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people who shit on wincest are the absolute worst people in the world

if you’re at that low of a maturity level that you can’t separate fiction from reality, you need to get off of the internet

wincest is a fictional ship between 2 fictional characters. if it was REAL life incest, sure, it’d be wrong. but it isn’t.

i just saw a wincestie getting fucking bashed on instagram and it made me so mad. stop shitting on people for what they like. stop shitting on people for a fictional ship

i ship wincest wholeheartedly and have 4 siblings. do i wanna fuck my siblings? NO.

it’s so annoying like shut the fuck up!!!!

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Sam wakes up in the middle of the night from a cluttered sound in the kitchen,he quickly got up and tip toe to the kitchen and sees a dark figure and quickly tackles the man, soon after awhile the man brought Sam slammed to the floor as he says “easy tiger” Sam then says “Dean” while still out of breath “What the hell are u doing here” dean then says “well, I was looking for a beer” hand still on Sams neck “Sam?” a faint voice said” Sam and dean quickly get up Sam then says “sorry if I woke u up” Jess says “whose that?” Sam says “this is dean” Jess says ““as in ur brother dean” she then turns the light on dean then says ““I love the smurfs” Jess say “sorry, let me go change” dean then says ““no no, I wouldn’t dream of it” Sam then says ““dean, why are u rlly here for” dean says “..I just wanted to say I love u, when u see dad let him know I love him know also” Sam then says “What?” dean then says “I got To go, bye baby boy” then leaves and stars the impala* Sam then says ““I’m go with him, see what he’s doing, is that ok?” Jess then was “yes ofc, go make sure he’s ok” Sam then says ““ok, love u” kisses her forehead* Sam soon gets in the car* dean says ““what the hell are u doing? Get out” Sam then says “No” dean then says “whatever” soon 4 hours have passed, silent the whole ride, Sam says then ““where are we going?” Dean then says ““hang on, can u grab that bag 💼 from the back seat? I need to check something” Sam then says ““ok?” Then gets out and goes the other side of the car and opens the door then bends over to grab the bag as he says ““What’s in in the-” the suddenly feels a hand push him  chest straight into the leather seat and gasps and says ““What the hell dean!?” Dean then says “You should’ve known the whole love u and dad was just to lure u into going with me” Sam then say “W-what?” Dean then starts to grind into Sams jeans* Sam then starts to heave* Sam say “W-what are y-you doing D-Dean!?” Dean then says “Shhh just relax and enjoy the ride” Sam then starts saying “aah- fuck d-dean” dean starts grinding harder and faster as Sam moans get louder* sam then says “Fuck dean!” “Ah! Ah! Mmm!” Dean says “Fuck Sam!” Dean then stops and starts to pull Sams jeans down* Sam then says ““what the hell!” “Stop!” Dean the. Says “Not till I’m done pounding ur ass baby boy” then dean starts to line up behind Sam and says ““don’t worry Sammy, I’ll be rough just like u like it” Sam then says “W-what?” Dean says “don’t think though out the years u didn’t think I saw ur search history” ““Plus I know u liked me since u were in 7th grade” then dean pushes in and out at a slow paste sam then says “uhn! F-fuck! Ah! Ah!” Dean then says ““duck sam ur so fucking tight” Sam then says “Fuck dean!” Dean then starts to pound harder and faster* Sam says ““Ah! Ah! Ah! F-fuck! Mnnn!”  Then Sam gasps at the feeling of warm ness inside filling him up* dean then says “fuck Sammy,he then leans over and kisses Sams neck* dean starts pulling his pants up and says “cmon baby boy, let’s get u home” Sam lays there panting*  dean then says ““Nextel time how bout we do it at a motel on a more comfortable bed” “u want that baby boy?” Sam then nods* dean then says “good, now dressed so I can drop u off” Sam then says “Ok”.

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Thinking about that last emotional scene, I realised that in a way they were both fighting for each other. Sam was fighting to keep the world he knows and loves the way it is, to save Jack from a pointless sacrifice that would do more harm than good: erasing all the memories and adventures he had with his brother. Dean on the other hand was fighting for his and Sam’s calm, monster-free, “sitting in the rocking chair next to your partner” future.

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Dean wants to live out the rest of his days with Sam…that’s all he’s ever wanted.

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