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bruiseviol3t · a month ago
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snootyfoxfashion · a year ago
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Window Necklaces from KiliMidi
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maybe-your-left · 2 months ago
Are you still gonna do a part two for window pane?
it’s called Broken Pieces and I’m currently on chapter 5 of it in my WIP 🥴
would you like a snippet? 😉
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justhoneybody · a year ago
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Love the view out of my new apartment’s windows, it’s like looking out on the world through a magical garden portal 🍃
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lion-cider · 2 months ago
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"window pane"
Its window pane protect the hamster from the rain.
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zhuilingyizhen · a year ago
Jin Ling, having just woken up, glaring at a window: The sun pains me.
Lan Jingyi: Was that... a pun?!
Jin Ling:
Jin Ling: ah fUCK NO-
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beautifulklicks · a year ago
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Alexander Polyakov
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maybe-your-left · 10 months ago
Window Pane - Reunion
Tumblr media
Summary: A cool breeze nipped at your exposed legs, causing goosebumps to erupt over your skin. You were curled into your comforter, comfy and safe, your cheek pressed against your pillow. Lips pursed and a small amount of drool seeping into the fabric. A creak came from the corner of your room, slightly rousing you from your slumber. You glanced around, your drooping eyelids barely taking in the scene. In your sleep riddled state, you didn’t see him, his large figure stalking towards you. The whites of his eyes shining in the moonlight, it wasn’t until you felt a palm slide up your side. Following the natural contours of your body, the warmth emanating from it lulling you to sleep once again. A dip in the mattress, the springs creaking under the weight.
Hot breath fanned over your neck, soft lips pressing onto the back of your ear. A deep hum filling your senses, you sighed. Cuddling back into the figure, wanting to get closer to the warm entity. A low chuckle sounded behind you, and then…
TW/CW: This is dark shit, like explicitly horrible shit happens in this. However, I enjoy reading dark fics, and I super loved Stalker Clyde by @clumsycopy​​ & was inspired by the oneshot EOS by @thetorturerwrites​ and I wanted to write something with the sameish tone for Halloween. NSFW, Violence, Murder, Non-con elements, Domestic Violence, Surgery, Explicit sex, oral sex, anal sex, sex toys, waterboarding, forced feeding, Animal abuse (just a brief mention, I do not go into any detail).
Here is the link to my Masterlist & the Window Panes Masterlist. 
Finn and Poe begged you to stay at their house. 
Giving you a warm bed, shelter, and safety, but you couldn’t risk it. If Ren was having you watched, you didn’t want them to be in danger more than they already were. Finn was your lawyer, after all, he needed to be safe to bring justice to you and the other victims. You weren’t sure what was waiting for you when you got back home, but you knew what you had to do. 
You slammed the door shut after pulling into the garage, huffing in anger as you made eye contact with his worktable in the corner. Dropping your purse to the floor as you ran to it, frantically yanking the drawers open haphazardly, all his tools were inside. Pliers, stitches, soldering tools, hammers, some of them still stained with blood. It could be yours, it could be other victims. You weren’t sure, but your eyes spotted the key box, magnetized to the back of one of the drawers. Throwing it closed you slapped the garage door button as you walked inside the house. 
The stillness inside bringing new meaning to ‘being alone’, before it felt like you truly were alone. But now it felt like there were eyes, watching you. Every corner looking darker than usual, like someone could be lurking around. The air duct openings looked suspicious, you had heard stories about people hiding cameras in them, or entire bodies. You ran into the kitchen, flipping on all the lights as you lunged for one of the carving knives. Raising it above your head as you walked back into the living room, flicking on every lamp you could see. Nothing in the room was different, eerily still in the darkness of the home. No amount of warm light could change the memories of darkness. 
You heard a creak coming from behind the basement door, head snapping towards it. No one had been down there since the police raided the home after Ren was arrested at his office in town. There was nothing down there that would make a noise… you approached the door slowly. Pulling the door open and sprinting back into the kitchen in fear, the door creaked open into the kitchen. Hitting the wall with the knob as it opened fully, the dark hallway seeping into the already darkened aura of the home. You took a deep breath, walking to the top of the concrete stairs, flicking on the light so you wouldn’t be completely alone. 
Your shoes clicked on the floor, cringing as you heard the sound. You were all too familiar with the sounds of someone tiptoeing down to the dungeon… Ren enjoyed making you sit in suspense when he visited you down here. Trembling as you awaited for his slick shoes to come into view.
Before you knew it, you were down the steps. Staring at a bare mattress on the floor, covered in a thin sheet and one dusty pillow on the top. Pushed against the cold cement walls, above it was a plank of wood. Nailed to the wall. 
Nothing was on it, he had hidden all the tools he used on it to torture you in the last year you were together. Ren used to tack your hands to the wood, letting you bleed all over yourself if he caught you clawing at the door at the top of the stairs. The deeper screws that once adorned it held your chains in place, keeping you frozen while he fucked you. The widest holes were for the spreader bar he had hooked to it one time, just so he could see how far he could push your legs until they popped out of their sockets. 
Your fingers traced over the dents and scrapes on the wood, breath hitching when you felt everything flooding back to you. A stray tear fell down your cheek, you half expected Ren to be there to wipe it away with his thumb. He loved to taste your tears, they were perfectly salty… just what he needed to enjoy his punishments all the more. 
“Fuck,” you jumped at the banging, you recognized the sound. It was the front door, the same noise happened when the police came into your, his, home. You quickly spun away from the wall, bounding up the stairs two at a time to see what the commotion was for. As you approached the front door you flicked on any light you could find, trying to get rid of the darkness creeping in. You peeked through the peephole, brow furrowing when you didn’t recognize the person on the other side. You thought about leaving it alone but the person spoke through the door. 
“I know someone is here! The lights just went on!” 
You chewed your cheek, there was no way to deny that… you gripped the knob, sliding the key to Ren’s office into your pocket before you cracked the door open. “What do you want,” you choked out. 
It was a woman, she was dressed haphazardly. Her hands twitching in front of her as she stared at you with her deep brown eyes. Her hair was deep gray, pulled back into a bun atop her head. She had a warm face, but she looked upset, disturbed even. 
“Are you?” she sputtered, “Is this,” she took a deep breath, “Do you live here?” 
You gave a small nod, unable to speak as you waited for her to get on with her subject. 
She bit her lips before she continued, “You’re his wife, aren’t you? Ben’s wife?” 
“I don’t,” you stuttered, instantly regretting answering the door for this person. They had probably seen you on the news and now they were stalking you, or worse they were here to tell you what a horrible person you were for dragging your marriage into a courtroom. 
“Please,” she gave you her kind eyes again, “I’m not here to do anything. I know you’ve been through enough. I just… may I come inside?” 
She gave you a soft smile, wiping her eyes before her tears began to run. 
“He, that man. He’s my son.” 
“I just need to know what he’s become.” 
You led the woman inside the home, watching her linger in the entryway. She took off her coat, revealing a smart-looking dark blue outfit, she looked powerful. Strong, almost like she was in the military… she reminded you of an old general from those old war movies Ren watched. She ran her fingers across the couch, becoming increasingly distressed as she moved forward. You could tell she knew, she already knew the horrors that had happened in the home. She looked like she could see it, maybe she had. If he was her son, you couldn’t imagine him being a good child. 
“Shall we sit in the kitchen?” 
You nodded, motioning her towards the back of the house. She eyed the basement door, you had left it ajar in your haste. You quickly shut it, locking it before you turned back around to her and gave a soft smile. “Sorry, I heard a noise down there.” 
“It’s understandable to be jittery, after everything my dear.” 
“So,” you sat down, folding your arms in your lap. She mirrored your actions, seating gracefully across from you before she spoke. 
“I apologize for the intrusion, I never meant to scare you. I just had to come, you see it’s been about 15 years since I’ve seen him.” She gave a heavy sigh, before she glanced around the barren room, “And then to see him, on TV. On trial? I couldn’t believe it…” 
“I’m so sorry.” 
She held up her palm, “There is no need for you to apologize to me, I am the one who should apologize to you. I shouldn’t have let him go, let him be free when I knew what a monster he would become.” 
A sigh. 
“He wasn’t always like that, he was a happy little boy. A happy baby too, he was absolutely perfect when he was born. His father and I were so grateful to have him,” she shifted, “But after his father died, he changed.” 
“Oh,” you whispered, unsure of how you were supposed to respond. You weren’t sure what she was doing, was she trying to guilt you into forgiving him? Or attempt to explain his behavior? There was no way this small woman could vouch for him, you had watched him beat and abuse yourself and countless others just because he wanted to see blood. 
She looked back at you, “I believe you, you know. Everything he’s accused of, I know he’s done it.” She sighed, “I’ve seen it in him, as a boy. The darkness inside him, he came by it honestly. The ugliness that ate him away and I ignored it. Thought that I could just send him away for stricter training and prayed that the military schools could beat it out of him. But he just got worse, and after the fire at the 3rd school... he was a lost cause.”  
You took a deep breath, “He told me he hated you. That you would try to coddle him, even braid his hair when he was younger. Which is why he never let me braid mine…” 
“Hm,” she looked away from you, “He knew how to be cruel about anything beautiful in this world, even his own mother.” 
“Why are you here?” 
“I just needed to see if you were real, that a child was taken by him and forced into all this. I didn’t want to believe it, but here you are, barely a woman. Shackled to that… thing.” 
You shook your head, “But that doesn’t explain why you’re here. Why did you need to see me, is it closure that you’re looking for? Because I can’t give you that,” you began to take sharp breaths, feeling your chest tighten with anxiety, “I have no closure, nothing! He took everything from me, and now you're here trying to do what! Explain his villain origin story?” 
She watched you breathe through your panic attack, not moving an inch to help or even calm you. At least her son, her little monster, would cradle you when he felt you hyperventilating. Even though he only did it so he wouldn’t have to deal with you uncontrollably crying and screaming, if he wasn’t in the mood for it he would put an end to the anxiety the moment he saw it. 
“I think you should leave,” you got up from the table, gesturing towards the front door so she would get the hint. “Whatever you’re here for, you aren’t getting it from me. I would tell you to go visit him but if you really are who you say you are… then the chains he’s in won’t protect you for what he would do to you.” 
You barely slept, tossing and turning like the night before the trial started. You couldn’t stop thinking about the woman, Leia was her name. She had told you it as she left, giving you her phone number in case you wanted to reach her. You swiftly ripped it up and threw it in the firepit in the backyard, wanting to rinse your hands of whatever evil she was here for. 
You dressed quickly, wrapping yourself in a warm winter dress. A long-sleeve turtleneck, deep emerald green in color, complete with a pair of knee-high snakeskin leather boots. A gift he had given you one Christmas, he liked it when you wore them with nothing else. Having you strut up and down the halls in them while he stroked his cock from a chair he had brought from the kitchen. 
Just as you were getting ready to leave you felt something in your pocket, fishing out the small item. You gasped when you saw it, the key. The very key to his office… 
You walked inside the room slowly, aware of the darkness that's inside. He had made it very clear you weren’t allowed in here, not even the police had been in the office. It was always bolted shut and even in handcuffs, Ren refused to let them in. The walls were lined with bookshelves, a few diplomas, and some picture frames. You paid them no mind, you had three things to look for and they were supposed to be ‘obvious’ that he would want them in prison. 
On the back wall was a set of floor to ceiling windows, illuminating the rich maroon leather chair pushed into his mahogany desk. Atop it sat a laptop, and a desktop, along with several pieces of paper. Some of the envelopes were bills, letters from campaign donors, and a few were scrawled in his sideways handwriting. 
One in particular shocked you. 
It was made out to your parents. 
Complete with their address, and the return label had the name Benjamin Solo on it. 
You couldn’t help yourself, ripping it open with your teeth and perching in his chair. The leather cools on the backs of your thighs. There were multiple papers inside and a few snapshots that you didn’t bother to look at. You scanned through the letters, your hands wrinkling into the pages as you grew angrier and angrier with every line. You tore through the first two pages, eager to get to the ending to see what the point was of the letter. 
“Oh my god,” you whispered as you read the final line. Your hand coming up to your mouth to stifle your sobs. Collapsing into the chair in a small ball, shivering as each sob tore through you. Barely able to take incomplete breaths. Why would he say that to them? Why were they in communication with him? 
Why did he keep this from you? 
You ripped up the letter, wanting to purge it from the Earth. If you couldn’t see it, it didn’t exist. In your haste, you nudged the mouse to his computer, the screen illuminating. The login screen made you cry more. 
It was a picture of you. 
Dressed in your wedding dress. 
Smiling at him, an actual smile on your face. Your fingers fiddling with your wedding ring that used to adorn your left hand, your hair cascading down your shoulders. Dyed and styled in his favorite style, complimenting the face he hand molded with his fists. You were so happy, you remembered that moment it was taken. 
The two of you had gotten married at the courthouse, in another state over. He said it was the only place he could get a marriage license without a three day waiting period and he ‘didn’t want you to change your mind about marrying him’. As if you had a choice, none of it was consensual in reality. You had become so dependent on him, terrified to leave the house without him protecting you. Ren had taken so much time beating into you that no one loved you like he did, and he was there to eliminate anyone that would harm you. 
This is why the blood of his victims was on both your hands. You helped with every step, willingly or not. He had you strip their clothes, shred licenses, and credit cards. Sift through their records after he had tortured them in the very basement he tortured you in. After he was done he would come upstairs covered in their blood. Their handprints on his cheeks a sign of their struggle to stay alive, he never washed the stains off. Ren loved to see the proof of the pain he caused. 
Sometimes he would take you downstairs, to make you see the monster he took from the world for you. Pressing your hands into the puddles of blood, sealing your hands together with their spill. Ren loved to fuck with the blood, stripping you bare once you were sulled with the victims’ blood as much as he was. Debasing you on the soaked mattress where the victim took their last breath, and you let him. 
Your wedding day was different, Ren had a hotel for both of you, adjoining rooms so he couldn’t see you getting ready with the makeup team he had hired. When the picture was taken, the both of you were at the courthouse. Waiting in front of the podium before the ceremony, he was gushing over you. Trying to keep his hands off you but unable to stop himself, running his nails across your bare arms. Kissing your neck and sucking on your ear, while he whispered how beautiful you were. Ren looked beautiful too, and you had made sure to tell him. 
Ren took the picture on his phone, followed by a video of you saying his favorite phrase. 
I love you, Kylo Ren. 
You shook away the memory once the background faded. Nothing about that day should make you feel the way you did, anxious to see him again. Have him be close enough to touch, you wanted to attack him. But another part of you was screaming at you to let him go. To let Ren take you away from all this so it was the two of you alone once again. You were exhausted from taking care of yourself, Ren made it look so easy. 
You cleared your throat, moving across the table and fingering something sticking out of the computer. Your thumb and forefinger clutched it, pulling it out of the socket without a second thought. “Shit,” you whispered, bringing the tiny piece to your face. Eyes widening at the realization. 
It was a flash drive, the same flash drive that had everything on it. Every photo, every detailed note of his abuse on you. Ren had told you he kept a catalog of it all so that he wouldn’t repeat his punishments. He wanted something new and unexpected every time he had to hurt you. There would be pictures of everything, your wired jaw, the glued eyelids, your shoulder surgery, the broken knee, the time he decided you needed a breast lift. Along with detailed instructions on how to execute every single incision. 
You pocketed the drive in your bra without a second thought, Finn would need to see it. You were sure there were passcodes on it, but you had broken into people’s bank accounts with ease. The drive would be a piece of cake, a sure-fire way to win the trial. You lifted out of the chair, determined to make it to your lawyer’s house as soon as possible, but on the way around you knocked your knee on a drawer. 
Pulling it open on accident, letting you peek inside. You gasped when you saw the contents, immediately recognizing the items Ren wanted. Without looking back you snatched them out and ran from the office, locking the door on the way out. Stuffing everything into your purse as you went into the garage. 
Glancing at the clock you saw the time, 11:45 AM. You had 15 minutes to get to the prison, there was no time to reach Finn’s to drop off the flash drive before going to see Ren. At this rate, you were already going to be 3 minutes late. 
The guards let you in without a second blink, showing your ID before the security screening. One of the men gave you a soft smile, nodding his head at you to walk through without any check. He must’ve recognized you from the TV, maybe he felt bad for you. After checking in with the second set of guards you were led down a long hallway. The walls a sterile white, the air reeking of bleach. Exposed pipes were running along the ceiling, the rush of water ringing in the small space. 
“You have an hour, the prisoner is cuffed to the table but it will be a face to face meeting at the Defenses request.” 
You gave the guard a tight-lipped smile, “Thank you.” 
He nodded at you, chewing his lip, “Ma’am, if you feel unsafe at any moment, myself and Ushar will be on the other side of the door. There aren’t cameras inside the rooms for security reasons but there are one-way mirrors inside.” 
“Thank you, I’ll be sure to get you the moment I feel uncomfortable.” 
With another stiff nod, he stepped away from you allowing the door to open on its own. Behind it revealing your monster, dressed in white and black stripes. His bruised wrists were folded atop the table, Ren said nothing. Only blown smoke through his nostrils, a single cigarette between his pink lips. The door side shut behind you, causing you to yelp and jump forward. A deep chuckle came from the table, “You’re jumpy my love, are you stressed about something?” 
“Just the door,” you gulped, moving to the table. Ren kicked the chair across from him out for you, which you begrudgingly sat in, plopping your purse down next to you. “I’m completely calm.” 
“Hm,” he chuckled again, “You look like it.” 
Ren took the cigarette from his mouth, ashing it in a small tray that sat on the barren table. His shackles clinking as he moved, Ren took a deep breath as he surveyed you. Deep eyes swirling with mixed emotions; amusement, anger, lust, and whatever emotion means love to him. You folded your arms across your chest, unintentionally pressing your breast out more than needed. Rens’ eyes flitted between the exposed flesh and your face, licking his lips from the discomfort rolling off of you, “You’re late you know.” 
You chewed the inside of your cheek, avoiding his gaze while you slumped into the seat. You opened your mouth to respond but he cut you off again. 
“Stop slouching, God,” he sneered, “Did you forget everything I’ve taught you? Your manners leave your little brain the moment I’m gone.” Ren took another drag of his cigarette, “Fix your posture before I do it for you.” 
“You can’t touch me,” you said smugly back to him. “The guards are watching your every move, and your hands are bound. So whose the stupid one now?” 
He let out a laugh, a full-bellied laugh, “I’m sure they are Love, but they won’t do anything for you.” Ren smiled at you after blowing a cloud directly into your face, causing you to cough from the smoke, “This flimsy table between us will do nothing to protect you, no matter how much you try to convince yourself it will.” 
“Did you just call me here to threaten me, Ren?” 
“Not exactly,” he glanced over at the left wall where the mirror was. You swore you could see him wink at it, but it was too quick for you to recognize it. “I presume you brought me my things, you wouldn’t want to disappoint me any further, would you?” 
You said nothing, looking down to your lap at your trembling hands. You heard shifting from the opposite side, it sounded like he was leaning on the table. “Love,” he whispered, “Did you bring me what I asked for?” 
“Mm,” you whined, the words dying in your throat as you tried to speak to him. You heard his foot slide across the floor, nudging your purse so it would fall over. The contents spilling out and rolling around. “What do you have?” 
You reached down and shoved it back inside, placing it on your lap protectively. Flashing your eyes back up to him in fear, “Just my things, Kylo.” 
“Nothing for me?” he cocked a brow, his mouth pulled into a deep smirk. Your throat was dry, regretting even coming here to see him. You swiftly stood from the table, “I’m leaving, I’m sorry.” 
You walked to the door and rapped against the metal, awaiting the guards to slide the doors open. Ren stayed seated, taking in deep breaths as he watched you, you could feel his eyes on the back of your skull. You tried again, bracing both palms against the door and attempting to slide it open yourself. 
“It’s bolted shut,” Ren called out, “So I suggest you come over here and give me what I want.” 
You silently spun around, listening to your heels click against the cold tile floor. Ren beckoned you over to his left, fingers curling in the air for your compliance. His hand wrapped around your waist as you drew closer, enough to feel the smoke exhaling from his nostrils. He skated his palm along the fabric of your dress, eyes devouring the lines. Your curves were on full display, a map he could caress with each digit. Ren hummed into you, leaning his head against your stomach. His long hair brushing against the underside of your breasts, it was greasier than you had ever seen it. Ren wasn’t one to let his appearance falter, he was obsessed with both of your images, vanity being his strong suit. But he looked terrible, up close you could see the darkened bags under his eyes. With the slick grease along his hair and skin, you weren’t sure when he was last allowed to shower in the facility. His jaw and chin were peppered with black stubble, threatening to paint his face with a beard. Something he wouldn’t allow on the outside, he hated the way he looked with it. Your stupid, broken heart ached for him, wanting so badly to yell at the guards to allow him to shower and shave. He must’ve been miserable. 
Ren rubbed his cheek into your dress, humming when the soft fabric caressed his skin. His shackled hands gathered under his chin so he could lean into you more. 
Ren mumbled into you, “I missed you, (Y/N). It’s so hard to sleep without you.” You let out a heavy sigh, hovering your palm above his head as you debated on coddling him. Trembling as you considered the pros and cons of the action, yes he was a monster. Who had done unspeakable things to you for the entirety of your adult life… but he cared for you. Sought comfort in your presence, as you did with him in the end. You brought your left hand down on his hair, silently gagging when you felt the slick locks. He smirked into your belly, “I know it’s gross.” 
You ignored the comment, running your fingers through them as best you could. Occasionally coming up on a knot, detangling it as gently as you could while he purred into you. You felt his hands stretch out across your abdomen, unable to lay flush because of the shackles. “You know,” you whispered, “If you didn’t smoke, your skin wouldn’t be so bad.” 
“Hm,” he purred into you again, “It’s not my fault I have no stress relief in here, it’s all I can do to pass the time before I see you again.” 
He pressed his chin into your stomach, looking straight up at you. Your hands now cradling his head in both palms as you stared down at him, he looked so broken. You hated it, hated that you hated seeing it, you shouldn’t care. But fuck, those big brown eyes did everything for you. 
“Did you miss me?” 
You swallowed back the lump in your throat, your fingers stilling in his hair. Your words had to be chosen very carefully. You could feel what he was doing, baiting you into some sort of trap. But you were already knee-deep in the black tar he was pulling you into, so you followed what your heart was screaming at you. 
“I missed you,” you barely whispered. You weren’t sure Ren had even heard it, the only thing giving it away was his brow slightly lifting. His tongue darted out to lips his lips as his eyes fell on yours. You felt his hands shift under his chin, the shackles digging through the fabric. “Can I kiss you, my love?” 
Without a second thought, you crashed your lips into his, moaning immediately at the taste of him. Enveloping your mouth with his strong musk, the tobacco from his cigarette mixing in with his tongue as it slid inside your mouth. Both your hands went from the back of his head to his cheeks, cupping them like he was a piece of glass. His breath hitched as you held him, fingers curling into your dress and lightly tugging you closer to his body. 
You followed him, not able to break your kiss in the process. He mumbled against you, “Sit on me, baby,” Ren’s lips traveled down your jaw, “Need to feel you.” 
“Ah,” you gasped as his teeth grazed over your pulse point, falling into his lap. You braced yourself on his shoulders, swinging your right leg over his lap so you could be perched across him. Ren moaned against you, his hands roaming from your belly towards your breasts. Cupping them simultaneously while you ground into him, his thumbs grazing over your nipples. Your breath hitched as he ran small circles around them, “Kylo, what if they see us?” 
“There aren’t any cameras Love,” he mumbled into your neck, “It’s just you and me.” 
“Just trust me, it’s going to be alright,” he snapped at you, irritated at your stalling. “Get this off.” 
You nodded softly, leaning your chest into his so you could hike the hem of your dress over the swell of your ass. Sighing when you felt the harsh fabric of his pants rub against your bare skin, Ren groaned as your skin became exposed. Pulling his hands back into his chest so you could cross your arms. Yanking the dress over your head and throwing it to the ground, learning it skid into the far corner. Ren’s lips attached to your collarbone, sucking fast and hard to the skin. Pulling a deep moan from your chest, clamping down on his lap as you rocked into him. He sucked a line of bruises across your chest, moving between your breasts to bite at your bra. Pulling it from your body and growling at the fabric, he mumbled through his teeth, “I can’t take this off with my hands like this.” 
“I can do it,” you moaned, absentmindedly unclipping your bra and slipping the straps off. Ren’s mouth popped open at the sight of your bare breasts, softly bouncing while you ground into him. You were panting, waiting for his hands to caress one of them, your eyes squeezed shut with anticipation. 
You weren’t expecting the harsh smack across your face. Followed by a death grip around your throat, bending you back into the cold table. “Ky! What-,” 
“What’s this?” he spat at you, standing over your bent form. Spit flying from his mouth as he snarled into you, pure fear coursing through your veins as he held you at his mercy. “Wh-what are you talking-ing about?” 
Ren scoffed, the sound of metal clicking filled the room. His left hand stayed wrapped around your throat, nails digging into your flesh. While his right hand, separated from the chains, lifted a small black square to your face. 
You squinted at it, confused about where it came from. You opened your mouth to speak but Ren spat on your face. Covering it with his spit before he dragged his pinkie and ring finger through the spittle, smearing your makeup before shoving the length into your mouth. 
“Why was my flash drive in your bra?” 
You squeaked against the pressure, feeling your vision tunneling as his grip grew worse. 
“You were stealing, my personal property. What were you going to do little girl? Bring it to your bumbling lawyer? Use it as evidence against me?” 
You violently shook your head, taking in sharp breaths when he let the pressure off slightly. “No no, I wasn’t!” 
“You think I’m so stupid,” Ren growled, “I asked you to do a simple task. Bring me three items from my office, and instead of listening to your husband you steal from me!” 
“I-please Kylo,” you choked again, “You’re hurting me.” 
He exhaled hotly on your face, eyes darting across your pained expression. Ren lifted you from the table by the neck, snarling in your face, “Where are the items I asked for (Y/N).” 
You couldn’t answer, instead using the last threads of your consciousness to claw at his hand. Digging your nails across his muscled forearm, trying to hook your fingers underneath his grip so you could pry him off. 
Ren didn’t accept that as an answer, slamming you down into the table. Crushing it into the floor below with your bareback. You let out a pained scream, reverberating along the metal walls of the room. The cage, you were trapped in with a predator, who had lured you into a sense of safety. You wailed in pain as he let go of you, pressing his feet against the side of your cheek. Keeping you pinned to the floor as you screamed, you tried to watch him in your peripheral vision. 
He bent over the discarded remains of the table, arm snatching your purse from the floor and emptying it over your naked form. You sobbed when the items fell out, chest compression from your lack of oxygen. His foot came off of you as he crouched on the floor, shooting you a glare, Daring you to try and move from your spot on the floor, “You better hope you brought me what I wanted, or else you won’t walk out of those doors alive.” 
Ren sifted through the remnants on your skin, your breath hitching each time his fingers grazed your skin. Even in your weakened state, your body was buzzing in need for him. Making you squirm underneath him, your eyes darting between his legs to see if he was aroused. It’s all you wanted, you wanted to be good for him, you had brought the items. You had coddled him, told him you missed him, you deserved praise instead of punishment. 
“Good girl,” he patted your left breast, in his opposite fist were the three things. A pair of bobby pins, a battery with two wires attached to the top, and a small vile. You knew why he wanted them all, and you hated yourself for being compliant in bringing them all. You waited on bated breath for him to move, to do anything. 
Ren pocketed the items, looking down at you with shame coloring his brow. “I’m sorry love, you knew it was wrong to take that. But you did it anyway.” 
“I have to remind you who’s in charge, it’s not you just because I’m not home.” 
He nudged you with his foot, waiting for you to respond to him. You groaned as you rolled to your side, facing his legs with your body. More tears spilled over your cheeks as your hands weakly gripped the black and white fabric. Small spots of blood staining it, “I’m s-s-sorry Kylo. I didn’t mean to.” 
“I know you didn’t,” He bent over and scooped you into his arms. Running his fingers up and down your spine, hearing you wince as he grazed small cuts from the table. “That still doesn’t mean you won’t be punished.” 
Ren dropped you to the floor, flush between his chest and the wall. You stared blankly at him, unable to speak in fear of his punishment not being over. He sighed above you, “What do we say when Daddy teaches us a lesson?” 
“Thank you,” you meekly whispered. 
“Mm,” Ren’s fingers dug into your hips, spinning you around. Slamming your cheek into the painted brick wall, his fingers ripping your panties down your legs. Pooling at your feet before him, “I’m glad you remember some of our rules.” He grunted behind you, bringing a palm to your left cheek and prying it open. His right hand smacked at your back, pushing you into arching out for him so he could see your folds. Ren hummed as you obeyed, bringing two fingers to your lips. 
You cried as your mouth popped open, letting him fuck his fingers down your throat. Gagging around their thickness, your saliva pooling embarrassingly quick from his abuse. Ren hummed happily, ripping them from you before he brought them down to your entrance. He didn’t bother giving warning, plunging their length into your pussy. Both of you groaning at the intrusion, Ren waited for a few seconds before he started scissoring you apart for him. You winced at the stretch, he was being rougher than usual, but you could feel the anger radiating off of him from your betrayal. So, you took in sharp breaths to accommodate the pain until it morphed into pleasure. 
After a few more pumps he pulled out of you, earning a whine from your sore throat. You heard the tugging of his pants falling around his knees, the slick sound of him fisting his cock with his wet fingers. With so much as a grunt, Ren drove his cock inside you, not allowing you to adjust. Fucking his hips into you roughly, you hiccuped at the pace he set. Sobs and wails bubbling in your throat at each thrust. You could barely hear him grunting behind you, groaning at the slick sound of your heat engulfing him each time. 
“Kylo, please slow down!” 
He laughed behind you, “Can’t do that, you wasted too much time crying on the floor. Soon those guards are going to burst in and take you from me, take your sweet pussy away from me again.” 
You moaned, backing your hips against him. You didn’t want that, you would give anything to keep him here, keep his cock buried inside you. Ren’s cock was tearing you apart, his head skating across your front wall at each thrust. Causing you to clench and cream all over him, wailing as he picked up the pace. You felt his head fall to your left shoulder, “I love you so much (Y/N), you can’t leave me here.” 
You sobbed, pressing your hands into the wall in an attempt to push him off of you. His hands dug into your flesh harder, his right hand moving towards your mound. Middle and ring finger rubbing tight circles around your clit. 
“I’m going to get out of here,” he rasped in your hair, “You know that they can’t keep me here. Away from you, I’ll always be there to find you.” 
A beat. 
“No matter how far you run, I’ll fucking find you.” 
You cried out, his fingers pinching at your clit as he grazed your sponge over and over. One of your hands snaked back into his hair, “Fuck Kylo! I’m gonna cum, please!” 
“Tell me,” he whispered, licking the shell of your ear, “Tell me you’ll help me. You can’t leave me here to rot, you wouldn’t do that to me.” 
“I-,” you choked, “I-fuck-I can’t Kylo.” 
He groaned into you, stilling himself inside you. Grinding his hips into your ass, rocking his cock in small sideways circles inside you as he fought his orgasm. Ren flicked your clit a few times, both of you seething from pleasure. 
“Say it. You already brought me what I needed, you want me. You need me, I know you can’t survive without me Love.” 
He panted in your ear, “You’re so lonely. So lost, you need me.” 
“I need you,” you nodded into him. A strangled moan erupting from your throat, “I need you, I need you, Kylo!” 
“Yessss,” he hissed, picking up the pace again. Bringing you to the cliff of your orgasm, shoving you off with him. Your lips tangled with one another as you plunged into the warm waves of bliss. Ren had you both pressed against the brick wall, panting into you. He slid out of you, spinning you so he could hold you flush with his body. Sloppy kisses were shared back and forth, accompanied by whispers of devotion to one another. 
You don’t remember leaving the room after you tugged your clothes back on and lipped Ren’s cuffs back on. He had followed you to the door, watching you with sad eyes as you greeted the guard. Ren had pulled you into a tender kiss, you momentarily rubbed his cheek as your tongues danced again. Your foreheads resting on one another’s as you whispered goodbye. 
Finn met you at the courthouse again, he was nervous. Fidgeting with his sleeves as you walked up to him. Still in the same outfit you visited the prison, you had fixed your hair and makeup in the car before coming inside. You were jittery about seeing him again, you hadn’t told him you went to Ren’s meeting. Brushing off the invitation to him and Poe the evening before as a ploy to get you in a room together. Which was true, completely a ploy for Ren to convince you to do his dirty work. 
“Fuck,” Finn sighed, “I didn’t think you were coming! I sent Poe to the house to find you, but you weren’t there.” 
“Sorry, I was just driving around,” you smiled, “Was nervous about being here today.” 
“Are you ready? The defense is doing their questioning today with you on stand,” Finn rubbed the back of his neck. His nervous energy was getting on your nerves, and it was sending you spiraling into a pit of doubt. 
“Totally fine,” you choked out. 
Everyone filed into the courtroom, Ren and his lawyer coming after you. He looked cleaned up, his hair had its natural shine and waves to it, and his face was freshly shaved. It struck you as odd when he didn’t make eye contact with you. Glazing over when he looked remotely in your direction, it was infuriating. Making you mad and depressed, he had told you he loved you and cared about you earlier… 
“I guess that was a lie,” you whispered to yourself. 
“What was that (Y/N)?” Finn pipped up next to you, looking at you with soft eyes. You shook your head, “Nothing, just talking to myself.” 
The judge announced the case once again, explaining to the jury what was happening today and the subsequent days until the final statements in 4 days. You fidgeted in your seat, feeling sweat pool at the nape of your neck from the anxiety of what was to come. 
“Mrs. Ren,” Judge Riley called out, “Could you please take the stand?” 
“Yes,” you squeaked out, you smoothed out your dress as you stood. The sound of your heels filled the courtroom, the bailiff meeting you at the stand. You swore in once again, ready to get this over with. From the seat, you could see everyone. The audience was filled with familiar and unfamiliar faces, your parents boring into your soul. Ironically sitting on Ren’s side, you wrinkled your nose at them. Remembering the letter you found, you would be sure to bring it up with Ren if the opportunity came up. 
Ren’s lawyer stood, his fiery red hair almost blinding under the courtroom lights. He cleared his throat before approaching you, “Mrs. Ren, as you know I am Hux. The defense lawyer.” 
“Yes sir,” you spoke into the mic, leaning slightly into your chair as you watched him like a hawk. 
“Is that the name you go by Mrs. Ren?” 
You cocked a brow, “Excuse me?” 
“Do you feel comfortable using your marital name? Or is there another nomenclature you’re more familiar with.” 
You squinted at him, your gaze briefly falling to Ren. You were startled to see him making eye contact, unblinking as he licked his lips at your surprised expression. “Um, I’m not sure what you’re asking for Hux. That is my marital name, whether I wanted it or not.” 
“Interesting,” Hux paced in front of you, “It surprises me that you allow people to refer to you this way since you have expressed such hatred towards your husband. It was shocking to see you never registered for a name change, or even a divorce before the time of this trial.”
“I didn’t want to postpone this trial, there is more than my life on the line here Mr. Hux.” 
“I see,” he turned to the jury. “Ladies and gentleman, I apologize for the confusing questions. As you much know, I am quite puzzled by this. As you are, something doesn’t add up. For a woman who, categorically, has slandered her husband up and down, to not file for divorce. It’s perplexing, it really makes you think.” 
The judge banged his gavel, startling you and the rest of the courtroom, “Mr. Hux, this time is for questioning the prosecution. Not for your inner monologuing.” 
“I apologize, your honor,” Hux nodded his head, “I shall move on.” 
He turned to you, “Mrs. Ren, where were you today at noon?” 
Your mouth snapped shut, Finn’s head shot at you quicker than you could blink. You caught a smile falling on Hux’s lips, “Were you at home? Or at a friend’s house?” 
“I was home.” 
“That’s very interesting.” 
He walked back to his bench, grabbing a large binder and flipping through countless pages before he looked back at you. “Your honor, I’d like to present our first piece of evidence against the charges upon my client.” 
The judge nodded, “Proceed.” 
“Here in my hands is the guest sign-in for Rebellion Federal Prison, inside is a record of every single person who has visited the establishment. The same establishment my client, Mr. Ren, has been housed.” 
Hux set the book on the jury’s bench, moving his finger to the highlighted name on the bottom, “As you can see at noon today, there was a check-in from a (Y/N) Ren. So do tell me, where were you today at noon, because it seems like you have your locations confused with the truth.” 
“Objection,” Finn stood from the bench, “Leading the witness, he’s baiting her into an answer he wants your honor.” 
“Overruled, Mr. Hux continue.” 
“Why were you at Rebellion Federal Prison today?” 
You swallowed a lump in your throat, leaning into the mic, “I was there visiting someone.” 
“Do you care to tell us who?” 
You stayed silent, looking down at your hands in your lap. Tugging on the hem of your dress between your fingers. Hux sighed before you, his boots spinning on the floor as he moved back to the bench. You heard movement, the sound of a projector lowering on the opposite end of the room. Right in front of the jury and audience, you felt your heart drop into your stomach. 
“It seems like Mrs. Ren was visiting a close friend,” Hux clicked a remote, your figure coming onto the screen. Showing you walking into the prison and greeting the guards. The next slide shows you passing through security. “She was escorted to an interrogation room, which is very uncommon for visits.” With another click, you winced at the next image. It was from the inside of the room, showing you sitting directly in front of Ren. 
The picture was grainy, but the image didn’t line. The date and time on the bottom right-hand corner. It was you willingly sitting with your abuser, “Yes, I was visiting someone. I don’t see how that’s relevant Mr. Hux.” 
“Oh, you don’t?” Hux smirked at you, clicking to the next image which made you audibly gasp. It was a still of you standing next to Ren, your hands in his hair. “So who are you with here? It looks like they are more than a friend, perhaps a lover?” 
“That’s my husband, Kylo Ren,” you mumbled into the mic. Unable to look up from the stand, you could feel the disappointment from Finn. Along with the cocky smiles of both Ren and Hux. 
“So you were visiting your husband, who has been accused of beating, raping, and maiming you for the past five years of your courtship.” Hux waltzed over to the jury bench, leaning on it with his right arm, you heard another click, “Why would you visit him if he’s done these things to you?”
“He called me, and asked me to come visit him yesterday morning.” 
A hum. 
“That’s the truth, you can check my phone records and see, and my lawyer was there for the call.” 
Hux chuckled, “Sweetie, there is no doubt that you were in communication with your husband, but what is unclear is the nature of your relationship with a man you’ve blatantly called a monster in this very courtroom.” 
“Were you forced to visit him?” 
You swallowed harshly, “No.” 
“You went there willingly?” 
You went silent. 
Hux chucked his tongue, clicking the button once again. The next image pulling a gasp from the jury, it was you and Ren. From another angle, you were straddled on his lap with your mouths connected in heated passion. Thankfully it was a still of you clothed. 
“What was the purpose of the visit, Mrs. Ren?” 
“We talked,” you spat back, your tone clipped.
“Hm,” Hux pondered your response, “From this image, it doesn’t seem like there was any discussion from either party, so I’ll ask you again. What was the purpose of the visit?” 
Silence again. 
“Mr. Ren,” Hux spun towards his client, “Do you know the purpose of your wife’s visit to the prison?” 
“We were having a visit that most couples partake in while in prison.” 
“And what is the name for those visits?” 
Ren smiled at you, giving you a quick wink before he spoke, “Conjugal, your honor.” 
“That was not what the visit was for,” you spat, “I was there because Ren asked me to.” 
“So you deny that this was a carnal visit between two consenting partners?” 
You shot daggers at Hux, “Yes, we didn’t partake in anything sexual aside from a heated kiss.” 
As the words left your tongue you heard Hux press another button. The courtroom silent as a video appeared on the screen, the quality clearer than the other images. It was Ren fucking you against the wall, complete with your begging. Exclaiming how you needed him, more than anything in the world. It was almost like the two of you had mics on, there was no explanation for the footage. Every thrust, moan, and gush between the two of you played out on the screen in the courtroom. 
Hux paused the video, turning to you and then the jury. 
“So, Mrs. Ren.” 
A beat. 
“Tell us again what you were doing at the prison today?” 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ambient, still moments | xv □□□□□□ □□□□□□□□□□□□
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Monsoon is my favourite right after winter.
It just feels so good sitting by your window and watch the rain pour down the tress and roads and literally everything. Rain makes me love my life. And the best and the worst part of it is the thunder. Makes me feel small and remindse of childhood. So pure ❤️
Tumblr media
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