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Day 89

I personally think @hasereshdoneanythingwrong looked great busting a move on the dance floor. Probably better then I could.

Also my bride has still done no wrong.

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Normally I’m fine with waiting 2 yrs for whatever event is going on during jp. But that new my room background makes me desperately wish it would come here already!

Having a cute lil tea time date with your fav servant!? That’s the tightest shit and I don’t even drink tea! But I would with my wife!

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What will u do? U upload ur wife pic on her facebook account,

What will u do? U upload ur wife pic on her facebook account,

U upload ur wife pic on her facebook account,
And another guy comment. Saying
Send me ur account and phone number.
Wat will u do as a man.
Let’s hear from u…


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श्रीमतीले श्रीमान् बोकेर दौडिने

नारी दिवसका अवसरमा तनहुँको देवघाट गाउँपालिकाले श्रीमतीले श्रीमान् बोकेर दौडिने प्रतियोगिता आयोजना गर्ने भएको छ ।

नारी दिवसका अवसरमा तनहुँको देवघाट गाउँपालिकाले श्रीमतीले श्रीमान् बोकेर दौडिने प्रतियोगिता आयोजना गर्ने भएको छ । एक सय एघारौँ नारी दिवसका अवसरमा गाउँपालिकाले यही फागुन २४ गते सो प्रतियोगिता गर्न लागेको हो । देवघाट–५ स्थित कालिका माध्यमिक विद्यालयमा उक्त प्रतियोगिता आयोजना हुनेछ । उक्त दौड एक सय मिटरको हुने गाउँपालिकाका अध्यक्ष दुर्गबहादुर थापाले जानकारी दिनुभयो ।

गाउँपालिकाले नारी दिवसका अवसरमा…


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I had the worst migraine of my life last night & it’s still niggling away a little today. My hubby has taken such good care of me & he stayed with me when I felt scared at it’s worst last night ❤️ he is a ⭐️

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पत्नी निजी संपत्ति नही या गुलाम नही, साथ रहने पर नही किया जा सकता मजबूर: सुप्रीम कोर्ट

पत्नी निजी संपत्ति नही या गुलाम नही, साथ रहने पर नही किया जा सकता मजबूर: सुप्रीम कोर्ट

सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने एक मामले की सुनवाई के दौरान एक बार फिर दोहराया है कि पत्नी पति की निजी संपत्ति नहीं होती है। कोर्ट ने कहा कि पत्नी के साथ जोर-जबरदस्ती कर पति के साथ रहने के लिए नहीं कहा जा सकता है। दरअसल, एक शख्स ने याचिका दायर की थी कि कोर्ट उसकी पत्नी को ये आदेश दे कि वो उसके साथ रहने लगे। 

इस मामले की सुनवाई करते हुए न्यायामूर्ति एसके कौल और न्यायमूर्ति हेमंत गुप्ता की बेंच ने कहा कि आपको…


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Quetz: master, if you were a drink what kind would you be?

Me: mountain dew.

Quetz: which flavor?

Me: Kickstart cherry. What about you?

Quetz: maybe tequila!

Me: but you’re too sweet to be tequila

Quetz: *blushing* awww mi amor!

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We’re both so excited for the return of warm weather, and jean shorts that make flirting so much easier. 😈

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Jason and I have known each other since 1997-1998.

We dated on and off for several years and for several reasons.

In 2002 we both got involved with other people and we both ended up being parents in 2003 to Jason to Jason Jr and me to my son, Brison.

Jason and I reconnect on and off again over the next two years.

In Jan of 2007 I moved to KY and got married. I thought about Jason all the time. It never failed that every time I would come home to Ohio I would run into him at Walmart or the gas station. My 1st marriage was rough and we eventually separated in 2010 and in August of 2011 I moved back home to Ohio. It was that November that Jason got out of rehab and we connected on messenger. I was getting moved into my new apt and I asked Jason to help me move…. He moved in with me very soon after.

The first three years of our relationship were HARD to say the least! Jason worked so hard on his program and recovery, and working a job with anyone that would take him on, meetings, service/volunteer work, probation, court dates, license classes, restitution,  court and probation fees and so much more.

Were we ready to be in a relationship? NO! But God knew we had what it would take and we knew we couldn’t do it without God. God’s plans were so much bigger than ours!

In 2012 while pregnant with Olivia we almost called it quits. But thankfully we had family and friends that believed in us and encouraged us to persevere.

We have been tested beyond comprehension. On February 14th 2012 Jason went to probation and received a failed drug test. Our hearts sank but our spirits stood strong! We knew better and we prayed that God would reveal the truth. And a few LONG days later He did! After sending the test off to the lab they confirmed it was a clean test.

In March of 2013 we got married and 3 days later we had Olivia. Just a month later in April of 2013 God blessed Jason with his contracted job through P&G. This was HUGE for us! It was an affirmation from God. We were amazed.

In March of 2014 we were faced with another pregnancy. I was so scared and I didn’t want to be pregnant. We were in no financial situation to support a larger family and we lived in a 600 sq. ft. apartment. 12 weeks later I started bleeding and went to the doctor. It was then that we found out that we were pregnant with twins. Speaking for myself (and I’m sure Jason as well) I was terrified. I feared that I wouldn’t even carry them to term let alone deliver them and be able to provide for them.

We immediately starting looking for a bigger place to live but were faced with the limitations of finances. We prayed and searched and God again opened another door for us. We were blessed to find a 3 bedroom home to rent south of Hillsboro. We moved in November 1st 2014 and on Dec 26th we had the twins a month early. Happy, healthy and beautiful. Then we came home to our water being turn off. That was fun. But it was just a misunderstanding and things were fixed the next day.

Life was a challenge at this point. Money, sanity, sleep, faith, endurance, trust. Definitly one day at a time.

May 5th 2015 we were faced again with another test of faith. In a freak accident Jason severely injured, Izabelle, our 4 month old twin. She was air cared to Children’s hospital with a fractured skull and bleeding on her brain. CPS met us that the ICU waiting room. Jason was beside him self, worried sick about his baby girl and not caring about what was about to happen to him. The interrogation was intense and all I wanted to do was be with my daughter at the moment. CPS just wanted the truth and the truth sounded far fetched. By the grace of God Izzy spent 3 days in ICU and was moved to a regular room for 2 days and got to come home. Jason on the other hand faced the judge. I thank God every day that the truth was again revealed and Jason only received 12 weeks of anger management. It could have been so much worse. But what was so incredibly hard was that for 12 weeks Jason couldn’t live with us and he could only see us in public or supervised visitations. That was a LONG 3 months!!! Thankfully we had family and friends to help me with the girls but I would have much rather had my husband. God knew what Jason needed and we trusted that. We were SO GLAD to have him home!

Life seemed good for awhile. Then in the summer of 2016 we faced another trial that turned our world upside down. All we could do is trust God and be still. Pray and trust and only move when God lead us to. We recovered the best we could and somewhat moved on.

Then the tides started to change a little. We were blessed in 2016 with the opportunity to buy the home we were renting. We bought our first home yall!   4-5 years prior….. that seemed unimaginable, let alone possible.

Once again life settled for a minute and after 2 years of Jason begging and much needed prayer on my end we decided to try for another baby. Jason hoped for a boy. I hoped for just one LOL. In Sept 2017 I got pregnant with our 6th. In Nov (just two months later) God revealed to us yet more affirmation! He had blessed Jason with a position at P&G as a P&G employee and not just a contracted worker. Once again we were elated and blessed beyond what we deserved. Then in May 2018 we were blessed again with ONE chubby baby GIRL!

We have had our ups and downs like everyone but for the most part life was GREAT! We worked hard, played hard and lived well. For about a year… Then the trails came 3 at a time. In 2019 I lost my mamaw in April, Jason lost one of his best friends in May and then we all lost Jason’s mom in June. Why God, crossed my mind multiple times a day. To say that I was worried about Jason in the midst of my own heartache would be an understatement. I had to let go and let God have him and I knew it. There was nothing I could but be there. Jason was so strong! He gave the eulogy at both my mamaw and his mom’s funeral. Neither one could have been done any better or anymore heart felt and passionate.

Jason inherited his mom’s place and we picked up our kiddos and moved. There was a lot of transitions, change and adjusting for all of us. The girls had a very hard time with all the grief and loss but received group counseling that changed their lives for the better. It wasn’t until a year later that our other home sold. As much as it hurt, so much of all of it is a blur. 

And yet, here we are today……. It’s hard for me to even wrap my mind around all that we’ve been through and all that God has helped us overcome.

I told you all some of our story to tell you this…..

Yes, we have suffered, but there is no one else that I would have rather suffered with than my husband, Jason. Yes, we have lost much. Yes, we have failed ourselves, failed each other and others. Yes, we have been hurt and lost……. but……. here we stand, still together and even stronger and closer than before. ONLY by the grace of God. We suffer for the glory of God, for the deepening of our faith in Him and for the testimony to share God’s love and hope with others.

I thank God for Jason. He’s a great man of God, he has a servant’s heart, he’s a hard worker and he provides for his family - not only what we need but then some. He loves his kids in a way I can’t even describe. His love is unconditional and intentional for sure. He leaves me with no doubts that he loves me faithfully. On this earth he is my rock and my refuge. He is a gift from God sent just for me. I love and cherish him with everything I have and I often wish I could be and give more to him.  

But before I get too mushy I just want to say Thank you to everyone in our lives that have helped sustain us through the bad times and celebrated with us in the good times.

Jason, I hope you feel all the love being given to you this day. You deserve it and so much more. I love you! Happy Birthday!

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i spend a considerable amount of my day trying to accept that maybe this woman i live with might actually like me. like at all, or maybe even like…. like-like me. which sounds ridiculous when i say it out loud because, yes, she is my wife, but i mean how could someone like HER love ME?!

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Ok first of all ALEX IS ‘SURVEY SAYS: GLEE’ THE NEW TITLE?????????

My favourite thing about Blaine is how kind he is. He’s always there to lend a helping hand to anyone he knows. When he first meets Kurt and he’s a virtual stranger he’s kind, understanding and helps Kurt in many ways (with the courage text, with just sitting and talking and with confronting Karofsky- whoever risky that whole endeavour was). Throughout the show you see him helping Rachel (mostly with duets and singing), Tina and Sam.

Sometimes he puts others first too much and that can have negative consequences for his mental health and general ability to make deep friendships.

There are many things I love about Blaine (his love, passion, charisma, silliness, ability to make music etc.) but his helpfulness was one of the first things we learnt about him and was a continuous character trait until the very end.

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Imagine being chosen to, for all intents and purposes, replace Loki’s previous wife. Not quite where you had initially imagined your life, but you can go along with it.

You can’t quite shake the feeling that there’s something weird going on, though.

Loki rarely speaks to you, and it’s almost never more than five (not necessarily kind) syllables at a time. Despite his near-silence, he keeps at least one hand on you at all times. Grasping your wrist, on your shoulder(s), wrapped around your waist, gripping your elbow… The word “possessive” comes to mind on more than one occasion.

Your wedding day comes, and all of Asgard is ready to party. At least, until another certain prince congratulates you.

“Thank you, Thor.” You curtsey to your new brother-in-law.

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