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#wing au

Im thinking far too many thoughts in this chili’s tonight so-

Tma Wing Au:

Jon: Great Grey owl- hes small Gg’s are big, its funny. And bc gg’s are know to take on things far larger than themselves(they eat foxes man)

Gerry: Condor- one of the longest wingspans(10.5ft), roam a lot, scavengers

Martin: Saw-whet owl - Small, he big, funny Saw whets are also awfully cute and you’ll forget that they murder for a living

Sasha: Kingfisher- wing pretty?? sasha deserve good thing?? honestly just trusted my gut here

Not!Sasha: Flamingo

Tim: Cockatoo- big, loud, fun, cuddly, when mad MAD, reiteraring LOUD

og!Elias: Common Loon- listen. the guy wad a pot head.

Jonah: Greater Racket-Tailed Drongo- known for faking alarm calls and stealing. that and its funny to call him a drongo

Melaine: Shrike- violent. stabby. need i say more?

Georgie: Mockingbird- incredibly protective, will fight to the death for their nest.

Daisy: Harpy Eagle- those birds are fucking terrifying have you s e e n one

Basira: Redtailed hawk- bird of prey. fly long. keep up w daisy but has impulse control. kinda an asshole bird

Gertrude: Magpie- Bitch bird. Assholes, steal shit, fuck ur shit up

Mary Kaey: Turkey Vulture- bitch

Micheal Shelly: Rock Dove or Pigeon- Sweet, happy to be there, deserves the world. (We fucking bred them to be our friends then cast them aside how fucked is that)

Helen richardson: Canary- real estate is fucking annoying. also yellow doors:)

Distortion(both): Lyre Bird- practically called the LIER bird. Fakes calls, one of the best mimics in bird world

Jane Prentiss: Ibis, aka The Bin Chicken

Jude perry: Fire eagle- sets shit on fire need i say more

Mike Crew: Osprey- fly lots. fun wings.

Simon: Blue jay- went w my gut tbh

Peter: Albatross- big, annoying, sea bitches, solitary(i think?)

Nikola: Flamingo- plastic lawn flamingo specifically

Reyner: Raven

Oliver: Crow/Carrion bird

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Rules of Magi

What is Magi? Magi is an ancient type of enchantment magic that only a tiny percentage of avians can inherit. It came to be after the four goddesses turned the Angels into the different tribes and some of their power was retained by the avians. It isn’t passed down through bloodlines, however, rather inherited at random.

  1. Be clear, precise, and exact when casting. Magi works on a series of enchantments. You must enchant an item or person for the magic to work, whether that be through speech or thought.
  2. It is impossible to heal wounds, cure diseases, or solve problems like cancer, world hunger, or war. This is because those things were all created by Pylorus, so his power is stronger than Magi, which is just a small fraction of power his four children had.
  3. Every spell as consequences. Smaller spells, like making items float or duplicate, don’t have many conservative. But bigger spells do.
  4. Using a spell to take away someone else’s will or mind has major repercussions. The body of a Magician Knows. It can sense when these sorts of enchantments are made. And it will exact punishment for such.
  5. Stay calm when casting. Magi works on the psychological mind of a Magician. It’s ancient goddess magic, so it needs great focus to work properly.
  6. Don’t attempt a spell when worked up or panicking. There is a high chance of malfunction if a Magician is freaked out when casting, and the end result isn’t always very good.
  7. Remember to eat after casting! Magi eats away at the body to get energy, as it’s being used by a mortal and not a goddess, who would usually have an infinite amount of power to consume. Don’t be alarmed if you somehow lose ten pounds after casting a big spell.
  8. Don’t overuse your magic. Magi has a high price to pay if it’s used too much. Death is the most merciful punishment.
  9. Don’t use your magic for bad. It knows. It always knows.
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god yeah, foster homes and the like would have parakeets as their most frequent kids. I imagine some other parrots don’t like them bc they’re tiny and not seen as ‘true’ parrots bc of the misconceptions. Boscha especially gets catty whenever she sees or meets a parakeet. most of the poor kids end up far more quiet and subdued bc maybe if they just Suppress everything people will like and want them. fall into the stereotypes. 
do yr research before getting pets

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So I’m actually writing a fic about this!!!

She appears as a magpie Avem, however she has a true form she keeps hidden from everyone else with the use of magic….. 👀

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Eda sees a gaggle of messed up kids of different species going through Some Shit and asked “is anyone going to adopt them?” and not even wait for an answer

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today on: fun facts with tumblr I didn’t know before

Bump typically doesn’t care abt his tail feathers falling out but will occasionally add in cheap fake feathers to block students from hallways. nobody was Aware of this until a whole chunk of his tail was ripped out by accident (per the twins) and it was a whole Thing. Bump said you don’t need to look pretty to b tired as shit he does that all on his own

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Those videos of people making meals for their dogs but it’s phoenix!Aragon making meals for her carnivorous bat daughter

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Vampire bat!Bessie with her big ears, but they’re like this


One is floppy and the other isn’t!!

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Flying fox Carly!Jane swaddling hybrid!Joan? Nudging her ears with her nose? Resting her cheek on her head? Being super duper gentle with her? Yes Please

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I can’t get over how adorable it would be if phoenix!Aragon opened her wings and there was vampire bat!Bessie holding onto her, snoozing away

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Dragon!Anna burying her face into vampire bat!Bessie’s stomach fluff!!!!!

Literally her just going “bfbfbfbfbfbfbf” and shaking her head in it while Bessie squeaks and then laughs



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Thinking about bat!Bessie and her weirdly huge ears………

Aragon putting a bow onto one 🥺

Bessie making soft, happy squeaks when they’re rubbed

They wing and flap around when she’s happy!!!

She’ll also fan her face when she’s hot

Being unable to hide them with hoodies or hats because they’re Too Big

Clipping them down, but it just irritates the skin

Aragon and Anna calling them cute and she goes Bright Red

When she’s flustered, she can feel them get hot

Hating when they’re pulled on

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Hc that vampire bat!Bessie’s ears are bigger than normal Vesper ears. Henry used to pull on them all the time and she also just got teased a lot by other people, so she’s self conscious. She often wears beanies and hoodies to hide them, but they still stick up, so she tries pinning/clipping them to her head.

Aragon and Anna think they’re absolutely adorable, though. Especially when they flap around.

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Imagine vampire bat!Bessie waking up and making the most adorable bat noises as she does so. She also does a BIG STRETCH with her wings. If Aragon is around, she MELTS.

Even better: After BIG STRETCH, she flops over onto her cuddle buddy (probably Anna) and snuggles back up.

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You’ve seen the thing where Aragon fangirls over all the different AU versions of Jane, now get ready for:

Aragon going mom-crazy for the different AU versions of Bessie


Vampire bat!Bessie: *stretches her wings and yawns, her fangs flashing in the light, shirt lifting up slightly to reveal her fluffy stomach*

Aragon: A BABY!!!!!!!

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its not really that they try to be the rich pricks of their parents, they dont flaunt their family v often, its more of,,,nobody ever told them no. and when they did, their parents got involved which just Fueled their desire to see how much they could get away with when their parents aren’t around. kinda spiraled from there n they turned into pricks.

but yr right, they saw Amity getting more legit friends n being Big Gay for that dumbass sparrow n they said “that. i Want That”

it took So Long for them to slowly start to learn how to. yknow. not be pricks. they sure as hell weren’t going to ask Amity for help n they only really finally got that Kick after they decided to pull an Amity and befriend the Double-Track kids. the three of ‘em smacked the twins w Common Decency n they haven’t gone back

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