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#wildlife rehab

I would like you all to meet my pet pigeon Finley. I rescued him about 2 months ago in front of my office building in a city with a wing injury and messed up toe. He was very young! Now he can glide short distances, but the wing never fully healed, so he isn’t releasable. He doesn’t like being touched but he enjoys human company. We are getting him a friend in the near future.

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I found a native tortoise who had been cruelly painted, he got a teeny snack while waiting for transport to wildlife rehab for a makeover. I recorded the exact location where I found him in case they want to re-release him there. But given that someone is painting tortoises in the area the zoo might choose to keep him safe in captivity.

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oh god i dropped something and scared my lil possum

goodbye i’m turning myself in and going to straight to hell

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I visited a bird sanctuary near my hometown for some networking with my current workplace, and I met the most DELIGHTFUL little pigeon! This little lady lives in an aviary home to about 40 songbirds who are all non-releaseable. The songbirds in this aviary all have injuries that are permanent, and would prevent their survival in the wild- here they can live in safety and enjoy free food from their human caretakers.

This Pidge followed us around the whole time we were in the aviary, and she was so cute and personable! Look at this perfect being:

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Green Turtle Rescuers

Green sea turtles have been showing up on south Texas beaches in larger numbers than ever. Dr. Donna Shaver, her team, and a great network of people have been busier than usual rescuing stuck or stranded turtles that need a little help getting to safety.

via: Texas Parks and Wildlife

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This poor bat was stuck to a glue trap. The people who found him managed to peel him off using the oyster card - but he just stuck to that instead, as he was covered in glue. Sadly this guy didn’t make it - the stress of being stuck, and all the handling before and after being bought in was just too much for him.

Please don’t use glue traps - they are indiscriminate in what they catch, and cause immense stress and pain for the unlucky trapped animals.

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That sounds awesome, I hope you enjoy the internship! I really miss wildlife rehab, I loved it so much.

Even if it’s hot, I’d recommend still wearing long pants to protect your legs, both from critters and outside from brush. I got a good pair of water proof hiking boots from an outdoor sports store and they worked great for me. You might also want some taller water proof boots for wet muddy days, especially for outdoor chores.

Gloves, I didn’t have to worry about much myself, we had lots of regular and heavy duty leather gloves at my place for handling raptors. But I did buy my own for keeping in my car for wildlife catching runs. Just a small pair of leather gardening gloves for small creatures, which would also work for clearing brush and similar chores. And a big pair of welding gloves, which were my raptor gloves (or anything else potentially dangerous).

Worth checking with the place you’re working with as well to see if they have any additional requirements or suggestions, or if they supply anything for you. Good luck!

Edit: Don’t forget tick and other pest protection, and look up ways to protect yourself from tick bites! I always forget this bc I’ve never had much issue with them.

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ok so long story short: my state literally doesn’t have a mammal wildlife rehab. like at all. so a relative called me about an injured fox a guy had been calling around trying to find help for since 4am (it was now 1pm) with no success

I’m a biology major with wildlife rehab experience so I ended up called in as the absolute last resort (because of the species of fox a permit isn’t required in my state for this situation per. the game warden) 

so. I roll up and this guy has the fox SLEEPING IN HIS PASSENGERS SEAT WITHOUT A KENNEL (i dont know either) and I took him in for the night so he could hopefully sleep it off. so long story short come morning I have a very much recovered and very much angry fox living in my bathroom

he will most likely be going to the game warden for release tomorrow or failing that a vet clinic the next state over as his he’s healthy sans an eye injury that would be difficult to effectively treat, 


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For the last 6 months I’ve been able to be a part of something so special and rare and I’m so grateful and proud of everything I experienced. It was emotionally exhausting but I need to be ready to reset and pack and move on to some other amazing animals in need. I hate goodbyes so much and transition periods flip me upsidedown. I’m gonna miss them💔

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i was at the dog park and found one of the chihuahuas playing with something. it was a baby vole. at first i thought it was a baby mouse that wandered away from the near by mouse nest that i know about and was about to put it near by when i noticed its little tail. i tried to leave it but i couldn’t bring myself to when my dog could have been responsible for its death. so its in a bucket in my bathroom until i can get in contact with the wildlife rehab center tomorrow. it has open eyes and is can move but is very wobbly.

the bucket has some dried moss from a project i was doing as substrate, a tiny terracotta pot as a hide, and toilet paper for warmth.i know you’re not supposed to feed or give water to found wildlife but the rehab place doesn’t open for over 12 hours and since its so young i don’t think it will survive that long without so i left a blackberry and some grass with seeds from the area i found it in with it and i misted a leaf with some water so it it needs to drink it can lick the droplets. i’m also going to attempt to stimulate it to go to the bathroom with a cotton bud but will otherwise not interact with it.

i really hope the center will take it. the poor thing fell asleep in my hand on the way home. i don’t know what i’ll do if they don’t.


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I love being a party pooper but I volunteer in wildlife rehab and see the results of socialized wild animals. The far majority of them end up really really dead. If they’re super lucky sometimes a zoo will take them or they can end up a wildlife ambassador but like I said, the far majority do not. They end up injured/dead before coming to us, animal control kills them for being a nuisance/danger since they’re not afraid of people, or we have to euthanize them because a zoo won’t take them and there just plain isn’t the resources to keep that many wild animals in captivity with any sort of quality of life.

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