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#wii sports
ribbloid · a year ago
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Wii sports: tennis unstrapped
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crazedcartoonaddict · 5 months ago
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Art Student Life Hack: want good references for really dynamic pose studies? Watch Twitch streamers enthusiastically play Wii Sports.
I call this one “Why He Move Like That”
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galaxyfox12 · 5 months ago
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Beeduo Wii Sports Stream!
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wiispeak · 10 months ago
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wii sports spinning disc
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never-obsolete · 7 months ago
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Wii Sports
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Matt from Wii Sports is going to super hell for ace crimes and beating up countless little children in a Boxing match!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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smashy-headcanons · 3 days ago
Wii Sports was a monumental piece of both video game history and meme history and deserves all its praises.
Nintendo Land, while not achieving the same heights as Wii Sports, was a clever way to show off the Wii U's technology and was arguably one of the best titles on the Wii U.
1-2-Switch certainly existed.
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smolspoopy · 5 months ago
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Oh yeah btw I'm gonna be trying to draw a beeduo doodle everyday of the meet up so here's day 1 from yesterday and the bonus doodle I did because wii golfing was a hoot
(also gonna put the lads on blast, how can u be bad at wii baseball,,,, i,,,,, im in shock)
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axolotlsauce · 23 days ago
Some video games that you could make really good movie adaptations out of if you didn’t fuck it up
(I’ll even be nice to the money-obsessed Hollywood executives and consider how much money these films would realistically make from general audiences)
Subnautica - preferably directed by ridley scott since it’ll inevitably end up as some strange crossbreed between alien and the martian anyway, I think this would be a really amazing horror
The legend of Zelda - Imagine an anime zelda movie oh my godddd... live action could still work tho
Metroid - I feel like this would be amazing AND successful if they did it right, but also it runs the risk of ending up as other M: the movie
Metal Gear - I feel like you’d have to step away from the storyline of the games a little here, but as long as it’s a story about solid snake sneaking around in order to stop a guy from using a big robot to launch nukes it’ll still be recognizable enough as metal gear
Fire emblem - I mean people liked game of thrones and this has a lot of the same elements... Sword guys, dragons, politics, so much fucking death, etc (I have never watched game of thrones)
F-zero - They could COMBINE the intense high-speed racing from the games with all the incredible falcon punching action of captain falcon outside of the races
Doki Doki Literature Club - General Audiences think it’s a normal romance movie until monika starts fucking stuff up. natsuki is played by chris pratt
Undertale - Keep the audience on edge by giving them no idea which characters the protagonist will kill or what ending they’ll go for - considering how obsessed modern filmmakers are with “subverting expectations” they’d go wild for a movie where even fans of the source material don’t know 100% what will happen next
Deltarune - [kris and susie on a movie set] GOD FUCKING DAMMIT KRIS WHERE THE HELL ARE WE NOW 
Perfect Dark - Cool spy movie! cool spy movie everyone!!!!
Pokemon Snap - seriously, if detective pikachu can get a movie, I deserve my pokemon photography movie
Dino Crisis - I WANT DINOSAUR GIMME DINOSAUR MOVIE WANT THE RESIDENT EVIL WITH THE DINOSAURS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [capcom stop giving resident evil attention then ignoring dino crisis challenge]
Mega man X - I mean COME ON IT’S TOO GOOD TO NOT EXIST (although I fear the cgi this movie would inevitably entail)
Wii Sports resort - Stop judging me. shut up. go away
I feel like all of these could be great if you just didn’t fuck it up
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mcflurryash · a month ago
After those Months...I finally remade the short wii Bowling comic with Eteled and Austin
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turtlewithfingers · 3 months ago
So, I accidentally got into Wii deleted you...-
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padfootsturntable · 3 months ago
Muggle Sports/Games I think the Weasleys play/do!
Bowling, I think he's a Bowling type of guy, but mostly Wii Bowling, but also like normal Bowling
He likes to Golf sometimes with George and Bill
I think he likes to fish
And, I know it's probably an unpopular opinion, but I think he used to do Ballet
Molly plays some tennis
Badminton with Percy
Golf Of course
All the Weasley children play Wii together. Bill's go to is Mario Kart with Ron, Donkey Kong Country Returns with Ginny, and the Guitar from Rock Band with Charlie, Gred, and Forge
Football but not competitive (like how in school they have different side of the gym and its competitive or for fun, and based off my experience, I'm not trying to be sexist, this is what my class did, they and ladies were on the for fun side, and the guys were on the other, whatever I'm saying Charlie was the only guy on the for fun side)
Hockey/ice Skating
Horseback riding
And now the Wii section, Of course Rock Band (Drums), Bowling with his dad, Percy, and Ginny, animal crossing, and Sing it (he also likes to play it against his Nieces and Nephews(not his own kids they wouldn't agree to play))
Bowling, Wii and Not
Cricket, surprisingly he does it with the Twins (which they learned as a joke but they are quite nice to play with, when they're pretending to be fancy)
Anddddddd the Wii theory 😎, jk it's just Wii games Percy would play, Bowling, Animal Crossing, Tennis, and Mario Kart against Fred and Ginny (very Competitive)
Hockey (it gives him the best helmet hair istg)
Rugby, Tackle Rugby.
Fencing with Ginny
MARIO KART... WIIIIIIIIIIIII HERE WE GOOO!! Sorry, I'm in a Sirius mood, alrighty! Fred's Wii games! Fred plays; Rock Band (electric Guitar or he sings) Mario Kart with Percy and Ginny, and Super Mario Bros with George
Golf With Arthur and Billium
Cricket "we are the fanciest shmanshiest cricket lads ever."
Soccer with Ickle Ronniekins
Wii; Rock Band (singing), Super Mario Bros,
Horseback Riding (He likes the pony's :) )
Him and Ginny do Competitive Archery
Surfing with the fishys and dolphins :))
Boxing for fun, but it helps him learn to beat up malfoy- zabini after Harry and Draco make them fight for them
Archery (uses it against Fred and George)
Fencing (also against them)
Bowling, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Pokemon Lets Go
That's it :)
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Helen and her girlfriend Steph from the Wii series are going to super hell for lesbian crimes and also making people very angry in Wii sports tennis!!!
requested by: @ryutabas
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boxofcoolies · 5 months ago
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Ranboo dance moments ft. Tubbo
Video: TubboLIVE - Tubbo & Ranboo Play Wii Sports!
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