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appellomancers are based
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My favorite banishing spell is the Block button.
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jimbo-png · 2 days ago
hey!!! so im a sexy transmasc witch and i just opened an etsy shop to sell my tarot readings and stuff!!!! id really appreciate if y'all checked it out and if u don't feel like doing that then please consider reblogging!!!!
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kahuna-64 · 2 days ago
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snowandsage · a day ago
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this is a picture of my childhood home but it feels like an alternative universe when i look at it
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fallbabylon · 13 hours ago
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Museum of Witchcraft and Magic- Boscastle, Cornwall 
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kmidnightmoon · a day ago
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𝕷𝖊𝖙 𝖎𝖙 𝖇𝖊🖤✨
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breelandwalker · 2 days ago
Dusting off my Witchstorian hat
Hello witches! I'm looking ahead to the Hex Positive podcast schedule for the rest of the year and I find myself in a quandary.
I've got the June podcast episode ready to rock and I'm planning one for July to address a community issue, but the history buff in my is itching to do more History Of pieces.
Lozzie and I are sitting down to record more sessions for Patreon pretty soon, but there aren't any dedicated history episodes currently on the main schedule and I keep finding myself thinking longingly of dusty tomes and scholarly articles.
So I bring it to you, my witchy darlings - what History Of type episodes would you like to hear on Hex Positive?
I've covered the history of tarot cards, ouija boards, and Western European witchcraft laws in the past, and I do have vague plans for that promised episode where I debunk a bunch of memes, but beyond that, I'm open to suggestions. Small singular topics with a finite history are best, as opposed to broad subjects (i.e. the history of tarot vs the history of divination). Suggestions for particular events are welcome too.
Any ideas?
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hochgouez-nerzhus · 20 hours ago
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Cernunnos Altar
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fairytaleartandstuff · 22 hours ago
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literary witch problems.
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Meet My Spirit Companions
I thought it might be fun to make a post introducing you guys to some of the spirits I currently work closely with. [They have names but I feel very private about them so I'll title them as their relationship to me].
Spirit Guide/Main Teacher: 🌲🌌🌊
Kind - Patient - Elven and Elk Vibes - Ancient - Wise - Tender Laughter - Appeared during my initiation - Sometimes disappears? He's low-key kinda busy but I have NO idea what he gets off to doing
Be by Hozier
Friendly Familiar: 🐻🤺
Nonverbal - Playful/Goofy - Came around during childhood to vibe - Form changes but is currently a Bear for literally no reason? I have no connections to bears at all? I think they just like it
Chicken Wings by Samm Henshaw
Shadow Spirit: ⚫
Tough love - very protective but much more aggressive than above - interacts with me the most in dreams - just a big shadow wraith basically but he's cool and actually does a surprising amount of educational instruction?
Two Dogs Thethered Inside by Emily Wells
Allied Defending Spirit: 🐉
Ngl he's basically a spiritual mercenary - literally just a dragon - not tied to me but we have a deal - will fuck your shit
Brutus by The Buttress
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zwahkmuchoney · 8 hours ago
Vervain For Protection, Psychic & Purification Spells
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Vervain (holy herb) is a beautiful flower with the magical ability to provide protection against evil spells & negative energy. Burning Vervain purifies and consecrates sacred spaces, temples and the home. The flower can also be used to cleanse and purify ceremonial tools, crystals and altars. If you feel like you are in need of protection against hexes or other forms of spiritual attack carry a small cloth or silk bag filled with Vervain on your person.
Vervain enhances your psychic abilities by opening the third eye. To activate your 6th sense rub some oil or ointment that has been infused with the herb on your forehead before you engage in meditation or astral work. Adding Vervain to a dream pillow along with other psychic herbs such as Mugwort, Wormwood and Star Anise enhances your ability to engage in prophetic dreaming. Placing a small bowl of Vervain on the table before engaging in divination with tarot cards or a pendulum helps gives you better results.
Vervain is native to Asia and the Americas. This plant grows best in full to partial sunlight with well-drained soil. Gargling with some Vervain tea is helpful during colds. Vervain is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, the element of water in the planet Venus.- Zwahk Muchoney (Image from Unsplash.com)
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kujawa · 2 days ago
welcome! this is a new blog dedicated to my spiritual experiences - more specifically, with my guardian (or maybe daemon - i'm still unsure what to call him) kujawa.
here's the rundown: kujawa has been around since i was very little. he comforts me when i'm sad and protects me from all the big and bad things in this world. he takes on multiple forms, such as a crow or a caribou, but he primarily presents himself as a large tiger with golden stripes and glowing eyes.
here are pictures that are closest to what he looks like:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
he's become my best friend in a very short period of time. i've known about him since i was very young, but lost connection over the years as i was facing depression and things of the like. we've reconnected though, and i couldn't be more excited about it! he makes me feel safe and protected like nothing else. he is, without a doubt, my guardian.
thanks for reading! interact to be mutuals <3
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frokk · 17 days ago
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graphic by bum-lung on twitter
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albertvictoria-art · 7 months ago
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The last of the three illustrations I made last year for “Witchzine” fanzine. The theme was “Witches’ Pharmacy/Healing Witches”, so the idea of my illustrations was inspired by the preparation of a healing ritual.
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breelandwalker · 5 months ago
2022 Witch's Calendar
For all my witches out there, here's a handy list of the 2022 dates for the major holidays, full and new moons, and special events. I've listed my sources at the bottom. Dates and times for all events are calculated for Eastern Standard Time, USA, Northern Hemisphere. Adjust for your location as needed. Enjoy!
WOTY Holidays and Solstices
February 1-2 - Imbolc
March 20 - Spring Equinox / Ostara
May 1 - Beltane
June 21 - Summer Solstice / Midsummer
August 1 - Lughnasadh
September 22 - Autumn Equinox / Mabon
October 31 - Samhain
December 21 - Winter Solstice / Yule
Full Moons
January 17 - Wolf Moon ♋️
February 16 - Snow Moon ♌️
March 18 - Worm Moon ♍️
April 16 - Pink Moon ♎️
May 16 - Flower Moon ♏️
June 14 - Strawberry Moon ♐️
July 13 - Thunder Moon (aka Buck Moon) ♑️
August 11 - Sturgeon Moon ♒️
September 10 - Harvest Moon ♓️
October 9 - Hunter's Moon (aka Blood Moon) ♈️
November 8 - Frost Moon ♉️
December 7 - Cold Moon ♊️
Fun Fact: The title of Harvest Moon is given to either the September or October full moon, whichever falls closest to the autumn equinox. In 2022, that month will be September.
New Moons
January 2 ♑️
February 1 ♒️
March 2 ♓️
April 1 ♈️
April 30 ♉️
May 30 ♊️
June 29 ♋️
July 28 ♌️
August 27 ♍️
September 25 ♎️
October 25 ♏️
November 23 ♐️
December 23 ♑️
Special Events
April 30 - Black Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse (10:42pm EST)
May 16 - Total Lunar Eclipe (12:11am EST, coinciding with zenith)
June 14 - Supermoon
July 13 - Supermoon
October 25 - Partial Solar Eclipe (11:01am EST)
November 8 - Total Lunar Eclipse (5:59am EST, coinciding with zenith)
Inverse - Full Moon 2022 calendar: Dates, times, schedule, and names for the brightest nights all year
Astroseek - Full Moons 2022 & New Moons
The Pagan Grimoire - The Wheel of the Year: The 8 Festivals in the Wiccan Calendar
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queenie435 · 5 months ago
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Everyone wants this world
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thevirginwitch · 2 months ago
vintage headers, dividers, and other images for your digital grimoire/book of shadows
i've compiled several images i've been using for my digital book of shadows, and thought i'd share some of my favorites!
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euripideez-nuts · 10 months ago
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Jo Brown
Biologist and artist
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