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latinposeidon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I still just adore this part of TOSOH reprise because you can just see Caleb’s manipulations coming through. He meets eyes with Willie to single him out, gestures over his shoulder, and moves away so he can see Alex. Caleb made sure Willie was paying attention to only him before diverting his gaze to Alex, knowing it would upset them.
And I don’t think it was him telling them to leave. Not only was he pointing the complete wrong direction for it to be a dismissal, Willie running away feels completely organic. He stumbled back a step while still looking at Alex then ran off in the opposite direction that Caleb pointed.
You can even see the confusion and surprise at being addressed mid-song because he doesn’t get what Caleb was trying to tell them. They didn’t run away because Caleb told him to leave, he ran away because they’re a teenager who saw his first boyfriend dancing with other people and got upset.
And I love it so much because you can see Caleb’s goal of separating Willie from Alex. Because he is the one person in the club who’s on the boys’ side, the only one who might warn them of what’s happening. Willie canonically didn’t know that Caleb had invited them to join his band. If Alex told them about the offer, Willie would absolutely warn him against it.
We see that Willie is capable of defying direct orders, and Caleb had probably realised that by now. So he didn’t tell them to leave, he made him think it was their decision. He gave Willie some false agency to make sure he wouldn’t come back to warn Alex what was going on. It’s such a clever gesture and I love it so much
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a-tomb-with-a-view · 2 days ago
@/Netflix please give me the Willie-teaching-Alex-to-skate episode, and please give me it in the form of one of those montage thingies where clips slide on like it’s a shitty PowerPoint from 2012, and there’s super upbeat music, and whenever one of them laughs it slow mo pans the other sharing in awe and it keeps highlighting how they look at each other’s mouths
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sunset-bobby · 2 days ago
💫Jatp Sketches💫
ahhh i’m so glad to be back man as you can see i’ve changed some stuff about my art style
Tumblr media
link to ig post
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gaylebcovington · a day ago
“My parents hate me.” + willex
(This is the last one of these I’m going to do! Thank you for sending it ☺️)
“My parents hate me,” he said bluntly.
Willie blinked, carefully analysing Alex’s face, trying his best to figure out if it was a joke or not. He came to the conclusion that it was not a joke, judging by the barely perceptible tremor in Alex’s voice and the way his eyes were wiped clean of any emotion, but if it had been a joke then it would most certainly not have been a funny one.
It didn’t make sense in any case. In what universe could anyone hate Alex Mercer? Alex, whose presence was guaranteed to light up any room with all the light and warmth of the brightest star. Alex, who had talent beyond belief that he would never acknowledge because he was sweet and quiet and modest. Alex, who Willie loved more than anything else in this world, his heart skipping a dozen beats every time Alex so much as glanced in his general direction. Only someone without a soul could hate Alex Mercer.
“I’m sure they don’t,” he said quietly. Even as he said it, Willie knew those words wouldn’t help - Alex’s blank face and set jaw told him that much. Sure enough, Alex shook his head resolutely when Willie spoke.
“They do,” he told him. “They hate me. Because I’m gay, because I have anxiety, because I’m in the band… there’s no part of who I am that fits the version of me they’ve thought up, and they hate me for it.”
Gently, Willie took Alex’s hand, fiddling absently with his long fingers.
“Then maybe,” he said slowly, “you shouldn’t spend so much time trying to please them.”
Alex scoffed. “What, so they can just hate me even more?”
“No,” Willie replied. “So you can be happy. Why waste your time trying to satisfy people who are never going to be satisfied by you? Or people who put you down just for existing? I don’t want to tell you what to do, they’re your parents, not mine, but at the very least you should stop holding yourself accountable for things about you they deem less than perfect. Because you’re not, Alex. You’re not less than perfect. You are your own special kind of perfection and there will always be someone out there who loves you for it.”
A small, hopeful smile crept onto Alex’s face. “Really?”
“Yep,” Willie returned, grinning. “And in your case, that person who loves you is me.”
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on-irratia · 2 days ago
okay so i'm fully blaming @curvesomesunsets and this post specifically because i now have many thoughts head full and also ouch
as stated in the post willie feels the need to be useful, and even though he's afraid of caleb he offers him as a choice to be useful, to be able to helpe because maybe then alex will keep talking to him and that's heartbreaking but also offers up so many possibilietes
first though, i think alex has shown willie throughout the series that they don't need to be useful for him to want to hang out with them, considering all that he says (i would've still followed you as a general admission of his feelings which hey, i wrote a small rant-essay about willex in like january if you want to know why i think that that's a pivotal point in their relationship)
obviously the kind of trauma and issues willie has aren't going to go away because of one thing alex did, and considering he's very obviously feeling incredibly guilty for bringing the boys to caleb, which ended up being harmful and quite nearly killing them, willie now thinks he's gotta make it up by being even more useful (the bus, "i'd do anything for you")
and obviously caleb is at fault for next to everything here, because he's manipulative and straight up a bitch and has harmed willie and had them in his clutches for decades at this point, and willie is too afraid to stand up against him (which is entirely understandable)
so my point is, i really really want to see alex do that for willie. not because willie needs saving or is some damsel in distress, i just think that alex, who willie thinks he's brought bad luck to, pushing himself in front of willie and defending him would mean so so much, and like. it'd be incredibly enjoyable to watch we know alex is painted as the emotional one but we shouldn't forget the boy was out and proud in a homophobic household in the 90's, so he has the boys obviously but he's also just brave as fuck, and he's passionate about those he loves, and he's a bitch (and i love him so much), so he really should just rip caleb a new one
like. idk how it'd happen but i just wanna see alex defend willie, eyes blazing and so angry at this man who's hurt him, and his friends and willie, and who tried to rob him of the good things in life. and willie behind him, staring at alex and realising that oh, he cares, and it doesn't matter if willie is "useful" or not to alex, he cares just like that
@ kenny ortega, sir please and more importantly @/netflix you sluts, renew the show
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curvesomesunsets · 2 days ago
no but willie thinks he has to be useful to be worth something, to be loved, that's why he decides to bring the boys to caleb. he speaks up about it because he sees how dejected alex and the boys look, and you can just see the moment he goes “oh shit what if i’m not useful to them anymore”.
“i know a ghost that might be able to help you guys” and he’s back in the running, and can spend more time with alex, can continue being useful and won’t be left behind.
and we all know that's 100% caleb's fault. caleb, who seems just like the type of guy to make anything even resembling affection conditional to willie’s success at bringing in new ghosts or whichever other jobs caleb sees fit. caleb, who makes sure to let willie know how sad it would be to see him grow obsolete, so he better keep finding new souls for the club. caleb, who has willie’s soul and tells willie it’s so easy to be rid of somebody that is no longer profitable to the club.
so willie makes sure to keep being useful, even if he wonders if caleb really will help the boys, if it’s such a good idea to tell caleb about them. but it’s better than being useless, better than alex thinking he’s got nothing else to offer.
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Hands Up If You Can See: A JaTP SMAU
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus Parts! (aka we had quotes left over and we wanted to share em!) (aka S H E N A N I G A N S)
by @sunsetphantom and @fairylightsandrainydays
Masterlist here!
Taglist (ask to be added/removed) under the cut!
@mercer-brekker-castiel @malecacidd @radio-silences @sunshine-stars @sapphossidechick @shes-imperfect-but-she-tries @julieandthequeers @cucumbers-and-olives @homeinabookshelf @adhd-disaster-willie @angelwiththeblue-box @sunsetcurve123 @understandably-odd @demon-babies @cinnamonstickrayofsunlight @on-irratia @kybee1497 @angela-feelstoomuch @its-raining-frogs @endless-navigator @themongosianhorse @caspianjames @ddepressedbookworm @michelangelinda @nimbus713 @k-padfoot39 @willex-molina @boggie-brainrot @annabelle-grisha-goddess @corporeal-terrestrial @angelofarts @deelizcious @on-yourmark-99
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dahliahs · 2 days ago
so. um. *cough*
Tumblr media
willex week 2: electric boogaloo
we’re baaaaack ! and this time it’s co-hosted by the lovely @jealous-kippen, who helped me come up with these awesome prompts!!
WHEN: october 25-31, 2021
PROMPTS (you don’t have to follow, but if you want to here they are):
25th: favorite moments in the canonverse! can be as specific or as large as you want
26th: favorite headcanons!! it’s projection time baby
27th: favorite alex dynamics!! outside of willex, what’s your favorite friendship with our resident Blonde Twink Supreme™️?
28th: favorite willie dynamics!! same thing as the day before but with willie! we haven’t seen as much interaction with him and the others, so go crazy!
29th: s2 wishlist! can be as realistic or have as much grandeur as you would like
30th: willex date night! all things willex fluff are highly encouraged
31st: free day OR it’s halloween!! and it’s a ship from a ghost show!! how perfect is that!! anything halloween themed is greatly encouraged!
tag any and all content for this week with #willex week 2 so bonk and i can reblog and track it!!!
absolutely no nsfw/smut will be allowed in this event. if you want to write that on your own terms, then by all means, but it cannot be a part of this week, so do not tag it as such.
since halloween is included in this week as well, no gore/jumpscares will be allowed to ensure a fun and safe environment for the week.
most importantly, have fun!!!
if you would be interested in doing a gift exchange during this week, please let me know via askbox or dm so i can gauge interest and put it in the schedule accordingly!!
tell your friends!!! again!!!
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williexmercer · a day ago
will you catch me if i fall for you?
My moodboard for @jatpficboardchallenge
Tumblr media
I worked with the amazing @willexmagic
The link can be found here
You’re a really great writer and I’m glad that I could work on this with you!
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lyxchen · a day ago
Tumblr media
Here is the other part to the second drawing of this post♡
Thx to @michelangelindraws who kinda gave me the idea for it!!☆
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jatp-fandom-hub · 2 days ago
JATP Fandom Current Events - Sept. 20 to 26, 2021
Here’s a quick list of what’s happening in the JATP fandom this week!
International Fuck With Alex Day (September 26th)
JATP Appreciation Month (until September 30th)
JATP Zine is accepting orders until October 8th!
JATP Found Family Week Gift Exchange Sign-Ups are currently open!
The JATP Fantom Awards are accepting nominations until October 30th!
Coming soon:
JATP Found Family Week (September 27th to October 3rd)
JATP Songfic Week (October 1st to 7th)
Phantomtober (October 1st to 31st)
Alex Mercer Appreciation Week (October 11th to 17th)
JATP Sci-Fi Week (October 18th to 24th)
For a full list of upcoming events, check out the JATP Fandom Hub (navigation page here, calendar here). You can submit new events/projects or updates about existing events at any time, and if you have any questions, check our FAQ!
Please signal boost to spread the word!
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merry-the-cookie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so there was the jatp poster renewal day on instagram a couple days ago and this was my contribution!!! not a poster exactly lol, more of a banner?? but still!
this was a lot of work but i’m super happy i did it! you can also check it out on instagram
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incorrect-jatp · 7 hours ago
Alex, at a normal volume down the aisle at the grocery store: Willie, do you want any chips?
Willie, at full volume at the end of the aisle: I'M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR DORITOS
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on-irratia · a day ago
"hey reggie, just out of curiosity... what on earth are you wearing?" for that first sentence thing 👀
atlas!!! thank you so much, this escalated ahdashdasf i thought i'd write like 300 words maximum but then i didn't i've been talking with about ralexie with @wadewaits and @sunset-bobby so i had to put them in here, and i'm always down for jukebobby, i hope you like it!
(send me a first sentence and i'll write a short fic)
“Hey Reggie, just out of curiosity… What on earth are you wearing?”
Reggie looks up from his phone to see Luke leaning in the doorway, curiosity and a good portion of glee written across his face. He’s not entirely sure what Luke wants him to say, since it’s literally just clothes, or why he’s grinning as stupidly as he is, but Reggie doesn’t even get to say anything before Bobby appears behind Luke.
They slide their arms around Luke’s waist and kiss his cheek before focusing on Reggie, a similar grin spreading across their face. “So, Reg. Good night yesterday, huh?"
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Reggie says honestly but they just grin wider, obviously not believing him like the bastards they are. Reggie doesn’t even know why he’s friends with them, they’re awful. Julie appears in the doorway, effectively blocking it completely for any other students who might want to try and get into their classroom before the bell rings to kiss her boyfriends hello, then turns to Reggie.
“Damn dude, good for you.” she grins and Luke cackles, following her inside. Bobby shakes his head at the two of them affectionately but follows them anyway as they take their seats next to Reggie.
“Good morning to you all, I hate you,” Reggie informs them, earning him another laugh. Julie leans over and onto his table, patting his arm. “We knew your date would go well, but this really is something.”
“What?” Reggie looks at her, and then, finally, down at the jacket he grabbed in a hurry while running late for the school bus. It’s not his. It’s not the soft grey zip up hoodie he usually wears, it’s one of the jackets from the guys on the swimming team, and he knows exactly who it belongs to.
(the rest is under the cut i didn't wanna make the post too long
His friends seem to know as well. Reggie groans and lets his head hit the table with a thud. “Fuck.”
“So I take it you had fun yesterday?” Julie asks innocently.
“It was great,” Reggie says. “They’re both really really nice, and I got cold so Alex gave me his jacket but I forgot to bring it back and now this is embarrassing and I’ll have to change schools and flee the country.”
Bobby snorts and pats his shoulder. “You don’t have to flee the country, they both wear each other’s jackets all the time.”
“Yeah but they’re boyfriends!”
“And you aren’t their boyfriend?” Luke is sitting in his chair backwards, dangling his legs and watching Reggie with an eyebrow raised expectantly. Reggie feels heat creep up his neck and into his cheek and buries a little deeper into the jacket.
“I mean. Maybe?”
Julie whoops and Bobby claps him on the back, congratulating him. “Well done bro, it’s about time!”
Reggie can’t help but laugh and then launches into a detailed account of last night, when Alex and Willie went on a date with him, to the cinema and then for food and then they just sat on the beach and talked for hours, and yeah it wasn’t their first date and also by far not their first kisses either but it’d felt different, in a way.
“You’re a goner,” Luke informs him but there’s nothing but affection in his voice, and Reggie grins. He’s happy and his friends are happy for him, and even a double block of history with Mr Johnson can’t ruin that.
He does feel a bit awkward in the hallway later, with the jacket that’s so clearly not his announcing Alex’s last name in embroidery on his back, but the others stay close to him and he only gets a few thumbs up from Flynn and Carrie. Nick whistles after him but smiles and Reggie’s fully prepared to tell him everything at lunch.
They run into Alex and Willie on the way to biology and of course, because they’re all awful friends, Bobby, Luke and Julie abandon Reggie with a wink and knowing smirks.
And okay, he gets it. He’s been crushing on Alex from PE who swims competitively for the school and Willie from art class, who also happens to be the team captain of the volleyball team for years, and he knows he’s been annoying about it but so were the three before getting together.
Willie and Alex are a couple literally everyone in the school knows and they’re great and Reggie’s still not entirely sure how the fuck he managed to talk to them in the first place, let alone end up in a school hallway wearing Alex’s jacket. But here he is. And they’re both smiling at him, speeding up to meet him.
“Hi,” Reggie says. “I’m sorry about your jacket, I know this is a bit weird but I swear I didn’t mean to put it on, I was just in a hurry.”
“Don’t worry, it looks good on you,” Willie says and lets go of Alex’s hand. Reggie stares at them and their pretty smile for a moment. Alex nods. “We share stuff, so don’t worry Reg. Just gotta make sure to let us have some of your stuff too at some point.”
Reggie nods. “Of course- sure, yeah. Uh. Do you guys wanna have lunch with my friends?”
Willie grins and leans in to kiss Reggie on the cheek, before tangling their fingers together. “Sure, it’s about time we fully get to meet them.”
Alex throws his arm over Reggie’s shoulder. “I’ve wanted to for a while, but I wasn’t sure if they’d like me- us.”
Reggie smiles up at him. “Oh they’re going to love you guys, don’t worry.”
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funkie-socks · 3 months ago
we need more booboo stans in this fandom
ive seen Charlie and Owen.. but guys..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adhd-disaster-willie · 6 months ago
alex is so used to luke and reggie’s casual affection that he just... doesn’t realize willie likes him back
willie: i’m in love with you
alex: you’re wHAT
willie: you seriously didn’t know? we’ve cuddled several times
alex: and??? I cuddled with luke like an hour ago, what’s your point???
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