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It was a mysteriously foggy day with a shade of pink over everything. I was wearing a fancy dress from the 50′s, holding an umbrella and about to cross the road. As I was walking past the cars, a strong gust of wind blew through and was starting to lift my whole body up. I managed to make it to the other side of the road on my feet again and since it was still windy I decided to hold onto the light pole just in case. Another much stronger gust of wind came through and lifted me all the way up. I’m glad I was holding on to the pole or else I would’ve flown into the sky. A kid and his mom weren’t able to hold onto anything and they were just stuck in air. I tried not to laugh even though I was in a similar situation. 


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Today we have strong wind with constant gusts over 40mph….and a couple of the cats STILL think it’s a good day to sleep way up on the spindly limbs of the dead cedar tree!

TBH, I wish they wouldn’t go out on those limbs anyway, as frequently as they fall off now. I mean, it’s very dead. But you try to explain that to the cats!

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i’m partial to the flowing wind,

wanting to catch the breeze;

my hands grasp at the thick yet thin air,

but the only thing to catch it are the trees.

with their hollowed husks and flimsy limbs,

it’s what they retain that i envy;

for the company of the whispering wind:

the sound of something gentle, the sound of a friend.

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