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bogleech · 6 months ago
"The Barbarian and the Troll” is a new Nickelodeon show which is generally cute but like most human achievements will probably never be as funny as this one scene ever again.
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humunanunga · 13 days ago
aborting a Salt Route
(Salt Route dreamt by @beabigshot)​
Check the dumpster first. If you go to the right afterward, you'll discover that you were held up searching for so long that the traffic already cleared. The Queen is assumed to have gotten tired of waiting and drove on ahead, earning you another remark from Spamton about abandonment. You can now go left or right while the road is clear. You probably want to head in the direction of Spamton's shop, but it'll be locked and some enemies will be unavoidable this way. Kris's spare button will be missing and Spamton's spare will be stuck on selecting Kris. Go right.
The split path you're supposed to take with Noelle now spells "DIALTONE." Spamton comments that without Kris, he would have had to keep hopping back and forth over the cones, leading him to muse about jumping through hoops just to get by and taking leaps of faith to make it [[BIG]]. Search the bottle game booths. You won't find his keys here, but he'll find the box Noelle tossed. She’s continuing her side of the normal route ahead of you, which means the cheese will be gone when you get to the mouse puzzles and the Ambyulances were already encountered.
Head toward Queen's mansion. Spamton will remark that coming here won’t get them far until he finds his keys. When he hears the Queen approaching, he'll put on Noelle’s box. Queen will assume he’s the same friend as before, only they perhaps helped themself to a dip in the pool. Since the Queen didn't capture you, she caged Ralsei instead and now takes this moment to hire her trucie as a butler, so after a fade-out, Kris is suited up in the lobby and Spamton is still wearing the box. The Queen then leaves it up to the swatchlings in the mansion to train Kris. If you didn’t search until Spamton finds the box, Queen won't take him with you and he'll have returned to the dumpster, and checking will only make him talk about everyone leaving him behind.
Spamton will say he remembers where he left his keys. Follow him into the anywhere door and go to the Trash Zone. Talking to idle swatchlings in the mansion may not engage them in a fight, but it’s safer not to wander the halls before you can spare again. When you find Spamton outside his shop, he laughs at himself intermittently as he laments that he locked himself out (with keygen locked inside) and that he just knew the [[spare]] wouldn’t work. Take the anywhere door to Cyber Field and visit Sweet Cap’n Cakes. Talk and select Keys to hire their service. They’ll meet you back at Spamton’s shop to make him a new key, and Spamton, hysterically overjoyed, will give back your [[spare key]]. You can now spare again, and Spamton will offer you a [[Specil Deal]] as thanks, which will restore the keygen sidequest.
This is the point where you can resume your pacifist run, but with a few other changes:
Kris’s room in Queen’s mansion has your name scratched out, with Ralsei inside. He and Susie are still in their cages, and whether you go into his room or Susie’s first, they’ll ask you where you’d been and why you’re in a suit. You can either reply that you and Queen are trucies or that she was out of cages. As you look around for a way to deactivate the cages, you are overwhelmed by the possibilities of what to type into the computer until you deploy Lancer. When he turns sickly, Ralsei tells the party right away what's wrong. Susie tries rushing the party to the Fountain in response, but they run out of time before he petrifies in the same room as on a normal route. After this and the same conversation with Berdly, Susie prompts Kris to change out of the suit already.
The spotlight puzzles don’t activate until you backtrack with your party, but Ralsei is present to add his own comments this time. When Berdly confesses to being of average intelligence, Ralsei tries to console Berdly, but when he struggles with pep talk that Berdly will respond to, Susie interjects with the same Dragon Blazers analogy.
The Spamton Neo fight is now skippable... kind of. Spamton never got the chance to tell you to come alone this time, so Ralsei and Susie will follow you down into the basement. Susie will try to ask what the hell Kris had been up to without them that brings them down here. If you encountered Jevil in the Chapter 1 save file used for this run, she’ll add, “Don’t tell me you found another weirdo in a basement.” Ralsei will try to reason that Kris must have a good reason, “right, Kris?” When Spamton Neo jumps the party, his drop down separates Kris from the others, but Susie interjects to demand answers, warning that he’ll have hell to pay if he lays a hand on Kris. Spamton Neo turns his attention toward her, finding it humorous that she’s offering him [[free vacation tickets]]. Seeing an opening, Kris, unprompted by the player, slashes at the strings. Spamton will be alarmed and offended at first that you made a move on him with his back turned, but he’ll realize you didn’t actually strike him and it dawns on him what you were doing. From here, he’ll urge you to cut the rest off and let you Act without attacking you on his turns. Deal Gone Wrong will continue to play instead of Big Shot as he continues to vent, giving his version of the story you're told by the Addisons after this fight. If you Fight him, he’ll get angry and start fighting back. When you make it to the last string, he’ll add to his normal dialogue, “ARE YOU PROUD OF ME NOW??”
In Spamton’s post-battle dialogue, after resigning that he’s still a puppet, he’ll add, “Well. No point in crying over spilled salt, I guess.”
The Addisons’ telling will still be more forward about the events themselves, while Spamton’s telling will be more about his feelings of abandonment, betrayal, dependence, personal worth and being wrapped around someone’s finger.
From here on, you should be back on track for a normal route.
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abd-illustrates · 9 months ago
I’ve already blocked the anon in question but here’s a general reminder not to send me asks that are sexually inappropriate!
If what you’re typing into my askbox is something you wouldn’t say to your Grandpa, don’t say it to me ✌️
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roxyandelsewhere · 5 months ago
i just watched the benders and it’s like. in faith they talk about who gets to decide who lives and who dies. in dead in the water and route 666 the real “monsters” are the people who killed or maimed senselessly and through that created the spirits acting as the motw (the cop guy in dead in the water, the racists in route 666). in nightmare dean insists max is a monster but sam says No dean, he’s a person, we can talk to him. and then in the benders the plot twist is that the “monster” is Just People, hunting other people bc it’s what their family does. fast forward several years and they’re still hunting “monsters”. they blur the lines so nicely and for WHAT
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woozi · 6 months ago
Hey I have been thinking of making gifs but i have no idea where to start so I thought y not ask a fellow carat who makes awesome gifss❤️
A little guidance would mean a lot!!
aww, anon!! thank you for coming to me for this. i love talking people’s ears off!! DFJKJDFKDF but that being said, i’ll keep this under a keep reading since i’ll go through things quite thoroughly!
there’s really a million and one ways to make gifs, but i’ll show you how i do it and the basics in general (+ maybe some alternatives). keep in mind that i use windows though, so i’m not sure how helpful this will be if you’re on a mac. anyhoot, i’ll be dividing this tutorial into 6 parts, namely sourcing, choosing a program to resize/import with (vapoursynth and/or KM player basics), photoshop basics (KM Player tutorial extension), sharpening, coloring, and exporting.
Tumblr media
the primary issue with sourcing is that the videos we want to gif come from different sources, and not all of them are conveniently downloadable. i’m going to list a few different sites/programs (that are free! <3) which allow me to download them!
4k Video Downloader: this program allows you to download from multiple sites, but i mainly use this for youtube. it’s better than other online alternatives (such as y2mate, which you can use if you can’t download this!) since it allows you to download above 1080p and also allows you to download subtitles if you want to. make sure to download it as .mkv though because options above 1080p will not show up if you’re downloading in .mp4!
Soshistagram: this is my go-to vlive downloader! it also allows you to choose the quality of your download.
Twitter Video Downloader & Instagram Downloader: exactly as their name implies, lol. twitter and instagram don’t really provide HD videos so i don’t mind downloading them through these. (the 2nd link also enables you to download from a number of other sources!)
Inspect Element: when worse comes to worst and if you're incredibly desperate to gif something that cannot be downloaded from any of these, you can (almost) always rip it off from the source code, lol. i won’t get into too much detail about this since so much information about this is readily available on the internet!
as you may have noticed, i’ve been mentioning quality for a lot of these.  while being able to download content may be the priority, it is also really important (maybe even equally important) to download high quality resources. it’s not a very good idea to gif from anything below 720p as they usually don’t come out as nice, so to get videos like these, i usually go to either the sources themselves (e.g: their official youtube account, music shows’ respective youtube accounts, studio choom, etc.) and if i won’t be able to find them there, they’re surely on our beloved and reliable rosebay (who provides almost every svt content out there! people usually go here to get performance stages and huya streams, but almost everything is literally here, lol). you can also find performance stages on kpopexciting and kpop24hours (which requires membership, so watch out for when they open registrations up!). that being said though, it’s quite hard to find sources for chinaline, but legohouse is the best for this!
when sourcing from fansites, always check if they allow editing first! if it’s not explicitly said, you can always ask them. (most of them reply :D) if you don’t know how to, here’s a good guide for such! thank you @hanwooz for making this guide. <3
it’s also worth noting that performance stages and a few other high quality content come in .tp/.ts files which you might need a different media player for. for this, i use vlc for everything! this is also available for mac.
sometimes, you might also need to extract files (as sources compress them to take up less space during upload). i use peazip to do this! it’s a great AND FREE alternative to winrar.
you might also encounter download limits on gdrive. you can simply make a copy of the file, put it in a folder, then download the whole folder.
Tumblr media
on to the more interesting part, we finally start making our gif! for this, i use photoshop cc (i downloaded it here lol) and vapoursynth OR KM player. these aren’t the only programs you can use, but these are what worked for me and my old 32-bit laptop, lol. you can find 64-bit and mac alternatives on the links as well i believe, and if not, you can just do a bit of digging around those sites!
(additional notes: another alternative for photoshop is GIMP but i don’t really remember how to use it. photopea’s also a web-based alternative, but i can’t say much about it since i haven’t dabbled there yet. there are also add-ons for photoshop such as topaz, but i (again) cannot use those, but i heard that they help a lot with making gifs look clean! avisynth is also an alternative to vapoursynth, but vapoursynth has added features i believe)
gifs are basically just moving pictures, so you can either capture moments you like as a video or as a series of images. photoshop accepts both, but as for me, i cannot import videos directly to photoshop so i do them frame by frame. to capture these images, one method is by processing them through KM Player.
Tumblr media
km player is basically a media player with a feature that allows you to get snapshots of videos continually (therefore, the series of images).
step 1: simply go to the timestamp of the moment you want to gif (i usually watch the videos first and type out all the timestamps of all the moments i want to gif) and press CTRL + G
Tumblr media
this window would then show up. you can choose where you want your snapshots to go by changing the folder that’s highlighted. keep in mind that you need separate folders for each gif! if you don’t change the folder, the new screencaps would overwrite the frames you previously captured. as for the image format, i only use either PNG or JPG/JPEG, as they capture the best quality from this media player. PNGs take a lot longer to capture though. the numbers to extract tells you how many frames it would capture. i set it to ‘continuously’ so gifs don’t come out choppy/look like they’re skipping. it’s almost the same principle with the other panel named frames to extract. as for the rest, just make sure to follow every setting on screenshot! (you can always explore/experiment with the rest of them later on)
step 2: afterwards, click start, and play your video. your laptop might get quite slow when this process starts.
step 3: when you’ve gone through your timestamp, press 'stop’, and go to the folder you previously chose!
Tumblr media
your folder should look similar to this:
Tumblr media
simply erase all the frames that you don’t want to be included in your gif, and you’re ready to import! we’ll be keeping these aside for now and learn another way to get frames.
Tumblr media
another alternative is to use vapoursynth. to me, this is a whole LOT easier and basically does all of the work for you. i really recommend this! ever since i got it to work just a few months ago, i can never really make gifs without it anymore. i use the old version though (rip </3), so i won't have the new preprocessors, denoise filters, and sharpening. i suggest you always take the most updated one because i heard they make a lot of difference output-wise!
bear in mind that vapoursynth uses python, so if you encounter some errors, it might just be that you don’t have it yet. just follow the instructions here! (for the longest time i couldn’t figure out why my vs wouldn’t work and it was because of this.... lol)
it’s very important to know tumblr size dimensions when it comes to gifs (whether you’re going to use vapoursynth or not), but i’m including it on this part since it’s crucial to how vs (vapoursynth) works. your gifs may look good on photoshop, but if they’re the wrong size they’ll inevitably end up blurry on tumblr unless someone clicks on them. here are the dimensions (image made by @dazzlingkai):
Tumblr media
you can use any height for these gifs, but these are the width dimensions you need to follow! **UPDATE: the middle gif for a 3-set is now also 177px!
nibreon has a video on how to gif using vs, but if you like text better, i can also provide it step by step for you.
step 1: to get started, simply drag your file to the vs shortcut. and this window should appear. (i’m using hoshi’s spider mv for this tutorial!)
Tumblr media
simply encode your chosen timestamp (in this case mine is 00:02:02) and press enter. (i don’t really trim my videos as other CCs do and just send them straight to vs, haha.)
step 2: this second line then asks you how long you want the video to be trimmed/previewed for. if your timestamp is 00:02:02-00:02:08, then what you’ll encode on this line is 00:00:06. (basically the duration of the video/part of the video)
Tumblr media
step 3: after it processes, this resizer will then show up in your default browser.
Tumblr media
this is where the size dimensions become important! choose the size of your liking and resize the video as you want. i find resizing much easier with vs as you have more control over the size with real time feedback.
additional notes:
opacity: just allows you to view the area outside of your size width. doesn’t really matter much, but i love it as it helps me precisely resize gifs especially when i don’t want to include captions/subtitles.
preprocessor: refers to how vs would process (lol??) your gifs frame by frame. this is crucial to how your gifs would look! it is explained very well and thoroughly here, but basically, it tells you the speed and the manner in which the images/initial video of your gif will be exported in. this one doesn’t matter much on regular videos, but for performances (.ts/.tp files, etc.) it does makes a lot of difference. i usually use qtgmc 60 slow on performances. for the rest, i use qtgmc 30 fast (or 60 fast when there are very few frames just so they would run smoother). i’m also always on resamplehq (the second part of preprocessing)! a lot of CCs don’t use preprocessing for regular videos though (.mp4, .mkv, etc.). i can’t explain this part very well, but i’ll include more tutorials and examples (although very few) at the end, dw!
denoise filters: smoothens out your gifs. very useful especially if the source is grainy! i always use KNLM for this but you can try BM3D as well.
sharpening: pretty self-explanatory. it just makes your gifs look clearer/sharper! i use finesharp almost always set to 1, but it really depends on your preference. i also do additional sharpening on photoshop most of the time though!
step 4: after this, go onto the vs window. the lines of code initially look like this:
Tumblr media
but in order to process the video for gif purposes, we need to use vapoursynth’s plugins. you can modify this later on (which is really unnecessary, but it’s possible if you want to experiment more fjdjkdf), so for now, just open up the included script from the vapoursynth folder (gifs).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if you’ve downloaded vapoursynth directly from their site and not from the link i’ve included, this won’t show up in the folder and you’d have to assemble it all yourself. this is what i meant when i mentioned that you can modify vapoursynth’s plugins yourself! i’ve never seen anyone do that, but just so you know lol.
your code should now look similar to this:
Tumblr media
step 5: then, copy and paste the text that’s in the upper right corner to vapoursynth. you must paste it after the 13th line! it should look similar to this.
Tumblr media
step 6: just press f8 (or go to script, then encode video). this window will show up.
Tumblr media
this is what you’ll usually do if you want to save it as a video, but since i can’t import videos, i change the preset to ‘export to png sequence’. some CCs like trimming the video here (as you can see at the bottom, there’s a label for the number of frames), but just like what we did with KM Player i just export it all (by pressing start). make sure your header is also set to Y4M if you’re exporting to PNG!
step 7: you’ll see all of your frames on the vs folder and if you didn’t trim (like me jdsjdskj), you can just erase unwanted scenes (just like what we did for KM Player)! if you’re making more than one gif, transfer these pngs to another folder as in the case of kmplayer. you need separate folders for each gif as not changing the folder and exporting again would overwrite the frames you previously captured.
Tumblr media
and this is where it ends for vapoursynth!
Tumblr media
now that we have all the frames ready, we’re going to be using photoshop and get all the fun stuff going!
Tumblr media
KM Player is a lot more tedious (can’t believe i used this for more than a year omg), so we’re gonna have to do a few more steps and pick up from where we’ve left.
step 1: import your frames by going to file, scripts, then ‘load files into stack’
Tumblr media
step 2: click browse, select the folder you saved your frames in, select all the frames, click enter, and then press ‘OK’.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
step 3: your workspace should look something like this. click create frame animation (if that doesn’t initially show up and your window says ‘create timeline animation’, just lick the little arrow beside it and switch to frame).
Tumblr media
(additionally, if you don’t see the timeline below, you can enable it by going to window, then check the timeline option)
step 4: make frames from layers.
Tumblr media
step 5: reverse frames.
Tumblr media
step 6: the trickiest part of giffing from km player!! (thankfully, we’re only making 540px gifs for this tutorial) estimate the area you want to include, then crop your canvas by pressing ‘C’ on your keyboard or selecting the crop tool on the toolbar (it’s the 5th icon here on my screen).
**UPDATE: you can also crop by ratios using the crop tool as seen on the screenshot below!
Tumblr media
after cropping, your workspace might look similar to this.
Tumblr media
step 7: and now we FINALLY resize like barbarians :D i always like shortcuts (you can tell by now) a.k.a the easier and more convenient route, so just click ‘CTRL + ALT + I’ so the image resizing window can pop up. alternatively, you can go to image, then image size.
Tumblr media
now set the width to 542 (which is 2 pixels larger than tumblr’s required width) and press ‘ok’.
step 8: as you can see, there are weird white/kind of faded pixels on the outer edges of the gif, and that’s the exact reason why we needed those 2 extra pixels from the last step. you can remove this the hard way by zooming at 1800% and removing 2 pixels per side or we can always go the easy route and press ‘CTRL + ALT + C’ (or go to image, then canvas size) and then resize the canvas width to 540 (don’t forget to remove 2 pixels from whatever height u have too!) <3
Tumblr media
step 9: now we have a clean and sexy gif. you can completely stop here, and start exporting, but coloring and sharpening make all the difference (to me at least)!
Tumblr media
as for vapoursynth, you only need to follow steps 1 to 5 (aka importing <3)
Tumblr media
these steps aren’t ‘necessary’ but these are the essence and what makes tumblr gifs tumblr gifs (aka prettie <3).
there is so much potential with sharpening alone! usually, if they haven’t used the sharpening settings on vs, CCs may choose to do it through photoshop (although i personally always do additional sharpening on ps even if they’ve already gone through vs) by converting these frames into a smart object. you can do so by:
step 1: press ‘CTRL + ALT + A’ on your keyboard. this will select all of your frames IN THEIR LAYERS (not the ones on the timeline)
Tumblr media
as you can see, they’re all highlighted on the bottom right panel.
step 2: place all of them in a folder by clicking this one!
Tumblr media
step 3: then, convert your frame animation into a timeline by clicking the tiny icon beside the ‘forever’ loop.
Tumblr media
it should look like this afterwards:
Tumblr media
step 4: now we finally convert to smart filters by clicking filters, then convert to smart filter
Tumblr media
which turns out like this after being converted
Tumblr media
step 5: now sharpen to your liking! go to filters, sharpen, then smart sharpen. these are the settings i use, but i usually just play around with them until i like what i see. i won’t go in depth about this because there are a lot of tutorials that talk about this (which i will link some of below!!). the most important part to adjust is the amount and radius though!
Tumblr media
again, you can stop here, but i like adding a bit of glow to my gifs, which is done by adding gaussian blur (another filter)! i learnt this method from this tutorial. i don’t think i can add any more to it as it’s perfectly complete as is, so i won’t be elaborating anymore!
additionally, if you don’t want to do all of that manually (although i suggest you learn how to do it manually first), there are available sharpening actions you can see around the internet. just choose one that’s to your liking! here are a few of them.
Tumblr media
my personal favorite! this is what makes the giffing process so rewarding for me. for coloring, adjustment layers are your best friends! you can try messing around with all of these.
Tumblr media
i usually use selective color (my beloved <3), levels, curves, saturation, exposure, vibrance, color balance, photo filter, channel mixer, and gradient maps (not specifically in that order).  i won’t actually do a specific tutorial as coloring extremely varies from each gif (one psd/coloring might work for another but may look absolutely horrifying on one lol, this applies even to frames that are from the same video!!) but i’m just going to give a few tips and refer to a few tutorials that might help you out!
generally, the more colors there are in your gif, the bigger the gif size will be. this is also important when you are exporting! (gifs that have very few frames with a lot of color and gifs that have up to 200 frames but have very few colors in them can actually save as the same size)
if you wanna lessen the file size and noise, gamma and off-set are your best friends! (make the gifs a bit darker) you can also delete a few colors as shown in this tutorial!
i used to be unaware of this when i was a new gifmaker, but be careful of whitewashing! dreamy (@scoupsy) has an excellent tutorial that combats this. annie (@imjaebumaf) also touches a bit more on this!
resources are always available for you to learn! one good way of learning how to color is by seeing how others also do it, and that is through their psds. i really love izzie’s (@coupsnim) colorings, and she recently put out a set for her blog’s anniversary too, so you can check that out! <3 i’ve also seen a lot of psds here from tumblr resource blogs, and deviantart has really good ones as well.
i don’t really have things i keep in mind other than those. just have fun and i’m sure it’ll turn out good! again, practice is everything!
Tumblr media
last but not the least, we address the speed of the gif before we export! it’s the decimal places under the frames on the timeline. make sure that you select all frames if you want a consistent speed! you can always play around with it though.
for 30fps gifs, i usually do 0.03 to 0.035. photoshop shows 0.035 as 0.04, but i’m pretty sure it isn’t the exact same speed as 0.04. as for 60fps gifs, my speed ranges from 0.01 to 0.025.
Tumblr media
and finally, we go to the settings themselves! i used to take exporting settings very lightly, but lately i have realized that it also impacts the way your gifs look by a lot! to export, press ‘CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + S’ on your keyboard, or simply go to file, export, then save for web.
Tumblr media
there are so many ways you can play around with it, but here are my current settings.
Tumblr media
the color reduction algorithm (i.e: adaptive, selective, etc.) is one of the most important things as this determines the quality of your exported gif! it really differs for each gif, but lately i lean towards the adaptive setting as i like the way it has been making my gifs look.
also very important to remember that tumblr’s current gif size limit is 10MB so make sure to keep your gifs under that size!!
you can also remove a few frames/skip every nth frame to lessen size if you’re running over the limit. :)
Tumblr media
to show you how different each process will make a gif look, i’m including some examples (actually the ones we were working on during the tutorial!) to demonstrate a bit better.
this is specifically for an mv, but this tutorial has been really long now jdkjkfdjkfd so i will link down resources that show examples of it w/ performance stages (you can see a much bigger difference here)! also note that the vs one has slightly lesser frames (they could have the same frame number and size but i didn’t wanna redo it lol 😭). again, the .035 indicated is the speed used.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i know this is a bit much for an intro, but i wanted this to be a one-stop guide so you won't have to scramble for more resources. however, if some parts are hard to understand, here are a few tutorials that might help! (1, 2, 3 by @jinims, 4 by @soonhoonsol, 5, 6 a general tutorial but i find the sharpening part especially helpful!)
and a few more resources that helped me out when i was beginning
sparkle tutorial
sparkle action
blurring captions
i hope this was helpful, and i can’t wait to see your gifs! <3
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thunderon · 8 months ago
“The Second House is famed for something similar, but in reverse. The Second necromancer’s gift is to drain her dying foes to strengthen and augment her cavalier”
so the eighth house’s school of necromancy is the siphoning of a cavalier to augment the necromancer, a mirror to using the cavaliers soul as a battery in the lyctorhood we’ve seen. but the second house does the opposite. wow, what a great tidbit of information that was never talked about again. this certainly won’t be important in alecto the ninth at all!
and out of the 8 necromancers who came to canaan house, the one who’s necromantic specialty is to augment a cavalier is left with a rebel insurgency group and a cavalier who has appeared to obtain some form of reverse lyctorhood. and for lyctors, the compartmentalized soul of the cavalier of the necro-cav pair that founded the second house is alive and kicking in the (allegedly) dead necromancers body certainly isn’t a plot point.
and not to mention during the trial designed by said cavalier, a future necro-cav pair we see attempt it showed that the cav was able to see thanergy signatures when the necromancer borrowed her senses. and in the second book the cavalier developed an healing ability outside the capabilitiy of a normal lyctor when in the necromancer’s body.
none of this will be pertinent at ALL in alecto. a book where the titular character is said to be the Necromancer Prime’s living cavalier.
there are no theories to be found here at all.
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catgirlselfships · 8 months ago
People who have parental f/os are so cool because you saw a character and said “I am your child now”. Like reverse adoption. Amazing.
Tumblr media
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kuiinncedes · 5 months ago
omg i found this extended video version of i follow rivers here and it doesn’t like cut away to the hecklers so it’s just tina (which is great obviously but) you can see that when they start to get to her she just,, stops moving, stops all the movement and expression she was putting into it at the beginning and just stands there and is barely able to finish her song. and i just remembered like,,, how performing was her way to kind of get out there and show her true self when she was too shy to do it otherwise, but then here in a performance that she clearly puts so much into (and one of her only solo performances) she’s so viciously shut down 
and i don’t think i really have a point ,,, just,, tina cohen chang deserves better
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