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#will graham x hannibal lecter
nonsumnoncuro · 4 months ago
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“God can't save any of us because it's inelegant. Elegance is more important than suffering. That's his design.”- Primavera, Hannibal, S3E2
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beehve · 4 months ago
Imagine being in full knowledge of Hannibal and Will’s extremely unhealthy, messed-up, vaguely homo-erotic codependent relationship, and then sitting there and thinking: “You know what? I’m gonna let them hang out after not seeing each other for three years. I cannot think of one (1) single thing that could go wrong there.”
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salemwolfgang · a month ago
Will and Hannibal Walking Finding Their S/O Stoned
Request: “hey! this might be an odd request but i was wondering if you could do headcanons for will graham and hannibal coming home to see that their s/o is just like really stoned lol like what their reaction would be and stuff (also if u aren’t comfortable writing this i completely understand) :)))”
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter x Reader x Will Graham
Will and Hannibal had seen you stoned before but never to this extent. Usually it was only enough to get you mellowed out and in a good mood, but this this was extreme (to them at least)
Both had just come back from work and neither knew what to do wen they saw you laid at on the couch surrounded by all the snacks inside the house and at least ten cups of assorted drinks on the coffee table. 
The room had a strong smell that gave away instantly what had caused you to become like this. Hannibal raised an eyebrow at your twisted position and made an attempt to lay you out straighter
Will attempted to clean up your mess but you mumbled random demands at him and he heard a few weird threats leave your lips but he ignored all of it
Both sat there in amusement as you began to make remarks of their appearance and how the food you ate “wasn’t enough to quench your extreme hunger” so Hannibal decided to cook you up something
The whole time you sat in Will’s lap and played with his hair and rambled about how he was so much like a dog. He made a few remarks about it but you ignored him or kissed him to make him shut his mouth
Finally Hannibal finished and played out the plates on the table but you demand Hannibal feed you because your hands were “to tired”
The night ended with the three of you watching a movie and you laid out on their laps a bowl in your hand and Will massaging your “tired” hands
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make-loki-happy-again · 2 months ago
Okay, while I agree that Will Graham isn't just some "innocent baby who never did anything wrong in his life", I really disagree with the argument that he was always a dark and manipulative person destined to become a murderer.
I often see people saying that he was always dark and dangerous but he was masking that behind his cuteness because he is cold and calculating.
And I couldn't understand why this interpretation always makes me uncomfortable, untill I realised that it's because of my own experiences with my mental health.
The reason it hurts me to see people say that Will was always evil is because I also do have intrusive thoughts and fantasies. And they fill me with guilt and distress in a similar way to what Will was experiencing at the beginning of season 1.
The difference is that when I tell people about it (my mom, my friends, my therapist), they help me distract myself from things that trigger those thoughts and reassure me that I am a good person and that my thoughts don't define me.
The responses Will got, on the other hand, were Jack pushing him to work at a job that wasn't good for his mental health and Hannibal manipulating him and creating situations that basicially forced him to act on those thoughts. And then he was thrown into a mess that required him to fight and play dirty in order to survive.
Yes, Will does have dark desires, he is also capable of being calculating and manipulative, but before reaching a breaking point, he was not acting in those ways.
He was doing his job, even though it was hard for him, because he wanted to help people. He was honest with Jack and Hannibal about his intentions, his issues and his distressing thoughts, untill he realised that it won't get him anywhere.
And whenever I see people claiming that he was never innocent or good because of his dark thoughts I get a bit uncomfortable. Reminding myself that I am not just "an evil impostor manipulating everyone into believeing that I am good" takes a lot of hard work, so seeing people claim that a character with experiences similar to mine was destined to become a murderer is a bit distressing. Because I want to believe that we can be innocent and good if we fight against those thoughts.
This is why I do think Will was an innocent and good person, untill he got pushed into doing things he never actually wanted to do. It doesn't mean that he never did anything wrong. He did a lot of things that were manipulative or bad. But he wasn’t evil, cold or destined to become a murderer. He wasn't a rotten, broken person that we only had to wait to see become his "true self". He was just a man with mental problems that, instead of being handled with love and patience, were used against him.
There is, of course, nothing wrong with that interpretation and I don't mean to guilt trip or fight people who think different than me. After all, Will is fictional and it is totally cool to understand him in any way that makes you happy! ^-^
I just wanted to put it out there because maybe someone shares my opinion! ^-^
Again, no hard feelings or anything! If you want to discuss, please be nice and open towards each other! ^-^
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finns-hannibal-shitposts · 7 months ago
the reason Hannibal as a series looks like it was entirely lit up using the light on the back of a Samsung phone because the entire budget was blown on suits for Hannibal to wear
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andythesnake404 · 15 days ago
Hannibal: Will, why are you wearing that coat? What's under it?
Coat: *softly barks*
Will: Drugs.
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hannigram-house · a month ago
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Tumblr media
To caress the serpent that devours us, until it has eaten away our heart - Voltaire
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beehve · 26 days ago
people who don’t like s3 of hannibal confuse me (yes there are those people), because whilst the other seasons have as much, if not more humour than you’d expect a grisly crime procedural that’s went a little off the rails to have, season three is PEAK humour. it’s not even trying to keep up the facade that was the pretentious crime procedural. It’s *literally* a gay cannibal show by this point. You have Will, swinging from wanting to have nothing to do with / gut Hannibal, and then BAM 💥 as soon as Willoughy finds out that Hannibal has the Feels™️ for him he goes all “ALRIGHTY let’s fake-fake-break my boyfriend out of prison.” AND THE FUNNIEST PART??? JACK!!!! THE HEAD OF THE FBI’S BEHAVIORUAL SCIENCE UNIT!!! A MAN WHO HAS PROVEN HIMSELF TO BE VERY INTELLIGENT, A MAN WITH A DEGREE, just goes “Okay then Will, whatever you want 🥰”
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sammysamstuff · 8 months ago
I always say this but, how could Hannibal resist this beauty? Hannibal never stood a chance, he was hooked from the start, line and sinker (yeah, a fishing pun)...
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noisythoughts-byme · a month ago
Hannibal, after Will tried to have him killed: the friendship that we had is over.
Also Hannibal, one episode later: you're not alone, will. i'm standing right beside you.
who is he trying to fool?? he's WHIPPED for will graham.
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sonorousstuff · 3 months ago
The Hannibal fandom has two moods:
1. Oh my god, the murders, the pining, betrayals shsjshskhskshj
There's no in between
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