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#why would anyone this this is a good idea

just realized this fic needs a tiny little bit of “plot”. whatever that might be. disgusting

#snw!su, #must a fic have 'plot'? can it not be a string of semi-coherent phrases that only indulge my very specific needs?, #like i have.. no idea what im doing, #im only here for the silly fluffy tropes. cant believe i need to make stuff make some kind of sense bc im writing 2 NERDS pining in space, #basically im working out why they're working together so i have an excuse to have them be around each other a lot bc lbr that's what we wan, #and im realizing i suck with oc names, #but. i ALSO realized im invested in having uhura be a person and have her own friends separate from her (future) relationship with spock, #and at least in my understading of these characters they are both very career-oriented & i just.., #we know spock is cool. we know he'll do amazing stuff. & with my limited knowledge of uhura i think it's unfair to her to not allow her, #to be just as cool and important as him and have none of her individual accomplishments have anything to do with him, #that's much more insteresting to me -- which is why i started thinking about this in the first place, #who would be so fascinating that spock would have an (pan)ic & allow himself to fall in love with, #as number one looks on as they stand together kiiinda too close, #someone who's so cool and amazing he literally immediately goes. well. love is real. fascinating. i wont talk to her ever but. good to know, #do send uhura fancast my way btw, #i have no idea how long this fic will be but once i hit 5k i think i'll post an excerpt, #if anyone's reading this please keep your expectations low like i said im just here to have fun and i have no idea what im doing, #and i write slowly :(, #ALSO please ignore the typos that are probably here i apparently cant type, #all of this to say characterization and AUs are hard and i truly dont know what this is, #spock x uhura, #star trek
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