he thought he couldn’t be more hornier than that, you did something to make him think again.
You stopped suddenly placing your hands on Jay’s chest and he looked at you confused and afraid he did something that he shouldn’t have.
“I want to do something for you too” you whispered, suddenly feeling shy.
Jay smiled and raised a hand to your face, stroking your cheek. “You don’t have to do this, trust me babe there’s nothing more I would like than seeing your pretty mouth wrapped around my dick but tonight is all about you and making you feel good.”
Your hand slid from his chest along his perfect abs until it reached the erection that was now threatening to explode out of his pants.
“Oh fuck” he muttered under his breath when you started to rub him over the crotch of his pants and, even if you initially didn’t have the faintest idea of what to do, seeing his narrowed eyes and slightly open mouth with pleasure suggested you were doing fine “Y/N you better stop before making me come in my pants.”
“Baby are you still sure you want to do this?” he asked panting as your fingers trembling on his belt to unbutton his pants, your lips kissing and nibbling his neck as he did with you.
“Yes Jay,” you whispered in his ear causing a rush of shivers down his spine as your hands slowly lowered his pants “I want you.”
Jay lifted himself up just so he could take off those last clothes that separated him from you before lowering himself again and kissing you. Your hands were in his hair, his tongue exploring your mouth as you held him closer and closer to you, as if feeling his skin against yours wasn’t enough. His erection was pressed against your groin and as he grinded against you a moan came out of your mouth, sending him even more over the edge.
“Fuck baby I want you so bad” he moaned, his fingers possessively gripping your hip as he continued to grind against your pussy.
A feeling of disappointment took hold of you for a few seconds as Jay stood up to grab a condom from the nightstand drawer beside the bed.
“Baby you can still say no if you want, you don’t have to if you’re not completely sure” he said in a tone of voice so sweet it almost melts your heart. You lift yourself up and cupped your hands on his face and kissed him. “I’m sure…”
He putted on the condom and lowering himself on you again.
“I’m not gonna lie baby, it’ll hurt a little but I’m here okay? You can bite me, scratch me, pull my hair, anything that makes you feel better, if you want me to stop just say the word. I love you.”
“I love you too Jay.”
He kissed you again and, after teasing your entrance for a while with his tip, he started to penetrate you, as slowly as possible.
That it would hurt a little was an understatement, in that moment you felt like they were breaking your vagina in half. The pain made your eyes shut close, your fingers pressed hard on Jay’s back.
“It’s okay baby I’m here… Just relax” he gasped into your neck, trying not to moan knowing you were in pain. You opened your eyes and blinked several times to try to hold back the tears. Sure, you were ready for pain, you knew full well it would hurt but you never imagined that much.
Jay raised his head slightly so he could look at you and his heart broke as he saw your face twitch with pain and knowing that he was causing is made him feel something he never wanted to feel again.
“I’m so sorry baby, I’m sorry,” he whispered giving you kisses all over your face “Do you want me to stop?”
You shook your head, unsure of your voice. Jay was now inside you but he wasn’t moving and you were aware of how much he was holding back to stay still, his chest kept rising and falling quickly, a light layer of sweat covering his forehead.
His pressed his lips on the corner of your eyes, kissing away the tears you didn’t even realize came out.
“No baby I can’t do this, I can’t seeing you like this” he muttered, feeling a weight on his chest as he saw you suffer like that. He slowly tried to pull out but you stopped him, placing your hands on his lower back.
“No, no I just need time to get used to it,” you said kissing him “It’s okay baby.”
“You can move…” you whispered after breaking away from the kiss.
“I don’t want to hurt you I can’t…”
“Jay please” you begged him and never as then he found himself being so torn. He was having an incredible hard time trying to stay still but seeing you like that kept him from doing anything, he just wanted to be able to brush that pain away and make you feel good.
Jay began to slowly move his hips and you couldn’t suppress a cry of discomfort, god, why did it have to be so painful?
“Fuck” he whispered under his breath and if you weren’t so caught up in that pain, that simple sigh would have been able to send you over the edge “I’ve got you baby, you’re doing so fucking good…”
“Shit” you let it slip when Jay gave a particularly painful push. He stopped instantly, looking at you with a worried expression.
“Fuck I’m so sorry baby I’m sorry for hurting you…” he said frantically but you stopped him by pressing your lips to him “God I can’t do this to you I’m sorry.”
“Can you stop apologizing and keep moving?”
“Jay I’m fine, it will go away, please,” you whispered, stroking his face “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, I wouldn’t want anyone else here but you.”
His heart skipped a beat at those words and god knew how much he wanted to show you how you really made him feel, how much he loved you.
“I love you, I love you so much” he gasped as he started moving again, being careful to go slow and not push too hard or fast. Jay took your hand and entwined his fingers in yours above your head. That contact, even if simple, made you feel so protected, so safe, it was as if he was trying to tell you how sorry he was for hurting you but that he was there anyway, that he wouldn’t let you go.
“I love you too Jay…”
“Fuck baby you’re giving me such a hard time you have no idea what you’re doing to me.”
With each thrust the excruciating pain you initially felt made, slowly faded away. It was still not pleasant but it was much more bearable.
A deep moan escaped Jay’s lips when he felt you squeeze you around him, making him resisting you even more difficult than it already was. “Goddamn baby you’re gonna make me lose my mind if you keep doing this.”
Jay let go of his hand only to bring his along your body until it was down to where you were united. His fingers started to draw imaginary circles on your clit and at that contact you could not hold back a moan, causing you to cross that line between pleasure and pain.
Jay really tried to resist as long as possible but with each trust he felt on the verge of collapse and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to go on much longer, he felt that sensation in the lower abdomen increase and it wouldn't be long for him to explode.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” he moaned “Oh baby I’m gonna come…”
It was enough for Jay for you to tighten your walls around his penis again to make him explode into a powerful orgasm. He collapsed on you, your arms around his neck as you held him and he caught his breath. He lifted his head slightly and captured your lips in a sinful kiss.
“My sweet baby,” he whispered, his mouth tracing kisses along your jaw to your neck, making you mutter noises of pleasure “You did so well… My angel deserves another orgasm. You want it? Do you want me to make you come again?”
“Yes please… I want it so bad.”
It didn’t take long for his fingers to make you explode into yet another overwhelming orgasm despite you feeling sore.
“Are you okay? How do you feel?”
Jay asked after a couple of moments of silence. His arms hugged you protectively as you had your head resting on his chest, your hand caressing his skin. You let a satisfied verse slip away, holding you even closer to him, your mind retracing the events that just happened.
I just had sex, I’m not a virgin anymore.
You were happy and not because it finally happened, but because it happened with the man you loved and trusted most and, god, you wouldn’t change that for the world.
“A little sore but fine, I’m happy.”
“I’m so sorry for hurting you baby, I wish I could’ve take your pain away” he whispered, your painful expression still clear in his mind.
“I know, that’s why I’m so happy you were my first.”
He kissed you on the forehead, inhaling the scent of your hair deeply as he hugged you tightly. “God I’m the happy one, knowing you trusted me enough to do it…” he stopped trying to find the right words but there wasn’t any enough that could express how he really felt “You really have no idea what this does to me.”
You smiled, placing sweet kisses on his chest before your lips connected. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” he whispered “The pain will fade away and then you will do nothing but enjoy it I promise.”
“So are you saying we’ll do it again?” you asked with a smirk on your lips.
“Oh baby I’d take you again right now if you didn’t feel sore. Trust me, now that I know how it feels to be inside you I won’t give you even a moment of respite” he said, giving you another kiss on your lips during which you giggled.
You rested your head on his bare chest again. “I thought I was going to lose some blood,” you said as you noticed the “clean” sheets.
“Every body is different baby, the hymen has different shapes from woman to woman, you must be one of the lucky ones not to bleed.”
“Looks like someone took some anatomy lessons” you chuckled, making him laugh.
“Of course darling, I was the first in my class.”
“I have to pee but I don’t have the courage to get up.”
Jay got out of bed, helping you sit up and pick you up bridal-style, making you smile like an idiot.
“You don’t have to carry me babe” you giggled, your arms wrapped around his neck.
“It’s the least I can do after giving me your virginity my love.”
“The best thing I’ve ever done.”
Tumblr media
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mukagentropy · 4 months ago
hi! would you consider writing for a yandere Kakashi with a darling who is very daring? like she don't want to give up so easily so they wanna make things hard for him since he has taken her from her house, life, etc. if not it's totally okay! i just love your writing! i wish you the best!!!!
Sure, this sounds like a nice concept of Yandere Kakashi! 🤍 Thank you so much dear anon. ^^
Yandere Kakashi x Fierce Reader:
Warnings: Yandere themes, mentioning of ignorance. Self harm, twisted and toxic relationships, kidnapping, gaslighting.
Tumblr media
Kakashi Hatake, a seemingly patient and handsome man. But you cook the strawberry of the cake here in testing him. Testing his patience... He was negligent towards your whines at first, your eager attempts of trying to flee. "Don't you try it, you know it's not going to end well. Especially now when he's out on a mission." Pakkun spoke, yes! Pakkun. He was your guard dog along with two others. It felt like caging in the worst ways. Even so, having a talking dog was better than his presence.
"You're all bark and no bite. I'll leave this hell hole and you and him both won't be able to do shit." You threatened, you really were going insane weren't you? Threatening a dog?! He sighed, as if even he is done with your stupidest of sentences. Walking away from you, towards a cozy corner and curling up into a fluff ball. You rolled your eyes, annoyed at everything at this point. You wanted Kakashi to come soon. You wanted the same unending banter of you throwing uncalculated punches at him, useless kicks that only amused him and a shit mouth that he didn't seem to care about.
"Jaa, are you really going to pull this off? All over again?" You heard an annoyed sigh from Kakashi as he pinned you against the wall. "Go to hell" you spit, rage making your eyes shine with gloss. You hated him. Absolutely hated him, even these reminders where he would shove you against the wall. Bully you in ways that are sure to break you. It all gave you more strength to escape his clutches.
You were lost in the brutal flashbacks of his behavior. How you woke up in a stranger's house one day & he declared proudly you couldn't leave. How proudly he declared his sick and twisted feelings for you. Everything was brimming you up with disgust and hatred. He was powerful, why did shinobis have to be this over powered compared to civilians?
You were tired of it, absolutely tired. You couldn't escape, you knew that. You have been threatened by him various times. "Do you really want me to forget that I love you? Treat you as the brat you are and set you straight? You won't like it y/n."
You shivered at his reply, when you once told him that he deserves nothing but hate & he would die instead of getting loved from you. Keeping your fierce facade up, you cracked up a small smile. "I'd like to see you try Kakashi." If he wasn't in the Anbu, his skills pathetically sharp at people reading. He would've slipped you as a brave one indeed. That would've only made things difficult for you, another rock hard trauma for you to get knocked up in.
You woke up to find him beside you, leaning against the couch you slept in. Eyes on a scroll as he mumbled. "Good morning sleeping beauty. Missed me?" The very root of his voice shot insane desires to kill him inside of you. Mixed with a tormenting amount of fear. It's obvious, you fear things that you don't understand. That are far more dangerous to your capabilities.
You fear things that you can't measure up. Even when you slept with a knife under your pillow, taking it out smoothly.
"I wouldn't try that if I were you." He said nonchalantly, ignoring you once again as if it was a parent tired of their teen's temper tantrums. You didn't want to hurt yourself, no, that was the last thing on your mind. You wanted to see the smug expression off his unmasked face.
He didn't wear a mask at home, just for you; he said. Maybe he did know that he was among the good looking lot & thought that could be used against you. Pathetic, Hatake Kakashi... You couldn't even imagine what y/n could do. Your inner thoughts roared as you slit your wrists.
The immediate calm in his demeanor turned into a raging storm, not even a second had gone by, you haven't even blinked and his thumb was holding your wrist. A look of shock plastered on his face. The pain was shooting inside your senses, so was the innate feeling of victory. Heh, you were the smug one now. Stupid? Yes... But it was the first time you've won.
"Pathetic" he spoke in a lower tone than usual, his sharingan blazing at your content face. "You think you, hurting yourself will make it easier?" He gritted his teeth, getting first aid and using chakra to heal you. "I have limited chakra reserves, don't test me or you won't heal the next time. Maybe I'll let you bleed dry." He spat venom, ironically his actions were as gentle as ever.
"We'll see." You smirked, getting no reaction from him again. Oh no— was he getting used to this? This too!
"Shinobis like me are adaptable to any situation, princess." He kissed your bandaged wrist, sickly turning it into chaste kisses all over your forearm where you couldn't move. Eyes fixated on his sharingan got you in a genjutsu you didn't even know you were in.
It was going to be tough, but if he's going to break you.
You'll break him a million times over.
Tumblr media
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saintqueer · 2 months ago
Hey this is the anon who asked about Harry sleeping with fans. Firstly thank you so much for your kind answer I'm so glad my ask didn't offend you. I've spoken to a lot of Larries in the past who have just been plain rude even when I asked them a simple question. But I do know there are also Larries who are not like that and have been really nice so I know not all Larries are like that! Second of all I would love to know more about Larry and accept your offer in showing and telling me more about them. I don't know if it will turn me into a Larrie because of it but it doesn't mean I don't want to know more. I may be a neutral but I do believe that the women Harry has been involved with are and were all stunts because I know how much Harry values his privacy. I may not know him personally but I do believe he is very private which is why I don't believe he actually dated Taylor, Camille, Kendall, Olivia etc...they were all anything but private. I actually believe the chances of Larry being real is WAY higher than the chances of those stunts being real. There have been quite a few moments where Larries have pointed out things that linked to the possibilities of Harry and Louis being together where I also felt that Larry may be real. However of course I don't know Harry or Louis personally so I can't be 100% sure they are together hence why I am a neutral and not a Larrie but like I said before, IF and/or WHEN Harry and Louis confirm being together I will definitely support them. I love One Direction (especially Harry) so much that as long as they're happy I am happy. If Harry is happy with Louis then that's all that matters to me. His happiness means everything to me. Seeing him smile brings a smile to my face and if Louis is the reason for that smile then I'm all for supporting them and their relationship. Anyway yes I'd love to know more about Larry and why some Larries feel like Harry hooking up with fans are not true! Also your other followers are more than welcome to provide any information to the question too if they believe Harry hooking up with fans is not true but thank you in advance and I can't wait to find out more😁 also I know I'm late (I'm new to your blog) but Happy Birthday and I hope you had a wonderful one💞
Hello dear!
thanks for coming back. there are definitely some larrie blogs out there that can be on the offensive right away, and sometimes overly harsh. i'm not excusing people being mean but i think it's important to understand the context of how often we are attacked in this fandom. so people tend to be defensive right off the bat. larries have been the official punching of 1dhq and the 1d fandom for ten years. but even though it's easy to go on the attack right away, a lot of us still try to help outsiders who are simply curious!
loving harry and wanting him to be happy (along with all the 1d boys) is what's most important. and you can do that without being too deep in the fandom! so as long as you'd support harry when he does eventually come out, that's all i care about.
however, if you WOULD like to learn about Larry. there is a whole wealth of craziness, love, happiness, pain, heartache, and joy waiting for you along with a way to more deeply understand your faves and the art they create. Larry makes 1d's music along with Louis' and Harry's solo stuff come to life for me! once i learned about Larry, it's like everything clicked into place and i suddenly understood why i loved harry and louis as much as i do. it has made being a fan so fun and so joyful.
that being said, if you do want to take the time to actually determine for yourself if you think Larry is real or not i will first point you in the direction of @cosmicleeds amazing video timelines on youtube. i find video format really great for learning all the information for the first time so that you can decide if you want to keep digging on your own. they have compiled all the most pressing evidence of Larry into a chronological format that you can watch in bed on a holiday weekend. it is truly *chef's kiss*. they don't give any fake or debunked proofs and it is far more information heavy than the cute moments compilations you've likely already seen on youtube.
you have to do some pausing and reading while you watch them but significantly less reading than if you got all this info from masterposts. give it at least the first few yearly timeline videos before deciding whether you want to know more or not. but i guarantee you, anyone who watches every year of these timeline videos from 2010 to 2020 will find it impossible to not believe in Larry.
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and the other years can be found on their channel.
you can also check out my side blog @pegging1d if you want to do some scrolling through masterposts. i've tried to only collect some of the most vital larrie primer stuff there specifically for newbies. think of it as a blog of larrie basics. i've got a tagging system there that you can look through if you like. like i said before, larries are essentially nerds who are also romantics.
just like you, we only love to see harry and louis smile and be happy. we all became larries when we realized that they made each other so! <3
thanks for the birthday wishes as well! :) if you need anything else dear please don't hesitate to come back. i'd love to hear how you fare with those timeline videos even if you remain neutral.
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kaijurakunsobs · 7 months ago
Karl coming back to you and the baby after a successful REVOLUTION!! Cause he deserves happiness (and maybe ethans there because I want rosemary and lil maginito baby to be friends
I like how you think anon
this one is gonna be fun and LONG
Let's start by pretending Ethan wasn't just a human chia pet, but the mold made him mutate like the Lords, he has no powers but his body is just...sturdier
that being said...
after Miranda's announcement of finding the perfect vessel and presenting Rose to the Lords, you could tell Heisenberg was extremely close to start his rebellion in that moment, what stopped him? that your child is waiting for the return of their parents and you still have no way out of everything goes wrong
it feels grotesque to receive a piece of such an innocent baby in a flask
through the creep vine you both learn about Ethan being in the Village, the father of the stolen child, you can see the expression in Karl's face shift into one of hope, he knows something you don't
when Winters is brought to the church you both play your role of sadistic monsters, giving a "show" for Donna and Moreau, but you have made sure there are useful things "left behind" by previous participants of your little game
with bated breaths, you follow his progress, feeling more and more hope with each Lord he takes down
Heisenberg cheers loudly when Dimitrescu goes down, lifting you off the ground and howling harder when only Moreau remains
He knows that, Ethan won't take it well when he arrives at the factory, so you offer to be the one to welcome him, reminding Karl to keep his cool and be straight with his answers and go to the point
Ethan is, indeed, shaken up when he comes into the factory and the first thing he sees is you, he saw you at the church, why are you waiting for him?
"I must say, under other circumstances, it would have been...nice to meet you, but there's no time to lose, come with me, please"
he's hesitant, which is understandable, but he follows, a hand always hovering over his gun and eyes following your every move
when you reach Karl's center of command, you are careful with asking to sit and please listen to what you two have to say
"That boulder punching guy and his people are here, right Ethan?" Karl has his back to the other man "You see...me and Y/N...we need your help"
"My help!? after everything, each and everyone single one of you psychos put through?!"
But Karl is not listening, he starts to tell his story...your story, how Miranda took you both and used you like she's trying to use Rose, but you two were defective, useless, he wants revenge and is willing to do anything to get it
There's desperation in his voice but Winters seems unmoved by it, later you will admit that what you did was manipulative but as long as it works
Both men see you leave and come back with your child in arms, the kid is a bit older than Rose, the gray hair and factions that resemble yours is all that Ethan needs to know, Heisenberg as a child
they are vastly different but, he's like Ethan, he just wants to put his family in a safe place, so he accepts with the promise of "I'll kill you the moment you try to betray me"
Involving and convincing Chris is a lot harder, the man is already pissed at Ethan and now he's besties with 2 of Miranda's underlings? but time is running out and hes desperate for help, and maybe, it could actually work
Chris gives Heisenberg coordinates of where there's gonna be someone waiting for you and the kid, and that you have to be quick in reaching the point or they will leave with out you
of course, you panic! Karl is staying behind and you have to go? you want to kick Chris in the face and make him change his mind, he already has the soldats, why does he need Karl too?!
it's he who has to almost drag you away towards where the Duke is, he knows he has a better chance of getting you there, Miranda won't spare a glance at the merchant
a hefty payment and promises of coming back to you later, you are delivered safely to the team, Karl's trench coat draped over your shoulders and a sack filled with some of your most precious items. feeling like that's the last time you will see him again.
from the helicopter's window, you see with horror how the factory gets destroyed, gasping when Karl's mechanical form appears from the rubble and his army moving to where Miranda must be
the wait is grueling, painful, the sounds of gunfire and explosions make you jump, your crying child screams for their father, but this time, hes not there to calm the not cries and make them laugh
it's past dawn when the bigger explosion shakes the helicopter and when you cry the hardest, believing hes dead, that he die protecting you both.
the entire ride back to the BSAA is spent in silence, your child cried themselves to sleep and you are...just there...heartbroken, unable to shed another tear
a group of paramedics comes to you when you arrive at the new area, asking you questions and trying to check you for any wounds, but you don't answer or hear or care
from far away you see him, limping and using Ethan as a crutch, and then you are running, harder than you have ever done in your life, a strong hold in your baby
Karl looks up to see you and he can't help but smile and cry, open arms waiting for you and catching you, not carrying for his wounds, hes just there and his family is safe...and the 3 of you are free
neither of you put up a fight when the BSAA informs you that you will be under surveillance or that wherever you go you are expected to stay close to their offices, you laugh wholeheartedly when Karl asks "But we can go anywhere...you won't keep us locked away?"
Mia is the one who insists that both families must be close to each other, and you accept
it feels like a dream when Karl comes back and bitches about something that happened in the new lab, he may not be allowed to use corpses but hes allowed to tinker around with his creations and help to contain all bioweapons
you see your child grow and little Rose comes often to play, both children laugh and run around, not knowing what life they could have had
they whisper secrets and share what they have, Mia lights up whenever your kid gives her drawings, Karl melts down a bit when Rosemary calls him "uncle Heis"
and you see him change, he no longer frowns or gets irritated, he giggles or tells jokes, you have caught him develop a true fascination in watching videos and play video games
for once in so long...everything is finally fine
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seungstarss · 4 months ago
revelations !! 32 you've got quite the nerve
word count: 1,012
a/n: sorry yes ik it got rushed at the end
no one could say everything was going fine today because it wasn't, and heeseung was no exception. not even bothering to pack his books away, he oddly chose to hold on to them instead. 
barging out of classrooms was now the boy's habit, probably breaking a few doors on the way, but honestly, he didn't care. anger overpowered his thoughts as he continued down the stairs, knuckles clenched, almost turning white. he wanted to smash something. there was no contemplating whether he should beat jake up or not, he was dead set on it and nothing could change his mind. jake didn't just have y/n's trust, he had everyone's. but he just played them like it didn't matter at all. it infuriated heeseung that jake had taken the emotions of people so lightly. 
he shouldn't be too far from the gates since school had only ended 10 minutes ago, heeseung thought. 
it only took five minutes to find jake exiting the school gates, hand in hand with kiara, who seemed to be uninterested in her boyfriend's words. jaw clenched, heeseung made his way over to the couple who didn't notice the approaching boy's presence. 
aiming his literature textbook at jake's head, he didn't even hesitate before chucking it at him. "you've got quite the fucking nerve sim!" he snarled. 
the thin book only caused jake to stumble forward, turning his head to face heeseung with disbelief written all over his face. jake didn't even take a minute to process the situation before he angrily grabbed heeseung by the collar, "have you lost your mind? why the fuck are you throwing shit at my head!" he yelled. 
hands in his pockets, heeseung sneered at jake's reply before kicking him in the ankles, causing the boy to lose balance. "next time you try touching me it won't be your ankles i'll be kicking." 
kiara looked shocked at the sudden situation, unable to process what was going on. "what are you doing heeseung!" she demanded while helping her boyfriend up, dusting off his uniform. 
squinting his eyes at her, heeseung slowly approached the girl, stopping seven inches away from her face. kiara began to turn red as she looked away at her shoes avoiding eye contact. the boy smirked seeing her reaction to him doing the bare minimum. "kiara," the boy cooed before stepping harshly on her foot, not planning to budge even a bit. the girl yelped at the sudden pain as she tried to escape. "you should really fuck off." the boy whispered in her ear before pushing her. he removed his foot a second later after the push, causing her to stumble and almost trip. without even sparing a glance at jake, kiara took off, body shaking with fear. 
suddenly heeseung felt a blow to his cheek, a punch that had more force than what he expected. 
"how dare you hurt my girlfriend you fucker" jake's eyes were full of anger and rage. 
heeseung chucked as he stepped back, wiping the blood off his lips. he was not having jake's "imma protect my girlfriend" bullshit. he had enough of it. 
this time heeseung swung. catching jake off-guard, his fist hit the boy right in the nose. however, heeseung was relentless. clenching his fist, he threw another punch at his stomach, then at his face once more. jake grunted in pain trying his best to block off the aggressive blows that were thrown at him, but his body was in too much pain. 
taking advantage of the staggering boy, heeseung kicked jake in the stomach once more, causing him to violently come crashing down to the concrete. 
"why did you do it? they trusted you, you fucker. and you just played with their feelings like that?" heeseung panted.
"i don't know what you're talking about" jake grunted, gripping his stomach as he curled up trying to ease the pain. 
heeseung wasn't done with him. immediately he mercilessly yanked jake up by the collar, almost ripping his uniform. "the fucking anon, you mindless fool, it's you, we all know." 
duddenly jake stopped struggling, eyes widening at heeseung's words. "you're talking about the anon?" jake stammered, "i swear i can explain." 
"explain? explain my fucking ass!" fuming with anger, heeseung raised his fist about to punch the boy again. preparing himself for the blow, jake squeezed his eyes shut, but before heeseung could do anything, two boys in the same uniform pulled him back, forcing him off jake. 
"heeseung! what the fuck you're gonna kill him" jay yelled at the boy who was trying to kick his way out of jay and sunghoon's grip. 
"hee." a voice spoke, causing him to come to his senses. "you've done enough." y/n slowly made her way towards jake who was clearly suffering from the aching pain. 
"y/n. i can explain-" but before jake could finish his sentence, y/n slapped the boy right across the face. 
"you can explain? well, you better! you traitor." y/n snapped at him, eyes piercing with anger and a tinge of sadness. 
"you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror jake." sunoo hissed while glaring at the boy. 
"please," jake begged "i know i was wrong. please let me explain." 
ryujin's eyes narrowed at the boy's words before scoffing in disbelief. "explain?! you have quite the nerve." 
"you can explain after you clean yourself up," sunghoon deadpanned. "we ain't talking to some random bleeding bastard" 
"sunghoon was that dry humor or-" jina glanced at the taller boy with a judgemental face. 
"yeah clean yourself up because you have a lot of explaining to do," jay said as he continued holding on to heeseung. 
"i'll tend to him," y/n sighed as she pulled hee out of jay and sunghoon's grip. "gosh, why did you have to get hurt." 
heeseung didn't mutter a single word as y/n began to pull the boy away from the crowd. 
"we'll deal with jake," niki waved, motioning for her to leave. "go on now." 
y/n smiled softly at her friends before leaving, hand in hand with heeseung.
Tumblr media
< [previous] 31 reveal | 33 banana milk [next] >
a/n: after writing this I found out about niki's condition. Please let's hope that they get well soon, because the boys honestly deserve the world. Hoping sunoo stays safe and healthy too 🙏
@ncityy04 @nyfwyeonjun @studioreader @youreverydayzebra @berriniki @hoonbokki @neovrse @kac-chowsballs @enhacolor @i-dont-know-dont-know @shdowhuntr @ghjasksdk @papiibuprofen @milkycloudtyg @jayk1wrld @meltinghershey @softforqiankun @shuichi-sama @jisungsquirrelhabits @meiinumaki @bakukags @fiantomartell @032421 @niafics @wintertaev @chimsugacookie @niikipuff @gyuza @witheeseung @abdiitcryy @guanhanggf @lokideadontheinside @renxnie @zhaixiaowen @uhhalexwashere @sichengplace @punneysushi01 @enxnesblog @killyoselff @k1ttyl1x @shoftiiel
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young-dumb-and-vaccinated · 6 months ago
Idk if your requests are open but could I request a Hannibal x reader who has an emotionally/verbally abusive older sibling. If you're not comfortable or if it's too dark you can ignore this :)
Anon, I had an emotionally abusive older sister figure growing up. I would be fucking honored. I hope you like it!
(Gender neutral) y/n gets some unexpected advice from their new therapist after things got physical with their verbally abusive older sister. 
Trigger warnings: verbal and emotional abuse, reactive abuse, mention of suicide, implied use of r-slur
At first, you hated that you had to see a therapist. Just because you were the first one to throw a punch, you were designated the violent one. The unstable one. The one that needed to be straightened out. As if nearly two decades of your sister's completely unchecked psychological torment was supposed to just roll right off your back. But she'd been asking for it since the day she learned to speak, and you both knew it. You only regretted not hitting her harder.
Dr. Lecter's office was spacious, overwhelming and cold. Impeccably decorated, but not so much in the way of welcoming. You couldn't begin to picture yourself opening up to whatever kind of person kept their office as dark and frigid as a morgue.
"My sincerest apologies for making you wait, [F/N]." A low, accented voice greeted you from behind. The man hurriedly strode across the room and took his place behind the desk. "I'm Dr. Hannibal Lecter, it's nice to meet you in person."
Your gaze fell, mostly because the therapist was just as intimidating as the room. "Hi. I'm [F/N] [L/N]. But you already knew that."
"Perhaps we can begin by clarifying why it is you're here?" Dr. Lecter asked. His tone wasn't accusatory, but confused.
You put your hands on your knees and sighed. "I punched my sister in the throat."
"Did she deserve it?"
He probably expected this question to catch you off guard, but you had an answer.
"She did." You nodded.
"Oh?" Dr. Lecter raised an eyebrow. With a look, he urged you to elaborate.
"I had just gotten these new shoes." You began. "These really nice cuffed ankle boots that I've been eyeing for, like, months. And I was wearing them around the house, y'know, to break them in. Well, apparently, she didn't like the sound they made on the hardwood, so she said 'Jesus [F/N], since you clearly crave attention so much, why don't you go kill yourself?'"
"And she said this..." Dr. Lecter narrowed his eyes. "Because your shoes were making noise against the floor?"
"So I was about to say 'sorry' when I realized that I didn't do anything." You continued. "So I just went about my business. When I didn't apologize, she got up into my face and started telling me what a waste of space I was. Then I just decked her."
Dr. Lecter's mouth turned up into a slight grin. He crossed the room and took a knee beside you. "Make a fist for me."
You balled your hand up into a fist, tucking your thumb under your fingers.
"Oh, no. That won't do at all. You're going to dislocate your thumb that way." Dr. Lecter clicked his tongue. "Come now, dear. Give me your hand."
He took your hand and gently guided it into a proper fist, with your thumb awkwardly resting over your fingers.
"There we are." He whispered. "Next time, try that. And if she hits back, don't be afraid to use your nails or teeth."
"Thanks, but," You laughed awkwardly. "I'm pretty sure my mom sent me here so there wouldn't be a next time?"
"Your mother is dreadfully naïve if she thinks there won't be." Dr. Lecter took a seat in the chair across from yours. "She clearly sees no problem that her oldest child is encouraging her sibling to commit suicide."
You leaned back in your chair. "But what about 'violence is never the answer'?"
"I try not to limit my practice with meaningless platitudes." He smiled. "You've heard 'sticks and stones may break my bones'..."
"But chains and whips excite me." You finished, not stopping for a moment to consider if your 50-year-old ambiguously European therapist would understand a reference to Rihanna.
He paused for a moment, then laughed. It was strange to see this six foot tall, terrifying man laugh, but it happened. You did that. "That's not the way I've heard it go."
"I feel so dumb." You threw your head back. "It's a song."
"I have to say, I like that version better." Dr. Lecter said. "The reality is, my dear [F/N], you are only a perpetrator as long as your sister is. What you're engaged in is known as 'reactive abuse'. While it can be dangerous in its own right, it often manifests as a form of self-defense."
"That..." Your voice trailed off. "Actually makes me feel a little better."
"Don't let anyone tell you what you did was unjustified." Dr. Lecter instructed. "And, more importantly, don't tell yourself it was unjustified."
"Thanks." You said, weakly.
“And in the meantime,” Dr. Lecter continued. “You need to make sure when you hit her, you don’t break your fingers in the process. Do you understand?” 
“Loud and clear.” You nodded. 
“I feel that’s probably enough time spent on your worthless sister, don’t you?” He settled into his seat. “Tell me about yourself.” 
He broke you open like like an egg. Soon enough, the hour was over and you didn’t even feel it pass. But you were refreshed and ready to take on the world with a new understanding of your station in life. That was, until you saw your sister waiting for you in the lobby. 
“Hey fuckface, mom sent me to pick you up from suicidal freak daycare.” She said, slouching in her seat with her legs crossed. 
You took in a breath, falling back on your old, horrifically ineffective coping skills. 
“This is a private exit for my patients, Miss [L/N].” Dr. Lecter scolded, putting a protective hand on your shoulder. “And I would appreciate it if you did not use that language in my office.” 
The sudden presence of an actual adult snapped her into shape. She sat up and uncrossed her legs. “Of course. Sorry, sir.” 
“Now apologize.” Dr. Lecter demanded. 
She said nothing. 
“Miss [L/N], I find it terribly offensive that you felt entitled to insult both my practice and my patient.” He broke the silence. “You would do well to apologize.” 
“I’m sorry you feel that way.” She muttered. “Can I please just take them home?” 
You felt yourself tense up. Dr. Lecter squeezed your shoulder comfortingly and leaned in to your ear. “Remember what I taught you, [L/N].”
You took a few steps forward, Dr. Lecter watching from the threshold. 
“Are you waiting for an invitation?” Your sister scoffed. “I don’t have all day, you little reta-” 
You heard the collision before you felt it. You launched your fist straight into her jaw before she could finish that word. A dreadful crunch filled the air. 
You pulled your hand back, a rush of endorphins flooding your mind. Your knuckles felt a little sore, but the pain faded quickly. Your sister’s pain, however, would last quite a while. 
You looked back at Dr. Lecter and shook out your hand. “You were right. That is better.” 
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s4turns-r1ngs · 5 months ago
DSMP - "i hate you /j"
Summary: We all love playfully bullying our friends.
Pronouns: they/them
Warnings: Swearing
-> [a/n] - HELLO ANON THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS I LOVE YOU /P also i went for c!bench trio bc i need to start writing more character stuff and please im in desperate need to write something like this about the characters. did add a little sappy shit in there tho so hee hee. reader is blue text :]
-> p!c!bench trio + reader
The four of you laughed as you sat in your respective spots on the bench.
"You're so dumb. Why would you even do that? You knew Bad was gonna lose his shit." You laugh, hold a hand over your mouth.
"And? What's that supposed to mean, dickhead?"
"You know what it means."
"They aren't wrong, though."
"He was being annoying!" Despite the tone in his voice, it was obvious Tommy found it funny as well, despite the obvious pain he went through. (He was fine. Just a couple of scratches here and there. They weren't even from Bad, it was just because he tried while running away.)
"You say that as if your 'catchphrase' isn't: 'Well, most people find me annoying at first-'" Tubbo was cut off by a punch to the arm, courtesy of Tommy.
"Shut the fuck up!!"
"Tommy, please. You knew it was gonna happen. It's BadBoyHalo, and he has zero tolerance for swearing when he's around. Are you really surprised?"
"Okay, Ranboob."
"Okay, Tomathy."
"Fuck off, man."
"no <3"
You laughed, while Tommy started shouting: "This is bullying! You guys are bullying me! I will not stand for this."
"But you're sitting, boss man."
"Tubbo's got a point there, Tom."
Tommy grumbled, mumbling about how he could believe the four of you were friends (in a lighthearted way, of course).
Hearing (most of) the mumbling, you respond with: "You do realize that you were the one to drag me into your little friend group, right? If I hadn't met you guys then I'd still be going who-knows-what out in the middle of nowhere."
"Yeah, and we've been friends for years. Phil literally found me in a box!"
"I don't remember all the details, but I believe you were one of the first people I met here, too."
Placing a hand on Tommy's shoulder, you smile. "We're glad you brought us together, Tommy. Don't forget that."
With a smile, he rolls his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I know I'm Awesome and Very Cool, there's no need to flatter me."
You shove him away. "Oh, come on, man! You ruined the moment!"
"Should we start talking about Ranboo almost lost all his shit the other day? I'm tired of talking about all this sappy shit." Tubbo asks, swiping a piece of hair out from in front of his eyes.
"Hey! Wait! I didn't agree to talk about this!" Ranboo exclaims, unwrapping the tail he had previously around Tubbo's arm.
"Ooo! What happened?" You question, dramatically putting your hands on your face, as if to make the question sound over-exagerated.
"Yes. Let's bully Ranboo now."
"No! Let's not bully Ranboo!"
"Too bad. <3"
"I hate you guys."
"Okay, so anyways, Ranboo and I were mining the other day-"
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mattsunbae · 8 months ago
HI HI HIII ANON!! thank you so much for requesting! this is actually really funny lmao so ty!! i hope this is up to par..
Tumblr media
characters — rintarō suna, kōtaro bokuto, tetsurō kuroo, tooru oikawa
warnings — mentions of blood ??
song —
Tumblr media
asked, "need anything from the store babe?" as he slipped his shoes on, grabbing the door handle. "yeah can you grab me some pads?" you asked, curled up in the couch, wincing from the sharp pains erupting in your lower region. "mhm. what brand?" he turned to look at you. "the blood sucker 2000s please." you held your laughter in as he cocked an eyebrow with confusion. "uh okay.." he replied before leaving, slamming the door shut after him. about fifteen minutes later, as you dozed off, suna called you. you eagerly answered as you wanted to see his reaction. "you're not funny." suna flatly said as he pressed his lips into a thin line. "what are you even talking about?" you cocked your head to the side with "confusion". "blood sucker 2000s aren't even real you brat." he rolled his eyes. "had me looking like a fool." suna looked you dead in the eye as you restrained your urge to laugh. "get your own pads." he hung up before you could answer. thirty seconds later you got a text stating: u have 2 seconds to give me the real name or i'm not buying them fr.
opened the driver's seat door, "want anything?" he smiled at you, who was in the passenger seat. "yeah could you get me the bloody coochie cleaner please?" you smiled an innocent smile. "yes ma'am!" he exclaimed before slamming the door shut. about ten minutes later, you saw bo dragging himself towards the car, hair dropping down with a frown plastered across his face. opening the door, kou sat down and looked at you with sad eyes. "i couldn't find it.. i asked everyone and they said they didn't know what it was." he frowned. "aw it's okay bo don't worry about it." you nodded as you placed your hand on his shoulder. "no no it's not," he took your hand from his shoulder and held it in his calloused hands. "you're gonna bleed everywhere because of me." he said — it didn't sound like a joke at all. "pfttt — bo it was a joke don't be sad." "w-what?" he looked up at you, eyes sparkling. "kou c'mon — did you really think bloody coochie cleaners were real..?" you laughed, leaning in to fix his hair. "i mean.. it's a practical name." he smiled as you messed with his hair.
looked at you in awe as you stated the name "rechargeable blood sucker". "what the hell is that..?" he asked through facetime, completely confused. "a rechargeable blood sucker dummy." you said in a mocking tone. "don't get smart," he rolled his eyes, "i'll call you when i get it." he smiled, "love ya." "love you too." you hung up before cackling to yourself. ten minutes later you received an incoming facetime call. “kitten, i can’t find it.” he frowned. “it’s okay tetsu just come home.” you successfully hid your smile. “fine.” he pouted before hanging up the phone. about ten minutes later kuroo stepped in the house, a dark aura surrounding him. “y/n..” he walked over to you on the couch. “hm?” you sat up. “is there something you wanna tell me?” his tall figure loomed over you on the couch. “uhh no??” “hm i figured you’d say that.. tell me why i looked it up AND ITS NOT REAL HM??” kuroo exclaimed, looking you dead in the eye. “uhh i love you?” you gently pulled him down onto the couch. “yeah yeah whatever. you had me look like a maniac. inspecting every single pad brand and everything.” he scoffed, wrapping his arms around your waist. “don’t do that again or i’ll be forced to get violent.” he playfully stuck his fist up at you before lightly punching you in the arm.
looked at you with concern as you mentioned the pad name to him. “you want what??” he looked at you for confirmation. “the vaginee blood stoppers.” you said with a serious face. “girl.. okay i’ll find them.” tooru said, still a bit confused before walking out of the car. he returned several minutes later, with security?? you jumped out of the car to meet him and the security guard in the parking lot. “is this your boyfriend?” he sternly asked, unlocking his handcuffs. “yeah?? what did he do..?” you asked, concerned. “he repeatedly yelled, “does anyone know where the vaginee blood stoppers are?” throughout the store, causing a disruption.” the guard lightly pushed tooru towards you. you stifled your laugh, “sorry for any problems.” you said, trying to contain yourself as tooru hid behind you, the guard walked away. “tooru they’re not real.” you laughed as you sat down in the car. “please tell me you’re joking..” he waited for you to say something but it was silent. “don’t talk to me.” he turned away from you. “so mean.”
Tumblr media
© please refrain from copying my work. copying/editing is not allowed
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randomshyperson · 9 months ago
Seeing u getting many requests there, that's really cool you deserve it (though I hope it doesn't overwhelm u or smth). May I request smth? A WandaXReader where they're always arguing and being sarcastic to eachother but it's just sexual tension. Maybe smth with the lines "why are u laghing did I tell a joke?" "why don't u look inside my head and find out". I think it would be pretty cool. It doesn't have to be smutt though, only If u fell like it (also a dom!reader would be nice). Thank you!
Hello Anon! Hope you’re doing fine! 
Sorry this took long. It was really hard to write actually, because I don't feel anger towards Wanda and thinking about fighting with her was really weird haha But I hope you like this. 
Tumblr media
Attraction and Reaction / / AO3 
Warnings: 18+, Smut, language.
Words>  2.415k (One)
Part Two Here
It was no secret on the Avengers team that you and Wanda did not have the best of relationships. 
There were numerous warnings from Steve and Tony, and even Natasha, due to the number of arguments and disagreements that took place. You were sure that no action was taken just because you two function well on the battlefield, even if you don't get along off it.
At this moment, for example, you were in a meeting with the rest of the team about the next Avengers mission, but you weren't really paying attention as you scribbled on your notepad. And then your cell phone vibrated, and you pulled it out of your pocket to check it.
- Can you pay attention, Y/N? - Tony asked, and you looked away from the notification of a message from Carol to look at him. But before you could answer, Wanda muttered with irony:
- Typical.
You blinked, feeling a familiar irritation fill your entire body.
- Is there anything you wanna say to me, Maximoff?
- Just for you to fuck off.
You were going to hit back with a angry response, but the team let out a loud impatient grumble.
- Don't even start! - Tony ordered with a serious expression. - I need to go over all this, you can kill yourselves after the presentation.
- No one is going to kill anyone. - said Steve, and you giggled. - Just continue the presentation, please.
Tony rolled his eyes and resumed the presentation. You let out an impatient sigh and tried to pay attention. Fortunately it wasn't much longer before Tony finished. As the members began to get up, Steve signaled for you and Wanda to stay in the room, and you grumbled as you sat back down, throwing your feet up on the table.
- Girls, this can't go on any longer. - Steve said in a serious tone.
- I don't know what you are talking about. - You mock with your arms crossed. Steve doesn't laugh.
- I'm not joking. - He warns. - You need to work out your differences.
- Things would be easier if Y/N wasn't such an arrogant jerk. - Wanda says, and you let out a wry exclamation.
- If Wanda wasn't completely mental and stubborn it would also be easier for us to get along.
Wanda turns in her chair to look at you, her expression of anger.
- Oh, I'm the unstable one? Remind me who is known to lose her head around here?
You roll your eyes impatiently, but before you can respond Steve shouts.
- Stop it, you two, that's enough. - He says. - You are suspended from the next mission.
- Excuse me? - you exclaim looking at him.
- Until this conflict is resolved, you will work together. - He clarifies and you let out a nervous laugh, frowning. - You will be team partners, and you will learn to get along. That is my final decision. Now you can go.
You get up from the table in annoyance, and hurry to leave, with Wanda right behind you. As you stand in the hallway toward your rooms, she shouts:
- This is all your fault! You have to talk shit all the time, don't you?
You let out a wry laugh as you stop walking and turn toward her.
- You're so annoying. - You grumble with your hands in your pockets. - I can't believe I'm going to be stuck with you.
Wanda lets out an annoyed sigh, and you notice her reddened eyes and the magic slipping from her fingers, and you look at her in defiance.
- Come on, do it. - You tease. - I dare you.
- Girls! - shouted Natasha as she turned into the hallway, and quickly got between you and Wanda, putting her hands on her shoulders to calm her down. Wanda blinked in confusion, lowered her hands and her eyes returned to normal. - You two have lost your minds, haven't you?
Your heart was racing, and you thought it was the adrenaline. Licking your lips, you let out a laugh and gave Wanda one last angry glance before turning and heading for your room.
Steve was really serious about the suspension. The vast majority of the team was out of the tower heading to some city in Europe, and you and Wanda were basically grounded in the tower while Steve left Bucky checking up on you two.
At that point Bucky assigned you and Wanda to train together, and you didn't understand how the best alternative to resolve conflicts was to make you fight, but you didn't question it.
- I want a clean fight, girls. - He said sitting on the stool beside the mat, while you and Wanda climbed into the ring from opposite sides.
- Tell it to the little witch, there. - You retort, looking at Wanda, and she frowns at you.
- You're really going to piss me off before you fight me, aren't you?
You roll your eyes, getting into a defensive position. Bucky lets out a chuckle, getting to his feet. He picks up two sticks, and hands one to each of you.
- You two need to practice using bladed weapons. - He explains and sits back down.
And then you advance on Wanda, who narrowly defends your blow. She counterattacks with the stick towards your legs, but you jump and throw the stick at her, who ducks quickly. You take two steps back, preparing to attack, and as you launch a series of quick strikes which Wanda fights back, you manage to trip her, and watch with a wry smile as she falls backwards onto the ground looking extremely annoyed. But your smile dies when Wanda punches the tatami and her magic escapes, throwing you away.
You fall backwards, feeling your whole body boiling with rage, and get up quickly, but Bucky has already stepped onto the tatami and gets in front of you before you can reach Wanda, who has also gotten up.
- Let's just calm down, okay? - He says seriously, looking between the two of you. - A five-minute break? And no magic next time.
Wanda rolls her eyes, turning to leave the mat. You start to take off your training gloves. 
- What's the matter with you two? - Bucky asks looking really curious. You roll your eyes impatiently.
- I don't want to argue about this again.
Bucky lets out a sigh, leaving the ring. You look around, and notice that Wanda is in the corner of the room, drinking some water. She is sweaty, and her hair is disheveled, and you look down at her exposed collarbone, feeling your throat suddenly dry. You imagine yourself kissing and biting the exposed skin as she moans your name. You blink, trying to push these thoughts away, and then step out of the ring.
- I don't want to practice anymore. - You announce it before you leave. You think Bucky says something, but you have already left the academy.
Bucky decided to try a different tactic to improve your relationship with Wanda. He described it as a trust technique, which was something he and Sam tried for a while. 
So here you were in one of the empty rooms of the complex, sitting in a chair facing Wanda. Both of you had your arms crossed.
- Let's get started girls. - announced Bucky, standing in front of you. - I'm going to ask you some simple questions, and I need you to answer them honestly.
- Yes, sir. - You retort with mild irony, but Bucky doesn't mind.
- Y/N can you tell me something you like about Wanda?
You let out a dry laugh. But seeing Bucky's expression, you realize that you are going to have to answer.
- I like it when she shuts up. - You retort, and Wanda lets out an annoyed sigh.
- And I like it when you are not around.
- And I...
- Enough! - Bucky interrupts angrily, pressing his fingers to his forehead. - Let's try something else then. I have brought you a list of questions.
- This should be interesting. - You sneer as Bucky walks up to the living room table behind the papers.
When he reaches for the papers, he decides to stand against the table, looking at you.
- Well, Wanda. Tell me, what behavior do you think Y/N should change towards you?
Wanda smiles wryly.
- I wish she wouldn't talk to me.
- That's fine with me. - You retort grumpily, and Wanda looks at you angrily. Bucky sighs with impatience.
- I am serious. - He says. - Do you even know when this conflict started?
You laugh.
- I'm not the one who brought the enemy back to the team. - You point to the time when Wanda fought alongside Ultron.
- Seriously? - She replies incredulously. - Of course you had to bring that back.
- They are just facts.
- The only fact here is that you are an arrogant jerk...
- You just know two adjectives, don't you? - You mockingly interrupt.
- Oh, I have other adjectives for you, yes. - She retorts with irritation, starting to list them on her fingers as she speaks. - Immature, rude, selfish...
- Don't forget hot. - You hit back with a smile, and Wanda rolls her eyes, but before she can continue, Bucky gets up from the table.
- Okay, you guys are going to do the silent exercise. - he says. - Five minutes looking into each other's eyes. Now.
- You're kidding, right? - You retort incredulously, but Bucky's expression is serious.
- Now. - He repeats and you roll your eyes before looking away from him to Wanda.
It's weird, especially in the first few seconds. She looks at you with an impassive face, and you look at her with the same expression. And then you realize that she has very beautiful eyes. Has it been five minutes, you think, starting to feel strange. You hold your gaze, but your thoughts start to wander, and you imagine that you want to leave. But looking at Wanda like this, your thoughts begin to take a completely different turn.
You imagine Wanda sweating like that day at practice, only this time she's with her legs spread wide while you fuck her on your bed. Then you imagine her spreading her legs for you now still sitting in her chair, while you kneel down and touch her until she loses all control.
You also imagine pushing her down on the table, fucking her until her scream. 
And then a noise startles you, and you blink in confusion, looking away.
- Damn, sorry. - Says Bucky looking at his cell phone that is ringing and vibrating in his hand. - It's Steve. It might be about the mission. Try not to kill yourselves while I talk to him.
Bucky rushes to answer it and out of the room, and you let out an impatient sigh. Getting up, you walk over to the desk, looking at the notes he has made.
- Couple therapy techniques. - You read aloud with irony. - This is a joke.
- We wouldn't be here if you weren't such a pain in the ass.
- Yes, it's all my fault. - You retort, throwing the papers on the table and leaning on the furniture. 
- Are you implying that this is my fault? - she replies angrily. - You're the one who has hated me for no reason since I came here!
You blink in surprise and then you're laughing. You never hated Wanda. Your laughter seemed to irritate her even more because she stood up and assumed an aggressive posture.
- Did I tell a joke, by any chance? Why the hell are you laughing? - She asked irritated, you bit your lips, she was hot as hell with her jaw clenched.
- Why don't you take a peek into my mind and find out? - You challenged, looking at her with intensity.
Wanda looked slightly surprised, but didn't flinch. And then her eyes turned red, and you showed her exactly how you felt about her.
You moving towards her, grabbing her around the waist and kissing her mouth firmly. Your tongue in her mouth, as she moaned against you. Your hands going down a little, steadying her before lifting her onto your lap to carry her to the table and have her sit down without breaking the kiss. 
Once seated, you would move your kisses down her collarbone, sucking on her skin until it was red and sensitive, while your hands went inside her shirt at the waist and up to her breasts. You imagined Wanda moaning in your ear, asking you to touch her. And then you would. 
Guiding your hand up her thigh, you would lift her skirt, running your fingers along her skin, until you touched her where she wanted you to. And you would kiss her hard when you reached it, hard enough to make her lose her direction. 
You would start by superficially caressing her through her panties, until she began to tremble and push her hips against you.
Then you would push the panties aside, and penetrate her all at once, feeling her hot and wet in your fingers, while she moaned loudly against you.
You would bring your hand to her hair, pulling gently to expose the collarbone you wanted so badly to kiss, while Wanda would get overwhelmed with such intense satisfaction. You would push your fingers into her until her walls tightened around you, and she began to spasm, whimpering."
Wanda stumbled backwards with a surprised exclamation and a breathless sigh, the sound of the door opening and Bucky entering the room woke her up. You licked your lips, feeling extremely turned on by the playfulness.
- I see you didn't kill yourselves while I was away. - said the soldier, putting away his cell phone. Then he looked up at you two, and frowned. - Is everything okay?
You cleared your throat, trying to smile. But then Wanda spoke first.
- Everything's great. - Her voice came out a little hoarse. - We talked a little while you were out there. - She lies, but you cover it up. - Y/N and I are going out together for a while, to try to resolve this situation without involving the team.
Bucky looks really surprised, and you bite your lip to keep from laughing, and then Bucky smiles.
- Wow, that's great news! - He says - I am proud of you guys.
- Can we go now? - Wanda asks looking anxious. 
- Sure, go ahead. - He says, still smiling. Wanda looks at you and the gleam in her eyes makes your stomach turn with anxiety.
You walk silently out of the hallway, and there is such tension in the air that it is hard to breathe.
About five minutes later, you are in your room, settling your differences in the best possible way.
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