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kmbrose · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I've always loved the whole "red string of fate" idea, so I was sold. Also it is Solangelo so hehe.
Mad respect for anyone who can draw hands and not make them look like salad fingers.
The stunning artwork is by soia.jpg! I merely animate the art. :3
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eccmb · 20 hours ago
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo heartbreaking scenes
“Stars,” she whispered. “I can see the stars again, my lady.” A tear trickled down Artemis’s cheek. “Yes, my brave one. They are beautiful tonight.” “Stars,” Zoë repeated. Her eyes fixed on the night sky. And she did not move again. - The Titan's Curse, PJO #3 (Chapter 18) ~~ • ~~ “It seems so cruel,” she continued. “We lose someone and finally get them back, only to lose them again.” - The Tyrant's Tomb, TOA #4 (Chapter 41) ~~ • ~~ As the former praetor and the emperor charged past each other, Jason met my eyes across the ruined throne room. His expression told me his plan with perfect clarity. Like me, he had decided that Piper McLean would not die tonight. For some reason, he had decided that I must live too. He yelled again, “GO! Remember!” - The Burning Maze, TOA #3 (Chapter 33) ~~ • ~~ “Frank!” I sobbed. He glanced over, silently ordering me: GO. I could not bear it. Not again. Not like Jason. I was dimly aware of Commodus struggling to crawl toward me, to grab my ankles. Frank raised his piece of firewood to Caligula’s face. The emperor fought and thrashed, but Frank was stronger—drawing, I suspected, on everything that remained of his mortal life. “If I’m going to burn,” he said, “I might as well burn bright. This is for Jason.” - The Tyrant's Tomb, TOA #4 (Chapter 36) ~~ • ~~ Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. She croaked, “Family, Luke. You promised.” - The Last Olympian, PJO #5 (Chapter 19) ~~ • ~~ “We can get ambrosia,” Grover said. “We can—” “Grover,” Luke gulped. “You’re the bravest satyr I ever knew. But no. There’s no healing. . . .” Another cough. He gripped my sleeve, and I could feel the heat of his skin like a fire. “Ethan. Me. All the unclaimed. Don’t let it . . . Don’t let it happen again.” His eyes were angry, but pleading too. “I won’t,” I said. “I promise.” Luke nodded, and his hand went slack. The gods arrived a few minutes later in their full war regalia, thundering into the throne room and expecting a battle. What they found were Annabeth, Grover, and me standing over the body of a broken half-blood, in the dim warm light of the hearth. “Percy,” my father called, awe in his voice. “What . . . what is this?” I turned and faced the Olympians. “We need a shroud,” I announced, my voice cracking. “A shroud for the son of Hermes.” - The Last Olympian, PJO #5 (Chapter 19) ~~ • ~~ There was a knock on the door, and Nico di Angelo came huffing into the parlor, his cheeks bright red from the cold. He was smiling, but he looked around anxiously. “Hey! Where’s . . . where’s my sister?” - The Titan's Curse, PJO #3 (Chapter 20) ~~ • ~~ “You promised you would protect her,” Nico said. He might as well have stabbed me with a rusty dagger. It would’ve hurt less than reminding me of my promise. “Nico,” I said. “I tried. But Bianca gave herself up to save the rest of us. I told her not to. But she—” “You promised!” - The Titan's Curse, PJO #3 (Chapter 20) ~~ • ~~ Silena took a heavy, painful breath. “Forgive me.” “You’re not dying,” Clarisse insisted. “Charlie . . .” Silena’s eyes were a million miles away. “See Charlie . . .” She didn’t speak again. Clarisse held her and wept. Chris put a hand on her shoulder. Finally Annabeth closed Silena’s eyes. “We have to fight.” Annabeth’s voice was brittle. “She gave her life to help us. We have to honor her.” Clarisse sniffled and wiped her nose. “She was a hero, understand? A hero.” - The Last Olympian, PJO #5 (Chapter 17) ~~ • ~~ He understood how dangerous oaths could be. But Leo didn’t care. "I’m coming back for you, Calypso," he said to the night wind. "I swear it on the River Styx." - The House of Hades, HOO #4 (Chapter 52) ~~ • ~~ I didn’t know what to say. We all just stood there, stunned, as Leo gave us hugs. “Man, what’s up with you guys?” he asked. “Somebody hit you with a flash grenade? So, I got good news and bad news from New Rome, but first…” He scanned our faces. His expression began to crumble. “Where’s Jason?” - The Burning Maze, TOA #3 (Chapter 46) ~~ • ~~ Nico’s voice was
like broken glass. "I–I wasn’t in love with Annabeth." "You were jealous of her," Jason said. "That’s why you didn’t want to be around her. Especially why you didn’t want to be around… him. It makes total sense." All the fight and denial seemed to go out of Nico at once. The darkness subsided. The Roman dead collapsed into bones and crumbled to dust. "I hated myself," Nico said. "I hated Percy Jackson." - The House of Hades, HOO #4 (Chapter 46)
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coolbeesbro · a day ago
I just got momentarily sucked back into Percy Jackson hell, and I have something to say:
As funny as those posts are about Nico never sleeping and Will yelling at him for it are, I feel like we collectively forget that Nico is borderline narcoleptic? Like homeboy passes out whenever he uses his powers a bit too much, the fuck do you mean he stays up for 6 days straight?
I need more sleepy boy Nico content where him passing out is everyone else’s problem.
I need Nico lecturing WILL, the camps best doctor who absolutely stays up until crazy hours of the night treating patients, for not getting any sleep.
I need Nico making snarky comments like, “Who’s the deathboy now? Start taking better care of yourself or it’ll be you.” Or “Will please, I don’t think your ready to meet my dad yet. He’s a little more unstable when Persephone isn’t home.”
Anyways, thanks for coming to my TedTalk and have a nice day.
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latinobipercy · a day ago
I feel like Percy and Annabeth would have a really hard time disciplining their kids. Annabeth, who grew up neglected and ignored, who wouldn't want to ground them or anything similiar, in fears of them feeling even the smallest bit like she did, and Percy who grew up with Gabe - which says enough on its own.
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that-blue-cupcake · a day ago
Will: I can't believe we're finally MARRIEDDDD
Nico: Me neither- Like now I get to wake up next to you and eat with you and now we're basically living in the same space together and now I have to share a room with you and endure the horrible country music you play and you're bad jokes and now we're practically gonna have to be around each other 24/7 besides work-
Will, excitedly: I KNOW RIGHTTTT
Nico, in the middle of the night: WHAT HAVE I DONE-
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yeet-life · 2 days ago
Clarisse: What are your goals? Will: To pet all the dogs. Clarisse: No, fitness goals. Will: To be able to run fast enough to pet all the dogs.
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wisegirldanielle · 19 hours ago
I always see posts talking about how Percy, Annabeth, and pretty much all the main are so done with helping the gods and things like that. And it got me thinking... what about Will? Will was never on the battlefield but he was the head medic/ doctor. This poor boy has seen so much pain and suffering and of course he's head doctor so he has to hide all this pain away and put on a brave face for these campers. Can you imagine how hard that is for him? I certainly can't.
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heyimboredtalktome · 21 hours ago
Hazel: Okay, we need to light five black candles at midnight in a salt circle with black crystals and say this incantation and maybe the spirit will leave
Nico: *banging pots and pans* GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU UNDEAD MOTHERFUCKER!
Percy: Two types of sorcerers
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Will after Nico insulted starwars: im crying, you made me cry
Nico: baby
Will: now is not the time for pet names
Nico: no im calling you a baby
Nico: im insulting you
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cabin7crap · 2 days ago
Will: When's the last time you slept?
Nico: Uh... a few days ago, I think
Will: A few- how many?!
Nico: Uh... *starts counting on fingers* I need more fingers
Will: What you need is sleep!
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i-am-triple-a · 4 months ago
Everyone knows that scene where Nico shows up to the Battle of Manhattan and all the monsters take a step back briefly, right?
All I can think of whenever I read it is that scene from Aladdin where Abu has a sword and the guards scream and go ‘Hes got a sword!’ With the main guard going ‘idiots, we’ve all got swords!’
Tumblr media
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