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antarctic-bay · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
when they hugged oh my god, YOUR HONOR THEY ARE BROTHERS 😭😭😭
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elite-guard-hardygal · 5 minutes ago
Fandom: The Origins SMP/Origins Mod SMP
Characters: c!Wilbur Soot, c!TommyInnit, c!Niki Nihachu, c!Ranboo, c!Tubbo, c!Philza, c!Jack Manifold, c!Charlie Slimecicle, c!Sneegsnag, c!Scott Smajor, c!Technoblade, and c!Fundy
Rating: T
Synopsis: Sub-designation SCP-OR refers to a group of twelve individuals, each displaying unique anomalous abilities and/or bearing anomalous physical traits. [...] Every entity under sub-designation SCP-OR has been resistant to containment. [...] Every effort has since been made to prevent a repeat of Incident OR.2.
Everyone on the Origins SMP has ended up in the SCP universe. The results are as expected…
Chapter Title: SCP-OR-02
Chapter Preview: "SCP-OR-02 has demanded to be referred to by many different names and titles. At risk of this notice being redundant, I would like to remind personnel not to indulge OR-02's demands and to continue referring to OR-02 by its designation. Those suspected to be forming a legitimate attachment to SCP-OR-02 will be removed from the project." – Dr. Rhodes
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bluelueblueblueblue-oh-no · 8 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DSMP, but Ghostbur wears “Cinderella (2015)” dress for the whole lore. 
It’s just such cute dress, AND IT’S BLUEEEE, AND IT’S PUFFY AS FRIEND. 
Do you get it? Ghostbur being Cinderella, do you get it? You know, a bright sweet magical illusion of Wilbur that disappears at 12 at clock bringing the real Wilbur back, do you get it--
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dream is a Fairy godmother. I hate it here--
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wonder-womans-ex · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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satans-side-blog · 11 minutes ago
fun fact from my obscure theme park knowledge: the smiler (the last roller coaster from tommy’s blog) has
1) the most inversions in any roller coaster in the world and
2) cause one of the biggest roller coaster crashes to happen
so props to them for riding it
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yailea · 12 minutes ago
Revivebur fans @ Revivebur: You are worthy of affection, you are not the bad guy, you're a person
Ghostbur fans @ Ghostbur:
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kitsunescraft · 12 minutes ago
Gym Leaders of the region!
Official gyms
Gym 1 - George - Water Gym - Tirtouga, Horsea
Gym Rematch - Kingdra, Walrein, Relicanth, Samurott, Tirtouga
Gym 2 - Skeppy - Rock Gym - Carbink, Lycanroc Gym Rematch - Carbink, Lycanroc, Tyrunt, Aurorus, Aerodactyl
Gym 3 - Eret - Dark Gym - Absol, Bisharp, Inkay Gym Rematch - Absol, Bisharp, Malamar, Alolan Persian, Houndoom
Gym 4 - Puffy - Electric Gym - Flaaffy, Lanturn, Heliolisk Gym Rematch - Ampharos, Lanturn, Heliolisk, Galvantula, Oricorio
Gym 5 - Quackity - Flying Gym - Swanna, Ducklett, Unfezant, Murkrow Gym Rematch - Swanna, Unfezant, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Staravia
Gym 6 - Slimecicle - Psychic Gym - Solosis, Xatu, Mime Jr, Beeheeyem Gym Rematch - Duosion, Xatu, Mr. Mime, Beeheeyem, Chimecho
Gym 7 - Connor - Ice Gym - Eiscue, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Ninetails, Snorunt Gym Rematch - Eiscue, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Ninetails, Froslass, Avalugg
Gym 8 - DanTDM - Mixed Gym - Shiny Coalossal, Corviknight, Dubwool, Meowth, Lairon Gym Rematch - Shiny Coalossal, Corviknight, Dubwool, Meowth, Aggron, Skarmory
Unofficial Gyms
Wilbur - Ground Gym - Undecided
Sapnap - Fire Gym - Undecided
Karl - Psychic Gym - Undecided
Part 1 |~•~| Part 2 |~•~| Part 3 |~•~| Part 4 |~•~| Part 5 
Gym Leaders
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mollypollykinz · 14 minutes ago
Prince Tommy of the Dream SMP was bored. 
So he joined the revolution against his own country. No biggie, right? 
His father, Dream, is less than pleased. 
Wilbur is just confused as to why Tommy is the only one Dream seems to not want to kill.
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messed-up-gal · 14 minutes ago
wilbur wants to go to mexico 👀 and quackity has offered to be his guide/chaperone 👀👀 and wilbur agreed 👀👀👀
:EYES: quackinquack (if this is, in fact, you), this is a very exciting prospect indeed
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clairedreems · 32 minutes ago
Clare how does it feel to be the reason in my new AU fic Wilbur is a fox hybrid and Fundy is his toddler son (that he loves very much) :D
I have it all planned out (like beginning/middle/end) and they'll come in a later chapter though ^-^
Awwwwww 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
I feel like a proud penguin for some reason idk how to explain it thats exactly how i feel
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notnikichu · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wilbur in tommys new vlog, am i right ?
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blobbur · 35 minutes ago
Tommy... Tommy seems to be gone
Alright, let’s think about this.
If he wasn’t revived yet then Ghostinnit is probably the one in control of their shared body, so he’s probably just hiding somewhere within their mind. Either that or Ghostinnit is unconsiously or consiously repressing him in some way.
I don’t really know what we can do. It’s probably an internal problem.
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sweetsmalldog · 37 minutes ago
A lot of people who are here now weren’t here when C!Wilbur was last alive so I figured I’d at least try to explain how Wilbur and Eret have been parallels for a very long time.
After the initial L’manberg revolution Wilbur was the generally respected leader of L’manberg, he had people in his corner (even if he didn’t trust them). Eret was the king of the smp sure but everyone knew that Dream held the real power and no one was all that willing to trust the person who openly betrayed their friends and (at the time) felt no guilt about it.
Things started shifting around the election, Eret was softening with his willingness to support Coconut 2020 for Fundy and Niki. Meanwhile Wilbur failed to rig his own election.
Wilbur was thrown out of his own nation. A nation Eret could walk around in with diplomatic immunity. Eret arguably did more to mess with Schlatt and his cabinet then Wilbur early on. Eret put out the fires on the L’manberg flag after Fundy set it ablaze. Eret burned the original bandstand down in protest of Schlatt’s presidency. Eret was committed to blowing up the White House with Niki though they didn’t go through with it. He stuck by Niki the best he could. Meanwhile Wilbur was spiraling. He hid his plan to blow up the nation he loved so dearly at the later dubbed red festival from Technoblade, his ally who had no reason to side with Schlatt, who would’ve been in the middle of the blast radius. He sided with Dream to do it too.
Wilbur and Dream made a deal Wilbur stuck with until the end. And the day that deal was fulfilled was the day Dream had had enough of Eret not being neutral and dethroned him. And it was the day Wilbur spoke the same words Eret had said months before, the words of his betrayal, before blowing his own nation up.
And while Wilbur was dead Eret continued that slow climb to redemption. They regained the kingship and while they didn’t do much to defend L’manberg on Doomsday they clearly mourned that it happened and that they couldn’t have stopped it. Eret tried to help Phil revive Wilbur at Ghostbur’s request as part of their path to redemption. They helped stop Dream at the end of the disk war. Tommy, the final (then living) person who’d actually been a victim of the final control room who’d yet to forgive them did.
Eret has voiced to Foolish that they regret what they did, that they were wrong. Then came Wilbur, revived and fully intending to do everything again. Having seemingly no regrets about the people he hurt, intending to simply smooth over feathers with apologizes so that he can start on a blank canvas.
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reidrights · 38 minutes ago
Sure, none of the CCs should be providing half-baked analyses of social justice issues for the sake of doing so. They should, however, amplify activists on their platforms.
“But [insert creator name] is just a teenager” Yes, and I’m glad that they’ve never experienced many of these harms firsthand. Still (and I mean this in the best way possible), they live in the same world as those affected. It wouldn’t hurt to be conscious of what’s going on
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im-creature · 43 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Teeth on a String by Stick and Poke always makes me think of Fundy…
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sharklights · 44 minutes ago
I'm inpatient and want to show yall this good fic so two chapters today
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ranvwoop · 48 minutes ago
re: fundywastaken, it's all unfortunately one sided, too, with one smitten fool and one mildly-antagonistic cool kid. i am sorry fundy
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minecraftfishingsimulator · 53 minutes ago
Fuck it here’s how I think various dsmp people play Pokémon
Tommy- says he’s going to get a stacked team, but gets emotionally connected to the Pokémon he catches on route 1
Tubbo- Everyone expects tubbo to have cute bee Pokémon, and don’t get me wrong he definitely has a combee, but he also has a bunch of tank Pokémon that obliterate.
Ranboo- definitely a pokedex completionist, and is probably very methodical in his approach. Gives them all pun nicknames
Technoblade- extremely tough to beat team but uses a lot of Pokémon not typically considered competition Pokémon, gives him an edge because people haven’t prepared for those teams.
Wilbur- all of his Pokémon have extremely specific nicknames, if you ask he has a long explanation for all of their names
Philza- Feel like Phil has a mix of competition favorites (gyrados, blaziken, etc) but with a couple of surprises. Nicknames like half of them things like “fucker”
Niki- Has a pink aesthetic so people underestimate her, then she pulls out a Bewear, and a mew and obliterates
Jack manifold- Definitely goes in with a plan for which Pokémon he’s going to catch, then either never finds them, or catches them and they just have the worst stats.
Fundy- Catches any and all fox Pokémon. Also has at least one Pokémon named something like shit
Dream - Dream definitely researches like the best competitive teams to have, but they end up being the same team everyone uses, so he gets really thrown off by Pokémon on the other team he didn’t plan for
BBH- he gives all of his Pokémon cute nicknames which does freak people out when he says like “I’m sending out muffin” and it’s a legendary pokemon
Connor-eats pants. Connor is either really casually the best one, or tries really hard and is terrible. No in between. Every team he makes has at least one whooper
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