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#wicked beginnings
teaofgan · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Happy 15th Anniversary to Wicked! I can’t even begin to describe how special this show is to me. I first found out about it in high school, and not to get too deep, but as somebody who didn’t have many friends and often felt alienated by many of the people I thought were my friends, I related quite strongly to odd, bookish, outcast Elphaba. My high school sketchbooks are filled with doodles of the characters I only really knew from the soundtrack, and later Gregory Maguire’s novel.
In 2011 I finally got to see Wicked when it was on tour in Edmonton. It was the first show I’d ever seen professionally performed, and it was so emotionally moving to see. I can only hope maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to see Wicked again
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pirefoxx · a year ago
musicals taken to a whole new level
so you know how some songs just have a certain handful of notes that are also in other songs? and you know how sometimes that one other song starts playing in your head?
this time, instead of going “haha” and ignoring it, switch over to the other song
you’re welcome for this infinite loop of showtunes
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tipsydipsydo · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dom! Namjoon x bratty Sub! Reader x Dom! Hoseok
Gender of the Reader: female
Word Count: 3.6k
Genre: SMUT!!! (Well, that’s not smut anymore, that’s literally porn) 99,6% Smut + 00,4%Fluff at the end
Warnings: …well… where should I begin?…THIS IS PURE PWP! Threesome, Polyamory, Dom-/Sub-Themes, Masturbation, Toys, Petnames, Degradation, filthy Name-Calling, Master-Kink, Daddy-Kink, Lots of really filthy Dirty Talk, Swearing, Spanking, HEAVY Assplay, Anal-Fingering, lot of Lube, Pussy-Exhibitionism(?), Pussy Slapping, Mirror-Sex/Making out, Double Penetration (vaginal + anal), Squirting, Unprotected Sex (be smart in RL pls!), Mentions of Aftercare wtf i’m doing with my life?! i need holy water.
A/N: This story got inspired by an idea of the lovely and absolute amazing @h0esvck , we texted smutty shit with each other. Originally it only should be a drabble. Well, here we are again with a 3.6k porn fic.
Summary: You are sexually frustrated, annoyed and bored, which is why you started to masturbate without the permission of your boyfriends Namjoon and Hoseok. Even if they promised to take care of your needs tonight. But you don’t feel like waiting anymore. But you also didn’t expect that Hobi catches you with your pastel blue dildo deep in your pussy…
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Tumblr media
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This following story is my intellectual property and belongs only to my blog!
I’ll not accept any kind of reposting, stealing or using/editing my work!
That includes reposting my content on other social media platforms too, even when you link me as the original author.
Thank you.
Tumblr media
With a sigh of pleasure, you let your head fall back into the countless pillows of your huge king size bed and close your eyes shortly afterwards. You tense the muscles of your ass with a wicked smile up and begin to moan softly as you feel the hard and unyielding metal clearly between your buttcheeks. God, you just love the feeling of your little hole being filled with a plug.
Just the thought that your sweet pussy will be stuffed with the big pastel blue dildo just makes you even wetter. You feel your arousal running down slowly over your butt and dripping on the towel under you. Hobi and Joon have promised to take today’s evening some time for their little princess off and takes care of you and your needs. But when you heard this promise you just roll your eyes.
They can promise you a lot when the day seems to be long. With the same words, they put you off last week and the week before. Sure, they have a hell of a lot to do, but then they shouldn’t keep giving you such empty promises again and again if they can’t keep them. You are tired of waiting and if they’re not able to satisfy your needs, then you do it yourself.
You have ignored your sexual desires way too long, you’ve had nothing between your legs for too long to be still able to endure this burning lust in your lower abdomen. Usually your boys ensure that your high sex drive is satisfied by themself and that you hardly have to lend a hand yourself, unless they are on tour. Only for this reason you have your own toy box, the other toys have been locked away by the boys, so you’re not tempted to help yourself without permission. What a pity that they forgot to take this box away from you~
You bite your lower lip in anticipation as you push the realistic modeled dildo into your greedy and impatiently waiting hole. You fill yourself inch by inch until you have the toy in your dripping cunt right up to the base. Your walls gripping the silicone cock firmly, your pussy has really sucked it in as if she were afraid that the dildo would be taken away from you again.
A slight blush of pure enjoyment settle down on your cheeks at the thought that both of your holes are stuffed. You have to admit, you have a small (well, more of a huge) kink for this, you just love the feeling of being completely filled.
You love that you’re even tighter and more sensitive than you already are when you wear a plug or anal beads. You love the sensation when you feel the plug clearly next to the dildo when you pulling it out or pushing it back into you. You love the idea of ​​loosening your tight hole up with a plug or anal dildo until it shines full of lube and start clenching around nothing, just waiting to be used as a play or fuck hole by the boys.
Your lips open a little bit to let the moans and whimpers escaping your throat as you pump the dildo in and out of your pussy faster and faster. The fingertips of your other hand rubs erratically over your clit. You just spread your thighs even more until you are completely bare and open on the bed. The thought of being caught by someone, how you present yourself shamelessly like you are on a silver tablet and fuck yourself with toys makes you so fucking horny.
…well, you didn’t expect to be really caught, and especially not by Hoseok!
“Oh, look, who do we have here? Has someone been so impatient and desperate for a cock that a crappy fake cock seems to be content for you and just couldn’t wait for a real cock? What should I do with a cockslut like you are now? Hm?”
Surprised and also half horrified, your eyes snaps open and your body drive up straight in the bed. Out of sheer alarm, you just forgot that the dildo is still halfway inside your pussy.
Actually, he shouldn’t be at home yet, isn’t he still at dance practice?!
“H-Hobi … w-what are you doing here? Don’t you have practice right now? …and it’s not what it looks like, believe me! H-Haha!”, you try a little giggle to ease the tension in the room, but it comes out more hysterical than casual.
But Hobi doesn’t laugh, he just looks at you with a hard, cold gaze that gives you chills running down your back and goosebumps are forming on your skin. Then, he finally breaks the eye contact, which makes you gasp in relief. But then he pulls his phone out of his jeans pocket and seems to be typing a message. Oh god, no, no, no! Don’t text Namjoon, please don’t inform Namjoon about this here! When Hoseok seems to be pressing the send button, he looks up again, this time with a devilish smile on his lips. Now he puts his phone back into his pocket.
Oh God… you’re going to be in trouble, definitely!
“Hobi, I can explain everything, really! I-”
He gives you this intimidating and dominant look, so that you know that the smartest you could do right now is, to immediately shutting your babbling mouth.
“I don’t want to hear your excuses, you know the rules very well. And don’t call me ‘Hobi’, understand?”
“Y-Yes Master.”
“Right, that’s what I am for you. At least on this point you are a good girl and correct your mistakes. And now, take this dildo out of your slutty plussy and bend over my knee.”
You gulp hard and you notice how your cheeks become involuntarily hot with embarrassment, having disappointed your master so much with being such a bratty babygirl. At the same time, this embarassment also causes that a wild ball of excitement, desire and anticipation forms in your lower belly, which immediately attacks your pussy and even more arousal sticks now to the insides of your thighs.
You cannot really explain it, but on the one hand you are ashamed of your bratty behavior, on the other hand you are looking forward to your punishment in a kinda masochistic-exited way.
With shaky fingers and a little whimper, you pull the dildo out of yourself, right after that you feel how your empty hole is yearningly searching for something, clenching around nothing. Hoseok sat down on the edge of the bed, directly on the opposite side of the huge full body mirror, which takes almost the whole wall up on this side of the room. He turns his head to you and raises his eyebrow questioningly as if he wants ask why it takes you so long. With hasty steps on all fours you crawl over to him and climb with both hands over his lap and lie down on it with your lower middle.
A shock runs through your whole body when you realize, that you’re still wearing the plug, but it has previously seemed as if Hoseok had not noticed yet that you were wearing one.
You quickly turn your crimson red face around and try to hide it in the bed sheets. You start counting the seconds in your head until he notice the basis of the plug with the declaration “Daddy’s Girl”, a plug that Namjoon gave you a while ago.
“Oh, look what I found here between these perfectly round asscheeks… you’re such a greedy bitch, Princess. One stuffed hole isn’t enough for you? No, our little doll need both holes filled. Only for that you you earn it that I spank your ass. While you’re wearing the plug, you just love it when your asshole is stuffed. You’ll love it!”, wispers Hoseok in a sadistic voice and dreamily twiddle a bit on the plug before he pulls your butt up, so that you’re sticking your ass up in the air now. You feel the cold air on your wet pussy, makes you shiver briefly. You bet you’re dripping on Hoseok’s jeans.
“And now, count.”
A surprised yelp comes from your lips when the first slap on your right cheek comes faster and harder than you expected. The slap burns slightly on your skin, luckily the pain goes away pretty quickly. But as soon as the pain of the first slap is over, the second slap follows on your left ass cheek.
“I said count!”
Hoseok reminds you in a deep, ice-cold voice and gives you a accusing slap on both buttcheeks, right over the plug.
You whimper and start counting, try to not let yourself get too distracted by the slaps. The slaps themselves are not even the problem, rather you have to fight with the burning sensation on your skin and at the same time with the raging feeling of pleasure in your abdomen, where sexual pleasure mixes with the pain and creates an explosive mixture of desire. Your fingers gripping the bed sheets hard and you’re breathing heavy, especially these specific slaps directly on your plug kills you.
They hurt, of course, but the direct hit on the plug stimulates countless nerve endings on your muscle ring, triggering a wave of euphoric lust that almost makes you beg for more slaps. When Hoseok notices the effect of the slaps on the plug in your body, a diabolic smile flits across your lips.
“Princess, spread your legs a little bit more and support yourself by your shoulders, reach back and spread your ass cheeks for your master.”
You are confused, but you don’t dare to ask and follow the instructions without any comment. You gasp in disbelief when you feel how Hoseok grabs the base of the plug and slowly pulls it out of you, only to immediately place the plug back onto your puckered hole and tease with the tip of the plug your muscle ring, which is glistening of all the Lube.
“Princess, control yourself. Don’t be greedy and don’t just suck the plug back in right away just because I’m slowly pushing it back into you. We’ll practice it until you can control your little fuckhole.”
That’s how it goes. If your ass is too fast and your rosy muscle ring has eagerly sucked the plug in again, Hobi will pull it out immediately and start the next attempt. But not before he gave you a gentle and reprimand slap on your pussy lips and clit.
You notice how you loosen up more and more. The plug slides with every new attempt in and out more and more easily, without your muscle ring immediately having the plug firmly enclosed again.
“Well, that’s just a little bit of training. Now Bunny, you’ll get a little more training~”, purrs Hoseok and seems to be extremely satisfied with himself. You don’t care what kind of training is incoming, you just pray that your asshole or pussy is going to be filled with something. You can’t stand any longer being so empty, you are pretty much too worked up for that.
You can feel how Hoseok is turning away with his upper body and apparently putting the plug on the towel and reaching instead for the tube with the lubricant and the box with the one-way latex gloves. Oh fuck yes! Please, please, please, fuck my tiny asshole with your fingers!
Your arms, which have gradually become a bit numb, get a new adrenaline rush by the thought and you spread your buttcheeks even more. A deep chuckle comes from Hoseok’s throat.
“It seems like my little slut can hardly wait to get her asshole fingered and stretched open for a big, fat cock, right? Do you want it? Do you want that your Master scissoring that tiny asspussy open for your Master’s long cock? What do you want my sweet cum-bunny?”
His filthy dirty talk is driving you crazy, he knows your soft spots too well. You feel your hips shaking, you can’t remember wanting your ass fingerfucked so freaking bad.
“Yes, yes, yes, p-please Master! Fuck my little slutty asshole open with your fingers, please! Let my muscle ring be loose, turn my asshole into a soft and stretched asspussy for your cock! … please, please , please!”
Hoseok curse under his breath, which puts a little satisfied grin on your lips. You also know exactly what kind of words you should use to drive Hoseok insane.
“I’m gonna fingerfuck that little hole of yours properly into a wonderful asspussy, trust me.”
You hear him putting a pair of latex gloves one and use two fingers of his left hand to push the plush around your rosey, puckered hole away and then press a thick layer of cool lube out of the tube onto your muscle ring.
You whine and buck your hips up, can’t wait to feel his fingers inside of you. The first one of his deliciously long fingers slides into your hole, a short time later the second follows after he has determined how well relaxed you are already. He stretches you open with his index and middle fingers so that he can add his ring Finger now too. His movements are getting faster and faster and your whimpering and moaning are getting louder until Hoseok abruptly withdraws the fingers.
He’s breathing hard now and a glance from the corner of your eye is enough to see that he have enough of the training and preparations.
“Princess, open Masters pants and get his dick out and prepare it properly with a thick coat of lube. We both love it messy and slippery with a lot of lube, right? You little anal queen just love the squelching noises your ass makes when I fuck you hard from behind … I always see how your pussy is gushing with arousal when we have a sloppy anal fuck … ”, he whispers in your ear.
You have never been so quick to get his rock-hard, deliciously long and average thick cock out of his pants and to coat it with lube. Then he guides you with your back to him on your knees over his lap, he positions the tip of his cock on your entrance and you let yourself down slowly, relishfully slide down onto this wonderful cock with your asscheeks being spread apart. Take this beast of a cock inch by inch until you’re completely sitting on Hoseok’s lap and stuffed the entire length of his cock down to the base into your ass.
The stretched and filled feeling is so delightful that you let out a long moan of pleasure. You just want to lift yourself up again, then lower yourself back onto his lap to ride him, but Hoseok holds you by the waist with an iron hand.
“No, princess. You’ll stay right here and just pull your feet forward. You should no longer kneel, but squat down in such a way that we can watch your dripping and pretty empty pussy in the mirror together. How needy your little pussy hole is to be stuffed up and how wonderful your asshole is already stuffed with a cock. Just a little anal cockwarming, nothing bad. And now we just wait for Namjoon and you can ask him then if he fucks your little pussy, so our cumslut is satisfied and has a load of cum in both of her holes. But now you can practice being patient!”
That could only be a bad joke from Hoseok… but his smile in the mirror tells you a different story. He’s absolutely serious.
In the end there were only twenty minutes left to wait for the third person in your relationship, but it was by far the worst twenty minutes of your life. Hobi forbade every little bouncer on his cock and if you tried, he gave you a quick slap on the clit, which made you whimper in desperation. You were close to tears and when you heard the key in the lock of the front door, you couldn’t hold back and called Namjoon in a tearful voice.
“Daddy, Daddy! Please, please, please, I-I need you, I can’t take it anymore! Daddy, please come!”
Namjoon takes a quick step in the direction of your bedroom and when he opens the door, a surprised expression is written on his face, which quickly changes into the diabolical smirk of the personification of the devil.
“Hm? What’s the matter, princess? Did you get your punishment for being a bratty horny girl today? Hm? Let your Master you wait until Daddy comes home? Did she learn what it means to be patient and not bratty? ”
“Yes, yes, yes! I learned my bitter lesson! B-But please fuck me now! D-Daddy, I need your cock in my pussy to be finally able to cum! P-Please!”
To prove how much you need Namjoon’s cock, Hoseok reaches around your waist, between your gorgeous thighs and spreads your glistening pussy lips with his index and middle finger and presents Namjoon your dripping entrance which is desperately clenching and just scream to be stretched, fucked and filled with cum until it’s leaking out.
“God Hoseok, what did you done with our pretty little doll? She’s desperate like a doggy bitch in her heat, whining and just literally begging for cocks! Calm down, Babygirl. Master and Daddy got you and we’ll take care of your attention seeking holes proberly. ”, says Namjoon and gives you a gentle look, which is destroyed by the dirty smirk in the corners of his mouth.
“Hoseok, keep her spreaded like that. I want to see how well I stretch her pussy open when I’m entering her with my cock.”
Quickly the pants and boxer briefs from Namjoon slipped down and now hanging halfway on his thick thighs and he rubs his beautiful cock two or three times with a cocky grin in his damn beautiful face. And then, finally, finally, finally he glides in your arousal leaking hole and fill you up to the maxium of the possible. A high pitched scream leaves your lips as the brutal fucking begins.
Hoseok lies down on his back, holds your hip with his hands in position with and thrusts from below into your asshole. Namjoon has your legs hooked onto his arms with the bottom side of your knees and grab your thighs roughly while he fucks the shit out of you. You wrapped helplessly your arms around Namjoon’s neck, trying to find a halt somewhere with this animalistic fuck.
“Fuck Baby, I love it when we fuck you together, you are always so fucking tight and I feel Hoseoks Cock fucking you right next to mine. How does it feel? How does it feel being fucked by two thick cocks? You love it, right? You literally live on our dicks, you’re such a filthy cockslut! But you’re our cockslut! And our precious cute cum-bunny, our bunbun what loves to be filled with our thick cum cream!”
More and more high pitched screams full of pure primal need and pleasure comes over your lips, you are so damn near to exlode and to cum so hard like never before. And then put Hoseok the cherry on top and let his fingers in your pussy glidung to your clit and start rubbing and flicking it roughly. It seems, there is so much more in your body to burst and before you’re able to think it to a proper end, you just can feel it.
Clear cum is gushing out of your pussy, over and over again, it seems like there is no end. That’s the first time that you squirted and that’s so freaking damn hot, the boys are eager to milk the very last drop of cum out of your pussy and just rubbing your clit over and over again. Until you sob, you can’t anymore and your clit is so swollen and sore. But the boys aren’t done yet. They have to fill you up too!
You don’t know if you start crying out of pleasure or overstimulation. But when they shoot grunting and groaning their thick cum loads into your holes, you are trembling and sobbing, just completely wrecked. In a good way. You never felt so satisfied and kinda… happy? Calmness slowly returns to the room, you can only hear the heavy breathing of you three.
“Did you learn your lesson that you shouldn’t be disobedient, baby girl?” Namjoon asks you, lifting your chin, looking you straight in the eye. Your voice doesn’t want to work, so you just nod and look at him honestly. A tender smile spreads on his lips. “Good, princess.”
“Hobi, would you please carry her to the bathroom and clean her with a warm, soft washcloth? Then you could let a bath in for the three of us, I’ll come a bit later, I just think I should clean the mess our princess causes and re-make the bed with a new set of bed sheets.”, says Joon with an amused wink into your direction.
Embarrassed, you hide your blushing face on Hobi’s shoulder, who carries you laughing into the bathroom and gives you a gentle kiss on the forehead.
Tumblr media
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duarteegreenbriar · 9 months ago
Noticed this during one of my rereads, Hollow Hall and Madoc's estate are next to each other.. but the interesting part is that does this mean Jude and Cardan were neighbours while growing up? 👀
Tumblr media
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acourtofbooksandmemes · 2 years ago
I need friends :(
So almost none of my friends read the books that I do, which is all kinds of fantasy (the tags) I really just want a person to ask questions to, fangirl with, have reading challanges. So if you got to this post maybe we can be just that :(( feel free to notice me on my main insta @/linninez_j, twitter @/aesthemoongirl or discord @/xoNOCEURlizxo#0474 or just go on and message me here~ I’ll gladly make a group chat somewhere :)) Here works amazing too <3 ALSO IF ANYONE WANTS TO RANT ABOUT ANIME I’M SO ON
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beidous-boobs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Demon Taming
anon: may i suggest action 19 + “say please.” with sub!Scaramouche? 👀👉👈
notes: orgasm denial, GN/dom reader, vibrators, demon!sub!Scaramouche, slight petplay, Master/servant.
I hope you don't mind I went a little wild with this prompt!! And @dainsleifs-vibrator 👉👈 hi I'm excited to show you even tho it's not the angel!diluc I talked about 🥴
Tumblr media
-    People shouldn't be so afraid of demons; they're not as bad as they may seem. Those sharp fangs, pointy horns, black whiptails, and long claws are not as intimidating as one might make them out to be. In fact, to you, they seem like nothing but extra accessories to your new toy.
Scaramouche, a demon of wrath, sat between your legs with his own spread out. Your arm wrapped around his slim torso, holding him against you like a seatbelt. His legs were decorated with black lace stockings that were held up by a garter belt with cute little pink bows. Your legs hooked underneath his knees, rendering him incapable of closing his legs.
His back arched beautifully, almost enough for his eyes to look up at you from behind. You smirk as drool streams down his chin. The only sounds that fill the room are his moans and the motor of the vibrator smothering the base of his cock.
"It feels good, doesn't it?" You purr into his pointed ears, taking a nibble of the sharp point which you had successfully discovered to be sensitive.
Scaramouche whimpers and nods, trying desperately to lift his hips to rut against the vibrator. It's futile; each time he tries to chase it you tilt it away. His poor cock twitches and leaks for more of your touch, but your mind has been made up to indefinitely tease him with a silly toy.
The demon boy growls lowly, twisting around under your grip. "S-Stop using th-this stupid. . .hnn. . .thing and f-fuck me!"
You glance down with your eyebrows arched. Without a word, you crank the settings up and watch as Scaramouche stiffens beneath the toy. You roll the head of the toy to the underside of his head, happily watching as precum spurts from his red slit.
Scaramouche's horns aren't scary, but still quite dangerous. They curl around his face and point up, almost able to poke out an eye if his head was as close to someone's face just as yours was now. He shook his head as he tried to regain his mind that nearly flooded away as the tip of his cock shook with the vibrations. You release your arm from around his torso and grip his horn, steadying his head and forcing it still.
"Careful now, don't fidget in your master's arms." You whisper into his ear, breathing down the shell that burns red. "Good demons stay still while they get their cock toyed with."
Scaramouche opens his mouth to retort, but your fingers suddenly slide into his mouth. He gasps, feeling your fingers gently massage his tongue. His eyes soften. His tongue was split, not enough to form into two tongues, just enough for the tip of it to form a V shape. Scaramouche was pacified by your fingers, immediately going to suck on them.
"Look at you, how sweet."
You roll the vibrator around his tip, pushing it against him harder. Scaramouche's moans are muffled with his mouth stuffed full with your fingers. His back arches again, his hips rotating and trying to fight up against the toy. He was close.
"Ah ah~" You lower the setting down to the minimum, ghosting it over his skin before turning it off completely. This was all part of his training; you can't just give a demon what he wants.
Scaramouche lets out a guttural growl suitable for a wicked demon. His teeth begin to gnaw at your fingers while his hips try to gain their freedom. You click your tongue. Scaramouche had never hurt you, not purposefully anyways; a demon had to get used to the weakness of a human body, and Scaramouche was anything but gentle.
"Hey-" you pinch his tongue and pull it out of his mouth. "-you don't bite your Master."
Scaramouche glares up at you, but you return the stare just as harshly. Then, you beam at him. Your eyes hungrily roam the body of the demon below who is internally throwing a hissy fit. You smile deviously at him. He'd rather adorable; his head pressed up against your chest as he gazed up at you upside down. You could run your fingers under his chin and listen to him purr like a content cat in heat.
Scaramouche clenches his fists, his eyes narrowing before his body settles down and he becomes silently content against your body. His scaley tail whips against the bedding with a soft thump. He doesn't break away his hard gaze though. His bratty expression looks so slutty with his tongue being tugged out of his mouth.
"Now, here's a good boy!" You sing affectionately, the motor of the vibrator coming to life again causing Scaramouche's harsh expression to change to a eager desire. You bring the toy to run over his pink nipples which earns you a squeak and a shudder from him. He whines, his tongue wiggling between your fingers. Saliva was beginning to pour from his mouth, a stream of it down his chin.
You run the vibrator down his body. His eyes soften finally, only squeezing shut when the toy finds his shaft again. Scaramouche wriggles his tongue free and gently bites your fingers, but instead of trying to draw blood, he reverts to sucking on them. The cute little demon boy truly seemed like a puppy now; he's in desperate need of training as he nips and bites.
"Is my good boy getting out of his teething stage?" You whisper, blowing into his ear. You feel his teeth involuntarily snap, and he runs his tongue over the nipped spot as a apology.
Scaramouche stiffens as you set the vibrations to the max and press it to the underside of the head, pressing down and rolling circular motions. Precum spurts out like a broken fountain, the sounds of the vibrations squishing his liquids fill the room along with his muffled moans and his tail whipping against the bed.
"Is it good? Are you going to be a good boy for your Master?" You pluck your fingers out from his mouth. He gasps for fresh air before you grip his cheeks with your wet fingers and guide his head to stare at his flushed cock that was crying with precum. "Look at what good boys get when they submit to their Masters."
You flick the toy up to his slit. The toy moves easily over his wet skin lubed with his own wetness. Scaramouche cries out, his voice cracking. His hips try to buck up, but you lift the toy higher out of his reach. You click your tongue disapprovingly, not saying a word; he should learn how to understand his mistake without needing you to tell him, just like a shameful puppy does.
"N-No !" Scaramouche cries, nearly growling in the process. His tail thrashes, slapping your legs and his own body. It would be cute if next time you could play with it.
"Don't squirm." You simply scold, waiting for him to come down again. His cock was ready to burst, so ready to be emptied. It was red and puffy, glistening with slick and crying at the tip. You could see it twitch when you nibbled on his ears. Scaramouche gulped, his face still being held by you. Your index finger prods his lower lip, feeling the drool leaking from his mouth.
He settles down again, fussing a little less this time which is a good sign. He kisses at your finger, eager to take it in again if necessary. Slowly, you descend the toy back on his cock. His back arches as you swirl it on his tip softly.
"Watch," You release his face and use your freed hand to stroke the base of his cock. It's hot, shuddering, and wet. You can feel it pulse in your hand as you stroke the slickness around.
"Ahn! There! I'm-" Scaramouche moans, his voice struggling to keep quiet. His breaths come out fast resulting in him turning into a panting mess. His head nods to the side, and you can nearly feel his rapid hot breaths on your collarbone.
Your strokes suddenly stop and turn to grasp the base of his shaft which elicits a gasp from the demon. You squeeze tightly, too mean to give into him yet.
"Say please~"
Without hesitation, Scaramouche begs, "Please! Oh please! Master, please!" Tears well up in his dewy, purple eyes. "I wanna cum! Please! I submit!"
You chuckle into his ear, glad to receive more than you asked for. Your hand releases his shaft while the vibrator presses down onto his cock enough to touch his stomach; he can feel the vibrations on his stomach through his dick. Immediately, he spills all over himself. He's gushing onto his stomach with high-pitched moans. His tail now whips around wildly than ever, almost knocking the vibrator out of your hand in the process.
Scaramouche tilts his head back to gaze up at you. His purple slit eyes were soft and glossed over, imaginary hearts could be pictured in place of his normal pupils. His deep purple hair was a mess; some strands stuck to his cheeks and other strands stuck out and gave a bed-head style. He only stared. He seemed to be acknowledging what he has done, what he has given to you. He has submitted, and now you were his Master and he couldn't take that back. The vibrator is off now, laying discarded to the side. Scaramouche is taking deep breaths, gulping for air.
"And that my little demon-" You lean down and place a tender kiss on his forehead and nuzzle him. "-is how I planned to subdue you."
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immortal-enemies · 2 months ago
Kit's flower card: Am I Forgotten?
Ty's flower card: Am I a joke to you?
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figuringoutshit · 2 years ago
How will The Wicked Powers Begin?
In the most recent newsletter, the description for Forever Fallen included, “Kit Herondale struggles to adjust to a new life and a new family, and to forget Ty.”
I think when the Wicked Powers begins, Kit will be in a relationship with someone else.
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elsewhereuniversity · 2 years ago
A girl applies blood-red lipstick as she drapes herself through the branches of a tree. “Tell me a story,” she asks no one in particular.
“Of course,” she responds, and her hand falters.
Once upon a time, a girl stood in a stairwell and made a deal. The details have been lost to time, but the facts of the matter were these: she was angry, she was tired, and she was lonely. You won’t hear this anywhere else, but she wanted a friend, and one of the Gentry was willing to oblige- for a price, of course. The girl promised a place in her voice or in her body- but only one at a time.
Perhaps she did this on purpose. Perhaps she knew exactly what she was doing.
The girl smiles. “I already know this one.” She hums, and finishes her lipstick before moving on to her eyes.
Once upon a time, there was a boy whose name was Jede, pronounced “Geode,” because he wanted to make a point, and by god, he was going to. No one actually thought it was funny, but he was charming, and he was witty, and he was stubborn, so he was appreciated nonetheless. He worked at the chapel- only it wasn’t a chapel, love, not really. It was a back room in one of the towers, but it had a partition, so it was good enough as a confessional, and the dawn-guilty figures came. Oh, love, confess they did, to all manner of things.
I hit her.
I broke him.
I bargained it away.
Love, he had no right to give them absolution, and he did. He always, always, promised them forgiveness, when he had no right to forgive them for anything. He had no right at all, love, for he was just as terrible. When the night fell, he began his own holy sacrifice, one of stolen blood and paper congregations, minds scribbled out in red ink for corrections.
He was too stubborn, love, and he was too cruel to give absolution. There was always so much blood. He ruined the carpets.
The girl laughs, and pulls a long twig from just above her. With deft fingers, she weaves it into her braided crown. She sits up and brushes off the bodice of her dress, and it comes alive under her fingers with shivers of comet tails and ebony against the fog of the cloth. The sun is setting. “One more story,” she murmurs. “I’ll do this one.”
Once upon a time, there was a back room in a tower, and it was dedicated to no god. Someone claimed it for their own, and perhaps it would have been alright had they been a kind person. Their lover, blisters on her lips and bruises on her throat, prayed in the stairwell to the thing that called the office it’s home. She was angry and tired and lonely, and she wanted no part of him, not anymore.
The creature in the tower went home with her, and delivered to the false angel a gentle warning, issued as a plea: end his blood soaked sermons. Stay home. Stay safe.
And he laughed, ruffled her hair, and left.
The girl stands on the bough and steps from the tree. The tower is just ahead of her, and her starlight skirt flutters in the wind. “I’m not as good as you yet.”
“Someday,” she purrs as she pushes the doors open.
Jede looks up from the circle when she enters the room, slamming the door behind her, sending the candles spiraling into darkness. The men gathered around him in identical cloaks chatter amongst themselves as he throws back his hood. She curls her hands into fists inside her butterfly-wing gloves. “Babe, what are you doing here?” he asks. “What are you wearing?”
“I told you not to come,” Council says simply, and as her body goes to sharp, wicked pieces, the screams begin.
Once upon a time, there was a girl and a false god, and she laughed as she strangled him.
The end.
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paddingtonbitch · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ “It is very difficult to make one's way in this world without being wicked at one time or another, when the world's way is so wicked to begin with.”
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scxrs-will-fade · a year ago
Taking Root (Promo)
The rustle of the wind wasn’t strong, this place didn’t look weak, yet the walls shuddered all the same. Paintings of various shapes and sizes littered the walls, each portrait had parts of the face missing. The eyes, nose, lips, ears, hands, no parts of any fictional portrait character was safe. The further you walked down the hall, the worse it became.
Finally, at the end of the corridor, the entrance-way was already open. Waiting for you. 
A cackle of childish laughter split the air. Joyous and carefree, yet sinister and inherently up to no good. “Nyahahahahaha!!!” 
Three figures occupied the large room. One, to the left, a mess of purple hair cloaking his face from clear view. His hands shook violently as he fiddled and mixed brightly colored elixirs together, their reactions causing puffs of smoke to cloud the air. To the right, this figure was clothed from head to toe. Jet black made up a majority of their outfit, being the turtleneck, gloves, and pants. A crimson colored jacket caught the eye, along with strands of green hair peeking out from the oval shaped hat they wore. A plague doctor mask covered any facial features, only their breathing gave any sign of this figure being alive or human. 
And in the middle of them both, stood the source of the delighted sound from earlier.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Oh me, oh my! Not even Atua could’ve given us this sort of luck!” She surmised, flicking the thick substance off her paintbrush. Gifting her full attention, she smiled. “You don’t mind Angie and company cutting in for a promo real quick, would ya, would ya?”
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