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#william spears

hhaha yeah i know there’s weird sexual tension between the kid and the demon

and i know that the man dog needs to put on clothes 

and that the maid girl really needs to be less horny

and the old guy needs to be less enthusiastic about his dead body job

but i promise if you look past that the anime is really good and you should watch i- oh the weird shy butler is trying to bone sebastian? yeah i promise it gets better i really promi-

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When Blood is Spilt, Water May Suffice (ao3 link)


E Carter, orphaned before their first birthday, lives a fairly normal life with their aunt Amanda. Besides seeing men and women fly over the rooftops.


When a young child is saved and brought to the Reaper Realm temporarily, they begin to see those who shouldn’t be seen.


Or! The fic where the Reapers all collectively adopt a child. Next chapter up either later tonight or tomorrow, I hope you enjoy! ~<3

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This is a Lemon, aka this is going to have a sexual theme in it. Read at your own choice, but I will still put a +18 warning. Along with a bit of strong language.

Gender: neutral


He was serious

He only cared about his work.

He didn’t have anything else on his mind for him to care about.

William Spears was an odd man. An emotionless Reaper who took his job seriously and didn’t play around. He wouldn’t have thought what would have happened when he was doing his usually clean up when collecting souls. He wouldn’t have imagen on meeting a simple human that would have changed his view in this endless life of his. He wouldn’t believe that his once undead heart would skip beats when seeing you walking around town. You attracted death around you but you seemed so unaware of it. You didn’t seem to notice how many people died around you.

Which gave the reaper multiple times to catch a glance every now and then of you while he work on reaping souls.  He didn’t understand it at first. He didn’t know what this attraction and curiosity over a human meant. He didn’t want to come to the conclusion he develops feelings for you just by staring at you from afar, he didn’t know how to even feel in the first place.

“Did they have a good life?”

Your soft voice echoes in his head as he stops moving, his glasses reflected your mere image as you hold into your umbrella softly. A gentle expression in your face as you looked down at the body in front of him. The person’s memory records flew in the air. William’s eyes slightly widen as you kept staring straight at him.

“You can see me..”

He whispers out as he moves his body to face you, the last bit of the memory records of the person finally disappears. Now leaving an empty body and nothing else.

“Indeed I can…and I always have..” you titled your head as you stare at him with curious eyes.

“Since when…” He could only watch you approach him.

A soft smile rose to your lips. “Now that I’m not so sure Mister Reaper, but I couldn’t hold myself back on seeing you again and not at least saying something to you. I wouldn’t sleep if I let it pass this time again” you brought your Umbrella closer to him. For the first time in a long time, William’s words were stuck on his throat. He only stares at you as you kept staring at him back, your soft plump lips press together to hold in a fit of giggles that dare to escape you.

You watch him from afar for months, maybe it has been a year now. But you never expected your first interaction to be comical like this, as he seemed caught like a deer in lights. The pale skin on his cheeked dared to heat up into a soft pink as you finally broke into harmonic laughter.

“Why do you laugh?” He asked confused, his chest tightens as you wipe a fake tear off your cheek.

“I expect something but didn’t expect this. I like you even more already Mister Reaper” you smiled at him full-heartedly.

“I have a name” he stated.

“Ohh so you do have one? And what will that be?”

“Spears, William Spears”

The soft sound of the rain around both of you tone out, his green and golden eyes reflected against your own [e/c].

“Well William Spears, I am Y/n L/n…and it’s a pleasure to finally be able to talk to you after all this time”


It’s been around 2 full months after that first encounter. Night after night when William was sent out to collect Soul’s he will always find a way to meet up with you. At first, he was against his very own actions. He thought this was distracting himself from his work. But no matter how much he tried to distance himself from you. He came back to you like a moth following a light.

That you were to him, you were his light in this dark cold world. Even though he knew you will die someday, there was something different from you. And he wasn’t going to waste the time you had in this world. You were gentle with him, interested in every little thing he did and what he was. You were so understanding when he didn’t know how to express himself. It was like baby steps for him as if he was starting from zero on how to be human again. Even if it was an illusion he didn’t want to wake up from, he enjoys pretending for you even if it just for a short while of his endless immortality.

This time was no different, he had finished all his work and found himself wandering back to your house in the middle of the night. He hated waking you up or coming late to your house. So it wouldn’t hurt the reaper to try and sleep for once? He’ll just sit next to you when he gets there and watches you rest. He was stressed out and tired of dealing with newbies and Grell. So he just hopes this will help him clear his mind for once.

He carefully opens the door to your house and closed it behind him. You had told him where you left your spare key if he ever wanted to stop by. It made him feel slightly prideful that you trusted him already with something like that. He made his way up to your room, gently opening the door and making sure to make little as noise as he hears your soft breathing from your bed. He stares down at you as he approaches the bed, your hair decorating it along with the messy sheets you have yourself tangle in. A smile dared to appear on his lips as he gently places a gloved hand on your cheek.

His eyebrow quirk up; your face was flush pink, your breathing was slightly faster than normal. Were you getting sick? This worried him deep down. He started to unbutton his coat, sliding it off his shoulders as he shifted on the bed. His hand gently shaking you as he tried waking you up. You groan softly by this, now he was more confused, a gentle odd but sweet smell was coming from you. Your tangled legs kept rubbing together with the sheets.

Is she in pain?

“Y/n?… Wake up dear..” he quietly called out.

Your eyes peak open, a small complaint left your lips as you stare at him in a sleepy daze.

“Are you sick? Do you feel in pain or I’ll? You’re all red and hot” he whispers out as he kept gently caressing the back of his gloved hand on your forehead and cheek. You hummed in response as your hand’s snake around his neck. His eyes slightly widen as you pull him closer to you. Your face gently presses against the crock of his neck. Nose gently press against it as your heated breath fanned it, your lips press against it for a few seconds before removing themselves. The skin you kiss now taking a red flushed color.

“I’m fine William…” You whisper out as you pulled back, your eyes meeting his once again. A light blush spread in his cheeks. He swallows dry as he stares down at you. “You sure?..” he mumbled out as he leans back down towards your face. You were quick to nuzzle your nose against his. “Not really…but I wouldn’t like getting you to do something you are not okay with doing….” you breathe out softly.

This just confuses him even more. Do what? Was he to dense when it came to this whole relationship thing that he couldn’t understand? “Do what? Tell me, if I can help you feel better I want to do it” he quickly said as he brought a hand to your chin as he made you look at him. Your face got even redder as your heart started beating against your rib cage.

“Wi-William it’s r-really n-”

“Show me what to do to make you feel better Y/n” he cut you off, his arms wrap around your back as he brought you up to sit with him.

“I want to do it” he added.

Your face exploded a bright crimson red, all your blood going up to your head made you dizzy. Did he really have to phrase such thing like that? Was he really oblivious to what was going on? You inhale sharply as you cover your face.

“You might hate me after this.. o-or it will be so awkward that you might never want to see me again!”  you warn as you shook your head.

He push his glasses up his nose bridge. “I doubt that you could do such thing, not once have you cause me discomfort Y/n so why would this be so different?” He sounded like he was scolding you, which was no surprise from how he normally talk to you. You grip on the sheets as you looked down at your lap, your heart beating loudly as you took all the courage in you.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you William” you whisper out as you looked up, determine but flustered nothing less as you brought your hands up to his face and brought him closer to you. Your lips crashed against his forcefully. Neither of you moves, both your body tense as he stares at you wide eye. A beat of sweat roll down your chin as you shakily pull away a bit to bring your lips back against his more gently. Soft his lips were surprisingly softer than you have imagen. You move your own into a soft pace, he could only stare at you as his hands find their way above your hips.

His body starter relaxing just a bit, and before he knew it. Your soft plump lips left his. You didn’t even give him time to react back as you stare down at your lap, shame washing over you. Ah…I think I understand now

“Do it again, I don’t think I have the hang on it just yet” William inform as he took his glasses off. Your headshot up, your eyes going wide in shock. “W-wha-” “I don’t know how to Kiss Y/n….you might need to teach me how to do it right if I’m going to help you feel better..” he whispers out as he leans closer to you. His eyes closed shut as he presses his lips on yours. His lips were sloppy against yours, he wasn’t lying. The situation had you almost on the verge of fainting. Was this really happening? And if it was a dream for the love of God you hope you didn’t wake up!

You dream about this, multiple times ever since you first catch a glance at the handsome reaper. But now that it was happening you felt small, yet frozen with an undying fire that sparks within you. He wasn’t pushing you away, he wasn’t going away. Your hands snake around his neck and pulled him closer once more. Your lips trying to move with his same movement. Even if it started a bit sloppy you still love it. The more you kiss, the more heated and desperate you both seem to get for each other heat.

William’s body never had acted like this, he doesn’t remember even when he was human if anything like this had happened. But he didn’t hate it, he didn’t want it to stop. The taste of your lips was intoxicating, the soft gentle taste of the cake you had eaten before bed lingers in your mouth. It added touch into the now heated kiss. Now taking a grip on what he was doing he gently bite down on your lip. Gently sucking and licking them, a soft sigh like moan escapes your lips as you complied with his action. Your mouth opens up and lets him full access, you felt putty in his hand right there and then as his grip on his hip tighten.

His warm muscle touch and taste every section of your mouth he could get a hold on. Your soft whimper was encouraging him to continue. But he knew very well like any other human being you needed air. He pulls away, a small pop sounded around the room once he did so. You panted heavily as you looked up at him in a haze, Your lips swollen and red as you grip on the back of his shirt. “Wi-William..” you breathe out. He didn’t know what it was, but the look on your face and the way you whisper out his name made something in him snap.

He pushes you back down against the bed, his hands ran up and down over your body. His eyes eating away every little reaction your body gave out to his touch. A shaky whimper came out of your lips as he leans down and kisses your neck. “I think you still don’t feel good yet..” he trails gentle kisses down your chest as his hands went under your nightgown. His gloved fingers gently trail up your legs and into your inner thigh. It had you shivering in the cold air. Heat rising to your head as your legs parted slightly by his gentle touch. “Let me help you get better y/n..”  he breathed out.

He honestly didn’t know what he was doing, his own body was just following what felt right. And right now he just wanted to touch every little bit of you. He never realizes how strong this desire for you has become, but he wasn’t going to stop. He didn’t want to stop.  His lips meet up once again to your abuse ones, capturing them into a heated kiss as his hand kept trailing up as it finally made contact with your covered sex. Two fingers gently stroking up and down as your hips bucked up. How you craved this, how you loved how gentle he was being it drove you insane.

“That felt good?..” he breathes out between kisses, your soft moans muffled in between as his fingers kept increasing it’s pace as it kept giving you sweet pleasure. The teasing between the clothing was becoming to unbearable for you at this point.

“W-will a-ah..stop teasing~ take it off is getting too much..” you shakily begged as you grip on his sleeves shirt. Tugging them roughly, you wanted every bit of clothing off already. You wanted to see him whole. He hummed back at the nickname as he pulled away. Both his hands strip down your underwear and threw them in a corner without care. Your hands following along to undress him. His face felt like bursting into flames as he looked down at the tent in his pants. He was hard, your hands massage his bulge. Earning a low groan from the reaper that had you more excited than before. Your vision was blurring up, your mouth water up as you undid his pants and pull them down along with his underwear. His cock sprang out, hitting his own lower stomach. It had you wide-eye by his size.

“Dear me will it even fit..?” you breath out as you ran your finger down it. William jolted at your touch, his face only got worse by your words. He didn’t respond to your comment, how could he? His breath was caught against his own throat as your hand roughly stroke his member. Your tongue licks the tip in circles. A small satisfied moan escapes you in a sigh at his taste. You didn’t even give this poor man a chance to catch himself before you took half of him in your mouth eagerly. Sucking, licking and bopping your head. Moans easily escape his throat. Even if he gritted his teeth together and hold on your head. His hips thrust in your mouth, he loved how all of this felt.

Your pace was desperate, licking his cock sideways and up. He had to grab your hair and pull you back before you made him come. “Ea-easy now, you’re so needy little dove. You haven’t even let me please you yet” he groan as he grabs his own member from you. A loud wine came out of you,  your tongue tried reaching it. Your eyes were so filled if lust that it was taking every bit of him not to go ballistic on you. He wanted to be loving still, but still, give you what you want.  "Lay back down" he ordered, you were quick to follow.

His gloves finally came off, his hands grab each side of your thighs and brought them up to your shoulders. You wiggle under him, the cold air hitting hard against your hot sex. His eyes looked like a predator as he took in the position you were in. His hard cock pressed against your entrance. both groan at the sensation, he rubbed against you slowly. He felt his heart beating widely against his ears.

“Hurry p-please”

It was all he needed to hear before thrusting into you. A choked moan was all you could give as he stood still. You’re breathing heavily as your body tried to arch against him. His hands grip tightly on your legs that for sure they will bruise. His lips came down to kiss your forehead gently. His hips slowly pulling back before thrusting back in to get in fully. His pace was slow and steady. The only thing audible was your moans and the sound of your skin slapping together. He was concentrated but losing himself on you. Low groans slip through his throat, his pace becoming faster and faster. William’s name kept slipping your mouth as he thrust into you harder and rougher each time.

Your lips parted as you gasp for air. You were so close to release as well as he as his thrust started to get uneven and sloppy. “Tog-together” you moan out as you hold into his face to pull him for a kiss. “I w-wanna do it together~” you repeated as you cling on his shoulders. His press his forehead against yours as he drove you to your climax, he didn’t stop after that as he gave a few finals thrusts as he pulls out. Letting out a low moan as he came over your stomach.

Both panted heavily, staring at each other in a daze on what just happen.
A small smile pulled up on your lips as you brush some of the brown locks of his face. Now his perfectly combed hair now a sweaty wet mess. You chuckled slightly as his tired expressions as he melts in your touch. He rolled over and lay next to you. His eyes stuck into the ceiling as his mind tried processing what in death name he just did. You wrap an arm around him as kiss his neck, “love you, William…” You whisper out as you nuzzle your face on his neck.  "All to make you feel better..“ he mumbled out as closed his eyes. He still wasn’t quite there to say it back, but you weren’t one to push him. Having him close like this was enough for both of you for now.

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Guinevere is probably one of the daemons with the most issues, mentally, she feels immense amounts of guilt over having let William kill himself, especially as she knew what he was thinking at the time. She just couldn’t physically stop him as it’s not up to daemons to actually interfere in the lives of their humans and she understood his reasoning beside. At the end of the day it was his choice but part of her still feels the guilt of it. Even more so with Will’s current mental state. There is nothing she regrets more than allowing him to go through with it.

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you thought you saw everything? WELL. CHRISTMAS NEVER ENDS

here’s my SECOND piece for @princedamianos, commissioned by the wonderful @beyondkira <3 this is a scene from her Black Butler fic “Danse Macabre”, in which Grell and William share a lovely dance…….in the middle of an assasination mission. GO READ IT NOW!! and while you’re at it try to spot the guest characters in the picture aliejoweij

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Today I had a mental breakdown and all my friends did nothing about it until they saw tears but by then I had to leave. During this time I couldn’t think of anything to make me happy the only thing I could think of is how much of a mistake I am and how I’m a disappointment. I got home and one friend sent me this


Originally posted by kuroshitsuji

and that made me smile because it’s anime glasses but then my other friend who doesn’t ship Stenbrough but knows I do sent me this


Originally posted by the-losers-clubs

and now I feel like I can survive another day of life. 

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