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And a little bonus norman at the end
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— gosh, Otto, stop staring at this guy.
— I think it's Norman Osborn. I saw him at the institute... wait a minute. I do what? I'm not sta- shut up.
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According to concept art by Sean Hargreaves, Doc Ock and Green Goblin were supposed to team up for that freeway fight against Holland!Peter. Also, the freeway fight sequence was originally going to be 15 minutes long and would've shown the OG Spider-Man villains attacking civilians, and the destruction from the skirmish was going to be larger scale.
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I tend to draw thumbnails… I felt like I should post them
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obsession (4)
Tumblr media
pairing ➵ norman osborn x reader
summary ➵ after weeks of living at the osborn mansion, norman begins to show his softer side
warnings ➵ smut, thigh riding, oral (f receiving), fingering, soft sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, praise!kink
words ➵ 3062
other parts ➵ part one, part two, part three
✾ ✾ ✾
It was strange staying with Norman, living at the Osborn Manor. That was if you could consider her arrangement as living there. It was something she still couldn't wrap her head around. 
After that night, the one where he had asked her to come home with him, to stay at his house, Norman's whole demeanour had changed. Yes, he still looked at her with the hunger and lust of a wild animal, but his actions were softer, kinder. He spoke to her like his equal and not just some girl he enjoyed fucking. Which he did. Oh god, did he enjoy fucking her. 
Now that she was there, practically at his disposal 24/7, he wasted no time having his way with her whenever he pleased. It was never an issue for Y/N, the way he would fuck her whenever he needed or wanted. She had become addicted to his touch, to his words and the way he would make her feel. He was a drug, and she was hooked.
However, over the weeks she spent living in his house, she saw a different side to Norman, one she hadn't seen before. The only version she had come accustomed to was the rough and domineering man that had followed her after work and fucked her in an alleyway. Now, she saw him as not only the intelligent founder of Oscorp, but as a gentle man that cared for her deeply.
It was in the little things he did. Whether it be a kiss on the cheek before he exited the room, or the way he would rub circles on her back as she fell asleep. He would compliment whenever he had the chance, words of affirmation constantly leaving his lips. Even on days where she felt her least beautiful, he would be there to assure her that she was nothing but perfect. He treated her with such care that she couldn't help but develop feelings for him, feelings other than lust.
He sat across from her, eyes focused on the book he held. She watched as he read, something she found herself doing often. Whether it be him reading a paper for work, or just leisurely reading, she enjoyed the sight. His brow furrowed in concentration, the lay he licked his lips to turn the page, it was entrancing. She sat on the lounge opposite to his, in one (of the man living spaces that took occupancy in the Osborn Manor. It was her favourite room by far, quiet and on the opposite end of the main part of the house. A perfect place to collect one's thoughts.
The room was average sized, hidden behind two large wooden doors that had rusted golden handles. Three lounges sat around the fireplace, creating a square-like shape with a marble coffee table in the centre. On one wall sat a large open-panel window, dark blue curtains draped over the glass. On the other, a built-in bookcase, hundreds if not thousands of books piled on top of each other. Y/N sure most hadn't been touched in years, collecting dust on the hardcovers.
It was one thing she loved the most about living with Norman, the amounts of books he had. Almost every room at a bookcase, big or small. She'd find herself curled up with a new book every few days, it was a good way to pass the time while Norman was at work.
He had made her quit her job at the restaurant, telling her she had no need for it now, he would support her financially, buy her things and pay for the rent at her apartment. It was constant, him showering her with gifts. Almost every day he would return from work with something to give her: flowers, jewellery, or new clothes. No one had ever spoiled her like this before, and she'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy it.
"You know, it's rude to stare" Norman's voice brought her out of her daze, his eye' still fixated on the pages before him. Y/N felt her cheeks warm, flustered with embarrassment. He still made her feel this way, nervous as the day she first met him. She diverted her eyes back to the book she had been reading, one she had lost interest in minutes ago.
"Sorry" she mumbled, pretending to continue reading.
Norman looked up, dropping his book in his lap. "Is there something on your mind?" he asked softly, sincerely. Y/N could feel his gaze on her, but she didn't lookup. She shook her head at his question, a quiet hum leaving her lips. He had become incredibly good at telling when she lying, although she never had been good at lying to him.
A sigh left his lips as he placed his book to one side, pulling himself up from the couch afterward. He walked over to the other lounge where Y/N sat, knees pushed towards her chest as she lay. The dress she had been wearing was only just covering her. She still refused to look at him, even when he took her book out of her hands and placed it in on the coffee table. Her eyes stayed focused on her fingers, picking at the skin as she chewed the inside of her cheeks
“Look at me” he speaks, at the same time placing two fingers under her chin, forcing her to follow his orders. She looks up at him with doe eyes. “If there’s something wrong, tell me” although his tone is soft, he’s demanding an answer.
“Nothings wrong” she answers. “Just lost in thought” she smiled weakly, hoping her response would satisfy him enough to stop asking questions. It doesn’t.
“Darling,” he addresses her, his thumb teasing her bottom lip. “You know I hate it when you're vague with me. I need you to use your words, tell me what you’re thinking about?” His eyes search hers for an answer to his question, like he was trying to read her mind. His tone was gentle, as was his touch.
“I-I just,” she closes her eyes briefly and takes a deep breath before looking back at him. “I like living here,” she confesses quietly as if it were secret and there were other people around, “I like being with you, I like you”. As she spoke she felt like a schoolgirl telling her crush how she feels. It made her feel stupid.
A small chuckle left Norman's lips, Y/N’s heart sinking. She couldn’t tell if he was mocking her or not. Although he was great at reading what she thinking, she still found it difficult to figure out his thoughts. She tried to avert her gaze, feeling embarrassed by her confession but Norman stopped her before she could. “I adore you” he whispered before pressing his lips to hers, kissing her so softly that it felt like they hardly touched. All thoughts of embarrassment left her in an instant.
Slowly, he dropped his hand by his side, standing up straight as he did so. He walked towards the large doors that lead to the hallway. Y/N watches as he does so, wondering whether to follow or not. “Come with me” he speaks, answering her inner thought.
She does as she’s told, removing herself from the couch and following the man out into the hallway. He guides her down the hall and upstairs, walking her into the master bedroom. Questions spin her mind, wondering what he was leading her towards.
Standing in the doorway, Y/N watches as Norman approaches his wardrobe. It always amazes her how much closet space he has, more than anyone realistically needs. It spans almost the entire back wall of the bedroom, filled with suits and other business attire, a small section that he had cleared out occupied by her clothes.
She continued to watch as he leaned down, grabbing a black box from the back of the cupboard. It a white ribbon tied around it, keeping the lid securely on. “I was going to wait until this weekend to give this to you, but I think now might be better” he spoke before placing it on the bed, looking down at it as he reached his hand out for Y/N to take it, which she did.
“What is it?” She asked, looking up at Norman who had averted his gaze to her. He looked at her with a smile, his hand placed on the small of her back.
“There’s a gala happening on the weekend, a fundraiser that Osborn is hosting” He answered, looking back down at the box. “And since you’ll be accompanying me to the event, I bought you something to wear”. Although he had just told her for the first time about the gala, Y/N already knew about it. She had overheard a conversation he had on the phone with one of his employees last week, something about the logistics of the whole event. She didn’t bother letting him know she heard, not worrying about it too much. She didn’t think he would ask her to go with him, she believed to be his little secret. Something no one could know about. So, she was in shock that he just said he would be taking her.
“Open it” he ordered, gesturing towards the box with a nod of his head. She again, did what she was told, pulling the ribbon off before opening the lid.
Inside sat a beautiful black dress, long with a low front, a split up the right leg, and an exposed back. It looked as if it were made of silk, the material glistening in the light. It was perfect.
Y/N looked up at Norman with a smile, placing the dress down on the bed after holding it up to look at it properly. “Thank you” she spoke, almost giddy as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “I love it” she pulled back, placing a quick kiss on his lips.
“I knew you would” he chuckled, turning back to the bed and placing the dress neatly back in the box. He placed it back in the closet, keeping it safe for the time being.
He walked back over to her, grabbing her waist softly as her arms went over his shoulders once again. He pulled her towards him, kissing her gently. “All I want is for you to make you feel good, for you to know how much I appreciate you” he confessed in a whisper, placing another kiss upon her lips before taking a seat on the end of the bed. His hands travelled from her waist, lingering softly on the sides of her upper legs.
She stood in front of him, looking down through long eyelashes. His hands ran up the side of her thighs and underneath the hem of her dress, pushing the fabric upwards as to bunch it around her stomach. His stare stayed fixated on her face, watching her through partly parted lips. “You are truly perfect” he whispered before placing a soft kiss just above the lining of her underwear.
He adored her, every inch. His gentle touches showed as much. It was a welcoming change from his usual rough movements that Y/N had become accustomed to. Although she enjoyed those moments they shared, with Norman doing what he wanted to her, this was different. Almost loving.
He let her dress fall back down, letting his hands drift elsewhere as he looked back up so their eyes met once more. His hand moved softly against the inside of her thigh, fingers grazing her core through her underwear. He could feel her heat, wetness seeping through the fabric. A small whimper left her lips.
He continued the motion, rubbing his fingers along her slit through the thin fabric. He watched her as she began to melt under his touch, placing her hand on his shoulder for balance. The sensation only lasted a moment before he removed his hand.
“Come here, darling” Norman reached his hand out, allowing Y/N to take it softly in hers. He guided her onto his clothed lap. She was positioned on one of his knees, legs on either side of his. He gripped her waist, softly moving her against his thigh. She bucked her hips in rhythm with his motions, a string of soft moans escaping her.
He pressed a warm kiss to her neck, humming against her skin as he felt her wetness rub against him. Although his hands were still firmly placed on her waist, he was no longer controlling her movements. Y/N moved against him at a slow yet needy pace, the friction causing pressure to build inside her. "Fuck" she whispered, head tipping forward so it rested against Norman's shoulder. "Feel's good".
“I know” he spoke against her ear, kissing her temple. “But I can’t have you finishing just yet” his grip on her waist tightened, her dress bunching his hand. He pushed her down, forcing her to stop moving. She sighed at the sudden halt of her movements, tipping her head back so she could look at him with a pout. He chuckled.
He brought her to her feet as he stood up. Slowly, he removed the dress she was wearing, allowing it to drop to the floor as she stood before him in nothing but her panties. “Lay down, darling” he instructed, unbuttoning his dress shirt as he spoke.
She followed his orders, laying down on the mattress with her head resting comfortably against the pillows. She watched as he unbuckled his pants that had a wet stain on the right leg from she had just sat. The sound of his belt hitting the wooden floor sent a shiver to her core as her legs spread open in anticipation. She wriggled at her of underwear as Norman crawled up the bed to her, his face now level with her glistening pussy. He looked up at her before his lips met her already sensitive clit.
Her back arched as he left long licks up her slit, soaking up all that she had caused from before. Her hands fell into his hair, pulling him closer to her. He hummed against her as he slipped two of his fingers inside her, slow pumps sending a shockwave of pleasure coursing through Y/N’s body. He was taking his time with her, no rough or sudden movements. As much as he wanted to spin her around, bend her over and fuck her until she couldn’t walk tomorrow, he wanted to savour this. He wanted to treat her right.
She could feel herself getting close again, her body begging for release. The same pressure began to build up inside her as Norman flicked his tongue against her clit, fingerings pumping in a way that made her feel every movement. “I’m so close” she confessed, moaning between words. “Please, I’m gonna-“ she couldn’t finish her sentence before coming undone, shaking as Norman removed himself from between her legs.
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, smiling at the job he did. “That feel good, darling?” He asked, now hovering over her as his hard cock rubbed against her leg. Y/N hummed a yes, still recovering from her high. He placed a kiss on her forehead.
He positioned himself at her entrance. He looked down at her, his hands gripping her waist. Slowly, he pushed himself in, both moaning at the feeling. It never stopped to amaze him how tight she always was, warm and inviting, like she was made for him.
“Fuck” he groaned as he began to buck his hips. His rhythm was slow and gentle, as all his other movements had been. Their soft moans mixed together in a perfect symphony, echoing throughout the room.
Norman looked down at her, eyes never leaving hers. It was the most intimate moment they had ever had, words were unspoken yet understood. Y/N wrapped her arms around his back, pulling him closer so their bare chests were pressed against each other.
He moaned against her ear, his grip on her waist becoming rough as he tried to control his urge to fuck her senseless. It was becoming extremely difficult to do, especially when she was moaning so beautifully. Yet, he controlled himself.
Still sensitive from her previous orgasm, Y/N could feel herself getting close once again. She dug her nails into his back as slowly approached her second undoing. “Norman” she moaned, and for the first time, he didn't mind that she wasn't calling him ‘sir’.
The way she moaned his name, the way she felt so soft against him as he fucked her at a gentle pace was the most perfect feeling in the world to him.
“That’s it, darling” he hummed against her ear. “You’re taking me so well, such a good girl for me” his praises were delivered softly, whispers of adoration making her head spin.
She could feel herself becoming hot, heat rushing through her whole body as she began to tighten around his cock. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum” she whispered, a wave of pleasure taking her as her walls pulsated and her legs began to shake.
“Fucking hell” Norman groaned, holding back all his darker urges. Normans own high quickly followed Y/N’s, cumming inside her with two more thrusts before pulling out. Both sighed at the separation. He hovered there for a moment, his cock resting against her stomach as he kissed her.
He rolled over, pulling her towards him as she rested her head against his chest. Her arm draped over his torso, one leg over his. She looked so beautiful to him, perfect as she began to drift off to sleep.
He wondered if this was how it was going to be now, loving and doting sex instead of the rough pounding he was so used to giving her. A part of him didn’t mind it, the possibility of being intimate with her this way.
However, he knew deep down that this was a fleeting moment, that it wouldn’t take long before his urges took over him. The dark voice in his head was too overbearing, echoing throughout his entire being, telling him that he needed more, craved more.
It would only be a matter of time before he went too far, and he couldn’t lose her. Not now, not while he’s so close to keeping her forever.
✾ ✾ ✾
submission box ➵ here
authors note ➵ it’s 5 am and i haven’t slept, so i’m really not sure how much of this makes sense. hopefully it’s readable
so, i think i’m gonna write two more chapters for this. maybe more, idk yet. what i do know is that the next chapter is gonna be fucking good (hint: jealous norman ;) )
also, the first part of this story reached over 1K notes and i just want to thank everyone who’s interacted with that post! it means a lot. i’ve never had a post of mine be so popular until now, so thank you so much for your support!
tags ➵ @druigswh0ree @journeyrose @dazedkrosupreme @politicstanner @sugarbutterbailey @mick-on-mars @blufblucake @irlbeaniebabey @sadclowngorl @nunnihunniedesu-blog @golddenlioness @levoisaah @smilesfromabove @plutobarnes @ellean0r @mclting @wilder-fangirl​@mintspidey @lokilover-39 @tobeymaguiresgf @bimboshaggy @mtayl0rr
*tried my best to tag everyone who asked, i’m sorry if i forgot anyone!*
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Tumblr media
This is the most beautiful poster I've ever seen 😍😍😍
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Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn SPIDER-MAN (2002), directed by Sam Raimi
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Tumblr media
WILLEM DAFOE GQ Hype (January 2022)
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Uhhuh ... yeah sure ...
Tumblr media
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the way they’ve both made me completely unhinged and it’s only been like. a f*ck*ng MONTH.
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Tumblr media
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Skrunkly Dafoe 💚
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Jealous Norman Osborn Headcanons (Female Reader)
Tumblr media
Norman Osborn x fem!reader
TW: implications of sex, slight language (probably), possessive behavior, jealousy, slight daddy kink, legal age gap, etc.
A/N: Listen, I have a lineup and other fics I’m trying to write...but my last Norman fic got a lot of positive feed back, especially with the jealousy angle so I whipped up this morsel for the time being ;)
Impromptu Sequel to Hypnotic
Norman is extremely territorial when it comes to you. Sure, he’s all business at first...but he barely keeps his façade when he sees you getting male attention in a less than professional setting  
Especially when it comes to your friendship with his son and Peter
He’d never admit to being intimidated by younger men...but he understands that you’d better suited to pursue someone closer in age.
Yet, he’s got money and experience on his side. And he can offer you a man, one willing to lavish you with the kind of attention a mere fumbling boy never could
Relishes in the way you stare at him when you think he doesn’t notice. In reality, he can feel the heat of your stare across a crowded ballroom or even in a conference room at Oscorp. Your attention is what he craves.
Once things finally heated up between the two of you, Norman is immediately hooked. He’ll shower you with gifts or take you to see a show on Broadway with the best seats in the house. Let him spoil you. He needs it to be known that you’re his wants to gift you all of the luxuries possible.
Things will become intimate quickly. Of course, he’d prefer to worship your body from the comfort of his own bed, with all the time in the world. But seeing you a woman in power wearing form fitting pencil skirts and heels...expect a quickie from time to time. More likely in your office, for subtlety’s sake
Will keep your relationship on the DL from your friends. Only because you asked so sweetly. But expect the occasional double entendre or less than accidental Freudian slip. Peter and MJ won’t think much of it, considering how intense the man can be. You’ll get the occasional odd look or question from Harry, whom you’ll need to placate
Loves to have his hands on you, wrapped around your waist, hand in hand, just needs to feel you at all times
However, he thinks you’re great at what you and will come to your defense at any naysaying. Especially with the occasional comment of ‘sleeping your way to the top.’ You were already at the top when Norman took you to bed
Admires your raw intelligence and takes into consideration your suggestions when it comes to his company
“Sometimes I think you should be running the show, dear.” “You could always make the call.” “I could. But I wouldn’t do that to you. These men are sharks. I’d let them tear me to pieces before you.”
PDA, but in a ‘classy’ context. Like, kissing your knuckles or pulling you to his side whenever possible.
The one time Tony Stark actually showed up to a gala was a nightmare. The smooth talking playboy started hitting on you the first chance he got, resulting in a painful to witness pissing contest between he and Norman.
“Remember who you belong to,” was hissed in your ear afterwards before the man stormed off
While he can be hotheaded, Norman will often find a way to make it up to you in some capacity
Doesn’t exactly see you as an object. At least he’d never admit it or phrase it that way. You’re just a lovely woman he was lucky enough to get in his clutches and nothing upsets him more than the thought of losing you to his younger counterparts (ie. Stark or Harry)
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Made a TikTok based on @fqjth ‘s “Obsession” a Norman O x reader fic… would love if y’all could hype it up :)
@lokis.wh0ree on TikTok
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happy willem slut shorts sunday
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Willem Dripfoe 🥶
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That punch OMG
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Tumblr media
Promotional poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home! Damn, this gives me vibes of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness! That's one of my favourite posters!
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Otto just gets on with people i suppose
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean who WOULDN'T want to be his friend? Really?
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