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Why does no one talk about Speak Now anymore, that album goddamn SLAPPED. I remember when every Taylor Swift song felt like you were living in a fairytale and for so long I looked for that, we learned together I guess that life just isn’t that way but sometimes it feels so good to go back to that time when love seemed like some simple ethereal concept. Deep but yeah hot damn STREAM SPEAK NOW

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I was literally just making a playlist of best red velvet songs today! Their b-sides are iconic. For velvet I would suggest: bad boy, automatic, so good, one of these nights, body talk, kingdom come, look, moonlight melody, candy, LP, time to love, sayonara, peek-a-boo, and would u. Some red songs I love are red flavour, red dress, with you, you better know, and Russian roulette

i will listen to them!!

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