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#willie ortega
funkie-socks · 2 months ago
we need more booboo stans in this fandom
ive seen Charlie and Owen.. but guys..
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illgetmerope · 3 months ago
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Coffee-flavored kisses
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thesunwillart · 3 months ago
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willex week day 1: willie!! aka boyfriend hoodie stealer extraordinaire
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latinposeidon · 5 months ago
Kenny Ortega: openly talks about how important positive gay representation is for younger audiences, grew up when queerness could only be portrayed in villains, would never make the love interest of one of his gay characters a bad guy
Owen Patrick Joyner: ‘when we kiss’, ‘that’s my boyfriend’, talks about how much he loves willex
Booboo Stewart: wants Alex and Willie to be ‘in a full-blown relationship’ in season 2
Charlie Gillespie, Madison Reyes, and Savannah Lee May: openly ship willex, have all individually called themselves the captain of the willex ship
JatP tiktok: ... Willie’s a bad guy and Alex belongs with Luke
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willexx · 8 months ago
Willie legit fell for Alex when they first met and I am DYING over the fact I just now realized this information because it is poetic cinema at its finest tbh
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starstruckjatpwitch · 6 months ago
Don't mind me, just manifesting a future performance of Julie and the Phantoms where Alex has a solo like in Stand Tall and from the crowd we hear Willie yelling:
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sunset-curv · 9 months ago
This is officially a Madison Reyes/Julie Molina appreciation post
I mean honestly how can you not love her, she's so amazing and talented, and she's only 16!! She deserves more love
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willexx · 8 months ago
Alex moving Willie’s hair out of his face. Willie wearing Alex’s pink hoodie. Alex hugging Willie from behind. Willie holding Alex’s hand when he is stressed out. Alex teaching Willie how to play the drums. Willie teaching Alex how to skateboard. Alex and Willie telling each other they love each other for the first time. Alex and Willie living happily ever after.
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 9 months ago
Alex: Where's Willie?
Caleb: Don't worry about Willie.
Alex: Oh I'm sorry, have you met me?
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momofmysquad · 10 months ago
My heart softens every time Kenny Ortega talks about how he didn’t have lgbtq+ role models in media when he was a kid and that it was time for casual rep. and lgbtq+ characters in teen and kid shows
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julies-butterflies · 3 months ago
willie “i was raised by hippies in the 70s and not swearing is a conscious lifestyle choice” williams vs alex “goddamn it, i just stubbed my fucking toe, and i’m gonna make sure the entire fucking block hears about it” mercer
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sunset-bobby · 7 months ago
i just realize there are some people who genuinely dislike Bobby (and i get it you know sometimes a character isn’t for you) but imma give a run down on my liking of the boy because i haven’t seen valid reasons to dislike
Whether you think he was close with the boys or not they wouldn’t have kept him around if he was an ass
Although Julie said he never mentioned the boys we don’t know any of the full story because of the limited point of view
Saying they didn’t interact in the Now or Never is dumb considering Luke turns to Bobby right after they finish and gives him a fist bump
Also Taylor Kare said there is a lot more that you didn’t see so invalid argument
Some of y’all were sympathizing with Caleb during the first couple months of the fandom and i’m pretty sure just not crediting someone on some songs is child’s play to almost zapping them out of existence with intention
Bobby and Trevor in my opinion are different people Trevor is an ass but even I can see he cares about Carrie
You all literally only hate Bobby cause he stole their songs which is shitty obviously but there could be so many different reasons for it..and i’ve never seen one that justifies him doing it on purpose
“He didn’t sing in Now or Never” ok well the songs about living everyday til ur last if he sang and didn’t die the irony would be lost....however Taylor was super excited to do a musical and they didn’t even let him sing 😔
Overall I just think we can’t judge off of one piece of information because we have no proof obviously that works both ways which is why most of us never erase him stealing their songs we just give it a reason
Also most of you forget Julie is the main character half the time so maybe this is just something we do now
Anyway stan Bobby, Trevor is eh, Sunset Curve is not just the three white boys, and I want a redemption in season 2
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thatbitchmabel · 25 days ago
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Willie wants to join the band! Alex thinks he'd be wonderful. Luke does not agree (Willie is HORRIBLE at playing the saxophone). Saw this image a few months ago  and I just had to do a redraw for @willieappreciationweek​! Featuring the mount dew shirt inspired by @thesunwillart​ ‘s post. 
Alex’s reaction is under the cut!
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