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reignofterror10leftau · 4 days ago
Initial RiverClan Survivors:
Brackenpelt - tortoiseshell she-cat
Mintfur - light gray tabby tom
Shimmerpelt - silver she-cat
Sneezecloud - gray and white tom
Breezepaw - brown and white she-cat
Heronwing - dark gray and black tom
Willowshine - gray tabby she-cat
Mothwing - dappled golden she-cat
Curlfeather - pale brown she-cat
Lizardtail - light brown tabby tom
Duskfur - brown tabby she-cat
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orkestrell · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
(4.25.21) Willowshine is a small, lithe, sleek, thick, and soft-furred, pale gray tabby she-cat with bright green eyes.
needed to design her for a map part i’m working on and i read her wiki and why TF did the erins have to do her so dirty in place of no stars wtf
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darkestabsol · 11 days ago
Riverclan’s in a really bad position right now. Mistystar is ancient and Reedwhisker is also getting up there in years, Mothwing isn’t exactly a young cat at this point either, and Willowshine’s dead. I think at this point as much as I would like Reedstar to happen, Reedwhisker needs to retire already so a younger cat can become deputy and succeed Mistystar when she (presumably) dies, and Mothwing’s going to have to find a new apprentice at some point (assuming she returns to Riverclan).
(Erins please give Riverclan some development it’s been the same few cats in power for a long time and some change needs to happen/we need a Riverclan pov)
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billystorm · 16 days ago
so that ending to tpons huh (design for rootspring + snowtuft by @transmousewhisker, ashfur by @daylightwarrior)
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fireheartstar · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
willowshine my beloved </3
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talonpaw · 23 days ago
anyways now that tpons has been out for a week now i am publicly entering my mourning period. WHY did they kill willowshine. i love mothwing but she’s getting older and they’ve run through the same exact plotline with her like six times. hopefully this is setting us up for a riverclan POV next arc but at what cost 😔💔
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sun-shad0w · 25 days ago
I made some fun dark forest designs for tpons!! the dark forest is such an aesthetic honestly, everything is so fucked up. also I'm reblogging with extra versions so be sure to check that out too!!
ashfur!! stinky evil man. he's dirty because the dark forest sucks
Tumblr media
This is a Snowtuft stan account. I loved him in tpons so much. his tail is supposed to look vaguely like a candy cane, because you know snow = winter = christmas plus it looked cool.
Tumblr media
squilf!! she's pink and has cool filters because she's a living cat in the df
Tumblr media
Rootspring also looks funky because he's a living cat. if hes dead I will scream
Tumblr media
willowghost. I swear I cannot stop thinking about her oh my god girl are you okay
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I like to think that cats who dream into the dark forest are more like just shadows, but the more "there" they are, the more distinct their features are, so here's shadowsight and bristlefrost!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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k1ttypet · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
the recession wasn’t too good for the Dark Forest
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marshclaws · 29 days ago
I just finished place of no stars and oh boy many thoughts, so here’s some things I liked about the book :)
(Spoilers ofc)
- they finally acknowledged that Lionblaze sucks as leader, I wish he would have been demoted to warrior, but just deputy is fine ig
- everyone bossing around and calling Tigerstar out for the coward he is. If he can’t put his clan first he shouldn’t be leading them
- Snowtuft, poor lil guy I hope he gets to Starclan
- Bristlefrost speaking openly about her and Rootspring’s relationship, maybe we can finally have that stupid rule dropped, this arc seems to leading towards that
- Mothwing trusting Shadowsight again and standing up for him
- Ivypool and Bristlefrost’s interactions, finally the book acknowledges that they’re mother and daughter. Ivypool really does care for her
- Bristlefrost idolizing Graystripe and thinking he’s so cool, I loved that part
- Graystripe respecting and treating Bristlefrost like a capable warrior, please let her be deputy
- Snowtuft!!!
- Willowshine’s death, I was no expecting that, and her twist in the Dark Forest
- Darkstripe being a coward as always
- The medicine cats taking charge and straight telling Tigerstar they do what they must and outright disobey him
- Flywhisker and Snaptooth(?) becoming kittypets, so valid of them
- Rootspring getting dragged into the moonpool, wrow
- the former dark forest trainees talking about the dark forest and not wanting anyone else to risk going there
- Crowfeather acknowledges Bramble and Squirrel’s relationship as being not so great
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