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#wildlife collection

Fur is faux pas!

Spring is a time for wildlife! 

In 2000 Great Britain introduced a ban on par-force hunting. This national sport that was part of the tradition was questioned for ethical reasons. We usually do not question the cultural assumptions in which we live. But this example shows that you can follow reality and question your authority for success. There is only one country in the world that has introduced a total ban on hunting - Costa Rica. This is a place of extraordinary biodiversity. This is real wealth. In the long run, there can be no business that will not respect those values.
Spring is a time of transformation and change.
Fur is unfashionable!

So I’m also inspired to paint wildlife.

Painted clock by CanisArtStudio

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Welcome to the New Year 2018!
Thank you for all your inspirations and all the good thoughts that I receive.
This year is the Chinese Year of the Dog and for sure the lovers of dogs and pets will find a lot of new paintings with their favorite pets in my shop.
I also prepared home decorations to welcome the New Year to have fun and celebrate our best friends and now they are available at a discount.
Now I am also working on new natural paintings that show the beauty of birds and wild animals. Today I am including sketches, but tomorrow they will be available in my little Art Gallery.

Happy New Year with a Dog Sign!

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