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Wings - Greatest

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Thithli is an adorable pull along toy designed for newly mobile toddlers. It Features detachable wings crafted with cotton & is 100% plastic-free pull toy.

Amazing Collection of Baby and Kid’s eco-friendly products!
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I crochet. This is my character Nik, almost done. He’s a humanoid griffin???

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all the same

(vintage ephemera, inkjet print, newsprint on antique paper)

i found the fully intact wings of a pigeon on a sidewalk in astoria this week, connected only by a single small piece of the spine, no other part of the body in sight. they resembled a pair of fucked up angel wings and i had a very hard time looking away from them.

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Sketch dump that turned angelic and then not so angelic

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I have reasons to put off dying. To live the coming tide is to remember the wings that gave me the courage to open my eyes.

Nuala Archer, From The hour of Pan/amá; “Including the chaos of our genetic coding”

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Yasunari Kawabata, tr. by Edward G. Seidensticker, from House of the Sleeping Beauties;

It was as if another heart beat its wings in [his old] chest.

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Look, I try not to flood y'all with every K-pop thing I like. Occasionally, I share a gif, or a thought, or the song.

But this song!!!! This concept!!!! This DEBUT.

WOW. I am obsessed.



I am just blown away.

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