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wilbursoot-updates · 16 hours ago
Wilbur and Tommy are officially going to publish Wilbur's quote book! They are working on releasing it this year and there will be a Tubbo page of just Tubbo!
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rainshadowlegends · 16 hours ago
knowing that wilbur is the cause for tommy’s beard and then wilbur chased tommy down with a razor to get rid of said beard is such a brotherly thing of them
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tobi-smp · 6 hours ago
I’d like to throw in my two cents on fundy mentioning that wilbur made him eat on all fours as a kid:
considering that fundy’s son is Actually a fox, it’d make sense to me if fundy started as a regular fox as well and anthropomorphized as he got older (to whatever extent you draw the ratio of fox to human). which would mean that from wilbur’s perspective he was a first time single father trying to figure out how he’s supposed to feed a fox and from fundy’s perspective he remembers his dad treating him like an animal.
which can definitely be farmed for angst, but also Begs for the visual of fundy propping yogurt up like a little man to feed him
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shrikeicee · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
FINALLY THEYRE DONE IVE BEEN AT THIS FOR LIKE 3HOURS anyways. i finished the love and monsters au designs i like wilburs so much i dont even know why so heres some notes i thought up while brainstorming/drawing and i forgot to draw rocky, hes a nova scotia duck tolling retriever cause i googled duck dog and thats what came up!
so tommy (14 y/o) n wilbur (18 y/o) travel together, wilburs teaching him the guitar, and he has this mini globe, tommy calls it The Dome, wilbur talks about different countries to lull tommy to sleep. they met about 3 years into the apocalypse when humanity really started crumbling. tommy (10 y/o) got caught in one of wilburs (14 y/o) people traps (to keep strangers away duh), and theyve been inseparable ever since!
wilbur jokes that he caught someone in a trap when he as tommys age, its about time tommy became a man. enter: ranboo!
ranboo (15 y/o) left his colony because food was getting scarce as theyve looted everything within a reasonable area, people are getting tense and angry, lashing out, so ranboo leaves! which is a little stupid, cause ranboo hasnt really been outside in 7 years (his memory is “too bad to be trusted” up on the surface) so he leaves with nothing but some food he nicked and his journal! after a few hours of walking he finds a dog!!! oh my god!!! and then he almost dies! but then the dog saves him! he’ll write that down in his journal! he doesnt really have anywhere to sleep so he follows the dog back and finds tubbo (16 y/o)! ranboo decides hes gonna stay with tubbo! tubbo has no say in this matter!
after like a week of following tubbo around (tubbo makes it hard to follow but ranboos refuses to take the hint), ranboo gets caught in one of those traps where you step into a rope and get hung by your ankle in a tree. tubbo leaves ranboo hanging cause finally hes gone! but as he walks farther and farther away, he starts to feel bad, so he runs back to ranboo and finds him... gone. fuck.
hanging upside down by your ankles while having a panic attack feels Very Bad, ranboo discovers. hes trying to calm himself down and also not pass out when he hears rustling in the bushes oh god oh my god hes dead hes gonna die is that a child. OH THANK GOD AN ADULT WAIT NO OH GOD THE CHILD HAS A KNIFE OW FUCK THEY DIDNT HAVE TO DROP HIM.
wilbur apologizes for the situation and tells ranboo they didnt expect to actually catch anyone. apologies dont make ranboos headache any better. im getting tired of writing. tommy and wilbur bring ranboo back to their base, ranboo tells them that tubbo left him so if they have an opening, he’ll take it (they do). meanwhile, tubbo tracks ranboo the fuck down and finds him with crimeduo. theyre mad at him, ranboos happy to see him. they all join into one big group cause 8 hands are better than 4. part of tubbo is telling him to leave while he can, he cant lose anyone else.
techno and phil live in the mountains because its safer than anywhere else! (the only animals that mutated were cold blooded ones so obviously theyd stay away from cold climates). techno builds a greenhouse, they have matching bff necklaces, and phil hopes his son (wilbur) is alive!
that is all. my eyes are asleep
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mintmc · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
How are we feeling gamers?
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psiithirisma · 16 hours ago
wilbur taught tommy how to ride a bike in october and now theyre going bike riding together. i am so normal about this
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painless-and-colourful · 17 hours ago
hi everyone would like to let you know Ode to L'Manberg just came on shuffle and I physically winced when it got to the fundy verse. what do you mean "I still had our son by my side / And as he looked up at me with those wondering eyes / i just knew that I must protect him with my life" ?????
(the beauty of a good piece of media is that it never needs to be updated to ring true throughout time. whether that's old political jokes that still eerily echo the current situation, or the verse of a song that gets harder to listen to the more time passes)
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cupsmp · 16 hours ago
he's seen the wilbur lore -> he will deliver the best fucking ctommy that will gut me personally whenever the stream is
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tobi-smp · 20 hours ago
I’m sorry but, the people speculating that fundy "Only” killed himself to fast travel and make a point to wilbur is no better than the people who Insisted that dream was just hallucination in the logsted chase scene.
this is self harm, what fundy did was self harm in front of his father in a moment of high stress, and he did it in a way that we Know is not only traumatizing but physically scarring. and Fundy Knows That Too. there is no “just” in this situation, what just happened is a Very Strong Indicator that fundy is in an awful state of mind. 
yes, there Is that element of fundy not wanting wilbur to follow him or be able to find him, but if that were the Only point in and of itself then it wouldn’t have been a canon death it’d have been a Dramatic Exit.
fundy is completely cutting himself off from society, self isolating because he doesn’t trust or believe in anybody else anymore. because he was hurt and traumatized and left behind over and over and over again and he’s taking his isolation into his Own hands now. and to facilitate that he knowingly self harmed in a way that was not only Retraumatizing for him (digging at his trauma of not only his own death, but of watching wilbur’s suicide) but that Actively made him vulnerable to death. there is no buffer anymore, he’s going to die the next time he loses a canon life.
to look at that By Itself and make the argument that this doesn’t and Shouldn’t indicate anything towards fundy being suicidal At All is, already a Strange take (especially with how this series doesn’t shy away from that subject matter at all), but it goes Double with wilbur Recognizing his own spiral in fundy’s actions.
not only is that comparison not baseless Now, we’ve Already had an instance in canon where fundy was mirroring wilbur On Purpose during doomsday. when fundy tried to make himself the villain of the server that everyone “defeated” to bring everybody together. it was largely brushed aside by the fandom because fundy didn’t immediately continue with that idea, but looking back on it we know what Defeating means on this server. (and we know that things have only gotten worse for fundy since then.)
this doesn’t mean that fundy is Definitely going to take his final life, or even attempt to, but I think it’s very strange to try to erase or minimize the implications here.
and I Do think that ranboo’s death in hitting on 16 set a Weird precedent of characters killing themselves to make a point. but I think it’s Also worth noting that at this point it’s implied that ranboo was regularly self harming to experiment with his enderwalk state. I don’t think we should assume that anybody who kills themselves “to make a point” is mentally stable Actually.
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traatle · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
In the wake of one payoff ( they finally talked ) we forgot about a smaller yet equally important payoff ( should have said Anna cosplay for full effect but close enough… )
Also I woke up just to draw this so if it’s not funny ignore that it ever posted thanks - going back to sleep
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asexualkittyclaws · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
you have my heart, you have my attention, can't i have a little bit of affection?
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glitter-skeleton-uwu · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
That is how he remembers his son
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cupsmp · 17 hours ago
Im going to vote it was either wilbur or tubbo that facetimed him.
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tobi-smp · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Pictured: A screenshot of a post from Wilbur Soot’s reddit account, dating back to July of 2021, which reads:] “Revivedbur is used to being forgotten. From his perspective, Wilbur was suffering from intense paranoia and delusions. When Wilbur died no-one even so much as gave him a grave. Wilbur was suffering and no-one even looked at him or tried to help him. What he did was most heinous and deserving of his fate but when he died he was simply made into a justification for other people to do more hateful things. A scapegoat for further villains to show their colours
"It’s fine. I can hurt other people, I’m angry that Wilbur was evil.” This speaks more of them than of Wilbur in his eyes.
Revivedbur has noticed this.” [End transcription]
I want to look back at this, because I think it’s Extremely relevant in what just happened between wilbur and fundy (with wilbur seeing himself in fundy, not just because of his downspiral and isolation but in that sense of abandonment in his time of need, and the pure tragedy of their experiences being directly related to each other)
not just because it reaches into the wider pathos of the entirety of l’manberg and the very core of a struggle an entire community has been working through in a way that has been at once universal and completely silent (both in the sense that people who are struggling from a loss of a bond with Each Other remain isolated despite all wanting what they used to have, And in the sense that it’s been largely painted over and ignored by people on the outside. whether that be other members of the server or the fanbase), which when addressed head on will rip the veil away from that struggle and present it honestly and earnestly and in a way that can’t be ignored anymore
but it Also goes a long way to explain the weirdness of tommy’s role in the latter half of wilbur’s arc.
because it’s not just that wilbur put such a heavy emphasis on tommy’s importance and presence in his life only to pull away (which is something that could be and arguably Has Been explained), but because tommy has consistently Been A Presence in wilbur’s life anyways. and not in that tommy is trying to force his way in, but that he’s been kept at arms length but No Farther Away. 
he’s a near Consistent presence, and has been set up both in canon and meta-textually as an extremely important next step for wilbur (and probably an end for this arc as a whole) while still being Intentionally Pushed Out Of all of the major steps that wilbur is trying to take right now.
which again, wouldn’t be strange in concept (there’s no reason why tommy would need to be there when wilbur was confronting tubbo or fundy, he has relationships with those people outside of tommy that can and should be addressed on their own), but that becomes Really Apparent not just in how these seeds are being laid throughout wilbur’s streams but also in the storybeats where tommy Is There.
tommy’s presence in hitting on 16 wasn’t necessary to the Plot contained within the story, but Very Carefully laid out that tommy Is with wilbur, that he Stayed with wilbur, and that wilbur very much so wants him to be there with him. we can see how tommy is clumsily trying to reach out to wilbur while wilbur simultaneously pushes him away and desperately clings to him in a, frankly, really compelling portrayal of their relationship at the time.
and this is interesting, because tommy has no idea that the events of the story even happened. wilbur has framed tommy as one of the most important people to him, someone that he Needs in his life, to the point that he can’t Leave tommy even when he knows (or at least feels) that he needs to pull away from him. and so there’s Both this closeness and this Distance. where tommy is There, but he’s not allowed to Know. he isn’t allowed to be an actual presence in wilbur’s life that’s Able to impact him.
and this continues in the stream with techno. where tommy is There, he’s very Casually and Naturally a part of wilbur’s life, but he isn’t allowed to be Involved.
and this is interesting as well because this, the tubbo stream that followed, and even the fundy stream all have moments that either imply or set up that confrontation or reconciliation between them.
and I think it goes back to this. back to this feeling that wilbur desperately needed help and was abandoned. back to this feeling that his death didn’t Matter to anyone, except for where it could be twisted into a justification for something awful, something that hurt more people and ruined whatever legacy he could’ve had even further (ruined the memory the people important to him had of him even further).
and I consider this twofold:
1: while this feeling of Abandonment is near universal among l’manberg members, tommy more than anyone is poised to really Understand wilbur once they’re at a point where they can be open and honest with each other.
because what it comes down to is that both wilbur and tommy have experienced other people Moving On. tommy’s stay in the afterlife was Much Much shorter than wilbur’s, but his arc following his death was Defined by this disconnect and insecurity. not just in his relationships (which it had a profound impact on his relationship with ranboo and tubbo), but on his place As A Living Person at all.
he still felt dead. he still felt like the world had moved on without him and he didn’t have a place in it anymore.
and for Both of them these insecurities are reinforced and partially stem from trauma that is frankly Shockingly relevant to each other.
Both of them watched their friends, watched l’manberg, move on without them following their exile. Both of them had been convinced (through external and internal means) that everyone they’d loved had been better off without them because They were inherently bad unlovable people. wilbur a villain that causes everything wrong with the world and tommy a selfish destructive child that acts as a leech for everyone that tries to support them.
and this fact crushed them, particularly because of that isolation, because they weren’t suffering where other people were allowed to see or understand. and both of them had these feelings amplified by a build up of trauma and victimization over the course of their arcs that exploded into suicide attempts. but where wilbur’s had been in a moment of intense high pressure with everyone’s eyes on him, pushing him over the edge, tommy had been alone in the aftermath and given the time to come to a realization about the unfairness of his situation and save himself.
tommy was able to recognize, even in some small amount, that he wasn’t the problem while wilbur had been lost in his black and white thinking. and that’s defined the ways their arcs have progressed and the challenges they’ve faced following their choices to get better and to be better.
and it is Both the ways that their experiences are so painfully similar And the ways that they differ that could lead to them having a profound impact on each other as they both struggle to find meaning and worth and meaningful Stable human connections in their lives no matter how hard they try.
2: while their isolation during their trauma was very much so real and incredibly painful, tommy and wilbur had both been there for each other while they were spiraling as much as they could be, and this matters.
they were Also profoundly impacted by the ways that they weren’t able to be there for each other, ways that they feel like they were failed even when those feelings aren’t completely rational, and this also matters.
neither of them have the full context to understand the other’s suffering or why they Would feel abandoned when they feel that they were the one left go of, But This Is A Completely Reasonable Obstacle For Them To Overcome With Honest Communication, and this Also matters.
these are characters who have a profound impact on each other even when they’re separated, Especially when they’re separated, who at the same time are insecure in those relationships and in that necessity.
this is both the inherent problem that has kept their relationship complicated and tense And what’s going to open their relationship up to growth and healing when the time is right.
and a big part of that is going to be understanding each other’s suffering and how that impacted their capacity to connect with and process each other.
logsted is the obvious chekov’s gun. wilbur’s current understanding of dream being juxtaposed by it becoming clearer and clearer that he Doesn’t know anything that dream actually Did while wilbur was gone, given more and more tension as we see wilbur react so Strongly to what he Does know happened.
(his anger at doomsday and how he feels like he was used as a scapegoat for it, him telling tommy that he’d have disemboweled dream for what he did to him despite the fact that he Didn’t know what happened during exile. and how these two things will Intersect when he eventually learns the truth, with wilbur’s death leaving the people that he cared about More vulnerable to dream and how he took advantage of that.)
but I Also think that tommy being Let In, being able to Understand wilbur’s feelings enough to put context behind his actions will be incredibly important for the both of them. because wilbur Desperately wants to be understood and accepted for what he is and tommy Desperately wants that security of being able to Understand, to not be an outsider to his relationships that just has to accept whatever happens at face value. 
that’s not to say that I think tommy and wilbur are meant to handle each other’s problems and growth as people Alone, but rather that I fully believe that this shared understanding between each other is something that will be Incredibly good for the both of them, but it has to wait until they’re at a point where they’d be Receptive To It as characters.
tommy didn’t accept that he needed to well and truly Open up to get better until after his death, until he was finally backed into a corner so hard that he realized he Had to get better and that what he was doing before wasn’t working. he recognized that he Needed help and he Needed to reach out and he Needed to open up.
and wilbur is going through that right now. not just in having the stakes slowly raise higher and higher, clearly building up to what’s going to be a blow out. but in him slowly realizing the impact that he truly had on people. realizing that he’s Wanted through the pain that his absence caused. recognizing that isolating himself further is only going to hurt people More because they care about and love him.
he’s going to need that point of contact when he makes that realization, someone who can meet him where he is and Understand him. and I think tommy is poised to be that person for him, just like he’s poised to be that person for Tommy.
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fishjuice · 13 hours ago
So i think as someone who spun the blorbo around in my head for a LONG while, it falls upon me to point out that Fundy tends to self destruct while trying to regain control of his situation when he is having Not A Great Time.
Various examples include
November 21st 2020- Fundy blows up part of his New Lmanberg estate to prove a point to Jack about how everything will blow up someday somehow and there is no escaping it.
January 6th 2021- Doomsday.  Everything is blown up and there was no escaping it. Fundy loses himself in the inevitibility of defeat and blows up L’manberg’s supplies to have SOMETHING he did have some effect. It does not.
January 12nd 2021-  Fox decides if he can stir up enough trouble people would come together to “defeat” him, like they did with Schlatt, then it would make sense if he stands alone and people will remember him one way or another, with the implication of the nature of that defeat being, yknow.
May 3rd 2021- Fundy blows up his own house to gain control of his nightmares. Kekw. 
(This is when he and Phil meet up to discuss Wil’s revival. He says he wants Wil to be his dad again.)
June 9th 2021- Quackity presents Fundy the Las Nevadas constitution, promising Fundy a home, his friendship, and control over his future, and even over the nation of Las Nevadas, in exchange for possibly his life. He signs it.
(Fundy learns that Wil is against Las Nevadas and Q lies to comfort him that Wil mentioned did mention him when they talked.)
(Honorable mention, due to nature of this all being unclear:
March 30th-November 28th 2021- Fundy’s Mind and Prison Break. Having his first nightmare out of the bunch, Fundy is warned against a figure that will destroy him, the nightmare coming to a close with his ominous chaser catching him. At November, He makes an appearance with rest of LN wearing robes identical to the chaser of his nighmares, Q wearing the exact skin.)
To now.
So what do we see during the stream?
Wilbur attempts to leave and is met with a strong reaction. Fundy is sincere when he accepts the invitation to spend time together.
Fundy slowly drops the sarcasm he has in the beginning. 
We learn Las Nevadas did Not work out to the point he doesnt think them as friends anymore.
Wilbur then ends his apology with  “I'm happy you found something in Las Nevadas. I'm happy you found something with my rival even if he is my rival. I don't care as long as you know that wherever I'm gonna go after this, wherever I end up, I've always wanted the best for you and if this is the best for you.”
And what is his reaction?
“I moved far far away because I knew you would come back and I didn’t care for it.” 
A blatant departure, if not a lie from what we have seen before. Especially damning with the fact that he was pre-prepared for the confrontation, carrying 2 fishing rods, the burnt flag of Old L’manberg, Spy Diary, a wither star from doomsday (and most likely relying on his dreams to seek out Wilbur).
”I don’t care for the people I met. And I don’t care for you.” 
sounds a lot like 
“L’manberg was nothing but a goddamn pile of dirt and trash to begin with, to be shaped into something beautiful and destroyed by those who realized it wasn’t worth it” (Jan 6)
in its harshness and delivery, but this we know for sure this was him trying to protect himself from his pain. Why would he keep the flag he burnt otherwise?..
“Why must everything have gone the way that it had? It used to be beautiful! I used to not have nightmares about this place! I used to have dreams. I had hopes. I was following in their footsteps, trying to be the best I could.” (May 3rd)
...and, i think, that’s why he jumped.
  I think he wanted to leave Wilbur, before Wilbur could have left him and rejected him as harshly as he did, the same way he gave up on L’manberg before it could be taken from him and rejected it. I think it was his way of doing something drastic to have some control over his life, like how he blew up the chests back then.  And PLEASE don’t take this as me saying “Oh, if he was in the right mind state he would have forgiven Wilbur” because what I’m saying is, I want him to do it if it will make him genuinely happy, and I don’t think isolating himself from everyone in the server, including Wilbur, will make him happy. It will just make him think he’s happy, like it did on doomsday.
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banana-fish · 19 hours ago
I hope Fundy does a lore stream in the future. Not focused on wilbur or anyone else just him and his life. Him living in a tiny cottage on the outskirts of the server. Just him and yogurt, together alone but happy and contempt. He deserves a soft epilogue.
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appleflavoredkitkats · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
on the topic of this update ^^ provided by cc!wilbur, i think there’s a deeper meaning to it rather than fundy getting physically away from wilbur.
for the longest time, fundy’s character is centered on chasing other people for the recognition he couldn’t gain from wilbur. it takes up a good portion of his character; in fact, his participation in manberg, the butcher army, and las nevadas stems from that need to be worthy to someone.
in a way, wilbur was the root cause of this insecurity that he might as well represent it in its entirety.
acknowledging the scene preceding the jump, fundy had a turning point and told himself that he didn’t want to care about other people’s opinions of him anymore. when he demanded wilbur to leave and completely jumped off, it may be a representation of how he wants to be freed from the insecurity he was stuck to for so long.
thus, “getting away from wilbur” would mean “getting away from his insecurities.”
but also, i cannot absolutely ignore the fact that he committed suicide. if he really wanted to get away from mindsets that hurt him, why would he still jump off?
well, that’s because he isn’t immediately freed after that monologue about wanting to stop caring. within his spiel, he talks about separating himself from those who hurt him, and at first, it felt like a good turning point to his character. he is finally recognizing what was restricting him for so long, and he finally wants to do something about it.
problem is, he reasons that isolation is a completely valid solution for his mental health issues. this part is so concerning that even wilbur himself flatout told fundy that this wasn’t self-help. if you got wilbur to stop dancing around the bushes about an issue, then you know it’s serious.
so, basically, if wilbur is meant to represent his insecurity, fundy “getting away from wilbur” via committing suicide should showcase how he does recognize his issues, but he’s still in the worst possible mindset to find solutions for his issues on his own. he needs help.
alternatively, or i guess some additional meta on this, we can view wilbur as someone with two roles in the scene preceding the jump: one as fundy’s absent parent, and the other as someone who is informing fundy about his self-destructive behavior.
i need to distinguish this as much as possible because it provides a dual meaning on fundy leaving wilbur (note that both meanings can exist at the same time). as fundy’s absent parent, fundy leaving wilbur embodies how children are not obligated to forgive their parents for the hurt they receive. the suicide is meant to further represent the hurt and trauma fundy inherited from wilbur.
then, as someone who is informing fundy about his self-destructive behavior, fundy leaving wilbur embodies how fundy is still not on the right path of self-help. when he commanded wilbur to leave, he was denying the advice wilbur was giving him on isolation and self-help. in this case, fundy’s “leaving wilbur” means fundy denying himself appropriate self-help.
so yeah, there’s more to it than just “fundy died to physically part with wilbur” methinks
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cupsmp · 16 hours ago
wait crimeboys biking and the tubbo quotebook page and freddie tommy dancing queens slow downn i cant keep up im crying
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briefwonderlandcomputer · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Why couldn't we walk away? Just you and me?
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chekhxvsgun · 21 hours ago
c!tommy of l’manburg and nowhere in particular
c!wilbur of l’manburg and beyond
c!fundy of everywhere and nowhere at once
c!tubbo of everything at once
c!ranboo of home
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