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lunariaa2 days ago
What is Mabon?
Mabon (pronounced mah-bon) is a pagan holiday marking the autumn equinox. This day, which typically falls on or around the 21st/22nd, is the first day of fall! This is the second harvest festival of three on the Wheel of the Year. On this day, as well as the Spring Equinox, the length of day and night is equal. In Greek mythology, the Fall Equinox is also the day Persephone begins her descent into the Underworld. Similarly, in Celtic mythology, Mabon was abducted three days after his birth and was imprisoned inside of a stone wall, only to be released later. Mabon is a time to embrace the coming of death, knowing rebirth will come later. It is also a time to bask in the fruits of your labours and to enjoy yourself before the harsh winter comes once more
Colours: Orange, red, yellow, brown, black
Food: Apples, wheat, squash, corn, bread,, pomegranates, seasonal produce
Herbs: Sage, rosemary, rosehips, rue, yarrow, passionflower, chamomile
Flowers: Crysanthemums (a.k.a mums), sunflowers, marigolds
Crystals: amber, citrine, hematite, aventurine, yellow topaz, cat鈥檚 eye, clear quartz
Incense: Apple, clove, patchouli, sweetgrass, myrrh, frankincense, sage, hibiscus
Animals: Dog, wolf, owl, squirrel, stag, fox, crow, raven, raccoon
God(desse)s: Mabon, Modron, Persephone, Demeter, Morrigan, Epona, Thor, Thoth, Hermes, Ceres, Green Man
Tarot Card: Justice
Spells: abundance, harvest, balance, protection, banishing, luck
Go apple picking
Bake apple pie/crumble
Cook/bake using seasonal produce
Harvest fall produce
Go to a grocery store
Find pretty fall leaves
Have a fire
Go to a pumpkin patch
Altar Ideas
Fall leaves
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piscesniche2 days ago
Looking for witchy friends on witchblr!!
Hello peeps, Im Dion and Im 21 years old from portugal. I consider myself a baby witch but i accept friends from any level!! Do reblog and maybe follow if you:
do fae work
work with Persephone, Lugh, Aphrodite, Hades, Hekate, Artemis/Diana
are working on a book of shadows or grimoire
are above the age of 18
belong to the LGBTQ+ community
are an artist of any sorts
do divination work
do spirit work
are a polytheist
are a pagan
are a kitchen witch
are a garden witch聽
are a grey witch聽
are into subliminals/manifestation
are into astrology and numerology
I need to fill my dashboard full of beautiful peeps!! May Mother Nature bless you
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bloomingwildwitch2 days ago
Tumblr media
How are you celebrating? 馃崄馃崅鉁
This equinox is also called Mabon, The Second Harvest Festival, Harvest of First Fruits, and Wine Harvest. 馃崌馃尠馃崋
馃尵 Facts About The Autumn Equinox 馃尵
馃崕 Celebrates the deities Mabon, Dionysus, Persephone, and Archangel Michael.
馃崕 Symbols are the pumpkin, squash, eggplant, gourd, grape, pomegranate, and apple. Colors are orange, red, yellow, gold, and brown.
馃崕 It is a day of balance between light and dark.
馃崕 Altars are adorned in twigs, dried leaves, acorns, feathers, fruits of the harvest, and rose hips.
Let鈥檚 eat, drink, and be merry! 馃寱
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ofallingstara day ago
Blessed Mabon!
I'll be listening to my Witchy Vibes playlists to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, and I want to share them with you all. Each has 65 songs, enjoy!
Witchy Vibes, Part 1
Genres: Folk, Celtic, Neo-Pagan, Medieval
Featuring: C茅cile Corbel, Blackmore鈥檚 Night, S. J. Tucker, Heather Dale, Lisa Thiel, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Spiral Dance, Lisa Dancing-Night, Erutan鈥
Witchy Vibes, Part 2
Genres: Folk, Neo-Pagan, Metal, Darkwave
Featuring: Inkubus Sukkubus, Wendy Rule, Trobar de Morte, Karliene, G氓te, The Moon & The Nightspirit, Blackbriar, Tarja, Faun, Daemonia Nymphe鈥
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awhisperinthewillows2 days ago
Don't be scared if you missed the 21st, you have until the 29th to celebrate! This also is the time to clear all that pent up summer energy out and welcome the energies of fall which will bring about their own blessings!
Heres some some things to do during this time!
Cleanse your home of any dull summer blues like energy, and (if the air is safe for you guys because ik about the wildfires) open the windows to welcome in that cold crisp air of autumn.
Pickle some food in jars and stock up for the winter!
Honor your deities and/or ancestors (if thats what your practice involves).
Dont forget to also honor and/or thank Mabon as that is the Celtic deity whom this holiday was named after (please correct me if im wrong with this info)
Do some fun lighthearted things like wreath making, or redecorating your altars in the colors of the holiday which are, orange, gold, red, brown, purple, and blue!
Make some food that honors this festive time!
Give the land some offerings in preparation for the winter season.
Gather some of those beautiful autumn leaves!
If you have more to add to the list, please do!
Blessed be my darlings!
(Made a few edits)
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thewitchoftheforest2 days ago
Tumblr media
鉁 M饾暊饾暊饾暉 W饾晵饾暐饾晼饾暎 鉁 The harvest full moon was a few days ago and you may have made some moon water. But what do you do with it after it鈥檚 made? Here are some of my favourite ways to use it! To make moon water, put a container like a bottle or jar of water (preferably with a lid to keep bits from falling in) in the light of the full moon to charge for a minimum of a few of hours or leave to charge overnight. Do you use moon water in your Craft? Lindsay 馃挏 鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺 #moon #moonwater #healing #magick #greenmagick #greenwitch #spells #protection #energy #nature #greenwitchcraft #bruja #esoteric #witch #witchcraft #protection #traditionalwitchcraft #wicca #pagan #plants #bruja #goodvibes #witchesofinstagram #witches #witchy #witchythings #witchytips #witchystuff #witchyvibes #vibes #witchythings
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theskepticalwitch2 days ago
As a Celtic druid, it really makes me sad that people don't understand where their witch holidays have come from.
I don't mean to make other witches feel bad, it's just I wish that Wicca hadn't stolen the holidays that the Druids had and turned them into Witch Sabbats.
Maybe, if you don't know the history, please learn it.
Druidry is open, so you can fully learn and practice the holidays, just please be respectful.
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virquariusa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Unpopular air sign opinion: earth and water signs are amazing and must be protected at all costs.
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iridescent-witch-lifea day ago
Tumblr media
Are you a fan of the pumpkin spice flavour/scent? (I am!) Most of the spices correspond with money.Time to do some kitchen witchcraft!
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mywitchlingjourneya day ago
Timing in tarot
Wands - fire - burns fast - days
Swords - air - flows quickly - weeks
Cups - water - ebbs with the moon - months
Pentacles - earth - grows slowly - a season to a year
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ugh-cielo19 hours ago
Tip: wash your clothing and bedding with essential oils! Lavender for sleep and eucalyptus for energy.
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nicktupsa day ago
Repeat this affirmation daily "I do not chase I only attract"
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brazilianwitchy2 days ago
馃尯OSTARA馃尫 - 21 DE SETEMBRO - no Hemisf茅rio Sul.
Tumblr media
EQUIN脫CIO DE PRIMAVERA - A esta莽茫o da fertilidade, hora de se libertar e celebrar como se estivesse recebendo um amigo que volta de uma longa viagem, 茅poca de melhor comunica莽茫o, express茫o e criatividade.
A Ostara 茅 comemorada na semana do dia 21 de setembro no Hemisf茅rio Sul e na semana do dia 21 de mar莽o no Hemisf茅rio Norte.
HONRE O PRIMEIRO SOL DE PRIMAVERA - Na semana da primavera, tire um dia para receber o sol, acorde mais cedo, levante suas m茫os para cima trazendo o sol para seu corpo e alma; Depois coloque as palmas no ch茫o devolvendo para a m茫e natureza.
SE RECONECTE COM A NATUREZA - Fa莽a um passeio com seu animal, com algu茅m que seja importante para voc锚, fa莽a um picnic com aqueles que voc锚 ama.
LIMPEZA DE PRIMAVERA - Se livre da tristeza do inverno com uma renova莽茫o de energia e positividade.
Cores: tons pasteis de azul, verde e vermelho; Incensos e Ervas: jasmim, baunilha, erva-cidreira, verbena, rosa, s谩lvia e lotus. Pedras: ametistas, aquamarine, 谩gata, jasper e quartzo rosa.
OVOS DE PRIMAVERA - ovos simbolizam a fertilidade, ent茫o decor谩-los 茅 uma forma de criar uma simbologia do que voc锚 quer atrair nessa esta莽茫o.
Coloque-os na cesta e trace um pentagrama sobre eles dizendo:
Em nome da deusa da Primavera e do deus Sol, pelos poderosos quatro elementos, Terra, Ar, Fogo e 脕gua, eu consagro esses ovos de Ostara.
Coloque-os no altar durante seu ritual de primavera e ap贸s o ritual deixo-os no p茅 de uma 谩rvore.
Acenda as velas ao redor do caldeir茫o (ou do recipiente onde voc锚 coloca 谩gua) e diga:
Eu acendo essas velas em homenagem a Rainha da Primavera para que a luz do Sol possa trazer alegria e vida.
Coloque flores dentro do caldeir茫o idealizando seus desejos.
Pegue um de seus ovos de Ostara e diga:
Aben莽oados sejam o deus e a deusa fertilizadores, que este ovo represente meus desejos.
Eleve a ta莽a e diga:
Aben莽oada seja a Primavera que regressou, que a roda da vida sempre gire. Que assim seja.
PLANTANDO A SEMENTE - tire um tempo para sentar e meditar sobre algo que voc锚 quer que aconte莽a agora na primavera, v谩 desenvolvendo essa ideia na sua mente, como uma semente germinando at茅 se tornar uma flor. Depois pegue um papel e escreva sua ideia com poucas palavras, como se fosse um passo a passo. Depois diga:
Senhor e Senhora, recebam minha semente. Deixem que germine em minha mente e meu cora莽茫o. Deixem que prospere e chegue 脿 maturidade, pois cuidarei dela e promoverei seu crescimento em seu nome. Que assim seja.
Depois queime o papel e enterre as cinzas.
Acenda uma vela verde e uma vermelha e diga:
A roda do ano agora gira, o dia e a noite est茫o durando o mesmo. Ostara reina o tempo da primavera,
a crian莽a do Sol ganha for莽as. Semeie minhas sementes agora na primavera, deusa d锚 sua ben莽茫o para o meu solo. Renove a for莽a da vida presente na terra. O senhor do Sol est谩 vindo para me ajudar. Que assim seja.
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