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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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So apparently it wasn’t the right time to attempt to sell a short story, as the only person who bought it was my beta reader who’d already read it XD (thanks @rhapsody-under-pressure​!)

I still want people to read it, though. So… Take two?


Ptery and Benji have a romantic encounter neither of them will soon forget. (and it’s very serious as i’m sure you can tell from the cover image!)


“Ah!” Ptery managed as Benji pushed open the door and guided them inside, where the scent of roses and daisies filled their senses. Several dozen flowers lay casually strewn about the room in beautiful serendipity, their stems somehow hidden by the decor. It was as if Benji placed them all individually, with purpose, just for this occasion–

“But you were sick all day!” Ptery complained, nudging the door closed with their talon.

“Was I?” Benji asked. He turned Ptery around, one tender hand on the small of their back as the other guided them to the bed. The duvet was covered in rose petals of the most enticing red.

Please MESSAGE ME here on tumblr if you are 18+ and I will send you a link to the story, no charge.

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Intro post, informal version:

Hello! I’ve been studying reincarnation for years now, and I’ve come to recognize the feelings that come with it to signal who I was and who I will be.

I believe the soul and spirit are two different things - the spirit being the life-force itself, that which goes to the afterlife upon death; and the soul being what carries on throughout space and time and universes upon universes. The spirit gives us breath, the soul carries the knowledge of past lives and future lives and shapes us accordingly. We cannot truly exist without both.

My spirit is that of an angel, the rank of which escapes me at the moment however I may remember it as being a Seraph. I asked the Lord if I may come down to Earth to help two people have the child they so desperately wanted, and he allowed me to as long as I knew it would be difficult. My name is Salael. Just as well I should state I was (is?) under the jurisdiction of That Monotheistic God, but am a practicing pagan devoted to several other deities and have entirely divorced myself from my Christian upbringing save for undoing my baptism (I came very close and even started but began to panic and to possibility of cutting myself off from such a core part of me).

I’ve also come to understand that in a life not too long ago, possibly only a few years before my most recent birth, I walked these forests on hooves. I was a White-tailed deer. I also have a theory as to how I died and potentially who did it, but that is not for this post necessarily.

I have other blogs for my human lives on this planet and other lives in other universes, but I felt like these two were too different to include with either previous category. It felt wrong to include my incarnated angel side with my fictionkin or earthen lives content, because I neither consider myself “angelkin” nor do I feel like it belongs with a solely-reincarnation-based blog at all. This is a blog for all of my… Experiences (?) that don’t fit easily with either.

So there it is! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Decided to throw this (psychedelic) post together today for Jimmy McCulloch. Many people in this world, maybe even you, don’t have the time to get to know this kid, but he was magnificent. Truly. He could make a guitar scream and wail and it’s just… mind blowing.

I found about him through Paul McCartney’s band Wings, and the rest is history. He is so much more than people make of him and I HIGHLY recommend you check him out on YouTube. He died at an extremely young age due to drugs.

Jimmy accomplished so much more in his short life than most people could cram into their entire lifetime.

So, take this artpiece as a gift to Jimmy, in the great beyond, where ever he is.

Happy birthday, Jim. You deserve the world.

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Name: Phex
Sex: Male
Weight: 21 lbs
Wing span: 7'7"
Age: 16
Sexual orientation: pansexual
Romantic orientation: panromantic
Eye color: royal blue
Fur color: honey yellow
Length(muzzle to end of tail): 6'7"
Height(to top of shoulder): 2'10"
Wing type: Feathered
Noticeable features: three tails, light yellow socks, light yellow heart on chest, tuff on ears, almond shaped eyes

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