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#why's he lookin at the camera like that
pinkydude · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Valentin Da Silva | 65/?? | Riders on the Storm
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1kook · a year ago
U KNOW SHE WILL!!!! someone sent me an ask a long time ago that was a tweet that said “bad news for my enemies. i woke up” and thats literally yn talking to jk, her boyfriend and biggest hater
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realcube · 9 months ago
moan in their ear prank
Tumblr media
characters ♡ tsukishima, tendō, iwaizumi, kenma & suna
content warning ♡ cursing, kinda crack in iwa’s, suggested punishment, sexual references, fem!reader & nsfw themes - minors dni
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kei tsukishima
♡ you meant for it to be a harmless prank but everything you do to him while he is trying to study ends up as harmful towards yourself-
♡ you just had to sneak behind his desk and chair to grab your backpack which was lying on the other side so in the process, you casually leaned in to his ear and produced the most hushed, pornographic moan that you could
♡ his eyes widened as he turned to look at you with an expression which was filled with a mix of disgust, shock and horny. which resembled the look he pulled when you asked him what a Iguanodon is 
♡ it took a moment for him to lubricate his dry throat and process what you just did, but once he thought of a suitable response, he blurted out, ‘what the fuck was that?’
♡ a sly smirk graced your features, you didn’t even spare him a glance as you dipped down to grab your backpack and pull it over your shoulders, ‘nothing.’
♡ once you finally laid eyes on him, you couldn’t help but snort at his stunned look which you rarely got to see as most of the time, it’s extremely hard to catch him off-guard, ‘anyway, i should probably get going. see ya lat--’
♡ though, you couldn’t even turn around before tsukishima grabbed your wrist be glad he was sitting down or else it would’ve been your throat- , ‘you’re not going anywhere.’ then he proceeded to pull you onto his lap
♡ you giggled at how uncharacteristically bold he was being before placing a kiss on his cheek, ‘that was hot, i’ll admit. but i really need to get going - i’m in a bit of a rush.’
♡ his seductive smirk fell into a frown and he was quick to drop his bedroom persona, ‘fine, then. go be a whore somewhere else.’ he said, abruptly pushing you off his lap and focussing his attention back on his work
♡ you gasp, luckily finding your balance after he pushed you then making your way to the door, lingering there for a moment just so you could peer over your shoulder and hum, ‘alright. but you know i’ll always be your whore, kei.’
♡ tsukishima exhaled sharply through his nose, adjusting his glasses as the corner of his lip pulled into a small smile, ‘unfortunately for me, yes.’ 
♡ a few moments passed and you must’ve been admiring his effortless beauty for a bit too long as he suddenly turned to you and snapped, ‘i thought you were in a rush? why are you just standing there?! it’s freaking me out- or are you gonna moan for me again?’ he chuckled at his own teasing but when he saw that you were giving him love-dovey eyes again, a light blush tinted his face as he waved his hand for you to go away, ‘whatever, just get lost. goodbye, i love you & all that stuff.’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
satori tendō
♡ he was sitting on the couch playing a game on his phone or sumn and nothing interesting had been happening lately so you took it upon yourself to make something interesting happen
♡ you approached the couch and plopped down next to him, your mouth hovering over his ear for a few moments - your hot breath tickling his skin - before you moaned in the most erotic way possible 
♡ he physically perked up then twisted his neck to look at you with an amused smirk, ‘someone’s horny.’ he commented, his attention quickly returning to his game
♡ you were excited to see his reaction but that was so underwhelming-
♡ your bottom lip jutted out to form a pout as you poked his cheek, ‘yes! aren’t ya gonna do something about it? i always help you when you’re horny!’
♡ ‘i’d love to help you out, princess. but i’m on the 48th level of candy crush. priorities.’
♡ you blinked rapidly, your gaze flickering between the phone screen and your clown of a boyfriend, ‘you know there is like..over eight thousand levels, right?’
♡ he side-eyed you with his eyebrow raised as if to say ‘fr?’ and you simply nodded in response 
♡ the app was soon deleted, ‘fuck that.’
♡ he tossed his phone aside and sighed as he stared into the void since he thought that his entertainment for the next few hours had been lost 
♡ but being the caring girlfriend you are, you were quick to swoop in and tilt his chin up to meet your longing gaze, ‘no, fuck me, satori.’
♡ and he did so gladly
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hajime iwaizumi
♡ you did it to him when you saw him just lookin scrumptious asf while he making was pasta for dinner
♡ you slipped your arms around his waist and nuzzled your face into the back of his neck like you usually do when he cooks
♡ but this time, you hopped onto your tip-toes, lightly thrusted against his back and moaned quietly in his ear
♡ to your surprise, instead of getting flustered or mad, he just laughed
♡ though, it wasn’t one of his cute, toothy-grin chortles; but rather an intimidating string of low chuckles - as if he was mocking you 
♡ which he was
♡ you raised a brow, peering over his shoulder to see if he was perhaps amused by something else but unfortunately for you, he was ready to meet your gaze with a deadly glare 
♡ so were railed on the spot <3
♡ you may be wondering what happened to your pasta but dw bc he rearranged your guts while adding oregano to that shit-
♡ multi-tasking king ✨👑
♡ like you were bent over the counter, face pressed against the cold marble and you stared directly at the fire of the stove beside you which tickled your face with a warm sensation as iwaizumi filled you up with an even warmer sensation 
♡ one of his hands massaging your waist while the other was stirring the pot 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kenma kuzome
♡ your first mistake was doing it to him while he was streaming 
♡ his camera was broken but the show must go on so it was just his voice + minecraft gameplay + you but the fans don’t need to know that 
♡ since his camera was off, kenma allowed you to sit on his lap as he played but under two conditions: you will not talk or make any noises and you can’t interfere with his game
♡ a small price to pay for some kenma snuggles :3 so ofc you obeyed
♡ well, for the first hour or so, at least
♡ after a while, it got boring just watching him play so you brought out your switch and started playing for yourself but even that became boring quickly too
♡ then the idea hit you 
♡ you were straddling him hence his ear was already by your lips, so it’s not like you’d have to move from your position
♡ plus, his mouth was very close to the mic so if you were quiet enough, the viewers probably wouldn’t hear a thing 
♡ though, you didn’t do too much reasoning, you kinda just acted on urge when you leaned in, pressed your lips together and hummed a faint moan
♡ his eyes widened and he visibly froze - if he had cat ears, they’d jolt upwards 
♡ his gaze immediately landed on the chat to ensure that nobody was going to mention it but his sudden silence probably made it more obvious that something happened
♡ the chat wasn’t flooded with inquiries but there were a few questions as to why he paused and if he was alright; so fortunately for your ass, it appeared as though nobody had heard a thing
♡ kenma hesitantly continued mining, explaining through gritted teeth, ‘oh, sorry, guys. my cat-’ he paused to pull his head back to shoot you a deadly glare accompanied by a snarl, ‘won’t shut the fuck up. shoo, kitty, we can cuddle later.’
♡ he waved his hand and you buggered off before you got caught cackling at the fact he called you ‘kitty’
♡ his chat genuinely believed him and he got a few donations solely bc they found out he’s a cat person
♡ so yeah, if anything you did him a favour but that didn’t stop him from fucking you into next week as soon as the stream ended 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
rintarō suna
♡ any excuse to fuck any excuse to fuck any excuse to fuck any excuse to fuck any excuse to fu
♡ you’re just sitting on his lap, cuddling - as y’all do - when the idea occurs to you 
♡ but a mistake you made was that you carried out this prank with no intention to actually do the dirty- you just wanted to see his reaction 
♡ he thought you were just craning your neck out to place a kiss on his cheek but when he hears your melodious moan ring through his head, he turns to look at you with an eyebrow raised 
♡ ‘that’s no way to ask for my dick. try again, but nicely this time .’ he snickered, lightly patting your head, clearly amused by your little pout
♡ honestly, he has such a soft spot for you - like you just existing near him makes him feel all warm inside 💕
♡ furrowing your brows, you whined, ‘i don’t want your cock, anyway. it was just a joke to see ho--’
♡ ‘you’re so horny for me, it’s kinda embarrassing.’
♡ his cocky smirk was simply met by your blank stare
♡ there was a long while of silence between the two of you; which you spent wondering why you were even with him while he was entranced by the thought of your pretty face with his dick half-way down your throat <33
♡ until eventually he broke by whipping off his shirt, lassoed it around your neck and pulled you in so your lips crashed against his, ‘you sure?’
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mattsunbae · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ft — akaashi keiji, atsumu miya, bokuto koutaro, tsukishima kei
warnings — NOT PROOFREAD 💔 tsukishima being himself 😕 atsumu being a comedic genius 🙏🏾
marcie’s note — hope y’all r safe 😁☝🏾
Tumblr media
watched from a distance as you sped through the book you were "reading" when in reality, you were just stretching out your bathroom break. suddenly, you stood up and made your way to keiji, who was behind the counter. "hey is there like a second book to this one?" you asked, adjusting your shirt and planting your elbows on the counter, leaning forward. "um.... didn't you just start this one?" he pointed at the book in awe. "oh this? yeah i wasn't really reading." you giggled, leaning forward even more to examine his features. "and why is that? it's a good book if i'm being honest. good plot, good development..." keiji smiled. "hm. maybe i should actually read it then." "yeah you should." you picked up the book again, "i'm coming back if it sucks." you laughed, running towards the door. "you should come back either way." keiji mumbled as you waved him off before running down the hall. “I HEARD THAT!”
smiled dreamily as he watched you order your meal in the dining hall. "isn't she so pretty, samu?" he asked, tapping his brother's arm. "she's alright." "whadd'ya mean ALRIGHT??" he raised his voice, puffing up his chest. "oh be quiet. she's looking at ya." osamu rolled his eyes as he pointed at you, who was silently laughing at his antics. "SAMU, SHE'S LOOKIN AT ME!" atsumu yelled, a lot louder than he had intended. this resulted in you turning around again to look at him with a grin before walking away, your hips swaying from side to side. "i should go eat with her right? lemme go eat with her! that's a good idea right?" the blonde twin rambled on and on as his annoyed brother just sighed and pushed him towards your table. you smiled as atsumu shyly approached you, fiddling with his fingers. "you're really loud." you pointed out, watching him sit down across from you. "heya i'm really loud, what's yer name?" atsumu laughed as you just looked at him, not knowing whether to laugh or walk away.
yelled, "HOLD IT!" as the elevator doors almost shut. you quickly pressed the button and wait for him to enter. your eyes slightly widened when you saw the buff, almost 6'3 man sprint into the elevator. "thanks!" he smiled brightly, pressing his floor number. sounds of the boy's heavy panting filled the elevator as you awkwardly stood in the corner, stifling your laugh. “you’re pretty you know that?” he blurted. you looked around at the imaginary cameras with a surprised but nervous look on your face. “me?” “yeah you!” kou said, a bit louder than he had intended. “oh, well thanks.” you smiled. “you’re pretty handsome yourself.” “AM I REALLY? YOU MEAN IT?!” bokuto leaned closer to you, his eyes and grin wider than usual. “yeah why would i lie about something like that?” you chuckled. bokuto just smiled as he stood a bit closer to you, causing you to look up at him with a surprised grin.
sighed as he noticed you sit next to him on the bench. out of all the empty benches on campus, why would pick the occupied one? “can you move?” he asked, scooting away from you. you turned to look at the lanky boy sitting next to you, “what’s your problem?” “my problem is that you chose to sit here instead of anywhere else.” he let out a frustrated sigh. “oh freaking well.” you sassily replied. you could practically see the steam escaping from his ears. “why are you even here? it’s like midnight.” you asked. he didn’t even reply — all he did was sigh. “fine, ignore the pretty girl sitting next to you.” “pretty? that’s a stretch.” he fired back, turning to see your reaction. “well you’re not looking to good either.” you rolled your eyes again. “bull.” “whatever.” you replied, getting up off the bench. “going back to my dorm.” you angrily mumbled under your breath. tsukishima rolled his eyes as he jogged up to you, “i’ll walk you home.” you grinned, “you totally have a crush on me.” “that’s debatable.”
Tumblr media
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© mattsunbae 2021.
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ch0s0 · 8 months ago
telling the haikyuu boys you want a baby tik tok prank
Tumblr media
with: msby 4 
a/n: !a lil bit suggestive! i need the msby boys in my life more, im lookin at u sakusa *finger guns*
Tumblr media
-> SAKUSA you both are laying down on the couch, you sandwiched between his arms as the two of you are scrolling through your phones. you smirk as you see a video come up on your fyp, quickly swiping over to the camera, getting ready to catch his reaction “hey omi, i got a question for ya” “what” “i want a baby” dude stops breathing, eye growing wider at the question “a what?” “a baby omi” you pout, angling your head to look at him just to see a heavy blush creeping up his neck “omi?” seeing you look up only makes him look harder, burying his face in your hair “you can’t just say that out of that blue like that” he mumbles, refusing to make eye contact with you for the next hour
-> BOKUTO smiles as he see’s you walk up to him, arms wrapping around your waist as he presses a kiss to your cheek. you practically melt in his touch, pulling your self closer against him before looking up towards his face “kou” “mhm yeah, what’s up babe” “i want a baby” “oh?” he cocks an eyebrow “you want a baby now, dontchya? well i think i can arrange that” smirking, he reaches down to squeeze your waist while you’re trying to hold your laughter in, but it all becomes too much at this point as you burst out in a fit of giggles. you can see a small pout grow on his face “baby, did i say something wrong” “no-no” you wheeze waving a hand in his face “it was a prank kou, i didn’t think that’d be ur reaction” “oh” he looks over to you, still a little confused “wait- so you do you want a baby or not?” “do you?” “i could go either way” he mumbles, a small smile stretching his features
-> HINATA had just gotten out of the shower, walking into your shared room, still toweling off his hair “shoyo, i gotta question” “yeah babe, whats on ur mind?” you smile, looking up at him from your place on the bed “i want a baby” man stops dead in his tracks, turning to look at you, looking absolutely terrified “b-b-baby?” “baby.” you nod in confirmation “baby.” he repeats slowly, cocking his head as he looks at you, before turning away and shrugging “sure, sounds good” uh, what did he just say? “excuse me?” “i said sure, if thats what you want” grabbing a shirt, he walks back into the bathroom, shutting the door leaving you to your confusion; little did u know, dudes panicking in the bathroom not sure if you were serious or not
-> ATSUMU the moment you saw this trend while scrolling through tik tok, you just knew you had to try it out, getting up from the couch and wandering to the bedroom where atsumu was lounging “hey ‘tsumu” “yeah” he mumbles, too engrossed in his phone to look over at you “i want a baby” mans drops his phone on his face at those words “a b-baby?” he stutters, eyes wide, a small blush painting his cheeks “yeah, a baby” he scrambles up, crawling to the end of the bed, beginning to regain his usual attitude. smirking, he grabs your hands “well why didn’t ya just say so darlin, come’ere”
Tumblr media
requests open
Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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casual-darkness · 6 months ago
CW: graphic depictions of violence (not enacted, just threatened)
Worst Ways to Die: Murder by Insulted Seamstress
Marinette was in her apartment, idly watching some reruns of Project Runway while tending to a recent commission when all of a sudden, a breaking news story interrupts her program.
The Waynes have been taken hostage again!! By the Joker of all villains!
Marinette had a healthy amount of concern about the situation. She actually liked the Waynes - beyond what they've offered for the community, it's people, and the general infrastructure of Gotham. They ordered some business suits from her a few months back and they were a lovely (if not incredibly chaotic) family to work with.
As she watched the newscasters discuss the current situation at the station, they switched the image from the reporter to a live feed coming from inside the warehouse, which the Joker sent out to various newstations so everyone could watch the carnage (she would [much much] later learn that it was so they couldn't use any of their "bat training" to escape while they had an audience).
And Marinette. Saw. Red.
The Waynes were fairly roughed up. Some moderately deep cuts and scrapes. Early signs of bruising and swelling. Even what looked like some broken bones! (Dick definitely had a broken nose - she silently prayed it was set right, afterwards).
But that is not what set her off.
They were wearing her suits.
And they were DESTROYED.
She worked so hard on those suits! She spent so many sleepless nights designing and crafting those beauties. So many hours of frustrated crying sessions. So many "I wish coffee could be put in an I.V." nights. So many bandaids patching the holes in her hands and her spirit. It was her first big commission since Jagged.
So, she should be forgiven for her next actions.
She does not know how she got from her apartment to the warehouse. She does not know how she managed to get past the news crews and police and various goons and into the building itself. Everything was a blur.
A rage-fueled blur.
All she knows is that one moment she was in her apartment and the next she was in the middle of the warehouse and standing in front of a large metal door.
With all the force of a tank shell ripping through tissue paper, she kicked down the door with two goons falling dramatically to the floor, unconscious, in the background behind her.
Marinette marches forward, all fluid grace and righteous anger. Her eyes honed in on the Joker, his one arm poised with a crowbar held high in the air toward the Waynes and the other twitching toward the gun hidden in his coat.
"You." She hisses, boiling steadily beneath the surface of her skin and finger pointing at the killer clown accusingly, threateningly... promisingly.
The Joker cracks out a laugh. "Me?" His tone is equal parts deranged and deranged, lilting high and with a light incredulous edge at the end.
"You." She repeats, continuing her one-person parade of vengeance into the room, undeterred by any components of the situation. "You vile, contemptuous, incompetent, fool." Her French accent does not dull the blade of her words.
(Damian is low-key impressed).
"Not so fast, Girlie." The Joker whips his hand from his coat, pulling out a previously hidden gun and aims it right at her head. "Now what would a sweet lookin thing like you want with lil' ole me?"
She says it so instantly, that it could truly be the only word running constant laps through her mind. She was certain. She was sure. Murder would happen simply because she said so.
That seemed to catch the Joker off guard. The Waynes too, if they were being honest. They visually recognized her as the designer and seamstress who they had commissioned semi-recently. She seemed sweet, endearing herself to them with her overall human-ness: polite, clumsy, relatable (for a civilian, and occasionally in unmistakably non-civilian ways).
And now she was on the warpath, with none other than the Joker, himself, in her sights.
She had briefly paused her steady strides momentarily when the gun was pulled, but she resumed them just as quickly when the Joker was distracted.
"I will burn you." She growls, unprompted. The fire in her eyes makes even the Joker take a quarter-step back. It was enough of a sign of weakness that the faintest of smirks began blooming at the corner of her mouth. She was a shark and she smelled blood in the water.
"I will eviscerate you." She continues, stalking ever-closer to her target. Even Bruce Wayne, the big bad bat himself, felt a bead of sweat trickle down his temple at the tension and the clearly-practiced glare directed at his greatest enemy. (He's not sure how he would react being at the end of the barrel of her metaphorical gun, and he's determined to avoid it).
"I will smother you so forcefully, it will leave an imprint of your death screams in make-up on the pillow." The Joker regained his senses and took aim again. Something told him that not even a full clip of bullets would stop this 5-foot tall freight train.
"I will disfigure you in ways that not even Batman would be able to tell your identity, leaving you as a forever-forgotten footnote in Gotham's sordid history." Her footfalls were silent and deafening.
"And I may not even do it all in that order." The Joker began to unload his gun in her direction. He watched, fascinated and horrified, as she deftly and effortlessly dodged the barrage. She took the shortest of steps out of the bullets' trajectories, never once halting her forward progression. Efficient and merciless. He emptied his clip.
"I will target your greatest fears about death and play them out, using your body as an example, over and over and over again." How is this slip of a woman positively looming over this once larger-than-life villain?
The Joker let out a frantic laugh. One might even call it nervous, if they thought he was capable of such an emotion.
She was mere feet away from him now. A proximity mine of unknowable destruction. The shrapnel was already hitting him in the form of her words hitting closer to his battered heart than any he's ever heard before. The scars would linger, sure as those on his face. And if he survived this encounter (as unlikely as it feels in this moment), he would never truly be able to forget the way this woman tore expertly at his seams. She pulled the fabric of his soul away and bared his insecurities to the world. She would be the monster under his bed for years to come.
The Joker began whipping his crowbar around, simultaneously leaning his torso forward to strike at her and taking backward steps to evade her approach.
Quick as lightening, her arm a blur in the air, she slammed her elbow into his forearm, causing a reflexive opening of his hand and dropping the crowbar into her waiting palm. She began tapping the hooked end of it into her other palm - the soft smacking sound would be the anthem of his funeral procession.
"Why? What do you want?!" He barked, having backed himself into a wall. The Joker's hands scrabbled along the surface, looking for purchase of anything he could swing at her. No such luck.
She smiled at him menacingly. He thought he cornered the market on grins that could curdle blood, but here he was bearing witness to its effects from someone else.
The woman ran her fingers through her hair, gently tugging it free of the ribbon holding up her once professional-looking bun.
The tips of her pristine low, black pumps tapped the front of his scuffed brown loafers as she finished her advance. She raised the crowbar high above her head as she leaned her head forward to his ear. He would never admit to flinching (but he didn't have to, as it was all caught on the live feed, broadcasting to all of Gotham).
He slammed his eyes shut as her smile suddenly plummeted off her face.
"You've committed a serious crime." And for once, he considered apologizing for kidnapping the Waynes. If only it meant she would leave him alone.
"You tore my suits." His eyes snapped open as she swung down the crowbar, effectively wedging it between pipes behind him, and expertly wrapping her hairband (which some might have noticed was made of paracord) around his wrists - tightly, immovably, with finality.
She stepped back from him with a polite smile on her face. It was in such stark contrast to her previous smile (almost genuine), that the Joker got whiplash as sure as he would have if she completed her blow to his head with his crowbar.
Marinette whipped around, assured that the threat was contained. (The Joker might have been offended at being brushed off like that, but he was mostly just glad to be out from her gunfire stare).
A charming smile lit up her face, which she aimed at the still tied up Waynes. "Are you guys okay? Besides the obvious, I mean?"
The Waynes were silent, still processing the recent events.
The police were clearly watching the feed and quickly entered the room, keeping a respectful, if not slightly fearful distance away from Marinette.
Jason, dumbfounded, but incredibly into the turn of events: "So... you single?"
The next day's headlines read:
New 'Vigilante' Single-handedly Takes Down Joker
The Woman, the Myth, the Legend that is Marinette's Roast Game
Seamstress Cuts Joker's Strings
Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Why You Should Love Her (and not just because she could snap you in half if you don't)
Commission Prices for Local Designer Skyrocket: 'Just so people will leave me alone'. Market Seems Undeterred
City Outcry: Make Her a Bat, You Cowards
*at Arkham Asylum*
Guard: So some random 5 foot tall foreign chick made you shit yourself, huh?
Joker: I can and will kill your whole family. You know that's a thing I do for fun, right?
Guard: Man, nobody is going to take you seriously after that. Like, the other villains in Gotham have disowned you, for real.
Joker: Did you not see her face?!
Guard: Your camera wasn't angled in that direction. We just heard her roast you, then you backed yourself into a corner, like an idiot.
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nightowlfandom · 8 months ago
Levi Ackerman- Smile For The Camera
.....Levi and You have fun on livestream fuck you mean...
I wrote this with my chest....js Some of you guys wanted more animeboi content and who am I to say no? If you have any other characters you think I should do let me know! I won’t expose who asked for this....but girl you nasty...and i love that shit so chm’on now.
“Hello Everyone!” you smiled at the camera as your onslaught of fans from all over came flooding in. “Yes, Hi, Hello!” you waved.
Y/N Marry Me
Omg I’m a girl but your body is (fire emoji)
You laughed as all your fans from all walks of life commented. Men, Women and everyone alike. 
“Um, you guys I just wanna say in advance than 50% of all donations made from this stream will go to multiple charities!” you clapped excitedly. 
Sexy and a conscious kween yass
“Thank you. Yes, this stream is a charity stream which means this will be going as long as I can without wanting to fall asleep.” you laughed. Despite your job on the internet, you stayed pretty wholesome. It’s why you were so popular amongst everyone. Plus you got pretty crazy on streams. In all sense of the word.
Will you be doing a solo stream?
“Um...probably.” you nodded. “I didn’t have time to contact my fellow streamers but I will be going on video call with a few of them during this stream I’ll probably call Madison, maybe we’ll try to get a hold of Dalton!”
Out of the corner of your eye, your bedroom door opened. Levi walked in and you had to put your finger to your lips to signal him to not say anything. 
Levi was well aware of your occupation. It definitely bought in enough money for the two of you to upgrade your cabins and live so he sure as shit wasn’t complaining. He took note of your black and green lingerie and relaxed demeanor. You were always this chill during streams. It was rare that Levi felt like being a little promiscuous, this was one of those times where he wanted to mess with you.
“Um this is my job...and if you have a problem with what I do for a living then I can’t help you. My family doesn’t care.” he was bought back to reality by your snarky voice. “I bought my mother a house doing what I’s not my fault your girlfriend wishes I were you...maybe I’d actually get her off..” you scoffed. “BLOCKED!” you clicked your mouse. 
Levi watched you as you went into a rant about how people shit on those who make their money online. “Just because I take my clothes off for a living and you don’t feel like you could do the same without feeling ashamed is not my problem. I’m not judging you, so you shouldn’t judge me...kay?” you winked. “Anyways let’s move onto something more lighthearted!”
You kept looking over at Levi who was leaning against the wall. He was watching you. This wasn’t new, but the way he was made your body go hot.
Why do you keep looking to the side?
Who you lookin at?
“Oh! Um...nothing.” you shook your head. “So anyways-” you casually shrugged off your robe.
Before you could continue, you felt a presence behind you, you didn’t move though. 
Who is he?
oop them hands tho
“...Levi what are you doing?” you turned your head to look up at him.
Levi? As In Levi Ackerman?!
Levi the titan killer?
“Yeah.” you giggled nervously. ‘Everyone say hey to my surprise guest...I guess.”
“Hm...I have a fanbase.” he commented dryly. “I’m...a super special friend.” You froze as his hand ghosted over your front and rested at the base of your neck. “Any requests for us?”
Can we see a kiss? [Donated 30 dollars]
“Hmm.” Levi forced you to look at him as he crashed his mouth over yours. He slithered his tongue into you mouth.
FUCK THAT’S HOT! [Donated 50 dollars]
“ look good in that...” Levi creeped his hand up your back. You felt him unclasp your bra. “You said this was a charity stream, right?”
Finger her, finger her, finger her I’m tryna see what them hands do [donated 100 dollars]
“Oh fuck.” the realization came washing down on you like a ton of bricks. “You guys have no idea what you’ve just started.”
How long was this gonna go on! You one had ever seen you come undone so many times in one sitting. Donation after donation all praising you and Levi.
“Are you my little plaything, Y/N? Huh?” he plunged his fingers back into your wetness, thrusting his fingers slowly and deeply.
EDGE HER [Donated 200 dollars]
“Fuck not again.” you moaned. “You guys hate me I can tell. Levi, I’m gonna k-kill you when this is over.”
Am I the only one who wants to see him eat her out? [Donated 150 dollars]
If there was one thing Levi was good as doing. It was using his mouth to either talk his usual smack or using his mouth to put you in your place.
“Remember’s for charity.” he spoke in a fake baby voice. “On your back.” he grabbed your camera and positioned it to show you both from the side.
“F-fuck!” you had no time to protest and Levi dove between your legs. The sound of slurping, water, and your whines echoed through out the room. Had you been any louder, you probably would have blown out your microphone.
I want one of him
Where do you find these guys
Girl if you don’t marry him I’LL TAKE HIM [Donated 20 dollars]
“This is torture!” you mused your thoughts aloud. The funniest part is, you’ve only been streaming for 3 hours. You were planning to make this a 12-hour stream. Levi didn’t seem to have anything scheduled either, so he wasn’t gonna let you go easy.
“Doesn’t she look so pretty when she’s being fucked?” Levi groaned loudly. “You like being fucked on camera? You like showing your little fans how much of a needy little girl you are?” he moaned. “They get to watch while I get to fuck this tight hole of yours. Your little army of small-dick simps want to be be, and I bet so many women want to be you but that’s not gonna fucking happen because your MINE!” He growled as he trust himself into you.
You could barely form words, but the stupid smile on your face said it all.
“You like being degraded don’t you.” 
“What can I say.” you managed through moans. 
EDGE [50 dollars]
HER [50 Dollars]
Damn Y/N got that WAP 
“Oh come on!” you whined as Levi yanked his cock away from you. “Whoever sent that donation, your mom’s a hoe.”
“Remember, get to cum all you want at the 12 hour mark...we’re 5 hours in.”
(....Don’t say I never did nothin’ for y’alls. I don’t wanna HEAR it.)
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nomadmilk · 8 months ago
Out of Bounds - Hawks x F!Reader
Congratulations to the amazing Mrs Daisy Bakugo on her 1K!! <3 I’m so grateful and honoured to be part of her event - Make sure to check out the the other talented writers and their incredible pieces of the collab by clicking below!  
P.S. Edits are damn hard.
Event: “The Pornscape” Collab [MDNI]
Presented by: @daisy-bakugo​
Tumblr media
Rating: M/18+
“No longer the girl that reached his kneecaps - dressed in a frilly, pink skirt with glitter, and a cartoon pony being soiled with your snot and tears - you became reckless. The once precious daughter of his boss and best friend, now known to him as the rebellious brat.”
Warnings: Dark!Fic, SMUT, BratTamer!Hawks, RebelliousBrat!Reader, Lingerie, Degradation, Sexting, Reader is a virgin/First Time, Sex Toys, Dirty Talk, Age Gap (18 & 30s), Slight coercion, Slight dubcon/noncon elements, Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Spanking, Slight dumbification, Implications of anal sex, Cumplay
Words: 2.8K
Tumblr media
A charmer. That's what your father said about Keigo when he was first introduced to the family.
It was said with pride and quiet malice - possibly out of jealousy. But you credited that tone to your father's usual stoic and cynical nature; you knew he was grateful to have Keigo by his side. Whilst he was able to pertain facts and details, Keigo's charisma - and exuding finesse - was a contributing factor in all of their successful trade deals. The company had grown in clients before his first year as an employee, and he soon became a revered business partner.
And eventually, a close family friend.
Every week or so, Keigo wouldn't eat alone in his apartment and instead be seated at your dining room table. He'd be served first, be grateful to your mother for cooking, and be victim to your father's peer pressure for a cold beer.
As well as that, he was pretty much privy to your life the moment you joined the table for dinner. Throughout your years of youth, he watched you grow from the sidelines. By the time you had reached your teenage years, he realised that you were no longer eager to be downstairs for dinner, and it took a couple of shouts up the stairs to get you down. Your mannerisms drastically changed from that childish smile, beaming from extra portions of dessert, to sulking off before even finishing your plate.
Not to mention all the phases that plastered your body. Was high school that turbulent for you to change interests and trends every week? Like dying your hair? Or having fake piercings until you were able to 'surprise' your parents with a real one?
Keigo said nothing during these times; he had his judgments, but he wasn't your dad. He remembers when he was younger, and it'd be hypocritical if he began to lecture you; he made twice as much trouble as you did when he was your age. Parties, drugs, girls... His younger self would be disappointed in knowing he became such a tool. But now, he's the businessman in his early thirties; dedicated to your father's vision for the company during the day, and consoling him on his daughter's misbehaviours at night.
It wasn't until one summer night, where his evening out with his subordinates and colleagues had swerved off-course the moment he got a call from your father.
It was a quick favour for him; to ease his worries. To trudge through the rain, go in the house, and just find you on the couch, watching T.V. Your father had suspicions of you being home alone tonight, especially when your recent cause of grounding was due to sneaking a boy over. Keigo doubted that there was any concern, and despite the past, you were a grown woman now. You wouldn't make the same mistake again.
"Mr Takami? What the hell are you doing here?..."
However, he was sadly surprised to be completely wrong.
With his rain-wet tresses dripping onto his suit, and onto the carpet of your living room floor, your thumbs tap away on your phone. You sulk in front of him in your pink robe; shinier and silkier than the cute dress of the little girl he once knew. You had grown taller. The short hem of your garment barely covered your thighs, and the fabric was thin enough to expose your plushness, and fuller curves. He wasn't sure if you had anything on underneath the glossy cloth; he's hoping that you had something underneath the robe, nerves trembling at the thought of little to nothing, snug against your skin.
Keigo becomes impatient. "Did you text him?"
"Relax. I've just sent it..." You make a groan that resembles an eye-roll. "You reek, by the way - did you have vodka? You're really looking good, Mr-"
He ignores the comments. "Show me the text."
You pause, eyes flitting from him and his outstretched hand, hugging your phone close to your chest. "Why do you care? In all the 18 years you've known me, you're finally pissed off with my shit?"
"Yes." He says. "Now, give it."
"It's none of your fucking business, anyways." You respond, defensive. "I texted him, and he's not gonna' come over. So, chill out."
As you hesitate, he snatches the device off your reluctant grip before you could lock it. The thunder cracks outside, and the storm makes itself prominent through harsh winds and hailing water. Amber irises skim through your messages, catching dirty words and suggestive emoticons that makes him coil, locating the text he told you to send. It was blunt, and reciting his command, word for word. The boy quickly replied as well, obviously upset by the abrupt change of plans.
He sighs. "Alright, since you've done what I've asked, I won't-" His throat goes dry.
A dim flash of lightning flares against the window, and the thunder rumbles as Keigo stills at an image of you. That childish smile - the one he recalls of you beaming over extra portions of dessert - now erased by an enticing stare he's well-acquainted with; an allure that makes his cock twitch.
His curiosity kills him as he watches the video automatically play, your dainty fingers touching yourself through lace panties. The camera lowers as you push that fabric to the side, revealing your gorgeous pussy, already dripping with liquid heat. And just below it was something round - like a gem - stuffed into your perfectly tight ass.
It ends with the camera panning to your delicate lips parting, lingering on him; something he can't shake off once it hits. Fuck. He loved when they get greedy. It's been a while since he's had someone so captivating. So eager. So needy. But he knew how much of a mess you are, and yet... That only made him want to fuck you more.
Shit. Admittedly, if he didn't know it was you on the clip, then he wouldn't be feeling as guilty.
"You won't, what?" You prompt him. "You're not gonna' tell daddy, are you?"
"You should delete those too." Keigo's only hoping that his hitched breath goes unnoticed as he hands your phone back. "I might be able to keep your secret, but it's not gonna' stop him from finding out the truth."
A sense of dread settles as you check your phone, and your instincts tell you to deny, deny, deny. From years of practice, you're usually good at fabricating lies on a whim, but they come out as meaningless blunders as Keigo peels off his sodden blazer. Something about Keigo's cold expression makes you freeze; his chummy and laid back self evaporating within his glare.
You're growing past your shock, and into embarrassment, as he rolls up his sleeves - even stupidly babbling about your 'toy', and explaining that it was merely just an 'aesthetic'. Wet spots, where the rain was able to seep through his white shirt and onto his torso, pool and spread. You're fixated on his deceptively broad shoulders and firm arms, a warmth rising from your chest.
Observing his face, you cut yourself off, placing your phone away as something you notice fascinates you; a slight pink blemish was appearing across his face. You're skeptical about his demeanour, stepping closer to him, staring inquisitively and reading his expression.
Keigo sees you play with the knot of your robe, and his authoritative front is swallowed away as he watches the bind untangle, the robe becoming a bundle of material on the floor. A soft curse leaves his lips as he leers at your pretty form.
"Who was he?" Keigo questions. "Your boyfriend?"
"No one. Just some random college guy, I met at a-"
"College guy, huh?" A smug chuckle involuntarily leaves him. There's a heat that makes his throat feel like its suffocating, unbuttoning his collar to alleviate the pressure. "Did he ask to come over?"
"No - I called him."
"Really? You're not into him, are you?"
"No - just wanted to lose it before I leave for college." You state, hands teasing the rest of the buttons of his shirt. "Why are you so concerned?"
He hums, half-lidded eyes falling drunk on you. "I'm just lookin' out for you, sweetheart. Your first time shouldn't be with someone like that, y'know - they're not that experienced."
"It's my choice, Mr Takami." You whisper, body now close to his and lightly tugging his belt. "All I wanted was to know what it was like - it's not like you can do any better..."
He should have stopped there. Should have scolded you, or told you it was inappropriate. Should have apologised for asking personal questions, and treading lines he knows he shouldn't cross. Shouldn't be snaking his hands on your sides, and cradling your face. Shouldn't be liking how smooth your skin feels against his callous hands. Shouldn't be letting you stroke his erection through his pants, despite your giggles stirring him further. He shouldn't be leaning towards your lips, and you shouldn't be reaching up with yours either.
As soon as they touch, he's instantly met with the stickiness of your glazed lips. Supple, pliable. His tongue tasting honey and milk, and yours met with the strange bitterness and acidity of alcohol, and the tough bristles of his stubble sting. There's that blissful feeling arousing from your abdomen; your walls ache as you feel his kisses, teeth pinching and sucking on your lips. He could feel your hot, waning breaths, not used to the wet muscle that can make you whimper and moan for air, and rainwater grazes your skin from his body. Keigo was enjoying this too much, that bratty persona wiped as you realised how naive you were for challenging him. How his kisses demanded for every part of you, and you became putty in his grasp.
You feel his large hands grab hold of your ass, caressing them - massaging those cushioned cheeks, and pleased to feel the jewel still stuffed inside you - before swiftly smacking it with his palm; enough for a yelp to jump out of your throat.
Another giggle causes him to hum in approval, biting your lips as he hears his belt unbuckle. Golden irises are glued onto your devious ones as you knelt in front of him. Your mouth surrounds the tip of his hard cock; the thick head disappearing, and your lips wrapping around him, sliding against your tongue. The heat. The effort you give, only being able to take him bit by bit before you sputter and cough. His hips naturally thrust into you just to catch you choking again, thumb circling your jaw, fucking your mouth with guttural breaths. Saliva coats his length, and your lip gloss is replaced by the drool that leaks from it. Salty, clear strands trickle onto your collarbone as you smile. A fat cock enough to finally shut you up, huh? Fuck. You're such a naughty thing, weren't you?
Exhales shallow, Keigo brings you up to him, his mouth on yours as you both stumble to the couch. His damp clothes are ripped off, feet fumbling as you both move, and you're able to roam your fingers on the toned ridges of his torso, definitely thankful you had canceled your plans with the other guy.
He takes you by the wrist, tugging you over the couch; your ass lifted on display for him as a side of your face squishes against the couch pillows. You sigh Keigo squeeze the smacked spot on your butt cheek, your panties being dragged off and showing that delicious cunt - delectably leaking with stringy juices - and licking his flushed lips at the sight of that shiny plug.
"What was your plan, sunshine? Huh? Dressing like a darling slut and acting like one to get him to come over? Just so you can feel cock for the first time?" He presses, fingers unable to keep their hands off of you as they skim your thighs; you tremble from the light stimulation, his low voice difficult to block. "A shit plan. It makes you sound desperate."
Squeaking, he spanks you again. It was sharper; it made you clench, knees buckling and body shivering as you anticipated the harshness of the next strike. "Ah- m'not d-desperate!-"
"I thought you'd be smarter than that..." A dark laugh rumbles from him, hands now teasing your cute toy with light pulls that rub against spots you didn't know existed, and make you sensitive. "... Rampant things like you deserve a good fuck, don't they? You need a cock that can give you what you want, right?"
"M-Mr Takami, I- ugh!" The third strike makes it's mark on you, panting as you absorb the pain. A gleam of defiance glowering from your dilated eyes as you twist around to face him. "... M-m'not-"
You struggle to speak of anything intelligible as Keigo had swung your legs over his shoulders, lowering his lips onto your tender pussy with no hesitation. His tongue slithers in between the puffy folds, saccharine confection dripping off his chin as he flicks your clit, and mouth diving in. He stuffs your little cunt with a couple of his fingers, the sensation causing you to wail, and his curling motions building up to an intense rush that causes your flesh walls to contract.
His cock was aching, the head of it round and glistening with pre-cum. His blonde tresses were tousled from you fisting them till you swore you felt your knuckles bleed. Bright eyes hiding a demon.
His skin was no longer cold from the rainwater, thawed by your own fever, and you watch him - through bleary, fucked-out vision - wring and work his thick cock before plunging it into your raw, doughy cunt.
He knows your type. You're the best kind of woman to screw; the ones with a hardened attitude that needed to be knocked off their podium. The kind he gets excited to mold; that make the process so satisfying when they turn to a play-thing to fuck. The kind that were happily devoted in their perverse mind to feed their insatiable desires, to let themselves be pleasured by a pounding dick. The best kind that whined for more like a succubus, like a whore...
And you were undeniably all of those things; the best fuck he's had in a very long time.
Heartbeat running against your ribs, all you hear is the sound of your pussy's sloppy squirts, and Keigo's skin smacking yours, and nudging that sparkly plug against spot that made you pant. Your throat feels raspy, and strained as you mewl. His entire cock stroking every nerve of your tight hole. You felt sweat trail down the nape of your neck, his grunts swapping every so often to soft hiccups and growls as he repeatedly taps that spongy ring, deep in your crevice.
"Listen, to that... Mmm-fuck, sweetheart... Where's that bratty shtick, now? " He's getting close; your walls were beginning to flutter. "You gonna' cum? Gonna' cum on a cock for your first time, huh?"
You're babbling in tears as you're fucked into the couch, just managing to maintain eye contact. "Fuuck... Y-yes, please. Please, m'let me- hah - Mr Takami, m-make me cum- mmf - m'so close- fuck!-"
Your grip on him makes him choke, hot spurts of white painting your insides - trying to settle within the cramped space of your crevice and his dick - and spilling out from where the both of you were connected in cream. He swallows as he surveys the damage done, girth still pulsing as he slips out of you. You're still coming down from your high, your lashes hiding your drunk expression. You glance at him, smirking.
One last touch. "Stick that tongue out for me."
You do as your told, tongue lulling out of your mouth in waiting. His head disappears underneath you again, and you whimper as his tongue laps at the concoction of his cum and your juices; your thighs are shaking, and flinch when he grazes against your swollen bud.
Slowly, he hovers over you, admiring your beautiful glow. He kisses you; mix of saltiness and sweetness being captured on your taste buds.
"Such a good girl..." He murmurs against your lips as you gulp. You wince as he finally pulls the gem out of your ass, his sex already tensing and aroused for another round, restless to find out if you were willing to stretch out one more bit of you just for him.
You still, recognising the stern tone. "... Daddy?"
Keigo bolts up from you, neck gradually turning towards the person standing in the middle of the door frame.
He freezes in shock - in complete shame.
"Enji..." He treads carefully on his next few words, hastily picking up a piece of clothing off the floor. "This-... I wouldn't-"
"But, you did." Your father says, cerulean eyes dimming to a manner you're all too familiar with...
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kuroosweakness · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
behind the cameras | love interviews 
a little mini series where you’re both in a video set-up and are asked questions about their relationship with you! inspired by relationship card games and the youtube channel Cut 
kuroo x gn!reader (pt. 1)  i hope ya like it :) let me know so i know whether to continue this little series or not!
Tumblr media
[first off, introduce yourselves - interviewer behind the camera 
kuroo: hey there, *raises his hand with a blank face* i’m kuroo tetsurou 
y/n: and i’m y/n
[do you know why you’re here today?] 
kuroo: ... to be questioned about our relationship, right? *a small smirk tugs at the edge of his lips* i might have to sleep on the couch after this *makes eye contact with you as you playfully roll your eyes* 
Tumblr media
[describe your first kiss with y/n] 
kuroo: ...*nervously scratches the back of his neck* it was... it was nice. i remember thinking about it for weeks afterwards... *glances at you* it could’ve been better if i didn’t make it so ... awkward
you hide your smile under your palm at the distant memory.  
[how did you make it awkward?]
kuroo: i bumped my forehead against theirs and just froze for a while  ... *avoids eye contact with both you and the camera* 
you: it wasn’t even your forehead that touched my forehead *you stifle a laugh as you point at his hair* it was your hair! 
kuroo: oh hush- anyways *continues to stare at you with that small smile etched across his face* 
you pretend not to notice his strong gaze. 
[y/n, how would you describe the first kiss?] 
you: *looks up at the ceiling to think* mm...
kuroo: *sits back in his chair, arms crossed* i’m interested in knowing your side of the story~
you: before kissing me, he asked if he could, which i really appreciated...
kuroo slowly nods.
you: like he said, it was ... nice (better than nice) *your eyes meet his but quickly looks away because he makes it hard to think straight* but he could’ve used some chapstick :) 
kuroo: *quickly sits up and opens his mouth to defend himself but sinks down in his chair with a small pout* hey, but i use more chapstick now! 
you: *you snicker and looks into the camera* sometimes, he’ll make me try on chapstick and then kiss it off of me to guess the flavor 
kuroo: that’s not true- 
you: you almost always guess them wrong! *the corner of your lips slowly upturns* 
kuroo: *rolls his eyes before meeting your eyes and smiling* i got the vanilla one right! 
you: ... 
kuroo: and the cherry one! *he puffs out his chest* 
(why does he look so proud?) 
[okay back to the question~]
you: the first kiss one? 
[yes. how did you feel after the kiss?] 
you: ... really really happy? sorry, it’s kinda hard to describe the feeling :’)
kuroo: :) 
Tumblr media
to kuroo: [do you prefer kissing or hugging more?] 
kuroo: mmh...can’t i say both? *eyes goes to your lips* 
[you’ve gotta choose one. which one do you like more?]
kuroo: kissing. because y/n can hug other people but i’m the only one they kiss ;) 
you: *rolls your eyes at him once again* 
Tumblr media
to kuroo: [what’s your favorite physical feature of y/n’s?] 
kuroo: smile...definitely smile...there’s three of my favorite smiles. the first one, is when i tease them, and then they press their lips together and tries not to smile but i can still see that little smile. *smirks at you* the second one, is the sarcastic boxy smile they give me whenever i ask them to smile. it’s cute. the third one’s the genuine smile that’s shown when they laugh~ 
you: *doing his favorite one: the trying not to smile but is obviously smiling <3* 
[any other favorite physical features?] 
kuroo: their hands. they’re fun to hold.... *beams at you* thighs~ booty~ nose~ 
you: ..nose? 
kuroo: yeah! when i brush my nose against yours~ 
Tumblr media
to kuroo: [do you ever get jealous if you see y/n talking to other attractive people?] 
kuroo: ... *rests his chin on his elbow* well, not exactly jealous. jealousy is when someone envies another person. i don’t envy them, because i talk to y/n so much more than anyone else *glances at you* i’d say’s not that i don’t trust y/n. i just don’t want the “attractive person” to be getting any ideas 
Tumblr media
to kuroo: [how long do you think you’d last with y/n?] 
kuroo: *frowns* forever, i hope *looks at you to make sure you’re on the same page* i can’t imagine not being with them. what about you, kitten?” 
you: well, i- 
[what did you say?] 
kuroo: *looks at the interviewer and points to himself with raised eyebrows* me? 
[yes. what did you call y/n at the end?] 
kuroo: ...kitten. i first called them ‘kitten’ as a little joke but it stuck with me and i really like using it so... :) 
[do you have any other pet names for y/n?] 
kuroo: *thinks about this* babe, baby, dumbo, good-lookin’ ... it really depends on the day and mood 
you: *flashbacks to the time kuroo strolled into the kitchen and asked you, what’s cookin, good-lookin’*
[what are your pet names for him, y/n?] 
you: ... tetsu, babe, bubs, and sometimes i’ll just call him kuroo *you smile at the memory of calling him by ‘tetsu’ for the first time* 
kuroo: you called me your boo-bear one time 
you: *raises eyebrows* when??....ohhhh, you still remember that? 
kuroo: *huffs* of course i do 
Tumblr media
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comradelup · 9 months ago
“Try putting your foot up on the chair.”
Kravitz does as he’s told, propping his leg up and leaning on it, peering down into the lens held by Taako, who is laid flat on the ground and holding up the camera.
“Perfect,” Taako mumbles, and Kravitz hears the shudder start going off. “Feel free to move around.”
Kravitz tries a few poses, leaning forward to almost glare at the camera, leaning back and giving off (what he hopes is) a regal air. He holds his arms over his head in that artsy way he’s seen more experienced models do before.
It feels weird to even compare himself to models. This isn’t his passion, he’s just doing a favor for a friend. “How’s this?”
“Lookin’ good, my man,” Taako says, then he lowers the camera and sits up, looking around the “studio” that is the basement of the twins’ apartment. “How about you try sitting in the chair?”
Kravitz steps off of it, turning around and falling into it as Taako stands and rolls his shoulders. As he finds a place to stand for these new shots, Kravitz asks, “You sure this doesn’t look stupid?”
“Positive. I’m not a bad photographer,” Taako answers, a majority of his attention on the settings of his camera.
“It’s just— I got all dressed up to take pictures in a basement on this dinky chair.” Kravitz gestures to the basement and the chair, then smooths out the long black skirt he’s in. It’s much too fancy for chair that looks like it’s housed torture victims.
“That’s the point, O Unenlightened One,” Taako says with a smirk. “The message is that royalty and grace can be found anywhere. Diamond in the rough and all that.”
He looks up from his camera, peering through his lashes at Kravitz with that same smirk. Looking him up and down, he adds, “You’re the perfect model for this.”
Kravitz almost feels the weight of his gaze. “And why is that?”
“Because my sister found you working in an office, when you’re pretty enough to do this professionally.” Taako says it with such bluntness that Kravitz can’t help but snort and laugh.
“Why not both?” Kravitz suggests and Taako crouches down and gets into position to shoot. Kravitz falls into a pose that he hopes isn’t stiff and obviously forced. By the sound of the rapid fire shuttering, it’s good enough.
“Both is good,” Taako says, “Takes a while to pick up a modeling career. Same applies to the other side of the camera.”
“Is that why you’re working with Barry and Lup?”
Taako shrugs, pausing in the shooting to let Kravitz find another position. “They’re friends, not colleagues.”
“How’d you meet, anyway?” He finds a stance and Taako starts taking more pictures.
“Lup and I met in the womb. Super cramped, not a lotta space. We had no choice but to talk. It’s like when you get stuck with someone in an elevator.”
Kravitz rolls his eyes. “I meant you two and Barry.”
“He’s also a photographer. Mostly landscape, but he wanted to try portraits. He reached out to me and asked if we wanted to work together on a shoot. Turns out he lived closer and at some point I just became his mentor.”
“And how long have he and Lup been together?”
Taako lowers the camera and fixes Kravitz with a flat look. “They aren’t.”
“I know!” Taako exclaims, throwing an arm up and letting it plop onto his knee before resuming his grip on the camera. “As soon as they met Lup said she wasn’t letting him go. Three years later and she still hasn’t made a move. And he’s into her too but hasn’t done anything about it either. They’re idiots.”
“You should do that matchmaking thing from movies,” Kravitz jokes.
Taako stops, slowly lowering his camera. “I should.”
“I was joking.”
“I’m not,” Taako says, “Wanna help?”
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teddy06writes · 11 months ago
Fully Functioning Tricycle
Sapnap x reader x Karl
requested: no (;-; no one has requested anything, pls request things guys requests are open) 
Trigger warnings: slight swearing, 
“blep” talking
“blep” flashback
‘blep’ video or text
premise: since you’d been absorbed into Karl and Nicks relationship, you guys had kept it under wraps, until... you accidently said something on a stream with Quackity, when you start getting hate about it Karl and Nick decide to do something about it
(y/n/n)- your nick name
(y/s/n) your screen name
No one was quite too sure when it started, Karl would say once you moved in with them, and Sapnap argued that it started even before that, that you had just naturally been absorbed into their relationship. 
Now ‘the frat house’ as the house you all rented had been dubbed by your friends on the Dream Smp, consisted of one relationship, and not just a group of pinning idiots. 
You sighed, looking down at all the messages flooding your phone, it hadn’t even been a whole day since you let it slip, and still so many people knew, so many people were giving you hate online. 
Everyone knew, except your boyfriends. 
Somehow despite letting your involvement in there relationship out, and thousands of people were tweeting about it, they still hadn’t realized. 
You had to hand it to them, for two pretty smart guys, Karl and Nick could be pretty oblivious. 
Karl’s call knocked you out of your thoughts and back to reality, so, you pushed away from your desk, “Yeah?”
He stuck his head in the door, “You almost done? Nicky’s about to finish his stream, and I would like cuddles.” 
“uhhhh,” you glanced at your monitor, the assignment for one of your classes still open, “Soon, baby, I’m almost done.” 
“M, kay.”
You pulled you chair back in as Karl wandered out, doing your best to refocus on the assignment, and not back onto the top notification, ‘I can’t believe (y/s/n) managed to convince themself they were good enough for Sapnap and Karl’ 
You sighed, you didn’t want to keep looking through them, but- what if someone said something worse? 
It was a rabbit hole, every mention, every hashtag, every dm dragged you further in. 
“Do you think (y/n)s being weird?” Karl asked quietly. 
Nick looked up at him confused, “Weird how?” 
“I don’t know, something just seems off, you know?” 
Nick frowned as he looked back down at twitter, confused by what he was seeing, he held his phone out for Karl to see, “You think this has something to do with it?” 
After a little while, and maybe a few tears, you managed to tear yourself away from your phone long enough to finish the work you had left, continuing to shove your phone away whenever a new notification came up.
You finished up the last of your assignment, quietly sending it off to your professor, and shutting down your computer, you shuffled off toward your unused bed, flopping down face first. 
“(Y/n/n)!” Nick half sang, laying down next to you, “I was told to retrieve you for cuddles.” 
You hummed in acknowledgement, shifting closer to him as he wrapped an arm around you. 
“You alright love?” 
“‘m tired.” You mumbled, tucking your face into the crook of his neck. 
“Why don’t you come cuddle then? Karl’s lookin for a movie right now.” 
Slowly you pulled yourself to stand with a sigh, “Alright.” 
You shuffled out of the room, Nick only pausing to grab your phone, glaring down at a notification that read, ‘imagine thinking living in the same house is enough to warrant becoming a homewrecker.’ 
He quickly followed you into the other bedroom, smiling upon seeing how Karl’s face lit up upon seeing both his partners. 
“(y/n/n)! Nicky!” He exclaimed, Holding up his arms, “Cuddles!” 
You smiled at that, climbing into bed next to him, burying your head in his chest as Nick came to lay on your other side, wrapping an arm around both of you and pressing a light kiss to the back of your neck. 
It was the tone Nick used that got your worried, “Yeah?” 
“Why didn’t you tell us what was going on with the fans on twitter, Darlin?” Karl asked softly. 
Nick sighed, “I know we said we were keeping this on the down low, and it doesn’t really matter that it’s out there, but why didn’t you tell us?” 
You bit your lip to stop it from quivering, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t’ve said anything. I didn’t mean to mess this up. We- We said we were going to announce it soon right?” 
“Hey, hey,” Nick sat up a little, using the hand that wasn’t already holding Karl’s to rub small circles into your shoulder, “It’s alright love. It doesn’t matter that it’s out there, we just wanna know why you didn’t tell us about the toxic people?” 
“It’s nothing.” You muttered. 
“No it isn’t,” Karl said, “Darlin what happened?” 
“The Frat house?” 
You had been streaming with Quackity, running around on the smp. 
“Yeah, that’s what we call it!” You laughed. 
Quackity snorted, “The Frat House? Why?” 
“Have you met Karl and Sapnap? They are literally frat boys that aren’t in a frat!” 
“Nah, it’s still weird. Like, why? What the fuck?” 
You chuckled, “Interestingly it did actually used to be a frat house.”
“WHAT THE FUCK?” He laughed. 
“Yeah, that’s why there’s like four different bedrooms, plus a weird party basement.” 
You both laughed, and went back to trying to mess with Fundy’s build without him noticing. 
“What’s it like living with Sapnap? Is he actually that much of a Chad?” 
“Oh yeah. It’s- it’s fucking chaotic here, obviously. I swear we do enough grocery shopping for like, three times the people than what live here, and every room except mine is a mess.” 
“Oof, Imagine living with chadnap full time chat?” Quackity laughed. 
A text to speech donation asked, “What’s it like being the third wheel too frat boys Karl and Quackity?” 
In spite of yourself you snorted, “Someone asked what it’s like being the third wheel.”
He laughed, “Oh yes, the viewers want to know, give us the scoop!” 
“Well.... I guess I’m not a third wheel in that sense, We’re pretty much a fully functioning tricycle now.”  You clamped a hand over your mouth, realizing what you’d said. 
Karl laughed once you finished explaining, and you slapped him lightly, “It’s not funny.” 
“Yes it is!” He giggled. 
“No!” You half wailed, “I fucked everything up!” 
Nick barley held back a chuckle, “It is a little funny.” 
You sighed, screwing your eyes shut and snuggling into them, “I didn’t wanna mess anythin up, but I did an’ now your making fun of me.”
Nick kissed the back of your neck again, “We aren’t making fun of you.” 
“We just think it’s funny the way you said it,” Karl reassured, “What isn’t funny is the people harassing you.” 
“Why didn’t you tell us it was going on?” 
“It doesn’t matter,” You insisted, “It’ll all blow over eventually.” 
The video:
*Karl and Nick are half sat up in bed looking at the camera*
Nick: ‘guys as much as we were thinking weren’t going to have to say this, it really needs to be said.’ 
Karl: ‘When we came forward with our relationship you guys were all super caring and considerate, there was actually very little hate going around, surprisingly, and what are a few random homophobes on the internet gonna do?’ 
Nick: ‘We really appreciate how kind you all were to us, so please’ 
*the camera shifts down to show you, asleep on Karl’s chest and wrapped in Nick’s hoodie* 
Nick: ‘stop bothering our partner.’ 
Karl: ‘please, it- everything has gone to far since they first said it and it isn’t okay. Yeah, we were keeping this a secret but thats because we were planning on a funny reveal, Just because this came out sooner than we planned doesn’t mean you get to bother (y/n) about it! I want all the hate your sending to them to stop!’ 
Nick: ‘It’s honestly fucking disgusting, how far you guys are taking this! The fact that they can hardly pick up there phone without getting more of this bull shit is not okay!’ 
*karl smiles at him softly* : ‘we just want (y/n) to be happy and comfortable in this relationship and you guys aren’t exactly helping. Please Please please stop sending them hate and so yeah, it’s official, we really are a fully functioning tricycle.’ 
Nick: ‘so stop sending our partner hate!’ 
You didn’t actually see the video until later, having all but thrown your phone away once you woke up the next morning, but when you did you couldn’t help but quickly tackle Karl, who happened to also be in the kitchen, in a hug. 
“Thank you.” 
He smiled into your shoulder, hugging you back just as tightly, “It was mostly Nicks idea.” 
As if on cue Nick hugged you both from the side, “We couldn’t just leave it be love.” 
Still grinning madly, you kissed them both, “I love you guys. So, so much.” 
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thestarsanctuary · 10 months ago
I was on ig and saw some black models with hella glowing/oiled up skin (idk what they had on but their skin was shiny and I loved it 😩). I’d like to request head cannons of Hawks, Aizawa, Dabi, and Mirio reacting to their black gf’s melanin just being shiny asf. She’s wearing an outfit that shows her skin (like an off shoulder top or a skirt that shows her legs) and she’s just looking too fine for no reason 🥺
Black!Reader (you can try and read if ur not)
Tumblr media
Hawks was probably on the way home from a day of just pure work. Thugs on the street thinking they’re tough. He usually doesn’t like to do too much after he comes back home.
So seeing you after he walks through the door, wearing this off the shoulder top with that gorgeous skirt, with your brown skin shinier than he’s ever seen it, he immediately knew that plan was out the window and gone.
“Is it my birthday? Or your birthday?” He asks, coming over to lay his hands on your waist but you quickly push them off before they could.
“No it’s not my birthday moron, I just wanted to try something new, I had seen these girls all over pintrest looking really obviously I wanna look fine.” You said, looking at yourself in the mirror by the Kitchen again.
“Baby you always look fine why else would I try and bang you everyni-“
“Shut up.” You said as you giggled and moved into the bedroom as he followed like a sick puppy. Once you sat on the bed he immediately stood in between your legs. You looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.
“What is it, that you are trying to do here Hawks?” You questioned. He grinned.
“Keigoooo, and I’m not doing anything, just lookin’ and maybe touchin” he says while slightly rubbing your legs feeling how smooth you are.
“Did you want to do something?” You hinted, looking away. Even then you felt his confidence boost, as well as his energy annoyingly enough.
“I always want to do something.” He said seriously, causing you to giggle and put your hand on his chest lightly.
“Then what’s stopping you right now?” And that night. To Keigo and you, was a night that neither of you could forget.
Tumblr media
Aizawa was never one for dramatic reactions. I mean, what could he not share with his words that he could with his face? He didn’t wanna pretend. But when he met you it was something of a different perspective in life.
And when he watched you at a photoshoot for your glowing legs along with the rest of your skin oiled up to the best of its ability, you looked stunning. Aizawa had always known you were...different. Maybe it was because you had more melanin than him, or maybe it was how you weren’t ashamed of that. You knew you were hot and that was the end of it. Something he had always appreciated in a partner. Confidence.
Your confidence was high right now. You had makeup on that was so neon and fun, but your clothing was dark and slick. The dress showing off everything he especially enjoyed viewing in his free time. And as you posed and looked into the camera with such an intensity, he felt himself become more attracted to you. How did he even get you? What was his name again? It felt like he was back at square one, looking at you with an almost child like admiration.
After the shoot was over and everybody was packing up Shouta walked into your studio. It didn’t matter much if you were naked to him, he can handle himself. You were sitting in the main chair in front of the vanity, the shine now gone, with your casual clothing back on. He grinned as you looked at him through the mirror.
“Hey baby, you looked absolutely ravishing out there you know that? I almost couldn’t contain myself” He whispered, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. You smiled.
“I’m so glad you could.” You said with a timid smile. Aizawa always brought out the more shy parts of you. And as he sat his head on the chair, you kissed his cheek. “Did I really look that good?” You asked.
“So good I think we should order your favorite tonight.” He whispered, you squealed and grabbed his hand along with your bag, heading back out into the world, hand in hand.
Tumblr media
Dabi was a criminal. That’s how it worked. He couldn’t see you at your job with your cute little pencil skirt, or see you at most clubs in your favorite dress. But he could see you at home. Yours and his. Together. He never thought he would find somebody and get this close to them enough to live together but you constantly surprised him.
Like today for instance, you most definitely- surprised him.
He was coming home from arguing with Spinner or mocking Shigaraki, and he saw you. Glorious, adorable you. Sitting there trying your hardest to look your best for him. And once you saw him, it was like the whole world was paused as he walked towards you.
“Hi sweetheart.” He murmured, squatting to look at you properly in the chair. You looked at him just a little, timidly.
“ it?” You asked. There was something about praise from him that was different. You wanted it, badly.
“Do I?” He questioned, checking you out for at least the third time. Your skin was practically glowing. And the dress you wore put all other ones to shame, no matter who else wore it. He pulled himself up and pulled you up by your hands to push you both together. “I love it so much, I don’t think I have the ability to stop looking at you baby.”
“Well...don’t stop looking at me.” You whispered as his pale skin collided with your skin, that was quite a few shades darker. There was something about you two, that seemed to just fit. And he loved it.
“I didn’t plan on it sweetheart.” Yeah, you did indeed look your best. And he is in love with the fact that he is the one you looked your best for.
Tumblr media
Mirio was a simple guy. Everything was simple to him. If he liked you he would tell you. If you looked beautiful, he’s gonna tell you.
“You look beautiful!” He meant it. He meant it so bad it almost drove him crazy as you sat down at the table. He had asked if you could have your date here because he had hoped he would get to see you like this. All dolled up, just for him.
Maybe it was the skirt, or the blouse, or your glowing brown skin, but all of the above we’re definitely helping him feel more infatuated than ever. Your stomach was out just a little because of the cropped ends of the blouse, but God did you look so good in it. You looked good in everything.
“Well thank you! I had to pull out all the stops for my baby~” you said and giggled as his cheeks showed off a tiny pink as he smiled. It didn’t matter how long you too were together, he still felt like this small boy looking at you like this.
He could never get used to this. Get used to you. Your intelligence, your passions, your heart, your smile, everything. To him you were this person that chose him. He would never think of it the opposite way, despite you asking him out first, he knew he wouldn’t waste such an opportunity. And now, you are in love. Lucky him huh?
The dinner was successful and as he walked you back to your car he felt his mood go down just a little like it always does. “Can I come over baby?” He requested sweetly, again.
“Why?” You asked with a grin. What was it that you were thinking?
“Because...because I don’t wanna leave you!” He whined, like a child. You laughed.
“You have work tomorrow what do you suggest I do?” You asked, looking up into his cute face. He thought for a second.
“I can take the day off! I can I can I cannn” he says excitedly. You shake your head.
“Why are you so desperate tonight?” You said, pushing him lightly, but he only got closer as he hugged you.
“Well you look so good, you’re practically glowing and when you look like this all I wanna do is give you cuddles and kisses all night!” He explained kissing your cheek. You looked into his eyes, and well....
Yeah he did stay over.
Okayyyyy~~ you chose some of my FAVORITE characters (in love with them all) and I feel like I didn’t do them justice 😔✋🏾 but anyways I tried to make it tone neutral so any black person could read but it was kinda harddd and it seems like too- race neutral (?)’also I tried to make it so that each character had a different personality reader idk if I pulled that off. And btw that mirio haircut was my favorite pls-Anyways thank you for requesting!! <333
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slothspaghettiwrites · 7 months ago
thinking of soft whiney baby suga' bear whining because his mommy wont let him suck on her tiddies at the beach, he's just layin' on his mommy's chest lookin like ☹
Ethan, my good hoe. God bless you.
Can I just imagine it?
Tumblr media
Sandcastle Dreams
Warnings: Mommy Kink, hints of age regression, mention of anal and vaginal sex, nipple play, dry humping, slight exhibitionism
Lee woke up feeling... sweet. Like he just wanted to be your special boy, wanted to play in the water, wanted to lay his head in your lap while you read to him. He didn't want to be charge or make a choice today. This was his vacation too, he has not got anything more important to do than spend time with his mommy.
The short stretch of private beach you were on was perfect for those feelings. He spent so much time earlier in the week building sandcastles and digging up shells and showing you the pretty ones you should take home as souvenirs. You were excited that he was enjoying a bit of fun and freedom as just Lee and not Sheriff Bodecker. He'd been so in his head lately, his two-week furlough couldn't have come sooner. And you both intended to enjoy every moment to the fullest.
"Suga'Bear, come take a picture with Mommy."
You waved at him up on the beach. Lee happily trod out of the water and climbed up the bank. When he plopped down into the sand, his wet shorts were covered instantly. You wrapped a warm arm around his neck, pulling him into a sweet kiss. You held up Polaroid camera and the flash made him blink. With dry hands, you carefully put the sheet of film into your picnic basket and looked at Lee's pink shoulders.
"You could use some more sunblock, Baby," you smiled. "Let Mommy rub ya down."
Lee rotated slightly, sighing at the cool feeling of the cream on his skin. As you rubbed in the lotion, working the muscles along his back, shoulders, and chest, he felt his cock stir. He wasn't really sure how that was possible. You'd wrung three orgasms out of him this morning before breakfast, fucking him through the first two and letting him fuck you for the third. He was pretty sure he was still floating, would be lost without your sure guidance.
"Mommy," he giggled when you tickled his sides indicating you were done. "Can I have my Pepsi?"
"Yeah, Suga'bear, why don't you sit under the umbrella with me for a bit. Mommy wants to cuddle her special boy."
He nodded instantly. Even in the summer heat on the beach, Lee would never say no to being cuddled, especially when he was feeling all cotton candy brained. He scooted over on the blanket while gave him a glass bottle. As he took a swig, he could feel your eyes on him, making his body flush under the attention and his cock harden further in shorts. The drink was barely nestled in the sand before your tongue was in his mouth chasing the taste. You kissed him long and deep, in a way completely inappropriate for outside the house.
A shout and jolting laughter pierced your veil of privacy under the umbrella. You peck his lips again, then his cheeks and his forehead. The house next to yours was now occupied by an older couple, some newly empty nesters it seemed, and they had no problem disregarding the private property notice.
"Mommy, no, want," he couldn't the words out exactly, couldn't nail down exactly what he wanted, Lee just knew he wanted you to love on him.
"Oh I know Baby," you hushed him softly. "Just gotta be on your best behavior for a little bit then Mommy will treat you real nice."
He grumbled, casting his eyes down. Your nipples peaking through your bikini top caught his eye. A soft whine came from his throat and when you picked up your book to start reading again, he laid his head on your chest, eyes crossing a bit as he focused on the thing he really wanted. Slowly your fingers brushed through his hair, ending with you running on his ear. His body went limp at the attention, the simple pressure of your fingers stroking him like a puppy made any thoughts he had disappear.
Lee didn't even know he was doing it, half lost in a daydream about going for a walk down the boardwalk for ice cream later. His lips just weakly suckled at your nipples, wet mouth leaving a very obvious wet spot to your otherwise dry suit. When he moved his hand up to remove the mean fabric, you pulled him by the hair off your chest.
"Is this best behavior baby? You want those two nosey Nellies to see what a dumb slutty baby you are for your Mommy? Bet you didn't even know you were rubbing your cock on my leg, did you baby? You wanna put on a show, I won't stop ya Suga'Bear, but you know Mommy won't play nice when we go inside."
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erosojiro · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
it was just some shitpost, who thought he’d actually see it?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
aran ojiro x camgirl!reader
2670 words | do not repost or recommend outside of tumblr.
cw: [18+, minors dni], filming, oral (both receiving), cum eating.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“aran!” is the first thing he heard when picking up the phone, it wasn’t exactly early but he had finally gotten a day off practice, wasn’t exactly looking forward to being woken up to screaming.
“what is it?” he grumbles back, not really wanting to get up yet, but knowing sleep wouldn’t be an option now. just as he starts to push himself up in the bed, the phone starts to vibrate again, atsumu deciding to switch the call to facetime with no regard for aran’s state.
“look at this.” he’s shown another screen holding a twitter post with a few hundred thousand likes and retweets, but it’s the text that catches his eye. it’s an answer to some question about ‘something besides solo content’, and the reply being ‘the only person allowed to fuck me on camera is aran ojiro’.
it takes him aback. he physically shaked his head, and tries to rub the sleep from his eyes before rereading it just to be sure that’s what it actually says. even then, he’s still trying to process it all. the username doesn’t look entirely familiar but you’re obviously someone with traction given the amount of interactions it’s gotten.
“wha-what am i looking at right now.” he sputters out, pushing himself from the bed, thinking moving around will help him to fully wrap his head around it.
“it’s that cam girl!” atsumu says as if it’s obvious. “the one we were all talkin’ about after the event last month. c’mon you know the one-”
the phone’s moved to show a red haired man sliding in next to him, nearly vibrating in place.
“aran! remember it’s the one that can put a whole-”
he can feel his own eyes widening in remembrance. his face feels hot, thinking of the details hinata had gone into about your videos after you had been somehow brought up in the olympic players conversation. it didn’t take long to find out that only three of them, including aran himself, weren’t already subscribed to you.
“okay! okay, yeah i remember.” he would be lying if he said he wasn’t tempted to do it as soon as he got home. but by then he’d forgotten what your handle was exactly and there was no way he’d ask any of the other guys what it was.
“so are you going to do it?” hinata chimes through the phone again.
“‘course he is!” atsumu replies back before he’s able to speak for himself. “you will, won’t ya? it’s not like she lives too far out. just a quick flight.”
aran blinks a few more times, not able to answer at all. not with the thought of you on top of him, doing all those things you’ve done in your videos with toys, to him.
“‘better call me while yer still there. wanna ask her if she’s into all professional athletes.” and following that, beeps ended the call. aran lets the phone fall out of his hand and onto the counter behind him, moving to the bathroom as he thinks a shower might do him some good.
just as he steps out of the water, all he can hear is the endless buzzing of his phone against the marble. thinking it’s atsumu again, he chooses to take his time making his way to it, only reaching out to deny the call. but it’s not him. the name that pops up belongs to the twins brother, hoping it’d be a normal conversation he answers.
only for the same topic to be brought up, osamu mentions how it might be a sponsorship opportunity if the site you work for would sign a contract with you. aran’s rubbing at his temple with one hand, ending it and sliding his phone onto the counter with the other.
he stares at it for a moment, debating. debating with himself in his head, and for the life of him he cannot think of one good reason to not just at least reach out to you. he does know your username now, it’d only take a moment for him to search you up, even quicker for him to send you a message. his fingers itch, body so tempted to just do it. but he decides it’s best to wait a bit longer, at least til after a decent meal.
even if you did post about wanting to fuck him on the internet for hundreds of thousands of people to see, that doesn’t give him automatic access to actually doing it. it’d be best to think of a good approach that didn’t have you thinking he was just trying to act on what you suggested.
he caves half way through breakfast, typing in your handle into his search bar and hitting the message option. he freezes there, thumb hovering over his keyboard with a suddenly blank mind. he decides to click back, going over your recent tweets which all seem to include his name. he tries to bite back a smile despite no one being there to witness it.
’no, not just any athlete lol, only aran.’
‘he’s so cute have you not seen his interviews? plus, his fucking spikes- oh my god.’
‘i’ve never spoken to aran before! it’s just a celebrity crush guys.’
he has to stop himself from liking them, knowing it’ll pop up on everyone's timelines and he’ll be getting a lot more than just two phone calls. instead he sends one to you, he knows it’s not what he had in mind to start with, but you’ve very clearly already shown what your motives were. hopefully a corny ‘only me, huh?’ isn’t enough to change that.
you tweet again before you reply, neither of which are anywhere near being coherent. just a bunch of random letters, some numbers thrown in here and there. he can’t help but laugh, watching the dots come in and disappear a few times before receiving an actually legible message.
‘so when should i fly out? or would you rather come here?’
his eyebrow quirks up at your boldness, though that should be no surprise at this point. his eyes look to the top of the screen to check the time. it’s still early, last minute flights would be pricey, but it’s not like that was an actual concern.
‘well, im off today and it would be nice to get out of the house.’
your next message is nothing more than an address and a phone number. he wastes no time gathering himself, purchasing a ridiculously expensive ticket and getting out the house.
it takes nearly four hours to make it from his front door to yours, going through the airport, awfully uncomfortable plane ride, then an even more uncomfortable taxi to yours. but the moment you open the door, large t-shirt hanging from your frame, a big smile and batting your makeup clad lashes, all thoughts of discomfort are thrown out the window.
“i’m still setting up right now if you just want to make yourself comfortable.” you move to the side, allowing him entrance before shutting the door behind him and practically skipping as you pad further into the house. he can feel his face burn, realising what exactly he was here to do.
“do ya’ want some help?” he trails you around the corner, setting his bag at the doorway of the room. his eyes are glued to you as you bend over, adjusting one of the large lights facing the bed. he can’t stop himself from drinking in the sight.
“i’m almost done,” you reply, looking back at him. “but you keep lookin’ at me like that and you’ll have me on you before i get to press record.” he apologizes with a smirk, moving towards the bed, careful not to mess up how you’d made it when he sat.
after another few minutes you’re walking about to him, not hesitating when you pull the shirt from over you, letting it fall to the floor as his eyes eat at the revealed dainty fabric.
“if i’d known you were going to wear something like that i would’ve dressed better.” you giggle, revealing that pretty smile once again and he can’t help the way he mimics it.
“it’s okay,” you assure. “i’d rather you be naked anyways.”
“you got it, baby doll.” he hops up, making a show of tugging his shirt over his head. feeling a bit more confident with each second you continue to so obviously stare, lips parted slightly while your eyes explore every inch of his torso.
“before we start can i ask ya’ something?” his fingers dip under his waistband but stay there, waiting on your response. you turn your head, snapping yourself out of your trance before walking towards one of the camera’s you had set up, replying casually.
“oh uh, my safe word is coconut and there’s really nothing off limits, just make sure i can breathe and the cameras have a good view.”
“got it, but-” he watches the way you move across the room, messing with the buttons until the red light shines. “i was actually wondering something else.’’
“oh?” you look back, waiting for his question.
“Just uh.. why only me?” you smile, turning back to finish your task.
“well just- i’ve always been into athletes,” you sigh, shifting your feet slightly. “and they’re all the same. loud, arrogant, cocky, spoiled man babies.”
aran can’t stop the chuckle that slips at the almost exact description of someone he knew.
“and i dunno, i caught one of your interviews one day and you’re just so kind. never seen someone in your profession so successful and genuine.”
his heart throbs at the way you're still smiling when you turn to him, eyes cast to the side as you start twisting at your fingers.
“but uh, enough of my crush- can you sit on the bed? need to check the angles.” he pushes the grey material down a bit further, hooking into his underwear to take it all down in one go.
“this okay?”
you look up from the screen after he’s sat, mouth hanging open to reply to him just as he removes his hand from where he was holding himself. he has to bite back a smirk at the way your eyes keep moving between him and the sight of his half hard cock, lips moving to speak but no noise escapes them.
finally you nod, checking the screen once more before moving towards him. he assumes both cameras are recording now with the way you climb onto his lap. your legs fall on either side of his, soft skin pressing into his lap.
“ready?” you breathe out. your hands are placed on his chest, eyelashes fluttering slightly when calloused fingers reach around to squeeze the flesh of your thighs.
“whenever you are.” he whispers back. You instantly press your mouth to his, letting yourself melt into the kiss. his hands explore your body, the softness of you has a warmth settle in his stomach, growing and spreading more with each second as he starts to kneed at your ass..
you pull away from him completely, falling to your knees in front of him. his eyebrows shoot up but he doesn’t resist, not that he could with the way you pucker your lips to spit on the head of him. soft hands spreading it down the length of him. you don’t care to hide the way his soft groans affect you, letting out moans of your own when you wrap your mouth around him.
you keep your eyes open and on him when you roll your tongue over the outline of the tip. he falls back to lean on his elbows, fingers twitching into the duvet when one of your hands find their way to his balls, cradling them softly while you take more of him into your throat, gagging a bit when you’ve managed to take half of him. he reaches out, placing a hand on your cheek, thumbing over it in encouragement.
you try again, getting a little farther before you’re sputtering out. tears filling your eyes, face contorting in distress.
“don’t hurt ya’self now.” he warns, but you ignore him. continuing to take more of him in your mouth and down your throat. you’re nearly to the hilt of him when you gag again, tears falling freely but you keep your gaze on him. he feels light headed from the sight of you, body heated and nearly numb when you start to bob your head. one soft hand working at massaging his heavy balls, only adding to the pleasure he feels.
“fuck-” he grunts out, chest heaving. “just /look at you.”
your other digging nails into his thigh, without thinking he reaches out. taking it in his own, he lets you squeeze it as much as you need. his body is more focused on the good, cock twitching as it hits your throat once again, the feel of you moaning around it quickly has him over the edge. he’s sure to not crush your hand, but his other flies to your nape, holding you there as he releases down your throat. his own head thrown back, muscles flexing as he groans. he doesn’t take long before he’s pulling you back onto the bed, pressing his lips to yours.
“‘m sorry.” he mumbles against your lips, hands gliding over the curves of your body.
“‘s all good, you whisper back, reaching back to undo your top. “i can take it.”
you push him back by his shoulders, standing back up to strip yourself of the bottoms as well, bending towards the bed when doing so, making a show of the slick sticking from you to the fabric as you peeled them off. he licks his lips from the thought off all of that being just from having him in your mouth, he can’t help but want to return the favor. whenever you go to place yourself back on his lap, he moves. shifting his body around so his head was at the foot of the bed, you pause, confusion etched on your cute features.
“said to make sure the cameras had a good view.” he laughs pulling you to the side of the bed so you could straddle his face properly. “‘m sure everyone would love to see the way you look riding my tongue.”
your thighs rub just from his words, but spread so easily when he parts them. he mimics you when he licks the first stripe on your slit, keeping his gaze locked on your face. soaking in the way you contort with pleasure as he circles over your cli. your moans are wonton, but no doubt genuine. telling with the way your thighs clenched around his head, hands gripping his own when he wraps his arms around your waist to hold them.
“ar- aran, fuck, wait-” your chest heaves as he dips his tongue into your entrance, pulling out and pushing in teasingly. his hands move up to cup your chest, rolling your nipples when he attaches lips to your clit, tongue flicking over the nub. your words become more slurs of whines, hips jumping in time with each move of his mouth.
you try to pull yourself off of his face, but he doesn’t let you. strong arms moving to wrap around your thighs, locking you there while he continued on, switching between flicking his tongue and circling it around your bud until your whole body shook in his grasp, doubling over on yourself as you moaned out more incoherency. you take a moment before pulling yourself up, trying to fix your breathing before even trying to remove yourself from him.
“fuck!” you scream, looking up.
aran’s face scrunches up in concern, but you quickly follow up.
“i forgot to press record on this one.” you groan, and he presses a kiss to your clit. hands massaging the sore spots where he’d been gripping.
“i’ll be here all night, baby. go turn it on.”
Tumblr media
repost from my old blog.
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doolkat · 2 months ago
My thoughts! (cute pic added so it wont be just boring text)
Tumblr media
So I just saw the movie.
I been waiting for this ever since it was announced. I gotta say I was skeptical about it first but now Im like 'huh I see"
General : lighthearted movie with good music.
Plot : mediogre, I wanted to know more what happend!?
Questions :like SUNNYS DAD??? he died HOW??? HOW.. WHY WERE THE placements in his house..? Why did everyone start hating each other? What happend to Twilight and her friends?
Im sure everyones ASKING these question and I feel like movie should had covered this but maybe its a work for the show.
Thoughts : I really loved the animation! outstaniding and so many refernces and little clues every where that Im not sure I picked these up. So much to notice! The FREAKING pinup calender of Hitch.. GAY... and yeH This leads me to thibk that they are adults like in their 20s? like why else would there be that kind of joke or idk. After all Sunny lives alone too and Izzy? Also Sprout literally has the man child vibes so I doubt they are really young. Late teens at max I think! THE GUARDS were so cute and funny.Dont mind if i SHIP em lol. Also Sprout lowkey gay we all know that. Their worlds were really pretty and I liked how funny sterotypes they all had of each other. The music was so good. Sprouts song is the best!! The ending makes me think SUNNYS wings and horn arent permanent. They were see threw so yeah that wont be a thing in the show so I dont think non of us need to scream about that. Really have so much questions and movie answered so little that it makes me think what did the movie told us? I did really enjoy it but did it explain enough about their current world to us? No absolutely not!
Unicorn/Pegasi/Earth pony:
Another intresting thing to note is how unicorns who use to be higher class ones in g4 are now primitive nations. They live in woods and didnt seem to have any tehnology ? They seem to be like this "hipster" society that lives in woods and collect crysthals and read poems. Anything to just get their time off. Earth ponies have a powerful propaganda going on. A very dictatorship kind of way of thinking. They all work as a little town society like all the tribes but earth ponies propaganda to hate and be scared of unicorns and Pegasi seems much stronger. Their society seems to me like a little town community kind of. They have some technology- doesnt seem to have smartphones but they have movies and other things. Pegasi seems to be most obssed with tehnology and celerbtiy and gossip media. Much like canterlot use to be with lots celebrities and higher class ponies. I guess they just needed soemtjing cuz they lost their abilty to fly so they all came obssed with royal family and celebrities and gossip culture. What im saying each tribe had their own way of coping with things. To unicorns this seemed to be the most hurtful because they had no "fake" hope like the Pegasi had who thought royal family only could fly.
Characthers: Im gonna get hate for this but I really liked Sprout? like I know he is man baby but I thought the dictator ship kind ruling was pretty funny and well he just wanted to make his mom proud. I liked that his mom wasnt insane either? like she saw that the power was getting to his head. Speaking of moms Queen Haven is icon. I like her. She just likes glamour and camera. Nothing wrong with that. I LAUGHED WHEN I SAW THAT THEY HAD GOLDEN JAIL. Pegasi are clearly very wealthy. Zipp to me in this movie was the weakest characther? she barely had any moments of her own. Pipp had more mean energry than i thought like I thought she was gonna be literally like OMG SLAAAY QUEEN YASSS all the time but she gladly wasnt. Im looking forward more to see both of the sisters and their differnces. Kinda reminds me of me and my sister tbh one is all about fashion and expensive things in life and I am well.. I like more earthy things. So im lookin forward seeing those two interact the most.Hitch was pretty cool. He is like mix of applejack and fluttershy. I like him, not bad at all but very charming and clearly adored in town. Ok now the best SUNNY AND IZZY!! they are kinda... fruity hehzhejdjej I MEAN NOT STRAIGHT but also I love how I could see them as literally soulmates in friend way.. the latern thing.. that was so sniff.. I CRIED OK.. SHRED SINGLE TEAR. anywayd Im glad Izzy isnt RANDOM XD RAWR kinda pony I thought shed be. Will see how they are treated later. SUNNY is just precious also SOCIALIST AF.. bruh zjejs idk how I feel about that like she has that vibe love and tolerance to all but it could go so wrong. But Im glad she didnt loose optimism fully in end! She is previous.
The plot is how it is so ILL give this movie solid 8/10. Enjoyable!
Anyways in general I think the movie was good! Go watch it. if not for anything else then the visuals and songs are really good!
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realcube · 10 months ago
characters dealing with a deep sleeper! s/o  (_ _)。゜zzZ
characters: bokuto, oikawa & saiki k 
tw// swearing, fluff, mentions of death, illness, funerals, sexual references 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kōtarō Bokuto
he literally thought you died 
this was your first time sleeping over at his home and last night, y’all were stuffing your faces with treats until your stomachs ached
you had mentioned several times how you were feeling sick - even after bokuto took you out for a late-night run - but he just told you to take a pain-killer and sleep it off
but now he was kinda regretting not calling someone to help 
like what if the sickness was a symptom to a deadly disease which took you overnight?
plus, he had tried everything he could think of to wake you up: he shook you, he blasted music from his phone, he opened the curtains to allow blinding light to shine on you, he flicked spits of cold water onto your face and he literally wafted cookies around the room in hopes you’d catch the scent 
but it was no use as even after all that, you didn’t move an inch
he tried to check your pulse which he believed to be on the wrist but he couldn’t think it 
so either he was too stupid to find the exact location didn’t have a pulse
he’ll admit, it was an eerie thought that there could be a dead person in his bed rn but even he considered that a rather outlandish idea 
how could a person as healthy as you just die overnight? so he did what any reasonable person would do in that situation-- no, not call a doctor
he held a funeral for his beloved s/o 💀
he gathered all five of the plushies laying around his room (all of which were owls) and lined them up on the foot of the bed 
‘we are all gathered here today to celebrate the epic life of my partner, (y/n) (l/n).’ he sobbed into the sleeve of the black blazer he had pulled out of his closet, ‘gone too soon.’
silence. but in his mind he was met by a chorus of ‘aww’s and whimpers from the crowd
‘i loved them. (y/n) was my rock; they helped me through some of the hardest points in my life--’
his speech was cut off upon hearing one of the audience members pipe up, ‘bo, what are you doing?’
a wave of excitement washed over him as he scurried up to the line of guests, closely examining each one, ‘i didn’t know y’all could talk!’
you rolled your eyes before leaning forward and gently tapping the back of his head, ‘it’s me.’
upon laying his eyes on you, healthy and alive, his lips curled into a foolishly large grin as he immediately pulled you into a tight hug, ‘(Y/N), you’re alive!’ he cried
you gasped at his rather dramatic reaction before slowly melting into his embrace, ‘yes, i am.’
as your lips parted from the skin of his jaw and he slowly let his arms fall from your waist, you finally inquired, ‘did you hold a funeral for me?’
bokuto’s eyes-widened at your ‘crazy’ suggestion, ‘uhhhh, nooooo.’
if his elongating of each word wasn’t enough to show that he was lying, the dead giveaway would have to be the sheet of A4 paper with ‘(Y/N)’S FUNERAL 😭’ written on it that was stuck to the door with blu-tac
ignoring his completely false reply, you leaned back on the bed and picked up on the owl plushies, gently stroking it’s soft fur, ‘are these the guests? why are there only five?’
bokuto shrugged, picking up one himself and absentmindedly attempting to balance it on your head, ‘seven; if you count me and you.’
you giggled, about to make a inquire about the names of each guest until bokuto suddenly through his arms around you again 
‘why didn’t you tell me that you are such a deep-sleeper before?! i was so worried - i thought you died! please never die on me again, (y/n)?’
you smiled, pulling back to plant a sweet kiss on his cheek, ‘i promise.’
Tumblr media
Tōru Oikawa
he would take advantage of this opportunity lol
the first time y’all slept over together as a couple, he had no idea that you were as deep of a sleeper as you actually are
like he thought you meant ‘i sometimes sleep through my alarms’ deep-sleeper
anyway, at first, he’d probably just freshen up while you sleep: take a shower, wash his face, brush his teeth, floss etc so he’s no longer effected by that ✨morning crust ✨
but when he pokes his head out of the bathroom and noticed that your sleep asleep, he tries to blow-dry his hair bc he knows how much you like it when it’s all fluffy
but his blow-dryer was quite loud so he put it on for a few seconds to see if it’s wake you up and just as he expected, you were still sound asleep
so he blew-dry his hair until it was that soft texture that you liked so much- all while you were still like (∪.∪ )...zzz even though the blow-dryer was making a racket 
you were still sleeping and upon looking at the time, he realised that it was completely fair considering it was currently half past 8 and he had just woken up extremely early for some unknown reason
he didn’t want to wake you so he was just doing to go out for a run or make breakfast until he caught a glimpse of himself in mirror
despite his  puffy hair and pearly-white smile, he still looked sloppy
but it was definitely bc of his stained, torn, washed-out pyjamas tbh
he was just wearing an old T-shirt that he’s had for god-knows how long and a pair of grey sweatpants; it wasn’t a look
he had no idea what possessed him to wear such casual nightwear while you were at his house - especially when you chose to wear something so relaxed yet titillating - but he knew that he needed to change
after a while of rummaging through his nightwear drawer, the best he could find was a pair of white, silk, loose-legged trousers which he had bought for a halloween costume many years ago
it was pretty classy though :)) he was sure that you’d like it 
however, he still couldn’t find anything to wear on his top half but there is no fashion problem oikawa can’t solve 
thus, he went shirtless ( •̀ ω •́ )✧
he also threw on some jewellery too, just for the lols
you weren’t awake yet thought, so after he set up some candles to create a ‘mood’, he just sat next to you on the bed, scrolling on his phone and anticipating your reaction once you woke up
for a moment, he thought that he might’ve went when too far but upon taking a look at himself in his front-facing camera, he realised that there was no harm in spicing things up
once he noticed one of your eyes slowly flutter open, he quickly tossed his phone to the side and turned his body to face you, shooting you a kind smile and he gently ran a hand through his fluffy hair, ‘morning, angel~’ he cooed
you grumbled your greeting in response, then proceeded to rub your eyes to make sure you were seeing him correctly, ‘what are you wearing, tōru?’
‘can a guy not dress up for his special someone anymore?’
you rolled your eyes, playfully slapping his chest and going to hop out of bed until he pulled you back down against the sheets
a faint gasp escaped your lips but you were quickly hushed by oikawa pushing his finger against your lips, ‘you’re not going anywhere, (y/n).’
Tumblr media
Kusuo Saiki
this was the first time you ever slept over at his house or next to him yet y’all had been dating for year and a half
he was just scared that he might accidently do something crazy in his sleep (bc of his powers ofc) and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt you 🥺
you were patient with him though but bc y’all had never woken up together before, he had no idea how deep of a sleeper you are
he thought it was cute at first bc you were laying there like the beauty you are, lookin’ all serene and calm and stuff
but after a while, he got bored on his own  #•̀ ︿ •́
also, you promised to bake macarons with him for breakfast and he was hungry as hell, still he didn’t want to eat without you but if he didn’t wake you up rn to make macarons, he’d surely starve to death while they were in the fridge
on any other day, he’d just try do it himself but when you helped him make food- it just hit different 😍
‘(y/n), wake up.’  he spoke into your mind using his telepathy, while light nudging your arm, ‘i’m hungry.’
you didn’t reply, seeming completely knocked out
he tried the next best thing, holding his annoying alarm noise near (but not too close) to your ear
still nothing, though
his last human attempt was aggressively pulling your blanket away but even after that you showed no signs of waking up so he realised that he’d have to resort to using his physic abilities
he considered using his astral projection to possess your body but he felt as though taking over your body might cross a few boundaries 
but he did try duplicating himself so he could shake you from many different angles but it was still no use
he continued to use his telepathy to try wake you up but it didn’t seem to work either
after multiple different attempts of using his powers to try wake you up; here he was, standing in the middle of some dystopian, apocalyptic scene - alarms ringing in the distant along with sirens, screaming, honking and wails. everything around him seemed to be engulfed by flames which created thick, smoky air 
he wasn’t really sure how he got here but he was pretty sure it started around the time he tried to form an energy ball 
whatever 🤷‍♂️ it’s no biggie
he jumped back in time so he was standing next to your bed once again, exactly where he left off before he created the energy ball
he stared down at your sleeping figure and let out an exasperated sigh as he realised that he’d have to employ one of his most dangerous tactics
he really hoped it didn’t have to come to this
‘(y/n), if you get up right now.’ his voice rung through your head, ‘i speak with my voice.’
just like that, both of your eyes shot open as you hastily sat up on the bed
‘do it, saiki!’ you cheered, a foolishly large grin plastered on your features
and he couldn’t help but smile too 
curse you for being so cute
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