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fivenightsatnachos · 2 days ago
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inkspottie · 2 days ago
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You’re not supposed to hurt me like you did.
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ithinkdogshouldvote · a day ago
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Tough crowd.
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winslowsfaust · 2 days ago
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snakesinsocks2005 · 2 days ago
Quick sketch
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dovewingkinnie · 2 days ago
you know how the “he always comes back” line for purple guy could’ve worked without him actually coming back? have william be a separate person who found out about remnant through his discoveries about the possessed suits and killing more kids to gain that remnant, and vanny be her own villain who was inspired by his murders and wanted to re-enact them again that way purple guy always comes back but by influencing others, not by literally coming back so that way his own story is wrapped up in fnaf 1-3 and the other games could be building off of the universe without being restricted to purple guy
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hubris-vincent · a day ago
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Illustration celebration for a comic I drew in January, where I tried a new type of coloring, and to see how much I’ve improved since. Read the comic here.
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lemonwry · 16 hours ago
check out my store for fnaf merch!!
trying to get rid of most of my stock before heading to college
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purplequay · 21 hours ago
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whipped cream, jellybean, sweet and sour tangerine!!!! i wanna feel your sugar rush thru my veins ! ! <3
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lover-of-skellies · 2 days ago
A lot of people think Ballora from Sister Location was some lady named Clara Afton, aka William Afton's wife
That's probably not canon, since I can't find anything about it anywhere, but like
If William/Springtrap is now Peepaw, does that mean Ballora/Clara is Meemaw?
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dilopho-saur-idae · 2 days ago
Dont look to hard at this
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a-r-t-i-f-e-x · a day ago
[Crush] Dave Miller x Reader One-shot
Here you go!^^ I finished the one-shot for you! If you want another one, tell me and I’ll make you another one!^^ I hope you enjoy!^^ ————————————————— 
 “Whatcha doing, Sweetheart?” 
 You looked up from your computer to look at Dave, grinning at the sight of the blond man.
 “Nothing much. Just buying a gift for my best friend.” You said. 
 “A gift? Why?” 
 “Oh…Because I am going to c-confess to them.” You said with a blush.
 “Really? Who is this best friend of yours then, Princess?” Dave plopped his short body down next to you, sipping off of the cola bottle in his hand. He looked over at your computer inquisitively, trying to see what you were purchasing. But you slapped your hand down on the back of the laptop, slamming the electronic shut. He raised an eyebrow at you. 
 “ Sorry, Davey! But! I can’t show you the gift. I don’t want you to tell my best friend what it is! Remember, I am going to confess to them!” You lied.
 “But I don’t even know who yer best friend is, Pumpkin!” Dave complained.
  “Hmm. How about you guess who it is?” You said with a mischievous grin.
 Dave narrowed his eyes at you and sipped his drink,” The guessing game, huh? Basically guessing your crush? Alright, I’m game.” 
 Dave stood up and threw his cola bottle across the room. The bottle landed in the trash can with a loud thud, and Dave smirked proudly. 
 “ Wow. That’s the first time you made it.” You said,” I thought I was about to be cleaning up glass like all the other times before.”
 “Shut yer yap!” Dave said as he pushed you playfully,” I can’t believe ya think so low of yours truly. I’m wounded.”
 “Ha! Yeah, right with an ego as big as yours!” You laughed. 
 You grabbed your computer and placed it in your backpack before turning to Dave,” Alright. Who do you think it is?”
 Dave frowned, stroking his chin as he thought. He sat down right next to you like earlier, and glared at the ceiling above as he tried to think of who your best friend was.
 “ Hmmmmm… Is it Joan? I could see that tank being yer crush.” Dave said.
 “Oh, Joan is lovely!-“ Dave snorts “ -But she is not my best friend nor my crush.”
 “What? Not her? “ Dave perked up.
 You laughed,” Nope! Not her! She is very nice to me and we are friends, but I wouldn’t call her my best friend. We do not hang out much outside of work.”
 “Oh? So someone you like would be someone you hang out with more?” Dave raised an eyebrow as he perked up at having a clue to help. 
 “Wow, that is observant. But yes. They are someone I hang out with outside work.” 
 “Well, that certainly helps narrow it down!” Dave said with a too large grin,” It’s gotta be Phil!” 
 “Yeah! Just last week you two went out to shop at the mall that opened up! So he’s gotta be your best friend!” Dave said. He seemed cheerful, grinning from ear to ear. But he sounded almost dejected. 
 “Hmm, why do you sound so disappointed that it is possibly Phil?” You leaned closer to the Texan.
 Dave’s eyebrows raised as a lovely pink graced his cheeks,” W-What? What are you talking about, Sugar?”
 “Maybe it is Phil. Would you be sad, Dave? If it was?” You said with a soft smile.
 Dave frowned and looked at the ground, forcing out a,”Why would I be sad? If I felt any better, I’d drop my harp plumb through the clouds.” 
 You snorted at the metaphor, and gave him a smile,” I am just messing with you. It’s not Phil either.” 
 “What? It’s not Phil? Then who could it be-“
 “ I’ve got your packages, Y/N!” 
 You and Dave turned to see Phil enter the pizzeria, carrying a mountain of packages that varied in sizes. You rushed forward to help the man, grabbing a few off the top so Phil could see where he was going. Phil muttered a thank you, and you looked over to where Dave was. Said man was sipping off ANOTHER cola bottle. Where did that Texan even get that?
 Phil placed the boxes carefully on the table next to Dave and helped you with the ones in your arms. Dave silently watched, continuing to sip off his drink.
 “Alright! There are your packages, Mx. Y/N! Do you need me for anything else?” Phil said. 
 “Nope! Thank you so much for grabbing those packages for me! I’ll pay for dinner next time, okay? My treat.” You said as you smiled at Phil. 
 Phil smiled,” Oh, don’t worry about it! I only wanted to help. You don’t need to do anything for me.”
 “ It’s alright! I don’t mind!” You said. 
 “ Well, if you insist!” Phil said before turning to leave,” I will see you later! Call me if you need anything, Mx. Y/N.”
 “See ya, Phil!” You said as you waved.
 Phil left and you turned back to the packages, counting the boxes,” Looks like all twelve packages are here! That’s good-“ 
 “Ya sure it ain’t Phil? Cause you both looked purty buddy-buddy to me.” Dave said. 
 You looked over to Dave to see the man absolutely sulking. He was frowning at the floor, his cola bottle forgotten on the table. He looked utterly crushed. Even his white pupils seemed dim. 
 Dave looked up to meet your eyes, scrutinizing you with dull blue eyes,” Did ya lie?”
 “ No, I didn’t lie, Dave!” You rushed over to his side and looked him square in the eye,” If I had known you would act like this, I wouldn’t have played that mind game!” 
 Dave stopped frowning and rose an eyebrow,” whatcha mean by that, Sweets?”
 It suddenly felt really hot in here.
 You sigh and hugged the blond man,” You are my best friend, Dave. Not Joan. Not Phil.”
 Dave gasped and pulled away to look at you,” Do you really mean it, Y/N? Am I your best friend? The one you have a crush on?” 
 You blushed, squirming under his brighten gaze,” …Yes, Dave. I-I have a crush on y-you.” 
 The Texan grinned as a few tears fell down his face before leaning forward, and kissing you gently. You let out a squeak in surprise and Dave pulled away. His grin was bigger than Texas. 
 “ Darling, I’m as happy as a pig in a wallow! Why didn’t you just say you liked me?” He said as he hugged you tightly. 
 “W-Well, I was trying to be romantic! I had bought a bunch of chocolate, flowers and stuffed animals to give you! I even bought you your favorite book series!” You stuttered. 
 “But I suddenly feel bad when I saw how dejected you looked. So I caved.” You said sheepishly.
 “Oh, Darling! I am so sorry for ruining yer surprise! I didn’t mean to!” Dave frowned as he pulled away completely. 
 “How about I make it up to ya?” Dave said with a large grin. 
 “Make it up to me? What do you mean?”
 “ How about we go out to dinner? Right now? I’ll pay and work is already over anyway!” Dave said as he waved his hands around,”I don’t think Phil needs us to work overtime!”
“That sounds like a good idea!” You said with a soft smile,” But what about your gifts? What should we do with them all?” 
 “Wanna come back for them after dinner? We could eat that chocolate while watching TV!” Dave said as he held his arm out. 
 You laughed and linked your arm through his, glowing with joy. Dave watched you with awe and adoration, grinning at you. 
 “Let’s go then, Pumpkin! I’ll text Phil on the way there. That way he can’t stop us if he actually needs us.”
 “Dave!” You smacked his arm.
 “Just kidding, Darling! Maybe.”
“So, Dave.” You said as you and Dave sat quietly in the back of an Uber.
“Yes, Sugar?”
“How come you didn’t ask if Jeremy was my best friend?” You said as you turned to him.
“Him? Oh, that’s easy! That kid is as straight as a tire!” Dave chuckled. He pulled out another cola and took a sip from it.
“What? Straight as a tire? What does that even- And where are you getting these cola bottles?!” You gestured to the one in Dave’s hand,” Where do they even come from?”
“A magician never tells his secrets, Pumpkin! And lookie here! There’s the restaurant!”
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poopingonthefloor · 4 hours ago
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VINCENT COMMISSION. HELLO (no blood under the cut)
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dino--draws · 3 days ago
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Piece of art done as my first AP Art assignment! 
The 'question/themeing' for my pieces in this class is 'Exploring the messages/themes present in the media that I enjoy', and this one is the narrative duality between FNAF and BATIM, with a side of 'something something cycle of abuse'
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jpdesenhador · 8 months ago
[Fnaf Security Breach spoilers!!!]
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Guess who's back? (how does this bastard keep cheating death??)
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hawkofkrypton · 12 months ago
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babe wake up, Disney is building up to a real life Bite Of 87
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weirdagnes · 6 months ago
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photosynthesis time, grandpa
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