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The Boys — Season 3 Episode Six: ‘Herogasm’
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I can find them on my own...
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Karl Urban as William BUTCHER and Antony Starr as HOMELANDER in The Boys 3×06 "Herogasm"
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Homelander in episode 6, "Herogasm".
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Something something interesting to see Hughie get an ability that allows him to move from place to place in the blink of an eye, similar to A-train while Butcher gets powers similar to Homelander something something you become the monster you sought to destroy
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Denial is a powerful thing
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Forgive & Regret {Billy Butcher x SupeF!Reader}
Summary: You’d known Billy for a long time… But you’d kept something big from him. Something you knew would break his trust in you. (Takes place in the last episode of season 1).
Warnings: Swearing (duh), mentions of SA, violence and depictions of a panic attack
A/N: Never written for The Boys before, but in light of the new season coming soon, I thought I’d give it a whirl.
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Well… Shit.
Truth be told, you didn’t know how long you would’ve been able to hide it, to keep up the lies. You knew this was the worst thing you could’ve probably hidden from the boys. Especially, Billy. You knew his opinions on Supes. He made them very clear. In fact, almost every other sentence from his mouth was a venom filled comment about them. You could lie and say it didn’t hurt you, but you’d already done enough lying for a lifetime.
“You what?”
Butchers gaze was on you as everyone else turned to look where he has. He was on the phone. You felt your heartbeat quicken as all attention seemingly was on you.
“William Butcher?”
The man turned, brows furrowed as he stared at person who called to him. The bustling life of the bar around him dissipated as his focus was on the mystery person in front of him.
“Who’s askin’?” He raised a brow, leaning backwards in his seat.
“I’m (Y/N).”
You stared at the man nervously, trying to stand your ground but his gaze was so hard and intense it made you somewhat uneasy. He gave a look as if to say ‘what do you want?’ as you continued.
“I heard you were looking for some info…” You paused. “On Homelander.” Butcher narrowed his eyes as he body checked you up and down, suspicious of your intentions.
“Oh yeah?” He tilted his head slightly. “And what little birdie told you that?”
“Let’s just say you’re quite well known in the underground scene.” You gave him a small smirk, before reaching into your bag. He watched you carefully, ready to attack if necessary, but when you pulled out a file and threw it down on the table in front of him he became more curious. “Thought you may want this. It’s an interesting read.”
Butcher pursed his lips before grabbing the file off the table, opening it up, skimming the first page.
“Homelander is gonna be one tricky son of a bitch to take down.” You told him, finally deciding to take a seat. “He’s got VOUGHT by the balls as much as they do him.” Butcher moved his gaze from the page and back to you.
“And how the fuck did you get your hands on this little number?” He placed the file back onto the table.
“I have my sources.” You shrugged.
“Why are you wantin’ to ’elp me?” He smirked. “What’s the cunt done to ya?” He questioned, raising a brow.
“Why can’t I just offer my services? Not everything has a catch or a reason.” You retorted. “Now, what are you drinking?”
“Na, you’ve got that wrong.”
Butcher shook his head, scoffing as he kept his cold stare on you. The boys all looked between each other, clueless as to what was being said on the other end of the call. It was only a few seconds later that the phone dropped from his ear, his hand falling to his side as he narrowed his eyes. You saw it. The rage. You felt frozen.
This couldn’t be happening.
“Homelander raped Becca.”
The words echoed in your ears as you stared at Billy. You didn’t know what to say. You could see the glossiness of his eyes, he was holding back that sadness from the surface, but you could still see it.
“Not long after that, she disappeared.” He continued, as you just listened. “I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. She was always so happy. Too happy for my likin’ half the fuckin’ time.” He gave a small smile, remembering fond memories. “But then one day-“ He paused, swallowing the lump in his throat. “Something changed.” You hesitantly reached out, placing a comforting hand on his arm as he composed himself. “I vowed to myself, I would catch the cunt. I would take the fucker down, along with the shitstorm that is VOUGHT.” The rage returned in his eyes.
“We will.” You told him softly. “Billy, we will get Becca her justice.” You said more confidently. “VOUGHT and Homelander will suffer, cause fuck me, I’ve never met anyone as fucking determined as you.” You shook your head. “You’re so determined, that quite frankly, it’s annoying.” You joked as he smirked, turning to finally look at you. “And I’m here with you, to the end.” You smiled at him.
“Fuck me, I’m never getting rid of ya am I?”
You shoved him playfully as he held back a chuckle.
M.M asked, watching the man, trying to read the expression on his face. It was a mix of confusion, anger and betrayal. You only knew what that look could mean.
“Well, well, well…” Butcher began, his jaw tense as he slowly stalked towards you. You were currently sat on the motel bed, you didn’t dare to move. You felt like prey, getting ready to be attacked. Everyone watched carefully, eyes flickering between the two of you. Billy eventually stopped in front of you, staring down at you as you tried to steady your breathing. Suddenly, Butcher reached down, grabbing you by your shirt as he hauled you up, pushing you against the wall as you gasped at the impact.
“Woah, woah!” M.M exclaimed, commotion erupting as Hughie had a shocked expression whilst Frenchie looked confused. “Butcher! What the fuck man?!”
You stared into Butchers eyes, your own glossy as you tried to form words but you couldn’t find them. No sound came out from your lips.
“You never did tell me-“
You turned to look at Billy as you sat in his car.
“What’s your angle?” He asked, raising a brow. “What did those cunts do to ya?”
You sighed, not sure how to answer. You couldn’t tell him the truth. You just couldn’t. So instead-
“Let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with VOUGHT.” You began. “I had a minor role in the company. Years ago.” You said softly, unable to meet his gaze, feeling the slight judgement in his stare. “Things transpired, I found out that Americas golden heroes were quite the opposite.” You bit your lip anxiously, awaiting his comment.
“And Homelander?”
You swore a tight smile for a brief second, turning to look out the passenger window as you felt your nostrils flare.
“He didn’t like the fact that I was doing some digging.” You turned back to face the man, as he noted your eyes were slightly glassy in appearance. “Finding out their dirty secrets.” You swallowed the lump in your throat. “He, er,-“ You looked down at your hands, picking at your fingers nervously as Billy seemed to understand before he sighed, feeling anger bubbling within. “I ran.” You laughed slightly, shaking your head. “I ran instead of doing something about it.”
You sat in silence for a moment, the air uneasy.
“Well, you’re doing somethin’ now.” Butcher stated, as you met his gaze. “Like you told me.” He paused, leaning towards you slightly. “We’re gonna take the cunts down.”
“Butcher! Will you tell us what the fuck is going on?!” M.M almost demanded,
“You wanna tell em? Or shall I?” Billy didn’t remove his cold stare from you. His grip didn’t falter as you felt emotion over come you. You almost sobbed, but managed to stop yourself.
“Billy… Please.” You finally spoke, your voice small and wavering as he seemed to faulted for a second before his anger came back.
“No, no, no.” He shook his head. “You don’t get to do that.” He told you, teeth gritted. “Boys-“ He breathed out. “We’ve been working with a supe, this whole fuckin’ time.”
“You know what?”
Billy turned to you, as he saw the playful glint in your eye. He smirked as he awaited whatever comment you had to throw his way.
“You’re one psychotic son of a bitch.” You finished before laughing as he raised his brows in amusement.
“Why, thank you sunshine. I will hold that forever-“ He moved his hand to his chest. “In my heart.” You laughed again at his reaction, shaking your head.
“Oh, fuck me, ‘ere we go.”
“But!” You exclaimed, restraining your laugh. “For one psychotic son of a bitch, you’re alright.” You complimented, as he folded his arms over his chest. “You act all…” You pulled a face to try and imitate his own usual hard expression. “But you know what I think? You’re a softie on the inside.”
“Oh yeah?” He raised a brow. “Is that so?” You nodded to his question. “Well, if I ever hear you utter those words again to anyone, even me, I will have to kill ya.” He teased as you stuck your tongue out at him.
“What?” M.M asked, seemingly taken back by Butchers words.
You shook your head, whilst trying to hold back tears. You caught Hughies gaze as he gave you a unsure stare. You could see he wanted to help, but he also was unsure whether stepping in would make things worse, especially as he already was in the dog house with Butcher about Annie.
“Hughie, apologise to your little girlfriend for me.” Butcher spat. “It appears we’ve had a little VOUGHT mole this whole fuckin’ time.” You furrowed your brows.
How could he even think that?
“That’s not true!” You exclaimed, shaking your head.
“Then why did you hide the fact you’re one of ‘em!” He shook you slightly as you gasped, as Frenchie stepped forwards.
“Butcher, stop, you are scaring her.” He tried but was cut off.
“Good!” Butcher shouted.
“Maybe we should hear her out?” Hughie offered, wanting to hear your side. You hadn’t known each other long, but all the shit you’d been through as a group brought you close pretty quickly. Butcher reluctantly dropped your shirt out of his hands, as you fell backwards, leaning against the wall, steadying your breaths. He stepped back.
“Well, we’re waitin’.”
“Where’s (Y/N)?”
M.M turned to Butcher and nodded towards the other room of the safe house.
“She disappeared back there a while ago. Hasn’t come out since.” He shrugged, going back to organising the table that he was sat at.
“She seemed, er, a little off.” Frenchie chimed in, as he sat beside Kimiko. Butcher sauntered towards the back of the safe house, coming to a back room where the door was closed. He listened for a brief moment, but heard nothing, before he knocked on the door. He heard shuffling briefly, and a little commotion as he furrowed his brows.
“Not now!” You called out, but your voice sounded strained. Billy narrowed his eyes, concerned. Without asking, he opened the door, letting himself into the room as he scanned the room, before seeing you pacing, seemingly distressed. “I said not now!” You exclaimed at him, feeling a tightness in your chest. Billy quickly approached you, grabbing you gently with a hand on either side of your arms.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, his eyes scanning your features.
“Nothing! Just go!” You tried to shove him away, but he didn’t budge as he started to put together what was happening.
“You’re havin’ a panic attack.” He told you.
“No shit!” You sarcastically replied, as you felt more anxious with his presence so close to you. You just wanted space and to be left alone.
“I need ya to breathe with me, alright?” He looked you in the eye, and although it was a question it came out in more of a command. “Just focus on me.” He began to take deep breaths, as you hesitantly followed suit, trying to get your shaky breaths to match his calm ones. “Alright, in and out.” Again, in and out. “There we go.” He nodded slightly, as you noted he had bent down to be eye level with you. Eventually your breathing returned to normal, as your anxiousness began to slowly fade out. “See, easy as blowing up a supe with an assbomb.” He joked as you let out a breathy laugh. “You had one of these before?” You nodded.
“Yeah, not in a while though.” You admitted.
“Wanna tell me what brought it on?”
You stared at the man in front of you, your eyes boring into his own.
How could you tell him? What would you even say? He was doing this for his wife. He was doing this because of his hate for supes.
“I-Er-“ You stuttered out, shaking your head. “It’s just a lot.” You decided to settle on, as he sighed.
“Come on, we’ve got this far, eh?” He gave you a small smile. “You can’t start lettin’ it all get to you now.” He paused as he straightened his back, now standing straight as he moved one of his hands off your arm, but kept the other put. “We’re too far into this shit to start getting a guilty conscience now.”
Little did he know… your guilty conscience was larger than most.
“I know.” You muttered out, clearing your throat.
Maybe you should just tell him? Don’t let the lie go too far.
“Look, I’m not great with all this soppy shit-“ He waved his spare hand around. “But if you want to talk-“ He tried to get you to open up but you forced a smile and shook your head.
“I’m okay.” You said as confidently as you could. “Look at you.” You began. “What did I say about you being a softie?” Butcher groaned as he immediately took away his hand from your arm.
“Bloody hell!” He shook his head. “What did I say about if you uttered those words again?” He narrowed his eyes, pointing at you.
“Oh, something about having to kill me.” You joked back as he smirked.
“Exactly.” He brought his hand back down.
“Too bad you love me too much.” You teased as he pursed his lips, tutting before turning away from you.
“Alright, alright, come on then, stop your blabbering and let’s go back to work.”
“It’s true.”
Everyone stared at you in surprise. The silence in the room was thick and intense. It seemed like no one knew what to quite say or do.
“W-what?” Hughie breathed out.
“I’m one of them.” You told him curtly. “But I did not tell VOUGHT anything. I swear. I want them to burn to the ground as much as you lot do!” You promised, moving a hand to your chest to show it. “I swear on my life.”
“And we’re just meant to believe that are we?” Butcher spat as you pleaded with your eyes. “They found out about us somehow!“
“Well it wasn’t me!” You cried as you let tears fall. “I wouldn’t do that to you.” You breathed out as Billy stared at you. His expression faltered. He didn’t want to admit it, but he hated seeing you upset. Even when you’d done it to yourself.
“So why lie?” He asked. “Why didn’t you tell me the truth!” He exclaimed as you tilted your head slightly.
“Because of this.” You sighed. “Because I knew how you would react. What you would think. How you would think of me.” You explained, looking away from his gaze down to the floor.
“So… you’re a supe?” Frenchie asked. “Like Kimiko?” He furrowed his brows.
“I worked for VOUGHT. That part is true.” You continued, still not looking at Butcher. “They were planning to station me, but the things I witnessed…” You paused, swallowing the lump in your throat. “The things I experienced.” You glanced at Billy, recalling your past conversation with the man. “I ran away. I didn’t want any part of it.”
“Why do you care so much?!”
“Because you’re all I’ve got!”
Billy and you stood in the street, as things had gotten heated. You were trying to get the man to see reason, but he was stubborn. He was arrogant and infuriating. But you couldn’t help but feel protective of him. You wanted to help him, in any way you could.
“You’re all I’ve got, Billy.” You sighed. “I don’t have a family, or friends.” You bitterly laughed. “But you came along… and the boys.” You gave a small smile. He glanced down at his feet. “And I feel like I belong y’know?” You shrugged. “I feel less like a fucking loser.” You joked, but also the words held some truth.
“Fuck me.” Billy breathed out, turning back to you. “Look, this is just a job.” He told you. “Alright? As soon as it’s done, we all go back to our own little lives.” Your smile started to fade. “So don’t hold onto this little family too much.”
Ouch. You felt a pang of hurt in your chest.
“But I suppose-“
You peered back up at him.
“If you ain’t got nothing better to do after all this shit is done-“ He paused, sighing as you waited for him to finish his sentence. “I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad if you tagged along with me.” You felt your smile creep back onto your face. “Someone’s gotta keep me in line.” You instantly jumped at him, wrapping your arms around him as you fought the urge to squeal. “Oof.” He stumbled back slightly as he rolled his eyes at your antics. “Alright, that’s enough of that shit.” He gently shoved you off of him. “I’m really not getting rid of ya am I?”
Billy sighed, groaning as he turned to M.M.
“Fucking Mesmer.” He said through gritted teeth. “It has to be him. You just had to go to him!” He exclaimed, as M.M sighed.
“You think he told Homelander?” Hughie asked as Billy turned to him.
“Well if it weren’t (Y/N), then it has to be fuckin’ Mesmer.” He snapped as you furrowed your brows.
“You believe me?” You breathed out, relief filling you, but dread soon set back in as Billy turned back to you.
“Yeah, I believe ya.” He told you, nodding as he stalked towards you. There was silence before he spoke again. “But I want ya gone.” Your heart sank. He gave you one last stare before turning to grab his jacket.
“Butcher!” Frenchie exclaimed.
“Hughie, with me.” Billy ignored Frenchie as he swung open the motel room door, leaving without a second glance. Hughie felt torn. But ultimately he followed Butcher, but turned to you before exiting.
“He doesn’t mean it.” Hughie told you as you let a tear fall down your cheek. “He-He’s just angry.” You gave him a small smile before shrugging.
“I’ve known him long enough to know he means it this time.” You sniffled as Hughie gave you a sympathetic look before leaving after Butcher.
Not long after the pair left, you decided it was best to do as Butcher said. So grabbing your jacket, you exited the motel, ignoring the pleads of Frenchie and M.M. You walked down the road, unsure on where you were going or what you were going to do now. Thoughts were racing in your mind as you stopped walking for a second, before yelling loudly in anger/frustration. Suddenly all the glass that was around you smashed. Car windows, gas station windows, streetlamp bulbs… They all smashed as a shock was sent out from your anger. Deeply breathing you composed yourself, carrying on your walk as you felt worn out and beaten down.
Butcher and Hughie sat in silence in the car, an awkward tension filling the air. Hughie kept glancing at Butcher, trying to get a read on his current state of mind.
“Will you stop fuckin’ staring.”
Butcher told him, not even turning to look at him as Hughie fought the urge to roll his eyes.
“You shouldn’t have told (Y/N) to leave.” Hughie said, as Butcher sighed looking out the window.
“You should be thankful I let her leave.” He told him as Hughie shook his head. “I should’ve done a lot worse.”
“Come on. You don’t really mean that.” Hughie furrowed his brows as Butcher suddenly slammed on the breaks, causing Hughie to groan as his seatbelt winded him.
“Don’t I?” Butcher turned to face him, fury in his eyes. “You might be alright trusting a supe, but I ain’t.” He snarled.
“You trusted (Y/N) before finding out about it!” He argued. “She didn’t tell VOUGHT, she didn’t betray us, so what?” He paused. “Just because she’s a Supe that means she’s bad?”
“Supes are tainted.” Butcher told him. “The only reason I’m letting Frenchie keep his around is cause she’s our key to bringing down the fuckers.” He then pointed at Hughie. “And don’t get me started on you and Starlight.” Hughie narrowed his eyes, scoffing slightly.
“You know-“ He began. “I thought you and (Y/N) were different.” He pulled a confused look. “Yeah, I thought you two would do anything for each other. But you turned your back on her. Just like that.” He clicked his fingers to emphasise. “Butcher, she adores you.” He laughed bitterly, shaking his head. Billy raised a brow at Hughie, tilting his head at his words. “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed.”
“You’re talkin’ out your arse.” Butcher scoffed.
“Am I?” Hughie asked rhetorically. “Cause we can all see it. All of us, except you it seems.”
“I don’t have time for reading between the lines, what are you fuckin’ talkin’ about Hughie?” Billy slammed his hands on the wheel as Hughie stared at him in disbelief.
“(Y/N) clearly loves you!” Hughie exclaimed. He knew it wasn’t his place, but Butcher always managed to press his buttons. Billy looked at him confused before laughing at him.
“You’ve fuckin’ lost the plot.” Butcher told him as Hughie finally snapped.
“For fucks sake Butcher!” Hughie shouted. “She is in love with you!”
You were stood behind some of the shelving units in Hughie’s work place, watching as Butcher and Translucent battled it out. But you knew Billy was tiring, and the fact he was bleeding made your blood boil. Before you knew it, Translucent had Billy in the air, his hands wrapped around his neck as he struggled to get away. You quickly looked around for something to use against him. Turning to look at one of the TV’s on the wall, you ran towards it, using your hidden strength to pull it from the wall as you huffed out a breath. It had been a while since you used your powers. You made your way behind Translucent as he had no clue you were there. Billy saw you through the supe as he slowly began to lose consciousness. You instantly threw the TV down on Translucent as he dropped Billy from the impact. The supe groaned and swore at the impact as he took a second to recover. You quickly ran to Billy as you tried to help him up.
“You idiot!” You scolded him. “What the fuck where you thinking?”
“I had the cunt!” He replied, coughing slightly as you shook your head.
“Yeah, I just saved your ass. You were a damsel in distress. You’re welcome.”
“Fuck off.”
Walking down the road, you had your hands in your pockets as you felt your phone ring. You sighed, pulling it out as you saw it was Hughie calling you. You felt torn, but answered it eventually.
“(Y/N)…” He seemed out of breath. “It’s the boys.” He told you as your heart rate increased. “VOUGHT’s got them.”
“Shit. Shit.” You ran a hand through your hair. “Erm, okay okay. Where’s Billy?” You asked, unable to hide your concern.
“He’s gone!” He sighed. “He left to finish the job.” You mentally swore.
“Okay, calm down, we’ll get them back ok, I’m coming back to the Mot-“
But before you could finish your sentence you heard a woosh behind you, and you immediately froze.
“Hughie-“ You cut yourself off, removing the phone from your ear as you slowly turned round, knowing who you were about to come face to face with.
Your skin crawled at his voice, as you saw the one person you hoped you wouldn’t have to face again in your life.
“Long time no see!”
There he stood. Homelander. That shit eating grin on his face as you felt your heartbeat fasten.
“(Y/N)?” You could hear Hughie calling down the phone.
“What no hello?” Homelander furrowed his brows, his smile staying strong as you fought the urge to lash out, to scratch the smug grin off his lips. “That’s ok.” He waved his hand. “We have plenty of time to catch up.”
Hughie panicked. He knew the voice on the other end of the phone. How could he not? When the line went dead, he quickly went to his contacts, dialling the last person he wanted to talk to, but knew this would hopefully change Butchers mind.
“Fuck off Hughie!”
Butchers voice travelled through the phone as Hughie took a deep breath.
“Homelanders got (Y/N).” He said quickly, before Butcher could hang up.
“What?” He could hear the shock in Butchers voice, and a hint of concern.
“I-Er- I called her and she-she got cut off but I heard him. I heard Homelander.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes! Yes I’m fucking sure!“ Hughie exclaimed as Butcher swore, hissing in frustration.
“Alright, you get the boys. I’ll get (Y/N).”
“No, no, Butcher- I still need-“ The line went dead. “Your help…” Hughie sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to change Butchers mind.
You began to stir as you groaned, a pain in your side as you slowly began to sit up.
“Ah, you’re awake.”
You grimaced at the voice, fearing the worst as you opened your eyes properly, seeing it was now dark. Feeling your side ache. You couldn’t quite remember what had happened before, you just remembered the phone call…
“Come on, get up! Chop chop!” He clapped his hands next to your ear as you hissed at the sound. Sighing, as he clearly was annoyed at how slowly you were coming round, he grabbed you by your jacket, pulling you up to your feet. Your legs felt like they were still half asleep as you tried to steady yourself. You felt yourself being dragged along as you stumbled, vision slightly blurry as you registered a baby’s murmuring.
Where the fuck were you?
Eventually you were able to sustain your weight on your own legs, as you started to come round a bit more. You tried to get out of his grip, using as much might as you could but he was stronger.
“Ah ah ah.” He tutted disapprovingly, shaking his head as he moved his hand from your jacket to your hair, gripping it from the back as you yelped. “Now, be a good girl and stop struggling.” He said lowly against your ear as you squirmed at his voice being so close to you.
“Fuck. You.” You muttered out as he rolled his eyes.
“Now now, not in front of the baby.” You furrowed your brows, before turning your head very slightly to see he was holding a baby in his other hand.
“What the-“ You whispered. “Homelander, put the baby down.” You told him, worried for the child in his arm.
“Or what?” He chuckled. “Are you gonna make me?” He taunted as he began to walk out the room, pushing you with him, his grip still in your hair. Eventually you made your way down the steps, noticing you were in someone’s home.
“Take it easy.” Homelander spoke, as he rounded the corner into the kitchen space. You felt your breath hitch as you saw Stillwell tied to a chair with an explosive device wrapped around her, but what made your heart stop was the man who not long ago had basically told you he never wanted to see you again.
“Billy.” You unintentionally whispered out as Homelander raised a brow.
“Now, now.” Homelander spoke. “We don't want to upset Teddy, right?” He bounced the child up and down briefly, looking at the baby as you realised it was Stillwells son.
This man had no boundaries.
Billy felt rage bubbling within as he saw how Homelander was holding you. He also noticed your limpness on on one side as he deducted you were hurt. That grade A arsehole.
“What are you doing?” Stillwell asked breathily, worried for her child’s safety.
“You all right?” Homelander asked Stillwell as she sighed, taking a breath.
“No.” She answered before looking at him. “Take him upstairs.”
“All good. I got it.” Homelander gave her his award winning smile. “I got it.” He told her firmly. “Billy Butcher.” Homelander finally turned his attention to the Brit. “You don't mind if I call you Billy, right?” Billy remained calm on the outside. He wouldn’t let Homelander see that slight bit of concern he had for you. “You are pretty darn impressive. I mean, especially for, you know, one of you.” Homelander then decided he’d had enough of holding you, as he threw you forward. You gasped as you hit the floor, hissing as you landed on your sore side. Billy’s eyes flickered down to you subconsciously, as he checked you were ok. Well as ok as you could be.
“See, even now, most people standing where you are would be pissing their pants terrified, but you...” Homelander walked towards him. “Sure, your heart's pounding, but you're not afraid.” He commented, a small smile on his face. “It's anger. That's a new one for me.” He furrowed his brows.
“Homelander, will you please take the baby upstairs?” Stillwell pleaded, but he continued to ignore her.
“All because of your lovely wife Becca. Right?” Homelander narrowed his eyes, sighing. “Okay. Let's cut the bullshit, huh? You know that we...” He paused as you saw Billy tilt his head. “Bro, not my fault, okay? She came on to me. It happens.” He laughed as Billy still kept the stony look on his face. You felt your own anger growing, as he spoke. This man really was an asshole. “You know, it's the fame. They get crushes.” Homelander then turned to wink at you as you almost snarled at his action. “There's nothing I can do about it. But what I will tell you is, she was a hell of a lay.” He grinned, taking a step back to head towards a crib that was in the room. “She came three times, eh? Three times.” He shook his head, knowing he was riling Butcher up. Exactly what he wanted.
He put the baby down in the crib, as Stillwell felt a little bit more ease that Homelander wasn’t holding her son any longer. “But that's not really it. No, no, no. No, it's more than just that.” He rounded back to face Billy once more. “You think I'm responsible for her death, don't you? So now you have a hostage that I care about, right? Someone I love.” He narrowed his eyes, whilst scoffing. “Well, as you English would say… Tit for tat.” Billy tightened his jaw, glancing down at you as you looked at him in return, your eyes full of apologies, sorrow and fear. “Me and (Y/N) go way back also.” He grinned, his hands behind his back. “I suppose once a traitor always a traitor.”
“Fuck you, you asshole.” You hissed out as he laughed.
“Bit of a touchy subject is it?” He raised a brow, turning to look down at you. Billy watched the two of you as he saw the hatred filling your eyes as you stared back at the supe. “Also a touchy subject is the fact, whether you like it or not, you’re one of us.” He told you, smirking. “VOUGHT gave you a gift, and this… this is how you repay us?” He shook his head, tutting.
“A gift?!” You scoffed, pushing yourself to sit up better as you held your side. “This isn’t a gift! It’s a damn curse.” You spat, as Billy watched you closely, listening intently to your words. “VOUGHT doesn’t care about you!” You laughed shaking your head in disbelief. “And as soon as everyone finds out what a psychotic monster you are, they won’t care about you either.” You said lowly, as you saw with each word Homelander grew more and more angry. He lunged forwards, his hand wrapping around your throat as you gasped for air, tears forming in your eyes.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Billy narrowed his eyes, holding up the detonator. “Let her go. Or I’ll blow all our fucking brains out.” He threatened, as Homelander clenched his jaw, taking a moment before he let you go as you gasped for breath, heavily breathing as you coughed slightly.
“So, what's your plan...” Homelander stood back up straight, turning back to Billy. “-from here? What do you want? Do you want a confession, or... What's your endgame?” He questioned, once more standing composed, hands behind his back as if nothing ha can happened. Billy smirked darkly.
“I'm just gonna hurt you.” He paused. “I mean really fucking hurt you, and that will be good enough for me.” He told him, his grip tight on the detonator in his hand.
“So, you don't really want anything, per se? You just... You want to blow her up in front of me. Right?” Homelander questioned, before breathing out, slightly laughing. “Wow, fuck. You are dark, and I kind of like it.” He pointed at Billy, smiling at him.
“Will you please take Teddy upstairs?” Stillwell asked once more as Homelander waved her off.
“Just answer one question for me.” Homelander stared at Billy, taking a step closer. “Just one.How do you know?” He paused, tilting his head. “How do you know? I mean, you must have some rock-solid proof, right?” He pursed his lips. “That it was actually me who killed your wife. You must have that, right? So what is it? Share. We're all very interested.” He gestured his arms out, opening them up. You stared up at Billy, your neck sore as you watched him stay silent. You knew he didn’t have proof. You knew this was all just his theory. “Now's not the time to be strong and silent. Go for it.” Homelander looked confused for a moment before he furrowed his brows. “Are you telling me that this whole thing is based on fucking feelings?” He scoffed. “On a hunch?”
“Take him upstairs!” Stillwell finally exclaimed as Homelander snapped, his calm demeanour disappearing.
“Shut the fuck up!” He shouted, causing you and Stillwell to jump at his voice. Billy hated the way you reacted. He hated the fact you were hurt. He hated the fact you were in this mess because of him. Homelander excused himself from Billy as he wondered over to Stillwell, leaning down to talk to her. You looked up at Billy, silently telling him how sorry you were. All it took was a look and Billy understood. He gave a very small nod as you felt relief fill you.
He understood. Maybe not fully forgiven. But he understood.
You took that, and used it as ammunition. You pushed yourself up, trying to be quiet as you could, wincing silently as you stood. Billy watched you, sending you a warning glance.
‘I’m sorry’ you mouthed to him. Suddenly a familiar sound occurred as you turned to see Homelander, murdering Stillwell, her eyes being burnt in her skull as you gasped, stepping back. Billy stood still, his plan had backfired… Not that that was gonna stop him.
Homelander turned back round to the pair of you as he composed himself, cracking his neck.
“Now...” He paused, raising a brow. “What was that plan again?” He said smugly as Billy gave you a look.
“Billy, the baby-“ You said quietly, hearing the baby cry. He was only a baby. He didn’t deserve this.
“Take him and go.” Billy told you.
“What? I’m not leaving you!” You furrowed your brows, shaking your head.
“This is between me and him.” He told you sternly. “You’ve been hurt enough.” Without you realising, your eyes began to glow a green colour as emotion began to overcome you. Fear. Fear of losing Billy. “Go.” He told you once more as you turned back round to Homelander, glaring at him. He stood, not phased by your glowing eyes as he almost smirked at it even. You went to move towards the crib to do as Billy said, but Homelander shot out his lasers to stop you, making you recoil backwards.
“No.” He told you. “He stays.” He turned his gaze back to Billy. He knew Billy had no rules. Billy would do anything to stop Homelander. A baby wasn’t going to change that.
“Alright.” Billy narrowed his eyes. “So be it.” You turned back to face him as the last face so he was the last face you saw, you didn’t dare want it to be Homelander. You gave him a small nod as Billy seemed hesitant, but soon a smirk formed on his lips as he pressed the detonator…
“She’s been like that for weeks…”
“She won’t even tell me what happened…”
“Maybe she just needs some space guys-“
You could overhear the boys talking about you. You were sat in the new safe house, with random people all around you, Frenchie carrying on business as usual. M.M had been working on a dollhouse for his daughter, whilst Hughie seemed the most agitated of the group. He was angry. Angry at Butcher. Frustrated at his situation. And of course, a lovesick puppy, missing Annie, still hanging onto the guilt of what he did to her. You on the other hand were feeling depressed and concerned. Concerned for Billy. What had happened after the explosion?
You didn’t remember much, you just remember seeing white, and feeling heat engulf you. Somehow you had survived. You woke up miles away, stranded and frantic. Luckily, you had memorised Frenchie’s burner phone number as you called him from a pay phone and he instantly came to get you. He asked questions but you didn’t have all the answers, and since that car ride back, you had been mostly quiet and keeping to yourself.
You jumped at the voice that spoke, looking up to see Hughie standing behind you as you were sat on the sofa, Kimiko on the floor as she practiced her writing.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” He gave you a small smile. “I er, I’m here.” He told you genuinely. “If you need to talk. Y’know?” He had his hands in his pockets as he tried to be there for you. “Bottling it up… Well… it doesn’t help.” He gave a tight smile. “I would know.”
“I’m just tired.” You told him. “I’m tired of this. I’m tired of the mess we keep finding ourselves in.” You sighed, running a hand through your hair. “And I can’t even be upset, because I got myself into this shit.” You scoffed, shaking your head. Hughie stayed silent, unsure on what to say. He knew how you felt. “I was the one who went to Butcher. I went out and found him.” You laughed bitterly. “I should’ve just carried on my life, hiding in the shadows and living as normally as I could.” You muttered. “And to top it all off, the one person I thought I could really count on…” You paused, fighting the urge to cry. “Well, he hates me. And he’s god knows where.”
“That’s not true.” Hughie finally spoke, walking round to sit beside you on the sofa. “Butcher… He doesn’t hate you.” He said softly.
“You didn’t see how he looked at me.” You replied, remembering the hatred in his eyes back at the motel. Hughie sighed, placing his hand on your shoulder gently for comfort.
God knows when you would see Butcher again. But all you knew was you missed him. You were thankful you had the boys, but they weren’t Billy… And the one question you kept replaying in our mind was…
Did he forgive you?
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whentheynameyoujoy · 6 days ago
The show really be like: Welcome to the Boys, a CIA-sponsored black-ops group for the elimination of superpowered threats. The twink over there is Hughie, qualified mainly because he dates a supe who’s our crucial back-up. The mute chick is Kimiko, a supe; our weapons guy and resident junkie sticks around mostly because he’s hopelessly in love with her. That shark-looking motherfucker next to them is Butcher, a big proponent of supe genocide when he’s not slipping it to the supe who’s been indispensable to our operations recently. My name is M. M. and I’m So Done with this Shit ™*
*terms and conditions apply
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Maeve & Butcher 🖤
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why is everyone shocked and surprised when billy "i dont care about anything but my wife" butcher does not care about anything but his wife
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Butcher when Homelander and Soldier Boy inevitably butt heads this season:
Tumblr media
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Karl Urban as William BUTCHER, Jensen Ackles as SOLDIER BOY, and Antony Starr as HOMELANDER
The Boys: Season 3, Episode 6 "Herogasm"
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With great power comes the absolute certainty that you'll turn into a right cunt
William "Billy" Butcher (The Boys)
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Well damn! Happy Monday ❤️
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The Boys Season 3 EPISODE 5 SPOILERS without context:
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Victoria Neuman being Stan Edgar’s daughter is the twist I didn’t see coming but should have seen coming.
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Really don’t know which school of not handling life is worse, Butcher’s “I’m gonna deal with my sad by goading a bunch of guys into beating the shit out of me”, or Maeve’s “I don’t wanna spend one second longer in my head so here’s to jumping the depressed asshole who just told me I needed to die.”
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Mave & Butcher 🖤
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Oh fuck yes!!!
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bite the hand that feeds you ft. transgenderification beam for pride
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