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#wilbur x reader
allywritesforfun · 2 days ago
Hihi !! I love your writing so much !! I was wondering if I could request a story where reader thinks wilbur is cheating on them and they confront him about it and they get really nervous and have an anxiety attack over it and they apologize to him over and over for fucking up and wilbur just calms them down /comforts them and tells them that he would never cheat on them, he also apologizes for being so distant lately and promises that he'll make more time for the reader
ive been in angsty mood lately. thank you so much for the request! <3
{You're Clearly Cheating on Me} Wilbur Soot x Reader
pronouns: not mentioned
word count: 4050
trigger warnings: v angsty, anxiety attack, self-scratching, swearing, yelling, pushing, stress eating
a/n: this is my best angst yet :)
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Tumblr media
It was your day off today. You decided to dedicate all of it to going over to Wilbur’s the second you got done with your shower. At the moment, you were laying in between Wilbur’s legs with your back facing him. You held your hand above your head for him to hold, which he has been holding for a good half hour now. However, his grip slowly faded away. 
The action caught your attention and you looked up to see what in the world was more important than holding your hand. Wilbur had both of his hands on his phone. Even worse, he was smiling at it.
"Who texted you?" You quietly asked, regretting the question as soon as it left your mouth.
Unfortunately, he heard you and replied after a quick thought, "No one."
No one? Just no one? Not 'no one dear' or an explanation to follow up why he was smiling.
This was out of character for Wilbur. Normally, once you called him out, he would stop doing whatever he was doing and make it up to you. But not this time. This time, he tried to drop his smile, but that only lasted for a second. He couldn't even contain his smile. Whoever he was texting must've been really special to him. Especially because you were right there in his lap, and he was willingly to risk it by replying.
His fingers moved fast, as if the words he was typing was the most important words he has ever had to send. You frowned, but Wilbur couldn't see it. He was too busy "texting no one".
"Well what got you smiling like that?" You tried to sound happy and inconspicuous. "Is it a puppy?"
You pushed yourself up with your elbows and tried to get under his arms to see what he was doing on his phone. Wilbur noticed right away and quickly shut his phone off and held it above your head. "It was just my mum," He told you.
You sighed, just giving up. His story didn't even add up. He was so concerned about you not seeing his phone that he forgot what he told you before. He could've at least tried to say that it was a Reddit post, that would've brought some peace to you.
This series of events is what led you to conclude that Wilbur Soot, your boyfriend of a little over two years now, was cheating on you. Now that you think of it, it all made too much sense not to make sense.
How he sneaks out of bed in the middle night, which you always assumed that he was getting water, yet he never turned on the faucet and never returned with one, or how he ends a stream but comes home an hour later, even though the office is across the road, or how he for some reason doesn't want you to see his phone.
You shifted in your spot, unsure of what to do. You wanted to be optimistic, and try to come up with other explanations, but the only ones that made sense were the ones with him cheating.
It barely phased you. Normally, people would start freaking out at their boyfriend the second that they connected the dots, but not you. Instead, you felt nothing. But not the numb nothing, just nothing. You weren't even upset. This type of thing always seems to happen to you.
You patted his leg and stood up. You could hear him open his mouth to speak, but you spoke before he could, "I just need to run to the bathroom.”
You tuned out whatever he tried to say. In all honesty, you didn't even care. There was nothing to even care about anymore. You closed the door behind you, locking it. You slugged down the door and sat on the cold tile. You leaned your head against the door frame and took a minute to breathe.
After assessing the situation, you decided that you just needed to get out of his apartment. You stood up and looked at yourself in the mirror. A picture of you and Wilbur that Wilbur had framed next to his clear organizer stared back at you.
"There's no way he's cheating," You whispered to yourself. "There's no way that he can cover up all of the pictures of us and hide all the evidence that he has a girlfriend. One more chance."
You swore to yourself that that was all that he was gonna get until his death. You weren't ready to let go of him, not yet. There was a small chance that it was all in your head, and maybe he misspoke or you heard him wrong. All you had was deductive reasoning to prove that he was cheating, not inductive.
You wiped the one tear that you allowed yourself to shed and regrouped yourself. You were gonna make a beeline straight for your keys, head out the door, and go home without him noticing.
You unlocked the door and slowly pushed it open, doing your best to not let it squeak. You dragged your socked feet across the floor and successfully got to your keys on the table.
You took them in your hand, but you were so shaky that you didn't get a good grip and dropped them instantly, and Wilbur noticed.
"What was that?" He called, still looking at that damn phone.
"M-My keys," You decided to be honest with him. You couldn't lie to him like he did to you.
"You're keys?" He repeated, finally looking away from his phone. "What for?"
You shrugged, "I'm gonna head out. Maybe get some cleaning done and take a nap."
"But the movie isn't over," He urged. "Your place can't get any dirtier; can you at least finish the movie?"
You picked up your keys, "What was the last scene that happened before I went to the bathroom?"
Wilbur stared back at you, shocked that you would ask a question like that. But he shook his head, "Didn't the skull guy go through the tree?"
"We watched that movie last week. And it's animated," You snapped at him and opened the door. "Maybe you would know that I was watching Sherlock if you weren't so caught up in that god damn phone texting whoever the fuck deserves the attention when I'm around on my only day off this week."
You didn't give him a chance to reply. You stepped through the doorway and slammed the door behind you. You took a deep breath and let yourself cry. You thought that you were gonna be able to keep your cool and be able to brush it off, but his response just pissed you off. There was no way that you were going to be able to hold it in after that bullshit of a response.
Before you drove off you sent him a quick text:
dont you dare even think about following me home
And with those final words, you shut your phone completely off, and you didn't plan on turning it back on.
You spent the night alone, completely alone. You couldn't even bring yourself to watch Netflix or make some type of pleasure food. Instead, you sat in the darkness and ate an entire bag of goldfish.
You ended up falling asleep on the sofa. When you woke up, your back hurt like hell and your eyes were stinging and red from crying. You looked over at your phone, which still hasn't left its spot next to your keys. You shook your head at it, remembering the night before.
You groaned and sat up, turning side to side cracking your back. You leaned over to the table and opened a bottle of water. It opened with a crack and you started to drink it.
"Wait-how the fu-" Your confusion about a new bottle of water somehow ending up on your table when you know damn well you opened a bottle last night was interrupted by a sense that someone else was in the room with you.
You weren't even surprised at this point. You crawled to the other end of the sofa and peaked over the side. Sure enough, there was Wilbur, laying on the ground, with no pillow or blanket like some dog.
You flicked his head. "Out," You semi-yelled, just loud enough to wake him up.
He woke up with a startle and jolted up.
"Fucking out," You demanded again. "I made it very fucking clear that you are not welcome here right now. So get the fuck out."
"Wait, wait, wait!" Wilbur protested groggily, still just waking up and finding his baring. "Just let me explain."
"Too late," You threw his keys out the door, along his shoes. "Get out before I get someone to take you out."
"What?" He asked. "You can't be serious. You're never this hostile."
"And I never thought that you could be so distant and secretive, guess we don't know each other that well. Get the fuck, out of my home."
He sighed, "Okay, okay." He walked over to you.
You tried to avoid eye contact, but it was hard to ignore how red his eyes were. He clearly irritated them from crying and rubbing at them. It broke your heart, it really did. After all, he was still your boyfriend at the moment.
Anyone with a clear state of mind would've broken up with him by now, but you couldn't bring yourself to do it. You were both acting out, and you needed time to yourself.
"Out," You repeated. "And give me my key back."
He looked down at your hand and sniffled, "They're connected to my other keys...that you kinda threw out."
"Well go get them," You told him. "It's not fucking rocket science, Wilbur."
He nodded and stepped past you, grabbing the keys from the snow. He walked back, taking your key off his hook and stepped close to you, a little too close. You stepped away and held out your hand.
"I'll get this back later," He placed the key in your hand and closed your fingertips around it.
He tried to hold his hand there, but you pulled it away right away, "Probably not. I told you not to come here and I trusted that you wouldn't. But no, you had to go against my wishes and use the key that I gave you because I trusted you. How would you feel if I showed up out of nowhere, uninvited to your place and took advantage of the fact that you trusted me to have a key?"
"Exactly," You cut him off. "Fucking leave."
He nodded, saying nothing. He motioned towards you with clear intention to kiss you. You swatted his hand away.
"I'm not gonna kiss you," He gently promised. "I know you don't want one right now."
You huffed and stopped resisting, "Just-just leave, Wilbur."
He quickly leaned in and kind of broke his promise. He laid a quick, but sweet kiss to your forehead and pulled away before you could push him away,
You couldn't even be that mad, you knew that he was going to do it. You watched him walk out, maybe even for the last time. He opened his car door.
"Don't you pull that bullshit, Wilbur. Grab your shoes," You yelled at him.
You saw him roll his eyes at himself. He should've known that you were too smart not to notice that he was trying to pull the classic 'I left my stuff at your house' as an excuse to come back.
"Call me when you're ready," He called out. "Please."
He drove off before you could reply. The last word really hit you hard. The way he said it, his tone, the pattern, the angst in his voice. You could tell that he really meant it. He needed you to call him, not that you needed to call him. For his own sake, he needed to hear your voice.
All day you refused to turn back on your phone. The only thing that made you turn it back on was the voice in the back of your head telling you that there was going to be some type of family emergency and that you were going to miss it.
The rest of the day you spent staring at your phone. At first, you thought that you were waiting for your friends to text you, but you soon realized that your friends were Wilbur's friends and they probably assumed you took the weekend off, which was normal for you two to go MIA for a few days.
Then you thought that maybe you were waiting for your family to text or call. But it wasn't close to the holidays and you pretty much cut them off any other time of the year.
It was clear to you that you were waiting for Wilbur to call, even if you didn't want to admit it. But it was true. You were too stubborn to call him first, but you knew that you made it very clear that you didn't want anything to do with him and that you were on the edge of being done with him.
You had to give in. You opened up your texts to message him. In the last two days he's only texted you once:
I love you, even if you don't think I do
You ignored the message and replied:
you have 15 mins to get over here, otherwise the deal is off the table til tomorrow
You turned your phone off again. You were scared that he was going to tell you that he was too busy to come over or that he would never text back.
You watched your oven clock closely. Once fifteen minutes had passed, you lost all hope. He only lived ten away and you knew that if he really cared, that he would speed over. Right as you were about to turn off all the clocks in the house, there was a banging at your door.
At first you were going to ignore it. You said fifteen minutes and he wasn't here on time, but you knew that you wanted him here, even if he was a little bit late. You unlocked the door and walked away, waiting for him to realize that you indirectly let him in.
You didn't want to be there when he opened the door. You knew that he was going to be crying and would just collapse into your arms, you weren't ready for that yet.
You sat on the sofa and he walked in, "y/n, I pro-y/n?"
"Over here," You near-whispered from the sofa. You looked out the closed window, still scared to look at him. So much time has passed that it had turned night, but no stars were out.
"y/n!" He gasped. He dropped everything that he had on the ground and jogged over to you. You felt him go in for a hug, but he resisted. Instead, he sat down on the floor, criss crossed in front of you. "I know you said fifteen minutes and that I got here in seventeen but I promise you, you have to believe me. I just spent an hour in the shower trying to find motivation to get washed up and the shower was too loud to hear your text. I just had a feeling that you texted me so I checked and I left right away. To be honest, I don't even know if I turned the shower off. And frankly, I don't care. And I left the house five minutes ago. I nearly hit a child to get here! I really really tried to get here when you asked. I'm so sorry, I tried so-"
You cut him off, "Stay." You stood up and went down the hallway and grabbed a clean towel for him. Just a small one.
You sat back down infront of him and placed the towel on his head. You used it to squeeze out some water that was still left in his hair.
"T-Thank you," He stuttered out.
You threw the towel aside and finally looked at him. For just getting out of the shower, he still looked like a mess. Even worse than you found him this morning.
"You're doing a lot of defending yourself when you don't even know what I'm mad at you for," You spoke.
"I-What are you mad at me for?" He asked.
"What do you think I'm mad at you for?" You stayed silent and gave him a chance to answer. Once you realized he wasn't going to you said: "I'm giving you one last chance to be honest with me. What did you do that got me this upset with you."
He shook his head in his hands, "I seriously don't know. All I know is that we were watching a movie, and suddenly you were pissed and you wanted to leave and then you weren't talking to me and the last two days I wasn't even sure if we were together and I have just been trying my hardest to make sure that if I still had you, that I could keep you."
"Who were you texting?" You asked sternly.
"My mum, I swear."
"Then why were you so quick to turn off your phone? And why were you talking to her for over half the movie? And how the fuck did she get you smiling like that? And why the fuck are you getting up in the middle of the night? And why have you lost your cuddle drive?"
You waited for him to collect himself before answering. He failed to answer and leaned forward, touching his forehead to your knees.
You pushed his head off, "Just admit you're cheating on me!" You finally let it go. For the first time, you yelled at him. Actually yelled at him with everything that you had been holding back. "This whole fucking week you had been off! Whenever I ask you a question, you avoid it! And when you do answer, you can't keep your story straight! I can't even have alone time with you anymore without texting that whore! I did my best, Wilbur, I really did! But it was never good enough for you was it? I was just missing that one little thing that didn't satisfy you so you had to go and get yourself! I bet whoever the fuck she is-"
He cut you off, "There's no one else y/n! I swear on my life!" For the first time, he yelled at you. Actually yelled at you with everything that he had been holding back. "I promise you I'm not cheating, I never would!"
You started crying harder. When you first started dating, he was so in love with you. You were positive that he could never yell at you. But he is just filled with surprises this week.
"Then show me the texts!"
"I can't!"
"Exactly!" You paced around, trying to contain yourself, but you just couldn't. "You are doing everything that you can right now to avoid saying that you're cheating on me but everything you say just proves that you are!" You finally gave in to your own dark needs. You opened your forearm to yourself and dug your nails into your skin, deeper than you ever had before. You were hyperventilating through your motions of ripping off your dead skin, layer by layer, until you got to fresh skin.
Before you could hurt yourself even more, Wilbur tackled you to the sofa and grabbed your hands aggressively and held them to his chest. He wrapped his legs around you and locked you in place. He gave you no choice but to calm down and breathe.
"" He whispered into your ear.
You could feel him crying into your shoulder as you spoke, it broke your heart even more than before. Once he got you calm, he tightly squeezed you, "I'm so sorry y/n. I'm so fucking sorry. I didn't mean to yell, I didn't mean to push you that hard. I'm so sorry. You were clean for so long, and I was the one to break you. I'm so fucking sorry. I would leave right now but I love you too much and I need to know that you're okay. And you need you to hear me out. And I know you don't want to be touched right now but can you please just let me hold you while I explain?"
You nodded, your breath still heavy from trying to calm down.
"Just listen okay? It's a long story. About a month ago, I started to get sick of you only staying the night certain nights. And I was getting sick of all the gas money that both of us were spending, not just me. And not that you're not worth the money but- well you'll understand in a bit. So I decided that I was going to find a nice place for us. And I know the type of person you are, you don't like to move around a lot. So I was gonna get us this perfect house that had everything that we ever needed that way we would never have to move. Well I found it on the other side of Brighton. But it was really expensive but I was gonna figure it out. So I've been staying at work longer and picked up a second work-from-home job that way I could save enough for the deposit. And I did. I have the money. But the owner went on vacation to the States, so we could only talk when it was early morning for them, which is middle of the night for us. That's why I've been getting up. And I got the house. They told me I could have it, but it was way over the budget because I had to outbid to get it. And I don't want to take out a loan because you know how loans get so I asked if I could get a cosigner who had the money and they said yes. So I asked my mum and at first she said no. She wants us to get an apartment and see if we can live together 24/7, but that's not what we want. So all week I've been telling her about how great you are and little stories and I've been so caught up on telling her how much I love you, that I forgot to love you. And I'm so sorry. But yesterday when we were watching the movie, she finally agreed to cosign and I was so happy but you noticed. And I wanted it to be a surprise. I can show you the texts, but the pictures of the house are in there and I ruined half the surprise but if you really want to see the texts, I can show you." He took a deep breath. "y/n, I would never never never ever cheat on you. And I understand why you thought so. I'm sorry I got so defensive. I just fucked up so much this week. I'm so sorry. I love you y/n."
You got out of his grip and hugged him as tight as you have ever hugged him before. You had stopped crying, but he still was. You gently wiped them away with your shaky hand, “It’s okay, Wil. I’m so sorry. I knew you would never cheat  on me, but I just couldn't get it out of my head. I should’ve trusted you, I really should’ve. I’m so sorry.” You pressed a kiss to his forehead and held it. He wrapped his arms around your waist and rubbed your back.
“I’m never gonna be that stupid again y/n, I promise you. Never ever again. I’m gonna make sure that every day I give you all that love that I have for you and that I’m gonna be open now. No more surprises. Except for our engagement, you can be surprised then. I love you so much y/n. I don't deserve you, you deserve the world.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @boiled-onionrings @wistahood @neptunebabes @just-that-bi-girl @wiseflamingoqueen @anarchyanon @rainduosupremacy @pixviepie
Tumblr media
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cherios · 2 days ago
▸period comfort | feral boys + wilbur ֙⋆ ་ .ᐟ
Tumblr media
#ʚĭɞ warnings this is cc! x afab!reader ( female born at birth ), not too much tbh enjoy <3
ʚĭɞ# author's note(s) quakckity lore stream has me in tears rn. shoutout to @echoteaa for editing <3
Tumblr media
dream would probably have a breakdown the first time you have your period while your dating
you’re just laying down clutching your stomach and he’s running around like a chicken that just lost its head
it takes a while to get him to calm down but when he finally does you instruct him what to do
telling him to go to cvs and pick up some pads, a heating pad, dark chocolate and gatorade
it only takes him ten minutes even though the store is fifteen away before he’s back making sure you’re okay (you don’t ask)
he gives you one of his large hoodies and makes you some warm soup before putting on your favorite movie
lots and lots of cuddles
Tumblr media
he’s been preparing for this
the second you tell him you’re having cramps he’s giving you a nice heating pad and running to the kitchen to make you some peppermint tea
when he comes back you’ve left your clothes and now are wearing one of his grey sweatpants and hoodie with the hood up
he smiles at you pressing a kiss to your nose before laying behind you and allowing you to choose the movie you’d like
during the movie his hands are kneading your stomach carefully making you feel more relaxed as you fall asleep before the movie ends
Tumblr media
can we all agree he’d call you from the store asking you what size you are? like 😭
he’s standing in front of the multiple brands of pads looking at them like a deer in headlights before he decides to calls
“babe this is impossible.”
“no it’s not pick one and get your ass home,”
“I don’t want to get the wrong one though.” he’d whine looking at all the different colors and packages
huffing you get up out of your comfortable, shared bed sending him a picture of the empty bag your last pack of pads came in
“what are tampons?”
and with that you hung up going to cuddle your body pillow
Tumblr media
all jokes aside he becomes serious as he helps you through this very tough time (i’m so dramatic lmao)
he runs you a bath a little after your mid afternoon nap
and lights candles as well as puts some epsom salt in there as well
your eyes water at the emotional sentiment
quickly alex is washing you up and wiping your tears as he helps you get in the bath
once your comfortable he sits on the toilet seat scrolling through restaurants on door dash
after a bit of talk he orders from your favorite seafood place before moving to the floor and resting his head on the edge of the tub looking at your relaxed figure
“When I get my period I expect you to do the same,” he jokes causing you to flip him off
Tumblr media
he’s running around making sure you don’t have to move a muscle
not even to turn on the tv.
and the stubborness in you isn’t having it
when he tries to predict what you’re about to do as you get out of the bed he’s immediately up
you glare at him heading towards the bathroom
“Karl Jacobs calm down, i’m not dying.”
you hear him huff before he plops on your bed and groans into the comforter
“you know I hate it when you’re uncomfortable.”
after washing your hands you come out and go to sit next to him scratching the back of his head as one of his eyes peaks out to look at you
“that’s why I love you so much.”
Tumblr media
you were expecting your boyfriend to be disgusted like your past ones had when you told him you were on your period
but he was anything but
he just pressed a kiss to your lips and messaged your stomach with his thumbs on either sides
“you’re not gonna runway like I have cooties or something?” you asked your face pushed into his shirt loving how much relief he was giving you
“it’s normal, why would i run away?” he chuckled into your hair rocking the two of you back and forth
you smiled into his shirt allowing him to put the hoodie he was wearing onto you before helping you lay down
“want a heating pad?”
you shook your head no and felt butterflies and he spooned you his hands going back to their previous position
“would you like chocolate?”
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wives-who-write · a day ago
Short ass reader (like 5'1 or sm) with the tall bois!! dream, wilbur, tommy, ranboo, i dont know if anyone else is hella tall so if im missing one go ahead and add them!! (also could it be with she/they pronouns) Thank you so much ~ CRIMES 🐱‍👤
Heyo! Illya here! It's been a century and I'm finally awake again (kinda). Anyway, I don't know these guys too well BUT Aki did proof-read for me and she says it's good!
Side note: apparently Tommy& Ranboo are minors and Aki doesn't write romantically for them, I won't either. There's nothing romantic in there, but i'm still clarifying.
Tumblr media
You know you’re short. He knows you’re short. But even so, this man will take any chance to point it out.
You don’t like it? Too bad, you’ll know anyway.
Actually no, if it really bothers you, he won’t do it all that much. He does respect you and love you so he has SOME restraint
Not much tho <3
“Good luck reaching the top shelf.”
Aww you’re so cute and tiny!
He’ll especially tease you if you react to it, so if you wanna get him to stop, just ignore him.
Though, he doesn’t make these jokes at your expense. So, if it really bothers you, just tell him and he’ll stop immediately.
But if you can handle it… all day, every day, darling~
“Aww, you’re even cuter when you’re angry. I think it has to do with your short stature- ok, ok! I’LL STOP!”
Tommy (platonic)
Hmm he likes to tease you, but not very often.
It’s cute every now and then but even he gets tired of the jokes. Yeah, you’re short, so what?
Don’t get me wrong, if he sees a good chance to make the joke, he’ll definitely take that chance.
His jokes aren’t too “harsh”. Like he’ll just say things like “you’re so short, you can barely reach the bottom shelf”.
“Oh, (y/n)? You’re short. Just in case you forgot.”
Ranboo (platonic)
He’s more the type to gush over your height
He doesn’t do it in a way where it would bother you, but again if it gets to you, then he’ll stop.
His compliments come out whenever, really. They can be completely random too!
You’re just too damn cute, goddammit!
“Aww you’re so cute and small, look, I can hug you so easily!”
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blexmar · 2 days ago
I just had an idea!!!
What if Sally! Reader actually had twins since she was a nymph one of the became a fox hybrid (Fundy) and the other got her mother's water nymph genes!!
Just after L'manburg started she started to see how Wilbur neglected their little family spending all of his time on making his nation she saw the passion in his eyes and she knew that L'manburg had changed Wilbur so she confronts him and they get into a fight and she decides that she is going to leave with her kids but Fundy refuses saying he wanted to be like his father and didn't want leave him basically he simply refuses to his dad so she and her daughter (fundy's twin) leaves and after wilbur's Fundy tries to find you since u where his only family
c!sally, nymph!reader, c!wilbur, c!fundy (it’s platonic, THEY’RE FAMILY-)
request :: yep :)
warnings :: angst, hints of a corpse, mega broken family, abandonment
authors note :: so i changed it a liiiiiiiittle bit- because i had no clue what to do with a sally!reader!daughter SJSJS so you’re actually sally’s kid,, and also fundy kind of just chilled with wil? it’ll make sense when you read i hope
for years and years, peace was all that the soot family knew. you all learned to fend for each other and yourselves, but never really faced any danger.
there was sally, a soft spoken water nymph. when she wasn’t around family, she was a strong woman. she had exceptional strength and physical ability, and that was what wilbur fell for. he, fell for a strong and soft spoken woman.
there was wilbur soot, a natural leader, not only on the battlefield but to get things done. he sought out history, and knowledge. to him, knowledge was forever power. while he didn’t have much physical strength, he had exceptional wit, that matched almost no one. however, with all information, it was taught to him by his brother and his father. technoblade, and philza minecraft.
they both got married, and had two children. one, was named fundy soot. he was a fox hybrid which was.. strange, but they could only assume a fox hybrid was somewhere in their family line. the other was y/n soot, a water nymph. they got their nymph side from sally, of course.
as the reign of the dream line went on, wilbur began to grow a drive for change. instead of a grow, it started to become a hunger for it. life under the dream family rule wasn’t too difficult, but after the disappearance of dream’s mother, puffy, and foolish choosing to work on the landscape and buildings around.
the idea of creating a new land, somewhere that was free from dreams rule began to cloud wilbur’s mind. he started to discard the worried words of his family, he stopped caring about them. of course, sally noticed. she wanted him to be happy, but he started to abandon his family.
fundy began to help him, and the reason used to be because he wanted to keep an eye on wilbur. after a while, it spun into fundy agreeing with him, that there should be somewhere that was free from rule.
sally noticed the passion in his eyes, but the passion was no longer for his family. it was for l’manberg.
he didn’t seem to care about her, or even you.
he cared about l’manberg, she didn’t even know if he cared for fundy.
one night, she decided to confront him. she was already under the impression that you and fundy were asleep, but you both ran outside to l’manberg with her.
“oh! my love, what are you doing here?”
“do you have no realization about what you’ve done?”
“ dear, what are you referencing? i haven’t done anything wrong, i think-“
“you think, wil? do you think about your family from time to time? or do you think about your children? the result of you practically abandoning one and forcing the other to work with you?”
“what? i didn’t force fundy to do anything! he joined me himself-”
“here you go again! not even referencing your other child that i mentioned! or even any other goddamn thing i ever talk about.”
sally was never a foul languaged person. her logic, was that cussing didn’t make you seem smart or strong. it made you seem weak, or unintelligent. so, seeing her cuss now, meant she was certainly angry.
“sally, i have a nation to work on! i don’t have time to worry about their feelings, or even yours! i have priorities that are far more important than you two could even begin to comprehend.”
for a second, sally was silent. in the next, she could hear you sobbing behind her, while staring at wilbur. wilbur and sally’s eyes widened, and you hugged fundy strongly as he glared at his father and mother.
“ah-! y/n, i’m sorry i didn’t mean that- i spoke without thinking-”
sally pinched the bridge of her nose, and walked over to both you and fundy. she silently grabbed your hand softly, and walked back to the house. fundy went to stand next to his father with disappointed eyes, as wilbur cried softly on the floor.
he already knew what was to happen next.
sally moved away with you, whilst fundy stayed with wilbur. as many years passed, wilbur began to have his mind clouded with grief. overtime, many joined l’manberg. thousands of citizens got residency, and a war begun.
this, was known as the ‘first disc war’.
very few joined to fight, only fundy, tommy, tubbo, niki, eret and jack.
niki and jack were both for support, because they had very little experience in battle and wilbur viewed them highly. they were important to him.
however, for you, this was a painful time.
sally had grown ill, and of course, you didn’t know how to take care of her. she always told you that it wasn’t your burden, but there was no one else who could have the burden.
as soon as the disc war ended, sally soot had passed away from an unknown illness. you were the only one able to grieve, and you didn’t have the tools to write or send a letter to your father.
he would never take you in, would he?
for months, you had to fend for yourself. the house began smelling horrible from your mothers.. body, so you had to bury it yourself.
such a shame that a child had to bury their own mother, no?
and you never received notice that your father passed away as well, until a certain ginger haired boy showed up at your door.
fundy soot.
as you opened the door, he tackled you into a hug. you could feel tears on your shoulder, and you sighed.
“my brother, it’s been a long time.”
fundy nodded from your shoulder and lifted his head.
“dad is dead.”
your heart stopped for a second. your father.. was dead? how did this happen- he was a natural leader and had exceptional knowledge, almost enough that it was scary. he shouldn’t have died, there’s no way-
“..there’s no denying, y/n. he’s been dead for a week.”
a week.
he has been gone for a week.
you crumpled into his touch. you had to live with the fact that your deceased father never told you that he cared about you, or that he wanted you to help him.
you can’t comprehend it, he says.
and he was right, you couldn’t. after being told the story of his demise, you couldn’t understand why. a nation that he had saved from a possibly tyrannical ruler, was destroyed by his hand.
the hand that had the idea in the first place.
hours went by of your sobbing, and fundy’s reassuring words.
the worst of it was..
“hey, y/n.. where’s mom?”
you had to tell him about her too.
“she’s been dead for months.”
he grabbed your shoulders in desperation, and your head hung low.
“what? please, tell me it isn’t true, y/n- it’s not, right? she’s not dead, right? please tell me she’s not gone- y/n tell me she’s-! ..not gone.”
you stayed silent, and he hugged you once again.
“you had to bare the burden. you had to bury your own mother. i have no right to be angry at you, haha..”
and for a long time, you two only had each other. he took you to l’manberg, and allowed you to live with philza. you had never met him, but you forgave him for killing your father when you found out what happened and why it happened.
philza told you that he would never be angry if you truly were mad at him, for in a way, he was angry at himself.
you both supported each other throughout the loss of his son and his daughter in law.
the butcher army came and went, and you moved in with philza and technoblade, your uncle. he taught you how to defend yourself better, though you figured out how to do so once your mother died.
you spoke with fundy sometimes, but he was caught up with las nevadas too.
and in the end, as centuries went by,
the soot family rose and fell like the sun.
a remnant of the past.
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ilysoot · 2 days ago
garden of flowers, wilbur x reader
a/n : this is my first time writing angst .. i wouldn’t say it’s good but i’m trying my best here. soooo i hope you all like it :D
tw !!  hanahaki disease , blood , slow death , vomit , gagging , choking
3:23 pm
it was an ordinary wednesday. wilbur sighed on his desk, busy typing out lyrics he needed to come up with by tomorrow. he had been sitting there for nearly two hours yet not a single thing came up in his mind. it was like his brain started to steam and was seconds away from exploding. will raged out of his soul and alt-f4-ed whatever “progress” he made. he just wanted to sleep, he just wanted to grab some coffee, he wanted something to ease him--
messages! y/n : hey wanna stop by later and hang? :)
he wanted to see you. his phone stayed illuminated, showing the notification from you, the light of his life. a curve formed on wilbur’s lips, shaping a smile on his face. his heart skipped a beat, maybe two beats. he missed you so so bad. he missed your laugh that makes his heart flutter, your pretty orbs that he gets lost in, your soothing voice that sounds like a melody to his ears. nothing in this world could possibly be even more perfect than you.
then it hit him. wilbur started to abruptly cough as it immediately weakened his whole body. his throat was dry but one mistake he made was forgetting to bring a bottle of water. he gasped for air yet ended up choking himself. he was fighting for even a single bit of oxygen. his vision disappeared in a snap and his mind went hazy. with all his power and energy, he got up and went straight to the bathroom. something built up in his throat, like vomit. god at that moment he felt like dying. his eyes were filled with tears while he tried to gag out whatever was going on in his trachea. “please.. please just stop,” he whispered between his excruciating coughs. he just wanted to end this. when he thought it couldn’t get worse, red fluid came out of his mouth and covered the sink with that unpleasant hue. he was in no doubt that his life was going to last for a few more minutes. he needed help, but the only thing he could think of was you. it pained him so badly, but you were the only way for him to cope while struggling to even open his eyes.
after the situation died out, wilbur leaned back to the wall and slid down onto the floor. his feet were too frail and shaky to support his whole body. his hands were stained, even his shirt was partly covered in the blood that came out of his mouth. although it seemed unusual, something else stood out the most. there sat a cardinal red rose petal on his left palm. it was something he coughed out amongst the unhinged amount of blood he vomited. it was even more surprising that in fact was not his first time coughing out petal, though he had never thought of it more than something he accidentally swallowed from his salad.
hanahaki disease. a deadly rumor amid victims of one-sided love. one must love the other so much to grow flowers in their own lungs. it ends when their love gets returned, or when they die. the only way out of it was getting surgical removal, but that will also remove the victim’s feelings towards the beloved.
wilbur knew it was going to come sooner or later. he had decided that he was going to do nothing about it. he could not care less about a disease. he sat still, on the bathroom floor, weak and worn out.
if loving you killed him, so be it.
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smol-cherry · 13 hours ago
◇"You look so pretty like this."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◇A/N: We love me posting two hours late!! <33
◇Character(s): Revivebur.
◇Type: Drabble/Small oneshot.
◇Genre: Small angst to much fluff.
◇TW/CW: Murder/death, blood, dagger, cussing, reader being in extreme denial.
Tumblr media
You pushed Wilbur onto the ground, the grass laying ever so softly against his skin. You grabbed your dagger from it's handle and put it up to his neck, making eye contact with him.
His expression was still so relaxed and soft, smiling sweetly towards you. You hated it, you hated him.
"You look so pretty like this, darling."
You blinked rapidly, eyes widening at his comment. You subconsciously pulled the dagger back to his collarbone.
Your heart started to race and your face became hot, it must've been because of how much you hated him, you hated him so much that your entire body reacted with anger.
He was still staring at you so softly, so sweetly. You didn't understand, you had a literal killing object in your hands ready to stab him.
"You do realize I could kill you at any moment, right?" He just hummed, smile growing even more. "I'm aware."
You watched him closely as his hand traveled from the grass to the side of your face, his hands were rough but still somehow so soft.
You grabbed his wrist firmly and tried to move his arm away, but he had no plans of leaving your touch anytime soon.
Your eyes moved to anywhere but him, not wanting to give the horrible man in front of you anymore attention, at least that's what you told yourself.
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simpoot · 9 hours ago
Pairing: Wilbur Soot x Reader Requested: Yes Word count: 664 Pronouns: One mention of they/them by Wilbur Warnings: Anxiety over sickness (from Wilbur), he's also sick, some swearing too Notes: Ok. So. Wilbur is a hypochondriac, right? So, I did some research about how to portray that since it seemed interesting to try to convey. I, myself, am not a hypochondriac but I hope I portrayed it right! If I didn’t let me know :D. UGH also this is trash, been in a writing thunk as of late so yeah Summary: Having fallen under the weather you provide him comfort
Tumblr media
It had been a shitty start for a day.
Wilbur awoke with a nausea-inducing headache. Pounding. There's an endless pounding of drums; they bash and screech and split through his head—leaving a tired man in its wake. The last time he had a headache this early in the morning was a blur to him. Everything is a blur, as fuzzy as cotton. He shakily huffs in; he’s alright, he's only sick. He runs his palms across his frosty skin: across his arms, chest, legs—nothing’s wrong. Breathe in, inhale and exhale—yet, his nose clogs and the air splutters from his mouth, and he coughs, rough and raw—just don’t panic, so his hands halt and slacken into the sheets. He heaves, his coarse, tender throat silently screeches at the action, it’s a struggle but he manages.
Groaning, he reaches a needy hand out to the other side of the bed, only to find nothing—just air and a severe lack of you. The other half of the bed is stone-cold. He grasps your pillow, drawing it to his chest and clinging to it like it’s his lifeline. Brushing his clammy hand across his hair and he rubs his face, feeling the oddly cool temperature under his fingers. Sniffling his nose, he drags himself out of bed. Wilbur wavers like a boat at sea as blood rushes through his body, and he sees stars, vision fuzzy and filled with tears.
Gradually he makes his way out of the room, on a mission to find you. He doesn’t make it far. Standing outside the doorway, wavering and head spinning, he eventually pauses, leaning against the wall. The burning of his eyes, nose and limbs, causes his eyelids to drift shut—slowly his steps stop, and a loud yawn plays at his lips.
“Wil?” your clear voice chimes, confusion and concern laces your tone.
Wilbur's eyes flash open, and he visibly slouches in relief as he sees you there. Congested and gross, he sniffles his nose and makes grabby hands towards you. He murmured your name, drawing out the syllables, “Come—come back to bed… I'm ill and gross and feel like dog shit.”
You’re by his side in an instant, pressing your palm against his sweaty forehead. It's swelteringly hot, and you frown, “Aw, poor baby, you're burning up.”
He leans into your touch, murmuring into your palm, “I feel like shit. I’m fucking freezing right now. I just want cuddles and a nap.”
“Alright, alright, I’ll be right there, I’m just going to get you some medicine,”
You’re met with an unhappy frown, and he presses a chaste kiss to your palm then breaks away. Clammy fingers reach down to cling to your hands.
“But I want to cuddle—”
“— We’ll cuddle right after, I promise.”
He hummed, “Okay… I’ll warm the bed up for you then, wait—” his sight drifts down to your interlocked fingers, and he sighed—“I’m sorry they must be disgusting to hold.”
You’re quick to reassure him, “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t apologise for what you can’t help. I’ll help you to the bedroom then I’ll go get medicine and something for you to eat, okay?”
The pair of you slowly made your way into the bedroom, and you straightened out the bedsheets, tucking Wilbur inside them. Your hand soothes across his head, smoothening and untangling his damp locks and brushing them from his eyes. Wilbur leans into your touch, seeking you out. He murmurs gibberish, then realises you understood nothing and breaks into laughter, voice scratchy and hoarse, but still utterly contagious, “I‘m sorry, ‘m sick and gross and ugh what if serious is wrong?”
“Your fever just needs to break, love. It's just the flu.”
“And if it's not?”
“Then we'll deal with it together.”
Wilbur hummed, sinking into the sheets. You tug the blanket over his chest, press a kiss to his forehead and part from the bed.
“I'll get you some medicine and water, alright?”
“And soup, and cuddles?”
“And soup, and cuddles.”
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nbivagant · 2 days ago
✧˖*°࿐ 𝒂𝒅𝒎𝒊𝒓𝒆 𝒚𝒐𝒖 (c!wilbur)
a/n: my very amazing entry for @sushisoot​ ‘s writing event – i took prompt numero 2
prompt: “You know, I’m starting to think that you don’t like me that much.”“I literally declared that I hate you the moment we met.”
summary: wilbur adimires you – though it takes him a while to notice that (?) (idk man im bad at english)
word count: 1.17k
tw: kinda angst ish if u like squint – but mostly fluff :D
pairings: c!wilbur x fem!reader
warning: english isn’t my first language lol so uh yeahhhh
my masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SONNETS OF A wilting song whispered softly through the strands of her hair and against her cheeks; the song was ancient and feeble, yet it was familiar to her tongue and ears; it wasn't the first time she'd been here, and for the same purpose.
Her fingers were clenched on the hilt of her sword – which slung around her waist – weary of the fact that anyone could attack her (she hadn’t had the best experience with people after all).
She took a step forward, her gaze falling on the flag flapping in the breeze, the song – ancient and feeble – adorning its colours of a gorgeous blue, red, yellow, white, and black as it fought the wind, twisting and swirling, in a dance of freedom.
Before she could take another step, however, a figure conversant to her eyes, glides down the van, sauntering over to her with such poise in every step he takes, one curve of his lips twitched upwards in a barely prominent smug grin that had agitated her for as long as she could recall.
She could see his entourage trailing behind him, struggling to keep up.
“Well, well, well,” he says looking down at her, “What brings you here this time?”
The grip on her sword loosens slightly before she looks back up at him, chin high up, and shoulders back and a glint of confidence swam within the opalescent shades in her eyes, and she speaks: “You preach so much about freedom Wilbur,” she starts, pointing her index finger to his face “yet when I am in need of such, you refuse to let me in your nation,”
Wilbur frowns and looks back to his people who were now loitered behind him, he could see Tommy give him a small shrug, almost as if to say “well don’t look at me! Why would I know how to help?”, he turns back to face her, and speaks:
“How was I supposed to trust you?” he snaps crossly, “you could have been a spy for all I care – you were on Dreams' side!”
She opens her mouth, as if she were going to say something, but was cut short by Wilbur, “Hell, you could still be with him,”
“The day you see me agreeing with him again is the day I die,” she snarls, “I am no longer with him. He's wicked and cruel, and he's been tampering with my strings for far too long," she says as she approaches him. "I'll ask you this one more time: please let me inside L'manburg – I have lots to offer and you know that,"
“Well technically y’know . . . you’re already in it-”
“I swear to fucking-”
“Alright! Alright!” Wilbur cuts off, holding both his hands up in faux defence, “You’re on trial,”
“Trial?” She asks, bewildered, “ What on earth does that mean?”
“It means, I don’t trust you enough just yet . . . but you have potential,” he says, squinting at her.
“And how long will this . . . trial be?”
Wilbur breathes in a heavy sigh, his gaze falling at the flag of the nation he had built and looks back at her, “as long as it takes y/n”
And he was off.
Tumblr media
THE ANCIENT SONG, among the laughter of the people of the nation she was not yet a part of, was now cold and distant. A single snowflake descends with such grace on the plants that were beginning to wither at her touch; and now, the song (which used to whisper softly) howls beneath the writing of the gods that glittered within the sky.
“What are you doing out here?”
Turning her head around so abruptly, (she swore she could have almost gotten whiplash) she sees Wilbur, with both of his hands joined together at his back, and although she couldn’t make much of his eyes in the darkness of the night, she could tell that he’d been looking at her with suspicion.
“Don’t worry,” she says sarcastically, “I won’t blow the place up into smithereens if that’s what you think I’ll do,”
Wilbur shakes his head and chuckles at her comment, “That isn’t going to help me trust you,”
y/n snorts, “ You know, I’m starting to think that you don’t like me that much.”
“I literally declared that I hate you the moment we met.”
“Technically you didn’t declare anything,” y/n teased, “you just drew your sword at my face s’all”
Wilbur chortles, “What was I supposed to do? You blew a small part of this place up,”
“Touché,” she nods.
“So uh,” Wilbur starts, looking down at the ground, “There’s- Well, I think you know, uh there’s this winter ball. Dream’s hosting it though . . . I think it’ll help us get some inside information,”
“Yeah I have heard,” y/n says.
“I was wondering- if we could go together?”
y/n frowned, almost broke out laughing before she met his eyes, the moonlight brightening his features that had been looking at her with such seriousness.
“Well, that depends,” she quips
“Depends on what?”
“Whether I’m still on trial or not,”
“Ah,” he tuts, “Well, I was supposed to tell you that first thing yesterday morning – but I completely- ”
“Why I forgot to tell you-?”
“No, why did you decide to put me on trial after refusing to let me join L’manburg multiple times – and why ask me to the ball?”
Wilbur’s lips part as he looks at the girl that leaned against the tree languidly, arms crossed and an eyebrow cocked.
“You wore it,”
“Wore what?”
“That expression,”
"What expression?" y/n asks, shaking her head in bewilderment and peering back at him, expecting some type of response.
“When you first came to me,” Wilbur sighs, “You were begging me almost like it was your last option to join L’manburg, but a few months ago, you had this look on your face, like being a part of L’manburg was the only thing you wanted – and I . . . admire your persistence,”
“And the ball?”
“Don’t make me say it again,” Wilbur groans, covering his face with his hand.
“D’you want me to go with you or not?” y/n retorts playfully.
“I want to go with you because . . .  I admire you. There. I said it,” he says rather quickly.
"And why is that?" y/n inquires, a cocky smile coming across her lips.
“God, you really do hate me do you?” murmured Wilbur, “You’re so . . . strong-willed, about your opinions – and while it’s hard to differentiate whether you’re joking or not, I can trust you. And I’m sorry I doubted you,”
“Is that an apology I hear?” y/n gasps dramatically, “from the Wilbur Soot?”
“Don’t get used to it,” he mumbled.
y/n guffawed, “I guess I’ll go with you after all . . . for spying reasons only, of course,”
“Oh yeah,” Wilbur says in a fake-solemn voice, “strictly for spying reasons only,”
Tumblr media
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maddenleftchat · 5 hours ago
For the all DSMP Gods ask, I raise you this: Darling is a skilled mediator (and quite possible manipulator) who now walks freely between the various gods' domains. (Ace Anon)
These are going to be fairly short since it's a lot of characters :)
Triggers: possessive behaviors, obsessive behaviors, stalking, mention of being kidnapped, very brief mention of eating humans, manipulation, and yandere like behaviors. Please be careful when reading.
Tumblr media
Honestly I can see GD not liking the idea of you too much. Like he doesn't hate you as a person, but your actions are what he hates. GD does have a little bit of feelings for you, and mainly wants you to stay with him. He doesn't like the idea of you just walking around for all the other gods to see. So whenever you do find yourself making your daily patrol, be sure to keep an eye on the clock or he just might keep you there a lot longer than you want...
Tumblr media
XD would likely just ignore you in the beginning, not wanting to go through the effort of getting to know you when you just appear for a few seconds before walking out of his domain. It's not that he hates you... He just doesn't care...or that's what he told himself. XD is more likely to watch you from afar, and then create a distraction or an accident in his domain to keep your attention on him. But that only really happens if he's super jealous. Most of the time he is fairly content with just watching you, until he sweeps you up and takes you away from all those other nasty gods!
Tumblr media
Wilbur would probably immediately notice you, and try to get some information out of you. Such as: Who are you? What are you doing here? What is your purpose here? And etc. He's likely to immediately catch feelings, and starts to get upset if you try to leave. Wilbur will likely from then on try to make you catch feelings. If he is being honest, he much prefers his darlings to actually love him back…You don't really have a choice when you get to leave Wilbur's domain… It is HIS domain. All you can do is pray that you don't peak his interest.
Tumblr media
Like Wilbur, he would immediately notice you. But instead of interrogating you he would give you a warm smile and a great greeting! But..also like Wilbur, he will be quick to catch feelings. He isn't nearly as forceful as the other gods. If anything he's nothing but a gentle puppy compared to them. He'll try his best to impress you and make sure you smile every time you come and visit. And slowly, ever so slowly you will find yourself becoming more and more entranced with him. You see his tactic is to make you obsessive over him. Pretty sly huh?
Tumblr media
It is likely that it will take Techno a few days to acknowledge your existence. But do not let your guard down to your reader, he is fully aware of your presence. He's just too caught up in battle plans too want to say anything. Techno is more likely to not catch feelings very quickly. It could take him anywhere from a year to five years, but once he does catch feelings he is quick to get to his feet. And before you even know it, you'll be caged in his arms like the good little dove you are. But the majority of your visits will basically be you talking and him giving simple head nods.
Tumblr media
HA! You'll be lucky to get this man's attention. He'll be too caught up in his feast and his wine. Likely the only reason he actually saw you was through the reflection of the red wine in his glass. He'll demand who you are, and what you are doing there. And once you answer his more or less demanding questions, he will offer you a small bite of his feast. Say. No. And every single time, keep saying no. Schlatt will eventually stop asking you, But congratulations! You got another God's attention! It won't be long before you're sitting in his lap while he feasts away on the human flesh...
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they only want you when you're seventeen, when you're twenty-one, you're no fun. [100 Follower Special] Part 1
Summary: Y/N is a young model who has a sister dating the popular boy Dream. After bumping into a pink haired boy named Technoblade, your world turns upside down.
Technoblade X GN! Reader (gender is not specified) (Also this is more platonic than romantic, just a heads up.)
TW: Mild mentions of rape (will be bold so you can skip), language, violence, blood, divorces, the Dream Team are VERY bad people in this, self-deprecating thoughts, mentions of panic attacks.
This was one hundred percent inspired by Seventeen by Ladytron. Totally recommend you to listen to it.
3558 Words
As you slowly walked down the hall of your school keeping your head down low, holding your books closely, they were slapped out of your arms. You looked up to see Sapnap, Dream, and George laughing at you. You picked up your books and walked around them calmly. You didn't feel like dealing with them since you hadn't gotten any sleep. "You're just going to ignore us like that?" You heard Dream cackle behind you. You made your way to math class, your worst subject.
Slumping down in your seat, you tried to hide away from answering the question. That was a stupid move that made you stand out more. "Y/N, what is the answer to this question?" Mrs. Hamron asked you. You slowly looked up at the board. It was a jumble of letters and numbers. She held out the piece of chalk in anticipation. You slowly got up and took it from her. Walking up to the chalk board, you stared at it for a few seconds. You heard the aggressive tapping of your teachers foot as you quickly solved the problem, not even caring if it was wrong. Quickly running back to your seat, your sister stuck a leg out, tripping you.
Dusting yourself off you made your way to your seat. You heard your teacher sighing behind you. "That is correct Y/N. Maybe if you weren't such a klutz, people would like you better." The words stung but it wasn't like you weren't used to them. You started doodling on your notebook. Listening to the sound of your breathing, you were able to calm yourself down. Suddenly you heard the loud bell, startling you. Getting up, you dragged yourself through social studies and went to lunch.
You started quietly eating your lunch while scrolling through random things on how to become more motivated and stop being so lazy. You recalled how all your mother talked about was how lazy you were. All of the sudden you felt cold liquid running all in your hair. It started dripping on the table and you made it out to be chocolate milk. You turned around and looked at your sister, Katrina with a chocolate milk carton. You rolled your eyes. Whatever. you thought to yourself. You went and left as calmly as you could. You tried to avoid drama as much as possible. As you walked to the bathroom you looked down to see your shoe in gum. Just what I needed. You thought to yourself. Peeling it off of your shoe before throwing it into the trashcan, you wet your hair in the bathroom sink. Putting back on your shoes, you left the bathroom and ate the rest of your lunch away from everyone else.
Science and English went by faster than you thought it would. Then came the dreaded French class you had. You didn't understand French, and you sucked at pronunciation. You kept stumbling over words and got told off for mispronunciation. Overall, and extremely embarrassing situation. Not to say that others weren't struggling as well. Karl, Quackity and Sapnap were struggling too.
After the hell that was French class, you had PE. The only class that you were allowed to listen to music. The only issue was your music had to be for everyone to hear. Which basically meant each day someone was nominated to have the gym speakers aux cord. It was never an issue. You never got picked, everyone probably thought your music taste was garbage. It wasn't. It was just offensive. Very very offensive. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw your Katrina whispering to Dream and his friends. She was giggling and looking in your direction. Oh shit. You thought, scrambling out to find a playlist that didn't have profanity or offensive undertones.
Suddenly, Mr. Nortis, your gym teacher snatched your phone out of your hand. Ah, now you were dead. You went and started to pack up your stuff, getting ready to leave class. Then you paused, and waited for the sing to play. Maybe it would play a song that was slightly okay. Somehow you got blessed by the music gods. Sure, Panic! At The Disco wasn't the cleanest band, but it was probably one of the best bands you had. Slowly walking back to your spot, you waited for the Mr. Nortis to tell you what exercises to do.
What you didn't expect was for you guys to be doing basketball. You sucked at basketball. Good thing you were wearing contacts, otherwise you were sure your glasses were going to get broken. You were going to switch them out after gym class though. Whew, you though as Twenty One Pilots music started to play. There was no inappropriate Twenty One Pilots song, so you were fine. It wasn't your favorite, but it could have been worse. If Mindless Self Indulgence played, you would be dead and buried.
WHAM! You felt your head snap back as a basketball hit the ground. "Oops! So sorry Y/N." Katrina giggled, her arm wrapped around Dream's torso. Tears formed in the corner of your eyes. You weren't crying, it was just that you had been hit really hard in the nose. Picking up the basketball, you waited for instructions.
First, you were supposed to practice on dribbling. Trying to focus on finding the proper balance, as Lemon Demon started to play. Lemon Demon music didn't exactly have the best message, but it could've been worse. It still sounded amazing, so you didn't have any objections. Most of the boys were on the basketball team, so they were great players. All of the girls just sat and talked, so you were trying to at least get a good grade since you didn't do either.
Le Tigre started playing. Le Tigre. You were screwed. Yet somehow you weren't. You were yet again blessed by the music gods as Mr. Nortis turned the music down to explain instructions. After he finished explaining instructions, he turned your music back up.
"Hey." You jumped, whipping your head around to see Karl staring at you.
"Can I help you?" You asked, confused on why he was talking to you. Karl was one of the few people who didn't bully you, but he didn't exactly help stop the bullying either.
"I listen to Le Tigre too. Honestly, their music slaps." He smiled at you.
"Karl! What are you doing?" Sapnap asked.
"Nothing!" Karl responded, running over to him and Quackity. He wasn't good at basketball either, but he tried. Next, you were supposed to focus on your balance with the ball and the correct way to shoot the ball. At this point, you wanted a song to play that would make you leave class. Even if LiSA music had bad words in it, nobody would be able to tell since it was in Japanese.
Enhancements were 45 minutes long, while classes were 1 hour long. You had currently been in class for roughly 17 minutes. You had a minute break that you guys had just finished. During the break you were allowed to go to the bathroom or get water. Waiting for the next song to play, you sat swinging your legs back and forth.
Finally, a song with terrible language played. "Kill You All in a Hip Hop Rage" by Mindless Self Indulgence. Considering the fact that there was cursing after two seconds, it was clearly a song that would get you in trouble. You were already slinging your backpack over your arm while your classmates turned and stared at you. Walking up to Mr. Nortis, you held out your hand and he angrily shoved your phone in your hand while pointing at the door. You casually walked out the door.
"Well, Y/N. I'm going to need to contact your mother."
"She's cut me off. My dad and her got a divorce. Good luck with that I guess." You looked around at your principal's office. She had pictures of her and her children. You wished your relationship with your mother was like that. Instead she hated you and talked all about how much she couldn't stand you.
"I'll contact your father then." She drawled, giving you a smirk. She thought you were lying. The thought of you being some person who lied to get out of suspension made you sick.
"My dad's on a business trip." Him being the president did make him a quite busy person. Your principal let out a groan.
"JUST GO HOME!" She shouted at you. You shrugged in response before leaving. Sure, you shouldn't be walking along the sidewalk not paying attention, but nothing could go wrong, right? You ended up being wrong. Very wrong.
WHAM! Your phone went flying on the street. You heard the crunch as a car ran over it. You didn't even notice that you fell on the ground. "O-oh my god I am so so sorry." You looked over to see a boy with dark brown hair and a green shirt. "I'll pay for it I swear!" You were more focused on the amount of blood that was coming out of your hands and knees.
"I have some medical supplies in my backpack." A boy said. You were pulled up and sat on a nearby bench. After you got cleaned up, your vision came sort of into focus. Considering the fact that your contacts got knocked out.
You saw pink hair on someones head as they spoke. "Do we need to take you home?" You shook your head, but the second you stood up, you nearly tripped. Somehow you got 5 boys taking you home. After you got there, one of the boys went and got your glasses. Your eyes finally focused and you nearly screamed. It was your rival school. Oh how you were going to get beat up once you got back to school.
"What were you doing not paying attention?" A blonde boy with a white and red t-shirt asked. "My names Tommy by the way."
"I just got suspended for playing inappropriate music." You responded, rolling your eyes. Tommy snickered and the other boys smiled. "Then I got mad, and wasn't paying attention." You groaned.
"So that's why you're home so early." A gruff voice said from the door.
"DAD!" You got up and gave him a hug.
"YOUR DAD'S THE PRESIDENT?" Tommy yelled. Your father looked at him.
"Hey. I didn't know you had friends kiddo." He scratched his mutton chops. The boys stood up and clumsily walked over to him. The pink haired one stuck out a hand.
"My name is Technoblade, I'm very pleased to meet you, President Schlatt." He shook his hand aggressively. As the rest of the boys introduced themselves, you learned their names. The tall brown haired boy with glasses was Wilbur, the short one with the green shirt was named Tubbo, the tall boy with sunglasses and a mask was named Ranboo, and the one with the pink hair was Technoblade. Tommy had already introduced himself.
Once the phone situation was explained, your dad just waved it off. "It's fine, you don't have to pay for it." Tubbo opened his mouth to respond in protest, but Schlatt continued. "It really isn't that serious." Tubbo nodded before thanking him. Schlatt turned to you. "I'll be talking to Katrina about a lot of things. We can go out to eat once she gets home." He went and gave you a chocolate bar. "This should hold you over till then." He kissed you on the forehead before leaving.
You turned back to the boys. "Thank you for taking me home." You said, smiling at them.
"No problem, anytime." Ranboo said. He gave you a piece of paper. "If you need anything, you can call me, alright?" You slowly nodded, confused on how you were going to call him without a phone. They left shortly after. Katrina and your dad came back.
"Sorry, Y/N." Katrina mumbled the second she saw you. Schlatt smiled and patted her on the head. Katrina awkwardly walked forward and gave you a hug. After that fiasco was over, your dad sat down on the couch for a second.
"Where do you guys want to go and eat?" He asked, looking between you two. Katrina thought about it for a while. You didn't have a preference, but you knew Katrina would want to pick something she thought was healthy.
"I want Mediterranean food!" She smiled bouncing on the balls of her feet. Schlatt turned to you.
"Is that fine with you, Y/N?" He asked. You nodded. You guys drove to the restaurant in silence, it was comfortable though. Once you guys got there, you waiting for 10 minutes to get a table. Of course, Katrina was complaining the entire time you were waiting. When you guys got a table, she stopped complaining. Then she started complaining when the waitress was taking too long. You heard arguing in the kitchen between a girl and a man.
"It's probably not her fault, Kat." You said quietly, scanning the menu. You knew what you wanted, but you weren't going to order. That's what happens when you're an antisocial introvert. You thought to yourself. You saw a blonde girl with a pretty blouse walking towards you guys.
"I am so sorry about the wait, I had a bit of an argument with my boss. My name is Niki, I'll be your waiter for today." She smiled. "Can I get you started with an appetizer or drink?" Your dad and Katrina quickly ordered. Katrina ordered a tea, and your dad ordered water, plus octopus as an appetizer. Niki gave another smile after asking you what you wanted. You barely choked out that you wanted a sweet tea.
Schlatt ended up splitting the octopus between you three. After Niki came back to ask for your meals, you weren't surprised for what your sister and dad ordered. Your sister got shrimp pasta and your dad got chicken souvlaki. You ended up ordering Spanakopita. The food was nice, and you ended up getting Niki's number somehow, and then you guys went to go get ice cream. You still had a shitty day, but food always made it better.
The next day, you were home alone when something terrible happened. "Hey twerp!" Can't they leave me alone for one day? You thought to yourself.
"What do you want?" For some reason, you had a bad feeling about the conversation that was about to occur. Suddenly, a hand wrapped around your mouth. Your vision went black. When you woke up, you were covered in bruises. Not because you could see them, you couldn't see anything. You felt them, and you could feel blood running down your body.
You recognized the room as one of Katrina's closet. You felt around for the light switch. As you flicked it on, you looked at the mirror. There were bruises all over your body. You looked like a wreck. You felt around on the ground for your phone and then remembered what happened yesterday. You could make out a note on the mirror. 'Now you know which school you belong to.'
You got some clothes on before running into the living room to call someone. Your dad wasn't picking up the phone, so you ended up calling Ranboo. "Hello?" His voice ran through your head.
"Can we talk? Like, as soon as possible?" You knew this was a really bad time, but you didn't know who else to call.
"Yeah sure. Let me just finish school then we can talk." You could hear the concern laced in his voice.
"Okay. Thank you so much." You were crying and hadn't even noticed it until now.
"No problem, any time." You smiled at him taking time out of his day to talk to you. You hung up the phone before curling up in a ball. You felt so dirty. You hadn't even been able to fight back. Why were you even alive? You heard the door bell ring. Dragging your feet, you opened the door. Ranboo was towering over you with a concerned look on his face.
"You look terrible.." He picked you up before placing you on the couch. "What happened? You can take your time, I won't rush you. I just need to know so I can help you." You thought that you would be able to tell him immediately, but you couldn't. It took almost a hour of you crying to be able to get out what happened.
Once you did, you felt like a anvil had fallen on your chest. You couldn't breathe, and you were crying again. He didn't say anything until you had finished. "Hey, I know me saying this won't help, but you'll be okay. I promise. We'll fix this, I promise." Ranboo was trying his best to console you, but you were inconsolable. He pulled you into his sweater. It smelled like honey.
"Hey, look." He held up something that you couldn't make out clearly. Shiny... You thought. You often had a mind of a child after a panic attack. It only lasted for a while though. Ranboo handed it to you and you could finally see that it was a compass. "Be careful with it though." He said. You nodded in response.
After a while, you calmed down and Ranboo reluctantly left you. You didn't tell your dad anything when he got home, you merely waited for him to take you to your modeling gig. It was for H&M, yet you didn't even shop there. Not that it mattered. It was for a fall collection. You thought that the outfits were ugly. They looked good on you, so you weren't really complaining. You were, but that didn't matter.
"Look fierce! Strong! Committed!" Your manager yelled at you. You were feeling out of it, obviously. Even so, you had been taught by your manager how to put on a strong face. He didn't care about your feelings. Neither did you, but that wasn't the point. "There we go! You've finally stopped bitching!" You paid him no attention.
The photo shoot ended in about two hours, give or take a few minutes. You thought they were going to make you try on Halloween costumes. Speaking of which, you hadn't picked out what you wanted to be for Halloween. You were probably going to go as a clown. The role would fit your sister better.
Something odd ended up happening the first day you were at school. During gym class, when you were practicing basketball, Dream let out a scream.
"Hey Dream, my all-time favorite person!" You noticed the voice right away. Technoblade was standing in the entrance. You could make out Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo behind him. You looked at Ranboo frantically. He gave you a thumbs up. Hell no. You thought to yourself. They were not going to do what you thought they were going to do. Mr. Nortis had left, unfortunately.
"What do you want Techno?" Dream said as Technoblade approached him. Technoblade said nothing.
"Y/N, you did say that you got suspended for playing inappropriate music, correct?" Wilbur asked you.
"Something like that." You responded. He gestured to your new phone. Oh. You thought to yourself. You slowly walked over to the AUX cord. Now, was blasting offensive music a good idea? No. Were you going to stop? Also no.
The fight was brutal. At one point, Katrina tried to punch you. You grabbed her long hair and ended up fighting on the ground.
"Y/N? Katrina?" You froze at the voice. No way your dad was here. You slowly raised your eyes to stare Schlatt in the face. Before you could say hi, Katrina kneed you in the stomach. You punched her in the face. Blood smeared on your fist. You felt your food come up in your throat. Slowly wincing, you swallowed it back down. Gross. You thought to yourself.
The fight almost got blamed on you. Key word being almost. Your dad was there of course, and he bailed you out of the situation. Not without scolding Katrina and you first though. "REALLY?! YOU TWO CAN'T START FIGHTS FOR NO REASON! I CAN'T JUST SHOW UP TO SEE YOU FIGHTING WITH ANOTHER SCHOOL!" Schlatt yelled. his knuckles were turning white from how hard he was gripping the steering wheel.
"It wasn't my fault. I told Ranboo something and he got his friends and started fighting. I just helped because I hate the kids from school." You mumbled while getting out the car. Katrina said something but you didn't really care. After your father gave you a new phone, you put in all the numbers that you had accumulated over the week. Technoblade all of the sudden texted you.
Technology Man: What are you going to be for Halloween?
You: I have no idea :/
Technology Man: Do you want to do a group costume with my friends and I?
You: It depends. I'm not going as an alien or some shit.
Technology Man: We were going to be vampire butlers.
You: Cool! I'll do it!
Technology Man: Alright. Can we meet up Saturday at the mall to get our costumes?
You: Yeah! That'll work!
Technology Man: See you then. Bye.
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luvymelody · 2 days ago
𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐦𝐞! - 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐛𝐮𝐫
yandere!wilbur x reader
 - a oneshot where the reader runs away from wilbur in their own school who knew school was scary at night
Tumblr media
y/n l/n
 - gn/nb!reader
Tumblr media
kikuo - aishite, aishite, aishite
Tumblr media
warnings; mentioning of passing out, knives, carving into skin (only slight) being tied up
Tumblr media
y/n stirred from their sleep, they tried to shift around in their uncomfortable position, but then they realised.
they were in rope..
they had been tied up around their wrists and ankles, the duct tape over their mouth wasn’t helping exactly.
y/n’s brows furrowed and they shuffled around in a panic around the small locker.
they saw a small shard of glass in the corner of the locker on the shelf, they grabbed it with little room they had and they started cutting away at the rope tying their wrists together. 
after being able to cut it, they took the duct tape off their mouth, being able to breathe more easily. y/n figured the only way out was the door, so they slammed against it. 
they were successful, but they fell on the ground as they forgot to take off the rope near their ankles.
“stupid damn- ankle rope-”
the sound of the locker door shutting cut them off and they looked up. y/n’s eyes widened to the name plastered on the front.
no.. no he couldn’t be the one who put them in there, possibly tying them up and shutting their mouth.
‘he’s my bestfriend..? he wouldn’t do this..’
then again, they couldn’t really think straight as the school was nearly pitch black in darkness, the halls only being illuminated by the moonlight shining through the windows.
thinking back to the day beforehand, it was all fuzzy, i mean-
‘i did pass out during p.e...’
Tumblr media
“oh, hello y/n, how has your day been, dear?”
“it’s been nice, that reminds me, what period do we have after lunch?”
“err, we have p.e-”
“i hate p.e, with a passion ugh,”
wilbur chuckled at y/n’s dramatic act,
“it’ll be fine, it’s not like we’re doing dodgeball or anything.”
“we’ll be playing dodgeball today.”
choruses of groans and small cheers were heard from the crowd of students huddled near their teacher.
“i hate life.”
y/n groaned into wilbur’s arm as it was muffled.
“again, it’ll be fine, we can use quackity as a shield.”
“no you will not!”
quackity exclaimed, nearly hurling at wilbur but being held back by karl and sapnap.
dodgeball was always something that y/n hated, you never know when some random ball flying through the air will hit your head or arm or nose or anything!
that being said, y/n was trying to be cautious but was distracted by someone calling her over by the entrance of the gym.
“y/n! you’re needed with another student!”
as y/n looked towards the sound of the voice, two balls came hurling at their head and had hit them directly, pretty much knocking them out.
“shit- y/n!”
wilbur called out, rushing to their aid and catching them before they fell to the floor. the sound of a whistle was heard across the gym, the teacher rushing to y/n too.
“they’ve passed out, bring them to the nurse’s office quickly, wilbur.”
“yes sir.”
wilbur lifted y/n up and placed their arm over his shoulder and hooked one arm between their torso and upper arm. 
slowly walking to the nurse’s office, he had completely changed direction, he had started walking towards his locker.
“this is the best chance i’ve ever gotten, can you believe i didn’t plan this sweetheart?- ohhh baby, i should lock you in my locker, huh? then you’ll be all to myself.. my sweet baby- i’ll visit you tonight, yeah!”
wilbur had been muttering to himself next to y/n’s ear, wilbur was sickly in love with y/n the moment he laid his eyes on them. 
their scent was so nice, they were so beautiful too! how could you not fall in love with y/n; but then again if anyone fell in love with y/n, wilbur would’ve slit their throat.
wilbur carefully opened his locker and lifted y/n up slightly to help them into the locker, then proceeded to tie their wrists and ankles together and place the duct tape over their mouth.
“sweet dreams, my love.”
wilbur concluded, kissing their forehead and then shutting his locker quietly.
wilbur walked back into the gym, he walked around the court towards the teacher as the game of dodgeball continued.
“the nurse called y/n’s parents and they took her home, just to let you know.”
“thank you wilbur, now go keep playing!”
Tumblr media
‘can’t remember a thing.. but i have to get out of here.’
y/n stood up from their position and they started walking around the once lively school, y/n felt as if they should watch out, as they were about to walk down the stairs, they had heard a pair of loud footsteps rapidly walking closer and closer.
in a panic, they hid behind a small storage closet nearby, wilbur was too focused on getting back to the love of his life, he didn’t even realise that their scent was lingering right where he walked by.
y/n watched as he walked around the corner with a knife gripped in his hand tightly, 
“-y/n..? y/n! my love, where are you?!”
wilbur exclaimed in a frustrated tone. y/n eyes widened once again and they practically sprinted down the stairs and towards the school entrance. disappointingly, wilbur had heard the rapid footsteps going down the stairs and he had guessed it to be y/n.
“y/n! you won’t be able to run far! I’ve locked every exit in this school and all the windows, you have no chance, love!”
and to y/n’s surprise, he was right, once they had ran to the school doors, they were found to be locked.
“where did you go y/n?”
y/n had failed to realise that wilbur had also ran down the stairs after them and was already just down the hall, y/n sprinted down the other hallway that wilbur wasn’t occupying and was panicking like crazy. 
“hey wilbur-! let’s talk about this, yeah?!”
“but i don’t think you love me! do you? y/n!”
“i totally do!”
“i’ve always loved your dramatic acts but i don’t love them today.”
y/n panted as they ran through the multiple identical halls that made the school feel like a maze. y/n nearly tripped again as they looked behind them, watching as wilbur was gaining speed and also the knife in his hand.
“maybe put the knife down and i’ll love you, how about that!?”
“c’mon and i’ll make you love me!”
the next time y/n looked behind them, wilbur was only a few metres away from them and they panicked once again. the school had always hired the shittiest janitors so there was a pencil on the floor, it was pretty much impossible to see in the dark.
y/n tripped over the pencil and wilbur slowed down and towered over y/n.
“oh now you’re all mine, baby...”
wilbur crouched down to y/n’s level and grabbed onto their wrist, y/n tried to yank their arm away from their former best friend.
“please let go-”
wilbur grabbed onto their other wrist.
“get away from me!”
“we’ll be together forever, hun.”
wilbur held both of y/n’s wrist with one hand and caged their legs by his feet, grabbing his knife, he carved ‘W.S’ under y/n’s left eye.
“i love you so much.”
y/n was sent into a silent embrace by wilbur after being kissed on the cheek.
‘i’m dead…’
Tumblr media
wc : 1269 words
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fairlypunz · 2 days ago
Wilbur soot x reader
Summary: you disagreeto blowing up l’manburg with Wilbur, but he still drags you to the room and blows it up with you in it.
Requested:𝘠𝘦𝘴 [] 𝙉𝙤 [✓]
Tumblr media
9. You run with wilbur as he’s pulling you towards to button room “will, are you sure about this!?” You say concerned “yes, now come on” he says excitedly while breaking the cobble stone and replacing it, you weren’t sure if you were ready for l’manburg to be blown up, or for Wilbur to blow it. He walks up to the button and stares at it for a couple minutes, “trust me on this, ok?” He says looking at you and smiling as he held you close to himself, leaning on the stone wall not sure if he should press the button, as he tried to soothe your words. “I-…” you tried to say something but nothing could come out, wilbur looked at you waiting for you to say Something, “yes?” He says “Wilbur I thin-“ you start to say and than immediately get cut off. “Will?” Your eyes widened at Phil’s voice but were unable to turn around due to Wilbur’s iron grip. You listened as your lover rejected his Father’s advance to stop this madness, and felt a dread when you were yanked back with the man you loved. “It was never meant to be.” He exclaimed pressing the button as everything exploded, you died as you were on half a heart from the explosion and respawned in the wrestling ring, you ran to the explosion trying not to think of wilbur dead, but once you got there you saw wil force Phil to drive a sword through him as he died, you stood there with Tommy not knowing what to do as tears built up and you started crying, at the sight lover dying right in front of you.
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mcyt-sh1t · 2 days ago
"hide and seek?" -wilbur
Tumblr media
a/n: :0 anonnn, this is such a cute request :(( <3 thank you for this!
summary: reader has a younger brother (maybe in the toddler age) and the reader sees him being all cute with him :)
warnings: pure disgusting fluff, nothing else really-
pairing: y/n & will + y/n's younger brother
Tumblr media
sitting underneath the tree in your garden reading a book while waiting for will to come and pick you up to go to the beach, occasionally looking up to see your younger brother running around the garden with max, your golden retriever. you smiled, remembering how everyone was scared that max wouldn't get along with noah. thankfully that was not the case as they both seemed to have the same energy, you reminisce about those times, when noah was little, now he was a boy with lots of energy, barely quiet at all, before turning back to your book.
you were reading 'they both die at the end' by adam silvera. they both die at the end is a devastating yet uplifting story about two people whose lives change over the course of one unforgettable day. the book blurb says: 'on september 5, a little after midnight, death-cast calls mateo torrez and rufus emeterio to give them some bad news: they're going to die today. mateo and rufus are total strangers, but, for different reasons, they're both looking to make a new friend on their end day. the good news; there's an app for that. its called the last friend, and through it, rufus and mateo are about to meet up for the one last great adventure - to live a lifetime in a single day.'
you were interupted from reading yet again to hear a familiar voice; will. 'he's early.' you think to yourself, getting yourself out of your book world, only to see will talking to noah.
"but everyone has a favourite game! what's yours?"
"noah, my names noah. and i guess my favourite game would be hide and seek.."
"well do you want to play hide and seek? i can be the seeker if you wan-"
"38? who starts counting down from 38.." will mutters to himself before he realises he's supposed to be counting. "38, 37, 36-"
as will finally got to 1 you saw him looking around the garden concentrating as hard as he can trying to find noah. you can obviously see noah even all the way from where you were sitting, underneath the big oak tree in your garden.
'hm. i didn't know will had a way with kids..' you thought to yourself.
Tumblr media
@cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @sunniewrites @lakifaki @deceptxcon @angstyx @comonlokbut2 @wilczachannn @rrcmqnticismm-core
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milqueandsugar · 8 hours ago
just recovered from a big ol breakdown 😀 (I'm ok haha) and was wondering if you could write wilbur x fem!reader where he finds her sobbing and comforts her please? <3
🏵 Your Tea Is Ready 🏵
Warnings: mentions of mental breakdowns, PTSD, war
Genre: hurt comfort
Tumblr media
| A rose for your Troubles |
The revolution was hard on both of you, wilbur was left leading a war on his own, you had to watch the man you love shift into a cold but needed president. The war were darker days for you both, left you both with scars you'd rather not speak of any longer, but with the countries freedom secured you wouldn't need to fight for your life anymore, you didn't need to sleep with a sword or keep a apparently dagger in your boot. But you did. You never stopped.
You never stopped grinding arrows or patrolling your house looking for traps or tnt, you slept with one eye open if you slept at all, and wilbur... he wasn't there. You can't blame him, you wouldn't, he had a country to run with so few citizens it was hard on him, and you watched him break as much as you did. Buy you couldn't help the bitter resentment as you watched your lover be praised and glorified for his war efforts, for all he sacrificed. Yet you, who had lost not one but two lives to the cause, you had lost everything by the hands of a traitor, who had been burned alive, was merely given a pat on the back. Slowly you watched your lover slip away, and your friends move on to a brighter life time, while you were stuck with the scent of gunpowder and blood staining your hands.
Wilbur was alot of things, but he wasn't a fool. Despite the two of you living separately, he noticed the symptoms of sleep deprivation, the few times he did see you. Despite the beautiful nation you too built you lived a life of seclusion, rarely seeing anyone let alone him. Guilt it him like waves whenever he passed your house while doing community service, the curtains always drawn, and the lamps lit dimly. He built this country for you, for you to be safe and loved and free from tyranny, and yet you never stepped foot outside the confines of your home. As the days turned into weeks between visits he began to worry, had he scorned you? Was L'manburg not enough for you? Cause he would take more, he would fight for more, he'd take the whole smp for you. It took Fundy a few months before he fully adjusted to the freedoms the country offered, so maybe you just needed adjusting too. Maybe, he could help.
It was a lazy sunny after noon when he stopped by your house, a bouquet of roses in hand, thorns plucked from each one, in hand. Dressed in his finest suit he knocked on your door, nothing. He waited a few minuets before pulling the key from his pocket, with a bit of effort and some trouble seeing over the bouquet he managed to open the door, the smell of blown out candles immediately hitting him. You must have taken a nap, he reasoned, he was tempted to leave your sleep, heaven knows you needed it. But something, felt wrong, a churning feeling in his gut told him to push forward, and so he did. Quietly closing the door behind him he silently made his way up the stair, in case you were asleep he'd curse himself for waking you. He hadn't made it to the fourth step before the cool of metal was pushed against his throat.
"What are you doing in my house."
He knew that voice, he knew the blade was yours, and yet the words couldn't resonate with him. It didn't sound like you, you were always so warm and friendly, but the words were cooler then the blade resting against his neck.
"Y/n, it's me, you're safe-"
"Oh god"
The sword clattered to the floor as he heard you take a few steps back. "I'm so sorry, I-I didn't know it was you I thought-" he turned in time to see you stumble against the wall, your hands held up to your face and your red eyes filled with fear and disgust. You had been crying for what looked like hours based on the state of your eyes. Wilbur felt his stomach drop, he felt bile rising to his throat but swallowed thickly. You needed more more time to adjust.
"Y/n it's alright, you didn't know it was me anyone would have done it" he reasoned, carefully making his way towards you, God forbid he scare you anymore then you were. "I could have hurt you Wil," you sob crumbling to the floor, "what if I hurt you?" Wilbur kneeled in front of you, abandoning the roses to take your face in his hands. "Then I wouldn forgive you, because I love you Y/N" he soothed, however his words fell on deaf ears as tears continued to spill from your puffy eyes. "I love you y/n, you know that right, I'd do anything for you" he promised, his brown hues desperate to meet your own, to no avail. "I.. I was so close to-" "that doesn't matter anymore, okay? I'm fine, but you aren't and you need to tell me what's wrong my Rose" he pleaded, wiping tears from your cheeks with his thumbs. "Everything's wrong Wil" you cry, holding onto his arms for stability, something to ground yourself with. "I-I can't sleep, I'm- I have nightmares every night about you, an-and Tommy and Eret, I'm just so so tired" you cry, your voice breaking with abuse. "This place is awful this land is cursed I'm being haunted Wil- I'm being haunted and I'm scared, Im so scared and tired and alone" you cry, falling against your lovers chest as he froze in shock.
He sat with you a long time, listening to your worries and fear, taking note of everything his frazzled mind could. It wasn't long before you moved to the living room, him letting you rest as you two took a break from, whatever this was. He had wandered into the kitchen, fetching a glass of water for you. He had barely filled the glass half full before you spoke up, "thank you for the roses" he jumped, nearly dropping the glass as he turned to you, he forgot how sneaky you were, intentional or not. "W-what?" He stammered, one of the few words he managed out since your outburst. You held up the bouquet, to be honest he forgot he had even brought that, "thank you for the roses" you sniffle, bringing them over to a basin full off water and dropping them into it. Wilbur let out a dry chuckle, "I uh, you're welcome" he snorted awkwardly, watching as a pained smile came to your face. "I'm also sorry for today, it's been-" "you've been through alot Y/n, more then I ever thought, you shouldn't apologize for being honest" he cut you off, finally topping off the glass. You don't speak but not solemnly reaching absent mindedly to pluck a rose from its place amongst the others, hissing as a sharp pain met your thumb, dropping the rose to the floor you brought your now bleeding appendage to your mouth. Wilbur was swift to meet your side, placing the glass on the counter as he glanced down at the rose, it's stem lay a single Thorn, one he must've missed. Seems he had gotten into the habit of missing things recently.
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dreamwvrld · 16 hours ago
although i’m not updating starstruck for awhile as i get these xmas fics done, i will get some hcs up!
leave some requests for some hcs (c!techno/c!wilbur/bursonas only pls) <333
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streaming-yn · 20 hours ago
For the song thing, what about Ghostbur + soft/affectionate! Reader before Revivedbur came into the picture
(Btw I love this idea so much! It’s very fun)
thank you 🛼 anon ur the only one to send one in ily 🛐
anyway!! DEFINITELY THINKING OF YOU BY STREETLIGHT CADENCE !!! (note: not the whole song is here bc I couldn't think of smthn for some lyrics!)
Sometimes you wait all night for me, Sometimes you misunderstand me, Sometimes I feel like I'll fail, No matter what I do
ghostbur adores you! the way you love him is so refreshing and when you're excited to see him home safe? it makes his heart so warm
but this leads to insecurities, I mean, you're so perfect! you deserve everything! but he can't give you everything, hell, he can barely give you a good hug! he can only kind of touch you and he's cold !!!! you don't deserve cold hugs !!!!!
pls give him reassurance (god knows he gives you reassurance if you feel insecure! seriously, I recommend getting doted on by ghostbur, 10/10 makes u feel like royalty or even a deity!)
And as we sat on the bench, During that rainy winter, Regardless of all of the arguments, I knew I'd love you forever
specifically this one time when you were out on a walk, it suddenly started raining so you two go stuck under a tree. he can't touch the rain; you refused to leave him here and go home
as you two stayed under the tree – with a little extra coverage because the water seeped through the leaves a little and you built an extra layer out of cobblestone over y'all's head – he could've sworn he fell in love with you a second time
just want to know that you want me
ghostbur absolutely started falling for you because of how you (platonically, at the time) loved him and I stand by this
he didn't have anyone super excited to see him super often
so meeting you and you having you calling out to him anytime you see him in public, and inviting him over, and making him feel welcomed was nice
he loved you because you love him
until he got to know you better, then he loved you for you! you loving him was secondary to you as a whole
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karliya · a day ago
Revivebur x GN!Reader
Requested ? No
Words count : 1029 words
Warnings : Mention of death
Genre : Angst (?) and Fluff
Summary : After Wilbur’s death, you stayed alone for some time. But after being revived, a little surprise was waiting for you…
A/N : It’s my first fan fiction so I know I will have to correct some things. If you see some errors, tell it please.
You remember it clearly, the day Wilbur died. For being honest, you always knew he was going to do something, but you didn’t dare do anything. It was easy to understand that his mental health was not that good after his exile. He wasn’t crazy, he didn’t become insane.
He was just upset.
He was upset to be exiled to his own nation, upset that Schlatt destroyed his nation, upset that his own son destroyed the wall. He was upset at everything, except you. You were exiled with him and Tommy. You were upset too, Tommy was also upset. The only problem with his anger is that it manifested by him exploding L’Manburg.
His L’Manburg.
You were destroyed when everything happened, it happened so fast. L’Manburg exploded, and after that Wilbur loose his last life. Everyone lost a lot of things this day.
Tommy loose a brother.
Technoblade loose a friend.
Philza loose a son.
And you loose your boyfriend.
After the war, you decided to go live away from everyone, in a little field where you built a little house for you. Not a lot of people actually know where that house is. Only Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, Philza and Technoblade. And after some time a person named Ghostbur knew this place too.
A kind person, but you tried to distance yourself from him. He looked too much like your boyfriend. Even if you tried, you couldn’t do it. A part of you wanted to forget Wilbur, forget the emptiness he left in your heart. But another part wanted to be with him, and Ghostbur was a part of Wilbur.
But he disappeared.
It been a week and Ghostbur is still not here. He always came to see you, even if it was for one hour or for 20 minutes. He said you looked sad so he wanted to stay with you so you could be happy. He left saying that he was going to do something with Tommy and that he will be back soon.
But he’s not here.
. .
. . .
You were cooking when you heard a knock on the front door of your house. A visitor ? It’s weird, they always tell you when they come see you. You opened the front door to see a little box in front of the door.
That’s definitely weird.
You took the box and close the door before opening the strange object. In the box was a card and something else. Something that broke your heart.
A ring.
But it’s not a simple ring : the day before Pogtopia’s attack against Manburg, Wilbur asked if you wanted to marry him after they won the war. You said yes of course. And the ring that was in the box is the ring he wanted to gave you. Philza said that he found a ring in Wilbur’s jacket, but he couldn’t find the other one. Yes, Wilbur didn’t have you the ring. He said that he still haven’t the materials to do the second ring.
But you have Wilbur’s ring. Philza gave it to you after Wilbur’s funeral.
So when did this ring come from ?
You opened the letter, there was only some coordinates and an hour. You decided to go with a sword, maybe it’s a trick, it’s better to be careful.
. .
. . .
You were at the place were the letter said you should go, there was no one, and nothing. It’s just a field with a lot of flowers and some trees.
"Hello." A voice said behind you.
You turned around and almost scream in shock, but only a yelp come out of your mouth.
You boyfriend.
The boyfriend you loose.
He was standing there, a smile on his face. The same smile he gave you everyday, the same smile he had when he died.
"You… you are alive ?"
"Yes, I am my angel."
You ran to him and hugged him. He chuckled before hugging you back. You stayed like that for a moment before you broke the hug to slap him.
"Don’t you dare die again ! Do you know how scared I was ?! How lonely it was without you ? How-"
"I’m sorry okay ? I didn’t want to make you sad. You forgive me ?"
"Of course I forgive you !"
He moved closer to you to give you a kiss on the lips. It has been ages since the last time your lips were together. He broke the kiss after some seconds.
"I have a surprise."
He pulled a button out of his pocket.
"Don’t you dare blow up something again."
He chuckled.
"Don’t worry I will not blow up something."
He pressed the button. But nothing happened.
"Look behind you."
You turned to see something fly high in the air.
It was so beautiful. You looked at them in awe. Two strong arm coming from behind hugged you close to a chest. You leaned to be closer to your lover.
"You remember what I told you before I died ?"
"You said you wanted to marry me."
He stopped the hug and you turned around to see Wilbur. He knelt on the ground and took your hands with his.
"I know I’m not the perfect boyfriend, I also know that I left you alone for a long time. But I know that I love you, and I am sure that I will always love you."
He paused for a second to take something in his pocket. It was a little box. He opened it to show a ring.
"(Y/N), would you do me the go out to become mine ?"
You looked at him in shock, tears filled your eyes. You didn’t say a single thing, you just jumped in his arm, smiling.
He was smiling too.
You two kissed, happily under the fireworks. When the kiss was stopped, Wilbur spook a promise for both of you.
"I swear to protect you with my life, I swear to be a perfect husband for you and to never leave your side again"
I hope you liked it ! Have a great day or night !
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prrism · 2 days ago
A Visit From…… Duel for Independence
Relationships: platonic
Pronouns: unspecified/kept neutral
Having been a little more rested you were able to go out and gather some materials you were running low on. Heading down the prime path you couldn’t help but notice the gathering of people not too far off, cautiously you make your way over to them.
"What’s going on over here?" You ask once you’re closer.
"(Y/n)!" Wilbur turns a little stunned by your sudden appearance but sighs in relief soon after. "Sorry, things are a little tense right now."
"Might I ask why?" You ask. His face scrunches up in displeasure.
"Turns out Eret was a traitor, took everything that could’ve helped us and gave it to the enemy." Wilbur spat bitterly. You sigh sadly, knowing this would happen from Eret's own visit but kept your mouth shut abiding to your promise. "I tried to negotiate, but they weren’t having it. Wanted us to fly white flags or else they'd blow it all up… but you know what they did?" You had an idea as to where this was going but let him continue. "They blew up L'Manberg anyways! Forced us to surrender!" He pauses a second and lets out a sigh. "Tommy in one of his fits challenged Dream to a duel, and surprisingly he accepted. Now you’re up to speed." He finishes his explanation.
"Oh you’re kidding me." You let out an exaggerated sigh, rubbing at your temples taking all the information in. Wilbur opens his mouth to comment once more but is stopped when you’re suddenly dragged away by Punz.
"Uhh, hey long time no see. How’re things?" You ask a little awkwardly.
"Their going well. Making some good pay from all this, I’m sure you could say the same." He replies with a smirk, you nod a little in agreement.
"(Y/n), perfect timing. We need someone we can trust to inspect those two without cheating." Sapnap walks over to you nonchalantly, his comment clearly referring to Dream and Tommy.
"We wouldn’t have cheated! If anything you’re the cheaters!" Tubbo shouts, him and Fundy sending harsh glares towards a very quiet Eret. You step up onto the bridged area of the path, George walks up to you with a smile and hands you two bows and several arrows.
"I’m sure these will fair nicely." He says while you looked them over, both bows were about the same in craft and durability, no enchantments on either. There were more arrows then you thought there'd be but none of them were tipped so you were certain it was fine.
"There good, thanks George." He nods at this as he steps off the path with everyone else. You let out a quiet sigh as you make your way over to Tommy first, said boy standing very tensely and maybe somewhat nervously as he glares daggers at his opponent. Not entirely sure how you were supposed to do this you figure the best start was to check for any hidden armour, though with both opponents on half a heart it wouldn’t really matter. "Arms up please." You ask, making it sound more like a statement.
"He’s so going down." Tommy practically growls as he follows your instructions absentmindedly. You look him over, finding no hidden armour or items that could be used as an advantage. You hand him one of the bows and ten arrows, Tommy already starting to notch one of said arrows but you stop him and speak up before he can protest.
"Wait until they start the countdown before you do that, don’t want them thinking you’ll fire too soon." You advise. He looks at you a moment then nods and lowers his arms a little. "Try and take a few breaths to relax yourself too, being too tense could throw off your aim." You add before turning and making your way over to Dream, he already lifts his arms up for your inspection before you had to tell him.
"I see that look on your face." He comments, you shoot a glance his way then quickly go back to your inspection.
"Look, I just can’t believe you agreed to this duel, okay." You remark, finding nothing that could be used to any advantage you step back and hold out the other bow and arrows for him.
"Tommy was literally asking for this, that’s not my fault."
"I’m aware of that, and I’m not saying you’re at fault. I’m just saying I’m a little surprised, you could’ve said no and thought of something else, but I guess you have some sorta point to prove?" You give a questioning look with that last point, your only response being a shrug. Unsatisfied with the answer but knowing that was all you’d get you set both sides to stand back to back before stepping off the path, joining in next to Wilbur as he raises his arm and starts to count.
"1, 2, 3…"
Each word was responded with a step, you could almost hear the ticking of a clock as a result…
"4, 5, 6…"
Looks like Tommy followed your advice as he now decides to notch the arrow…
"7, 8, 9…"
It felt like the world stood still for a moment you catch yourself holding your breath, you felt nervous and you didn’t know why, then…
"10 paces, fire!"
Just like that the two turn, Tommy being the first to release his arrow and missing terribly. There’s a small back and forth as the two fire and dodge arrows. You direct your attention to Dream, having known him long enough to see his confidence behind the mask, he wasn’t worried in the slightest. He releases and arrow and you flinch slightly when it strikes Tommy, sending the boy splashing into the water. You turn to look at Wilbur, a look of defeat on his face at the sight before him, you place a hand on his shoulder making him glance at you for a second before lowering his head again with a sigh. A small part of you felt bad, they worked so hard to try and gain their own independence only for it all to fall apart, but this duel was their deciding factor, they all agreed to this and L'Manberg lost. Just like that it was all over and finding no purpose to stick around you give Wilbur a small apologetic pat on his shoulder before heading back home.
The next morning was quiet while you did your usual routine, got breakfast, pack a few things up for your trip to some villages and set off. By the time you returned home it was late afternoon/early evening, these trips usually took longer but thanks to some teleportation potions of your own invention it was now easier and quicker to get to any known locations, you still had to walk a ways to some locations as the potions were effective but not accurate, not that you minded the extra exercise. You were well into making yourself some dinner when the door to your house bursts open, a sure tell sign things were already getting back to normal. Looking up you see a bright eyed Wilbur speed walk over to you and shove something into your hands, also taking note of Tommy and Tubbo coming in soon after.
"What’s this?" You question.
"Read it." Wilbur could hardly contain his excitement which sparks curiosity in you as you open the book.
"The Decree of Independance." You quickly look up in shock at this, paying no mind to the spelling mistake. Seeing the smiles on all three of them, Wilbur motions for you to keep going, you clear your throat and continue to read aloud.
"As we gaze upon the swaths of redwood trees
The great hills to our south and the walls that have protected us for years
I as the now president of L'Manberg hereby state…"
"YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SUCK IT GREEN BOYYYYYYYYYYY!" Before you could even turn to the next page Wilbur jumps in, finishing it off for you. You burst into laughter at this handing back the book.
"I’m glad things managed to work out for you." You say in between a few chuckles. "How did you manage to convince them to finally give you independence?"
"Let’s not focus on that right. Come on we gotta celebrate!" Tommy cheers, you caught the subtle look in his eyes but decided against saying anything. Now was their moment so you’d let them enjoy it before kicking them out of your place. The future was looking bright.
At least for now…
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When You Sleep Together
Dream SMP x Reader
I've got some wholesome moments for you guys because y'all deserve to be loved :) sorry if some of these are cheesy
Rubbing his eyes sleepily as he stared at the chat of his stream, Clay sighed quietly to himself. He was longing for the sweet embrace of his comfy bed-sheets. As much as he loved his chat, he loved you and his bed more.
Blinking away the sleep, he shook his head to wake himself up. When he stopped himself from falling into his sleep-zombie stupor, he began to speak energetically to the stream once again.
Just as he was about to say something, the sound of his door opening made him stop. When he saw you peeking your head into his room, he muted his mic." Everything okay?" He asked, concern swirling in his deep-green eyes.
Your eyes narrowed a little from the brightness of his monitor," You're... still streaming?" You muttered tiredly, running a hand through your messy hair," It's 4 am... You need to come to bed before you die." You stated bluntly.
Chuckling lightly, Clay smiled at you," That's a bit of an exaggeration, dont ya think?" He grinned out before turning to his monitor," I just need to finish this building first and then I'll come to bed." He reassured.
Pouting at him, you walked over to him in his gaming chair. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind and leaned your head in the crook of his neck. He stiffened up for a second but leaned into your touch, which told you just how tired he really was.
You brought your lips close to his ear," The bed's lonely without you..." You tried your best to sound cute before giving into your sluggish thoughts," and it's lowkey freezing without you next to me. You don't want me to die of hypothermia, right?"
Wheezing a little, he shook his head," Alright, alright. You've convinced me."
"Epic victory royale for me."
"Never say that again."
Groaning in defeat, you closed your laptop after saving your assignment in frustration. Rubbing your eyes tiredly, you glanced at your phone and turned it on to check the time.
2:30 a.m
"Oh f-" you already knew you were gonna get shit from Nick as soon as you stepped foot into your shared bedroom.
Quickly packing your college material away, you raced upstairs quickly and made a bee-line to your bedroom. You opened the door quietly, smirking slightly when you heard the light snores coming from your boyfriend.
He was hugging a pillow close to himself, wrapped snugly within the comfy blankets. He looked like he was in heaven.
If anything, that only made you more tired.
You tiptoe to the bed and slowly crawled into the bed, trying your best to stop the groan of satisfaction from escaping your lips as soon as the blankets consumed you. You stared at Nick's peaceful face for a second before scooting closer to him for more heat.
The pillow beneath your head was so fluffy and comfortable that you were almost instantly consumed in dream-land, not before Nick stopped you.
"Did your bitchass finally give up on that dumb assignment." He muttered tiredly, replacing the pillow he was cuddling with you.
"I have to finish it tomorrow, dumbass..." You grunted out, your eyebrow slanting downwards slightly.
"Nah, fuck you. You're staying in bed with me tomorrow." He denied your statement instantly, pulling you ever closer.
"You make a good argument, I retract my statement..."
"Fuck yea-" You stopped your celebrating quickly as soon as you remembered that your boyfriend was literally sleeping behind you.
You had been editing a video all night, and despite his begging and whining, you just wouldnt go to bed with George. So he decided that he'd stay with you in the living room, refusing to go to bed without you.
You had protested against that, claiming that he needed his beauty sleep, which he had taken great offense to. So he sat behind you, wrapping his arms around you and placing his head in the crook of your neck, whining that he wasnt going to move until you came to bed with him.
You took this as a challenge," Aight bet." And continued to edit whilst your boyfriend was hugging you from behind.
About 10 minutes into editing, you heard George's familiar snores. You knew that he'd fall asleep quick anyways, sleeping is sort of his thing.
But now, you'd finally finished your editing and want to actually go to bed. Sighing at this dilemma and obvious karma, you closed your laptop after sending the video to Dream.
You leaned into George's heat, making him stir a little." George..." you whispered to him.
There was a lazy hum in response.
"Let's go to bed..." You muttered to him.
"....You lost that opportunity about 2 hours ago." He replied back stubbornly," It's expired."
"Oh, come on." You groaned out," If I stay in bed with you tomorrow as well, will you let us go to bed?"
He was silent.
"... Deal."
"Great, let's go, let's go."
🎶💛Wilbur Soot💛🎶
"Alright, bed time. C'mon." Wilbur spoke up suddenly, making you jump from your place at your monitor.
"Wait wha-" You were interrupted as Wilbur wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing you close to him. Your back pressed into his chest as he got you to stand up from your desk." Will, what are you-?"
"You've been editing all day. I need attention and affection." He muttered, a pout on his lips." So can we got to sleep please?" He sent you a slight grin.
"Will, this'll only take a couple of minutes." You sighed out with furrowed eyebrows.
His grin dropped," You said that an hour ago."
Your eyes widened at his words," I did?"
"You did."
"Shit." You rubbed your eyes, letting out another sigh," Jeez, I'm sorry Will... I'm an asshole." You muttered.
"Hmm.... hmmmmm thinking.... You could come to bed to sleep with me to make up for being an asshole?" He teased.
You narrowed your eyes at him playfully," you're not supposed to agree."
Laughing slightly, he wrapped his arms around you tighter," in all seriousness.... As sleepdeprived as I am, I don't want you following in my footsteps. So can we go to bed, please? I really need you in my arms right now."
You were taken aback by his confession but you could only give into his charms after he sent you a soft-eyed smile." Oh, alright."
"Thank fuck. Jesus, please never make me wait as long as you did tonight again."
"Can we go to bed now?" You whined as Eret finally finished streaming." Jeez, it's like you love your chat more than me."
Eret laughed deeply at your words and shook their head," You know that's not trueee~" he sang out cutely." You have my heart, [Y/N], don't worry."
You couldn't stop the stop the soft smile from replacing your pout, your eyes softening at her." Aww.... Ali, you're so sweet to me... and you're super cheesy." You awed out, finding their response to be genuinely adorable.
" Ali? Sheesh, and you call me cheesy. Look in the mirror, love." He teased, finally turning his monitor off and making their way over to you. She towered over you, you've always compared them to a big friendly giant who loves to cuddle.
Sending her a teasing grin and a suggestive eyebrow raise, you spread your arms open for him to hug you," Bed time?"
They grinned slightly and wrapped their arms around you securely, squeezing you tightly against his chest in a loving hug." Bed time..."
"Were you really waiting that long?" She teased, getting your messy head of [H/C] hair." Aww, if I had known that, I would've ended earlier."
You hit him playfully," You suck, loser."
"Love you too, dear."
(This one's a bit long lol.)
You let out a another yawn as you shivered lightly in the cold of the snowy area you and Techno lived in.
Your boyfriend had gone to the nether a couple of hours ago to collect wither skulls for 'decoration' but you already knew what he was scheming inside that chaotic head of his.
You've been waiting for about 5 hours in the freezing cold. Of course you've made yourself useful around the house, tending to the farm and gathering more materials overall.
Tommy helped here and there, but he was mostly gathering materials for himself.
Now you were beginning to worry for your boyfriend, he's been gone for so long.
So you decided to sit at the doorstep, a blanket wrapped around yourself and a hot cup of cocoa, refusing to fall asleep until you found out that Techno was okay.
Tommy had sat with you for an hour or so before he retired to his bed, stating," Techno's being a bitch. Not worth the time waiting for him." And then he left.
You had laughed at the teen's grumpiness towards Techno, but you didnt agree with him.
Techno was worth waiting for.
He always will be.
Taking another sip from your cocoa, you leaned your head against the door, blinking so that you're eyes wouldnt close due to fatigue and tiredness.
The steaming hot cocoa in your hands reminded you of the warm bed you share with Techno. How the fire would crackle and the smell of burning wood and berries filled the home. The blankets were huge and warm and would just consume you and Techno. How he stays up at night to read some history book and tell you about greek mythology.
"Fuck I miss him..." You muttered, your teeth chattering whic prompted you to wrap your blankets closer around you.
"Miss who?"
You jumped at the familiar voice, making you drop your hot cocoa. You looked up at the owner and your lip twitched a little," You're an asshole."
Techno raised an eyebrow down at you, taking off his pig mask to talk to you properly." HEH? What have I done??" He mumbled, silently outraged.
"Do you know how long I've been waiting here?? 5 hours, Techno!! I'm surprised I havent gotten hypothermia yet!" You exclaimed, standing from your spot on the doorstep," You even made me spill my cocoa!!"
Pouting like a child, your boyfriend narrowed his red eyes at you," How is the fact you spilled your cocoa my fault?"
You gave him a,' bitch, really?' Look and it made him reconsider his words.
"Oh wait a minute, I guess that is kinda my fault, huh? Ehhhh, its fiiiiine." He waved a hand dismissively and walked passed you to get into the house, throwing his red Cape off and then placing his items into a chest." So... you missed me, eh? I mean... I would too if I were you but... y'know."
You knew he was fishing for affection or gratitude, but you knew better than that. You were still angry at him.
"Wow, quite the ego on you." You rolled your eyes," and who said it was you that I was missing?"
Techno didnt look at you, he continued placing his items in his chest," Well.... who else would you miss?" He questioned carefully.
He turned to you, staring before shrugging," Yeah, that's pretty valid. I miss him too."
You groaned at his stubborn nature and sat down in a chair, rubbing your temples," You're such a pain." You muttered.
Techno froze at your words, finally sensing your distress. When he had finished putting his items away, he turned to your brooding form, a light frown upon his face. He walked over to you and gulped, his eyebrows furrowing with frustration. He really really wasnt one for comforting others, hes always found it hard to do so. That's what social anxiety does to you.
He placed a hand on your head, petting it lightly and awkwardly." Look.... I'm sorry."
You froze at his words and slowly looked up at him, an expectant look upon your face.
Techno took his hand from your head, prompting to cross his arms instead," I know that you were worried, I shouldve taken that into consideration. But ya need to understand that I'm strong, [Y/N]. You dont need to worry for my safety at all, I can handle myself."
You frowned a little before sighing," You know I worry because I love you." You stated simply, looking down at your shoes.
The male's cheeks heated up a little and he nodded," 'course..." he grumbled bashfully.
Lips twitching into a slight smile, you stood from your chair and grabbed both of his hands gently, intertwining his fingers with yours." Well... I'm glad you're safe... I missed you a lot."
Techno's face only reddened even further as he completely avoided eye contact with you, his palms growing sweaty but refusing to let go of your smaller and softer hands." U-uh... wanna know another reason why you shouldnt worry about me dyin'?" He's trying his best to hide the fact he was embarrassed.
You grinned slightly and leaned a little closer to him," Yeah. Tell me."
He looked deeply into your eyes, his face still flushed. He leaned a little closer to your face, his ruby-red eyes swirling with an emotion you couldnt quite put your finger on.
Your eyes flicker down to his lips as he began to speak, his hot breath hitting your own lips.
"Because Technoblade never dies."
You pulled yourself from him instantly," You just ruined the romantic moment. AGAIN." You stated simply.
He huffed out a laugh at your exclaim," Aww c'mon it was funny! Please tell me I'm funny--"
"You're not funny. I'm going to bed, bye." You then walked away from him, Techno trailed behind you with a shit-eating grin on his lips.
"You know I still have 3 canon lives left as well, right?"
"I am now choosing to no longer understand english." You replied simply.
"Ok, nerd."
"The fuck are you up so late for." It was more of a statement than a question.
You looked up at your floating boyfriend in all of his blue sweater and ram-horned glory." You're up late too, dumbass." You shot back, downing another cup of coffee.
"[Y/N]... I'm a fuckin' ghost. You think I need sleep? Use your head woman." He insulted as he floated behind you, peeking over your shoulder to see what you were up too.
You seemed to be writing something in a book, he couldnt really read it though so he leaned onto your back, leaning his chin on your shoulder. His eyes skimmed over the words and he scowled a little.
"What the hell are you s'posed to be writing." He grumbled out.
"It's just a book for the different materials Alex told me to gather." You stated simply, leaning your head against his slightly.
"Good idea. Knowin' you, your dumbass would probably forget." He hummed out," But why waste your time on this when you could be sleeping."
Frowning with furrowed eyebrows, you continued to write in the book," I mean... its Alex. I dont wanna let the guy down, he's the vice president."
"Eh... Whose Alex again? He the one with the flatty patty?"
You buried your face in your hands, holding in a laugh." You're an idiot..." You muttered out, trying to contain your laughter.
"Takes one to know one asshole." Schlatt responded, floating away from you and to your bed. He lay on top of it comfortably," OoOoOoh~ look at how comfortable this fuckin' bed looks [Y/N]~ mm yes, comfy comfy, yes very comfy."
Smiling a little, you turned to him and raised an eyebrow," You sure its comfy?"
He was silent for a moment before he nodded," trust me. You know what they call me?"
You rolled your eyes, sighing slightly,"... what do they call you..."
"The bed master."
"You fucking-" You're sentence cut off as you broke out into a laugh. Schlatt couldnt stop the slight smile from crossing over his lips at successfully cheering you up.
"This is a very comfy bed. You should try it out with me, right now." It was more of a threat than a suggestion.
"How can I trust you though?..."
"Maybe if you try the bed out for yourself you can decide whether it's comfy or not, fuckin' moron."
You stared at him with a deadpan expression before giving in," you make a valid point. You win this argument." Standing from the table, you walked over to your bed and flopped onto it next to Schlatt.
He stared down at you expectantly;" Well? Was I right or was I right?"
You moved around on the bed a little, and sighed," .....It feels like I'm lying on a fucking cloud...." you gave up.
Schlatt shot you a shit-eating grin," Right?? The bed master strikes once again." Then his smile dropped," Dont ever fuckin' question me again."
He turned a little in the bed and threw an arm over you, pulling you close to him. You stared up at him with a confused gaze, which made him roll his eyes." Gonna help you sleep." He grunted out.
"Ahhh... Okay." You snuggled a little closer to him." Thank you for existing, Schlatt."
"At least one of us are happy I exist." He deadpanned.
"Hey Schlatt? Did you fall from heaven, cause you look like you fell- wait I messed that up."you silently cursed to yourself.
"You fucking loser."
"Lemme try again... Did you fall from heaven? Cause you look like an angel."
"... That makes no fucking sense. Are you comparing me to Satan then? He was the angel that fell from heaven." He looked slightly offended." I'll have you know that I am a devoted Catholic-"
You deadpanned when he wouldnt accept the pick-up line and gave up,"... You're hot." you stated bluntly.
"I know. Goodnight."
"Fuuuuck... I'm so fucking tired chat." Alex laughed out slightly, trying his best to contain another yawn. His chat instantly began to complain to him, telling him to hurry up and end the stream then. " aww... you all care so much for me." He fake cried." I dont deserve you guys."
Likywastaken: GO SLEEP ASSHOLE
He snorted at the comment," Wow, are y'all hitting on me orrr? Hit me up." He joked teasingly, a slight grin upon his lips.
The familiar sound of,' Me perdonas' came through his headset, indicating he had received a donation.
Duh_Itz_y/n has donated $4.20
Go the fuck to bed you bitch <3
His eyes lit up at your familiar twitch name and he chuckled lightly." Y/N, my love, you have such a way with words." He stated sarcastically, ignoring how his chat started spamming your name." Thanks for the dono but you literally can just call me on discord, fucking idiot."
And just like that, his discord went off, it made him jump in his gaming chair. He covered it up with a cough and answered the call," Hola hermosa."
"Did you just fucking jump when I called you?"
He sputtered," The fuck??? No. You're tripping."
"YOU DID. You're such a pussy boy."
"Yes, I am a pussy boy because I attract all the puss-"
"Stop talking." You interrupted," Why arent you asleep Alex? I don't know if you knew this buuut, 2 am is usually the time when people should be sleeping." You stated, snarky and teasing.
"If you wanted to get me alone you shouldve just said so, babe." He stated simply, you could hear the shit-eating grin in his voice.
He heard you laugh from the other side, making his heart flutter in his chest." I wish I was there but Mexico is like hours away." You muttered.
"Why are you awake? You've been going off to me but it's late where you are too."
"It's cause I was watching your shitass stream. I'm such a dedicated girlfriend, arent I? I just love you so much." You laughed out.
"Aww, you're such a simp for me..." Alex pressed a hand to his cheek embarrassingly, mocking that he was flustered." Should I just end the stream now then. I wanna talk to you now."
"Now you're the one wanting to get me alone Hmm?"
"Yeah, at least I can admit it. Looks like you're the pussy here." He spat your words right back at you.
"End the stream."
"Yes ma'am."
"Pfft, and you say you arent a fucking bottom." You teased.
"Y/N, I am still strEAMING-"
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cherios · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
author's note(s): have this while i work on punz hs au ;P
cw warnings: light cursing, the word "porno" is used but i assure you this is all sfw
Tumblr media
This white boy would probably be so flustered
Even though no one can see him
Everyone can just hear it in his voice
“So umm…”
And chat just makes it x10 worse by pointing out how his voice went up a few octaves after you left his room
“Chat shut the fuck up okay. Just shut up.”
And then that draws the attention of sapnap and george
“Ooooh Dream all worked up over a kiss from Y/nnnnn”
“I’m leaving.”
Then he leaves without another word and stays hauled up on the couch until you get home
“I’m leaving now.” You told him off camera pulling on your jacket
Pausing the game and making his face full screen but muting his mic he turned towards you
“Do you really have to go?”
Shaking your head you grabbed your keyes and purse from their spot on his desk before leaning forward and planting a small kiss on your lips
Immediately his cheeks heat up a rosy red color after realizing that everyone in his chat just saw that
When you go to leave he turns off his camera without a second thought and unmutues his mic
“Umm.. anyways-”
This man does not fucking care.
He would make out with you on stream if he could
And the second he starts getting the aw’s and ooh’s
He’s immediately shutting them all down.
“Chat shut up. I literally make out with your mom every fucking day.”
He stopped letting you kiss him on stream after you attempted at pulling off his beanie
The kiss isn’t a quick peck or longer than a minute
But it’s long enough for him to get the message of he loves you across
When you pull away he gives you one last short smooch before allowing you to leave his presence
And then he acts like it never happened.
But everyone in chat are saying things like i wish that were me or where do i find myself a karl
And he’s just smiling because he knows he’s the lucky one
Gives no fucks.
Chat is completely non existent during this time
When it’s time for you to leave his office it takes a good 5 minutes just to get off his lap
His hands are on your waist squeezing and rubbing on the small part of your exposed skin while your backs to the stream
“Have everything you need?”
“I think so, but I'll be able to check when I'm allowed the privilege off your lap.”
“WIll you call me when you get there?”
You lean forward giving his a kiss on the nose
“Yes, I always do.”
And reluctantly he lets you go ignoring all of chats messages
“So are you guys done with your soft porno?”
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