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uraaniuum · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay - AU where the rest of the lineage goes back to Dooku’s padawan days as padawans themselves to try and stop his fall to the Dark Side but they are way too over-eager (and early) and Dooku doesn’t appreciate anyone’s efforts.
Also, please imagine being a teacher at the Temple during this and having to train the entire disaster lineage at the same time lmao.
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birthdeanboy · 7 months ago
dean is literally as canonically bisexual as he could possibly be without tptb just letting him come right out and say it. the growing need this fandom has to push dean as gay instead of bi is, frankly, exhausting. can one character stay bisexual for once, please.
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3wisellamas · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Decided to show Green Thumb AU Sweet some love, and finally let him touch some grass.
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rabbiteartrans · 6 months ago
I don't get people who can be like "oh she's a horrible mother but that doesn't mean she's a horrible person"
Like babe abusing a child is one of the worst things an average human being can do; where is the line for you??
#abusive #i mean not ALL Bad Mothers(tm) are but like.. 90% #yes i'm a victim of ongoing maternal abuse jealous of how people can go through so much and not be filled with so much hatred and anger #their abuser and has also been constantly made to feel like the bad one by said mother as well as all my equally abusive and shitty sibling #so i feel extreme additional guilt at my negative emotions not just towards them but towards anything in general as well as #my positive emotions; feeling like i'm always in the wrong no matter what my opinions are and totally folding under the slightest argument #to the contrary #all of this compounding into a frankly hellish existence of never trusting my own brain and feeling like im wrong about literally everythin #which only amplifies my rage and hatred toward the source of it all; my family; as well as my autistic brain; spawning a lot of internalise #ableism and wishing i wasnt 'broken' and 'such a freak' etc. etc. and all of this and more only being amplified further by the narrative #that one has to forgive their abusers to get better - especially in cases like my mother's where she was also a victim of child abuse where #it suddenly becomes my responsibility to accommodate her and be understanding because 'she's had it so hard' - that is pushed in so much #popular media and culturally where such action is seen as virtuosic and praised as making them So Much Better A Person than those who dont #all of which only seems to be confirmed in my mind as correct by these such people who make such a distinction between mother and person #that i just can't understand and of course i must be wrong about #......... wow i really just unpacked a lot there.. sorry for all that if you for some reason read it #abuse tw #vent #negativity #wait fuck there was supposed to be a 'why do you ask' at the end of that whole bullshit i totally forgot
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magebirdi · 10 months ago
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infiniteinoblivion · a year ago
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is this the “fall” thing I keep hearing about?
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itheume · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
local guy shows up in one game and is never seen again more @ 11 ( @stephschoices )
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worstloki · a year ago
do you know how infuriated Loki would be that western society acts as if literature written by old white men is canonically superior?? that white men following the socially acceptable religion wrote texts about how they were emotionally detached from society or spiritually disconnected and alienated?? where they complained that technological process was a purposeless burden because it wasn't personally ‘working for them’?? if they weren't all dead he would’ve straight up roasted them alive
#this realm has divided itself into hundreds of vast unique cultures and Y'ALL DECIDED YOU WERE THE BEST?? WHY??'' #''T.S ELIOT WRITES LIKE AN ANGSTY 13 YEAR OLD THAT CRIES HIMSELF TO SLEEP EVERY NIGHT'' #WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S THE ONE REMEMBERED FOR THE MODERNIST MOVEMENT?? WHAT ABOUT EMILY DICKINSON??'' #''IF YOU'RE GIVING SOMEONE A TITLE AT LEAST MAKE SURE THEIR WORK DESERVES IT!?!'' #''what DO YOU MEAN A WOMEN STARTED THE GENRE AND NOW MEN MAKE IT A THEM-ONLY THING?? genDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT??'' #''oh would you look at that Shakespeare's actually got decent work with textual integrity. he can stay. Oscar Wilde's 1 book is good too'' #''ANOTHER OLD WHITE MAN WHO IS CONSIDERED A LITERARY CRITIC AND IS SELF-ABSORBED??? WHY WOULD MIDGARDIAN SOCIETY DO THIS???!?'' #''OH BOO HOO YOU WERE SAD AND DIDNT SEE PURPOSE IN LIFE - YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL - STOP CREEPILY WATCHING WOMEN IN THE STREETS PRUFROCK!!!'' #Loki would absolutely whip out a thousand years of literary criticism knowledge to roast education systems everywhere about what they teach #forget Thor 1 what I want to see is Loki getting banished to earth and becoming someone that specialises in literally E V E R Y T H I N G #he starts by posting a few scientific papers online with a few theories he's got on how stuff works and how earth materials could test them #then he moves on to publishing a YA novel #youtube cooking channel specialising in desserts of various cultures and he collabs with people of those cultures to get things right #Margaret Atwood who #watch as 1 person asking an off-hand question about his fave Shakespearean work spirals into an hour analysis of what makes a tragic hero #stark hears about loki's model for a clean renewable energy source and the physics blows him away #loki uses stark's research fund money to open a fashion line #he doesn't waste money on hiring models and when that one decently popular sh*tp*ster used his account to advertise he blew up online #someone eventually reminds odin that he banished one of his children on earth but suddenly the insolent child doesn't want to return #he'll have his magic back though thank you #loki: marginalisation is an actual thing #Asgard: *booing him* #Earth: *cheering* #Odin: why don't u want to come back son
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coindraws · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
hello I haven't touched my tablet in a few days my phone's my victim now
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h3rb-cook1e · 7 days ago
please dont say cpr is a “mcyt” thing that audio has been on tiktok for more than a week
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loesyff · a month ago
Oh right, you can’t search for any nice crafts ideas anymore without being buried into the content farm crap.
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marxismlupinism · 3 months ago
i feel like people are still entrenched in the idea that something has to be "problematic" in order for you to dislike or oppose it, which leads to ppl cancelling harry potter for things that are both completely standard for the fantasy genre and also mostly incidental to hp's narrative. yes the goblins are antisemitic cariactures; yes the house elf plotline is slavery apologia; yes there is gender essentialism in jkr's worldbuilding; and so on and so forth. but these things do not constitute the core of hp's narrative—the plot of harry potter is not about the goblins, for instance, and the goblins could easily be replaced with wizards and the issue is more or less solved. and this bigotry is incredibly common in fantasy. plenty of fantasy staples are based in antisemitism and antiblackness. that's not at all an excuse, but it does mean that hp is not exceptionally bad in a way that you could specifically point to hp and deem it more evil than most other popular fantasy media.
if you want a serious reason to dislike harry potter that has a solid foundation, it's probably harry potter as a cultural phenomenon from which jkr derives her power (and then uses against trans women + to promote all her other shitty politics). hp would be any other reactionary fantasy book series if not for its immense popularity and cultural ubiquity.
and, if not for the genuine issues w hp's politics, you could still criticise it for being overrated (which it most certainly unarguably is) because, issues aside, it's incredibly mediocre in construction. hp was not innovative in children's literature, fantasy literature, etc; it's easy to consume which is why it got popular, but it's not actually well-made. basically the whole reason why ppl say "read another book".
but even then, you don't need a super serious reason to dislike a book series. harry potter fans are annoying. that's not a serious reason to dislike hp but it is a valid one. you are allowed to dislike media for those kinds of reasons. like straight up if you have your hogwarts house in your bio or if you wear hp merch you're probably an incredibly annoying person, all the serious issues w hp aside. and i think more than anything else that's the most accurate reason for why people like to make fun of hp fans. you don't need a serious justification for laughing at ppl who put hp ships in their bio. sometimes disliking fans of shitty popular media is fun in and of itself.
#i think it's mainly hp fandom ppl i see doing this #like people talking abt hp as though its core issue is the incidental bigotry of the books #i cant really think of other popular media that doesn't have similar issues tbh #i see former hp people still post about stuff like warrior cats whose worldbuilding is anti-indigenous #or tlok which is... you know lol #and yet they only talk abt hp this way #which indicates that either your main issue w hp is not that it contains reactionary politics #or that you are just very bad at spotting reactionary politics in fiction #i honestly think that a lot of it these days is performatively expressing that you dont support jkr by criticising hp for these things #i remember before jkr was very vocal abt her transmisogyny ppl would still criticise hp for these kinds of things but it was framed as like #ur fav is problematic rather than abt how much u hate hp #and i think theres been a shift in ppl who previously liked hp suddenly deciding that hp is bad for these reasons #i think the people who say stuff like 'im leaving the hp fandom because i dont want to be associated w jkrs work anymore' are #a lot more genuine than ppl who talk abt hp like it's Especially Bigoted compared to most other popular media #hp has terrible politics. so does ur other fav media. are u giving them the same heat #this post isnt asking ppl to hate hp less bc u should hate hp. i hate hp. but a lot of hp criticism reads as so performative and disingenuo #us #why cant we just hate hp normally rather than pretending it's activism lol
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hellaephemeral · 9 months ago
i didn’t even realize how much i disliked sasuke until he just vanished for like 15 episodes during the chūnin exam’s preliminaries and i didn’t even notice but suddenly found the show a lot less annoying and instead very enjoyable
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mysterylover123 · 5 months ago
Mysterylover watches Bleach Episode 346 "Everyone Wants Ichigo Now Apparently"
Tumblr media
1. So to recap, Folks are getting attacked and Ichi is frustrated that there's nothing he can do. So he calls a weird number.
2. This arc sure is different. Like we've flipped over into a completely different genre. From Shonen to Spy Thriller.
3. Over at school Hime brings us the news that something's up with Chad in the most...Orihime way possible. And she also has developed the "jumping out the window" shonen ability.
4. Ichi blows her off when she attempts to invite him to visit Chad with her. What's up with you Ichi-grumpy pants?
5. I'll admit I don't really like Orihime's redesign. She's mostly just drawn a little older and with bigger boobs, but the redesign makes her look too One-Piece girl for my comfort. Though she totally rocked that jumper last episode. This design needs baggy clothes.
6. Anyway since Hime actually cares about the plot she's checking in on Chad to try and investigate what's up and remembering the threats Uryu-dad made.
7. Ichi meets up with Mysterious New Human Villain at night so they can have a Serious Plot Talk in really moody green lighting.
8. Ichi gets taken to their secret lair (Am I safe in assuming these guys are villains? They're drawn to look like villains but so far they seem to be helping Ichi out. I dunno, just a vibe
9. OOH, they're gonna get him his Soul Reaper powers back! OMG!! Didn't see THAT Coming!
10. Anyway Pigtail Maid Villain is here and throwing a temper tantrum at her minion, who she proceeds to punch in the chest and hurt her hand. How random.
11. Aaand back to Ichigo and the bombshell he just heard. He responds by threatening the guy who might be able to help him.
12. The guy takes Ichi drinking, which makes me wonder what the drinking age is in Japan. Anyway Ichi is apparently being introduced to the Origins of Quirks. (human based superpowers)
13. This guy can apparently turn booze green and make it dance. Huh. Must make him a hit at raves. Anyway more specifically he controls stuff the "soul" of an object.
14. So telekinesis basically. And apparently booze has a soul. That's....creepy. So are there like soul reapers for booze? Rukia's Booze Reaper buddies?
15. And apparently these guys can walk on water with this power. It sounds kinda like these guys all have similar powers to Orihime, but less cool than hers.
16. FULLBRING, so that's why this is called the Fullbringer arc! I was curious. Anyway Maid Girl is finally here.
17. We get her name but I'm still calling her Pigtail Maid. Oh and Chad's with her! And he looks creepy but hey maybe that makes this a little more legit.
18. Or even less so. Is Ichi freaking out about this cause Orihime was worried? I wonder, it seems like an unusually extreme reaction for hime and that's the only explanation the episode has given.
19. Pigtail Maid apparently finds Ichigo really really hot. Ichi must be working something this arc, that's two girls in one episode swooning over him. Didn't used to do that...did he do something with his hair or something?
20. I mean last arc he was running around buff and shirtless half the time and no girls were swooning then. And he looks not really different this arc. Anyway they're expositing about why Hollows have holes in their hearts, which is kinda poetic.
21. Anyway we get a long exposition speech that amounts to "another dude has hollow + soul reaper powers and you can swap". I think. It's long.
22. Anyway Ichigo cares more about what's up with his friends than getting his powers back. YAS THAT'S OUR PROTAGONIST. You go be a hero now.
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battlesaxe · 7 months ago
been seeing the omni flag way too often on tiktok recently
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hotmintgum · 4 months ago
ok important question for spn mutuals have you been into the show this entire time and just not talking about it until recently or did you only get into it after the initial 2012 hype for it died down
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lucy-sky · 12 months ago
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“Man, look at us... We’re getting old, boy.” 
“Not me, man. I never grew up.”
Shea Whigham as Tip in All the Real Girls (2003)
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system-of-a-feather · 9 months ago
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james-a-b · 12 days ago
i hope that horse can afford a chiropractor
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blackberry-jam · 18 days ago
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