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#why is that so surprising lmao
It's hilarious to me at most of the criticism for the recent chapters (and Star and Stripe) like people have genuinely forgotten that this is a shonen series written with heavy influences from western comic books. Everything about Star and Stripe (especially the shit she pulled current chapter with the big ass phantom figure) is so on brand for standard comic books heroes.
Also I know we got My Villain Academia, and I loved every minute of it, but the heroes are supposed to be the ones the audience is rooting for. Yeah it might not be in a more typical way like "Oh the villain got defeated and actually died" and will probably follow the "power of friendship saves the conflict" (considering Midoriya's whole "save everyone" shit) but regardless end of the day no matter how Horikoshi decides to end the series technically the heroes will win. Doesn't mean you have to be happy about it. Doesn't mean you can't be mad that there isn't more Villain POV's (I personally want to see more of their thoughts as well as what the rest of the League is doing).
People just need to remember that the series isn't being specially catered to you. Don't set your standards so high for being able to see your personal wishes that you end up so frustrated with disappointment. I know people want to see just endless panels of curated content on their favorites but it's not worth getting worked up over.
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myshunosun · 2 months ago
so sorry if you followed me because of cas content, but in a shocking turn of events i learned that i am, in fact, completely and utterly fascinated by inanimate (pixel) objects
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rudjedet · 4 months ago
Okay, I'll ask because someone has to: what *about* the Vigorous Nature of Seth's Coition? What is the context for this? To which does said vigorous nature relate, and what does it imply? (Apologies if you've answered this question before)
[TL;DR below]
Ha, well, the context is that it's a phrase from a paper by my thesis advisor Jaap van Dijk on the story of Seth, Anat and the Seed of P'Re. This text is part of the corpus of mythological stories that are used as medicinal heka - i.e. a story that is a recounting of something that happens in the realm of the gods, and which ends with Isis proclaiming her proficience as a magician, and reciting an invocation to effectuate a cure. In this case, it's an invocation against a headache thought to be engendered by The Seed (mtwt in Middle Egyptian, which can mean both "semen" and "poison").
In the text, Seth comes across The Seed, a goddess who is likely a personification of semen (and who is also Hathor) and who is said to be the wife of P'Re in his nocturnal form, as she is taking a bath. He is mightily taken by the sight of her buttocks, and has sex with her. The text is a little bit ambiguous, some interpreting it as Seth forcing himself upon her, but textual analysis of the words used may indicate that it wasn't so much rape, but rather, quoth Jaap, "[stressing] the vigorous nature of Seth's coition". Either way, The Seed wasn't too fond of it, and she flies up against him and hits him in the forehead, so that comes down with a sick headache and has to go lie down in his bed.
Another argument against the rape interpretation is that the text seems to be dealing with the fallout of Seth engaging in sexual indulgences as he's wont to do, and through that, throwing a spanner in the works for the rebirth of the sun god. The nocturnal form of P'Re copulates with The Seed every night, so that he may be reborn as the sun god every morning. But because Seth had sex with The Seed, and The Seed in response fucked him over by entering his body and causing a terrible headache, that cyclicity is broken. Anat, who is at this point in time Seth's wife, then enters the story and asks P'Re to take The Seed away from Seth's head, but P'Re is angry and says "let his stupidity be a lesson to him". After this, Isis shows up and instigates the invocation proper, which has both real world consequences (i.e. a medical cure) and mythological consequences (The Seed is taken from Seth's head and the cyclicity of rebirth is restored).
To recap the full story: P'Re is old and dying; Seth, by robbing P'Re's Seed through having sex with her, prevents his rebirth. Anat attempts to fix it but can't because she's barren. Isis shows up, and with help from Anat, recovers the Seed. Isis then becomes both P'Re's wife and mother, which enables P'Re's rebirth again. In its essence, Seth’s vigorous coition - which is always portrayed as something aberrant (in this case, adultery, in others, homosexual intercourse*/pederasty/rape) - just fucks up a whole lot of things for a whole lot of people and this story is a representation of one of the ways in which Seth can be a dickbag the antithesis to Ma’at.
This a condensing of some relatively complicated religious concepts. There's a lot more to be said about how the three goddesses stand in relation to each other and Seth, which Jaap does in his paper. If you're interested in the full background, hit me up with your e-mail through messages and I'll send the paper to you. I can't post it because Tumblr would just hide the post because of the link.
Ultimately, the phrase "the vigorous nature of Seth's coition" really tickled me because I know the man who wrote it and I know just the kind of face he likely made when he did. I also think it's one of the more interesting myths involving Seth, because it has a lot of parallels, for example structurally, with the Osiris Mythos, but also in terms of goddesses; Anat and Nephthys are similar figures - both either barren or unable to give birth to children, both said to assist Isis, and both with a spousal relation to Seth.
*homosexual intercourse in ancient Egypt was considered an aberration from the norm, the all-important nuclear family focussed in procreation. Although we do have evidence that same-sex couples existed in Egypt and weren’t necessarily shunned or otherwise punished for their homosexual behaviour, within the religious realm this is portrayed as undesirable because of the nature of the gods.
TL;DR; The vigorous nature of Seth’s coition represents an aberration from the norm that results in the breaking of the cosmic cyclicity necessary to maintain Ma’at.
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erelavant · 3 months ago
~Mclaren video~
Who has the best fans?
Danny: We don't have a face for that.
Me: I'm sure he means McLaren has the best fans
Danny: Lewis
Tumblr media
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cursedmotleycrueimages · 23 days ago
So Nikki and Courtney are working on a children's book about diversity. Bless him because I know his heart is in the right place but he is fucking delusional if he thinks a book written by a rich white man who was caught on camera using racial slurs and his Republican wife is going to do well.
Directed by Robert B. Weide
#ask#anonymous#the fact that me and andi are talking about this right now in chat lmao#I was gonna say that I would love to read a children's book written by nikki. would love to#if the nikki that wrote that was generation swine nikki when he was high on crack cocaine and Flintstones vitamins#because god knows what horrors that mind would've produced for a children's story lmao#shit would be darker than the Grimm brothers' fables#but yeah I mean you said it. this isn't going to work lmao#and the fucking audacity too lmao especially of his wife because fuck her#I can excuse him (but he's on thin ice) bc he's a boomer but means well#she on the other hand is like five years older than me and is a republican lmao like you know she just wants to pander to the press#like something tells me it was her idea bc her agent told her to do something like that#she suggested that to nikki and he was like hey that's sweet#like I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't tell him she wanted to do that to appear like a good person#she didn't tell him they would've had fucking lions at their wedding either bc why would you tell your future husband that#why would you tell your husband anything#but yeah anyway. obviously they're all suppositions of mine bc I never research anything but at the same time 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️#I mean she's so fucking predictable. everyone can see right through her#everyone apart from nikki who's the one who should more than anyone else but alas he's a dumbass or just doesn't care anymore or both
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fenny2613 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I can’t believe the first time I watched this in the trailer I didn’t notice that Sam and Bucky both had their legs intertwined. Like I saw this scene and thought wow this is gay and then I saw that Sam had his knee in Bucky’s crotch and I was like wow this is REALLY gay
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florenzismind · 13 days ago
I’ve been at work all day, thinking about the last clip and why it surprised me as much as it did. And I think I finally cracked my own code: I was expecting a fight (from Constantin tbh lmao). 
To me, it’s not that the clip doesn’t make sense, it perfectly does. But this week was all about highlighting the different poles in Ismail’s life, developing their relationship with Lou and showcasing the growing rift between Constantin and Isi and the entire group as a whole. 
I honestly thought we would see Constantin react to Isi/Lou and that would solidify this rift between Constantin and Isi. As I already said in this post, I thought Lou’s reaction to Constantin’s behavior will explain her role in this entire season. In my mind, Constantin would react and be the active participant in creating this rift and Lou would be on Isi’s “side”, thrown by his behavior. 
But it didn’t happen like that at all. And the more I think about it, the better I think that is. Ismail is very passive when it comes to their more “active” friends like Constantin or even Lou. They go along with anything. 
But in this clip they didn’t. I *love* that Isi went away and made that boundary known. I also find it VERY interesting narratively that Lou went with Constantin. We’ll see what the next week brings and if they’ll even properly talk about it (and if it will be one-on-one conversations or a trio thing) – but this was definitely a turning point for Ismail and their way to actually, for once, react *and* act.
And in a way, I wasn’t actually wrong: This was not necessarily a fight where people threw punches or screamed at each other, but it wasn’t exactly a *good* situation and Ismail left that situation feeling very uncomfortable and lost (I think?). And I think, they are forced now to actually think about what and who they want to have in their life. 
(Next week could be really big, I’m so ready: Constantin/Lou/Ismail debacle, the tension between the Instas, who knows what will happen with Sascha, family clips with Umut and/or his mom?) 
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ysabellious · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
was looking through old thumbnails of an idea for a confrontation about the calamity box at the volcano back in march :’))
clearly it didn’t happen like this lol, but I really liked these bits so I thought I’d share :D
#amphibia#anne boonchuy#marcy wu#sasha waybright#will I ever finish this? idk.. maybe I’ll just upload what I have after I clean it up#because I have No idea what me from 2 months ago was going for#but hey !! if you’ve read this far into the tags I’ll give you some context as a prize :D#so my intial idea was uh they finish charging the box at the third temple and they’re all gonna head back to newtopia (like canon HAHA)#but like marcy slinks off with the box when people are settling down to go back#and anne (+ sasha but shhh we don’t know that yet) goes to find her so they can travel back right coz it’s getting dark#but oh nooo Anne catches marcy literally at the edge of a volcano with the box wtf bro!!! not cool!!#she tries to talk marcy out of... whatever she’s planning to do but Marcy’s like ‘hhh sorry anne’#THEN SHE CHUCKS THE BOX INTO THE VOLCANO HFBDG AND ANNE TRIES TO TACKLE HER TO STOP BUT ITS TOO LATE!!#and here sash shows up!! Idk where to put here before this but she runs out and wow power of strength she dives for it and throws it back#out of the volcano.. she catches herself on the edge of the volcano#Anne and Marcy scramble for the box .. marcy finally wrestles it out of Anne’s hands and holds it up#but woah surprise Sasha’s out of the volcano and she’s got her sword out oooo scary#then that’s where the last pic comes in :D#frankly I have no idea how to end this lmao that’s why I probably won’t finish it until I get another stroke of genius HAHA#ysart#sketches#I don’t think this counts as theory because the ep already happened HAHA
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not-poignant · 3 months ago
Hi! stupid question, but is there a reason why your sub characters are taller than their doms? ex. Gwyn and Efnisien.
Because it's awesome and it's also woefully under-represented in writing, which perpetuates a really harmful stereotype that subs should be shorter than their tops.
But also, lol, the majority of the characters I've written actually play into that stereotype:
Shadows and Light / From the Darkness We Rise (taller top - Pitch) The Golden Age that Never Was (taller top - Pitch) The Wind that Cuts the Night (taller top - Elliott) Stuck on the Puzzle (taller top - Bull) Eversion (taller top - Hank) The Ice Plague (taller top - Eran)
The exceptions where the sub is taller are The Beast that Chose Its Own Bridle, Game Theory-COFT and Falling Falling Stars. But as you can see, it's very much not the majority in terms of the number of characters I've written re: taller vs. shorter tops.
So yeah, no, I wouldn't say my sub characters are taller than their doms, actually, it's always been a bit of an uneven split in favour of taller tops/doms. In general, in terms of the number of characters I've written, the majority of the tops/doms have been taller than their subs/bottoms.
But tall subs are awesome so.
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bakusaigaa · 8 months ago
inukimi when anything happens involving the twins or rin:
Tumblr media
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moticnsickness · 6 months ago
"Are you ever gonna tell us how you get them out?"
"Checking up on me again, DiNozzo?"
"Never, boss. Rule 91. Don't think I've learned that one."
"You haven't. And you should be home, with your family."
"See, that's the thing."
"Hm. We've got a problem."
Tumblr media
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