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“Let everything you do be a ritual of love.” - Don Miguel Ruiz 

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Spring has come, but here in the Northeast of the US, the warmth has not yet arrived. This is an altar to bring in the warmth. An altar because I had some fresh flowers. An altar because I have extra time right now. An altar just because! I forgot how meditative it is to watch incense smoke curl and rise. In this time of turmoil in the global family, I’ve found practice, and presence.

Breathe, and be present.

Altar supplies: flowers include amaryllis (red), tulips, hyacinth, and wildflowers from my yard, crystals are pink amethyst, clear quartz points, and an amethyst candle holder, abalone shell, antique incense burner, willow wreath by Bitterwitch Apothecary

🌸 ☀️ 🌸 ☀️ 🌸

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Rubus spectabilis (Salmonberry)

When Captain Cook landed at Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island on March 30, 1778, Salmonberries were flowering at the water’s edge. He stayed for a month so he may have eaten the berries, served with oolichan oil and smoked salmon, at feasts hosted by Chief Maquinna of the Nuu’chah’nulth First Nation . 

This Salmonberry is flowering in my back garden. I planted it to attract native bird’s and it works like a charm.

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