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#why r u the series
negrowhat · 2 days ago
10 Day BL Challenge
Tumblr media
Day 8: Your Favorite Couple
Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi from We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd
Shi De and Shu Yi are by no means the perfect couple but the way they were so emotionally charged when it came to each other made a lasting impression for me. I love the recurring theme of how hate and love are 2 sides of the same coin for them. 
Tumblr media
Kurosawa Yuichi and Adachi Kiyoshi from Cherry Magic
Name a more perfect couple! Don’t worry I’ll wait. No they were perfect because so many imperfections were highlighted. Adachi was just a wallflower with high anxiety who wanted to just blend in. Kurosawa was the company’s all-star who hid his true self behind the mask of a good boy, only doing what was expected of him and not what he wanted. Who would think that a little virgin magic would guide Adachi to open his heart and for Kurosawa to get the man of his dreams.
Tumblr media
Fighter and Tutor from Why R U? the Series
The series might have been a hot mess but I absolutely adored FighterTutor. I loved the entire setup of their relationship. I loved that we got to see Fighter go from an annoying himbo to becoming the most attentive boyfriend. I love how we got to see Tutor’s walls come down and become more vulnerable in front of Fighter, trusting him. They were honestly just magical together.
Tumblr media
TharnType from TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THARNTYPE! There’s no secret about it, I’ve gotten into arguments with people about it! I’m a TharnType apologist. S1 was a hot mess and I understand how they would be an acquired taste. But S2 TharnType showed a lot of growth, Type seemed to have mellowed out a lot and Tharn seemed to have learned to be more assertive. They argued a lot about marriage and both had valid points. I just love how mature they had become and cried when they tied the knot.
Tumblr media
Cairo Lazaro and Gavreel Alarcon from Gameboys the Series
Another couple I love everything about. CaiReel made me laugh and squeal and literally cry. The first time I had seen an online relationship portrayed in a series. I love how Gav’s flirty and positive nature played off against Cai’s shy and grumpy demeanor. Gav helped Cai work through his guilt and coming out and Cai helped Gav work through the tail end of his grief. I love them and I’m looking forward to season 2.
Tumblr media
Go Yoo Han and Choi Yeon Woo from Color Rush
THEY! THEM! *Chef’s Kiss* No secret that I love them too! Their story was new! We love a soulmate trope done well. I love how they were instantly connected and drawn to each other. They couldn’t stay away. They completed each other in more ways than one.
Tumblr media
Gene and Nubsib from Lovely Writer
I LOVE THEM TOO! I love how Gene isn’t your typical type of lead in these kinds of dramas and it showcased in a blatant direct contrast of the series being filmed within the series. I love that Nubsib came up with such a convoluted plan just to be reunited with his one true love. I love that even thought Gene is older than Nubsib, it’s Nubsib that takes care of him. I love that Gene is honest with Nubsib and that even though he’s hesitant he’s still open and receptive of Nubsib’s feelings because he has feelings too.
Tumblr media
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exoticrose12 · 10 months ago
BLs in 2020
Can I just marvel at what a year 2020 has been for BLs? Like it may have been a traumatic year overall but the BLs we’ve got have made it a lot easier to cope.
Firstly, from Thailand this year we’ve been given Iconic dramas such as 2gether The Series and subsequent Still 2gether, Surprisingly Good but Underrated, My Engineer, the Absolutely Crazy YYY The Series (and special episodes), and The Uneven Victims of COVID, Why R U? The Series and En of Love Series.
We’ve also been gifted with the Iconic, Amazing, Award-Deserving I Told Sunset About You. Just watch it. It has a happy ending that makes all the pain and tears worth while. And there’s going to be a Part 2 coming next March so JUST WATCH IT! Also watch the documentary episodes about the making of the show, they’re so interesting.
Currently airing from Thailand: My Gear & Your Gown, Oxygen The Series, TharnType: 7 Years of Love, Thonhon Chonlatee, Gen Y (the 2Moons we didn’t know that we needed).
Coming Soon: SaifahZon Special Episodes (Nov 27th), Manner of Death (Nov 30th), My Bromance: 5 Years Later (Dec 9th).
Secondly, South Korea has burst into the BL seen with two heartfelt, well-made dramas, starting with Where Your Eyes Linger and following up with Mr. Heart. Both criminally short but fantastic. Hopefully, SK will continue to delve into the BL world and give us more great dramas in 2021.
Coming Soon: WISH YOU: Your Melody In My Heart (Dec ??)
Thirdly, if Korea burst onto the BL seen, then you can rightly argue that The Philippines exploded on the BL scene! Starting with Gameboys and Hello Stranger, then more recently, Boys’ Lockdown, Oh Mando, Ben X Jim, My Extraordinary, Like In The Movies (Gaya Sa Pelikula) and more!
We also cannot overlook the fact that The Philippines gave us the first (correct me if I’m wrong) GL (Girl’s Love) with Pearl Next Door, a spin-off/ sequel to Gameboys.
Fourthly, Japan gave us two unique BLs this year in Life: Love On the Line (Life Senjou no Bokura) and Cherry Magic: Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (30sai made Dotei dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashii). Life: Love on the Line is a short but sweet drama that will give the whole range of emotions, from yelling at the screen at a certain main character to squealing in delight to bawling your eyes out. Cherry Magic hasn’t finished yet but it is already an amazing drama with interesting characters and a completely unique plot. I would highly recommend watching both.
Lastly, we cannot not talk about Taiwan when talking about BLs since it has given us some of the best BLs of all time in the HIStory Series. This year is notable for the fact that we did not get a 4th Season of HIStory. But this does not mean that they gave us nothing. Because of You and Craving You are two short, sweet BL dramas that aired this year. I’m sure that there are others on GagaOhLala but since I haven’t subscribe to that service yet...when I eventually run out of BLs to watch.
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konaizumi · a month ago
Zon: I'm not gay if I want to date Saifah but as bros, right?
Zol: I'm not an expert but it sounds pretty gay.
Tutor, eating chips: I'm an expert. That's gay.
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negrowhat · 3 months ago
We Love A Sweet Himbo
It’s me again y’all. Let’s talk about some of our beloved Himbo Boys.
Fighter from Why R U? the series
This man’s tiddies are never covered, his eyebrows have a life of their own, and apparently he’s packin 9 inches. He had everyone simping, but he was simping for ONE man. He’s a loveable man who would do anything for his beloved Tor, literally followed Tutor around like a puppy.
Tumblr media
Xiang Hao Ting from History 3: Make Our Days Count
Man jumped from a girlfriend to a boyfriend so fast my neck snapped. And how many times did he talk about wanting to eat Xi Gu up complete with props? BUT he realized how good a person he was and he loved Xi Gu with every fiber of his being and wanted nothing but a bright future for them both.
Tumblr media
Xiao Licheng from History 4: Close to You
Not him shamelessly using his own bestie to exploit his childhood crush’s fetish so she would fall in love with him. Mans got caught up in like 9 office scandals and dragged Teng along for the ride. BUT he took the best care of his TengTeng and protected him and loved him and cherished him. SPENT ALL HIS MONEY ON A DREAM HOME FOR HIMSELF AND TENG!
Tumblr media
Forth from 2Moons2
Bi King. Campus Moon. Motorcycle fuckboy. Couldn’t keep his shirt on to save his life. According to the novel Forth was no stranger to men and women alike, but when he and Beam clicked he was down 4 life. He became a cute, clingy soft boy for Beam. EVEN GAVE UP SMOKING because he wanted kisses from Beam.
Tumblr media
Gavreel ‘Gav’ Alarcon from Gameboys the Series
IDK just how many exes Gav actually had so I won’t speak on that. But that boy really NEVER had on a shirt and he was always proudly showing Cairo his tiddies. Not to mention that boy flirted like the rent was due every day.  BUT he did nothing but support Cai and made himself available for him in his time of need. He just loved Cai and it showed in everything he did.
Tumblr media
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exoticrose12 · 2 months ago
My Top 5 Kinky-est BL Couples (Head-Cannon)
Nubsib X Gene (Lovely Writer): you cannot honestly tell me that they don't incorporate role-play regularly into their sex life. Also, I think that Gene occasionally likes to have Nubsib force him into sex (consentual non-con) which Nubsib agrees to because it plays into his possessiveness of Gene
Fighter-Tutor (Why R U?): Dominant Bottom X Submissive Top. I imagine Tutor likes to tie Fighter up and ride him or do orgasm denial he he he but also likes it when Fighter gets all aggressive
Gao Shi De X Zhou Shu Yi (We Best Love): GSD likes to service ZSY. Similar to Fighter, he is a soft Top who would do anything for ZSY but occasionally gets real Dominant (re THAT scene in Fighting Mr. 2nd)
LeoFiat (TharnType SS2, Don't Say No The Series): Leo = Daddy (no age play), caring Dom who keeps Brat Fiat in line and gives him the safe, stable environment he needs
TulHin (Love By Chance S2): whipping, rope-play, Hin is practically a 24/7 submissive. (Canon in book but my Head-Cannon is more drama based with less rape and blood ick!)
HONORABLE MENTION = TinCan (Love By Chance): Sugar Daddy and his Sugar Baby, daddy kink (this is practically cannon in S2)
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kicking-names-taking-ass · 6 months ago
After sitting through this
Tumblr media
And this
Tumblr media
You’d think we’d be strong enough for this by now
Tumblr media
But I’m still gonna cry a bucket of tears because that’s what emotionally wrecked b*tches do
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Tumblr media
For anyone who struggles to decide what you’re in the mood to watch, or if you’re a newbie in the BL world and can’t decide where to begin. (Titles are below)
1: Where your eyes linger 
2: Together with me 
3: HIStory2 Crossing the line 
4: Project S The series: Spike! 
5: Waterboyy The Series 
6: HIStory2: Right or Wrong
7: Love by chance 
8: My Engineer
9: 2Gether The series 
10: 2moons2 
11: Theory of love 
12: HIStory3: Make our days count 
13: why r u
14: Sotus the series
15: Dark Blue Kiss (It’s a sequel to Kiss Me Again tho so watch that first)
16: He’s coming to me
17: TharnType the series
18: The Untamed (Censored romance)
19: HIStory3: Trapped
20: My Tee/Cause you’re my boy
21: Love Sick
22: Until We meet Again
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