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maxiemayfield 2 days ago
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0aurelion-sol0 a day ago
What are the odds that Will paints something that will foreshadow something happening in the season ? 馃槒
Tumblr media
Or better...
What are the odds that something that happened during the season will be revealed at the end to have been painted by Will ?
There's a lot of movies on the ST4 Video Store Fridays list that have a big twist at the end that makes you reconsider the whole story or at least parts of it...
This could be one. 馃檭
In season 1, when Will played that D&D game and he lost, he said that the Demogorgon caught him, which is exactly what happens despite the Demogorgon having no reason to kidnap Will and keep him alive unlike his other victims since Will wasn't bleeding and they were plenty of people he could have attacked at HNL. Especially since the main gate was opened there... No, he was lurking around Mirkwood for no particular reason and stayed in that part of town when it could have easily moved and attack other people in town. Also the animal description doesn't fit since when he tried to get into the Byers house after following Will, he used powers similar to El (that he never used after that...) and he also put in the effort of going into the Upside Down, appearing behind Will in the shed (knowing where he was despite losing sight of him and AGAIN, Will wasn't bleeding) and trapping him... And the way they entered the Upside Down doesn't fit with the way all the people entered the Upside Down in the series which is through a gate. Here it happened in just a second and Will and The Demogorgon totally dissapeared.
In season 2, during this season Will was going in and out of The Upside Down but no explanation was given why even after the fact that Will didn't vomit slugs anymore. He kept being haunted by a shadow being who was always there when he got teleported in the Upside Down. Despite the two, on the surface, having no real connection whatsoever... There is one moment where something like that happens in season 2 and it was at the Arcade where the boys were playing Dig Dug. Right after that Will has an episode and sees the same being that will build tunnels under Hawkins, that we find by using Will's drawing skills to make a map of the tunnels, which leads to one episode called "Dig Dug".
In season 3, after Will watched Day Of The Dead and sensing the Mind Flayer via his neck, the Mind Flayer literally infected people and created what looked like zombies or zombie-like creatures that would go around killing or transforming other people into the same thing. Hell, the host of this season had the same name as him William and was nicknamed Billy who has alot of parallels with Will. It is during that same season that Will runs a D&D game where one of the enemies were zombies that would bite Mike on the arm which apparently deals 7 points of damage. What happens 4 episodes after that ? El gets bit on the leg by the giant monster made of zombie-like people in episode 7 "The Bite".
So Will is always used, connected or at the center of something that foreshadows the main plot of the season...
Sometimes with things that don't make sense like the Demogorgon following Will despite him not bleeding and being in Mirkwood when he can eat people in the Lab where the main gate was, tricking him and kidnapping him alive despite killing it's other victims...
...or The Mind Flayer always being where Will was when he crossed into the Upside Down despite having no explanation why he was able to do such a thing. (Why couldn't he do it in season 3 if he still had a part of the Mind Flayer inside of him and the gate was being opened ?)
So what if this time, something like this happens in season 4 but with Will's painting, he paints something that will appear or happen during the season ? Or subverting it and putting it at the end, realising that Will painted exactly what happened or appeared during that season ? Even both, if we can have both.
I know there's many movies on the ST4 list centered around artists or paintings being part of the world of or connected to the story. And I have already some on my mind. But that's for another post.
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steveshair-robinshood 19 hours ago
ok but the only will-has-powers reveal that i will accept is everyone (except el) is getting chased (by what? take your pick idc) and they end up cornered on the cliff at the old quarry and mike decides to be 鉁╤eroic鉁 and jump in the hopes that their pursuer will follow him over or something, (a la the iconic 鈥渟he鈥檚 our friend and she鈥檚 crazy鈥 scene in s1), and everyone is desperately trying to talk him out of it and theyre all like 鈥渆l isn鈥檛 here to save you this time鈥 and mike鈥榮 all like 鈥渟ee you on the other side鈥 and then he jumps
i鈥檓 talking slow-motion, dramatic music, long shots of everyone panicking, mike closing his eyes as he accepts his fate, and then 鈥 right before he hits the water he stops in midair. then he falls the last like two feet or something into the water, and he resurfaces and he鈥檚 fine. back on the cliff, everyone鈥檚 rejoicing bc he isn鈥檛 dead and no one is really focusing on how he survived bc theyre so relieved and whatnot
then it cuts to will, who is standing apart from the group, completely silent, expression unreadable. he reaches up and wipes his nose. his fingers come away bloody. the screen cuts to black. end episode
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mikewheeler-is-a-simp 2 days ago
BROOOOOO HANG ONNNNNN WAITTTTT OKOKOK SO YKNOW HOW WILL IS LIKE 鈥渟o u can swap spit with some stupid girl鈥 and then Mike鈥檚 like 鈥渆Ls nOt sTupId,鈥 the translation being 鈥測ou and el's relationship is all one sided, you don鈥檛 even like her!鈥 鈥淣ot that鈥檚 not true I like el, it鈥檚 not my fault you鈥檙e gay鈥
Um ya so I鈥檓 just like gonna go return to my corner also # tagging byler theorists cuz they鈥檙e smart @beepboop358 @cmollyo @ghostgirlinsatin @kaypeace21 @tsugarubecker @hawkinsschoolcounselor
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stincorrect 20 hours ago
(At a Sleepover) Dustin: How do girls know that they鈥檙e off their periods? Do their vaginas ding or something? Max: An elf pops out and throws confetti at us and yells 鈥淵ou鈥檙e free! See you next month.鈥 Lucas: So you give birth to an elf every month? El: Yes. Mike: So that鈥檚 how Santa gets his elves. Will: *facepalms*
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azzzoe 3 days ago
Will Mike turn into his father, Ted? Have his parents influenced him to be 鈥渟traight鈥?
Ted Wheeler can be viewed as the聽鈥榗lassic鈥 80s father; living in the mundane whilst his children fend off supernatural evil. He is depicted to have little care about his children and wife, showing no effort to reconcile (or even form) a relationship with any of the other Wheelers鈥.聽
Ted has achieved the聽鈥楢merican Dream鈥;聽with a beautiful wife, three children (who he seems to believe are living simple lives), a lovely suburban home at the end of the cul-de-sac, and the next few years of his life planned out before him. He has nothing to stress about, and henceforth nothing to think about. It鈥檚 the stereotypical聽鈥榥uclear family鈥 trope.
We can suppose that living in this conservative family has left Mike with very heteronormative idealisations of relationships. We don鈥檛 really see this affect him until season 3, where the monster is considered a metaphor for聽鈥榩uberty鈥 and聽鈥榞rowing up鈥. At this point he would also be noticing that he isn鈥檛 really all that attracted to girls, but more on that later.聽
In the first season, Nancy worries her relationship with Steve is only leading her down the same path as her parents. To a loveless, miserable relationship that is holding on only by a thread, slowly disintegrating into nothing. She soon leaves Steve, breaking off their聽鈥榖ullshit鈥 relationship and moving on to Jonathan, a person who can聽鈥榞et her off鈥 the path she was聽鈥榙estined鈥 to follow.聽
During the time that Nancy is struggling with this, Mike is being introduced to the Upside Down, and all the supernatural-ness that comes with it. Living in his own little world of adventure with his friends (likes he always has, just now it鈥檚 all real). In the first season, Mike is in constant distress from searching for Will, and making sure El is safe from the 鈥榖ad people鈥.聽
This is a stark contrast to his father; Mike is considerate, genuine, and determined in the first season. We see this through the way he takes El in, despite her confusing appearance and the obvious danger she brought to him. And despite all this, he knows she is a tool he can use to save Will, and that, in a way, they both need each other. He is the first person to show her real compassion and humanity. And that she is a person, not just a test subject.
He is a genuinely kindhearted character in season 1, and this follows through to season 2 as well.
Mike spends majority of his time in season 2 with Will, much of which he is shown comforting his friend. Ted Wheeler, in comparison, is never really shown having much of a social life, especially compared to Karen (and Mike- but Nancy didn鈥檛 seem to be friendly with many people). He is there for Will all through his possession (aside from the exorcism), and is one of the only people Will feels is treating him聽鈥榥ormally鈥. As Dustin and Lucas fuss over Max, Mike fusses over Will with equal (if not more) care and love.
Mike is always the first person by Will鈥檚 side when he is having an episode, ready to help him. They even mention going聽鈥渃razy together鈥, expressing how truly empathetic Mike is (specifically to Will). I鈥檒l also mention he is one of the only people Will remembers, and one of the few people in the shed scene, where he shares that befriending Will was the best thing he鈥檇 ever done.
here鈥檚 a cute lil vid i found of them (credit to screenpacks):
Now that we鈥檝e looked at both season 1 and 2 (both where Mike is unlike Ted + spends lots of time with Will), let鈥檚 look at season 3.
During this whole season, there is a humongous change in Mike鈥檚 personality and the way he treats others. He becomes more apathetic, and straight-up rude at some points, mimicking his father鈥檚 passiveness in many ways.聽
Firstly, he聽鈥榣ooses interest鈥 in spending time with his friends, and seems to want nothing more than to make-out with Eleven (however, when he does this he seems to take up no physical contact other than kissing, which seems to be the only aspect of their relationship).聽
As I stated earlier, Mike has been brought up to have very聽heteronormative idealisations of relationships. The puberty monster represents him being unable to escape these homosexual feelings, which he knows to be聽鈥榥ot normal鈥. Mike, in this season, is realising he is not actually attracted to Eleven, and is rather using her to become more聽鈥榥ormal鈥, like his parents. Hence him acting more like his parents (more Ted, than Karen), and even wearing clothes similar to theirs, paralleling their failed relationship.聽
Tumblr media
There鈥檚 a deeper analysis of Mike鈥檚 wardrobe choice here.
Mike is succumbing to what he has been taught is聽鈥榥ormal鈥.聽
However, during this season Mike has a significantly softer side, which we only see when it comes to one specific character-
In the first two seasons, Mike spent all his time with Will (either physically with him, or thinking about him + looking for him). In these first two seasons, he is much less of a jackass (and not similar to his parents at all). But, in season 3, since being with Will reminds him he is聽鈥榥ot normal鈥, Mike becomes slightly passive towards Will (or is, at least, avoiding him).聽
If they had simply聽鈥榙rifted apart鈥, the Duffer brothers would have shown this in the show. But it was all very stunted/constant (which reminds me of myself- I had romantic feelings for my friend and immediately broke off contact with them (really bad thing to do, but it was the first time I was realising my sexuality and I was afraid of them finding out)).聽
This leads me to a consensus that (especially with season 3 being about growing up and experiencing puberty), Mike was realising his feelings for Will and ergo crawling into the little cave his parents built for him to be聽鈥榥ormal鈥. He stopped spending as much time with Will because he was subconsciously afraid of what it would lead to, and even in the short moments we see them together, it鈥檚 very personal. However, I don鈥檛 think Mike has actually realised this is the case.
I鈥檒l also give some examples of Mike鈥檚 behaviour changing drastically when with Will...
Tumblr media
鈥淗ey, are you okay?鈥澛
鈥淎re you sure?鈥
It鈥檚 very similar behaviour to the earlier seasons, when he spent more time with Will (they鈥檙e also blushing lol). For reference, prior to this the four had just broken into a movie and shoved past a bunch of people to get seats.
This is a vid of the Mike + Will fight in case it hasn鈥檛 been physically implanted into your head: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuBT5Q4tsdY> (credits to shopaii).
Immediately after realising Will is upset, Mike drops his whole uninterested macho act and runs after him to apologize, again resembling his caring, considerate behaviour from seasons prior.
What could this mean for the future?
We鈥檝e established that Mike鈥檚 behaviour is incredibly different between seasons 2 and 3, and I鈥檝e also explained why. But, what does this mean for the future of Byler? Are we going to see him continue mimicking his parents, or will he finally come to a sort of acceptance?
At the very end of season 3, I see Mike as having a much more vulnerable personality towards everyone.聽I鈥檝e analysed this last scene聽here. I think this means that in the next season we will be seeing Mike resort back to his original ways, rather than trying to conform to the聽鈥榥ormal鈥 life set up for him by his conservative family.
We were also told that Mike gives a very emotional monologue in season 4, so that is proof he may be leaning towards his more compassionate side (that is less like his father).
As always, thanks for reading! Any interaction is greatly appreciated.
Happy stranger things watching, hope everything鈥檚 alright <3
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crazy-together-get-reddie 13 hours ago
ok i did it :]
i also use capcut to edit if anyone is wondering
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beepboop358 2 days ago
Hello! I hope you're well. I just had a (probably stupid) question: why do you think Will is 012? Why not 001? Or the "patient zero"? And do you think Kali and Will will meet? And do you think Jonathan has powers as well? Because Joyce seems to have some (or maybe she's just very intuitive) to communicate with her son while he's in the Upside Down. Wow that's a lot to answer to, I apologize for the length of my message.
Ty for your answer, have a nice day. 馃槂
Hi bestie! I hope you're well too <3
It's not a stupid question at all! No worries ever! 鈾ワ笍 I think Will might be 012 for a few reasons:
#1 being because the age logistics line up, since he and Eleven are implied to be about the same age, he would have to be a number that is close to hers, and Will has a lot of connections to the lab.
#2 because it would complete a "full circle" around the traditional analog clock, and we know time will be a big theme in season 4 馃槈
#3 This one is a theory but I like it a lot and it was @unmatchedtemptress who suggested this to me but essentially the theory is that the numbers could possibly go in order of power, so Will being 012 would make him the most powerful, and that seems to fit with Eleven being pretty powerful as 011, and Kali being slightly less powerful than El, as 008.
I don't think Will is 001 just because of the age logistics, since the program was going on for years before Eleven was taken, and subjects like Kali who are older than her, have earlier numbers, so Will would have to be much older than he is in the show, for him to be 001. I think Will being 012, combined with the clock symbolism, fits really well because Will would be like the end of it all, if that makes sense? Like he could be the one symbolically and literally to put a stop to all this madness.
I am really curious to see if the show brings Kali back. I wouldn't be super surprised if they did, but the episode with kali got such low ratings, maybe they don't want to bring her character back because of that? It's hard to say. I kind of don't think it's super likely that Kali and Will will meet this season, but hey anything is possible :) It would be really cool if some other lab subjects met Will, if kali doesn't meet him in season 4 or 5!!
I don't think Jonathan has powers, since we don't get any clues he does, but they could always be dormant, and come out in a really extreme situation. However I kind of think the show won't give him powers, just to kind of emphasize Will's uniqueness and his powers.
I think they might be doing some kind of Luke and Leia long lost "twins" who have powers kind of thing with Will and El. I don't think Joyce herself has powers, just that she is intuitive like you said, but I do think someone in her family has powers (maybe she is related to Creel and he has powers?) There really does seem to be a genetic component to the powers.
thanks so much for the ask! I hope you're doing good! 鈾ワ笍
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willbyers-gay 17 hours ago
Ok but like what if this were to happen
It鈥檚 the end of the first episode in Stranger Things 4 Mike is already in California or he just like finished reading a letter from Will either way the episode ends with Will or Mike saying I love you, and then the credits like bro I would just die
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they-banned-my-main 21 hours ago
most consistent thing on stranger things is those goddamn striped shirts
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crazy-together-reddie 2 days ago
I need bylers first kiss to be initiated by Will because we see all of their touches are initiated by Mike (him putting his arm around Will, holding his hand, etc) and it would just make it 100 times better for reasons I can't really explain.
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radink333 2 days ago
Tumblr media
every slow burn writer ever
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reddie-as-ill-ever-be 2 days ago
Mike, when he first met Will: Well, if you're not at least a little bit gay for your friends, then what kind of friend are you?
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arluko 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I saw some edits with this picture so I made my own byler edit (I know quality)
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mikewheeler-is-a-simp a day ago
Hello Fellow ST fans, tis me. Welcome to ranking st characters on how they鈥檇 respond to someone asking their pronouns
Mike: 鈥淯h him/him I guess鈥
Will: 鈥淗e/they, thanks for asking鈥
Dustin: 鈥淗e/they/she鈥
Lucas: 鈥淚鈥檓 a he/him I think鈥
El: 鈥淯m they/them/theirs鈥
Max: 鈥渦m any but I prefer she/her鈥
Jonathan: 鈥淗e/him鈥
Nancy: 鈥淚鈥檓 a woman, she/her鈥
Erica: 鈥淗onestly I don鈥檛 care that much鈥
Murray: 鈥淢y pronouns are they/them and for the intellectuals xe/xir 鈥
Joyce: 鈥淪he/her/they 馃槉鈥
Hopper: 鈥淢an鈥
Steve: 鈥淧ronouns are what I go by right? He/him鈥
Robin: 鈥淪he/they鈥
The demogorgon: 鈥渋t/its, everyone always assumes I鈥檓 a man, thank you so much for asking鈥
The mindflayer: 鈥淰i/virs鈥
Billy: 鈥淚 don鈥檛 have pronouns鈥
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Sooo I legit was in that half asleep half awake part for a while this morning and at some point had this concept of.. wellll if time travels gonna be a thing this season.. (possibly)what if.. our boys had ugh, fucked up, what if the 鈥済o crazy together鈥 night was meant to be a even more defining moment?.. what if Will was meant to finally tell Mike he loved him? What if the consequences of him being too scared to were, catastrophic锟! What if they had to go back in time to fix things, fully not knowing what or why until they were smacked right into that moment. Watching their past selves make the same mistake, scared but needing to interject and change things? Will knowing that was the night he meant to.. well.. and he couldn鈥檛 but now he has to find a way to do it in front of two Mikes and himself!
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azzzoe 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
I hadn鈥檛 drawn anything in a while and thought this moment was really cute- may not have turned out the best but it was really fun to make!
Hope you鈥檙e having a great day, happy stranger things watching!
(Click for better quality)
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beepboop358 2 months ago
My heart just SHATTERED
Tumblr media
"And all of my heroes die all alone"
Tumblr media
Will does his 'Who is your hero?' project on Alan Turing: He invented computers, was a mathematician, and a gay man.
Tumblr media
and Eleven does her hero project on her dad Hopper, who she thinks is dead.
Tumblr media
"Help me hold onto you"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eleven building a replica of her first real home and her father:
Tumblr media
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luke-skywalker 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
El Hopper-Byers and Will Byers in STRANGER THINGS
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iandebbie 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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