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#wildlife art

This ACEO of a White-nosed Coati is a commisioned piece and one of my most complex and most deliberately done ACEOs as of today. I really took my time with it to make it as good as I can, and I have to say I’m very pleased with the outcome! :) The commissioner provided a couple references of the coati, from which I chose one, then changed quite a few things about that reference and added a couple of specifically requested plant species to make the piece complete. This was a lot of work and a real challenge, but I’m incredibly happy how it came out! ❤️

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Inktober Day 15: Outpost

I have to admit, I think outpost is my least favorite prompt on the list. I decided to go with just the post part of it and drew this little prairie dog mailman.

8x8 ink on watercolor paper

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Inktober Day 14: Armor

I’ve been seeing quite a few chipmunks on my walks lately so I just want to keep drawing them. I’m not sure what this little guy is guarding in his little acorn helmet and bark breastplate, but he looks like he’s taking it very seriously.

6x8 ink on watercolor paper

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Inktober Day 12: Slippery

One of my favorite books as a child was The Salamander Room. The illustrations by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher enchanted me and made me want a little salamander and a salamander room of my own. Slippery and slimy things don’t necessarily have to be gross, they can be adorable just like this little guy.

Ink on watercolor paper

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Inktober Day 6: Rodent

One of my favorite parts about living in Pennsylvania is the chipmunks! I’ve never lived in a place with chipmunks so I can’t get over how adorable they are. Pretty soon they will begin hibernating for the winter and I won’t see them around anymore. I’ll enjoy them while I still can, and of course look forward to spotting the first chipmunk of spring next year!

Ink on Watercolor paper

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