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#why is this 15 dollars
windyqutiea month ago
I did it outta spite 馃憛
#personal#Anyway from what I can tell even big names don鈥檛 get anything with ko fis but like I said I don鈥檛 wanna make it a job#And it鈥檚 chill tbh if home life gets bad I鈥檒l get another job sell my Miku pullip smth idk lol not any of my Ki stuff hes my babey 馃槶#but you know what writers don鈥檛 get enough credit tbh! And it takes us alot of work#so even just having this will kill the stigma some and that鈥檚 all I neeed!#I hope you like the description lol#but now I have ittt just in case I ever do get eat glass ask#put it in my bio why not I鈥檓 trying to kill the stigma#I set it to one dollar#it鈥檚 only a little exaggerated I did spend almost the whole day off on a fic once and that鈥檚 not the only time but it鈥檚 the one that comes#to mind first#I wanna delete the other post but I鈥檒l keep it up for context otherwise it鈥檚 gonna be like how鈥檇 you go from this to that and with that#goodnight#honestly from what PayPal email is I鈥檓 assuming lol that they will end with 80% anyway so pure spite it is#from what someone said they got 6 usd and ended up with 5#And 54 cents so for a dollar that鈥檚 all of it lol i swear#can鈥檛 be mad but sometimes I just wanna transfer a refund back to my bank and they鈥檒l be like take 15$ and I鈥檓 like 馃樁 I get it but#Anyway two sporadic naps isn鈥檛 enough for me I need some actual sleep after gettingnone last night spent it all making edits and taking#screenshots no regretios I love Ki 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 and he鈥檚 so cute and I love the edits and I don鈥檛 even care about the notes cuz I have everyone#blocked lol#he鈥檚 a pretty princess!#馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
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iamphibolous4 months ago
Boss calls me in early again so I give people free items馃憣
I already quit and it's not like anyone checks the cameras, and they're so short staffed no one surveys me if I just. 'forget' to scan a thing occasionally :)
I feel da power >:U
#Also I promised to a coworker I'd cover tomorrow if they needed me to cuz they hav sum stuff goin on so mb I will work tomorrow#but iz okay because listen. listen. Never working here again in my life unless they magically pay 15 an hour#I SEE THE SIGNS NO ONE EVEN PAYS SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS 15 THEYSAY '14.48' LIKE WHAT THE FUCK#I HATE THIS EVERYTHING but I have the opportunity to make some people's days and that's the best thing ever :3#I already quit so like. What are they going to do? They don't have people to work here ever that's why I was called in lol#You think they're going to call the cops over a one dollar worth of nail polish or a book that a woman with alzheimers wanted? like fr? no#and that's only if I get caught :3c Everyone trusts me so much already I've always been on the mark so like. YEAH XD#This place makes hundreds every day and I get paid 7 dollars an hour so 馃枙:p#AUGH another personal post in a row U.U Iz my blog sorry just working times today significant things rn#cannot wait till I can get back to quiet walks and stuff but rn I am being having a leetle fun :) I saw a pigeon too on the way home#we don't see those much it's always grackles and I saw those too. A friend told me the brown ones are juveniles#Also a person who was the embodiment of a 'dad' told me I have a really cute voice so like that's still going on#I guess???? he was there with his son and they were very polite and that's always nice. Also a music artist was there too and they had#good taste in cheap yakisobas. I'm gonna miss the cool people I get to scan up items for U.U so nice to meet so many!!!#Ah but strangers are everywhere! I've seen quite a few on my walks though the difficulty is judging if someone wants to be talked to#because some people ya know are like. they're doing their own thing they don't want to be bothered 馃槵 so feels bad to be a bother#but yeah I forgot what I was talking about. My cat meowed at me and she reset everything now uhhhhh um I guess that's all#Maybe LATER I can be a person Xd I regained coherency around 9 pm today at least and that's nice.#love Bonbon she is so cute <3 Though I hate the sound of her bell I might take that off her color or get her a new one#it's gotten grating for some reason I think it might be the pitch??? shrug#another goodnight! I will b alive nuther time UwU byeeeeee (銈澫夛渐)锞#personal
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dyke-unclea month ago
everyone at my work has hydroflasks with a bunch of really cool stickers and I show up with my ugly red naked Coleman Autoseal FreeFlow Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle. class discrimination
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hotgirlrry8 months ago
okay i figured out how to phrase this and its a doozy聽
disclaimer: no hate towards op, this is a great learning opportunity and the point brought up is something that should be addressed and anyone who wants to know more should read this and this聽
i just don't agree with the idea that no white passing poc exist, especially bc america鈥檚 system of race is too complicated. but what鈥檚 not complicated is that one鈥檚 race are their physical appearance and how others perceive them.聽
i鈥檓 brownskin, i have a flat and big nose, i have coily and coarse hair, i have big lips. you can assume i鈥檓 black and you鈥檇 be right lol. mixed people can vary but most of them are lightskin, have looser hair texture, have lighter brown or light eyes, a more prominent nose, smaller lips for the post part. they are mixed.
someone like halsey (based on the tags) is 100% white passing. you wouldn鈥檛 know that she was a quadroon if you just saw a picture of her, but people know because she always says she鈥檚 mixed. there are no physical similarities between me and ashley besides having textured hair. she and other white passing people would not be called the n word, she wouldn鈥檛 be called a representative of her race, she won鈥檛 and hasn鈥檛 gone through the same experiences as anyone visibly black. she can live in society as a white woman because that鈥檚 how she is perceived.
the issue is a lot of people just found out about the word white passing and have been running with it when tbqh i dont think people understand what it means to be of a race. it isn鈥檛 pulling out your closest black relative or claiming mixed identity and saying you got black blood (鈥漢ow you afro latino with no afro鈥) or claiming because you鈥檙e not #fffff with pin straight blonde hair that you鈥檙e ethnic because that鈥檚 not how it works
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Tumblr media
My love
First painting 鈽
First fanart 鈽
Ft the artistic styles of my cat that wasn't asked for that I'm pretty sure was malicious 鈽
Was a lot of fun to sketch and draw. 10/10 would do again.
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waiting-and-whispering10 months ago
woke up from a 2 hour post-work nap with the realization that me saying about video games and skiing that i聽鈥渏ust never got into it鈥 is at least 90% false because unless i had shown a significant drive & interest to either of those things my parents (father) would have never spent the money required to聽鈥済et into it鈥. also i don鈥檛 think i鈥檝e ever in my life shown a significant drive and interest in anything
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foragecorea year ago
my friend at at work is a slightly conservative christian, like she was pretty sheltered growing up and shes learning to be open minded. and she was talking abt our salaries and she was like you know they charge this much for a month of lessons which is this much for each lesson which means the bosses make This Much money when we teach a half hour lessons and we only get paid this much but WE'RE the ones doing all the work !! and I was like baaabe... you are sooooo close
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