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•As an every artist I am inspired by the actual events.🍂Also, I have a kestrel family above my head now - they moved their nest from the next building and I don’t know why, but something tells me, that they are our secret protectors🐦. I love to observe them and adore their moves.

•Kestrel the Protector✍🏻- watercolor painting, 8.27 x 11.69in

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“We need to figure out who those people were, piloting the Orathian. They weren’t who they were supposed to be.”

“Cas, I’ll be honest, I don’t want to know. They shot at us, and we got lucky. We might not next time. What if I just took you back, and we told whoever sent you down about this?”

“No. We can’t just leave. The Argentus might need our help and I need to find out what happened here. Aren’t you curious?”

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kurdistan by KURDISTAN🌟 كوردستان
Via Flickr:
thank you for your visit دلـه کان زور شتیان تیـدایه که بیان ناکریت زور ئازاریش هه یه بــه زمان بیان ناکریت

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My boyfriend has been pranking me so bad, he's going to get a surprise tonight. He said all morning he wants some and teasing me he's going to break my hips. I been growing out my armpit and leg hair. I going to rub some onions under my arms and crack open some boiled eggs, use the yellow part to rub in to my skin on my legs. I may even put some mayo in my hair. His surprise is a live egg salad dish x'D He ain't getting nothing but wrath of my smell. 2 freaking weeks of pranks. No pus 4 him.


Lol go big or go home I guess

Hopefully he’s not too sore about the prank

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