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#wilbur soot
da-dsmp-stuffs5 minutes ago
Art dump time. Some are old, some are newer, idk. Nothing amazing but I think they're kinda good. The portal one is my favorite out of this bunch.
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notevenclosebaby6 minutes ago
wibur soot merch idea: ahegao hoodie that says "it's not a ahegao hoodie, it's a work of art"
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letithappcn9 minutes ago
thinking about wilbur practically humiliating himself sweaty face red persistently begging to pay for a bowling game he doesnt even want to play because he does not want to be seen or treated as an 鈥渋nfluencer.鈥 that鈥檚 my streamer
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crystalknix11 minutes ago
do you have any fic recs?
Hiya! Ngl... Most of the fics I read are Fundy-centric cause I just... I don't know I just like reading Fundy-centric fics. His story is just sad. Sorry if you wanted more diversity but I'm probably not the best person when it comes to being diverse in fanfic XD.
But anyway, here's 5 fics that I've recently enjoyed reading (all of these are on ao3):
1. Before you cross the street, take my hand by AnotherWeirdoHere
It's about Fundy and Yogurt. It's fairly new and I think 1 out of 3 of the Fundy-Yogurt fics I've currently seen on ao3. It's just so adorable honestly and I am a sucker for this new father-son dynamic.
2. Maybe, maybe by amphibiousCretin
Another Fundy and Yogurt fic but this one also explores Fundy's whole life, it's a bit sad at the start but it ends pretty happily. I love this fic so much, it has good angst and then a happy ending.
3. my heart will be blacker than your eyes (when i鈥檓 through with you) by Cardinalnorth
This one is more Wilbur-centric, particularly, revived Wilbur. I do warn you there is major character death here, but I just like this fic so much. Mostly cause Wilbur is an unhinged villain and just: yes.
4. Ghost Fundy AU by A_Random_Pillow
This is a one-shot that is three one-shots about Ghost Fundy. Again, warning with major character death and violence. I just like it though cause it features Ghost Smoldy and I just love that concept so much.
5. Raised By The Devil (A Bunch Of Dabbles Of Techno Trying To Parent) by Jv_chara
Okay this one is actually Techno and Dream-centric. I usually don't read other fics but this one is just so adorable, I love it so much and it's currently being rewritten according to the author. But do check this fic out, I love it to death and I just find Techno and Dream's dynamic here to be adorable.
But yeah hope you like these fics! :D
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multi-fandoms-posts14 minutes ago
Thinking about this post again, so here are more headcanons from that:
Wilbur, The Dream Team and Fundy help Niki get ready for dates, and give her advice about guys. They all see her as a goddess, and will not allow anyone they see as less than even think of dating her.
Fundy has the morbid sense of humor thst every Minecraft has, and Wilbur constantly jokes that "It's the genes" despite them not being related.
Tommy is the definition of "picky eater". He has troubles with textures, and tastes, and combinations. The only foods he'll always eat are gapples, carrots (only if he grew them) and potatoes (only Techno's own, he claims they taste different). So the people of the server always have to keep some on their person because he'd sooner (and will!) starve than eat something he doesn't like.
Wilbur is the most peaceful of SBI, which people take to mean he's passive. In reality, he's just as ready to throw down as any of his brothers, but prefers to do it using words.
Tommy sometimes just latches on to people taller than him, and doesn't let them go for the rest of the day.
Tubbo and Dream, like the good brothers they are, tune into Foolish's streams (not streams in the way we know them) and put it in as background noise as they do their own stuff, just happy to hear his voice, because he's always busy.
None of them are initiators, and that's why there's so much peace in general. They argue and fight, but it's small things that get resolved quickly. None of them enjoy fighting needlessly, so they never start anything big.
Whenever any of the minors go out of the server, they have to have at least one responsible adult with them. The adults have to go with one other person.
Phil is based on the SMP, but goes to his hardcore world every now and then to work on builds and stuff. Wilbur or Tommy regularly occupy him. Techno only comes if it's a whole group thing.
Dream got the nickname Duckling from Puffy, because he has this habit of constantly following her around like a little duckling.
The server is very pretty, because Dream literally got the most perfectionist people to be on his server. that constantly have to be productive at all times or else they feel restless. Every week they have a new pretty build.
Everyone on the server is rich. And when I say rich, I mean RICH. They all have a constant need to be Productive, and have all Grinded so much that if they give away all their shit, they could get twice the amount in a week.
Even Tommy, that Hates grinding, grinds for at least two hours a day.
They've built EXP farms, farms, and mines. They make trades a lot, so it isn't uncommon to see several people using an EXP farm, or mine (with different branches though).
Tommy is Cracked at archery. It is his Thing.
Tommy (surprisingly) and Dream (not so surprisingly) are both extremely agile. They pride themselves in being near impossible to hit or too slippery to catch.
Everyone has sorta built their schedules and habits around each other, so they are literally the center of each other's lives.
Tommy works with textiles. Sewing, knitting, embroidering, all that kind of stuff is his fort茅.
Tubbo is an Inventor. Like Tony Stark, but with nukes.
Ranboo is a blacksmith. Weapons, armor, anything that requires metalworking, he's your guy.
Drista is the Devil.
Jack Manifold somehow manages to find himself in the oddest crowds. No, I will not elaborate <3
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loocifer19 minutes ago
So I kind of just want to write out my Dream SMP headcanons. This is probably going to be long but y'know, I have a lot to say B)
These are Revivebur and Slimecicle headcanons so woo! Keep in mind that I have not been keeping up on lore much but this is just for fun! So if anything cancels out feel free to inform me on it 馃憖
Wilbur's Limbo.
In limbo, I imagine he would get bored and wander around, even though there's nothing there and it's kind of just a loop. So no matter where you go or which way you go, you'll always be brought back to where you started.
(This part may be cancelled out already but I find it interesting) I imagine other ghosts boarding the train to reach their limbos, and no matter what Wilbur did, nobody could see or hear him. Everytime he attempted to run into the passing trains, they would immediately take off.
It became tiring to keep making attempts to leave and he eventually gave up, just sitting and watching as others came and went, until eventually it was a dark and lonely subway. Just as his sense of time started to slip away, a train pulled up. Just for him.
Revivebur's ability to lurk as a cat.
Wilbur's eyes have been a bright green color since he had been in limbo. His bright green eyes resembled eyes of a black cat, bringing bad luck wherever he goes.
I had a thought that when he's off the server, he's roaming around as a cat. If he's in other people's chats, Philza for example, he would follow them around and meow at them in attempts to speak to them. As a cat, one of his ears is gray to resemble the streak in his hair.
(Not cat boy. Literal cat. 馃椏)
Slimecicle gaining sentience
Slimecicle wasn't slimecicle at first. Instead, he was just a chunk of slime in a mysterious forest. The piece of slime would be stuck to animals so that was basically how it traveled (even though y'know, it wasn't alive.) The stick the sticks in the back of Slimecicle's head helped him originally gain sentience.
I call it the 鉁╯tick of life鉁. I'm only half joking about that, but when the stick is pulled out of his head, his body will just stop working and start to melt. Worry not, the stick is not very easy to pull out of his head since it's in there good! And...slime is sticky.... The stick being pulled out of his head is EXTREMELY painful for him. Short lived pain but it's the kind of pain that you would never want to feel again.
Slimecicle learning how to read and write
It's probably because he spent a few....who knows how many years in a hole, but Charlie can only speak the English language, he, however, could not read it. I can see him asking Quackity for a dictionary to teach himself. But would eventually need assistance with writing.
He would start out by learning letters and such, noticing that every letter is different. He would have a very difficult time trying to perfect it, and would leave it be once he had a basic understanding of the language.
(if there's Grammar errors I'm sorry)
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arson1126 minutes ago
Listen me out LISTEN ME THE FUCK OUT sub wilbur soot.
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tommy-ficsarchive27 minutes ago
A video for Wilbur and Tommy's eyes only by batsbatsbatsbats
(1,685 | 1/1 | General Audiences)
Summary: After recent events Tommy is at Wilbur鈥檚. Fluff galore happens when they accidentally record a video as they dye Tommy鈥檚 hair. Super fluffy.
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mirinda0337 minutes ago
New chapter of the percy jackson au
Techno rolled his eyes as Tommy mimicked stabbing some people. This child was gonna be the death of him.
.. Well.
Or, SpiritBlade going through it: a novel: a saga
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coveredinsun40 minutes ago
little soldiers
And when he鈥檚 done singing tales of strength and weakness and magic in a world so devoid of it, Wilbur puts down his guitar and grabs the glass just beside his seat. 鈥淣ow, if you鈥檒l all be so kind, I鈥檇 like to propose a toast.鈥
鈥淎 toast to who?鈥 Puffy asks, though it鈥檚 clear she knows the answer.
鈥淎 toast to this kingdom, who has mistreated us since we were but children,鈥 Wilbur raises his glass of ale, and he grins while declaring, 鈥淎 toast to Prime herself, who shall aid us little soldiers in all our treacherous ventures. And most importantly, a toast to the King, who has personally fucked us all over. To the King!鈥
the first chapter of little soldiers has FINALLY been published and i am SO fucking excited to share it!!!! please check it out!!! it would be very appreciated :]
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technosootan hour ago
this game will get us CANCELLED - Apr 4, 2020
transcript under the cut!
Wilbur: You're taking your time there, Minx, huh.
Minx: I'm reading the question, Wilbur.
*Wilbur giggling*
Game voice over: My dream job would be...
Minx: -I'm not that quick
James Marriott: And this'll, this'll prove - Ah, interesting
Wilbur: Oooh
James Marriott: It's not me
Minx: It is you!
Wilbur: No, no, no. Me and James are in a lil' band, alright? It's called Lovejoy, and James is, yep, no, I agree with both of those.
Minx: Wait, James- (gets cut off by the clip)
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orionsbootsan hour ago
here is my official request to reblog/like/reply to this if you are a mcytblr blog who has a lot of art and shitposts on their blog
im not new to tumblr i just dont follow a lot of mcyt blogs :)
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key-the-demisexualan hour ago
Just read Passerine...
Anyways, does anyone here know how to stop crying? Asking for a friend-
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journel-number-3an hour ago
c!Tommy feeling like c!Tubbo doesn't need him anymore because he has c!Ranboo so he's hanging with c! Wilbur because he feels Wil needs him
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fahrojectcontentan hour ago
My dream smp fanart bcuz I love it
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jestroeran hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More sketches cause sbi beloveds :)
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eu-nyxan hour ago
You know what, someday faf far in the future when the Dreamsmp has tone down and everyone starts doing their own thing and Love Joy starts doing live concert, IF one of those concerts Wilbur decided to sing the L'manburg anthem i will probably cry 馃ぇ
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luckyyharmsan hour ago
MCYT as weird images I have saved on my phone because
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