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#wilbur soot

Thinking about an au where dream SMP is the same except SBI are known for their ‘never dies’ streaks since it runs in the family after philza and the only way for them to actually permanently die is to be killed by their own family members

Techno never seems to die, he’s too powerful

Philza lives long enough in hardcore that he’s been living up with the name

Wilbur never really died, until he forced his own father to kill him,,,, but yet,,, he’s reviving?

Tommy. He never really to die, does he? He may lost his two canon life but yet he’s able to live through season 2 and season 3 with his one life streak

Just little dumb ideas yeeyee

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i really hope this arc we get something more relaxed

between badboyhalo seeming the main villain and him being the biggest sweetheart on this earth, sam nook, and niki and jack being some team rocket type villains, i hope we get like a… light-hearted joke arc you know?

unless wilbur’s and schlatt’s comeback wrecks everything. then i’ll be sad. but also happy cuz im a schlannie. but sad because,,, let these people be happy

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tommy seems like the kid who jumps and hits the top of doorframes

wilbur seems like the kid who touches the top without jumping

phil seems like the kid who tells those 2 that reaching the top doesn’t make them cool

technoblade seems like the kid to be extremely confused as to why being able to touch the top makes you cool

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Karl jacobs is literally icarus. Icaurs who was given a pair of wings as a gift and it was sought as a blessing only for it all to end in tragedy but Icarus still saw the wings as a blessing despite it all.

Karl jacobs is gifted with the ability to time travel, its a blessing to be able to go into the future and past. But at the same time its also a curse, chipping away at his memories and replacing information as Karl desperately tries to remember himself and fix the present as he refuses to let the current state of the smp go to what the status of the current of the future.

However Karl Jacobs does not care, he sees the ability of being able to change the outcome of the future for the happiness of his loved one will constantly be a blessing despite the consequence being him forgetting himself and being erased from history all together.

That is the fall of Karl Jacobs, the fall of icarus.

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Dream SMP members with a taller s/o

Pairing: Wilbur soot, Eret, Nihachu & Fundy x Reader (separate)

Summary: Some dating headcanons for tall people :) (for reference, you’re about 208 cm/ 6″10 in this fic)

Type: Headcanon

Author’s note: bruhh i havent eaten anything today lol anywayyy - enjoy :)

Author’s note pt.2: Thank you guys so much for the 60+ notes on my last post, I’m glad so many people liked it im so happy  (╯▽╰ )♡


Wilbur Soot: 

- This man 

- This man

- He’s the biggest simp ever

- You walk in

- Instant heart eyes

- He looooves your legs

- When you’re cuddling he’ll tangle his legs with yours

- He especially loves it when you’re facing him

- He’ll pick up one of your legs and place it over his hips and run his hands up and down your thigh

- Definitely a nose-kisser

- There’s something so endearing to him about having to look up at you to kiss you

- He had never dated anyone taller than him before, so it was new for him

- But now he just can’t stop thinking about you

-  11/10 He’s completely whipped for you


- Another simp for height

- He finds it adorable that you’re taller than them

- Really likes it when you sit on her lap

- It’s a little awkward at first, but soon it becomes natural in your relationships

- He loves the way you look in platforms

- You find it terrifying at first because you’re already really tall and then to add another 10 cm is very scary

- They loves wearing platforms with you

- Low-key really wants you to wear bigger ones

- She - just like Will - is completely whipped for you

- Kneels down before you and calls you royalty, making you laugh

- Also !!

- He likes to take your hand and say something like

- “May I have your hand, my God/Goddess” and give you a light kiss on your knuckles

- 10/10 would recommend


- In awe of your size

- She loves just sitting in your lap

- Because of your size she gets completely engulfed in your embrace

- She loves it

- Even when she has work to do, like editing or something

- She’ll just ask you to come to her office and just sit on your lap while she’s busy clicking away on her computer

- She always steals your shirts and hoodies

- And I mean always

- It’s huge on her and it smells like you and it makes her just all soft and (❁´◡`❁)

- Also

- S w e a t e r p a w s

- Piggyback rides! Piggyback rides!

- She really likes to see everything from your perspective, so piggyback rides are a must anytime you have to stand up

- You need a glass of water? Okay, I’ll climb onto you then and you’re gonna have to carry me! :)

- Again 10/10 she loves you so much <3


- Scared

- He’s kind of intimidated the first time he saw you

-  But he quickly warms up to you don’t worry

- At first he can’t believe you are this tall

- Again, in awe you your size

- Loves being little spoon with you

- He just can’t stop smiling when you hug him from behind

- He just feels so warm and safe when you two cuddle together

- He’ll sometimes stand on chairs to stand taller than you


- He’s also completely whipped for you 

- When you put your head on his he melts

- When you hold hands and his hand moves up because your hand is higher than his he melts

- When you two have any kind of physical contact he melts

- Look he just really likes you

- Fox boy is soft for you 12/10 (ෆ˙ᵕ˙ෆ)


Thanks for reading! Feel free to request if you want to! Drink some water and don’t forget that I love you ヽ(๑ ◜ ◡ ◝ ๑)ノ♡

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this at first wasn’t just going to be a ramble about wilbur & tommys canon relationship but then it just turned into that & then a fuckton of analysis so like take these i guess;

back in the old l’manberg days, they had like a mentor / protege relationship, but also they had the fucking classic dynamic of “little brother & older brother”. it was clear that even back then c!tommy looked up to c!wilbur a lot and was always trying to do more for the country; the conversation they had about wilbur thinking he wasn’t really in l’manberg for the country & more for a place to stay? tommy was desperate to prove that l’manberg wasn’t a temporary home for him, that he’d do anything for l’manberg, because wilbur loved it so much—because he wanted to make wilbur proud. everything he’d done back then was both to make wilbur proud & was to make sure that l’manberg was safe; he was bending his back for that fucking country just so wilbur would see it and consider him a worthy right hand man/a worthy vice. and wilbur was proud of him, we’d learn, when ghostbur told tommy in exile that he’d been proud of him when he’d given up his disks; something that tommy had strived for but now in exile wasn’t even sure he wanted anymore.

it’s clear that tommy was willing to walk to the ends of the earth for wilbur, even from the beginning, and he’s always viewed him through rose tinted glasses. tommys always had a problem w/ idolizing people way too much, and i think wilbur’s one of those people where the idolization did play a part of how he felt about him, because the person he idolized & loved and viewed as his hero turned into this person who wasn’t,,,,.. that.

also, tommy’s so used to being under wilburs guidance: he’s always used to wilbur putting a hand on his shoulder and telling him what he’s doing wrong, or how he could improve, or helping him, that he’d became dependent on it. he eventually was blinded by everything else & didn’t see wilburs slow descent in the beginning of the elections and continued to follow him blindly because wilbur was once again, his hero; somebody who he loved and cared for so much that he didn’t want to think anything bad about—didn’t want to see the bad things, because once again he had rose tinted glasses.

though, in the pogtopia arc he was forced to see that bad—forced to see the things that were piling up that he didn’t even notice. he was forced to watch his brother, this hero and man he thought was undefeatable; the man he’d saw go up against things with his head held high and almost indestructible, finally, finally crumble and become this shell of a man who wanted vengeance—who wanted nothing but destruction just for his symphony. of course, he didn’t want to believe wilburs spiral would be the end of his brother; he wanted to believe that he still had his wilbur in there somewhere, still held out hope that he’d come back so he let him push him around and yet still—and yet still followed him because he’s always had blind hope for his wilby. he was willing to help him, he was willing to help him grow & rebuild l’manberg with him if it just mean that he got his wilbur back, but in the end everything he’d thought he’d done—him thinking he’d finally gotten through to wilbur was a lie, and he had to watch his nation get destroyed and his brother not long thereafter.

honestly, i’ll always think that tommy was dealing w/ a lot of grief in the beginning days of new l’manberg. he wasn’t there often, he didn’t interact much w/ people, & he was probably still reeling from everything that’d happened, rightfully; so he just wanted to move on. he just wanted to forget everything that’d happened and remember the good times—focus on the good times so he wouldn’t have to acknowledge that wilbur was gone, that wilbur had hurt him, and that he wouldn’t ever be getting him back. he wanted to have fun for once, so he’d burnt down george’s house and got exiled for it.

after he’d been exiled he’d sort of had a long time to sit & think—to really process everything for the first time, and that’s when his view on wilbur really started to become skewed. he didn’t want to admit, still, that his wilbur—that his hero could do all the things he’d done, but he was also slowly beginning to take off the false view of the man and see him truly, and that scared him. that scared him so he turned to ghostbur, desperate for some proof that wilbur was a good man; that he wasn’t bad, that he wasn’t evil, that he wasn’t any of these things so he wouldn’t have to worry about it, but he didn’t get any closure from ghostbur because ghostbur couldn’t remember, so he was just left wondering.

and, when he was seeing phil trying to resurrect wilbur, he was panicked. he was panicked because he didn’t know if he wanted wilbur back yet; he didn’t know if he was ready, he didn’t know if he wanted to see him—but he did, didn’t he?—because everything he’d done was still very, very conflicted in his mind; he still didn’t know what he was supposed to think about the man, and now that him being resurrected was a possibility he freaked out because he just wasn’t ready to confront the fact that his wilbur and the one he’d turned into were the same person, & seeing wilburs death reanacted with ghostbur? with the one person who was the embodiment of the good memories w/ wilbur, the wilbur he wanted? it made him realize even more that he didn’t want any other version of the wilbur that wasn’t the good one, and he fleed.

though, now they have dream. now they have dream who can resurrect people. when dream told tommy this he got a little hopeful look on his face; his breath stuttered & his eyes widened at the possibility that he’d finally get wilbur back, he’d finally be able to see him again and he wouldn’t be so alone, but when he was confronted w/ wilbur and it wasn’t exactly the one he wanted—it still had hints of the man he turned into instead of his wilby? he was uncomfortable. he was breathing a little heavily and looked nervous; he doesn’t want to be around that wilbur, and interacting w/ him just reminded him of how scared he’s been all along. he wants wilbur back, he does, he really, really does; but he’s scared of the possibility of wilbur returning as that man who took everything from him and he’ll have to face him once again. he doesn’t want that. he’s stuck in the past w/ wilbur.

(this deadass just turned into an essay about how i feel c!tommy’s dealing w/ his grief WHOOPS WHWVAJAHv)

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As much as I love sbi, (it’s pretty much like me and my siblings so yah) I like that it’s not canon in the dream smp, not only from a constance and plot but also how it changes how we view the characters. Technoblade and Tommy where aquantinces, they only in connon reason they interact is because of Wilbur. Wilbur was at least some what Techno’s friend, which as we can see with Philza, he is very protective of his friends. We can asome that through Philza, Wilbur met Techno, which would explain why he could call him. However we do know that Philza isn’t exactly the best parent which leads us to why Wilbur used Techno. Wilbur was going insane, Techno and Tommy weren’t helping, Techno because he’s award and doesn’t know Wilbur well enough to care and Tommy was not in any position to help. Not only that but Wilbur might have some resentment from Techno being favored by Philza we don’t know. Tommy was a little grimlin that Wilbur took under his wing and considering the tense relationship that Wilbur seemed to have with Philza prior to the SMP it is intierly prossible that he never told Philza about Tommy being pretty much his little brother. So we have a man who’s only interacted with two people and cares for them and the first thing he comes on to the server is killing his son. Philza has no other interest in anyone bar Fundy because he is his grandson. Tommy probably didn’t even know that Wilbur had a father so why would he try to interact with him? Then exile arc, which we all know is abouslte shit. Techno for all he says otherwise, does care which would explain why he let Tommy in, after all he was Friends (somewhat) with Wilbur and Wilbur does talk about Tommy sometimes and Techo has had positive interactions with Tommy. Philza probably has learned about Tommy through the people of l'manburg and from what ghostbur has said. So that would explain why he went to check on them. But then the batray happens and they fall a part. So yes I love the sbi, I like their dynamic and their chemistry with each other, with in the smp it’s smarter and makes more sense to not have it. Now does that mean in the future we could have found dysfunctional family? Maybe. But in the context of now it makes more sense to not have it. But that does give us more room to play around with how they interact and hc regarding how they could be family. Or how Wilbur’s death was something that effected how the dynamics could have been. The sbi not being canon allows for us to have more room to theroize and interpret how people’s relationships are without the idea of a set dynamic.

I’m dyslexia so forgive any mistakes.

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Me : I really like Wilbur and Tommys dynamic, i wish i had what they have haha itd be cool

Posts on social media : or are you just touch starved, wish someone could be consistently proud of you, want a found family, wish someone gave you love like your family was supposed to give you, have a troubling relationship with your family in general, and want an older sibling figure in your life?

Me : wait w

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Everyone be relieved/heartbroken that c!Tommy and c!Phil aren’t related but what if,,,found family?

Like imagine that teen Wilbur just found the gremlin one day out in the woods and said, “I’ll keep this.” And brought him back home and Philza is just, “y'know what fine. He’s your responsibility.” And promptly goes out to conquer the world with Techno. But after a while he grew a fondness for Tommy they all did really even tho he was a stealing lying bitch. They just woke up one day, realized that “ah fuck I actually care about this child.”

Tommy won’t ever call Phil his dad nor will he allow Phil to call him his son. But he does see Phil as his sort of father figure/guardian. Looking for his approval even after everything. Same thing with Techno, Tommy would never admit it but he does see Techno as his older brother figure.

They’re not related, but they chose at some point to care about each other.

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i’m in the mood to ramble about tommy & wilbur & i’m Going to post a long essay just rambling about how cool they are in and out of canon would yall,,,… like to have it 👉👈🥺 as a treat? HACAJWGWJ

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Tubbo: I wish for nothing but the sweet relief of death, handed to me using only the shittiest of ropes because I do not deserve a nice way to go. I want to feel the cold hands of the void grip me in a painful embrace as they drag me down under, and into the nothingness of being completely and utterly alone for all of my existence. I want to suffer because I don’t deserve kindness after all the shit I’ve ever done and will do





Tubbo: … did I say that out loud?

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you never seem to die, do you?

(1bit practice, i had a lot of fun with it)

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wait so,,. if phil isn’t tommys dad literally what is their relationship then 😃,,.. why did tommy call him “dadza” when he was freaking out when he saw the prison for the first time,,,,… why did phil go “as long as tommy & techno are safe, then i’m okay”, HEIWHS HUH?? there’s so clearly a history between those two and if they aren’t related then literally what the fuck is it 😃 also wilbur literally said that he named tommy as a child & it’s canon that those two are brothers so??? HWIHAA LITERALLY WHY DOES THE DSMP!SBI DYNAMIC MAKE NO SENSE MF ARE YOU PHIL’S SON OR NOT /lh /nm /rp

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important question who is the food motivated one in sbi and why is it tommyinnit

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BUT I need to discuss L’Manbur as a young General completely unprepared for war? He exuded confidence (”Independence or death”), but when he led his men straight into a massacre, he immediately dropped all pretense. Wilbur actually cared for the safety of L’Manburg’s revolutionaries and would rather have ceased their freedom altogether than have them risk their lives again (even better when you put this in context of the 3 lives system after the fact).

Wilbur spoke about how all Dream wanted was power, while all Wilbur wanted was to protect their land. But L’Manbur was incredibly naive when it came to the actual politics of running a nation, even more clueless than he was about winning a war (hence why he made Tommy command the army). He rarely ever logged in, and only intervened occasionally when Tommy’s actions could have led to another war against the Dream SMP. He was clueless about how to attract tourism and money to L’Manburg, didn’t even intervene when Tubbo and Fundy had a mini civil war, and saw his relationship with his own son deteriorate. 

It was inevitable that Wilbur, a leader in virtually nothing but self-imposed name, would feel compelled to gain some semblance of power and legitimacy. And then he his own election and saw firsthand what a true leader could do: though corrupt, Schlatt - in just a few days compared to Wilbur’s entire term as president - had improved L’Manburg’s economy, tourism, and legitimacy as a country. 

I’m bringing this up because we tend to not focus as much on this reasoning for Wilbur’s descent into Vilbur. L’Manbur was a great guy capable of getting so many people to follow him based off of charisma and passion alone, but as a general and as a political leader he failed pretty much miserably and this haunted him. 

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things philza minecraft has done as a father but wont admit

-forgot who was older between wilbur and techno

-has sent wilbur and techno to the wrong classes before, because they looked identical as kids

-buzzed tommys hair bc he had lice and made him cry

-tubbo also cried bc he thought he was next (he wasnt)

-accidentally splashed ranboo with a water bottle and made him teleport away

-always calls the twins the wrong names

-got mad at wilbur for growing to be taller than him

-also got mad at techno when he followed suit

-youll never guess his reaction for tommy

-“tubbo youre my favorite”

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