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I’m slowly starting my own business!

If you love dreamcatchers and crystals, head over to my Instagram to help support the journey:

@ Crystal.voller_bevan

This particular dreamcatcher turned up at its forever home yesterday on the Ilse of Wight, for a gorgeous friend of mine! 🥰

Much love! 🥰

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Start of by doing a grounding and protection ritual to ensure that you have the right energy and also that your energy is protected.

In this layout you can work with Yes/No answers, to find out which card represents Yes/No then follow the link.

In this layout I’m using a Animal Spirit Oracle deck, if you don’t have a deck then I have added my deck in pictures down below so you can intuitively choose a card and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Tarot Spread:

1. Will I find a familiar?
2. Is my familiar a physical being?
3. Is my familiar a spiritual being?
4. When will we find/meet each other?
5. Where will we find/meet each other?
6.What animal is my familiar? (If you get an animal you feel that you don’t connect with then look into the animals personality as this will indicate your familiars personality).

If you don’t have an animal deck, then you can choose from my animal deck below. 
Write a dm to me that includes Familiar Tarot Spread, Pile 1-5 and which card. I will write back to you as fast as I can.

Pile 1-4 have 14 cards each, so you can write 1:7 in the dm so I will know.
Pile 5 have 7 cards.


Decks used:

The Wild Unknown Tarot
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit

If you have any problem understanding this spread or your spread, then please feel free to drop me a dm and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Source: @thenoaidi

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Ace of Wands - Yes
2 of Wands - Maybe
3 of Wands - Yes
4 of Wands - Yes
5 of Wands - No
6 of Wands - Yes
7 of Wands - Maybe
8 of Wands - Yes
9  of Wands - Maybe
10 of Wands - No
Page of Wands - Yes
Knight of Wands - Yes
Queen of Wands - Yes
King of Wands - Yes


Ace of Cups - Yes
2 of Cups - Yes
3 of Cups - Yes
4 of Cups - No
5 of Cups - No
6 of Cups - Yes
7 of Cups - Maybe
8 of Cups - No
9  of Cups - Yes
10 of Cups - No
Page of Cups - Yes
Knight of Cups - Yes
Queen of Cups - Yes
King of Cups - Yes


Ace of Swords - Yes
2 of Swords - Maybe
3 of Swords - No
4 of Swords - Maybe
5 of Swords - No
6 of Swords - Yes
7 of Swords - No
8 of Swords - No
9  of Swords - No
10 of Swords - No
Page of Swords - Yes
Knight of Swords - Yes
Queen of Swords - No
King of Swords - Maybe


Ace of Pentacles - Yes
2 of Pentacles - Maybe
3 of Pentacles - Yes
4 of Pentacles - No
5 of Pentacles - No
6 of Pentacles - Yes
7 of Pentacles - Maybe
8 of Pentacles - Yes
9  of Pentacles - Yes
10 of Pentacles - Yes
Page of Pentacles - Yes
Knight of Pentacles - Yes
Queen of Pentacles - Yes
King of Pentacles - Yes

Major Arcana

0 The  Fool - Yes
1 The Magician - Yes
2 The High Priestess - Maybe
3 The Empress - Yes
4 The Emperor - No
5 The Hierophant - Maybe
6 The Lovers - Yes
7 The Chariot - Yes
8 Strength - Yes
9 The Hermit - Maybe
10 Wheel of Fortune - Yes
11 Justice - Yes
12 The Hanged Man - Maybe
13 Death - No
14 Temperance - Maybe
15 The Devil - No
16 The Tower - No
17 The Star - Yes
18 The Moon - No
19 The Sun - Yes
20 Judgement - Yes
21 The World - Yes

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Hello fellow witches! 💖

I’m looking for some good online shops 😊

Shops that sell any witchy things

such as (but not limited to) these:

  • Organic, ethically-sourced candles
  • Healing crystals and stones
  • Alter tools (chalices, athames, cauldrons, pentacles, bells, magic wands, etc.)
  • Boxes, chests, jars, bags, pouches, etc.
  • Tarot cards
  • Journals, notebooks
  • Stationary (envelopes, pens, wax seal stamps, etc.)
  • Incense, essential oils
  • Singing bowls
  • Divination dice (astragalomancy/astragyromancy dice)
  • Meditation cushions
  • Beautiful tableware (mugs, tea cups, tea pots, tea sets, bowls, plates, utensils, trays, glasses, etc.)
  • Statues, figurines
  • Decor (decor for the Sabbats, tapestries, vases, prints, posters, throw pillows, lamps, candle holders, door beads, faerie lights, faux flowers & plants, etc.)
  • Dream-catchers, feathers, medicine bags, smudge ceremony tools, etc. (yes, I’m Indigenous)
  • Craft supplies (string, beads, feathers, dried herbs, shells, etc.)
  • Jewelry, clothing, accessories
  • Beauty & self-care stuff: dry brushes, scalp massagers, roll-on remedies, nasal inhalers for essential oil blends, balms, face masks, hair masks, soaps, toners, beauty tools, etc.)
  • Cannabis paraphernalia & accessories (pipes, jars, rolling trays, ash trays, natural cleaners for pipes and water pipes, grinders, papers, cones, vape accessories, decor, resin art, books, etc.)
  • Books (witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, self-care, self-help, spirituality, herbalism, botany, gardening, astrology, astronomy, metaphysics, folklore, legends and myths, craft-making, etc.)


  • They can be Etsy shops or any others!
  • They must be run by real people, not affiliated with large companies/corporations (unless they started out small and now they’re booming, which is different). What I mean is, I don’t want to buy from shops who get their products from factories that mass-produce and sell for maximum profit (cheap products sold for way more than they’re worth, and at the expense of their employees). I’m looking for shops whose products are made with love and care 💛
  • They can be expensive or inexpensive, as long as they’re made with love 💜 if some items are expensive, I’ll either save up or search elsewhere for cheaper versions. Whatever I (or others) don’t have the money for, those items can still be used as inspiration! 😊 or even just as fun things to daydream about ☺️

How to share with me:

  • reblog this post
  • comment on this post
  • send me a message & I’ll share it in the notes on this post
  • send me an ask (anon or not) & I’ll add it to the notes on this post
  • or make your own post & send it to me!

(add the links & names!)

I’m gonna make a post sharing all the shops I already follow, as well as the shops you guys send my way! I’ll also add them to the notes on this post ☺️😊 thank you so much in advance!! And take care everyone! ✨💗✨💖

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Tip for closeted witches or baby witches:

Don’t have a mortar and pestle? (Neither do I, and I’ve been practicing for six years lol)

You can use any ceramic bowl + a candle lid.

Here I’m using a bowl a friend made me in high school and the lid from a candle that just reached the bottom of the wick. Is it perfect? No, but it’ll work in a pinch!

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If you’re feeling creatively blocked… or just mental blocks in general. Wash your hair. A simple but effective ritual to literally cleanse energy from your head.

You can even add an affirmation or chant. “Water washes away from me, all the blocks I cannot see.”

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In some myths, foxes are wise and benevolent. In others, they are connected to fire and the sun. 🦊

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That feel when you enter a large witchcraft discord server and its just you and maybe one other person within your pantheon/practice surrounded by 400+ hellenic pagans

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My life is just a constant fight between wanting to save another empty jar I have but knowing I already have more than I need

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Just harvested some more cedar! This will have to dry 2-3 weeks, so I’ll have more in my shop then!

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