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#willow park
theartsynoodle · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
group costumes :,)
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zerozeroren · a day ago
For the prompts (if they're still open): Willow Park having a pet Venus flytrap :D
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This one... has gotten away from me ngl
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bunsenburnerd · a day ago
Tumblr media
just some willow doodles and a baby pumpkin boy
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owl-house-lover · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope these two get more screentime in the 2nd half.
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andygonzart · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beauty and the Beast AU cuz I have no control over myself.
Eda's curse form is just going to be Harpy Eda lmao
Luz is a ball of sunshine both literally and metaphorically, you know those interpretations of Icarus and the sun, where the sun is a beautiful woman basically made of fire? Luz honors her name by literally lighting the room.
Amity is an abomination, like that thing Darius does.
Luz suffers a lot with this curse because she is a very touchy person and now she can't touch anything without burning it. And that includes not being able to hold Amity's hand or hug her or kiss her. Nor any of her family.
Since they are all human, King's curse form is going to be his canon self lol
Hunter is just the beast lmao
Hunter trusts everyone in the castle and does consider them family but sometimes he still is a brat and that's exactly what make them end up in this curse. Basically the same from the movie.
Insta Post with a little bit more of info on how this came to my mind lol
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raedas · a day ago
wait actually it would be hilarious if like . willow had to choose a person to teach the basics of plant care to for hexside or whatever (think like how gus had to interview someone in understanding willow) and luz is like “i know who you can teach!!!!!” and willows like oh yay !! until she’s sitting in front of arguably the two most powerful witches on the boiling isles. fast forward a week and raines plant ends up growing really well and then there’s edas . which eda accidentally fed elixir to instead of water . we don’t talk about how that turned out
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via-rant · a day ago
Characters I headcannon as Trans girls because they need more love:
. Anne Boonchuy
. Mabel Pines
. Kipo Oak
. Piper McLean
. Connie Maheshwaren
. Willow Park
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marcyuwu · a day ago
Tumblr media
“I want to be strong and wise to protect everyone I love! And if anyone gets in my way, they'll feel the sting of defeat! :3”
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bogbees · 2 days ago
Hunter noceda au please
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SO I have more ideas for this one, like, Luz' face in the last panel she's in implies more shenanigans
his ears are pointed like Belos' bc I'm thinking human realm dilutes his magic body?? and Luz let Hunter go to the school bc he's WAY more nerdy than she is
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pairadx · 23 hours ago
Willow: A bee is willing to end its own life to cause you a tiny amount of pain
Hunter: I relate to that level of pettiness
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owl-house-incorrectly · 15 hours ago
Luz: Guz, I dare you to-
Willow: Gus isn’t allowed to accept dares.
Gus: Apparently I have “no regard for my personal safety.”
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spinaroos-47 · 2 days ago
Out of sight, Thorn on the mind - Amity and Willow
"Does Luz need anything?" Willow's ears twitched when Amity set foot on the kitchen, organizing the discs they had brought in earlier.
"Oh, no, I just... wanted to talk with you for a bit. Without the others listening." Her hands were damp, it felt like she was going to drown the hem of her shirt in sweat, knuckles white and gripping hard on the fabric. "...If that's okay with you."
Every time she went near Willow she felt like an intruder, a thorn stuck in her side. Things...did get better, but neither felt totally comfortable when near eachother.
There was so much to unpack, it was exhausting just to think about it. So much done wrong, so much left unapologized.
"Sure. Come on in." She gestured for her to come sit on the table. Willow hadn't looked at her yet, she didn't seem...mad, but hairs on the back of her head still went up with how non chalant she was.
Pulling one of the chairs, she started, heart fighting to run away from her chest, pounding against it's walls.
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry. For...everything. I shouldn't have made fun of you, bullied you, enabled Boscha and the others to pick on you as well. It's a lot."
Willow finally turned her head to her, hands fiddling with one of the tapes, quickly looking away and pressing her lips tight. Clover rested on her shoulders, staring at Amity. Not aggressively, she was just curious, it seemed.
"I-I-I just...don't want to leave these things unadressed, now that we're seeing eachother more. You were my best friend, I can't just leave it behind without saying anything about it. All the hurt I caused and let happen to you, it's not right to leave it to the side."
Her eyes started burning, so she shut them tight. A tail curled on her ankle, soft purring coming not much after. Some shuffling happened from across the table, and a hand landed on her shoulder.
"I'm glad we're talking about this now. I kept trying to talk this with you, it's good to know it's not just me wanting to mend this a little."
Her voice came out shaking, gently squeezing her arm.
"I can't forgive everything you've done. You still hurt me and things will never be like they were before. But I'm really happy to see you making so much effort to be better. I hope we can become friends again."
Without thinking a second about it, Amity lunged at her, hugging her tightly, tears finally escaping from her eyes, the weight in her head slipping away with them.
"Thank you"
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solar-novae · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A little poster redraw featuring the kids. I’m so excited for season 2!
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