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#why? ...your guess is as good as mine

Demon bros with an accident prone reader/mc

Just general mentions of being injured.


  • At first he doesn’t care, then he finds it annoying (Are all humans this way?)
  • After getting to know you it starts to worry him. No, Mc, that’s not an old bruise. Mc, it wasn’t there yesterday. Mc- What do you mean you fell down the stairs again? That’s the fourth time this month!
  • Always has a box of bandaids on hand and first aid kits all around the house of lamentation after it becomes clear just how accident prone you are.
  • Extremely protective, he makes sure to hold on to your arm anytime you’re anywhere near stairs (how you manage to slip down them so often will forever remain a mystery to him.)
  • Always trys his best to comfort you when you manage to hurt yourself yet again.


  • Trys his best to make sure you don’t get hurt. He’s The Great Mammon after all, of course he can protect a single human (even if it’s from your own clumsiness.)
  • Makes a big deal out of every time he catches you from tripping or something.
  • Of course if you act like it’s a big deal he’ll get flustered about it and run away.
  • Try’s his best to comfort his human after they get hurt again, even if he’s not as well prepared as Lucifer.


  • Please stay away from his things, the last thing he needs is for you to fall into something and break it.
  • If he really wants to hang out he’ll either MC proof his room or hang out in yours.
  • Bought some Ruri-Chan themed bandaids because he thought they were cute and you always seem to need them.
  • If you trip and land on top of him he’ll probably go on a rant about how this happened in an anime he watched recently before fully realizing the situation, he’ll then turn so red it becomes a health concern.


  • Unlike Levi, Satan won’t let you into his room at all, he has way to many stacks of books and is not risking the clean up that would come with them falling.
  • Will hang out in your room or in the library though.
  • Just as prepared for you getting hurt as Lucifer is.
  • Like Levi with his Ruri-Chan bandaids, definitely has some cat themed ones for you.


  • With how dramatic he is you would swear he’s the one getting injured all the time.
  • Fuses over any bruise or cut you get (you swear you saw him glare at the stairs after you fell down them for the third time that week.)
  • Probably has a bunch of creams and ointments to help you heal faster and leave minimal scaring for any cuts.
  • Gives all your injurys kisses to ‘make them heal faster’


  • Tripping is no longer a problem because he picks you up and refuses to let you back down until he’s certain you’re not going to get hurt.
  • Will try and catch you if you manage to trip anyways.
  • Will not let you near any flight of stairs.
  • Offers you extra snacks whenever you manage to hurt yourself again.


  • Can’t really help seeing as he’s asleep all the time.
  • Will offer extra cuddles right after calling you an idiot for tripping again.
  • Sees the cat and Ruri-Chan themed bandaids and leaves a box of cow themed ones in your room, denies having any knowledge of there existence after.
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OC: Nadine Griffin

Fandom: Grimm

Pairings: Hank/Nadine

Warnings: None



Her parents would be furious if they knew. Then again, she has no intentions of picking up the phone and calling them. Hank’s life is in danger, and she’s suddenly all too aware of how little she won’t do to save him. Normally she’d turn to Nick (or maybe even Trubel, though the girl still terrifies her a little) for this, but they both have emergencies of their own; neither one even picks up when she calls, and she knows this is up to her. 

Technically, she knows it isn’t clothes that will make or break this, but she has a feeling it’ll help her with confidence, so she heads to the nearest thrift store. 

The only combat boots they have are a size too large, so she buys some thick socks to go along with them. She debates for awhile between the dark jeans and the ripped ones, before finally grabbing the first; she can put a few rips in them herself. The shirt is less of a concern-she’ll stick to something in her closet, honestly-but the key is the jacket. 

Thankfully, they have half a dozen leather jackets, in varying shades and sizes. She grabs a dark one decorated with metal links and spikes, and as a bonus, snags a pair of tight black gloves. 


One more thing she needs: shades. 

With her outfit put together, and a quick stop at the Shop, she double-checks the address on her phone, and heads on over, gathering her courage. She can do this. She can do this. 

For a split-second, when she steps out of the car, she forgets to breathe altogether. This is a dangerous bluff, after all, and if she gets caught, she and Hank both might die. Then, she forces the thought from her head. It’s not a bluff, she tells herself, trying to coax herself into the right mindset. It’s true. And I’m very angry. And I’m going to go get my husband back. 

She doesn’t bother knocking, just marches up to the front door and flings it open. It vaguely resembles an office, and two men sit at desks, typing away at computers. They look up at her warily, and one frowns. 

“I’m sorry, but we don’t admit anyone without an appointment.”

“No?” She strides up to the desk, and the men lean back slightly. With a quick sniff, she realizes they’re Reinigans. Perfect. “Where’s Hank Griffin? I’m not going to ask you twice,” she adds sharply, when one hesitates. 

The one who spoke to her before clears his throat. “Wh-who are you?”

She smiles, and it takes everything in her not to woge, to show her teeth. “Ever hear of a Grimm?”

(They take her right to Hank. He looks up at her blearily, the dork, and grins. “I like the outfit.” 

She rolls her eyes. “Come on. Let’s get you out of here.”) 

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i’m kinda desperate for shows to watch these days so i’m giving archer a try and god it is So Ugly

#idk i thought i'd at least tolerate archer because i liked bojack horseman but God these shows are Different, #like people in a bh facebook group i'm in were all like oh archer is also a good show if you liked bojack but, #i guess what they mean is Hey are you a white man who strongly relates to rick sanchez well listen, #like oh bojack is an alcoholic male jerk This was obviously the selling point so you'll love all shows with an alcoholic male jerk, #i also started watching glow ? real talk does it ever like... get good, #i don't hate it but it's kinda boring i expected it to be funny but it's kinda just, #serious shmerious OH A JOKE back to serious gritty ASS serious again, #like it has a very dull tone overall and i can't tell what it's trying to be, #it feels like it takes itself way too seriously given the concept of the show like, #people in what the 80s? trying to put together a female wrestling show, #all these different girls coming together becoming wrestlers like it has SUCH potential for high comedy, #but it kinda does nothing with it, #it's a gold mine of absurd that doesn't actually deliver it's like if, #if someone made an epic completely down to earth action-filled retelling of fucking monty python's life of brian, #it's like you step into a clown car and the inside of it just looks 100% like your dad's suv complete with a pine tree air freshener, #but yeah archer has a fucking ugly animation  style and yeah i knew before i started it but ugh there's 10 seasons of this shit???, #it looks like realistic go animate, #like i get that as a... comedy? show its animation isn't the focus at all but Come On, #bojack horseman nailed the whole not-focused-on-realism simplistic animation, #why can't archer look better than if ctrl+alt+del was made by marvel
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Open to M/F/NB(Bottoms/Verse for M)
Potential Relations: Partner/Assisstant(can also be SO or incest/stepcest), Parent/Older sibling of party guest, etc.
[ BIO ]


“This is a really bad idea,” Thor breathed, despite the small grin on his lips, as the other got the buttons of his collar undone, loosening the doublet of his Prince Charming costume. He’d already done his little meet-and-greet with the children at this birthday party. The birthday girl had been over the moon when he’d presented her with a rose and danced with her. Now the children were sufficiently distracted eating cake and opening presents, most of the parents there paying attention to them as well.

He’d excused himself and ducked in to the bathroom. It hadn’t been long before the other had slipped in with him and crowded him against the counter as they kissed him. Oh, if they got caught this would be bad. That didn’t stop him form drawing the other into another kiss, his hands finding their way beneath their shirt as he spun them around to have the other pressed up against the counter instead. “Pretty sure people will notice if we’re gone for too long.”

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